Threesology Research Journal

--- I see you ---

(The Study of Threes)

The pattern---of---three phase
used as a title of this page
is actually an uncommon question,
and not a declared confession.

It seeks to know who you are
Why have you come; looking for?
do your thoughts range near or far,
like someplace new to explore?

Is it a long list of threes
or seeking answers for a personal theme
like a repeating song or dream,
perhaps I can help, just maybe, but please...

Let me first address a recurring question I have freqently received via e-mail. Someone wants to know why they are experiencing a particular pattern-of-three, that may not even involve the number three or a number. Let me be honest. I don't know. It is impossible for me to know something about someone I have never met. Sure, I can make guesses, but that's all they are... guesses. I will not try to convince you that the reason you are having a particular three-patterned re-occurrence is due to some especial, either negative or positive quality about you. I'm not going to try to explain a personally experienced "threes" phenomena in some mystical, magical, or esoteric theme. Every person is unique. The reason(s) you are having a particular "threes" experience may be totally different than that of someone else, even if they are a close associate, family member, friend, co-worker, neighbor, or whatever.

You don't need someone telling you that your experiences are due to some "core" number relevance consistant with their interest in tarot card reading, numerology, or some other such make-it-up-as-you-go-along generalization for a given time, place or context. You want specifics. I can't give you specifics. Let me emphcise:

Nobody can give you specifics about your specific "threes" experiences without a full grasp of the specifics in your life.

Particularly not someone who may be on the other side of town much less thousands of miles away in another country. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. While there are those who are particularly observant, sensitive to, and intuitively perspicacious about human behavior, most of them do not honestly want to mislead you. If given a chance, they would prefer to help you learn how to help yourself.

I don't know you any more than I know some street worker I pass by while driving down a road. All I can do is make some generalized assumptions based on commonalities specific to my experiences with other human beings in a variety of settings during my life span. If you believe what I propose than most likely you are already predisposed to believe what I am saying. If I'm trying to con you into making a purchase I will try to rangle some personal information about you in order to find out your interests and manipulate you by way of associating the product with your interest; and exploiting a need such as bolstering your self-esteem in one respect or another. I don't want to manipulate you.

For example: A while back I was contacted by someone from one of the American News Services wanting me to provide them with comments regarding the "Death Occurs in Threes" theme making the internet headlines due to a (then) recent occurrence of deaths amongst some celebrities. I turned the representative down because such an occurrence is actually quite negligible when we take stock of the numerous other three-patterned occurrences happening everyday, but most people, for whatever reason(s), overlook. I didn't want to participate in an event that might very well contribute to the needless superstitious inclinations of some people. The occurrence of so many Patterns-of-three in our lives is not superstition for me. It is a recurring phenomena I am trying to grasp the reasons for by examining it from a variety of perspectives aimed at acquiring a testable hypothesis, if at all possible. Philosophical considerations are fine for conversational polemics, without or without theological overtones, but they leave me with the feeling of unfinished business, like a need to change the enigne and transmission oil/filters, check the conditon of the brakes, check fluid levels, check belt and hose condition, and do a tune-up.

Let me provide a short list of considerations from which you can select or discard at will:

The reason(s) you are experiencing one or more patterns-of-three maybe because:

  • You truly are a one-of-a-kind unique person.
  • Some spiritual "force or being" is trying to communicate with or through you.
  • You are in a momentary daily routine rut you're trying to overcome.
  • You are having an OCD (obsessional combulsive disorder) moment.
  • Your're lying about your experiences just to get attention.
  • You're using a "threes" topic to engage others in conversation.
  • Your life experiences are repeating and the "threes" are an extention thereof.
  • You want someone to say you're special, unique, unusual, etc...
  • Some repeating number or symbol or theme has ancient roots in your ancestry.
  • Your brain is evolving into a higher consciousness.
  • You're of the Indo-European stock of peoples expressing a common orientation.
  • You are uniquely sensitive, perceptive of a prevailing "threes-collective-consciousness."
  • The question is not why you are experienceing such, but why isn't everyone?
  • The Holy Trinity is calling to you.
  • The Triumvirate of some ancient culture interacted with your ancestry.
  • You have been infected with an alien virus that uses "threes" to tag its "stock."
  • Someone or thing cast a black magic spell on you.
  • Someone or thing cast a wiht magic spell on you.
  • A three-toothed vampire bit you.
  • Santa frequently repeated the three-patterned question: "Naughty- or- Nice?"
  • You drink too many alcoholic beverages.
  • The medication or other drugs you take are having a bad side-effect.
  • You use too much tobacco.
  • You watch too much TV or too many movies.
  • You don't get enough exercise.
  • You take the wrong combination and/or doses of vitamins/minerals.
  • You don't eat enough "natural" ingredients. (Snake and spider venom are natural.)
  • You have an above average receptive ability to subtle energies.
  • A recurring usage of a three-patterned "combo" fastfood diet influences you.
  • Someone in the "threes community" is trying to telepathically communicate with you.
  • Your mind- brain- skull are having an interactive echoing contest.
  • It tells of an alien invasion because H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds" book indicates it.
  • The reason is too secret, too coded, too mysterious for anyone to fully comprehend.
  • A ghost or spirit is haunting your house.
  • A ghost or spirit is trying to lead you to "the other side."
  • It's a mnemonic rule-of-thumb you haven't grasped the significance of.
  • You have the right pattern but you must re-train yourself to repeat a certain phrase such as "Cenocracy!- Cenocracy!- Cenocracy!"
  • You are a mirror reflection of a larger, undisclosed, "threes" social consciousness.
  • You are "in-tune" with a great cosmological significance nobody full understands.
  • Yours is a modern day version of the Trinity of the Celtic Brigantian Empire: Virgin~ Mother~ Crone
  • Your brain waves are causing the Wall Street Occupiers (WSOers) to chant the three-patterned phrase: "All day! All week! Occupy Wall-Street!"
  • Your mind is on the verge of metamorphicising into that of a future species.
  • The Pied Piper's three-note flute is calling for you to go into the mountain.
  • You're just like everyone else except you can better remember your own three-patterned experiences.
  • Your life is changing specific to your circumstances.
  • You have a genius no one understands.

