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Let us now look at the presence of a conserve "triplet code" in physics:

Conserved Particle arrangement in physics

Something is creating the conditions for humans perceiving the existence of a conserved Threes pattern. While the religiously-minded might claim that the Conservator is (a) god, I think it more likely it would have to be a tool employed by such a God. The former idea is similar to the once-held religious notion that the Earth was at the center of the solar system. Instead of this, religious people have not changed from putting the Earth at the center of things and instead placed the idea of a singular god... as if the physics notion of singularity towards which anything nearby its event horizon would be sucked into (a blackhole), has been first thought of by theologians and philosophers to the extent they strive to reach an "event horizon" in their studies and practices so that they will be enable to reach a "oneness with their presumed god". The ideas are the same, just illustrated and thought of in the respective language/vocabulary of the different subjects. As in many cases, ideas which first appear in theology or philosophy very often find their way into some physic's concept.

Overlapping ideas found in physics, religion and philsophy

Unfortunately, as seen from a metaphysics perspective, a higher consciousness may not be achievable or available to everyone whose internalized bio-physical clocks are not being adaptively aligned with the clock of their consciousness. If their body is too attuned to a fast rotation rate, it may direct a person's mind to recreate some semblance of an earlier environment through artificial attempts to increase it by way of artificial accelerants such as amphetamines, coffee, energy drinks (caffeine) driving fast, living a "fast" life style, living a hurried existence, always in a rush, etc., and accompany such activities with an "active" (dynamically adjustable) philosophy. On the other hand, the opposite effect can be felt by some who want to take the slowing to an extreme. Such is the case for some whose mind is "always thinking" and they want to find some means of pulling back on the reins by one or more activities which suppresses the clocks. For example, one might hear the expression that a picture or painting (etc.) is "too busy"... that is, too visually stimulating because of the amount of information being presented. They may not like "vibrantly active" colors or any scenes describing rapid movement. They may like the slow pace of baseball to the accelerated game of hockey. They may prefer bland foods instead of foods which stimulate the palate. They may prefer depressants such as alcohol or routines which allow them to have a slow pace in action, emotion and thinking. Then again, if humanity is rotation rate specific, in that it originated when the Earth's rotation was faster but still in the 22-23 hour range, it may not be able to survive when the days grow longer as Earth's rotation slows further.

In looking at the planet with respect to the events out of which life sprang, the creation of a time-line is approached from different perspectives to highlight one or more events which an author or collective of scientists think are important points to bring to the surface for a given illustration. Since my interest is the threes phenomena, I have likewise put together one which places a lot of material in a small space while attempting to highlight that multiple events have taken place in groups of three, unless we can't believe what we are being told and they are simply using a "threes" topic as a literary device like a person telling a fairy tale or espousing some religious detail. I am trying to cover a lot of ground over a lengthy period of time which includes the realization that not only did events occur with a Great Oxygen Event, and Snow ball Earth events, and Extinction level events, but also the particular point which no one else is covering, and that is there is a distinct correlation to be made with the rate of the earth's rotation and biological events.

While the following image may well be interpreted by some as being "too visually stimulating," it actually admits to a small fraction of examples that could be compiled. Interestingly, let me note that many of the examples speaks of a transitional 1- 2- 3 maturational developmental shift otherwise described as an evolutionary trek, but in our current ideas about the triple code there is no dominant perspective relaying this same idea. In other words, whereas we can see, by looking at less complex life forms the development of the three Germ layers, we do not have a clear idea, much less picture how or even if the triplet code was evolutionarily derived. Was there a previous doublet code or is the doublet code the act of paired amino acids? Was there a singlet code, or does the singlet strandedness exemplify this, just as does a strand in terms of the primary from of protein development? Hence, does the singlet strandedness represent a first stage, the pairing of amino acids represent a second stage, and the triplet code the third stage? Is there to be a forth, or a multiplicity, or is the CONSERVED triplet code representative of a CONSERVED environmental influence? And yet, is this conservation undergoing a deterioration to thus effect life as well as a gradual(?) evolutionary change necessary to maintain some semblance of an equilibrium? (Similar to the changes a raft full of people will make in their systems of philosophy which will require them to embrace rationalizations due to their deteriorating circumstances of being lost in an open ocean. For example, survival may force them to rationalize the need for devising schemes and methodologies for reducing the population on the raft in order to conserve resources.)

Earth's rotation rate has affected the patterns exhibited by the Sun and Moon
→   →   →   Rotation Rate Specificities   →   →   →
Rotation rate of the Earth correlated to different life events

All the patterns we see as basic structures of life are generated by the interactions of the Sun- Earth- Moon triplex, unless of course we come to view the idea of being on the 3rd planet is a hoax. If you place bacteria in a test tube or vial to be spun in a centrifuge, it is typically spun at an accelerated rate. Such was the case for the rotation of the Early Earth Billions of years ago, set under an ultraviolet light source, or very huge Bunsen burner.

The following idea can be interpreted as providing a synopsis of 3 types of "Bottom-up" approaches towards approximating what is thought to be the originating pathway of the Triplet code in RNA and DNA. It is to be contrasted with my "Top-down" view involving patterns of the Sun coupled to the patterns of activity involving the Earth and the Moon. Nonetheless, in both cases a "three-patterned" cognitive orientation is prevalent.

