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(The Study of Threes)

Let me emphatically state that I don't know how or why Crop Circles keep "cropping" up (no pun intended). As in many instances of my Threesological examinations, I come across three alternatives:

  1. Those who are against or hold dominant negative thoughts and feelings for a belief.

  2. Those who are neutral or hold neither dominant nor negative thoughts and feelings for a belief. (Their neutrality is dominant.)

  3. Those who are for or hold dominant positive thoughts and feelings for a belief.

For those who are interested in Crop Circle Phenomena, I direct you to take a look at Susan Taylor's Mighty Companions

---Mighty Companions---

DVD entitled:

---"What On Earth?... Inside the Crop Circle Mystery"---

At the bottom of the DVD fronts-piece is:

"I know for sure we're not alone in the universe. I have been privileged to be in on this fact that we've been visited on this planet. It's been covered up by our governments for sixty years now."
—Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the Moon.

Some of you may find that this DVD is exactly what you've been searching for.

Whereas some people define unexplained phenomena in terms of old (generalized specific) labels such as guardian angel, demon, ghost, spirit, etc., others are inclined to use more modern (specifically generalized) terms such as paranormal, energy force, inter-dimensional, super-normal, Alien, Extra-terrestrial, etc...

Whereas one says that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, another says the same for truth. In other words, it is like someone wanting to see "Justice" done or served, and a lawyer asks their client what they mean by "Justice." Truth, Justice, beauty, right, wrong, etc., often-times do not have clear-cut definitions. Everyone engages in this type of "fuzzy logic". Most people generally like the flexibility in defining circumstances or "things", particularly when the definition appears to be beneficial to themselves or someone/thing they want to benefit. However, many would disagree with any mutual (cross-gender, or age, or culture) flexibility, if diminishes their own uniqueness.

As an aside note, this "flexibility" nonetheless is a bias-ness and may even be judged a superior (larger than life) form because it is adaptable. It is (unknowingly) the same bases for which a Three schema (a 3 to 1 ratio) approach to information management has been developed:

This view, referred to as a “conceptual schema” is a single integrated definition of the data within an enterprise which is unbiased toward any single application of data and is independent of how the data is physically stored or accessed."

--- Wikipedia: Three Schema Approach ---

menwork (8K)

Whereas some claim that belief in Christianity is true because of the Bible, others claim that because there is need for such a book is the indication that Christianity is only as true as humans care to define it as such. (In other words, it is felt that people who need a religious text to recite and remember the word of God are those who don't have the word of God in their heart, mind, and soul.) The same goes for Judaism and the Talmud, the Islamic faith and the Koran, Mormanism and its texts, Buddhism and its texts, Bahai and its texts, Hinduism and its texts, Jainism and its texts, etc., etc., etc... (While Mormanism isn't a separate religion, some of its adherents may privately view it as if it were. It is a religious belief supposedly based on Christianity, though they have their own so-called Doctrine and Covenants gospel "truth".) Because religious texts have been written primarily by men (or influenced by "Father" gods), the image to the right might appear to some as being analogously appropriate when speaking about written texts and truth.

For the purposes of a Threesological analysis, I search for the presence or absence of patterns-of-three in a variety of subject areas. Do "threes" actually exist in Crop Circle phenomena, or are they the product of the mindset of those interested in this topic? Are they or (are we "threes" researchers) reading three-patterned occurrences into information where none actually exist? In either case, why?

Some people believe that Crop- Circles are designed by some sort of "superior-to-human" intelligence, be it an intelligent alien, intelligent geophysical characteristic (like a real "mother" Earth), or some other variously considered intelligent "thing," which includes the notion that such formations are nothing more than designs created by humans who are playing a game similar to those individuals trying to influence/manipulate people through ghost stories, folklore, myths, legends, etc..., in order to produce a mystery which affords a particular circumstance with notability for some sort of social attendance. Here are a few examples of the many Crop- Circle designs:

ccircles1 (44K)
ccircles2 (38K)
ccircles3 (41K)
ccircles4 (28K)

--- Images of Crop Circles Circle Pictures Gabonakörök Photos ---

If we say that Crop Circles are a message, what's the message? And I don't mean someone's off-the-top-of-their-head interpretation, I mean what is the message that is truly decipherable? Are the Crop Circle designers so intelligent that they've forgotten (or never knew) how to use an alphabet? Could it be the designs are the day dream musings, doodlings, or scribblings of an idiot savant-like individual(s) who has no comprehension of why they do what they do because they are unable to think and communicate in any simpler fashion?

