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~ The Study of Threes ~

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Looking at Physics, though there are multiple hybrids, (electrical, mechanical, fluid, particle, meta-physicx etc...); we might want to take a moment and conjure up some visual representation of that which was the very first "physics" item. Since it is customary to think that a singularity precedes a multiplicity, are we correct in assuming that there was an originating particle for all particles and that this presumptive first particle had a precursor or proto-particle event? In any case, we appear to have ended up with various three-patterned compilations (at least in particle physics) and not compilations with some other dominant number value. The following image touches upon threes in physics:

Nature appears to love threes (493K)
Nature Seems To Love The Number Three by By M. Mahin

The word "atom" as used by the early Greeks was defined in the perspective of something indivisible. However, because of advances in science, which represents hybridizations of thought processing, we now know this is not true, though we of today think the idea of idivisiblity can be applied to Electrons and other sub- sub-particles. Similarly, in more general terms we might use the word "smallest", as in the smallest common denominator... except that we have come to accept the notion of an uncommon denominator, whereby the word "smallest" takes on an additional 3-part plurality of "smallnesses", that we may label as X-small, XX-small, XXX-small... at least when using a clothing-related sizing chart typical of that found in the U.S., even though the foregoing sequence of small is fashioned after the actual X-large, XX-large, XXX-Large sizes. Yet even if we resort to a reliance on numbers, we find ourselves engaing in a similar cognitive profile such as ones- tens- hundreds, that customarily become followed with by a comma as a point of demarcation for the next group of three called thousands- ten thousands- hundred thousands. We have a cognitive profile that repeats itself in different guises and symbolism. Even if one uses dissimilar words, numbers, symbols or whatever, there is an inclination to place the items into a structured order that even if the originator did not do so, some later user might well express a sequence as such.

The fundamental state of all particles (28K)

The idea that DNA came from a creator-being called god can be viewed as the first user of a three-patterned sequence that is repeated in RNA, whereby the three amino acids Adenosine- Cytosine- Guanine have what may be called an invisible comma following them; which separates the three amino acids with Thymine for DNA and Uracil for RNA. I sometimes refer to this setup as a three-to-one ratio. It is a ratio that is a basic formula found in Mendelizn genetics as well as being portrayed at many U.S. gas stations in the form of three grades of petrol (gasoline) and one grade of Diesel fuel oil. The ratio has different forms, some of which can be seen here: Three-to-One ratios page A.

In some cases whereas we may initially claim the observation of a one-pattern singular identity of a particle, this can be followed by a two-patterned reference and those references can be grouped into threes:

With respect to particle physics... We are in need of a figure which displays the three mirror-imaging attributes of:

  1. Positive, Negative
  2. Chirality, Achirality
  3. Symmetry, Asymmetry
    • Or combinations thereof.

In addition, we have a set of 3 two-patterned types of conditions found in Quarks, that some readers might refer to as a six-pack (associated with three generations of particles):

  1. Up, Down
  2. Bottom, Top
  3. Strangeness, Color
    • Let us ask: Are these misidentified and thus mislabeled or actually constitute two separate singular genres that we might alternatively label as creating symmetry?

We also have the following trinary set of dualities:

  1. Matter/Anti-matter
  2. Dark matter/Dark energy
  3. Momentum (scalar)/Angular-momentum (vector)

Here are three more dualities for inclusion in the model:

  1. Vacuum {Low pressure}/Plenum {High pressure} (A plenum is a space in which a gas, usually air, is contained at a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure. Examples: automobile tyres, balloons, spray-cans, etc. What is the opposite of vacuum? by Ganesh Subramaniam)
  2. Relative space/Absolute space
  3. Matter/Energy (as general categories)

Here are a few other dualities grabbed from different places and memories, as well as one trichotomy I came up with while compiling the list:

  • Black holes/White holes
  • Subjective reality/Objective reality
  • Gravity/Anti-gravity
  • Relativity/Absolutivity
  • High mass/Massless
  • Big Bang/Big Crunch
  • Beginning Universe/Ending Universe
  • Low Energy/High energy
  • Emergent property/Extent property
  • Time's arrow- Time's quiver- Time's target (Time arrow: Tip, shaft, fletching)

