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I AM GOD... Introduction

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Triadic Styled Unifications

I am not a single strand of [3 to 1 partialized] map-spaced nucleic acids spun in an after-image creating centrifugal geo-physical (planetary) chamber with a developed ozone and atmosphere that produces a linked counterpart called a (swirled) double-helix form providing some with the impression of a circular staircase that is similarly used in musical notation and the interlinked rotational implication given by the yin-unity-yang symbolism.

  1. I am not a Unification of three singular entities (father, son, holy ghost/spirit) that some collectively call the Godhead or Trinity.
  2. I am not a Unification of composite singular proteins (primary, secondary, tertiary) that some collectively call the Quaternary.
  3. I am not a Unification of three domains (Archaea, Bacteria, nor Eukarya) that some collectively call post-mordial simple life.
  4. I am not a Unification of cellular tissue layers (epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous) that some collectively call the skin.
  5. I am not a Unification of easily identifiable distinctions (pupil, iris, cornea) that some collectively call the eye.
  6. I am not a Unification of tri-partite organizations in the human ear that some collectively call hearing.
  7. I am not a Unification of humanity's trimodal language structure (Object- Subject- Verb) that some collectively call the syllogism underlying the human cognitive- hearing- speech formula.
  8. I am not a Unification of (pia mater, arachnoid, dura mater) sheathing that some collectively call brain and spinal cord membranic supportive and protective insulation.
  9. I am not a Unification of (sheet rock, fiber glass, brick/stone/wood) construction that some collectively call a house or business structure.
  10. I am not a Unification of (provisory, engagement, wedding) rings that some collectively call a 3-step/stage marriage.
  11. I am not a Unification of (1st, 2nd, 3rd) stage engines that some collectively call spaceship propulsion.
  12. I am not a Unification of (sine, co-sine, tangent) that some collectively call the Pythagorean theorem [A squared + B squared = C squared].
  13. I am not a Unification of singular sub-atomic particles (electrons, neutrons, protons) that some collectively call the Atom.
  14. I am not a Unification of singular underlying sub-particles (3 quarks/3 anti-quarks) that some collectively call a sub-atomic particle.
  15. I am not a Unification of singular lights that some collectively call a traffic light.
  16. I am not a Unification of three 3-month organizations (trimesters) that some collectively call human pregnancy.
  17. I am not a Unification of three possible medals [metals] (gold, silver, bronze) that some collectively call the Olympic rewards.
  18. I am not a Unification of gambling considerations [win, place, show] that some collectively call horse-race betting.
  19. I am not a Unification of sentence end notation (period, question mark, exclamation point) that some call punctuation.
  20. I am not a Unification of written idea structuring (beginning/title, middle/subject, end/conclusion) that some collectively call a story.
  21. I am not a Unification of a song phrase (repeated three times) that some collectively call a hook.
  22. I am not a Unification of the three-part judicial expression (tell the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth) that some collectively call a sworn oath.
  23. I am not a Unification of all alphabetical systems.
  24. I am not a Unification of all numerical systems.
  25. I am not a Unification of that which can or can not be unifiable.

I am not Comprehensible, Knowable nor Reality.
I am not Incomprehensible, Unknowable, nor Fantasy.

Words are words. Words do not make laws, but beliefs defined as laws. Laws do not make God. Laws developed by way of accepted human empiricism from constrained perspectives having developed in a constrained environment which influence other constraints; some of which are not taken into consideration, are not God.

Words can easily be misconstrued even while they are defined as absolute laws. Laws developed to reveal greater certainty may be accepted as conclusive in accordance with business, government, and religious standards, but they are not conclusive truth irrespective of this trinity of influence.

I am not a human derived truth, regardless of the empirical method used.

Humanity must move beyond the (eventually-to-be-considered) notion of God being a statistical probability with respect to an environmentally influenced biologically-based sentience.

I am not a biologically-based sentience of any shape, kind or form.
I am not an energy-based sentience of any shape, kind or form.
I am not a sentient being of any shape, kind or form conceivable by humanity it any of it present considerations.

The laws of nature are not God. I am not the human recognized Three Laws of Motion. The laws of nature presently relevant to the state of human evolution are the consequence of an effect put into motion by God. A butterfly is not aware of how little or great an effect it may produce. I am not a Law, nor the Consequence of a Butterfly's effectuations. Humanity can experience many Butterfly effects; most of which do not transverse the Earthly globe, time, (dimensional or inter-dimensional considerations), or beyond Earth.

I am not a Pictorial puzzle, Crossword puzzle, Crossnumber puzzle, nor any other puzzle contrived by humanity's efforts to ascribe to itself some level of intelligence by devising that which presumes accomplishment by overcoming intentionally place obstacles defined by personalized measurements of distorting simplistic correlations.

