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Duality, Non-Duality, Triality

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  1. The topic of "Duality" is singular, or a pattern-of-one.
  2. The topic of "Duality and Non-Duality" is dual (duality, dichotomy, parallelism, etc...), or a pattern-of-two.
  3. The topic of "Duality, Non-Duality, Triality" is a pattern-of-three, but is most often presented as an Embellished duality.

One Person after another Person and still other Persons Speak of "Duality and Non-Duality" as if they are providing some sort of third option, and yet do not tell listeners that the topic is a pattern-of-two attempting to achieve insight into a three-patterned mode of perception/consciousness thereof and represents a formal analysis providing a commensurate 'trialistic' logic/philosophy.

Human consciousness is trying to reach some actual and sustained formula of three-patterned thinking which takes them into a realm beyond duality into a non-duality and yet many people who speak of the topic don't use the word "Triality" or some variation thereof. While they are sincere in their exploration of a non-duality, so very often we find them using dichotomies such as inner world/outer world, self/non-self, micro/macro and other dual patterns in an attempted illustration of that which they are trying to grasp and visualize. However, simply speaking of an attempted exploration of non-duality by way of using dualities is not actually stepping into the territorial beginnings of a Triality. Nor is using the word "Triality" or its variations a type of entry ticket or password into the sincerely sought for realm of non-duality.

Every single ideology speaking of non-duality are being presented as if to speak of "non-duality" means you are in possession of some higher consciousness and are enabled to help others reach their sincere attempt to reach beyond non-duality and are therefore somehow justified in charging you money, land, sex, or other item for entry into their world of non-duality interpretation. If you are paying for entry into their world, you are being exploited, particularly when you realize you have reached an impasse since their view will eventually be realized as a tautology... a circularity, like a dog chasing its own tail. Maybe you have money to burn, multiple real estates you care to abandon or think of sex as one might think of eating food that they have no qualms about throwing or giving away; but in any case if you are seeking beyond the dual you are already primed for entry into some "other", some supposed higher realm and need not pay for it in any exploitable sense.

The topic of "non-duality" presented in the format "duality/non-duality" doesn't automatically mean you have been provided an open door into some sought after and supposed "higher or greater" consciousness. An awareness of such may give you that impression, and when it is noticed that your are impressed you become vulnerable to those predators who want to manipulate you into some controlled form of exploitation which makes you think the cost is an honest one. By exploiting you, they come to enjoy the things that a world of duality provide in multiple forms of creature comforts. Religions are famous for such a type of exploitation... even to the point of manipulate millions of others into enduring great hardships and long-term suffering... as well as death. No less, governments try to do this with the word "patriotism" and referring to a territory as the "Mother land" or "Father land", but never the sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, etc., land. We have "holy mother" and "holy father" but no other relative that is holy. While we have "holy land" and "holy scripture", we don't have "holy toilet" or holy ants, dogs, cats, hammers, nails, etc... While some do refer to the toilet as the throne, it is not called a holy throne. It's all because Humanity likes to discriminate. Certain words are reserved for certain things.

The word "Non-Duality" is being reserved for the idea of a step beyond Duality, and yet, as already noted, it often occurs in the dichotomy of "duality/non-duality". If we say that each of these ideas are trees, simply observing them and describing them is not the same as climbing them or using them for lumber. While some try own and claim they are a desirable form of shade that others can pay to experience because they are described as being in some sort of hot sun; the typical conversation of duality/non-duality is a Fairy tale of illusion. If you actually want to begin a journey beyond the duality and into an actual non-duality, you have got to recognize that you can't begin to step forward until the treasure which you seek has an honest label. Calling it a state of "non-duality" makes you tethered to those claiming some authority thereof. It is time for your Apprenticeship to gain a Mastery which exceeds the two-patterned formula of "duality/non-duality". Since the topic of "non-duality" is so often contrasted with the topic of "duality" and then presented as if it were a third... higher state of consciousness by mere recognition of this contrast; you can only exceed this grasp if you sever the umbilical cord created by those who have devised a philosophy that enables them to sell you a book or join a retreat or purchase some other item which provides them with an income so that they can more comfortably devise some enlarged model of exploitation.

Every business does this. So do governments and religions. Of course there are benefits to be derived by these established philosophies that have become institutionalized. But the receiving of benefits makes you more prone to become an advocate for one belief or practice or another. Hence, you help to perpetuate a business, a government, a religion, a political cause, a way of life, etc... as well as develop a mindset which helps to maintain a developed status quo like the idea of duality/non-duality. For example, just because the U.S. government has three branches doesn't mean it practices a non-duality. What we find so very often is that the three branches work in concert that does not bode well for the people. This is one reason why there should be a Peoples Legislative Branch to reduce the exploitations the common people have to endure by the very many institutionalized bureaucracies existing in different government agencies. Likewise, having a Trinitarian idea or some other three-patterned orientation in a religion doesn't mean that there is no dominant model of duality being used. Ditto for businesses.

