Threesology Research Journal
3 Part Proportionality...

(The Study of Threes)

There are many people who are experiencing a recurrence of acknowledged "Threes" in their life. The following are three examples in which the "three" may be recognized by some people under different circumstances:

  1. Some may hear them- in the honking of vehicle horns, the barks of dogs, the play chants of school yard children, the chirps of birds, the rustling of leaves, the moos of cows; coughs, sneezes, laughter, whimperings, baby babbling, knocks on doors, windows, walls, floors, ceilings, conversations, voices, etc...

  2. Some may see them- on signs, boxes, buildings, vehicle license plates, elevators, escalators, racing programs, theater tickets, fortune cookie "messages," television shows; in arrangements of items; in color groupings; in yawns, body language, in activities, in UFO sightings, in geometric forms, etc...

  3. Some may have recurring dreams in which some form of the "3" is present such as entering the third doorway, sitting in the 3rd seat on the 3rd isle, driving along a route numbered 3, 33 or 333.

...No less, it is necessary to mention a few examples of those who are experiencing a form of the "three" by adopting such a pattern to some aspect of their personal interest such as in the development of:

  1. A tripartite organization formula (such as Executive- Legislative- Judicial, Manager- Assistant Manager- Third Man, etc...).
  2. A three-step hierarchical process (such as Id- Ego- Superego, Primary- Secondary- Tertiary, Minimum- Medium- Maximum, etc...).
  3. An overlapping triple configuration (such as Reptilian- Limbic- Mammalian brains, Father- Son- Holy Ghost)., etc...

Let us also include such unconscious everyday uses by computer users as the Minimize- Maximize- Close options in the upper right hand corner of the computer screen, three clicks of a mouse (or less) as the common maximum effort to retrieve information, and that typical internet users commonly review only the first three pages listed by a search engine... (which is of particular importance for companies trying to prioritize themselves with internet search engines in order to maximize internet usage attendance to their website.)

Let me also include a literary example from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Adventure of the Speckled Band" (one of his many Sherlock Holmes stories); The character Helen Stoner tells Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson what her twin sister had said to her: "Because during the last few nights I have always, about three in the morning, heard a low, clear whistle. I am a light sleeper, and it has awakened me. I cannot tell where it came from - perhaps from the next room, perhaps from the lawn. I thought that I would just ask you whether you had heard it..."

Whether this reference to a whistle in the morning about three o'clock is something conjured up from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's imagination or is a retelling of some personal experience or the experience of another he had known; obscures the fact that the reference is to an occurrence at three o'clock. I place this example here because of an e-mail I received from a woman in Texas who conveyed her experience with a three-knock phenomena and a whistle.

There are other examples that could be added, but this list suffices for the moment in providing the understanding that the experience of recognizing a recurrence of the "three" occurs in many forms and may not necessarily contain the number "3" (nor be related to any numerical concept) at all, but nonetheless has a three-patterned arrangement such as 666, 888, ABC, red-yellow-green, red-white-blue, red-white-black, dot-dot-dot, small- medium- large, protons- neutrons- electrons, win- place- show, gold- silver- bronze, etc... Yet such examples are not meant to imply that all three-patterned groupings are easily identifiable or are short in length. Some examples may be as long as a sentence, paragraph, book, feature film, etc., and may occur over extended periods of time such as minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, centuries, millennia, eon, etc., and contemporaneously labeled an age, era, epoch, period, etc... They may also occur distinctly, obscurely, nearby, distantly, singularly, mixed, or any number of variations. For example, sometimes I hear a distinct three- (or 3 X 3 = 9) patterned knock that sounds like it is coming from one of the outside entry-way doors. At another time I can vaguely make-out three soft "taps" on some surface that I can not quite ascertain what it is. Additionally, the frequency, type, and decibel level of three-patterned sounds may vary with how much or how little one is engaged in mental activity such as reading, as opposed to being involved with primarily physical activity.

However, it is also necessary to include the notion of proportionality with respect to a "three" configuration, whether the configuration is in words, letters, sounds, sights, tastes, impressions, nuances, innuendoes, intimations, sensations, hints, suggestions, inferences, etc...