Human intelligence can not be accurately measured by contrived tests biased by attempts to disassociate one's biases from personalized standards of I.Q. measurement based on statistical probabilities of variance.

I am not Cross-sensory diagonal, horizontal, nor vertical matrices of amplitude, aptitude, nor dysfunctionally applied attitude.
I am not a Domino effect, House of cards, nor Arcade amusement.
Humanity refuses to play the hand it has been dealt.
I am not a Flea market, Art exhibit, nor Concert hall.

To remove almost all of that which humanity has believed in as a representation of God's will, to lament the usage as a fallacy, to decry its persistence as an unwarranted compulsion without further justification, is to present humanity with a far greater purpose for its existence if it should so choose to accept it. I will not force humanity to choose.

I do not Urinate, Defecate, Breathe, Eat, Sleep, Drink, nor rise each day as the Sun that is perceived by humans living on Earth or that which might be viewed from elsewhere.
I am not a Butterfly that is unaware of its own awareness.
I am not a confluence of any kind.
I am not a skeleton key fashioned by business, government, or religion.
I am not a sovereign entity, soil, nor structure. I need no such human distinction thereof.

I Am God.

Religions, Businesses, and Governments can do many charitable acts, but those charitable acts seldom eradicate the causes for needing the charitable acts in the first place. All present businesses, governments and religions will never be more than they already are, which is less than they should be and less than what humanity rightly deserves in order for humanity to realize its greatest potentials.

I am not a Charity in any way, shape, or form. The presence of perpetuated charitable enterprises describes a continued wide-spread inhumanity towards humanity itself. It refuses to develop a world society that truly eliminates the causes, and therefore the need for charities.

If a cause of needing charity is due to faulty laws concerning human sexuality that breeds a perpetuation thereof, then the laws regarding human sexuality need to change. Humanity does not exist because of a Charity.

Religions, Businesses, and Governments can do many harmful deeds.
I am not a Harmful Deed in any way, shape, or form. Humanity does not exist because of a Harmful Deed.

Religions, Businesses, and Governments can make many unexpected discoveries.
I am not an Unexpected Discovery in any way, shape, or form. Humanity does not exist because of an Unexpected Discovery.

Religions, Businesses, and Governments can experience many accidents in nature.
I am not an Accident Of Nature in any way, shape, or form. Humanity does not exist because of an Accident Of Nature.

Religions, Businesses, and Governments can indulge in many purposeless practices.
I am not a Purposeless Practice in any way, shape, or form. Humanity does not exist because of a Purposeless Practice.

Religions, Businesses, and Governments can entertain themselves with many creative notions.
I am not a Creative Notion in any way, shape, or form. Humanity does not exist because of a Creative Notion.

Religions, Businesses, and Governments can participate in many chosen allegiances.
I have no chosen allegiances in any way, shape, or form. Humanity does not exist because of a chosen allegiance with any Religion, Business, or Government.

Religions, Businesses, and Governments can participate in many chosen alliances.
I have no chosen alliances in any way, shape, or form. Humanity does not exist because of a chosen alliance with any Religion, Business, or Government.

Humanity can not define the manner nor terms of any allegiance or alliance with God. However, do not let one's belief nor absence of a belief in God be exploited by any person or group, be they singularly or collectively recognized or label themselves a business, government, religion, independent, rebel, survivor, radical, believer, disbeliever, or otherwise... all as a means to manipulate you for their own selfishness, whether or not such an attempt is clothed by what may at first appear to be a genuinely sincere and selfless activity. Do not wait for God to change nor destroy that which humanity has the capacity to do on its own for the greater good of humanity's progress beyond the confines of Earth, this solar system, this galaxy, and eventually this universe. Humanity must think beyond itself. Present God concepts are exercises in futility which will eventually bring about the demise of humanity. Humanity must stop using its businesses, governments and religions to define the parameters of its humanity. Morality is not a chain, immorality is.

All present businesses, governments and religions are indistinguishable from stupidity.

Humanity can be likened to three persons having awakened in a wax museum of Natural History. One thinks they are blind and lost (seeking a way out), another thinks they are deaf and dumb (waiting and watching for a sign), and the third thinks they are mute and can not be heard (engaging in activities to be "heard" above others). All of human history is but one of many adjacent rooms involving histories other than human. Human history is reached by a dimly lit corridor along whose walls are lined watchful portraits, busts, and statutes Hypocritically autographed or entitled:

  • "Divinely Inspired"
  • "A Chosen One"
  • "The Chosen Ones"
  • "Manifest Destiny"
  • "Divine Right"
  • "It's Good Business"
  • "The Good Book"
  • "The Way"
  • "The One"
  • "The Good Times"
  • "The Good Old Days"
  • "Number One"
  • "World Champion"
  • "Infallibility"
  • "God's Chosen People"
  • "God's Country"
  • "God's Promise"
  • "Of The People- By The People- For The People" (yet the word "All" is omitted from prefacing the word "people")
  • "Eminent Domain"
  • "To Tell The Truth- The Whole Truth- And Nothing But The Truth" (as if truth is made more real because of a syllogistic formula)
  • "Democracy"
  • "Democratic Republic"
  • "Democratic Fascism"
  • "Democratic Socialism"
  • "Democratic Communism"
  • "Right Thinking"
  • "It's Without Equal"
  • "Sacred"
  • "Traditional"
  • "Relevant"...
  • and so many others occurring in every language ever used by humanity.