Here are three holes in space:

  1. Black holes
  2. Worm holes
  3. Gravity wells

Here's a duality viewed as a singularity:

  1. Space/Time continuum.
    • Should this more accurately written as the "time/space/dimension" continuum?

3 types of Universe geometries (81K)
(re-sourced from: Accordian Calculus page 5)

If we view an analogical or other type of comparison approach towards understanding any subject matter with that of writing codes for a single webpage, the idea that some professionals think they are working with the definitive source code (in their subject of choice), may be a foolhardy illusion. In our human frame of conceptulization we may include the notion of layering, like the layers of an onion as a typical example, though that are other references one might choose to provide for the sake of personal familiarity such as the layers of a baseball, or the layers of a house construction... which entails internal plumbing, specialized carpentry, basic framing, electrical wiring, concrete flooring, roofing, windows, doors, etc., as well as external work such as plumbing for water sprinklers, a swimming pool, or electricity for external grounds lighting, landscaping, etc... We can use dichotomous terms such as internal and external though in other frames of reference for other subjects, the term duality, or mirroring, or symmetry, or opposites, or some other two-patterned composite may be preferred. Like many people in their profession, they seek to adopt the vocabulary which appears to them and their like-minded ilk that they have reached a level of an erudite knowledge involving the realization of an existing fundamental understanding in the architectural layout of their respective field of interest. They think they have obtained a level of knowledge that not only uses but has fundamental expressions... and therefore are representative of THE fundamental nature.

However, upon being questioned about something which may express an even more fundamental nature by someone other than themselves playing the Devil's advocate, a person might provide an excuse... a plausible reason may be offered such as "only god knows" or "that is the limit of current knowledge" or... let us suggest —more importantly, that we are limited by the models we use... by the very tools of language we value so highly, including the language(s) of mathematics. And if we should come across a means, a process of conceptualization which allows us a stepping stone path to a greater understanding but everyone else is afraid, disinterested or otherwise dismissive of the path; we may find ourselves journeying alone without anyone to share in the discovery, unless of course one adopts an animate or inanimate pet, such as a dog or an escaped prisoner native called Friday in the Story of Robinson Crusoe or the Mr. Wilson sports ball used by Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away; all of which signify yet another formula of dichotomy as does a Man/Woman and multiple other examples one might compile.

The foregoing list of dichotomies found in physics and the examples we can find in multiple subjects, is thought by some to reference a fundamental pattern, one which mathematicians frequently use in their work, but often do not come to itemize the other so-called fundamental patterns which can also be reduced to enumeration. Yet, if we say that numbers are THE source code, what substantiates them as such? In other words I am asking "why numbers"? Or why god, or why particles and waves? Does human physiology limit are ability to perceive only a few of the presumed layers of existence, even though the existence humans perceive is a label that some may combine with non-existence and thus think this explains the most fundamental structuring of all possible concepts? Irrespective of this, we have not as yet created an accurate working blueprint model of existence from the present knowledge of known particles. Many people write about individual particles, forces, waves, etc., but they do not flip the page over... so to speak, so that one might view the working model of the underlying script except to name everyday existence as such a page. This is not what I am describing.

Physicists and other name particles, waves and forces as will as presume interactions... thinking this is the web page to be observed as a jumbled mess pieced together by their particular understanding and don't consider they are working on the underlying Java, CSS or HTML script. Infact, while naming some three-patterned sequence in physics such as the three families, or three quarks, they may not consider they are simply engage in the writing of one, two, or three styles of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) containing 3 alternatives labeled Internal(imbedded), In-line, External forms.

Present ideas to get to all supposed underling particles in existence use a copycat orientation involving a Particle Accelerator. The thinking is rather childish in that it is like a schoolboy race. Physicists see that particles move very fast so they play a game of upmanship by pushing against them and causing them to go fast enough to lose their balance and fall out of line so that others can get a better look at them. Using a particle accelerator is like many a person or organization which seek to gain a profit by "fixing" (deliberate construction of) the circumstances of winning... such as a race, gambling game, contest, belief, law, academic program, class requirement, etc...