We should also wonder if there anyone who is analyzing ALL possibly collected Crop Circle designs that will tell us definitively what the so-called message is, or at least some characteristic about the designer(s) be they human, alien or otherwise. All of us have a Modus Operandi (mode of operation), whether or not our behavior is focused towards criminality or not. Oh where is Sherlock, Hercule Poirot or Ms. Marpole when we need them?

If we conclude that such designs do in fact suggest some form of intelligent designer(s), would we also say the same for the design of spider webs? Here are a few examples of a similar type of spider web construction:

spider web spider web spider web

--- Spider Webs ---
--- Essay: In Pursuit of Prey ---

Can we also say that the unique designs found in snowflakes are due to some sort of intelligent being? Imaginatively speaking, is there some sort of snow spider that spins out snowflakes, or snow bird that fills the sky with bird droppings, or seasonal shooting star that leaves snowflakes as it crumbles while encountering our atmosphere? Here are a few examples of snowflake designs:


--- Snow Crystal Photographs ---

Let us add a third example of a circle design called a Fairy Circle found in Africa:

African Fairy Circles African fairy circle

1st photo source: --- namp117-photo Fairie Circles ---

2nd photo source: --- BBC news: Enigma of Namibia's Fairy Circles ---

Let us also consider various forms of circles found in a variety of contexts:

  • King Arthur's round table
  • Circular Stone Henge
  • Circular defense of Musk ox (They stand with their butts next to one another, with their heads pointed inward)
  • Circular wagon train defense strategy of the Old American West
  • Circular-like seating arrangement of people at a sporting event, musical concert or stage-play (Stadium, Colosseum, Amphitheater)
  • Circular-shaped fruit and vegetables
  • Circular seating arrangement of children sitting during "story time"
  • A "well-rounded" education
  • Go somewhere in a "'round-about" way
  • Circular faces of clocks
  • Circular tires, wheels, gears
  • Colloquial phrase: Can't fit a square peg in a round hole (we do not typically encounter a reference to triangle, rectangle, etc.)
  • Disappearing Fairy Rings (Irish/English/Scottish folklore)
  • Circular shape of planets
  • Go "around" a corner
  • Drink and eat from rounded containers (cups, mugs, glasses, bowls, plates, etc...)
  • Talk in a round-a-bout fashion
  • Cook in rounded containers (pots, pans)
  • Wear rounded head wear (hats, caps, helmets)
  • Play many sports games with round balls (tennis, golf, baseball, soccer, basketball, bowling, etc.)
  • Circular images used to describe biological cells
  • Circular spirals such as in the DNA/RNA helix, screws and bolts
  • Round head of most hammers
  • Circular tops of cans and bottles
  • Circular images used for atomic particles
  • "Ball" lightning, orb, luminescence, etc., associated with Crop Circles
  • Use rounded coins for currency (yes, I know other shapes have been used)
  • Use rounded DVD's CD's, computer harddrives, wheels on vehicles, etc...
  • Round phonograph records
  • Round reel-to-reel tape wheels: movies, 8-track players, cassette players, VHS players, etc...
  • Circular spools of wire, thread, hoses, fishing line, etc...

And let us not forget to consider all the many we overlook or take for granted such as doornobs, "round eyes" [Caucasians], ball-point pens, round poles, round-a-bout way, merry-go-round, ferris wheel, around the May pole, planetary gears, nuts [for bolts], periods [punctuation], tops of cylindrical containers, the "balls" of one's feet, "what goes around comes around," drive "around" town, go full circle, etc...

Does it take more or less complexity of thought/action to make a square or rectangular Crop "Circle"? For a change, let all the Crop Circle believers sit in a Crop Circle and meditate on producing Crop Squares, Rectangles or Triangles from now on. Or perhaps better still, get the crop circle maker(s) to communicate in a language that is less vague or open to a myriad of interpretations.