While humanity as a whole is slowly moving beyond a dominant reliance on duality, some people are experiencing this shift in consciousness sooner and more poignantly than others, to the point they may appear to be strange or odd or weird to others in their social sphere. Others conceal their "alternativeness" by way of describing it or having it described by others in concert with some talent, creativity, genius, eccentricity, "old soul" or other socially acceptable label which provides for so-called non-normal behavior.

Some people refer to the "beyond-the-norm" not in terms of non-duality but by such labels as forbidden territory, Heaven, Hell, exceptional, undiscovered land, New territory, higher, superior, etc., and also Triality. While you may not personally like the word, it suffices even if you develop your own label to describe that which your consciousness may at the present only see a glimpse of. You might even describe it from time to time as "There is something There" or that you have a tip-of-the-tongue realization that no one else is mentioning. You in fact may not wish to have it and decide to reduce its appearance by resorting to some distraction, be it work, drugs, drink, music, sports, acting, teaching, etc..., because someone you respected reacted negatively to your comments thereof... even if they themselves likewise experience the same but do not want you to have it because they want to think of themselves as being intellectually superior. Heaven forbid that you should be on the same path as they are striving to achieve!

You have to wrestle yourself away from the typical discussions of non-duality often presented as a duality in the form of "duality/non-duality". While standing on the stepping stone labeled "non-duality" may give you the impression you are a step ahead of others who have not yet come to the realization that their consciousness is striving for the same goal without having some understanding thereof; by standing on such a stone you have created the representative intellectual scenery in which the stone is placed, like having used it as a stepping stone across a waterway. You have imagined the waterway so as to have a logical placement of the stone, whereas it is less acceptable to place it in a desert, or jungle landscape. And though some non-duality leaders are trying to gather multiple others (who have subscribed to the stone analogy) so that their stones can help construct a bridge for many to travel on (by way of a toll)&mdahs; much like multiple government-sponsored construction projects, there are too many delays and cost overruns... whereby costly projects are abandoned, though those involved had an income for an extended period, and no one was fined or jailed for the obvious exploitation of tax dollars.

You have got to remove yourself from this non-duality ideological trap by recalling that very many explorations into some unknown territory was either made by individuals or small groups... by chance, by plan, or by necessity... such as fleeing a predator. Telling people you have discovered an intellectual gold mine only creates a frenzied gold rush if the trail to it is not controlled. However, the incremental development of a "Third Consciousness" that some label non-duality does not mean it will continue to be incremental. If you have an entire large family or cultural group or well-funded institutional effort that experiences a leap in consciousness in a short period of time, their views may well come to dominate and behave like a wrench thrown into the present social machinery with its multiple dualities which no long suffice to protect, feed, sponsor and medically treat the majority.

Such is the case with present day governments, religions, and the many other subjects which have relied on dualities as a foundation— such as Psychology, Philosophy, and Mathematics, to say nothing of the Binary code being used in computer language. the Binomial Nomenclature in Biology, as well as the "Binary Star" language used in Astronomy.

When thinking in dualities can be reinforced by the bipedal gait of humans, it is of interest to note that the human ear and its role in balance, uses patterns-of-three in its design. For example, the ear drum has three membranes, three semi-circular canals for equilibrium, approximate three turns to the snail-like process called the Cochlea, three sections to the Cochlea three divisions to the ear, etc...

While acknowledging the presence of the idea "duality/non-duality" is one type of beginning for the recognition that duality exists, so is the occupation of those who focus on the yin/yang ideology. So is the effort for seeking non-duality. Yet, they all use duality in representation while alluding to some third realization of a consciousness which exists beyond this. In other words, such reviews are transitional states of consciousness. An analogy to use is the development of the Three Germ Layers as a topic of discussion found in Biology. Complex life forms use three layers, less complex life forms use fewer than three layers, but that we can think of the development of such layers having undergone transitions, similar to the idea that between Heaven and Earth there exists some Way-station like a point of collectivity found at train stations, bus stops, Subway entry points, plane departure ramps, boat docks, etc...

Most people are stuck at the duality state of conceptualization, even though they may be using multiple patterns-of-three or otherwise. Like a person watching the time for the arrival of a means to transport them to a desired destination, even when that to which they are hoping to achieve, (such as going to work, going to a store, going to school, etc...), will require them to use multiple patterns-of-two in order to co-exist with others who have likewise reached a similar goal which is repeated day after day after day.