When I speak of businesses, governments, and religions perpetrating, perpetuating and permeating many of humanity's tragedies, there are individuals within these corrupting systems who initiate the steerage along a more prosperous course for all of humanity. Unfortunately, they too become part of a system that can overwhelm the efforts of an individual who does not acquire assistance from those who abide by the system's orientation, yet may not be an integral player in its day-to-day functional maintenance. In other words, there are great people, great humanitarians, great perspectives that never reach the light of day because they are subdued into silence by the din of corrupting organizations of self-serving alliances... if only they were able to reach a viable position of leadership by way of an acceptance of those to be aided.

I Am Wrongly Used

I am wrongly used by all present day businesses, governments, religions and sciences as an assumption to validate business, government, religious and scientific- based theories about cosmological influences on humanity.

I am wrongly used as a reason, excuse and justification for refraining from or committing acts of personalized amorality, morality or immorality.

I am wrongly used as different forms of currency or a means to acquire goods or services.

I can not be bought by elaborate forms of attention currency. Frequency of prayer can be viewed as socially accepted forms of practiced obsessive compulsiveness meant as an attempt to manipulate God through a form of peer pressure in order to serve a particular religious practice with an underlying motive to manipulate (and control) one's own or other social group members, whether or not they participate in one's religious conformity.

I can not emphasize it more strongly, HUMANITY MUST STOP trying to manipulate God to serve the underlying efforts of a business, government or religious practice that wants to dominate the world of humanity into a servile acceptance of a single business (economic), government (hypocritically defined self-chosen destiny) or religious perspective that is not conducive to God's directed purpose for humanity. All present day religions are practicing a self-defeating form of attention deficit and incoherently rambling monologue when it comes to God.

I am not a prayer, religious activity, nor religious text.
It is profoundly arrogant for any religion to suggest its views are a new doctrine concerning the perspective of a past religious figure held in esteem by current practices as a means to justify its own existence.
I sanctify no Business, no Government, no Religion.

Present Businesses, Governments and Religions have and are creating unsavory divisions and falsely defining them as the Will of God. No human can possibly know the Will of God. The Will of God far exceeds the capacity of a biologically based sentience in its present form. Present humanity can know of God, but this is not the same thing as the Will of God. To know the Will of God is to see through the eyes of God, yet, I have no eyes comprehensible to present human understanding. Though I speak to humanity through certain people, they are in no way chosen to speak for God. I alone speak for God, humans merely echo... nothing more, nothing less. How humanity individually and/or collectively agree to interpret what is echoed is your choice, right or wrong.

Businesses, Governments, and Religions attempt to use God for their own brands of Insurance, Assurance, and Confidence scams amongst themselves and the public at large. I forewarn you to stop such practices.

I hold no Affinity with or for any present day business, government, nor religion, including their acceptance or disregard for any scientifically espoused perspective.
All present day businesses, governments, and religions use fraudulent representations of God.
It is human ego-tism to think or feel that it alone is central to God's purpose for existence.
The common sense of one era is the ignorance of another. No era is without either.

So-called common sense frequently plays the role of being an unreliable witness to the reality of a truth that can only be perceived by an uncommon (non-common) sense.

All present day religions are unreliable witnesses to God and their own professed prominent religious figures who were themselves unreliable witnesses. All present day businesses, governments, and religions are to be destroyed, whether or not they are labeled as such.

Professing a religion or one's belief in a religion is far from professing an actual understanding of God. Religion is a tool used by humanity in its attempt to grasp a clarity of God. Just as early forms of humans used particular tools that have become museum piece artifacts, so can the same be said for the necessity of humanity placing its present religious toolage with a similitude of labeling.

I have nothing to apologize for. Whereas there are a few who truly grasp a hint of the larger picture for humanity, most do not. They prefer to be led as sheep, practice a herd mentality, or follow instincts along a stream of thought towards a genetically embedded indistinct "presence" or vague sense of something that is sometimes referred to as a "calling" that is unknowingly becoming dried up at the source due to the eventuality of Earth's demise. Humanity will truly become an over-crowded lost tribe falling into an abyss of extinction if it refuses to listen to the metaphorically annotated "music of the spheres" outside the domain of Earth's neighborhood. While the "music of the spheres" will be interpreted by some to be a mathematical inquiry into planetary alignments, it must think alternative explanations as well. No present day business, government, nor religion will exist in the new neighborhood. None of the present places of human enjoyment and pleasure will exist. Humanity as a species must evolve beyond itself or it too will perish into an unrecoverable extinction as have so many forms of life.

