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Please note: I am not in any way attempting to suggest that the following pages constitute the definitive "threes" list. I know all too well that there are many other instances of "threes" and "threes configurations" involving different patterns. I have so many personal experiences of threes that I can't keep up with them. While I have catalogued a few, the list pales in comparison to the actual quantity which occur from day to day. If I were to record all of them, I would be an obsessive-compulsive who was unable to do anything else. No doubt many a reader may well encounter some example that is not included in any of the following pages. For example, you may venture onto some web page that could be included but I will never chance upon because I am involved pursuing some other research project. In order to compile the entire internet, much less look into every book, magazine, article or record every conversation involving such a pattern, I would need an army of catologuers. Because I do not have, I do what I can within the short span of time I will exist.

Some people experience threes in their lives and are oblivious to the occurrence, even when they take place multiple times. And yet there are others who may be aware of a few threes events and become obsessed with knowing "what they mean", particularly in regard to whether or not their particular experience is a tell-tale sign of some important personal value... like many of those who read "their" horoscope. But, such a perspective may well involve an other-than-"three" event and explore pages involving numerology and view it as a science instead of just another form of human thinking, and numerologists can deduce the meaning of a recurring number pattern or some recurring image whether or not the event takes place in a dream or nightmare. Because the same patterns may be used alternatively from person to person, it is difficult to accurately deduce what a given pattern means for a particular person. Some patterns may be little more than the product of your environmental/social circumstances that you are susceptible to... for one or another reason that I or any other person would be foolish to try to explain unless they were working with an ulterior motive to manipulate you for money, for sex, for this or that opportunity, or simply to see whether they can effect someone's life without regard for the person's state of emotion, mind, or overall physical being. If you have any thoughts you would like to share with me concerning the threes phenomena and related patterning contours, send them along. I may or may not be able to provide any commentary that you would find valuable to your own interests. Nonetheless, I make the offer.

Copyright information

I am prompted to put something about copyrights after a dream last night (May 3rd) in which the question about a notice thereof was needed. Therefore, let it be known, since I take information from a wide variety of sources, that all copyrights belong to the respective authors. All of them should be respected, recognized and rewarded for their own work. I have no desire to steal anyone's ideas and present them as my own since such a nefarious deed would eventually be found out anyway. Those writing papers for college courses should be quite wary of this.

On a few occasions I have found people trying to pass off the information at this site as if it were of their own making. Granted that absent-mindedness can occur as one gets older, such has not been the case with those who deliberately plagiarize. While I generally attempt to give some indication of where a certain example came from, the distance in time does not insure that all internet links and resource materials will be readily available or reliable. With respect to information garnered from internet sources, people's lives change and they may die or lose interest in maintaining a site. We do the best we can under the circumstances presented to us.

Here is a Threes Disclaimer

~ Contents Section 1 ~

  1. Research into the Threes Phenomena (Home Excursion 1) This is the first Home page version in this series
  2. Research into the Threes Phenomena (Home Excursion 2A) This is the first half of the 2nd version
  3. Home Excursion 2BResearch into the Threes Phenomena (This is the second half of the 2nd version

Introductory Explorations...

Metaphorically referred to as the Bachelor's, Master's and PhD sections related to the usage of more imaginative explorations. All of which are still pretty basic examples.

  1. Introduction to Threes Research page-1
  2. Introduction to Threes Research page-2
  3. Introduction to Threes Research page-3a
  4. Introduction to Threes Research page-3b
  5. Introduction to Threes Research page-3c

Developing a "Threes" Hypothesis

  1. 3's Hypothesis page 1 What was the first "THREE"?
  2. 3's Hypothesis page 2 A Threes perspective relativity.
  3. 3's Hypothesis page 3 Earth's rotation affects the pristine "threes" origin.
  4. 3's Hypothesis Supplement page 1 The Solar and Lunar paths are triangular.
  5. 3's Hypothesis Supplement page 2 Fundamental Threes: Examples
  6. 3's Hypothesis Supplement page 3 Additional Fundamental Threes: Examples
  7. Solar Mythology page 1 Revising Solar Mythology to advance a Threes Hypothesis.
  8. Solar Mythology page 2 Solar Mythology Definitions and Religious connotations.
  9. Solar Mythology page 3 Identifying overlooked influential Solar characteristics.

