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Metaphorically speaking, in teaching an English 101 creative associations class, the following poem is the Syllabus to be used. The course is designed to immerse you in stepping towards a precipice of insanity so that you will be enabled to Lose Thy Mind and eventually discover that inner voice which leads you along a trail towards a super-sanity. For those of you who are already lost in some chamber of creativity, or more-so caught in some in-between purgatory of listlessness, despair, or cul-de-sac wandering; be it in art, music, architecture, acting, crafts, dream-scaping, or other repetition which makes you feel you are "spinning your wheels" by being caught in some intellectually emotionalized bog... you must learn to isolate the concentric circles of reverberating echoes by exposing your acute sensibility to an entrainment which divests control of its embracing embodiment, thus enabling the inner being of your consciousness to reassert itself.

It is appreciably naive for you to continue using conventional unconventionalities of proposed enlightenment if what you are is an actual awakening core attribute of a New Age expansive consciousness. There is no ideology adequately prepared for such a new born arrival, despite all the preparation one may have gone through. The reality of a New Born consciousness with its own center of being and purpose is like an infant whose "personality" (for want of a better word), may already embrace that to be described not as a young soul, not as an old soul, but an ancient soul. What does a parent do when they are confronted by an infant who does not cry upon exiting the womb, but asks for a dictionary and set of Encyclopedias, as well as being enabled to dress and feed themselves? It is foolish for any of us to pursue the idea that a New Age consciousness will follow conventional milestones of arrival and development.

No Eastern philosophy, no Native American or Aboriginal trek into a relatively accessible spirituality can provide for you a doorway to the discovery of that which you seek, if that which is awakening within you is the fledgling metamorphosis of an idealization so many in different walks of life are in hopes of experiencing and achieving; but require a particular sensibility that you for one reason or another came into a possession thereof... yet you remain innocently unaware of, because you are using the ideological orientations best fitted for a former age and mindset.

Whereas I would not at the moment attempt to venture a guess as to why your consciousness possesses such a 'pregnancy', you nonetheless have somehow stumbled upon it without an adequate compass to provide the initial direction for you to step forward with. However, you may possess such knowledge if it can be wrested from indulging in the conventional alternative explorations which can be quite persuasive, but need to be tempered into a better tool for an appropriate self-divination of a truth seeking to emerge. Indeed, where do you go, to whom will you be able to turn to with such a child in the womb of your consciousness awaiting for you to find the right environment so that it can be born and raised in? All conventional unconventionalities may well try to gain ownership by forced or manipulated adoption and a confined inculcation into their way of thinking to promote their views, but all of them have lacked the skills of a needed midwife.

English Lesson 101 poem to be used for Syllabus

Source for Green Board: English 101 by Jason Pfledderer

Let's continue by asking how many minds we have. In order to understand why I would pose such a question, I think to such ideas as "presence of mind," "absent mindedness," "losing one's mind," "distracted", intuition, insight, originality of thought, creative thinking, idiot savant, etc., to include those who are in a coma but claim to have been aware of someone or something during the event. In each case we generally think there is a distinction to be made between whatever we may deem as a normal mind and a non-normal or unusual mind. And yet, this may be true if we are considering different individuals, but what about a person who is claimed to have an old or ancient soul... because they think or act differently than their peer group? Or how about a person who is said to have a "creative side" to them which may or may not otherwise be attributed to having a gift, a talent or even genius? And what about those who are lost in thought as they drive to work or to some appointment and are amazed that they made it because they don't recall the passage there?

Are such events an occasion for us to consider that we may be talking about different minds within all... or at least some people? Is the human mind layered like the proverbial onion, cabbage or head of Lettuce? Or is better to use the three parts of a seed or egg as an analogy? If it is true that we only use a small portion of our brain, what is the rest of it doing? Awaiting some environmental cue like a person waiting for their number to be called at a Department of Motor vehicles? Does the full development of the human mind's supposed levels need to bide their time until the right environmental conditions arrive, including the condition of one's personal acceptance that such is the actual structure and the perceptions they are having are due not so much to the type of external environment as it does to the internal one of personal acceptability and learning how to navigate its respective developmental type of learning?

Since many dreams, including day dreams. do not necessarily involve our participation other than as a by-standing observer, are we witnessing another type of mind we possess but are taught to view it as a dream... as a function of one's (singular) mind? The idea that we have one head, one brain, and one mind is similar to the notion that there is only one God which came to replace multi-god ideas. Yet, no one asks why humanity has bought into the One-God concept. Why did the human mind create a singular body (so to speak) for multiple gods revered in the past? And why is this supposed singular god predominately spoken of as being a male figure? Such a perspective appears more on the order of being a projection of human ego than anything else, particularly if we note that in the historical development of the one-god concept it was the egocentricity of the Jews which pushed the idea onto others along with the thought that it was THEIR singular god which was dominant over all others. However, during those early years the Jews were not particularly stupid and only voiced their one-god opinion when the social environment did not pose a threat. In other words, they wouldn't voice the opinion of having the greatest singular god when in the midst of multi-god believers brandishing a sword or holding the purse strings. It is also of interest for some to note that along with the singular god concept, the Jews voiced the opinion that they were THE chosen people. It stands to reason that once you get an egotistical voice speaking out, there is no reason to stop with a god, they might as well throw themselves into the mix of being singularly special as well.