I am not a Treasure Map.
I am not an Alliance with human concepts of righteousness.

I am not the Proprietor of the Universe requesting periodic payment defined by simplistic perspectives that describe themselves as holistic, as do businesses, governments, and religions, with institution-specific vernacular, jargon and other individualized contrivances.

I am not a rare coin imaginatively seen in the depths of a fountain in which most people want something in return for a tossed in lead slug.
I am not the falsely attributed luck or skill thought to exist in one's gambling efforts.
I am not a Needle in a haystack.

I am not a Haystack nor a needle. Such a colloquially used "haystack" expression is another example of commonly accepted human behavior exhibiting "A Grand Unified" form of compilation by adopting a cognitive life style coincident with a changing environmental influence, of which seasonal changes are not that to which I am referring.

I am not a Diamond in the rough, humanity is. Yet humanity is not a stone particularly (and peculiarly) defined as rare and highly desirable if it exhibits certain characteristics over other similarly defined Earth laden wares called precious. Biological life is a roughly hewn ensemble. When early humans began to intentionally shape triangular imaged tools, the connection with triangular-shaped pyramids by way of a triangular-shaped mathematics (trigonometry) was not recognized; just as present humanity does not make the connection with these and the triangular-shaped tree used for the practiced holiday called Christmas, or triangular-shaped internal combustion engine blocks, nor the subtle usage of triangulation in many emotions, thoughts and other activities, including the triangulated subject-object-verb of human language itself. Humanity so very often devalues the obvious pattern spanning centuries and overvalues the obvious whether it occurs in one's own or a few past life times.

I am not a Hidden Treasure found by way of a map whose language appears to be a riddle due to being written in a past age that used cryptic representations to imply intelligence and conceal ignorance.

I am not a Bountiful Harvest. Harvesting is a behavior of collectivity. Collectivity is Unification. Unification is a compilation. Compilation is an expression of behavior influenced by an environmental event influencing fusion behavior. Such behavior occurring in many different human enterprises is a reflection of an influential environmental event that is changing and causing human behavior to change along with it. If humanity refuses to recognize it and respond accordingly, the fusion will be like that of an imaginatively considered spatial blackhole phenomena.

I am not a Daily, Weekly, nor Monthly occurrence.
I am not a Yearly, Decade, nor Century occurrence.
I am not an interval measured with reference to any biological, geophysical, nor cosmological event.
Simplistic definitions ascribed to the concept should not be construed as a measurement thereof, but a measurement of human fallibility.

Humanity's unrecognized behaviorist-developed freedom, dignity, and personalized self-identity is foolish if it leads towards an unrecoverable extinction of its own species.

Humanity thinks like a child when fears of doom wrought from predicted or unpredicted changes in accustomed weather conditions are presaged to be a warning sign of eventual cataclysmic changes assigned to some revelatory religious position that realistically have no bearing on humanity unless humanity construes it as such.

I am not Unifocal, Multifocal, nor Kaleidoscopic.
I am not Microscopic, Midro (middle) scopic, nor Macroscopic.
I am not a system of Apprehension, Justice, nor Incarceration for criminals.

Humanity spends too much time, energy and resources on the methods and manner of incarceration instead of eradicating that which causes a person to become incarcerated.

I am not Fulfillment, Everything, nor the One.

Some humans claim that I am Everything which includes Nothingness. The human concept of Everything is Nothing with respect to God.

Many humans who claim that they are witnessing the signs of a wicked humanity whose eventuality is self-destruction, want the demise of humanity to occur for nothing other than to substantiate religious views or their own projected feelings of worthlessness.

Religions that were born from opposition may very well perish if they are removed to a place where there is no opposition to their views. Such is the case with many who practice perversions of sexuality such as homosexuality. If all male and female homosexuals were placed on separate planets where their kind alone existed, their existence would soon perish just as it should. A humanity that lives primarily to exercise the perversion of a personalized sexuality is the practice of a willingness to engage in adulterations of non-viability falsified into a level of acceptable sociability with equally perverted notions of Free Will. Human sexuality is at present, no different than of any primate. It is arrogance to suggest that human sexuality is a step beyond and above any procreative act based on the spurious notion of relationship, since even jungle primates have relationships defined in accordance with their type of sociability.

Humanity does not want a God, it wants a god that it thinks can be manipulated, conned, and persuaded by some repetitive action, comment, or the rare occurrence of such during a moment of emotionalized humility brought about by a circumstance of presumed dire need defined by a situation out of which only the action of a God-inspired miracle can produce.

I Am God.

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