Yet there are alternative ways in which:

  1. A "groupie" of threes (someone who admires and collects the collections of others)...

  2. A "groupier" of threes (someone who creates their own grouping order of three-patterned examples).

  3. A "groupiest" of threes (someone who analyzes singular, multiple, or all three- patterned examples within or outside the threes phenomena context,,, and thus indulges in what may further be -humorously- and three-patterned-collectively called tri-patterned "groupieriestism". Alternatively, someone may recognize proportionality with respect to preference of item placement of a three grouping.

The following are a few examples of three-patterned proportionality brought to light simply because of innumerated percentaging. Yet, every (three-patterned) grouping in one's arsenal of examples has a proportionality if you look closely enough with the tool of proportionality dissection, analysis and interpretation in mind:

  • 3 content percentages of Gunpowder: 75% Potassium nitrate~ 15% Charcoal~ 10% Sulfur.
  • 3 used grades of Plutonium-239:
    • Less than 80% is reactor grade~
    • 80-93% is fuel grade~
    • 93% is weapons grade.

  • 3 percentages content of Natural uranium:
    • {99.3% U-238}~
    • {.7% U-235}~
    • and {a trace of U-234}.

  • 3 percentages of typical gasoline (petrol) octane grades:
    • 83 (unleaded)-
    • 86 (regular unleaded)-
    • 89+ (supreme unleaded)

  • 3 ultraviolet radiation divisions:
    • Near (4,000- 3,000 Å)~
    • Middle (3,000- 2,000 Å)~
    • Long (2,000- 100 Å).

  • 3 percentages chemical composition of skeletal muscle:
    • 75% of skeletal muscle is water
    • 20% is protein
    • 5% is inorganic salts and other substances, including: phosphates, urea, lactic acid, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, enzymes, ions, lipids and carbohydrates.

  • 3 portions to the Small Intestine (20' in length): Duodenum (10")~ Jejunum (2/5)~ Ileum (3/5)
  • 3 proportioned energy sources for the human body: Carbohydrates- Proteins- Fats
  • 3 divisions to the world's water supply:
    • Ocean = 97%
    • Ice sheets, glaciers, ice fields, ice floes = 2%
    • Steams, lakes, rivers, ground water, soils = 1%

    (Different sources give different percentages but there are generally 3 categories.)

    1. Nearly 97% of the world's water is salty or otherwise undrinkable.
    2. Another 2% is locked in ice caps and glaciers.
    3. That leaves just 1% for all of humanity's needs: all its agricultural, residential, manufacturing, community, and personal.


    --- Fresh Water/ Lakes/Rivers ---

    Dark energy seems to make up 73 percent of all the mass and energy in the universe, and is driving the accelerating expansion of the universe. Unseen and as-yet-unidentified dark matter makes up about 23 percent of all the matter and energy in the universe — scientists know it exists because of the gravitational effects it has on galaxies. The regular matter that makes up humans, planets and stars constitutes only 4 percent of the universe.

    The idea of having three meals a day (Breakfast- Lunch/Dinner- Supper) is a proportionality.

    For those who insist that they drink 8 full glasses of water per day, this activity collectively is one proportion of a larger set of proportionality that may or may not involve other liquids. Such people may additionally consume a similarly related proportion of fiber and also avoid a similarly related proportion of those items (such as diary products) that have, in the past, caused them constipation. How they divide the proportioned activities is based on their own interpretations of good/bad, right/wrong, proper/improper, correct/incorrect, true/false, etc... Yet in reading this, some may overlook that the person's proportionality is particularly focused on anal activity. Others may have proportional activities related to their own (or another's) genital region, oral activities, visual activities, hearing activities, etc...

    There are lots of other examples that could be offered, but I want to make the point that there is an underlying proportion, even if we don't readily acknowledge proportionality as we might while reading a textbook that makes a specific reference to proportionality.