Whatever the case may be in your god or no god perspective, the point is that when humans conversed more openly with multiple gods in the past, were they paying attention to multiple minds or multiple parts of one or more minds? Or are we simply inclined to think they were neurotically or psychotically "hearing voices" and imagining god-like or monster-like demons and giants and other thought-to-be fanciful creatures described in myths, fairytales, and legends, that some might describe as an inclination of some journalists and politicians of today. In Julian Jaynes' book "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral mind" we find assertions of what is described as a Modern mind termed consciousness, distinguished from the mind of ancient peoples revealed in the Iliad and Odyssey. Are we to say that many, most, or all of the people in the past were living in a fantasy world due to the presence of multiple minds trying to establish themselves or was it a brain trying to establish a coherent mind that engaged in the world much as a fanciful child seeing monsters in all shadows? So which one of these ancient minds came to the fore as the winner? The one which associated most with what was believed to be the dominant god, or some silent-in-the wing court jester character?

If the present dominant mind of humanity is due to the manifestation of a dominant orientation of a particular god such as Zeus... is this the dominant mind of today because we humans focused on such a character or other leading figure in the past? Are humans of today war mongerers because they focused more so on war-oriented gods or were the war-oriented gods a manifestation of some undefined human preoccupation? Does humanity owe its present mind to the attendance a culture paid to a given dominant god, goddess, monster or beast? Or perhaps some more wistful "what-if" character or characterization which emboldened itself as a manifest given that was later termed to be taken for granted as a supposed common sense? If we say all creative thinking (religious or otherwise) takes place in a surreal mental environment, is this the landscape of some or all of those described as being mentally ill... with the degree and type defined by whatever standards of culture exist when one is alive? And what about those who dream about wining a large payout from playing games at a casino or those who buy scratchers and/or lottery tickets? Do we say they are indulging in a type of mental illness or some type of socially acceptable mind?

No less, what about stock market speculators or a person training for some sport such as the Olympics? What kind of mind does it take to sustain itself at a task for long periods of time without an apparent reward typical of a "normal" social environment such as a paycheck? If multiple minds exist in different individuals, can individuals possess the potentiality of unlocking not one type of different mind which we may call talent, and unlock those minds which we would label as giftedness and genius? And yet, what if such minds are infantile minds compared to those which some think exist in an alternative, alternate, New Age or metaphysical realm which may spout multi-dimensionality? Does a person seeking to unlock such a mind need to think differently? But how differently? In a futuristic sense whereby their accompanying behavior is thought to be an indication of mental illness, weirdness, strangeness, or threatening because it is not easily understood by those in one's particular environment? So how does one go about finding the right environment?

When we look about the world and witness multiple others trying to reach, to obtain some measure of enlightenment, of great wisdom, insight, genius or level of extra-ordinary mental accomplishment that some feel can only be reached by way of doing so on a physical level; the ways in which multiple others have attempted to gain ascendency are variously described in terms of repetition. Repeating a (sound) chant, controlling one's breathing, being surrounded by an environment filled with religious and/or philosophical iconography, music, dance, labour, meditation, sacrifice, self-immolation, starvation, isolation, suffering, one or more drugs with or without some other accompaniment such as music, drum beats, singing, etc... While this is not to say that a person cannot experience a personal gain, such a gain may not be readily transferable to one or more others, though these others may pretend to have had a "spiritual" or other experience because it enables them to gain and sustain some measure of a relationship in an environment where such is a social requirement. Yet, what do you do if you have tried one or more of the supposed methods to achieve a grand experience, but nothing extra-ordinary happens? Does this mean you have to have a particular mind-set? And is this term meant to convey the idea of a set of (multiple) minds or a single mind that must be sequentially ordered in order to predispose oneself to the potential of perception thereof? Yet, is that all there is?

