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Like an odd number of test tubes placed symmetrically (evenly) in a centrifuge to keep the Earth from wobbling more than it already does as it spins in a left (handed) turning direction under a three-patterned (dawn-noon-dusk) strobe-light effect of solar irradiation billions of years ago mixed with a 2-patterned night/day (dark/light) sequence and the washing machine effects of strong lunar tides from an over-bearing Moon; the development of life during periods of Earth's rotation rates suggests different life forms are rotation-rate-specific. This may mean humanity will not be able to adapt very well as the days become longer. The present currency of genetics may favor... and be dependent... on a faster rotation rate. What we have are three Evolutionary processes taking place, together with some generalizations to be offered:

  1. Chemical Evolution (from inorganic to organic)
  2. Biological Evolution (genetics)
  3. Mechanical Evolution (planetary guidance/constraint/imposition, e.g...)
    • Earth Axial tilt roughly at 23.5° (Human chromosome count for each parent is 23, the Ape is 24)... yes, other life forms differ
    • Differential rotation rate originations (Life forms born during specific rotation rate spectrum)
    • Night/Day (dark/light) tropism (Photoperiodism: biological, circadian rhythms)
    • Flip/flop polarization (Geomagnetic reversals: cellular polar events)
    • Lunar "washing machine" (tidal) affects diminishing (Moon is receding)
    • Wobble of Earth: (3rd amino acid "wobbles")
    • Earth Rotation rate diminishing (affecting "photo-strobic triplet code" irradiation of dawn-noon-dusk)
    • Enlargement of Sun increasing 3 -in- 1 fusion (coalescence) of dawn-noon-dusk influence

Assigning planetary activity as having had (has) a mechanical effect on the development of Life's Origin is correlatedly seen in the Wobble_Hypothesis developed by Francis Crick. It deals with the relationship between the 3rd and 1st codons (providing us with yet another 3 -to- 1 ratio as seen in the above image.) How the "wobble" relates to the Earth as a mechanical effect is to note that the Earth wobbles. This, along with other correlates (rotation rate, 3-patterned strobe irradiation, dark/light, etc.) are additionally noted in the effects of photosynthesis and plant development as being highly suggestive. Why the (left/widdershin spinning) wobble got fixated on the 3rd codon is not known. Why the Earth Wobbles.

Three process concerning the drift of the Earth:

  1. Contemporary mass loss primarily in Greenland
  2. Glacial rebound
  3. Mantle convection

The foregoing imagery addresses 3 key issues (but not all) with regards to the development of life:

  1. The left (levorotary) spin of most amino acids (suggesting a Mechanical Evolution influence).
    • (The right (dextrorotatory) spin of DNA and RNA suggests a chemical -to- biological evolution influence in a reflective (braking attempt) response).
  2. The symmetry of body plans (which is important when trying to find some semblance of stability {equilibrium} in a wobbling circumstance)
  3. The origin of the triplet code (like a mechanical conveyor belt system which effects an "SOP" (standard operation procedure) where a three-patterned cookie cutter is being used, though some "clumps" of product mixtures are missed (fall asunder, are mis-directed), thus creating potential anomalies as they come out of the oven) along the conveyor route.

Genesis of life billions of years ago:

  • Moon much closer; tidal waves exceptionally high... elasticity of Earth more pronounced causing eccentric deformations
  • Earth rotation much faster (3000 mph at equator compared to 1000 mph today?)
  • "Triplet code" solar irradiation effect of dawn- noon- dusk
  • Mechanical forms of evolution → Chemical → Biological ← Mechanical forms of evolution

Considerations for Origin of Life discussions:

  • Life is due to 3 (Three in One) evolutions:
    1. Inorganic to Organic chemistry
    2. Organic Chemistry Evolution to Biological Evolution
    3. Mechanical Evolution (planetary dynamics involving the Sun, Earth and Moon)

Some Mechanical effects on biological development:

  • Earth's Axial tilt of 23.5° roughly correlates with 46 human chromosomes and 48 Ape chromosomes
  • 3 patterned solar strobe light (dawn- noon- dusk "flashing") due to increased earth rotation rate billions of years ago (Triplet code)
  • day/night (light/darkness sequencing) (tropisms such as phototropism)
  • Levrorotary spin of the Planet (dominant amino acid direction)
  • The 3rd planet Earth wobbles on its axis (3rd amino acid wobbles)