Origin and evolution of the genetic code: the universal enigma
Eugene V. Koonin & Artem S. Novozhilov

The genetic code is nearly universal, and the arrangement of the codons in the standard codon table is highly non-random. The three main concepts on the origin and evolution of the code are:

  1. The stereochemical theory, according to which codon assignments are dictated by physico-chemical affinity between amino acids and the cognate codons (anticodons.
  2. The coevolution theory, which posits that the code structure coevolved with amino acid biosynthesis pathways.
  3. The error minimization theory under which selection to minimize the adverse effect of point mutations and translation errors was the principal factor of the code’s evolution.

These theories are not mutually exclusive and are also compatible with the frozen accident hypothesis, i.e., the notion that the standard code might have no special properties but was fixed simply because all extant life forms share a common ancestor, with subsequent changes to the code, mostly, precluded by the deleterious effect of codon reassignment.

Mathematical analysis of the structure and possible evolutionary trajectories of the code shows that it is highly robust to translational misreading but there are numerous more robust codes, so the standard code potentially could evolve from a random code via a short sequence of codon series reassignments.

Thus, much of the evolution that led to the standard code could be a combination of frozen accident with selection for error minimization although contributions from co-evolution of the code with metabolic pathways and weak affinities between amino acids and nucleotide triplets cannot be ruled out.

However, such scenarios for the code evolution are based on formal schemes whose relevance to the actual primordial evolution is uncertain. A real understanding of the code origin and evolution is likely to be attainable only in conjunction with a credible scenario for the evolution of the coding principle itself and the translation system. (Source: Origin and evolution of the genetic code: the universal enigma)

It should be noted, though it is not mentioned, that the "frozen accident hypothesis" speaks to the generation of crystalline structures and the resultant optical effects which may have played a part in the generation of life along a given path. Since there were several ice ages on Earth and we of today also note that some life forms such as apples need a period of cold in order to germinate the flowers for fruit, it is a variable for consideration in our overall equation of life's genesis.

Let me also note that the idea that the genetic code has some measure of evolvability means that if given a different set of environmental patterns, it could adapt and mirror them. No less, the comment "evidence of evolutionary optimization of the code" means that it is optimized for the currency of environmental patterns which are on a course of deterioration. These deteriorations can be summed up as:

  • The Sun is burning out, and is said to be on a course of expansion to engulf the innermost three planets.
  • The Earth's rotation is slowing, thus changing the geomagnetism.
  • The Moon is receding... thus changing the behavior of tides and bulge of the Earth.

Anything that has been biologically effected or affected by the Sun's three phases (dawn- noon- dusk) will experience a coalescence... a fusion. The idea presented to us in the view of the Christian trinity (3 persons in 1 godhead) is a symbolic representation of this, since the notion of the Trinity is a derivation of a former solar worshipping attentiveness. Here is a quote which references the connection between Christianity and the Sun, though Islam and Judaism have their own themes of referencing early Solar orientations... such as praying to the East... the rising Sun.

Thomas Paine reference to the Sun and Christianty


Alternatively, on may view the Sun as a god and come across someone claiming to be the "son" of god. Looking very briefly into the Sun with the naked eye does not blind you, but can stir a disposition to be further "enlightened" by those whose minds are receptive. Instead of worshipping the Sun or some representative thereof, one might choose to worship the three phases (dawn, noon, dusk) and call it a Trinity... or 3 "persons" in one god.)

However, if we look a bit more closely at the genetic code with respect to amino acids and Mendelian genetics which involved the use of Pea plants, we find not only the presence of a Triplet code, but also a Three -to- One ratio code... though we could include the 1-strand development of RNA, 2-strand development of DNA, and the eventual development of a 3 germ layer organizational methodology (much like the basic "Author-Title-Subject" used by Libraries... including a Dewey decimal enumeration system) and not to mention the 3 -to- 1 ratio of protein organization.

Three to one ratio examples

With an accelerated Earth rotation taking place billions of years ago, it is of need to look upon the intervals of time (as related to biology) in an accelerated fashion as well when we contrast or compare the reality of the Earth's environment interacting with the closer proximity of the Moon and the proposed idea of a Faint young Sun Paradox (Hypothesis). Hence, the sequences of seconds-minutes-hours; days-weeks-months; years-decades-centuries are collapsed into over-lapping segments like joints... like the (head-thorax-abdomen) divisions we ascribe to insects and the (three-lobed, three-segmented) trilobites. However, another analogy which is culled from the fields of Physics and Psychology; is the perception of time differentiated by those who are young and those who are old. For the young, time and distance seem elongated (note the infamous travel expression: "are we there yet?") while for the old an expression might be stated as "time flies by".