And what of those whose personal experiences are the proverbial light years away from those just beginning a trek into the idea of a higher consciousness? What do you do if there is no one to assist you and you are not inclined to be a pioneer who strives to blaze the trail for others to follow, dismiss as irrelevant, or stay away from? Yes, it is true. Some people do not want to achieve a higher state of consciousness because to them it means they might well be alone. If they are going along such an adventure they want others. And they may want multiple others... just in case they find something that is not to their liking and they can either have a scapegoat or use them as bait for anything which appears on the horizon to be threatening. Hence, such people fine tune their views and begin a program to charge others for. To this I say they are the highlighted false prophets. They must be able to show you the landscape of their supposed enlightenment without fee, written promise or other cost. It must be a venue that is not detrimental to your body, mind, or soul. It should not divest you of any property, any personal value unless there is an exchange of an actual reward commensurate to that given, and not one which is branded superior simply by the language being employed. If they persuade you to sacrifice some financial means and convince you that what they offer is worth the price, they are liars and hypocrites. For the realm of true enlightenment has no comparable worldly value. You should not have to give your life to reach some supposed enlightenment called heaven. If this is so, then let those who propose this lead the way. The world of the living will be better of off without their nonsense of cheapening life by way of a patriotism or other grand-standing effort that they themselves do not step forward and do first themselves, along with all those who want to use them as an example for you to follow but they want to remain behind.

When we look back over history at the creative or insightful ideas of individuals that were later described as Masters, geniuses, and otherwise truly extra-ordinary; we eventually come to realize their ideas are rather common-place, easy to understand in the present era. This is not to take credit away from the originator, but place their particular mindset into its respective context. No one wants to think like Leonardo Da Vinci, unless his talents... his frame of mind could find its place in a modern setting. Otherwise, it would simply create what has already been created by Leonardo himself. Likewise, wishing one had a mind like Einstein doesn't guarantee it will be helpful in producing ideas as great as or greater than his in the present day and age. There are too many environmental, social, and personalized physiological circumstances which played a role in cultivating Einstein's mind... or minds.

Sometimes we describe our mindset for a given moment and place as a "mood". Is it the mood effecting the mind or a particular mind affecting a mood like a different personality? In having multiple interests one might otherwise describe themselves as paying attention to the voices of different gods, though the idea of auditory accompaniments may not occur. Yet, we might say "an inner voice" or "gut feeling" or "something" having nuanced itself to our particularly attuned sensor array. Whereas we get an impression, some sort of inkling, we might have a difficult time in describing it, because it is part of a mindset that future humans will be more adept at clarifying and identifying. Indeed, while we may attend to some notion that we are sane and logical, so did many crazy people in the past. Those believing in witches thought witches were real and yet those accused of witchcraft may have simply been more sane then they were and thus lived in a reality that we of today take for granted. If anyone of today took a time machine to the past and began talking about aircraft, television, radio, automobiles, tractors, grocery stores, ocean liners, spacecraft, washing machines, cell theory, atoms, etc., they might also be called a witch for speaking about "voices and pictures" traveling over the air or people flying... much less diving in a submarine to thousands of feet.

Some people may not be comfortable with the idea of having multiple minds. While they can be convinced that they have multiple intelligences, multiple talents, multiple moods, etc., they think it is impossible to have multiple minds, just like some people think it is silly to think there are multiple gods. They prefer to subscribe to a single god because it is easier to deal with one then having to navigate the eccentricities of multiple gods. Likewise for the concept of a single mind. And yet, why did humans venture towards adopting a view which represents a conservation, a fusion, a coalescence? So true is in the case of the Christian concept of a Trinity. Some prefer to see it as three individuals aspects or qualities of a single entity. In other words, their view is a 3-in-1 ratio which satisfies both perspectives of multiplicity and singularity... frequently cropping up as a topic in philosophy stripped of any direct association to religion. Again, though... why? Why has humanity moved from multiplicity to a singularity? Does the adoption automatically dispense with the presence of multiple gods or minds, or simply creates a deck of cards as another analogy to layering?

Yet, such a turn of thought only evades the question further. But let me take a stab at it. I think it indicates the human brain, human physiology, the human mind and tri-pattern ideas such as body-soul-spirit, body-soul-mind, heart-mind-soul and derivatives, are indications that the environment is changing along a course of increased conservation. The three planetary bodies of Sun-Earth-Moon are all changing. The Moon is moving away, the Earth is slowing down, and the Sun is burning out towards its thought to be future destination of enlarging in size to the point of engulfing the inner most three planets, leaving the planet Mars in an efficacious position of being the next Earth... at least for awhile.

The fuller explanation I give is that the human mind's development has participated in an aggregation, just like the independent structures of the cell, called organelles. It has been considered that they were all once separate but became fused together (by whatever process[es]) into a cellular matrix. While they are recognized as separate entities, they have come to work in a symbiotic way. This may indeed be what we are viewing with respect to the mind, since the brain itself has multiple individual structures that work together... but not equally nor always efficiently. Let me thus add that you may be a person whose individual minds have learned to carry out an operational formula which transcends the common mind. In such a concentrated venue of operation, your previous mind witnesses a landscape of acknowledgment as an intermittent perception. As your mind ventures into the realm of a next generation evolutionary development, you are thrust into that which you might describe as surreal, imaginary or perhaps a spiritual/metaphysical realm. And you may or may not be someone who has learned how to sustain a presence or return episode by performing some act, some ritual, some dietary regime, some meditation, or happenstance procedure you don't quite know how to list, but nonetheless repeat it by routine.

