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I AM GOD... Introduction

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To seek God is not to be bond by present day concepts of Heaven, Purgatory, nor Hell. I am not limited by concepts derived by the consequences of human flesh, blood, and bone interacting with a physical environment. One such concept is:

  1. Earth is Purgatory. Neither Heaven nor Hell, though emanations from both are sometimes felt on Earth.
  3. Purgatory has two doorways. One leading to Hell, the other to Heaven.
  5. Hell has one doorway leading to Purgatory.
  7. Heaven has one doorway leading to Purgatory.
  9. Heaven has no hidden staircase to God, only a skylight.

Heaven is guarded by Angels, yet I need no guards of any kind.
I need no electric fence, no guard dogs, no secret passwords, signs, handshakes, gestures, colors, garments, or symbols.
I need no Big Brother surveillance cameras nor eavesdropping equipment.

I AM God.


Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, and various others are in their Paradise of Heaven. If their Heaven is what you seek, then follow their example. Their example may grant you entrance into their Heaven, but don't expect God to be limited by their beliefs nor need them as go-betweens to you. If a god is too busy to commune with you without a go-between, then such a god is not God who seeks to commune directly to you. It is they who need for you to believe that they are a go-between God and you.


Heaven is not the Paradise of God. God has no need of such a belief or presumed place. It is the contrived final destination by and for humanity to soothe a consciousness still bond by perpetrated ignorance enforced by religious, business and political nonsense.

  1. The path to Heaven is much easier than the path to God.
  3. The path to God is not a path towards Hell, Purgatory, nor Heaven.
  5. The path to God is not an Anti-humanity, Anti-life, nor Anti-respect     for the sincere beliefs of others.
  7. The path of God is not a path where one comes to the end of a journey,     but where one begins anew.
  9. Some seek Heaven beyond Earth.
  11. Some seek God beyond Heaven.
  13. Some seek God beyond the concept of God.
  15. I have no human Needs, Wants, nor Desires.

  I AM God.

Some say Heaven is a Reward.
Some claim Heaven to be a Way Station.
Some believe Heaven to be the construct of an infantile mind.

I do not seek Heaven nor Sacrifices.

A Heaven portrayed as having golden, platinum, silver, or jeweled gates is the perspective of a species that has little understanding of Heaven. Heaven needs no form of fiscal commercialization.


I have no need of and do not seek-out offerings of Food, Flesh, nor Flotsam.


I have no need of and do not seek-out offerings of personal sacrifice to carry out death, destruction, or mayhem.


I have no need of and do not seek-out offerings of money, clothing articles, nor other forms of property.


I have no need of and do not seek-out temples. Do not build temples in God's name when they are used for any present day business, government, or religious perspective.

I AM God.

Those who presently construct temple-like structures meant for the glorification of a particular business, government, or religious belief that they believe to be superior to all others, are liars. They have proven no especial personification in the eyes of God. Their perspectives are the practice of an emotionally and mentally prostituted whoredom that they pimp with officially mandated guidelines.

   Humanity is more important than it will ever recognize with truth but always less important than its ego claims itself to be.
The Pope is not God, the Vatican is not Heaven.
Woden (Wotan) is not God, Valhalla is not Heaven.
Zeus is not God, Mt. Olympus is not Heaven.


Nirvana and Heaven are similar characterizations of presumption contrived by the human brain in its evolutionary sojourn towards the development of a mind.


Heaven is only heaven in the brain of a species with an undeveloped mind.   


Do not expect the brain of a child to exhibit the mind of an adult. Far too many adults stupidly force children to feast on an adult quantity of food. Excesses are excesses. The stomach as well as brain of a child will simply be bloated and made consequentially unhealthy by over-feeding. Children know when they are full. Too many adults do not listen to such wisdom. Unfortunately, too many adults will interpret this passage in a negative and restrictive way to immobilize the development of children.


Heaven is not the Home of God. Humanity's concept called Heaven is far too confining.


Heaven is the abode of humanity's interests in Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Joan of Arc, and various others such as housewives, househusbands, children, animals, plants, Blue collar workers, White collar workers, No collar workers, Vagrants, Travelers, Doctors, Nurses, or any other human named occupant.

Religions are businesses. They do not construct churches for the attendance of the homeless and indigent, but for those who can provide tithing payments to fill its coffers.

Religions build temples not for the glorification of God, but for the projections of their own self-serving need to feel their beliefs are superior.


Mohammed, Buddha, Jesus and others sought a Heaven with a god that is like a landlord or as a parent expecting a child to be home at a certain hour traveled by a preordained route. Please stop interpreting God with similar values of expectation.


I am not a Parent, Landlord, Child, nor am I Your God.