  1. 3's Enthusiasts Names of Individuals who do or have had some interest in the Threes Phenomena
  2. YN3s Why in Threes?
  3. Peek-A-Boo Personally Yours... What "Threes" perspective are you looking for?
  4. Crypto3ology pg 1
  5. Crypto3ology pg 2
  6. Arguments Against 3s Various ideas which have or might be proposed against the Threes Perspective

Various "Three" Perspectives

  1. Alexander's 3s Charles Alexander's 3-ness and Triads by David Seamon
  2. Lee B. Croft: People in 3s Going Up in Smoke... Triplicities in Russian Literature and Culture
  3. L. B. Croft 1 (My Commentary)
  4. Lee B. Croft's page:
  5. Andrew Dlugan's rule-of- three in speeches and public speaking
  6. Andrew Dlugan's web page:
  7. Dumezil A A Trifunctional Ideology: (article from the Encyclopedia Iranica)
  8. Dumezil B
  9. Dumezil C
  10. Allen Dundez: The Number Three in the American Culture page A
  11. Allen Dundez: The Number Three in the American Culture page B
  12. Allen Dundez: The Number Three in the American Culture page C
  13. Dundez 1 (My Commentary)
  14. Michael Eck's web page: Book of Threes
  15. Caricature portrait of Michael Eck
  16. Triplicity: The Phenomena of Threeness in Life by Simon Kelsey (no current listing on the web)
  17. Belief A three-stage model by Stanley Kruppner and Michael Winkler
  18. Emory Lease The Number Three, Mysterious, Mystic, Magic
  19. Dr. McNulty's web page: A list of Threes occurrences in Anatomy
  20. Allen H. Merriam: Words and Numbers: Mathematical Dimensions of Rhetoric
  21. Texan Killing Texan Charles S. Pierce's Triadism
  22. Pierce And Triadism Article from: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  23. Joseph S. Renzulli Three-Ring Conception of Giftedness
  24. Giftedness Comments-1 My Comments on Giftedness 1st section
  25. Giftedness Comments-2 My Comments on Giftedness 2nd section
  26. Giftedness Comments-3 My Comments on Giftedness 3rd section
  27. Eric Scerri Periodic Table Triads
  28. The Third Way of Evolution (By James Shapiro, Raju Pookottil, and Denis Noble)
  29. Metabolic Code Triads (By James LaValle, RPh, CCN and Andrew Heyman, MD, MHSA.)
  30. Mystical Numbers: The Number 3

Various "Threes" from the internet

The following links reference other websites which involve "Three" in some form or function. Please give the respective authors their due credit. Links are provided in context if available. Since some of the information was gathered years ago, not all links may be active.

  1. Internet 3s pg 1
  2. Internet 3s pg 2
  3. Internet 3s pg 3
  4. Internet 3s pg 4
  5. Internet 3s pg 5
  6. Internet 3s pg 6
  7. Internet 3s pg 7
  8. Internet 3s pg 8 Number 3 in Scripture by E. W. Bullinger
  9. Internet 3s pg 9 The Triple Goddess in Celtic Tradition by Montague Whitsel
  10. Internet 3s pg 10 The Rhythm of the Number Three by Douglas Stringham
  11. Internet 3s pg 11 Numbers in the Bible By Edward Kalinowski
  12. Internet 3s pg 12
  13. Internet 3s pg 13
  14. Internet 3s pg 14
  15. Internet 3s pg 15 Tripartite World and Triune Logic v.3.5 by Iain MacAnTsaoir
  16. Internet 3s pg 16 Carl Jung and the Trinitarian Self by Michael J Brabazon
  17. Internet 3s pg 17 Words and Numbers: Mathematical dimensions of Rhetoric by Allen H. Merriam
  18. Internet 3s pg 18 Triads: Structure of Everything by Brian Miller
  19. Internet 3s pg 19
  20. Internet 3's pg 20 Numerology: The Number Three
  21. Internet 3's pg 21
  22. Internet 3's pg 22 Astrology: Classical use of Triplicities by Deborah Houlding
  23. Internet 3's pg 23