Use of an egg as an analogy for the development of life

Despite all the presumed logical proposals as to why one or another person should be conducting experiments into the Origin of Life in a given way, the prevailing rationales have not provided us with a step forward, including (let us presume) those who are conducting experimentation in secrecy... and not publishing any of their perspectives. Let us further assume they don't want to chance anyone being given information which might assist them in jumping ahead in their research and receiving a measure of credit which honestly must be spread widely. However, those who have taken time to provide their opinion have not actually proposed an enlarged philosophy involving the 3 topics designated the Triplet code, Chirality and Symmetry, which have been born in subjects far beyond the borders of biology under different guises and implantations, like the dispersal of seeds having to accommodate to whatever environment they find themselves in. Similarly, because others have noted that we may be dealing with more than one type of Evolution such as Chemical and Biological, my penchant for "threes" leads me to suspect there may be a third type of evolution involving a dynamic (Nature born) mechanical one. (For example, planetary activities can and have been viewed as a mechanical mechanism analogous to a clock or time piece. In this respect Nature is engaging in the use of a mechanical-like methodology.)

In any case, the prevailing idea is that the Origin of Life is to be found in some presumed Building Blocks of Life sequence where chemical "evolution" precedes biological evolution, thus presenting us with a 2-step process yielding a "Origin in Life" equation. In other words, the Chemically based origin of life or "COOL", becomes acronymed as "COIL" by describing it as the Chemically based origin in life; fore-shortened to Origin In Life or "OIL". Humorously noted, instead of prospecting for some biological treasure in terms of the alchemist's use of (inorganic) base materials to produce a living vein of gold, we now have multiple experimentalist speculators on where 'OIL' might be found (and make commercial use of).

Is there a separate Biological evolutionary system to be differentiated from a Chemical evolution? Such a question can be viewed the topic of a discussion to be found here: Chemical roots of biological evolution: (the origins of life as a process of development of autonomous functional systems, by Kepa Ruiz-Mirazo, Carlos Briones and Andre´s de la Escosura).

In addition, let us extentionally ask whether we are dealing with one type of Evolution or two or three... or even more? Is there a transitional missing link such as a dynamic environmental clue to which the triplet code pattern corresponds? As such, can we deduce chemical, biological and mechanical models of (autonomous) dynamic behavior roughly corresponding to a slow, medium, fast speed or a small, medium, large activity; if not some other three-patterned sequentiality akin to a process like the development of the Three Germ layers? And though we may think in terms of biological branches, is there an overall unidirectional orientation like a plant reaching for the Sun or some migrational pilgrimage of birds, butterflies and other life forms... such as humans engaging in a religious pilgrimage or some pilgrimage to a concert, carnival, circus or other communal activity? Is the dynamic behavior of solar irradiation due to an accelerated Earth rotation the influence of a dynamic property seen in biology that would otherwise be non-motile? Is life the result of three autonomous systems that have coalesced like a planetary alignment producing an eclipse? And though one may think in terms of a "stable" model of dynamics, how do we measure this stability? From the above cited article comes the following 3 questions:

Computational and theoretical studies carried out in the last years support that chemical kinetics may become evolutionary dynamics in populations of self-replicating molecules, or in collectively auto-catalytic networks. The overall idea behind these studies is that the evolutionary potential of such chemical systems would result from an increase in their dynamic stability as a consequence of the copying process or the cross-catalytic effects among the molecules in the network.

Several key questions remain open in this context, however:

  1. First, why is it so hard to find artificial chemistries that spontaneously converge into systems or phenomena of higher complexity and dynamic stability? Is it because experimental scientists are not finding the right precursors and boundary conditions? Or is it because there are 'evolutionary bottlenecks'—still to be identified and characterized—that must be overcome to trigger off such a behaviour?
  2. Secondly, is 'kinetic control' (i.e. the rate of template copying or the catalytic power of the molecules) the only relevant aspect to ensure the necessary dynamic robustness of those prebiotic systems that would, eventually, lead to the onset of open-ended, biological evolution? If not, what other types of control mechanisms or basic functions should be taken into account at those initial stages? More precisely, regarding the emergence of Darwinian evolutionary dynamics, how large must a primary 'functional/phenotypic space' be for NS (natural selection) to get established, or become operational?
  3. And, finally, granted that cyclic chemical reaction networks are so important for the living, how could they be initially kept together, away from thermodynamic equilibrium for long enough, so that they may actually reproduce and become evolvable individuals?

