Threesology Research Journal: The Scientification of Philosophy by way of a Threes Model
A short Compendium to Supplement the Contents section

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There is need for a compilation of extant pages so that I can make room for two additional series I am working on, one of which is the Origin of the Triplet Code which addresses Symmetry and Chirality, and the other delves into the thematic theme of "Mother Earth" having used a contraceptive; and how it is related to creating falsified orientations of worship that the WW3 (Witches, Wiccans, Pagans) have invested too much in and must exercise an embrace of an old tradition to buck the commonality of ideological trends as the path-finders they once were. The listed pages have created a cluttered appearance of the numerous excursions I have been involved with. Hence, this will be a compendium of those pages presently set as a frontispiece:

Initial posting: March 13th, 2013... 7:45 AM