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In line with the strident diplomatic interlocutions, peripatetic regional conflicts and strategic placement of armaments and military fortifications taking place under the guise of planned and globally annunciated joint exercise maneuvers juxtaposed along linear ascendancies in preparation for what many claim to be the inevitable declaration of a Third World War; Let it be stated plainly, without need for lengthy intellectual strides, that the U.S. must get out of Germany, Japan and all places it stands watch over like a 3-headed dog of the Underworld. Germany and Japan, as but two stark examples easily transcribed from Historical fact, are able to create a formidable military prowess to assist humanity as it marches towards a brink of perspicacious annunciation thereof, as designed by a Nature directed along a course of globally aligned incremental deteriorations resulting in an accelerated dwindling of resources.

However, while some countries already engage in a compulsory type of traditional Military service for all eligible males, it behooves those countries which do not and thus consider adopting a New Concept of 1 year of Compulsory Military Service for both men and women; which stresses support services training that does not emphasize the standard and traditional combat mud-and-guts, playing-in-the-dirt, with weapon-in-hand readiness model. An introductory level of Military service does not have to be physically abusive or cut-throat demanding nor centered around brow-beating (indentured servitude) formalities. Driving a vehicle doesn't require someone being able to march along with other recruits wearing the same clothes, nor does drawing a tube of blood... and countless other duties which can be performed by a Civilian Military corp. that does not have to have spit-shined boots or shoes. Let people learn the jobs first and then —if they want— learn the other military oriented look-alike, act-alike, talk-alight, think-alike forms of soldiering. Trying to force-feed people while on a (legalized) dog leash is a lousy recruitment incentive... it makes the words "patriotism" and "patriotic duty" appear as a prison sentence.

No less, the heavy-handedness of a Military Service commitment is for 8 years (in the U.S.), regardless if one signs up for two, three, or four-year terms. Tied to this is an outdated discharge system where... even though Military Service is a Job, attaching oneself to it involves a level of commitment akin to signing a pact with the Devil who uses the Discharge system as if it were a means to brand citizens with a mark of Excellence, Average, or Imperfection which they must wear and use as a card of introduction into a workforce that may require participants to thank a person for their Military Service; though not knowing what position they held such as for example, thanking them for engaging in the killing and/or raping and/or badgering and/or theft of others in a context called a "theater" and its players as "actors" as if such an analogy makes war into a highly valued practice of intellectual sophistication. While most people who enter into Military service do not see actual combat, and therefore are employees at a job which might provide skills that may be transferable to some civilian counter-part; the ability for any employer to have future employability of any employee should not be able to be wielded as a weapon of sustained vengeance like some criminal's RAP sheet, much like the laws which govern an ex-convict, making their return to a civil lifestyle all the more difficult and is highly reminiscent of an extended form of incarceration and punishment.

Putting a gun in a person's hands (or to their head because of the absurd legalities inherent in military service) and then placing them into situations which gives them no option but to fight, surrender, or go AWOL; only breeds antagonism towards one's government and heightens the realization of the prevailing hypocrisy they are being subjected to but overlooked by the those whose military or political careers do not afford them the objectivity to see their traditions of thought make them the hypocrites. The present beginnings of a real World War III possibility identifies the need for a different model of military service requirement, just as it was identified when police forces adopted the idea of having undercover police officers, and the many other security services which have adopted non-traditional routinizations in their respective fields of orientation. Present military recruitment efforts are failing because they are asking people to join a group of others who wear a 18th Century red coat and march in formation against an "undisciplined" enemy whose unconventional warfare tactics have now enabled them to realize that even their traditional forms of guerrilla warfare and training are insufficient. Buying in bulk and manufacturing in bulk are not always the best plan, yet this is the current military mind-set with respect to "filling the ranks". One size does not fit all in very many cases.

Both Germany and Japan must be freed from the fetters of the antiquated WWII mentality which the U.S. tends to as an itinerant's polished pocket watch which they prize and want everyone they encounter to read its inscription as if it were a sacred monogram everyone must defer to that are attached to a Rip Van Winkle era of posh attire. Both Germany and Japan must be allowed the widest possible latitude, though improbable as it would have been several decades ago, in order to create their own individualized military formidabilities; having well learned from past errors of intractable brinkmanship. For these countries are prime examples of a unique species of thought which have no contemporaries as to their potential achievements awaiting to prosper once again. The insecurities of the world having been held against them as perpetual punishments... and in particular the neurotic levels of paranoia expressed time and again by the U.S. through the exercise of a dichotomous deliberation; where on the one hand it is oppressive in its over-bearing tactics of control and on the other it is appreciably negligent about engagement when it is truly needed elsewhere in the world. The U.S. must stop playing the role of a irascible prison Warden with a chip on their shoulder whose ideas of habilitation and rehabilitation are thought to be worldly required standardizations everyone must kowtow to.