Whereas one may think that the "dynamic stability" arose internally (like behavior being constrained by a notion of morality), it could just as well have occurred as an external influence which became embraced as a "tradition" by way of a momentum that the basic building blocks of life were subjected to. Indeed, we may eventually acknowledge that life has some degree of flexibility that some will mistakenly view as an amalgamated "the answer", and yet that which they are describing is but an alternative that came to defer to a larger, more prominent influence (like a governing power which makes allowances for rebels and out-lyers of conventions) to which other processes more readily align themselves with. In other words, the flexibility of life to go outside some design parameter instead of expressing some measurable norm, might be interpreted by some observers as representing an idea they favor and used as a proverbial "thrown wrench in the works" of those who are of the opinion that the dominant theme of development points to a greater value of truth than any wayward anomaly. (There are those who view an anomalous exception as having a greater valuation of truth than a preponderance of evidence where some other value is more and most often prominent.)

In the following image I have added a short reference expressing an opinion that the information needs to be aligned with the rate of the Earth's rotation having occurred billions of years ago. The rotation rate is a dynamic which is not stable but one can assume it does, because change in the dynamic takes place over a very long time. At least that is how it has been carried out, but there is no reason to assume this will be the standard dynamic in the future. Hence, the development of life took place in what can be described as a Centrifuge. If you use a centrifuge, you make sure that the test-tubes are aligned so that the machine will not wobble. It requires symmetry as it rotates in a counter-clockwise (widdershins) direction. In our experimental efforts to recreate the conditions of the Early Earth, all have failed to include the dynamics of rotation. The so-called "pond" or pool or broth of life's initial chemistry was being stirred rapidly, like a cook anxious to get the (powdery? clumps? of) ingredients mixed together, whereby the mixture was being sloshed around (due to increased wave behavior brought about by a Closer Moon).

Chemical roots of biology in reference to the Earth's rotation rate

The building blocks of life were subjected to a centrifugal environment. If we view these substances as having a greater sensitivity to environmental cues, much like animals reacting to subtle environmental clues about an impending change in some atmospheric or geologic activity, then the "sensibility" of the micro- and macromolecules of life... would have... could have reacted more spontaneously than the dim-witted consciousness of humans.

Image of a static (non-moving) Earth

A static image of Earth is how present scientists involved in Chemical Evolution experiments are pursing their course of activity. In other words, their brains are not thinking dynamically. But Nature did not engage in its experiments in a crispy clean, non-moving, laboratory where everyone had name badges, wore white smocks and went home to watch TV after eight hours. (In fact, though the idea is anti-thetical to some Nature-based worshipping groups, Mother Earth was in the habit of using contraceptives.) The following images portray a fast spinning Earth billions of years ago and a slower rotation Earth in the present day:

A faster spinning Earth billions of years ago

This is a hypothetical representation of the Earth rotating faster billions of years ago.
Different life forms have come and gone. Despite how they vanished, is there a specific "window" of Rotation Rate for different life forms? If this is true, then humanity may not be able to survive much outside a given "spatial dimension" of rotation rate. Human physiology may not be able to adapt to a change in circadian/biological rhythm requirements much outside a given rate of rotation, though other life forms may be more flexible in this regard because they don't have a big brain to slow things down and are not subjected to the idiocy of business, government or religion.

Because of the closer proximity of the Moon, the waves being generated were of a greater (mixing) magnitude than they are today.
This is a slower rotation Earth describing a 24 hour period

This is a hypothetical representation of the Earth rotating at today's rate of approx. 24 hours.