Visual representation of rotation rate
About 3.5 - 4.5
billion years ago
About 1.5 - 2
billion years ago
Today's 24 hr rate
Fast spinning Earth billions of years ago The Earth spinning 1.5 times as fast as today Thje rate of the Earth's rotation today

Understanding the effects of a different flickering rate might be better understood by those interested in the switching rate of computers. The Older computers had slow electrical switching rates while the later ones had faster ones. However, the switching rates in computers is for a binary (off/on) system (using 0s and 1s) coupled to an eventual three-patterned (And- Or- Not) boolean logic. While we do have an "on/off" value in terms of the "switching" rate of the day and night sequence, the three-patterned dawn-noon-dusk of the Sun and 3 days of lunar absence may not be taken into account by some who are reading this. Let me provide an example of different switching rates which can be labeled fast- medium- slow:

Fast switching rate of computers Medium switching rate of early computers Switching rate of day and night is slowing down

The early Earth had a fast switching rate that is slowing down. The scenario is that the fast switching values that the early building blocks of life were subjected to has created greater complexity by a slowing rate of irradiation and other planetary switchings, which impact life. Life processes and designs which are intimately connected to a specific variable of switching will be dynamically affected. As such, it is to be suggested that there are specificities which life become entrained to which may make it difficult for the entrainment to free itself from the planetary switching pattern to the extent the pattern is incorporated inside the life form without need for any external reinforcement. However, this may not be the case for the triplet code, or it will succumb to variable forms of differentiation which produce one or another species that strives to dominate, if not eliminate any perceived competitor. And example of rotation rate specificity for the development of more complex life forms may be a fact and not merely a correlation. As such, we can reference the development of a given species (such as hominids) when the rate of the Earth's rotation was in the later 22 hours-a-day range, though some may want to say in the early 23 hour range. If there is a factual correlation to be made, then the physiology of humans may not be able to adapt to longer day lengths such as a 25 hour a-day cyclicity, and not to mention we are not yet even in a full 24 hour a-day rotation rate.

If the perception of time and memory are products of Evolution...

One model for describing how fast the Earth was spinning in the past is taken from a count of the growth rings in the ancient Mollusk Torreites sanchezi (Ancient shell shows days were half-hour shorter 70 million years ago). See also: When a day lasted only 4 hours by Richard Meckien, published Mar 16, 2016 02:55 PM; last modified Jun 04, 2019 11:41 AM.

Another model is called the:

In this article: (Earth's Rotation Has Slowed Down Over Billions of Years by Nathaniel Scharping, Mar 12, 2021 2:00 PM), it is referenced that the Earth's rotation increases at an approximate rate of 1.8 milliseconds per century. And though I have seen other values as well in different articles, we can work with it as a point of discussion. In this article we find the reference that "a group of researchers estimates that 1.4 billion years ago— a day was just 18.7 hours. At that time, the moon was likely some 27,000 miles closer to Earth." So let me simplify the result and say that the values are 1 billion and 18 hours. This means the Earth's rotation has slowed 6 hours in 1 billion years. If this value can be used to extrapolate backwards in time, then we have these approximated values:

Length of day Day and Night periods Biosphere events Speed at Equator
  • Today: 24 hours (23.56+ minutes)
  • 1 billion years ago = 18 hour day
  • 2 billion years ago = 12 hour day
  • 3 billion years ago = 6 hour day
  • 4 billion years ago = ?...
  • 12 hour day, 12 hour night
  • 9 hour day, 9 hour night
  • 6 hour day, 6 hour night
  • 3 hour day, 3 hour night
  • ???
  • Present Life forms

  • Multicellular life

  • Complex cells (Eukaryotes)

  • Replicating Molecules (Photosynthesis)
  • First cells? (Prokaryotes?)
  • (1X) 1670 Kph 1037.69 miles per hour (rounded to 1000)
  • (1.75X) = 1750 miles per hour

  • (2X) = 2000 miles per hour

  • (2.75X) = 2500 miles per hour

  • (3X) = 3000 miles per hour?

What this suggests is that there is a rotation rate specificity for life's development. In other words, life is dependent on the rotation rate of the earth, just like certain substances require certain rates of rotation when placed in a test tube to be placed into a centrifuge in a laboratory. The implications are staggering. When (and not "if") life is created in the laboratory, we will demolish all present day religions and philosophies dependent on an "En-light"-enment and spirituality-of-the-soul doctrines. All political, economic and education systems which get their ideological life-lines from Western religions and Eastern philosophies will be viewed as non-sensical forms of realistic adaptation as survival mechanisms. However, such a discussion is best placed on another page.

Here are three time-lines to get an idea of what was taking place with respect to biological development. It should be noted that the typical time-line does not include the rate of the Earth's rotation, though it is a variable that should be considered just as glaciation periods, asteroid impacts, etc... And yet it is not because it does not go "boom" or make a big splash in the minds of typical researchers, just as the ideas of continental drift, plate tectonics and multiple other perspectives that have gone unnoticed:

Three time lines indicating different perspectives of Evolution

A simplified timeline

Geological and metrological events need to be seen as variables.

Let's take a look at one of the foregoing images turned on its side so that the rate of increased rotation can be clearly illustrated with respect to the history of life's developmental processes beginning billions of years ago. The Equation being used is 1 billion years is equal to 6 hours... as an approximation.

The rate of the Earth's rotation over billions of years

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