A Miscellaneous Collection of 3-patterned Examples

  1. 3s-xamples page 1
  2. 3s-xamples page 2
  3. 3s-xamples page 3
  4. 3s-xamples page 4
  5. 3s-xamples page 5
  6. 3s-xamples page 6
  7. 3s-xamples page 7
  8. 3s-xamples page 8
  9. 3s-xamples page 9
  10. 3s-xamples page 10
  11. 3s-xamples page 11
  12. 3s-xamples page 12
  13. 3s-xamples page 13
  14. 3s-xamples page 14
  15. 3s-xamples page 15
  16. 3s-xamples page 16
  17. 3s-xamples page 17
  18. 3s-xamples page 18

Threes in Language Development
(Language involves the process of Hearing)

  1. Language 3s 1 Three-patterned Ear structure, infant babbling, etc...
  2. Language 3s 2 Misc. Language Threes
  3. Language 3s 3 Noam Chomsky's Generative Grammar, etc...
  4. Language 3s 4 Infix, Postfix, and Prefix
  5. language-3s-a In the Beginning was the (magic) word
  6. language-3s-b Language and Music
  7. language-3s-c 3-patterned slogans, sayings and expressions
  8. language-3s-d 3-patterned slogans, sayings and expressions
  9. language-3s-e 3-patterned slogans, sayings and expressions
  10. language-3s-f 3-patterned slogans, sayings and expressions
  11. Language-3s-g Scrabble words and International Currency Codes
  12. Language 3s h 3-part views from the BrainyQuotes website:
  13. The N-Word Personal comments on the word "Nigger"

Biological and Physiological examples of Threes

  1. Bio-Physiological 3's 1
  2. Bio-Physiological 3's 2
  3. Bio-Physiological 3's 3
  4. Bio-Physiological 3's 3
  5. Bio-Physiological 3's 5
  6. Bio-Physiological 3's 6
  7. Bio-Physiological 3's 7
  8. Bio-Physiological 3's 8
  9. Bio-Physiological 3's 9
  10. Bio-Physiological 3's 10
  11. Bio-Physiological 3's 11
  12. Remarkable Frequency of Threes in Anatomy Anatomical threes by Dr. McNulty and Dr. Moongard
  13. Misc. Medical Triads

Threes in Genetics, Music, Logic
(analogies and comparisons)

  1. DNA's Circadian Rhythm Viewing the Triplet code of DNA as if it is but another biological expression of a circadian rhythm produced by the type of environment we are subjected to.
  2. Genetics Logic Music 1
  3. Genetics Logic Music 2
  4. Music, Notes, Sounds 1 Threes examples found in Music, Notes, and other Sounds

Threes in "Evolutionary" instances

  1. Evolutionary 3s A
  2. Evolutionary 3s B
  3. Evolutionary 3s C
  4. Evolutionary 3s D
  5. Evolutionary 3s E
  6. Evolutionary 3s F
  7. Evolution

Humans and their Brain/Consciousness
(Is It all in their head?...)

Do humans use all of their brain but only 10% of their mind? Are humans obsessed with their Brain? Is the brain just a type of muscle, radiator or unblossomed bud? (Do humans tend to minimize how much they make use of their brain as a means of attempting to maximize a boost in ego?)

  1. Triune Brain Right hemisphere attributes are "twos", Left hemisphere attributes are "threes"
  2. Brain-Mind Evolution
  3. Julian Jaynes Developing: "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind"
  4. Psychology Research 1
  5. Psychology Research 2
  6. Psychology Research 3
  7. Psychology Research 4
  8. Jacques Lacan's 3 Registers Theory

Physics, Geology, Astronomy/Cosmology

  1. 3's in Physics Why are there three of everything?
  2. The Moon's Origin
  3. 3 branes 1
  4. 3 branes 2
  5. 3 branes 3
  6. 3 Universe Models A
  7. 3 Universe Models B
  8. Kirchoff's 3 Spectroscopy Laws

Are Humans Earth-Rotation Rate Specific?
(Is there a genetically built-in limitation to our adaptability?)