I do not belong to Humanity.
Humanity can claim no ownership or preeminent fidelity to or from God.
All of humanity is an infidel with respect to the true nature of God.>

Do not expect of me what you do of yourself or others of Humanity. I am not Human.

I am not a Peace Loving God.


Humanity does not understand what is truly meant by the words Peace, Loving, nor God. Without knowing what is truly meant by the words Peace, Loving, and God, humanity cannot possibly understand the phrase "Peace Loving God." Peace that is generally defined as an absence of War or war-like hostility is a recognition of humanity's persistent ignorance. Humanity will be on the threshold of understanding what is meant by a "Peace Loving God" when it vanquishes all poverty, all illness, all hunger, all disease and infirmity, all hostility, all thirst, all homelessness, all criminal activity, all its present business, government, and religious nonsense, all immorality, all aging towards insentience, and all death. But humanity will never be God. It might view itself as a god when compared to species that do not have such capabilities, but humanity will always be humanity no matter how it tries to label itself otherwise. Though other species may evolve therefrom, interpreted to be more advanced in one way or another; so long as humanity survives, so survives the human species... whether its origins are on Earth or elsewhere.


The presence of God is not made more manifest by silence, praying, singing, dancing, humming,thinking, nor whispering in UNISON. The presence of humanity's potentialities surface, like the separation of test-tubed materials placed into a centrifuge, but current humanity does not yet know how to see clearly with eyes forced into a tunnel- vision perspective by the blinders placed on it by business, government, and religion.

  I AM God.   


Your Religion, Religious text, or Religious practice is not a contract for some supposed services rendered or otherwise, between God and you. None of which guarantees you will ever have communion with God.


You do not own God. I am the epitome of Freedom as a human mind can conceive of it. I serve no master and I am no slave to that which I am.


I have no need for Humanity to be a servant nor act as a sycophant when in the presence of an assumed closer-to-God believed in go-between.


Do not attempt to enslave God by making the concept of God into a specialized instrument for your pitiful human machinations of others and things.

I am not yours to Control or have Command over others, nor Conceit yourselves with.
I am not yours to Befuddle, Betray, nor Best others with.
I am not yours to Deceive, Destroy, nor Demean others with.
I am not humanity's personal brand of adulterated reconciliation with respect to misconduct, misdeeds, and misusage.
I am not a Reconciliation.
I am not an abstract principle to be alternatively defined by human rationalizations.
A child's comprehension of God is directly proportional to the ignorance they are confronted with by adult misunderstanding thereof.
So many human problems are directly proportional to the ignorance humans are confronted with by their many businesses, governments, and religions.
I am not Your, Mine, nor Our God.

I AM God.

Heaven is not the Home, Prison, nor Way Station of God. I have no need of such places.
I am not God to serve you, your Religion, Religious text, nor Religious practice.

The Jungles, Forests and Meadows of humanity's hominid and primate pasts became inter-meshed into a singular vague memory etched on the psyche from which the idea of a Garden of Eden arose as a metaphor to describe a presumed innocence. I hold no more esteem for one nor the other... hence, humanity could not fall from a Grace which never existed. This is one of many attempts to conceal human ignorance by way of boastful arrogance consoling fears perpetrated by an insecurity that practices a dichotomy called esteemed ("a steamed") ego (lofted self-projections).

I am not the LORD God.
I am not God ALMIGHTY nor God All Merciful.
I am not God on High.
I am not a belief in God.
I am not a disbelief in God.

I Am God.

Stop using the idea of God and the name of God to exalt yourself, another, or others.
Do not attempt to name God, for I have no name.
God is not God's name, it is a human reference to that which humanity has difficulty imagining much-less knowing.
Do not attempt to place God, for I have no place.
Do not attempt to use God, for those who do will be wrong.
If humanity truly believes that the Universe is God, than any place and any time in the Universe is an acceptable place for human prayer.
I have no need to control or command wind.
I have no need to control or command Earth nor earth (land/soil or sediments thereof).
I have no need to control or command water.
I have no need to control or command fire.
I have no need to control or command any living being.
I have no need to control or command any element.
I have no need to feel or think that I am special.
I have no need of clothing or apparel of any kind.
I have no need of a bunker of any kind.
I have no need of an electron-based technology.
I have no need of a neutron-based technology.
I have no need of a proton-based technology.
I have no need of any atomic nuclei-based technology.


I have no need of business,   political, nor religious machinations elaborated by presumptions of   complexity derived from game theory reduced to mathematical   computations that are thought to exemplify levels of genius   understood by only a select few.

I have no need of grooming or personal care product used for such.
I have no need of solitude nor social gathering.
I have no need of tithing or any charitable offering.
I have no need of confession nor counseling of any kind.