Let me digress for a moment to provide some information concerning some dream content involving a circular image correlated to the circular formation of Stone Henge:

The outer doorways of Stonehenge are called "Trilithons" (Three Stones)

Stonehenge with 3-stone structures

--- PBS: Secrets of the Dead ---

Council of fires (12K)

On December 25, 2005 I had a dream that, as I now (Dec. 31, 6:33 AM) look closely at the arrangement of stones at Stonehenge, shows A remarkable similarity:

I was being directed (by an unseen "presence") to attend an "Ancient Council of Fires" with the elders of all the world's native tribes. We were to sit in a circle of campfires surrounded by a circle of medicine men who were to be surrounded by a circle of warriors in preparation for a "day of great turmoil that is coming." The accompanying image is correct with respect to the inner ring of campfires. The two outer rings, although not seen in the dream, are used to represent the medicine men and the warriors who (or so I thought at the time) would necessarily have had fires with them also. The usage of eight fires is simply due to having found a 'ring of fires' image on the internet. There was no significance to the numerical value of eight in the dream. It must also be understood that I am not Native American and have no day to day contact with any Native American tribal lore associations. And this is the first time I can recall ever seeing a "ring of fires", though the phrase rim or ring of fire is recalled with respect to volcanoes.

At approximately 2:10 PM (when I looked at the computer's clock after a moment's hesitation about recording this event it was 2:11 PM), on Sunday, 01-01-06, I heard a 3 in 1 howl of a coyote (wolf?). (A characteristic 3-part howl that sounded as if at a great distance [from an alternate plane of existence?] And no, there are no coyotes (wolves) nor coyote (wolf?) sounding dogs in the neighborhood).

At approximately 5:15 AM, 01-07-06, Saturday, (I hesitated momentarily before getting out of bed; which may mean the clock may have been 5:14 when the actual howl was heard) while I was engaged in a museful meandering of "conversational dreams," the "conversational" dream at the time was interrupted by another 3-part howl that was a succession of three 3-part howls. (Much like having heard a singular three-part knock that was later heard to be a series of 3 successive three-part knocks.) To use an analogy, it would be like having a conversation with someone or doing something that becomes interrupted by a poignant piercing sound... this time much closer (not at an "alternative reality" distance.)

Image source for circle of campfires:

--- 9 fires global peace Initiative ---

(The ninth fire is in the center of the original picture that displays the fire in a spoke-like wheel configuration. I removed the fire and the spokes because they were not in the dream I had had.)

Entry: 02-23-06, Thursday, 4:52 PM

At 2:30 AM I got up to make note of a dream I had in which the opening scene was a railway station filled with rail cars... one of which was being blessed by a Native American. Some exchange of recognition took place (he had approached me and looked me over carefully) after which he left and brought back another Native American who acknowledged me and validated the necessity of giving me a blessing. Several other Native Americans arrived (both male and female) with large tubs of ice water that were placed at a lower level where the tracks were. They turned over another container filled with red liquid that I thought was koolaid. Most of us sat in a singular line on the ledge facing those in the lower level who had begun to hum. It reminded me of the hum/chant that occur at an "OM" ceremony, but we were not humming any discernible word. We remained in a trance-like state a month. There was a Native American female (an old woman) sitting to my left and a male (Native American?) that I seemed to know being urged by me to sit at my right. The blessing was for a journey I was to take.

Many people who have observed spider webs have concluded that spiders are not necessarily intelligent just because they can make what we humans interpret to be intricate silken webs, they are merely exhibiting a behavior that was embedded into their genetic makeup over thousands of years of evolution under particular environmental circumstances. Likewise, many people do not conclude that there is an intelligent being of one sort or another who comes around every winter and decides to create the very many intricate designs found in snowflakes.

Some people might want to argue that "God" is the intelligent designer who has influenced the recurring processes which have influenced these many variations of intricate designs, but for the purposes of this discussion, we are focusing on the ideas surrounding an intelligence that is inferior to "God," but is actually conscious enough to be considered smart enough to create individual patterns that we humans suggest might be superior to ourselves.

If we accept the idea that snowflakes, geodesic rocks and spider webs are merely recurrences of effects influenced by a complex array of biological and or geophysical influences that are not customarily viewed as being intelligent beings (or gods), why is it so difficult for some to consider that crop circles may be due to similar non-intelligent processes? Would a spider be considered intelligent if its web were the size of a crop- circle, or crop- circles be viewed in the same light if they were the size of snowflakes? Would snowflakes be viewed as the result of some unknown intelligence if they were the size of crop-circles? For that matter, would a beaver be viewed as a god, demon, or intelligent being if it built its home the size of Hoover dam? Would an antlion be viewed as an intelligent being if it remained the same size but created a burrow the size of the Grand Canyon? How about a two-foot tall Frankenstein? Or how about a three-foot tall Budweiser Clydesdale (horse)? What is the human obsession with bigger, taller, faster, smarter, etc...?