No doubt there are some readers who could add to this list. In fact, you may already know the reason for your "threes" experience(s) but lack the confidence to accept the realization. Then again, no one on Earth may have an answer for you. You could make up one that is acceptable to you and/or the social sphere in which you inhabit, but the "real" answer may never be fully known because we do not yet have the words, muchless the intelligence to define the words either singularly or collectively. However, none of my comments should keep you from looking. And while you're at it, maybe you can tell me why I have multiple three-patterned experiences, including those involving the hearing of three knocks or being able to see "threes" in seemingly disparate events over significant spans of time. While I've made up my own considerations, maybe you have some more profound explanation. I sincerely would like to hear it.

If you'rve come to this site in search of a long list of varied patterns-of-three, the list is already compiled, I just need to rework some of the HTML from the old website to be compatible with the new web page hosting service. Each has it own peculiarities. It may be that I will simply have to use an alternate web site for such a list since I have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of examples from multiple subject areas. The task is compounded by efforts directed towards assisting two other web sites as well. It would be extremely helpful to the "threes community" if one or more readers would compile the content from various web pages that either directly or indirectly involve a "threes"-related theme. Some authors don't even realize they are "into" using a threes theme. The information should be compiled on a disk, diskette, or flashdrive. And yes, I will purchase it, after I have reviewed the information and found it to actually contain threes-related information. Some of the "threes"-related pages of past years have gone by the wayside. I should have collected all of them instead of just placing a link. A collection allows us to re-post the information so long as we respect copyright laws such as giving an author their due credit and not make any financial gain off their work, which is well within the scope of our research interests.

The task of listing different "threes" also requires the effort of devising a form of compilation within the scope of your interests. The more wide-spread, the more varied may well be the headings under which different types of threes become arranged. And this compilation may be a list of excursions into philosophical explanations about one or more particular threes. Then there may be subdivision categories that take on the appearance of some scientific nomeclature that looks oddly familiar like some animal, botanical, or atomic symbol classification.

For me, with respect to beginning a list of threes, it may well occur upon being awaked by some "three" in a dream. On some nights I am awakened by numerous examples of threes. If I awaken to record them, needless to say I tire much sooner. Nonetheless, the tone of the day is set into place. I see three after three after three. Even by trying to distract myself the distractions arrange themselves into groups of three. If I happen to go into a store, I see three-patterned advertizements, or I receive three dollars in change, or I "absent-mindedly" purchase three items. I may then find three coins on the ground or hear an overhead crow caw three times. A dog in the distance may bark three times or three emergency vehicles drive by.

But I also catalog other number patterns as well as non-number patterns. But on hearing music, my mind switches to an analysis mode of reflecting on the musical triads contrasted to such musical patterns-of-two as major/minor scales, high/low pitch, and the like. I confess, I actively look for patterns-of-three because I like to. I find it to be fun. Instead of picking up a magazine to encounter numerous threes examples, I can sit with paper and pencil and jot down many examples from memory. It's more fun than playing the horizontal- diagonal- vertical games such as tic-tac-toe, checkers, chess, or playing cards with the three King- Queen- Jack faces.

To those of you unfamiliar with thinking in such a manner, you may think it wierd, strange, even crazy. But such thinking is not an anomalous character of the human mind. I am not going to begin to tell you how many people have approached a "open minded" person such as myself and confessed they think they saw Big Foot, were abducted by aliens, or they can pick up different radio stations ever since they got braces. Whether or not you believe such events, those telling be honestly believe them. I give them the benefit of the doubt. And while such events may or not be similarly related to a recurring "threes" consciousness, I must argue against anyone attempting to claim their religious or political convictions are more "real" or sane.

I guess so long as our intellectual, emotional or physical "eccentricities" don't break conventional laws, we can all be considered normal. However, I don't think someone who eats anchovies on pizza is normal at all. You've got to be related to some aquatic life form species. (Just kidding.) Seriously though, whattever reason(s) has brought you to this or some other threes-relatted site, let me bid you well in your adventrous trek, even if your stay is short at this crossroads.

Your Questions, Comments and additional information are welcomed:
Herb O. Buckland (