    For example, while most people don't think of the Christian Trinity (Father- Son- Holy Ghost/Spirit) in terms of proportionality, each of us assigns a proportionality in terms of personal (life-experience) importance. If we say all are equal, the percentage is 33 and one-third, in terms of a 100% formula. If we don't believe in the concept, we may assign a zero to each of these in personal terms, yet may assign a particular percentage arrangement with respect to our interpretation of another's independent usage of these three.

    Some people do this intuitively, such as in the case of psychologists/psychiatrists, counselors, or religious leaders, which enables them to better assist in helping someone help themselves with a personal concern. They simply help the person to adjust the percentage values in their belief system, in order that a resolution to a concern is achieved. In other words, they assist the person in achieving a percentage value system of proportionality that helps them achieve a balance that is conducive to them as an individual, though the balance is not necessarily 33 and one-third for each of the three components.

    For example, different percentages of the three components for making dynamite can either result in a good, poor, or mediocre product. Likewise, the percentage of fat, protein, and carbohydrates that one consumes will determine one's state of health in terms of nutrition, and each of us needs a proportion of these that is consistent with our individual bodily needs. What is true for the body, may well be true for the spirit and the mind.

    Instead of the concept of "proportionality," many people utilize the notion of "prioritization," in which their daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly three-patterned routines may be scheduled in terms of prioritizing what they feel is most important for any given moment. However, other people dislike the concept of (proportioned) scheduling because they feel it is not conducive to creativity, love, or subtleties of impressions necessary to make them uniquely individual. They prefer to think of life in terms of an adventure that presents them with unique opportunities only if they are receptive to such experiences by way of a serendipitous approach called spontaneity.

    Some people allow themselves to believe that scheduling (proportioning, prioritizing, etc.), inhibits the necessary freedom of their unchained spirit. They feel that scheduling, no matter how it is labeled, is like imprisoning their soul, until they realize that scheduling is also related to rhythms. Once they begin to appreciate the value of understanding individualized rhythms, they will then further understand that the resources of wisdom, creativity, insight, intuition, inventiveness, original ideas, true love, compassion, sensitivity, etc., that are felt to be rewards of spontaneity, are actually attributes of rhythms that can be cultivated for greater fulfillment, if the health of one's body is seriously taken into consideration as a vital necessity of their uniqueness.

    It is because I believe every person is individually unique, that it is nearly impossible for me to give a specific definitive reason of why a particular person is experiencing a recognition of a recurrence of particularly specific patterns-of-three (proportion) in the waking state or in dreams. However, I can provide some insight as to why you may now be experiencing the act of recognizing such a pattern, whereas before, you did not even notice such a simple thing as holding a pen or pencil with three fingers.

    My view of why someone begins to recognize recurring events involving the "3" in one or more varied forms is because they are experiencing a developmental change in their consciousness. In other words, you are evolving and this change is being expressed by way of an evolutionary change in your world view.

    However, it is necessary for serious researchers of the "threes" phenomena to acknowledge that there is no inherent quality of superstition, magic, nor spirituality associated with the number 3. Such attributes of varying "power"-themes are related to the perception and mindset of the individual attempting to find some sense of the threes phenomena in a given context within the guidelines of a very antiquated appreciation of the threes phenomena. Most of them simply rely on the misguided colloquial notions of others with respect to number patterns. It is a view closely aligned to the thought patterns of ancient peoples and modern day adolescents who experiment with such "power" themes as Ouija boards, black magic, gangs, Satanism, crime, status offenses (curfew, smoking, drinking, etc.), suicide, various forms of impulse-driven rebellion, etc...

    The reference of the number 3 as being a "superstitious" number is often found in the views of journalists who don't really know what they are talking about, and get their information from one or very few references whose authors may also get their information from other sources whose authors have a particularly tunnel-visioned perspective of a phenomena that they don't really understand and are likely not someone with frequent personal experiences involving the threes phenomena. Labeling the number 3 as superstition, magical, or spiritual is an interpretation based upon impulse-laden emotions that can be harmfully used to distort perceptions of reality to varying degrees. Likewise, there is no inherent strength, stability or mystical quality to the number 3. Such references are attributes applied from external sources, and cause the number 3 symbol to be misjudged for being more (or less) than it actually is.