While we may think of chemical and biological processes as dynamic systems, we may not readily think that they too are part of a larger system of dynamic movement. Like a 3-patterned series of (Russian) nested dolls, we can easily visualize the chemical inside the biological, but not necessarily entertain that these two are inside yet another dynamic system which is of a planetary nature. (With the planetary system within the dynamics of the solar system and it within the galaxy which is itself in the Universe... and perhaps it too is part of an even larger system.) Nonetheless, the chemistry and biology of life have been possible only because they are part of the larger planetary dynamics.

The different levels of life complexity must be placed along a time-line of overall development which occurred when the rate of the Earth's rotation, the looming presence of the Moon, and solar irradiation effects were different. Depending on which time-line one looks at the following one illustrates Life, in terms of plant growth. occurring about 1 billion years ago:

3 different time-lines

If we assume that for every billion years the rate of the Earth's rotation speeds up by six hours, the billion years ago measurement would thus be equal to an 18 hour rotation rate. If plant life is a type of sediment which requires a slower speed in which to rise to the surface of a test-tube, then the start of early life required a certain rotation speed... and is an experimental feature not presently being incorporated by researchers looking into the origin of life. With respect to the initial gestation of life, the rate of the Earth's rotation may be guessed at by using a simple arithmetical association. And even though the simplistic arithmetical transition may not be expressly correct and even laughable to those who prefer enumeration to the last decimal point, the overall idea is sound. Even if you describe the rate of rotation of the early Earth during life's 3.5 billion years ago era as being 8 or 10 hours, this then presents us with a day time value of 4 to 5 hours, and an equal amount at night. And if we add the rate of speed at the equator, the following measures are derived:

24 hours rotation rate today with the Earth spinning: 1000 miles per hour at the Equator
18 hours rotation rate 1 billion years ago with the Earth spinning: 1500 mph
12 hours rotation rate 2 billion years ago with the Earth spinning: 2000 mph
6 hours rotation rate 3 billion years ago with the Earth spinning: 2500 mph
3 hours rotation rate 4 billions years ago with the Earth spinning: 3000 mph

A basic outline of  Earth's rotation rate and life events

The rate of the Earth's rotation along with the proximity of the Moon as well as solar irradiation coupled to night-time sequences are variables to the formulaic equations bouncing around in the heads of experimentalists. Hence, we are not recreating the early Earth conditions because we are not thinking in terms of the setting in dynamic terms. We are viewing it as someone looking at a handful of pictures and not pictures arranged on a strip of film that is accelerated so as to see movement.

If we agreed to deduce the development of life as the result of two separate evolutionary systems (chemical and biological), then the application of a third (mechanical system) should not be cause for alarm, even though some biologists (like mathematicians) have a penchant for thinking in groups-of-two alternatively called dualities, dichotomies, pairs, etc... As I see it, the environment is a dynamic mechanism akin to a machine-like works activity. The chemical and biological ingredients involved in the recipe of life can metaphorically be thought of as individual test tube enclosures arranged in terms of the state of environmental affairs occurring billions of years ago. The accelerated rotation rate of the Earth was like a fast spinning centrifuge. Centrifuges require test tubes be arranged in a symmetrical fashion so as to create a balancing act, as was the case with the widdershins (left/counter-clockwise) spinning Earth. The rate of the Earth's rotation billions of years ago created a 3-patterned strobe-like irradiation effect on the photo-reactive elements of early life processes which they followed and incorporated like a person getting a tattoo or an animal getting a brand mark on its hide. Although the strobe-light effect has slowed, the dynamic nature of the Sun's effects have not.

And yes, I realize my approach to understanding the different patterns occurring in the basic processes of life are unconventional, but it is a story which needs to be told anyway. For example, while biologists want to account for the Triplet code, others would like to know why the "three" is a recurring theme of thought in different subjects if we rule out influences called tradition, culture, religion, superstition, and mimicry. In other words, is the presence of a triplet code also that from which the Three Germ layers arose? Are the three Germ layers a reverberation of the triplet code pattern? Do the many different ideas involving "threes" as a conceptual formula owe their pristine origination with the triplet code and it with the "threes" in particle physics or that life is occurring on a 3rd planet's position from a source of solar energy? And do patterns-of-two have their originating influence from the doubling of cells in development which may have their originating influence with the day/night sequencing of the Earth's rotation in relation to the Sun and Moon?