Before the invention of the three-colored traffic light there were two colors. Before that there was one. If not in actual practice then on the drawing board. And in England they had people carrying flags before the advent of any lights.

The point to be made is that the fewer the vehicles, the less need for a control mechanism used in a confined place or confluence of multiple people traversing the same territory like some crossroads, due to the nature... the similarity of our human brain and human physiology. The more people, the more cars, the more sophisticated the device needed for using a basic pattern. In the case of traffic lights, the value of three has been adopted as a Universal standard. Likewise, the more people who come to realize the presence of duality and those who want to go beyond it by describing it as a non-duality, the more desirable comes the need to arrange the "traffic of consciousness" with a "traffic signal of consciousness along the corridors which millions of people are traveling in their thought processing. While this has been attempted by Religion, Eastern/Western Philosophy, Business, and Governments; it is clear that humanity is experiencing a chaotic consciousness brought on by the expansion of population. Again, the long ago situation of more horses, like the present day occurrence of more vehicles such as automobiles, ships, planes, guns, criminality, etc., there comes a time when the old methods of establishing traffic guidelines do not suffice. The idea of "duality/non-duality" is like a two-patterned street light. We need a three-patterned one.

If you are a person who is "always thinking" have lots of knowledge, have multiple subject interests, you quite likely are a person who may have resorted to using the idea of "duality/non-duality" as a self-imposed means of trying to perceive, sort and apply your experiences to; but have not yet accepted the realization it is insufficient. Yet, so are the customary "threes" ideas which frequently resort to the phrase "rule of three" and apply it to whatever one is interested it. While you want to think you have unlimited potential, it is of need for you to realize not only that you presently do, but why you do. Though using patterns-of-two is dictated by many circumstances, its existence is not as well known in terms of assessing it in regards to human development on an incrementally deteriorating planetary system.

Ask yourself what is your most often used dichotomy? Nature/Nurture?, Man/Woman? Democrats/Republicans? House of Lords/House of Commons? DNA/RNA? Night shift/Morning shift? Good guys/Bad guys? Rich/Poor? Black/White? White/Red? White/Brown? White/Yellow? WWII/WWII? Cold/Hot? One Team versus Another Team? ... Whereas ancient Chinese recognized the limitations of the yin/yang system, they made an effort to go beyond the two to a three by developing presumed triads in the I-Ching. It matters not that we of today can recognize them as Embellished Dyads (Bigrams). Their minds sought out an advance beyond the duality in the creation of triads.

I Ching trigrams are actually Bigrams

And yet, in contrast, whereas we can recognize the presence of multiple dualities underlying the processes of Mathematics, this simplicity is not well known or taught in school, much less having reached the recognition that Mathematicians have unconsciously tried going beyond the twos by developing assumed three patterned ideas such as the Pythagorean theorem, Trigonometry, and Boolean Algebra applied to computer language.

Dualities comparison between two subjects

Metaphorically speaking, the chaotic developmental state of humanity's "traffic of consciousness" needs a more sophisticated traffic signal (as well as roadway design) than any present day religion, government, business or military escapade can provide with their philosophy of operation. It is difficult for most to want to venture onto the Highway of a higher consciousness involving "threes" when it presently exists as a rural, unpaved pathway where different kinds of animals, insects and plants traverse, just like they do with conventional paved roadways. Present instructions are wholly out-of-step with that state of consciousness which exists at the territorial boundaries of their own perspectives which rely heavily on dichotomies and presumed non-dualities.

Similarly... let it be noted for those who seek some non-duality definition of themselves in an attempt to derive some personal satisfaction of uniqueness by labeling themselves non-binary or by way of some describing themselves in terms of an engendered multiplicity... they have missed their boat (so to speak) and have decided to walk away from the dock to venture further inward (go AWOL from a more promising rationality)... to travel inland, to a rather barren landscape of stagnant growth tethered by a preoccupation of mental and emotional cyclicity that fashions them into a redundancy... like obnoxious clinging weed exhibiting a pretty flower but exuding a fetid odor resembling a bad taste in the mouth and the dichotomies of early language theory based on the idea of imitation, copycat, monkey see/hear - monkey do, or stated as "onomatopoeia".

  • Bow Wow
  • Phoo Phoo
  • Ding Dong
  • Ta Ta
  • La La
  • Ho Hiss
  • Yo He Ho (Duality exhibited as a triad)
  • Natural/Divine origin of language
  • [and of course we have the familiar dwarfs song of Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to work we go]
  • {as well as the dichotomies of infant babbling: ma-ma, da-da, doggy-no, up-up, etc...}

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