If particles go fast, the current model of thinking is to go faster... which is being done by the use of an acclerator. Whereas I have previously suggested the usage of a decelerator, it too is an accleratior in the sense that we look upon hidden particles not as going faster or being less abundant and therefore more difficult to capture with current methods; but as being stationary, which requires the usage of setting the state for the creation of alternative environments where so called short-lived, exotic, or otherwise assumed-to-be hidden particles exist; like some old grand-daddy catfish lurking somewhere in a spot that no type or amount of current baits customarily used is getting more than a glimpsed sense or nibble and we come away claiming that the fish is too smart to fall for such a ploy... which intriques us and creates a puzzle which we work at from different angles while engage in other day-to-day tasks. In addition, tall tales concerning the elusive fish (particle/entity) may spring up as a romanticized sentimentality.

While we can use mathematics to help follow a path, create a fishing pole, clothing, traps, etc., this does not guarantee it will help us to capture a fish which may not want to be caught, doesn't actually exist except in one's imagination created long ago by embellished ideas from a former age, or occupies some other area of a given river, stream, lake... or "what 'ave you" as the medium of directed attention, and makes the presence of the fish like playing a 3-card monte trick which uses some other disply than cards, such as three shells or cups and a marble, or coin, or pea as the allusive object of interest. Each game, regardless of the form and formula being used by a given operator, clearly describes to me a reference to particle physics. Though we humans have found and labeled three quarks, we seldom step back and make reference to the whole setting of physics like a multiple games gambling or target shooting environment found at a county/state fair or carnival.

Physics, like other subjects, can be humorously viewed as a circus, carnival, fair or gaming enclosure, frequently called a casino. And very often, speed is used to try and get money out of customers, just like speed is used in multiple forms of advertizement, government requiremts, and other deadline impostions so that people are more inclined to be pushed and shoved into making an emotional, mental or physical mistake. There are of course other tactics, but speed is often used in conventional sports as well as in the sport of particle physics. The usage of speed can only get us so far, because all the components of existence may not use speed as a routine medium. Dark matter and Dark energy my well exist in a setting we are too busy speeding by and thus can not smell their frangrance nor stop long enough to read the information of the roadside plaque. Speed can cause problems. While it is useful in many circumstances, others require a different tactic. Evidently, particles and other phenomena co-exist with different environmental settings like the pace(s) of small and large towns. Yet, how does one get the mindset of those physicists that are in step with an accelerated life style, to view life alternatively, other than a short trip to some bucolic setting or giving them a short taste of another culture on their way to a confernce with other accelerated-minded colleagues who likewise only get a whiff of a fragrance for which they have no context in which to place it in their routinized perspective of acceleration? Do we force them to take a walk in a field of flowers, fruit trees or cow manure, only to find they treat them in the same dismissive manner, mainly because they do not have a routinized thought process by which to include such experiences in their conceptualizations?

No less, getting back to the previous illstration of the Earth associated with several different kinds of cosmological movement, is it the case where we are unable to recognize a spinning thought or feeling process(es) though we have ideas such as a well rounded education and a circular conversation or a circle of friends, or wanting people around us or seeking venues where others are around us or cops surrounding a suspect's location? We take our "moving" thought processes for granted and assign different values to this and that thought (and/or feeling) which either describes or subscribes to a relative motion of thought that has a different rotational orientation (Velocity: direction and position), or speed (rate at which a velocity is occurring.) If everyone in a crowd are rotating around a given idea and then someone comes along and describes an idea that is faster, slower and provides a different direction and position, then a "revolution" in thought or its variant spelled as "evolution" may take place with multiple people gravitating towards the new idea.

If we did not know the Earth was revolving and instead ascribed all movement to external objects in the skys and heavens, then upon being shown a picture or a painting, (etc.), it would be interpreted as a non-moving object just like the images preominantly exhibited concerning the yin/yang circular symbol.