    In direct conversations with others as well as in email discussions, there are some who view their experiences with the number 3 or some recurring three-patterned phenomena, makes them consider they are:

    1. Losing their mind (or acquiring some semblance of super-sanity).

    2. Appearing to repeatedly and increasingly forget (or have increased memorization).

    3. Having "strange/unusual/different" thoughts that you reject as nonsense/craziness or accept as being unique.

    I say HOORAY!!! Good for you! The craziness being experienced will pass. There is not to do but enjoy the moment of losing your old mind (or a part thereof), memories (some of them anyway), and musings... in order to acquire a new mind, new memories, and new musings. So the next time someone asks you if you have lost your mind, you reply, "I Hope So!"... Everyone who learns will lose their (former) mind one-day. Maturation works in this manner. Unfortunately, too many people go through life rejecting their own uniqueness, their own ability to make individualized contributions, their own genius... and yes, the method to their madness.

    "You can't solve a problem with the same mind which created it.

    (attributed to Albert Einstein)

    The above quote is not only applicable to considerations involved with the threes phenomena, but with other personal concerns, as well as those social problems which are created by having a (Bipolar/Bicameral) Democracy. In other words, in order to solve the problems created by the mindset of those who persist in demanding the usage of a (Bicameral) democracy because they think it is foremost perspective without equal, we must permit ourselves to acquire a new (beyond Democracy) mentality that permits human society to evolve beyond those problems inherent with the usage of a (Bipolar/Bicameral) Democracy.

    "Forgetting" memories with respect to the above context, does not necessarily mean you are actually unable to remember that which you once felt/thought was important, they simply become so far removed from an ongoing cycle of periodic recall that it gives the impression of memory loss, which can be frightening for those who are unfamiliar with periodic experiences of an expanding consciousness. An experience of an expanding consciousness can be defined as a life-directing Eureka! moment of illumination, a momentary excursion into the realm of madness you quickly shrug off without further reflection, or even a transcendent leap that can be overwhelming as if the brain of a child acquired the views of an adult with broad experiences, in a single enduring moment. The labels being used as attributes of your experiences with threes phenomena can manipulate you towards good, evil, or indifference.

    It may be of interest for some to consider that their impressions of "lost time," whether related to UFO abduction, personal questions about old age/senility, creative musing, "a lost wandering... uniquely and generally understood by those who attempt to live in harmony with nature", or simple forgetfulness, may simply be the memory of forgetting in order that one's brain can function more freely with a newly developing perspective, and is not an indication of mental illness, brain degeneration, or a poor dietary regime.

    Distorted perceptions of the threes phenomena can influence some people to even feel physically ill from time to time due to the changes because their body is like that of a child that refuses to give up a familiar toy, (or like that of an early hominid that becomes anxious, fearful, and apprehensive of anything new). As your new mind, memories, and musings develop due to an exercise of repeatedly recognizing more and more three-patterned formulations, the body may try to resurrect the old mind, memories, and musings just as the old mind itself would try to resurrect the presence of a limb that was lost in an accident. This attempt to resurrect a lost limb is called the phantom limb phenomena, in which a person will swear on a stack of bibles that an amputated leg, arm, finger, etc., are still present and they can feel it. And it must be realized that yes, different parts of the body can evolve, change, adapt at different rates, as is well known in the fossil record with respect to transitional growth stages in various species, as well as more everyday realizations such as larger muscles growing on a limb that is used more often such as in lifting weights, wielding a hammer, carrying a briefcase, etc...

    Yes indeed, the power of the old mind is quite strong, but the power of the new mind, if left to develop along its natural course, embodies a strength that far exceeds the old mind. The differences between the new mind and the old mind are like comparing a human to a gorilla. With such a recognized change taking place within you, it is your responsibility to let go of the ancient interpretations of relating the number 3 to superstition, magic, and spirituality. Don't get caught in these traps of diversion. You must strive to keep focused on developing this new form of consciousness expansion that is aware of the number 3 being associated with superstition, magic, and spirituality, but that you recognize such avenues as types of vegetables, and do not provide you with the necessary fiber, minerals, vitamins, etc., needed by your developing consciousness.