I have no need of parallel agendas like so many individuals and groups of individuals that occupy positions in various businesses, governments, and religions.

I have no need of naked prostration or obeisance for personal consolement or otherwise. These are artifacts of human need. I am not Human.

I AM God.

Do not seek nor give Charity in the name of God.
Do not seek nor give Love in the name of God.
Do not seek nor give Liberty in the name of God.
Do not seek nor give any property in the name of God.
Do not seek nor give any restitution in the name of God.
Do not seek nor give Hope in the name of God.

No matter how often humanity has been shown the truth and what is right, there are some who prefer lies and what is wrong.

Do not seek nor give Faith in the name of God.
Do not seek nor give Tithing in the name of God.
Do not seek nor give Confession in the name of God.
Do not seek nor give Peace in the name of God.
Do not seek nor give Promise in the name of God.
Do not murder, rape, nor commit any violence in the name of God.
Do not love nor make love in the name of God.
Do not cheat, envy, nor covet in the name of God.
Do not believe in the name of God, because the name of God given by humans is not the name of God.
I have no name. I need no name. I am not a name.
Using the human designated name of God in vanity or blasphemy is not wrong, but its intended use may be.
Do not seek nor give War in the name of God.
Do not seek nor give Belief in the name of God.
Do not seek nor give Witness in the name of God.
Do not seek nor give Sworn Testimony in the name of God.
I do not sanction any testimony, legal or otherwise, if a religious text is used to provide a presumption of truth.
Human truth is based on interpretation and definition, not truth itself.


A life designed by lies prefers to live in a world that enables it to prosper. It will go out of its way to ensure the existence of lies in order to give meaning to its own existence regardless of who gets hurt or what is destroyed. Truth and belief are not as important to them as are lies and disbelief. It is a persevering belief occurrence that must be eliminated from the lingering debris in humanity's genetic substrate. It is akin to a disease-ridden mosquito that swells with a livelihood brought on by the moisture of tears having pooled in the furrows of discarded products of human emotional wastefulness.

Do not swear in the name of God.
Do not seek nor produce Hunger in the name of God.
Do not commit a Genocide, Holocaust, nor Armageddon in the name of God in an attempt to validate religious beliefs.
Do not seek nor give Sacrifice in the name of God.
Do not seek nor give Justice in the name of God.
Do not seek nor give Obeisance in the name of God.
Do not seek nor give Obedience in the name of God.
Do not seek nor give Divorce in the name of God.
Do not seek nor give Marriage in the name of God.
Do not seek nor give Oath (no matter what context) in the name of God.
Do not use the name of God on any Currency or Commercial note of bartering exchange.
Do not seek nor give Allegiance in the name of God.
Do not seek nor give Statement in the name of God.

I need no such things and therefore cannot sanction such things to be asked for or given in God's name, otherwise your efforts are soiled with hypocrisy. Seek and give such things in the name of those that want, need, or deserve them. I am not the God of Humanity, because I am not a Human God. I am the God of God's God.


I AM God.

I am not the God of Religion, Science, nor Philosophy.


It is arrogant, self-centered, and selfish to think of one's self, one's people, or one's species as the centered reason and purpose for God's existence. I have no such limitation. Likewise, I am not to be blamed for the errors of nature caused by the errors of humanity. Humanity foolishly tries to tries to place blame elsewhere but on themselves for things that they do or fail to do such as move out of harms way.


The idea of a Judgment Day was created by a paranoid few and perpetuated by many too scared to think for themselves. There will be no Judgment Day, only a Day Of Reconciliation for Humanity to grow up and rid itself of its childish religions, sciences, governments and systems of education.


Those who seek Heaven without attempting to make better the conditions of Humanity on Earth, are not emulating those that have taught a means to reach Heaven by way of a believe in righteous route through Humanitarian aid. Earth has become a Purgatory created by Humanity though some prefer to view it as a Hell. It can be made better or worse. Trying to cut, burn, or destroy the swinging bridge between the doorways of Purgatory and Heaven by whatever means, is a futile way to bring the human concepts of Heaven and Earth together.


For those in search of a Human God, they must transcend that of the believer and worshiper. The Human God can be known to those who transcend the need for proof of God's existence to be shown by God. The human concept of God is proof enough of a Human God existence. Far too many humans seek acknowledgment of their own existence or purpose there of through some measure of defining the existence of God.

  I Am God.

God cannot speak through a religious person because this would be interpreted to mean a God-sanctified religious perspective, instead of the perspective of a God from a non-religious, non-scientific, non-political, or non-business source.


However, I am not a source.

I Am God.
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