Yin, Yang and Earth symbol as a hybrid

A symbol supposedly representing dualities such as hot/cold, dark/light, night and day, etc., surely must move with the changes since if we keep it one way, it will be overlapped by the opposite during an Earth's rotation. Whereas we don't customarily view the Yin/Yang symbol as a type of compass porinting true to each of its orientations such as night and day, we can think of it as such and thus also consider that it is supported by some means which permits it to turn. Then again, the simple symbol is incorrectly illustrated if we attach to it the multiple movement of the earth and its place in the solar syttem, milky way, and larger universe. It should ideally illustrate all such relative movements just as life forms on Earth may well do, but no one has taken a look for them because the idea never came to mind. The yin/yang symbol needs to spin accordingly, or else how thoughts are impressed upon to do so, changing back and forth more like a pendulm than a revolving disk. Metaphysical or not, such movements to a stationary figure would be an interesting addition towards thinking about the symbol as being dynamic and not the static model typically displayed. If it is not moving and not intended to display movement, then let us solidifgy it further by altering its geometric form into a square for example. Or we could view it as a tree:

Several images of Yin and Yang as a tree

We don't actually think in terms of collisons for the multiple movements of Earth in the Universe as displayed above. Whereas we do think about itmes such as the solar wind, meteorites and comets, the idea of three related collisons is not a common perspective (That is, by viewing the Earth as a vehicle which we humans occupy... just as life forms are sometimes viewed as a vehicle for DNA). Nor is it common to think of the rather silly way we human display the yin/yang symbol but think of it as a dynamic force and representative vehicle transporting a multitude of dichotomies which is routinely illustrated in a static way. No less, if it is a vehicle, does it crash from time to time or is destined to crash, and we may or may not be able to predict where, when and how? Similar to the collision idea mentioned previously, will there be three types of collisions for the yin/yang symbol and identify in a general sense as an Apocalyptic event? Hence, let us also ask if all Apocalyptic events occur in a series of three collisions?

Let us take an example of an intellectual excercise involving commerce called the Stock Market. Since three types of "collision" have been identified as that which produced a wide-spread economic injury, is this "threeness" a recurring theme, or merely a review of how certain minds perceive events. Indeed, do we acually see a given pattern or only think we do because of some unseen influence such as habit, tradition, or otherwise? This being the case, are we actually on the Third planet or just think we are because of some recurring mometum to follow-through with a culturally practiced mental theme of threeness?

Three reasons for the Stock Market crash of 1929: (What Caused the 1929 Stock Market Crash?

  1. The proliferation of debt.
  2. A struggling agricultural sector.
  3. An excess of large bank loans that could not be liquidated.

On the one hand we may think of polarities and trichotomous possibilities in the polarities, we do not customarily add in the mix (hybridate) the notion of reversals to our thoughts of cyclicities. Whereas we are obsessed with thinking in terms of a beginning to end scenario or longitudinal direction labeled start to finish such as the Earth, Sun, Moon, etc., having been born and will eventually die out, we frequently fail to include the notion of periodic reversals though we know of them such as a person reverting to childhood in old age, a mid-life crisis where a person tries to regain some imagined representation and activity of youth like displaying clothing, hair style, vehicle, mate which exhibits youthfulness... as is the case when someone marries or dates a younger person and the young person an old person... both of which are reversals many might well describe instead as a polarity.

We see many reversals but are not accustomed to describing them in this way. We call them trends, as repetitions, as "the same old thing", or reruns, but not as reversals. Humans are obsessed with the idea of progress. Using the term "reversal" is unacceptable. It hurts our pride. It damages our ego, our self-esteem. We use selfies to give ourselves the impression of change, of progress, of having done something that is different... and this means progress, not repetition, and especially not a reversal. We are not slumming. We are not degenerating. While it is true we age and downgrade our lifestyle, but it is acceptable and even expeceted in many cases... but this does not mean... or so we might claim, that we are reversing ourselves. Whereas we experience periodic reversals, we engage in behavior, in vocabulary, in interests which provide an illusion byway of embellishment that we are winners... we are progressive or at least are maintaing a level of progress in one aspect or another in our lives... which allows us to find comfort in the recognition... the awareness of some downward trend, perhaps even an opposite approach to a former activity which we were no longer showing progress to ourselves or others in.