  1. Rotation Rate: The Earth's slowing rotation rate page 1
  2. Rotation Rate: Page 2
  3. Rotation Rate: Page 3
  4. Rotation Rate: Page 4
  5. Geophysical 3's Influences Geophysical influences on biology/behavior page 1
  6. Geophysical 3's Geophysical influences on biology/behavior page 2


  1. Evolutionary Development of a Number Concept: "One 2 Many" page a
  2. Evolutionary Development of a Number Concept: "One 2 Many" page b
  3. Vladimir Igorevich Arnold: The Remarkable Trinities

Three-patterned Philosophies on different Subjects

  1. Threesological Tract 1
  2. Threesological 1
  3. Threesological 2
  4. Threesological 3
  5. Threesological 4
  6. Threesological 5
  7. Threesological 6
  8. Threesological 7
  9. Laws, Rules, Etc...
  10. A Belief Called GOD

Personal notes on Threes experiences

  1. 3s Interest 1 Personal View on my interest in the Threes Phenomena
  2. 3s Interest 2
  3. Unusual 3s 1 Unusual (non- typical?) instances of threes occurrences I have had.
  4. Unusual 3s 2
  5. Unusual 3s 3

  1. C2sH3s Computer twos/ Human Threes
  2. Software Design 3ness
  3. Considering the Predictability of 3s
  4. Time
  5. Proportionality Three- part proportions to events, substances, effects, arrangements, etc...
  6. Buses in 3's
  7. Folklore 3's
  8. Sampling of 3-part Jokes
  9. The Death Penalty
  10. World War 3
  11. Us Versus Them

Three "to" One Ratios

  1. 321 A Various three "to" one ratio examples
  2. 321 B
  3. 321 C
  4. 321 D
  5. 321 E
  6. 321 F
  7. 321 G
  8. 3- 2- 1 FForces Fundamental Forces

Three Basic Geometric Forms

  1. Line Circle Triangle 1 Variations of the Line, Circle, Triangle page 1
  2. Line Circle Triangle 2
  3. Line Circle Triangle 3
  4. Pyramid page 1 V-shaped examples (including the pyramid form)
  5. Pyramid page 2 V-shaped examples

Trigrams are actually Bigrams
(The word "Trigram" was a later adoption)

  1. Trigrams 1
  2. Trigrams 2
  3. Trigrams 3

Criminals have a predominant "two" mentality

  1. Criminal 2s page 1
  2. Criminal 2s page 2
  3. Criminal 2s page 3
  4. Criminal 2s page 4
  5. Criminal 2s page 5
  6. Criminal 2s page 6
  7. Criminal 2s page 7

Optical Illusions represent a primitive "two" mindset

  1. Illusions Optical Illusions page 1
  2. Illusions Optical Illusions page 2
  3. Illusions Optical Illusions page 3

The Triune Brain is commonly divided into two hemispheres

  1. LR Brain Attributes A list of Left and Right Brain Attributes page 1
  2. page 2
  3. page 3
  4. page 4
  5. page 5

The Five Quantity

  1. Five Fingers How come we have Five Fingers and not just Three?

The Number Seven
(From sources about Judaism, Astrology, etc.)

  1. Seven
  2. Seven B
  3. Seven C
  4. Seven Pleiades A cluster of Seven Stars; Also called the Seven Sisters

Architectural Ideas

  1. Sunrays page 1 Did the rays of the Sun influence the Pyramid design?
  2. Sunrays page 2 Did the Sun's rays influence the Arrow-head or Cuneiform Character?

Seeking a non-religious origin to the phenomena we call Life

  1. What is Life? What do we mean by "Life""
  2. COOL Considering Origins Of Life
  3. Chemical Evolution
  4. Outer Space 3s

Threes Poster
Double-sided poster, arranged in 8 columns, printed in 1997/1998.

  1. Threes Poster images Back and front sides of the "Buckland's Third Revolution" Poster
  2. 3s Poster column 1
  3. 3s Poster column 2
  4. 3s Poster column 3
  5. 3s Poster column 4
  6. 3s Poster column 5
  7. 3s Poster column 6
  8. 3s Poster column 7
  9. 3s Poster column 8

Threes used in Business

  1. Advertising 3's 1
  2. Advertising 3's 2
  3. Advertising 3's 3
  4. Advertising 3's 4

Threes in Entertainment
(Examples from Television, Movies, Etc.)