Without need for extended explanation of specificity, it is colloquially clear to many observers that the U.S., China, Russia and Multiple others play the role of an organized syndicate commensurate with tactics of exploitation with a cadre of thug administrators who are enabled to engage in legalized mannerisms which amount to water-downed methods of badgering, beating, bribing, maiming, whipping, humiliating, chaining and imprisoning... all the while smiling as they reinforce legislated entitlements for a lofted few who use any and all social hardships to their advantage which reciprocates by indulging in concentrations of activities that will sustain the system which works well for a minority. The last of which is an imbedded cognate represented by the U.S. having the largest prison system in the world because its political society and legal systems are failures for an increasing majority of the people who are forced to endure needless privations in order to fund what has turned out to be egregiously burdensome prisoner warehousing systems. Systems that are sometimes turned over to private enterprises because making money is of primary interest and habilitation or rehabilitation are tertiary issues presented as secondary to public safety concerns which are representative earmarks for problematic failures to develop successful changes in the overall culture that heavy-handedly plays a role-model position of perpetrating and perpetuating criminal dispositions... unless one wants to argue that some, most, or all criminal behavior is not due to nurturing but is reflective of a nature that is ever ready, willing, and able to surface if the necessary nurturing conditions are set into place.

Indeed, not only the American people, but all peoples of the world deserve better. And they know it.. and are in many respects clamoring for it by making irrational decisions at the ballot box because irrationality has become the watch-word for a desired level of actual progress which the present design of government and its elected as well as those selectively-chosen-by-the-elected individuals, are incapable of delivering the public from its regurgitated rut playing out every election, and in particular, every four years in the case of the U.S. Presidency. An office that some have called for the dissolution for at the, most and a total reassignment of abilities at the very least. Its four year pageantry of histrionics is all the more comical by the reduction to the nonsensical and very much outdate usage of an Electoral College which minimizes the actual collective vote of the people as a means of formalizing an incredulous array of theatrics which Journalists help to perpetuate with a cacophony of diatribes used to fodder a culture of socially gravitating invectives. Yet, this cycle of defeatism underpins the attractiveness of Trump for many. It is not that he epitomises the greater ideal of a New Nation, but that he represents the idea of a prospective greater reality to be reached by a defiance of the status quo which no other candidate is proposing or even has the realization of an intimated purview of moving the Nation into a new and better era that even the most naive can envision. Most candidates are cookie-cutter renditions of what the public is subjected to time and again, with no hope out of cultural regurgitations which produce, promote and privatize the circuses and clowns being developed in different venues such as the LGBTQ (Let's Get Back To a past Quazi-reality), Black Lives Matter (Black Lies Matter), and multiple other frothing formulas of socialized constipations of disingenuous orientations.

However, let it be noted that the "break the binary" or establishing a non-traditional duality of man/female orientations are models of expressing some type of 3rd orientation, sometimes referred to as a third gender or even third species. Such individuals are fighting against the binary tradition of the standard 2-patterned male/female model but do not see their activity as an expressed attempt to reach some cognitive "3" form, as if it were some exalted position to acquire much in the ideation of those who proposed a third Reich, or 3rd wave ideology. Their obsession with their sexuality blinds them to achieving clarity because they do not look beyond the conventions of ideology adopted by the simplistic LGBTQ standards of trying to get more recruits to their ranks, if not by imitation of sexual conduct then by supportive gestures involving multiple avenues of media exploitation. They try to beat their opponents by adopting the method and manner of dress, work, speaking, thinking, etc., which are routinized by Academic and biblical standards which are not prepared for models of incentivized creative thinking involving a like-mindedness using playground tactics of pugnacious bullyism for disseminating their idiocy.

Instead of political candidates who truly have the development of a New Nation in their hearts, minds, and souls, we all too often see those vying for a seat in power, along with their supportive ilk; simply wanting to replace themselves with the former and carry on the state of things as they are... which they think benefits them and others best, despite the design of increasing futility that all governments, businesses, and religions of the world are exhibiting. The people in the U.S. know the collective system is rigged against them just as surely as:

  1. The U.S. Congress refuses to adopt a 20 year term limit for all government workers, without delays, extensions or falsified rationales.
  2. The U.S. government refuses to rid the system of the Electoral College.
  3. The British government refuses to rid the system of its Monarchical nonsense.
  4. The government is unable to imagine, much less create a fully functioning Peoples Legislative Branch.
  5. The U.S. government will not stop engaging in petty theft and out-right larceny of an increasingly wary public subjected to a 17th Century Maritime law of government-sponsored privateer confiscations that has been transplanted onto the land and entitled Civil Asset Forfeiture. The old Monarchical mindset is very much alive in such an allowance of procurement. Indeed, it is a measure for permitting the government to continue its multifaceted system of harassment against the public just Like King George did to the Early colonists; but whose fight for Independence has only brought forth former ill deeds in the guise of socially accepted labels enforced by suspiciously legislated legalisms. As such, it is but one of a growing MANY indictments to be made against the Federal and Civil authorities. Thus, the public has begun to write a New Declaration of Independence.