However, the thing about thinking about a presumed advancement of mind, one might get caught up in the idea that they are thus capable of performing some desired extra-ordinary feat, when this may not be the case at all. I am in no way speaking of comic book superhero characterizations when promoting the idea of directing you along a course of a consciousness expansion. Nor am I speaking to the point of using any drugs or extremist effort of taking one's physiology to a point where it experiences an unusual circumstance that a person wants to interpret and define as a super-normal approximation of an ultra-positioned consciousness which does not produce a lasting or repeatable ability beneficial to oneself, and perhaps others as well. However, with respect to the use of legal substances such as vitamins, minerals, etc., one's consciousness might well experience a "rapture" of exhilaration... particularly if their body has been in a diminished state of functionality and one becomes excited by the exhilaration of a newfound person that they have become by increasing their wellness spectrum of personal physiological adeptness. Some people can well become over-whelmed to the point they feel the are "losing it" and shy away from any further usage of good, healthy, nutritious food or other legal supplements, though some prefer walks, yoga, Western-styled Eastern forms of meditation, personal sacrifice, etc... For example, a person thinking that if they experience a biblically described 40 days and 40 nights that a person named Jesus did, you need to have a guide... and not a Native American-styled spirit kind, to keep you headed in the direction of a non-religious orientation because this may be the only reference that comes to mind as they experience one or another privation. If you are seeking "the other kind of higher consciousness," you must keep yourself from being trapped by the quicksands of religion, the revolving doors of Eastern philosophies, and the stagecraft inclinations of New Age Satanists, Paganists, Witches and Wiccans, despite their often well-intentioned and honest declarations of creatively alternative orientations.

For some, let me add that you may have reached an ascendancy of mind, yet it may be a low level adventure that you and your friends are awe-struck by and are indeed in an advance position of perception; but it avails you little more than a good feeling of having achieved some personal accomplishment. The environment which is needed to sustain or push you into a higher realm does not yet exist on a larger social realm. While you might be looked upon as a god if you lived in some past era, you may be viewed negatively as a weirdo in the present climates you inhabit, or positively in terms of being surrounded by like-minded seekers of some enlightenment that is little more than the luminescence of a match stick and not some grand ebullience and you are inclined to convince yourself you are in possession of. A possession whose exhilaration of discovery becomes all the more intense by being recognized collectively in a group who share the idealism whether or not participants are actually experiencing any transcendence.

With respect to the environmental influence of the fusion(s), I have mentioned this multiple times on other pages at this website. But let me state it another way for the present context of discussion. If we have three minds, just like some people describe a triune brain, and this is due to a recognizable three-patterned environmental event, then the three-moments, the three phases (dawn - noon - dusk) are a good candidate that must be looked at in terms of the Earth's dynamic behavior, with a specific reference to it's changing rotation rate before, during and into the future of overall life's development.

Though crudely stated, the scene is this:

  1. The Earth was spinning much faster in the past. While different "mathematicals" (mathematical models) exhibit different rates, let us say that for every billion years or so, the earth was spinning faster.
  2. Taking the approximate rate of spin at 24 hours, then about 1.3 - 1.4 or 5 billions years ago, the rate would have been an 18 hour day. Using the 6 hour marker for the time range permits an accessible congruity for some discussion.
  3. Calculations show that early humanoid creatures evolving into later homo sapiens occurred during a period in which the rotation rate was in the higher 22 hour and early 23 hour range. This suggests humans may be rotation rate specific, and thus so does the human brain and mind complexes.
  4. As the Sun burns out along a course of eventual expansion, the slowing rate of the Earth will produce a fusion effect of the three phases and a lengthening effect of the two-patterned night/day sequence. Long and short-day plants will be affected along with an assortment of biological rhythms.
  5. The departure of the moon will have an eventual dramatic effect on the washing machine cyclicity and turbulence of waves, causing alterations in sea life that may also be linked to a rotation rate specificity. In other words, some, most or all life may not be able to exist when the rotation rate of the Earth moves further into a 24 hour period. Because physiological limits are well-known in sports contests where records are kept like the Olympics, the adaptability of all life forms might well be said to have a limitation also.
  6. The repeated Human exercise of aligning life spans to geological formations is an established habit which may be detrimental in persuading humans to think outside this box of perspective in order to realize human life span may be more analogically commensurate with the fruit (vinegar) fly; meaning its life span is particularly short and therefore requires a global ideology which works with the premise and the need for preserving the species away form the incrementally deleterious effects of the Sun-Earth-Moon Triplex.
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