Note: also included are commercial examples such as the "Snap, Krackle, Pop" of Rice Krispies cereal.

  1. Entertainment 3s A
  2. Entertainment 3s B
  3. Entertainment 3s C
  4. Entertainment 3s D


  1. Religion page 1 Various 3s examples from different perspectives.
  2. Religion page 2 Various 3s examples from different perspectives.
  3. Religion page 3 Various 3s examples from different perspectives.
  4. Religion page 4 Various 3s examples from different perspectives.
  5. Religion page 5 Various 3s examples from different perspectives.
  6. Religion page 6 Various 3s examples from different perspectives.
  7. Religious Poetry A few religious poems I have written.
  8. ITB1 In The Beginning... Religion, Mythology, Metaphysics page 1
  9. ITB2 In The Beginning... page 2
  10. ITB3 In The Beginning... page 3
  11. ITB4 In The Beginning... page 4
  12. ITB5 In The Beginning... page 5
  13. ITB6 In The Beginning... page 6
  14. I Hear Voices A An exploration into Language, Religion, and Brain development.
  15. I Hear Voices B
  16. I Hear Voices C
  17. I Hear Voices D
  18. I Hear Voices E
  19. I Hear Voices F
  20. I Hear Voices G

The following nine selections are a Poem about "Threes" occurrences in the New Testament Involving the life of Jesus. Sometimes the word-as-a-numerical-value "three" is used, at other times three items such as events or expressions are listed. Other "three" variations also exist. Although I have frequently referred to the poem with the title "3 Wise Men", other headings could be used. The full- length version of the poem is 333 lines long. I had written it as a (research project) response after a theologian said the number seven was predominant. However, there is a distinct increase in the concentration of "threes" in the New Testament as opposed to the Old Testament. This might well signify a developmental change in human cognition. "Cognition" being used to reference perception, organization, and brain (encephalization) development.

  1. 3 Wise Men- English
  2. 3 Wise Men- German translation of the English
  3. 3 Wise Men- Finnish translation of the English
  4. 3 Wise Men- Czechoslovakian...
  5. 3 Wise Men- Spanish...
  6. 3 Wise Men- French...
  7. 3 Wise Men- Italian...
  8. 3 Wise Men- Hungarian...
  9. 3 Wise Men- Filipino...
  10. 3s and the Trinity
  11. The Christian Trinity (Philosophical perspective)

The following, like many items I have written, (such as the 3 wise men poem), are examples of those things which are produced by a compelling "force" (for want of a better name), that plagues me until the task is completed. I try to elaborate on the genesis in the introduction.

  1. I Am God- Introduction
  2. I Am God- 1 Some may view this as the first step towards acquiring a sense of "super-sanity".
  3. I Am God- 2
  4. I Am God- 3
  5. I Am God- 4
  6. I Am God- 5
  7. I Am God- 6
  8. I Am God- 7
  9. I Am God- 8
  10. I Am God- 9
  11. I Am God- 10
  12. I Am God- 11
  13. I Am God- 12

The so-called "Fringe" Phenomena
(Christianity used to be a fringe phenomena, and remains as such in some perspectives.)

  1. Crop Circles 1
  2. Crop Circles 2
  3. Crop Circles 3
  4. Aliens Beasts UFOs 1 Threes occurring with Aliens, "Beasts", UFOs, Ghosts, Werewolves, etc...
  5. Aliens Beasts UFOs 2
  6. Aliens Beasts UFOs 3
  7. Aliens Beasts UFOs 4
  8. Alien Abduction Memory 1
  9. Alien Abduction Memory 2
  10. Pyramid page 1 Comments and related ideas about the pyramidal shape
  11. Pyramid page 2 Additional comments and related ideas about the pyramidal shape
  12. Herb's Pyramid Scheme
  13. Age of Irrationality

Note: References are listed on individual pages. If I have overlooked any author, let me apologize up-front. I will remedy the oversight as soon as I become aware of the error.

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