The idea that life may be the expression of three forces (or a 3 -to-1 ratio) may be unsettling for some to think that life occurred as a product set into motion by a machine we call the Nature of Earth's environment, and that the god of humanity is a production line worker whose existence is measured by a time clock. Thus the different religions of the world are different unions of workers who think themselves better than others and if need be, will join together in times of ideological strife... such as against an army of disbelievers. The dogma that the triplet code is an emergent property of biological processes is like those who think that the concept of the Christian trinity arose as a natural identity from the religion itself and do not consider it a formula impressed upon the human psyche from an earlier predisposition of solar worship in which the Sun's three phases (or overlapping "moments") called dawn, noon, and dusk were influential in the development thereof, as they were for many tripartite structural orientations, many of which were simply trinkets (charms) attached to the same ideological chain.

Stonehenge with its trilithons

At present, a search for the origin of the Triplet Code is a an Occult Science, where the word "Occult" means mystery. We use what we believe to be is a science in our investigation of a mystery, though for some, you would think they are practicing an Occult religion. In any case, their efforts are a presumed level of enterprise beyond that which we might otherwise describe as a Witchcraft, Wiccancraft, or Pagancraft... all three of which prize the value of "3" as an especial code. Be it in the form of three witches like Macbeth, or using a 3-patterned incantation like a voiced mantra similar to the repetition of Om (AUM); or in carrying out some ceremony near a circle of several 3-positioned stones called trilithons such as those seen at the Stonehenge in England. Respectively, we have the Pentagram for the Witches, the triplex moon configuration for the Wiccans, and a "3" within a circle for the Pagans (some of whom are members of Druidic communities practicing Summer Solstice ceremonialisms at the Stonehenge located on Salisbury Plain, about 8 miles (13 km) north of Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. ("Stonehenge." Encyclopædia Britannica, 2013)

Ilustration of 3 witches from Macbeth
⛤ - ☽⚫☾ - ➂
Witches - Wiccans - Pagans

Instead of wearing a black (or dark blue) robe with a hood (that many assume was the garb worn by Druidic priests due to motion picture productions) and leather boots (I would venture to view as "booties" much like Native American moccasins), we have those of today who wear white smocks with leather shoes, though a few may choose to wear sneakers, sandals or some other casual footwear. Instead of using runic or rustic symbols we have the usage of chemical formulas. Instead of a secret password, handshake, door knock pattern we might find I.D. badges, encrypted computer passwords and a cryptic workplace vernacular, whose users may not be aware they are engaged in the usage of a specialized jargon. And yet, both scientists and the WW3 members are interested in the basic forces of Nature and their potential for unleashing hidden knowledge. Whereas in the case of Black magic the practitioners may seek to give birth to... to bring to life some demon, monster, devil or other presumed creature of the darkness, those in the search for the origin of life want to raise up some golden representation of life out of basic substances. Indeed, just like those who sought to create gold out of base substances. It's uncanny how close the two theaters of activity (the present day sciences and the yesteryear occult activities) have parallel orientations, albeit with different knowledge and backgrounds. It nonetheless is similar behavior. While some things have changed through the centuries, others have remained the same or become more intensified, albeit cloaked in different garments, social/academic settings and language usage. Like the Triplet Code, we can identify a recurring cognitive theme of "three" amongst members of the WW3.

In order to know how the triplet code came about, it may be useful for us to understand where, when and under what conditions the form arose... and whether it came about as a whole "three" configuration or whether it was a step-wise or even piece-meal development. Understanding one of these provisions may assist us in uncovering the others. On the other hand, even if we had a recipe thereof, would it provide us with the same outcome... much in the manner that even with a recipe book or instructions on the back of a box; that which is created may neither look like, smell like, nor taste like that which we imagine the outcome should be. Metaphorically, would the stew taste the same as grandma used to make, or is there always something to be lacking from any recipe, even if grandma were to convey it into writing or by speech? Would grandma's personal technique that was honed over many years through trial and error be absent, though the exact ingredients, proportions and cooking instructions are listed? Is Nature able to accurately convey the ingredients, technique, atmosphere... along with the implements and kitchen setting it used before adopting a rather commercial-like enterprise for utilizing a triplet code to produce life in a cookie cutter fashion? However, it is a commercialized effort which has met with many disasters, leaving us with but a paltry sum of all life forms ever created. And... if I may be permitted to continue, the dominant life form in existence today apparently has a knack of killing itself off, as if it has a built-in expiration date towards which it becomes stale, smelly and rotten.