Instead of answering to call for significant changes, the U.S. government indulges in a pretended means of interdiction on behalf of the public. The present government uses the same tactics as King George's assertions of time constraints and proscribed methodology of attendant minutia based in an outdated tradition which the early to-be-American colonists also came to fight against because they were being pushed more tightly against the wall of increasing impoverization from which the New Revolutionists of today will use as a spring board for concentrated forms of strategic action. When it is seen that in order to petition the government for a redress of grievances the public is forced to ask for permission from the very office that needs to be rebuilt from the ground up, this is the type of hypocrisy the people are met with. Morse so is this a paramount example where the Presidential office views itself as the government when it is the sole proprietor and adjudicator of determining the validity of a protest against the government. In other words, one does not petition the whole of the government, but a singular office which sees it as the primary representation there of. As such, the people have no actual Representation when petitioning the government for a Redress of Grievances. Yet, if the people attempt to make changes by a concerted effort, they are labeled as terrorist, or insurrectionists, or whichever catch-word the government-aligned journalists will fashion to its own insidious standards of its antagonistic rhetoric, because a change in government means an adaptation will need to occur in Journalism as well. Present journalisms being practiced are a threat to the commonwealth because they are not part of any trail-blazing effort. They want to retain the status quo because they have learned to pilot their vessels through the ever-increasing quagmire of social discordances.

So too is the supposed interdiction on the behalf of the now obfuscated and perfunctory character called Democracy being used against those individuals labeled as insurrectionists... and yet are those who reflect the ideal of a true patriotism and sought to practice the embraced standard of the U.S. Nation's Revolutionary spirit of desiring to overthrow the government and establish a New one, as an honored deliberation recorded in the Declaration of Independence; but is nullified to suit the standards of a small elite wanting first and foremost to serve their own interests under the banner of a politically lofted ideal called Democracy, and yet has no real definition other than what a ruling minority elite have defined it as such. When the publics of the world are confronted by different definitions of Democracy being heralded by one another nation standardized by the interests of a select few, it is no wonder many publics of the world are speaking of Revolution. While it is difficult to ascertain the exact beat and pulse of a National uprising being churned by mounting discontent on the tides of social discourse, one can see the potential beginnings among multiple nations... all waiting for that singular spark, that singular shot that will be heard around the world which signifies the bugle has sounded for the eventual take-over of the government and replace it with a better one. The U.S. government for example, is playing a model of Social democracy while supporting autocrats and dictators in business and religion which serving the interests of a military whose leaderships don a ten gallon tricorn hat, 3-piece sword, dagger and pistol waistcoat, with 3-eyed buckskin moccasins with steel toes but lack a 'soul'... thinking this ensemble of accoutrements will prepare them for any eventuality should it come by land, sea or air.

However, this is not to say that all those who practiced the embodied ideal of the U.S. Independence Declaration and moved in the direction of pursuing its basic tenants are innocent from staging a protest at the Capital. Nay, there are those who accompanied the true idealists by way of engaging in personally accountable crimes not called for nor supported by any majority who believe that Revolution is sometimes necessary to bring needed benefits to the people. True Revolutionists are not criminals, but criminals can don the garments and language of Revolutionists (as well as soldiers and law enforcement) in an attempt to conceal their own ulterior motives. Needless to say, they give a bad name to the rubric of a Peoples Revolution to Create a better form of self-governance. It is no longer the case that a legal and justified Revolution is to be named when a social elite make claims for such and yet deny this right to the very people such a revolution would benefit most. Whereas in the past the common man and woman followed one another elite as a service to restore or gain an entitlement, there are no elites on the present horizon which seek to help the people gain and restore those freedoms and guarantees viewed as a common right. Indeed, the fiasco of appropriated justice against the Revolutionaries is a world recognized testament that the U.S. government practices an hypocrisy when its founding document asserts the right of the people to engage in overthrowing the government to create a better one, yet the ruling elite see themselves as the sole representative embodiment of what is meant by the label "the people," and therefore have declared it their singular right to decide where and when a Revolution can manifest itself.