It is not common for us to accept the notion that all of us experience periodic reversals... retreats, though we allow ourselves to call an outing as a retreat, not realizing it as a reversal... an allowed reversal to "get back to nature", to get back to our roots. While some readily acknowledge that they have experienced periodic reversals in relationships, employment, vehicle ownership, etc., we may try to conceal such an awareness by over-compensations in some other aspect of our lives by attaching ourselves to an interest in a winning team, or the life of a person who exhibits some type of progress that we identify with and vicariously embrace as an extention of ourselves, though we in fact may be experiencing a long duration of a reversal... a set back, a static "same shit, different day" routine and attitude. We change routines thinking this gets us out of a rut, out of that which can be called a periodic reversal. We vicariously participate in some sport to give ourselves some illusory impression that we are making progress... or at least enjoy that being achieved by another and thus gain a win by supporting them as well... in their career, in their relationship, in their fledgling efforts to achieve that which we identify as being useful, important, or abundant.

The many flavors of Democracy (for example), can serve as a description of multiplicity and thus hybridization, and overall politics can serve as an example of acknowledging recurrring reversals in govenment ideology as well as the inter-connected activities of the Stock Market with its highly visible trends of reversal that we commonly describe as a bull or bear market. Political, Business, and Religious hybridizations are creatures of our time, as they were in the past. They are also indications of reversals in action, in motion. Just as we see in the very many dichotomies of mathematics, science, sports, careers, writer's block/creative output, military gains/retreats and static "hold the line" pronouncements, hunting/fishing expeditions, etc... It is not known if this will be the case in the future since the present conservation of behavior allows for such grandiose multiplicites of hybrids formulated as dichotomies (not being described as reversals but cycles)... and yet we need to take into consideration there may be changes in the processes of current constraints of ideological orientation being applicationally influenced by nature (due to the incremental deteriorations of:


The Sun is burning out. Despite what some scientist's say about the Sun being stable, one needs only to recall how many times we have been told that electrical problems (electronic equipment), have been disrupted by Solar emissions and that they occur on a regular basis at different times and places... most of which are not recorded nor even commented on (at least one might assume this is an actual scenario not only with the sun but other environmental phenomena as well). Whereas one can speak of the cycle of sunspots, there are other solar emissions whis occur as well, not to mention variations in the irradiation of the Earth due to atmospheric changes such as an incrementally deteriorating Ozone.

The present and future sun

Sunspot activity over time


The Earth's rotation is slowing. Everyone knows the adage "The straw the broke the camel's back", which is one sense can be stated as: "(I)t describes the minor or routine action that causes an unpredictably large and sudden reaction, because of the cumulative effect of small actions." Most of us in refelection may well recall a time in which a simple alternative word, gesture, change in direction or choice meant the difference between a favorable and unfavorable outcome. A split second here, an impulse there... and many other incremental instances have or could have made a greater difference... again, either good or bad. In some instances we figuretively kick ourselves for making a wrong choice such as on an exam, though the correct answer was actually considered a first choice, but second guessing caused us to choose wrongly. And this may be where and when one bad (or good) choice was compounded by another and another which may have caused us to be in the wrong (or right) place at the wrong (or right) time. Events can snowball out of control (or into control). Similiarly we may think of a Domino Effect alternatively labeled a chain reaction (typically identified with atomic particle collisions or billard ball interactions), or the commonly misunderstood notion called the Butterfly effect, though most people have some sense of the meaning and occasion to say they have the gist of it. However, for the present topic about the Earth's rotation incrementally slowing, incremental changes can take place in behavior, in society, and on smaller levels such as in genetics; which humans are not collectively noticing. While I believe their are individuals who have sensibilities and sensitivities which enable them to see incrementally small changes, they may not know how to label them in a context which provides for them and others a means to establish a working framework and further application for some meaningful comprehension which others might come to appreciate.

Let me take a brief moment to include a view on mathematical inquiry involving language and numbers:

A look at patterns involving language and mathematics.

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