    The "threes" person is on a journey. Is is a journey that is analogous to having an adult brain in an infant's body that must mature. Your new-found brain will at first only be able to express itself in simplistic gestures much as a baby cries, whines, jerks its body, spits, blows bubbles, and babbles. However, just because you were born into a particular social setting, does not mean you belong there forever. In fact, you may come to recognize that you do not belong there, that you are different, much as a Cro-Magnon would recognize that they do not belong in a social group of Australopithecines. A "threes" person needs the views of other "threes" people in order to foster their own individual development. Like a baseball player needing other baseball players, or a chess player needing other chess players, or musician needing other musicians. Simply put, you need to be with your own kind.

    Yet, even though you may encounter one or more others who share an interest in the threes phenomena, this does not mean your overall ideas regarding the threes is similar or compatible for any sustained long-term association. Clearly, there are those who prefer to define the reason for the widespread and increasing recurrence of "threes" is due to something they have a specific interest in such as religion, mythology, political science, education, witchcraft, physics, etc...

    Some people may not take as broad or open-mined approach to the threes phenomena as you do. In fact, while some may enjoy a brief excursion into a discussion of the "threes," they may arrive at a point of consideration that your sustained interest is due to a compulsion or obsession. Such a label is always necessary for those who do not have the intellectual stamina to keep pace with those whose mental energies are above average. Those without such an energy level need a means to exclude themselves from such a tiring task without feeling inferior. By applying a label that suggests the possibility of an abnormality, they permit themselves a means to excuse themselves from a task requiring an enormous degree of mental energy, and yet not feel embarrassed for not being able to keep pace with those who seem to keep going and going and going.... So much so that not even the energizer bunny can keep up.

    On the other hand, there are those who attempt to suppress the development of their individual ("threes") selves by way of drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, inter-racial dating, crime, etc... This is a supreme tragedy to themselves and humanity. This is particularly sad when all they needed was to be encouraged to continue recognizing the "three" and come to realize that there are others who share a similar vision. It is a vision that is not limited to viewing the "three" in religion, or mythology, or superstition, but is in fact far broader in scope, depth, and duration then these simplistic usages of the "three." The number 3 is a tool. It is not a source of some mystical, magical, spiritual power, though it can be used as a power tool by those who are not afraid of having their consciousness flooded with new ideas, views, imaginings, etc...

    Note: While I do not advocate the definition of the number 3 having an inherent form of mysticism, magic, spirituality, superstition, etc..., and all such labels are imposed upon the symbol from external sources, this does not mean the number 3 can not embody such attributes. The number 3 can be associated with great power, superstition, magic, spirituality, mysticism, etc., to the degree that exists with the outside source. In other words, the flame of a single candle is different than the flames of a thousand candles, which are different than the flames of the Sun. Yet, the flame of a single focused candle can provide more heat, more light for greater vision, and endure longer than multiple unfocused flames.

    Most people must experience the threes phenomena in very, very, very, small bites. For those who try to rush the development of a consciousness that is not ready for large doses of expansion all at once, they will most likely bite off more than they can chew and may very well experience varying forms of "intellectual indigestion," "intellectual heartburn," or an "intellectual stomach ache". Like a child whose eyes are larger than their stomach, some people want to rush in to experience some form of believed-to-be ultimate high of the threes phenomena related to an expanding consciousness. Like a child still crawling who dreams of running like some Olympic athlete without training, without preparation, without maturing.

    For those who are experiencing the "threes" phenomena journey, you will find it being used in a variety of settings by those who may themselves be unaware of it. Others who are aware of such, prefer to use the "three" in the form of a specific label such as trinity, Trinitarian, triad, triangle, triplet, triune, tripartite, trilateral, ternary, trifold, trifocal, trilogy, etc., that is applied for a specialized purpose. Such people, if asked, may say that the origin of the "three" in the form they prefer to use, is due to some religious influence, which may include calling the "three" God's pattern. And yet, they may not attempt to give some measure of chronological order to explain the developmental usage of the pattern.