Alas, the powers that be and their dominions have lumped all participants into the category of having committed a crime, when in fact they should be protected by the very document which asserts that Revolution is a legal, viable and justifiable option of the people in seeking to rid itself of a government that has too many faults to be corrected and must be replaced. This is the enflamed outrage which Revolutionists Nation wide are still reeling from and are tempering their swords with for the next assault which may well be an intentionally bloody massacre of the elite in many walks of life. They are no longer our leaders to enslave us and force us into an indentured servitude.

However, it is not time for some simple political change which evokes a revolving door of exchanging one privileged elite for another similar idiot to take the reins of an economic wagon pulled by draft animals blinded by a self-defeating patriotism in one eye and a blinder placed on the other. No. The simple traditional form of piece-meal political alteration will not do. A new form of government is needed... so let us call it what it is by its appropriate name: A Cenocracy. A New Government. A new formula of government that does not simply re-label the old and call it new by the addition of substituted mongerers of a status quo in which they are the new elite who have positioned themselves into the recipient channels of increased larder... while more of the public continues to suffer in so very many unspoken privations.

Yes, we Need a Bold New Form of Governance with a design that has never before existed in Humanity because the currency of alternatives as they are practiced by armchair intellectuals labeled as Communism, Socialism, Parlamentarianism, Monarchialism, Dictatorship, Fascism, Libertarianism, etc., are mere variations of the same theme of incongruity which binds the majority to the will of a selfish Minority in business, religion, and a government structure that does not have the peoples best interests at heart, despite all its contrivances to say otherwise. Indeed, the people are being forced to demand a New Model of government because the old has created a system of multi-faceted bureaucracies that are out of step with the larger public, though they think they are ingrained in its very core because the deal with a select type of individual that they have mistaken for as the preface of the majority.

The present U.S. government, the present Russian government, the present Chinese government, among multiple others... do not have the structural integrity nor ability to move humanity into a progressive era of mutual fulfillment. Instead, because governments of the world know there is a growing social consciousness that the governments, the businesses, and the religions of the world as they are being practiced and steered by a generation of self-serving over-seers; they are being pushed up against their own proverbial wall and can only react by creating conflicts amongst themselves so as to force the public to choose sides in an effort to maintain some semblance of the status quo to be perpetuated a while longer. To give them time to create laws, public discordances, one or another kind of global epidemic or pandemic as a means of getting the public to defer to their leadership. And they don't care how many people get killed in the process, particularly the elderly whose increased life spans mean they are an increased burden on a wide range of social programs that officials would rather spend the resources on personal pet projects of self-aggrandizement.

The leaders of Nations who feel the greatest threat from their publics are all too eager to move into a position of imposing a state of vulnerability. Like misers of old, they wring their hands in anticipation of creating some social discordance validated by a small subset of supportive characterizations which Journalists are all too eager to supply the public with as a go-between-instigator. By so doing, those in power can retaliate against a rising source of public antagonisms desirous of removing itself from recycled models of nonsense and negligence. To forestall what some see as an eventual civil war, the governments of the world want to evoke a much larger confrontational proposition as a distraction; as a means to create a circumstance that would-be civil war or Regional Warriors will force themselves to become engaged in a larger and wider conflict which ultimately preserves, restores, and reinvigorates the present structures of deliberately manufactured insufficiencies colloquially referred to in summation as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Indeed, the public is aware of this. And while governments want to distract the public, not all the public will be distracted. Many of them are waiting to use such a distraction for their own end-game of Revolution.

For those who argue that such a situation is due to having too large of a government and seek to present themselves as a Saviour from Big Government; we of the Revolutionary 3rd Guard know such individuals do not understand the meaning of a Peoples Government. A true Big Government refers to all the people. A Majority... a Government Of, By and For All The People can not be anything else but a Big Government. In fact, a Democracy of the People is a Huge Government. It is those who strive for a small government or a smaller one which they alone dictate the size of; that earmarks them as proponents of a government which marginalizes, disenfranchises, and otherwise creates a variegated system of judicial and societal disparities, disillusionments and discriminations against the true majority which embraces the minorities for which they themselves have become a member of.

In the days ahead, there are those who will become more entrenched and take the necessary steps to circumvent the very laws which are created to keep people down; but will now be used to march the people towards the goal of creating a better institution of governance— in preparation for the eventual departure to places beyond the planet Earth, the solar system and then the galaxy. Humanity can not remain on Earth forever or the species will perish here as the incremental deteriorations of the planet and its solar system pursue a program of decreasing resources that is forcing all life forms to adapt to as the only survivalist option out of which a complexity of rationalizations in all institutions will gain growth and adjust temperaments accordingly. It is a rule-of-three pursued by Nature as seen in Physics, Biology, and expressed in the fundamental structure of all Languages; yet is all too often overlooked and misunderstood. Like so many creatures of Nature that eventually leave the nest, the den, the troop; humanity must sever the umbilical cord between itself and Mother Earth.

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