English 101 as a Metaphor
English 101
A Graduate Course in Developmental Consciousness

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Metaphorically speaking, in teaching an English 101 creative associations class, the following poem is the Syllabus to be used. The course is designed to immerse you in stepping towards a precipice of insanity so that you will be enabled to Lose Thy Mind and eventually discover that inner voice which leads you along a trail towards a super-sanity. For those of you who are already lost in some chamber of creativity, or more-so caught in some in-between purgatory of listlessness, despair, or cul-de-sac wandering; be it in art, music, architecture, acting, crafts, dream-scaping, or other repetition which makes you feel you are "spinning your wheels" by being caught in some intellectually emotionalized bog... you must learn to isolate the concentric circles of reverberating echoes by exposing your acute sensibility to an entrainment which divests control of its embracing embodiment, thus enabling the inner being of your consciousness to reassert itself.

It is appreciably naive for you to continue using conventional unconventionalities of proposed enlightenment if what you are is an actual awakening core attribute of a New Age expansive consciousness. There is no ideology adequately prepared for such a new born arrival, despite all the preparation one may have gone through. The reality of a New Born consciousness with its own center of being and purpose is like an infant whose "personality" (for want of a better word), may already embrace that to be described not as a young soul, not as an old soul, but an ancient soul. What does a parent do when they are confronted by an infant who does not cry upon exiting the womb, but asks for a dictionary and set of Encyclopedias, as well as being enabled to dress and feed themselves? It is foolish for any of us to pursue the idea that a New Age consciousness will follow conventional milestones of arrival and development.

No Eastern philosophy, no Native American or Aboriginal trek into a relatively accessible spirituality can provide for you a doorway to the discovery of that which you seek, if that which is awakening within you is the fledgling metamorphosis of an idealization so many in different walks of life are in hopes of experiencing and achieving; but require a particular sensibility that you for one reason or another came into a possession thereof... yet you remain innocently unaware of, because you are using the ideological orientations best fitted for a former age and mindset.

Whereas I would not at the moment attempt to venture a guess as to why your consciousness possesses such a 'pregnancy', you nonetheless have somehow stumbled upon it without an adequate compass to provide the initial direction for you to step forward with. However, you may possess such knowledge if it can be wrested from indulging in the conventional alternative explorations which can be quite persuasive, but need to be tempered into a better tool for an appropriate self-divination of a truth seeking to emerge. Indeed, where do you go, to whom will you be able to turn to with such a child in the womb of your consciousness awaiting for you to find the right environment so that it can be born and raised in? All conventional unconventionalities may well try to gain ownership by forced or manipulated adoption and a confined inculcation into their way of thinking to promote their views, but all of them have lacked the skills of a needed midwife.

English Lesson 101 poem to be used for Syllabus

Source for Green Board: English 101 by Jason Pfledderer

Initial posting date: Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023... 3:05 PM