    There are others who will likewise dismiss the question by saying that the recurring usage of threes is due to cultural influences since they say such a pattern is not world- wide, and yet never consider the reason for such a difference as being due to different trends of evolutionary development, with respect to consciousness. For those like myself who want to attempt some measure of chronological order in explaining the wide-spread usage and appearance of the "three" in a multiple array of areas, (and may well attempt to apply the "threes" perspective to different interests,) it is necessary for us to make additional efforts at explanation then to merely excuse ourselves from further exploration by claiming some religious reason that "only God knows, understands, and can explain."

    Thus, my journey into the realm of "threes" seeks to explain things that words such as "religion" and "culture" only provide excuses for those who are fearful of a third alternative.

    The "threes" phenomena journey has led me into many cultures and topics that most people don't bother with on a day to day basis, unless they encounter such in some serendipitous moment of observation, or they are placed into a situation that makes it necessary for them to acknowledge the information such as flipping through a magazine while awaiting an appointment. Whatever the case may be on an individual basis, with respect to what I have encountered in my purposeful attempt at searching out the phenomena of threes, is that there is a difference in the quality and quantity of three-patterned references being used by the three dominant racial groups:

    1. Africans use patterns-of-three least of all with respect to prevailing cultures,... so long as they have not been "occupied" by a culture that does use numerous patterns-of-three in its orientation such as Great Britain, and America, and it is not yet known if all black/dark-skinned peoples show a similarity of such a small usage. For example, do Australian Blacks, Indian Blacks, Middle Eastern Blacks, (modern day) Hybrid Blacks, etc., show distinct variations in usage?

    2. Asians use more patterns-of-three than Africans, and different Asian cultures also exhibit different types and amounts.

    3. Indo-European/Caucasians are the predominant users of patterns-of-three, but this is not to imply that every (non-black) Indo-European/Caucasian makes a use of such as a predominant orientation, whether or not they are consciously aware of such.

    This does not mean there are not thousands of (African, Australian, Indian, etc.,) blacks or thousands of Asians (in various cultures) who are aware of the threes phenomena from various perspectives and label such with culturally acceptable interpretations, it is just that when the examples of patterns-of-three are linked with a particular culture of origin, it will be found that most examples of threes come from those associated with Indo-European cultures. Many, if not most of the threes examples from Asian cultures come from mythology or religion, as are those from African cultures. However, we can not rule out the possibility that a "threes" idea originated in one culture yet it is another culture that adopted a wide-spread usage of such. It is therefore necessary to differentiate the person(s) who originated the idea from their immediate culture, and possibly place them in a separate category such as that describing some sort of transition.

    If you examine various lists of "threes," you will notice that they originate primarily in/from/because of Indo-Europeans/Caucasians. For example, while we can find some usage of the "three" in Japanese literature, we find an increased usage of the "three" during and after the American occupation of World War II. Hence, when we begin to analyze the origin of different examples of "three," it is necessary to distinguish whether or not some other culture had influenced the form. However, it could possibly occur that there is an Indo-European/Caucasian presence in a culture that is already undergoing a developmental trend towards a usage of threes, whereby the influence of a three-oriented culture has only assisted in the natural developmental trend of the culture because of its own usage of the pattern. Such may likely be the case for the Buryat Mongols. It is typically viewed as an Asian-related culture but it has a Dumezilian tripartite form of social organization.

    There are those who are particularly focused on explaining the "three" as a "God's pattern," and have no further interest in what, if any, mechanism was used to impress this pattern (like a branding iron) on various other forms of non-human life in a variety of ways. I, on the other hand, am interested in considering what mechanisms may have been used. This is why I must wonder whether or not we are environmentally influenced to be genetically predisposed to conceptualize many of our ideas, perform many of our activities, and grow physiologically along a 1~ 2~ three (overlapping) maturational development sequence.

    For example:

    • If the reason for a triplet codon system in DNA is due to an environmental influence, is the triplet codon structure subject to change if the original influence changes? If so, then our entire world-structure of theologically-based Trinitarian concepts in Hinduism, Christianity, etc..., may also be likewise affected.