The layout of the triplet code in connection with the amino acids represents a basic architectural blueprint as that seen in the standard model of particle physics. It is like looking at a similar architectural portraiture that may represent the work of the same artist or craftsperson, or different artists from a similar school of thought. It is like looking at the work of a craftsperson using a similar 3-panel configuration, though the convention of artists today is to use a sequential model with three similar panel configurations.

Three separate panels can be distinguished.

Triptych panel configuration image 2 Triptych panel configuration image 3

Will present or future humans be left with the admission they are only able to create their own brand of "goulash" or ghoulish-life, and not that which Great, Great, Great Grandma or Mother Earth made so many billions of years ago with raw ingredients, crude implements and a hillbilly of a kitchen setting? No less, if the triplet code is a direct and integral part of biological processes, why aren't we witnessing some manner of evolution such as in the development of a quadruple, or quintuple or sextuple, septuple, octuple, etc., model? Indeed, in this same vein of consideration, why aren't we seeing an evolution in the usage of amino acids? Why does it remain as a "two-pattern" (pairing), and similarly, why are cells simply multiplying by twos, called doubling instead of moving on to a ternary (tripling) without creating some malformation called a trisomy in humans, though in plants a trisomy provides a useful grain crop? Is it simply the wrong time and place in history for animals to have a viable three model... even though biology periodically tests the waters (so-to-speak) by advancing attempts to establish some three-conformation? Could it be that the ingestion of trisomic plants is why humanity is on its seemingly self-destructive path?

Is that which we seek so simple and yet due to the application of mathematics, there is an inclination to wait for some mathematician to illustrate the simplicity with a complexity called an equation, signifying that we are forced to depend on mathematics to define what any child can perceive and understand? When Mathematicians have no corner of the market of perceiving reality different than anyone else yet they are interpreted as having some unique ability only because of the language they use in describing the same perceptions anyone and their pet frog can have; biology and very many other understandings of Nature have to wait till the simple-minded mathematicians decide to take the time and complicate the issue by way of the language called mathematics, because everyone is taught in school to defer to mathematics.

When millions of people are subjected to a school system which defines mathematics as a unique perspective of logic, far too many defer the accuracy of their own interpretations to some mathematician who are themselves forced to see the simplicity as others do— and then create some equation to illustrate the simplicity, whereby a mathematician and mathematics takes credit for that which requires a common-place perception that is not permitted to express the perception with the vernacular of the common people which has been taught to them by every single media outlet. Hence, Mathematics is like the Latin or Italian or German of an ancient aristocratic class, and not that of the common people. It takes a Dante or Martin Luther writing in the common vernacular which educates the common public to realize they are just as intelligent as their mis-presumed betters are. Having to wait on a mathematical expression is like a rural public holding its own judgment in abeyance until some gentry decides to voice the very thing that the public has been saying all along! It is the same with politicians, medical professionals, clergy, and the legal system. None of them are as smart as they want you to believe they are.

Virgin, Mother, Crone trio

On the one hand the triplet code is inter-generational, but something is keeping it from aging... as if with each new biological change-over generation it is allowed to sip the "elixir of life" from the well of immortality, once thought to be allied with the Philosopher's stone ("elixir." Encyclopædia Britannica, 2013). While at first thought we think it is very much a part of life, and yet we don't actually continue in this line of thinking philosophically about it, to the extent we ask "What or Which part of life" does the triplet code belong? What if life has more than one part? Whereas we define three large particles to the atom and post a hosted List of triads in human anatomy (by Dr. McNulty and associates), along with numerous examples in other subjects; life itself is only thought of in terms of a "three" division by applying the generality of Birth - Life - Death, or one of its corollaries such as the Wiccan use of "Virgin - Mother - Crone", etc... I bring up the question not to pursue the philosophy of this idea, but rather to suggest that the absence of a change in the code's valuation (even if amino acids themselves change), may be an indication that we are dealing with a type of containment vessel, much in the manner we might use an electrical or magnetic field to suspend a particle or plasma in.