Why is BIG, in many instances, equated with superior or mysterious, or something to which we can use to (vicariously) express our own large egos? Pyramids and skyscrapers are big but there's nothing really mysterious about them, irrespective of the many attempts by a few to make them appear as such. (Yet, to a primitive mind, they would be quite imposing.)

Such BIGNESS being equated with some sense of superiorness isan effect movie producers want to instill on the general public by making actors and actresses (or monsters) appear LARGER THAN LIFE BY WAY OF huge movie screens just as sculptors in the past sometimes made their efforts as large as their egos could squeeze in within budgetary constraints of their supporter(s). [One should look at the BIG construction and military products projects to see similarities. Alternatively, the word "WEIGHT" when applied to product manufacturing, distribution or purchase is analogous.] Such circumstances are like a big-for-their-age kid imposing themselves on kids with more normalized weight and body sizes.


have likewise been used, though other readers might easily add to this short list.

Unfortunately for the movie industry, the "larger than life" gods and goddesses effect of its directors, actors and actresses has been found to be an illusion with the advent of smaller-than-life visual portrayals presented by way of television, VHS and DVD's. And I should also mention that the importance of a topic by adherents is fashioned into a type of "LARGER THAN LIFE" portrayal by way of citing "experts" or "duration of time involved" or "amount of energy and resources involved," in an attempt to justify credibility, whether or not a topic is deserving when all is said and done.

Is the behavior of migratory birds (such as geese), fish (such as salmon), or butterflies (such as the Monarch) due to some form of intelligence that we can assume to be written in the blueprint of a genetic code, and yet the occurrences of crop- circle formations can not be formed by that which is also acting on instinct? (A sort of reflexive activity much like a geophysical event?) Are modern day humans acting no differently than primitive peoples of past ages that saw an intelligent being (good or bad) behind every recurring activity such as the seasons, weather, cloud formations, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, fire, lightning, etc...? As with any interpretation, those who are making the (good, neutral, or bad) claims are projecting portions of their own ego's (or even a lack of such). In other words, some people have so much of themselves entangled in a belief that giving credit to or discredit to, is either viewed as a personal attack or compliment. An analysis in an attempt to find the truth should not be used to step on anyone's toes unless those toes are being used as a wedge to intentionally mislead.

While some people would claim that the recurring patterns of religious worship, procreation, gambling, sports events, watching certain television shows, listening to particular radio broadcasts, reading specific books, etc., are all activities that an intelligent being would do, others would merely claim that all human behaviors, no matter if they be mathematics, building computers, sending people to the moon, etc., are no different than the activities of any animal that has developed certain behaviors influenced by specific environments like the colonies built by ants, honey combs built by bees, sticks used by chimps to retrieve insects from a hole, etc...

If we say that humans are intelligent and not merely designing a variety of forms due to pure instinct, what about intelligence itself? Is that which we call intelligence actually an expression of being intelligent, or is it merely the exercise of a genetically engrained instinctual predisposition that designs things brought about by activities that are variations of a 'hit and miss' type of functioning that some would label as serendipity in the same euphemistic sense that we might call someone eccentric instead of weird, strange, or non-normal because we say that there is a 'purpose' (method to one's madness) behind human activity?

Are Crop- Circles the expression of some intelligent being(s) with a specific purpose in mind that specifically concerns human beings, or are they merely the expressions of a being (as opposed to natural processes) that is exercising some genetically triggered instinct? Perhaps we should consider that the various designs of crop- circles are the many types of different lures found throughout the animal, insect, and plant world used to manipulate prey for a variety of reasons.

While some humans attempt to justify their views of crop- circles as being the result of some sort of intelligence because they find repeating occurrences of one thing or another such as geomagnetic changes, crop peculiarities, association with things or areas that have a reputation as being "significant" in one way or another such as Stonehenge, pyramids, ley lines, etc., one must wonder whether such anomalies would be prevalent if spider webs or snowflakes were the size of crop- circles, or if such anomalies could be acknowledged if crop- circles were the size of spider webs or snowflakes.

If we could miniaturize ourselves to make spider webs the size of crop- circles (as opposed to creating a giant spider and spider web), would we find geomagnetic and other changes that we might conclude makes the spider appear to possess a form of super consciousness that we can acquire if we built some sort of cult following, religion, or larger social culture around?