    • No less, we must consider the possibility that our ideas about physics such as there being three fundamental particles, three families of fundamental particles, etc., may be nothing more than very elaborate symbolic manifestations of an underlying three-patterned influence that is subject to change.

    • What if deadly bacteria and viruses change more rapidly, thus making humanity vulnerable, because its developmental complexity responds more slowly to those environmental influences which have initiated a three-patterned codon system in genetics?

    • With an identifiable difference of a three-patterned usage amongst the three major racial divisions, what implications for our system of education does this present? How well can children from a race that is not particularly three- patterned focused, learn in an education environment where the instructor teaches in patterns-of-three? And if the teacher attempts to not use patterns-of-three in some "I feel sorry for them" attitude and thus wants to make learning "equal," will not the learning of three-patterned oriented students be sacrificed for the sake of some other-than-three antiquated mental predisposition?

    • If there is a developmental trend towards the "three," then it may be in the best interests of humanity to develop schools whose entire staff are aware of this, and will use a more highly defined three-patterned teaching formula (and not just simply a three R's curriculum), for students who are particularly advanced in a three-patterned perspective.

    • Is the present increase in the number of people who are discovering the threes phenomena, an indication of a larger social movement in the making?

    Eventually, for those who continue to study the threes phenomena, they come to ask what is it that influences such a widespread occurrence in so many forms?

    Here are some considerations:

    • It is due to the influence of the Modern Christian Trinity.
    • It is due to the influence of some ancient form of non-Christian Trinity/triad.
    • It is due to the triplet codon system in DNA.
    • It is due to the influence of the three life domains (Archaea- Bacteria- Eucaryota).
    • It is due to the three primordial Germ layers (Endoderm- Mesoderm- Ectoderm).
    • It is due to the influence of the three families of fundamental particles.
    • It is due to the influence of three families of Gods.
    • It is due to the influence of three fundamental Gods that are not presently known and recognized as a "universal" trinity (as opposed to any present day culturally distinct Trinitarian concept.)
    • It is due to the three fundamental forces of nature: (Electro-magnetism- Gravity- Nuclear).
    • It is due to a Universal/Cosmological code impressed upon all of existence.
    • It is due to the influence of three existing Universes.
    • It is due to cultural influences- (superstition, mythology, advertisement, etc...)
    • It is due to differences in brain processing...(those with a "three" focus are the beginning of a new species.)
    • It is due to differences in brain processing...(those with a "three" focus are a reflection of an antiquated mind-set, but are still more advanced than those with a singular or dualistic perspective.)
    • It is due to is God's pattern.
    • It is due to is Satan's pattern.
    • It is due to the three-patterned characteristic found in Fairy tales taught to children.
    • It is due to a specific geologic period's influences on a species' particular level and type of evolutionary development that continues to change.
    • etc...

    I can not stress enough how important your dietary regime is in the development of an expanding consciousness. Remember that your body is a very primitive structure that works best on a simple diet. While it is difficult for most of us in a technological society to acquire an all natural diet, it is not difficult to acquire simple foodstuffs which includes plain water and simple exercise such as walking. Since everybody's body responds somewhat differently to different types of foods, finding the right dietary regime for you is an experimentation that must be attempted over long periods of time and not expected to develop "over night" results. Such an experimentation in finding the right dietary regime for your body must also include finding the right dietary regime for your emotions and your mind, which frequently results in a noticeable change in one's lifestyle for some people.

    With respect to hearing 3 knocks on a door, wall, or ceiling, although I am not attributing such an occurrence to any thing from a mysterious paranormal realm, one reference to this type of threes experience has been mentioned by Whitley Strieber. In various discussions about this phenomena, it has been mentioned that the 3 knocks experience occurs in occult literature and is used by Freemasons to indicate initiation to the next grade.

    Here are two short references:

    --- Strieber Knocks and Folklore answers ---
    --- Beyond the Unholy Fire by John Carter ---

    Your Questions or Comments are welcomed: Herb O. Buckland