If we view amino acids as atomic particles and the Triplet Code as a containment field, we must wonder why physicists aren't using this type of platform for their experimentation, instead of the circular models in which particles are accelerated. Whereas a circular containment accommodates present designs of magnets, it may not be a circular pattern which a triplet code suggests. Whereas history reveals that the earliest particle accelerators (called cyclotrons) were initially developed to advance the study of biology, the idea was taken up by Niels Bohr to be used in the study of the atom. It is time that Biology took back the idea and redesign it in terms of a triplet patterning.

Cyclotron of Ernest Lawrence

In the early 1930s Bohr found use once more for his fund-raising abilities and his vision of a fruitful combination of theory and experiment. He realized early that the research front in theoretical physics was moving from the study of the atom as a whole to the study of its nucleus. Bohr turned to the Rockefeller Foundation, whose “experimental biology” program was designed to improve conditions for the life sciences. Together with Hevesy and the Danish physiologist August Krogh, Bohr applied for support to build a cyclotron—a kind of particle accelerator recently invented by Ernest O. Lawrence in the United States—as a means to pursue biological studies. Although Bohr intended to use the cyclotron primarily for investigations in nuclear physics, it could also produce isotopes of elements involved in organic processes, making it possible in particular to extend the radioactive indicator method, invented and promoted by Hevesy, to biological purposes. In addition to the support from the Rockefeller Foundation, funds for the cyclotron and other equipment for studying the nucleus were also granted to Bohr from Danish sources. ("Bohr, Niels." Encyclopædia Britannica, 2013.)

History lesson about the early cyclotron

Is the Triplet code a "field"... a type of barrier like an atom containing smaller nuclei? If so, what sort of forces are we dealing with? Is there one, two, three, many... or a 3 -to-1 ratio of forces much like we see in the presumed "four" fundamental forces (strong/weak/electro-magnetic + gravity)? If we look at the history of physics, the word "atom" expresses the philosophical opinion of indivisibility, and yet we have come to the point where we realize there is a recurring presence of "threes" in its structure. We may be dealing with a fundamental force(s) of Nature which differ from those in physics ---because the application--- that have gone unnoticed or have been labeled in such a way as to conceal a truer identity. Much like a shadow seen at one's peripheral vision, or a wayward sound, or hinted taste or smell. Some semblematic wafting of an impression at the "tip of one's consciousness" where an evolved person in the future may well take for granted as a common ideological theme of experience.

Is the triplet code an expression of a containment field consisting of a particle alignment much like three beacons spaced apart, or three rapidly spinning particles which produce a "wall" against which slower moving amino acids brush up against... if not bounce off of? Is it in the shape of a triangle with three ropes, like the three ropes we sometimes find encircling a boxing ring? And yet, this assumed triangular containment represents a balancing act as well, similar to the three semi-circular canals of the inner ear.

Triangle model of a balance actuator called a gyroscope

If the triplet code is not subject to evolutionary change, then we should at least consider it to be a law, or rule, or principle or some other such idea used as a theme of measured recurrence, apart from that which it is already assigned as a given repetition. On the other hand, if we pursue it as if it is a process that simply takes billions of years to evolve, to change, then what is that which defines its terms of leasing agreement to maintain a given triple pattern? Does it reference a force or forces like the perturbations of a planet which indicate that some other thing is nearby, just as ancient astronomers came to understand the presence of other planetary bodies?

Perturbation in astronomy, (refers to the) deviation in the motion of a celestial object caused either by the gravitational force of a passing object or by a collision with it. For example, predicting the Earth's orbit around the Sun would be rather straightforward were it not for the slight perturbations in its orbital motion caused by the gravitational influence of the other planets. The search for an eighth planet, which culminated in the discovery of Neptune, was undertaken in part because some astronomers believed that the orbit of Uranus was being gravitationally perturbed by some object beyond it. ("perturbation." Encyclopædia Britannica, 2013.)

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