People of past ages acted on their interpretation of the Sun's effects on life by developing various forms of religious observances that we of today call solar worship. Are not the effects of the Sun in warming us, in helping crops to grow, in giving us light, all activities of an intelligent being? Then why is it that we of today no longer call the Sun the eye of (a) God or even God itself? Is it because we have not been able to establish a form of communication with the Sun for thousands of years that we no longer endow it with a form of conscious intelligence, just as we do not claim the dance of honeybees, the flight of migrating birds, butterflies, or salmon, nor the construction of spider-webs, honeycombs, beaver dams, antlion burrows, snowflakes, etc., as representative of a superior intelligence that recognizes and befriends us humans because, as some would like to believe, that humanity is of great importance to the workings of the Universe(s)?

And what if there are a million forms of superior intelligence in the Universe that may on occasion stop by the planet Earth for awhile? What makes anyone think they would have any interest in the inferior intelligence of humans other than as some sort of curio to be momentarily looked at like some child playing with an insect by touching it with a stick (or squashing us like some dirty bug)? Humanity is very often too arrogant for its own good.

Why do so many people infer a unique superior-to-human intelligence when interpreting the presence of Crop Circles, but not other non-human designed forms such as snow flakes? Why does the so-called intelligence of a crop circle maker acquire a larger fanatic following of believers than snow flakes said by some to be the result of the superior intelligence of a god? Do they prefer some unexplained enigmatic conclusion because it provides a measure of "beyond human imagination" possibility that, since they recognize such, represents a level of personal intelligence superior to others? Do they actually need something unexplainable to provide themselves with a measure of personal uniqueness that would otherwise be vacant from their lives and represent an actual state of ordinariness, commonplace, and unrecognized complacency to consider other alternatives?

Crop circles:
There is nothing to explain

By BBC News Online science editor Dr David Whitehouse

Most people have heard of crop circles, those fascinating and often beautiful, symmetrical patterns cut into the crops mostly in southern England. They first came to media attention eight years ago when the strange circles started appearing in Wiltshire.

At first, they were just circles. Then rings and circles within circles appeared - fairly simple shapes that could possibly have a natural explanation. Such as the vortex idea. Perhaps, some speculated, a mini-tornado could strike the ground swirling the crops into the symmetrical patterns. But then the crop circle phenomena changed.

The circles became ever more complex and were clearly not a natural phenomenon. We saw circles that were very intricately designed according to advanced mathematical theory. On more than one occasion, a crop circle was later added to and filled in with extra circles and shapes. To some, this was all very curious.

Obviously, they said, these circles were being made by aliens, or perhaps visitors from some other dimension, or perhaps they were sites of cosmic energy breaking through into our continuum. Perhaps, they speculated, it was our own planet trying to tell us something about our stewardship of the environment.

Alien encounter

I recall pleasant days in Wiltshire driving from hill to hill looking for new circles. When I found one it was frequently guarded by the farmer who owned the field and who charged people to go in and see it. Clever.

Perhaps, I did encounter aliens! Some of the people I met who felt the cosmic energies in the circles did not have any relation to rational human beings.

A conference was called in Wiltshire at which it was said science was going to get to the bottom of the crop circle mystery. What a waste of time. There is no mystery to crop circles. Those attending the conference would find their answer just a few miles to the east.

Over the rolling hills of northern Hampshire and Surrey, there is a tiny church called All Saints in the village of Ockham near Guildford. In the church is a window dedicated to William of Occam (its spelling then) who lived between 1285 and 1347.

Simple explanation

History does not record if he ever saw a crop circle but even if he did he would not have been fooled by the mumbo-jumbo nonsense that fools many crop circle watchers today.

William of Occam is responsible for one of the most powerful scientific principles we have, (called) Occam's razor. He said: "What can be done with fewer assumptions is done in vain with more." In other words, in science the simplest explanation is usually the best.

And so it is with the crop circles. They are clearly made by an intelligence so the question is, what intelligence? Are they made by an intelligence from outer space or from another plane of existence, whatever that means. This requires the belief in other forms of intelligent life in the Universe. Or are they made by a familiar form of intelligence, the existence of which involves no new assumptions - (namely) humans?

Exactly how the circles are made is a detail, but there is no mystery about the phenomena. They are made by people, straight and simple, and anyone who tells you differently is either misguided, a fool or a charlatan.

--- BBC News 9/8/2000: Going round in circles ---

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