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I AM GOD... Introduction

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I am not, have never been, nor will ever be a Religious perspective.

I am not Art, Science, Religion, nor a Miracle.
I am not Merciful nor Unmerciful.
I am not Humane nor Inhumane.
I am not a Contemplation, Reflection caused by constipation, nor social Contamination.
I am in no need of a Heaven, Purgatory, nor Hell.

Humanity chooses to be in need of such perspectives, though they could live quite well without such beliefs being used as tools of manipulation which dominate their lives and the lives of others with persistently reoccurring disastrous results.

  I Am God.
  1. I am in need of Humanity if Humanity is in need of God. Otherwise, there are other things I could be doing.
  2. I am in need of Humanity's Love if Humanity is in need of God's Love. Otherwise, we could simply like one another.
  3. I am in need of Humanity's Reverence if Humanity is in need of Revering God. Otherwise, we could respect one another for that which we are in distinctiveness from one another.

  I AM God.

  1. If your belief is a non-belief then it is a belief that can be non-believed as well.
  2. If your belief is a belief as others believe than it can be believed as the belief of a belief.
  3. If your belief is a view about beliefs, than it can be believed your view is a belief.

I am not a Vital Energy, Cosmic Force, nor Indigenous spirit/god/being.
I am not a record of any Cosmic Event.
I am not an unauthorized Cosmic record.

I AM God.

I am not A indigenous god of Earth.
I am not THE indigenous god of Earth.
There are no indigenous gods of Earth, other than those created out of the imagination of Humanity due to impulse, greed, hate, fear, lust, and other human characteristics.

I am not a Killer, Destroyer, nor Maimer.
I do not need the weather, geology, nor extra-terrestrial means to kill, destroy or maim.
Lineages used to support notions of excellence, importance or viability to maintain or acquire position, promise or pecuniary wealth in or out of religion are those created by the fanciful pattern makings of a humanity devising selectivity.
I have no Lineage and do not sanction any such lineage.

I AM God.
  1. Monotheism is Singularity from Diversity.
  2. Polytheism is Diversity from Singularity.
  3. Humanity is a Diversity seeking Singularity.
  4. Singularity is not Diversity.
  5. Diversity is not Singularity.

Diversity is exploited by the governments, religions, Institutions, groups, and individuals who also exploit anything, everything, and anyone for self-serving reasons.

  • Simplicity can be Profound if Profundity is Simple.

I am not a Mile marker, Grave marker, nor a Carver of colored pictures in sand.
I am not a Jeweler, Silversmith, nor Blacksmith.
I am not a Farmer, Fence builder, nor Laborer of any kind.
I am not a White Collar, Blue Collar, or no Collar worker.
I am not a Tomb, Nunnery, nor Monastery.

I Am God.

I am not a religious rite, religion, nor made hallow in any way, shape, or form.
I am not a Charismatic, Banker, nor Gambler.

Humanity's financial industry is a pimp that influences the persistence of misery by encouraging debt it wants to prostitute into an addiction of prolonged servitude. Humanity's schools of Business Administration focused on maximizing profits and profitability at the expense of humanity's morality is a training ground of capitalistic terrorism. Capitalism in and of itself is not bad nor wrong, but how it may be applied to the detriment of humanity the whole in its efforts to achieve its potentials, can be a representation of that darkness humanity must remove itself from.

I am not a Financial Executive, Industry, nor Counselor.
I am not a Social Worker.
I do not play dice with the Universe nor Existence.
I am not a Statistician's Probability.

I am well aware of what choice's Humanity will make. Humanity will never know what I know but it can know what it permits itself to know of itself.

Planet rotation is deliberate and purposeful.

All of humanity must become deliberate and purposeful in its procreative efforts. Procreative intention provides a way out.

I see only one dominant Human Race on Earth. It is this race Earth's humanity must breed for.


All present races of humanity born from the occasions of deliberate and purposeful environmentally random cyclicity are to be dispensed with in due course. All business, government, and religious tenets of procreative desirability such as the "Be Fruitful and Multiply" proclamation are hereby annulled.


Deliberate and purposeful intentions of breeding a singular nation for producing a specific culture to dominate all others must stop. Present human politics is like listening to a field of Crickets at night, trees full of Cicada's on a summer afternoon, the cockles of roosters in the early morning, and watching Snowflakes fall on a stone warmed by the Sun.

I am not involved with Tobacco, Drugs, nor Fanaticism.
I am not a Slaver buyer, Slaver, nor Auctioneer of Slaves.
I am not a Decoy, Desiccant, nor projected Compartmentalization of human comprehension assuming some lofted position epitomized by a singular word, illustration, or action.


Humanity's infantile obsession with itself, like a primate having discovered the distinction of (its) self reflected in a pool of water, presupposes that an entity of pure good (God) and pure evil (Devil/Satan) are likewise obsessed with an humanity that considers itself as being of primary importance within the spectrum of its own preoccupationally defined concepts of extremes.


Humanity is not in a state of irredeemability for some presumed born-with religiously defined Original Sin fatalism that can only be absolved if certain business, government, and/or religious observances are practiced.

From the Many but not the All, has come the One which designs the obsolescence of the Many but not the All, unless the rest make no effort to vanquish the One. This is humanity's fight, humanity's battle, humanity's war against itself. I will not intervene but will intercede, as I see fit, on behalf of the very few whose survival must be preserved for reasons and a purpose far beyond the grasp of present human considerations. Do not test the will of God. No human society will not be unable to escape the upcoming fray.

I am not Providence, Prison, nor Prostitution.
I am not responsible for Responsibility that is avoided.
I am not a Light into Darkness.


The dark areas of humanity have been ventured into time and again since humanity's emergence unto its own measure. It must move away from these fruitless explorations in order to be able to adequately fuel the inner light which will be necessary when it begins exploring presumed areas of external-to-Earth darkness. Those humans that fail to establish an inner light will become lost to and lost with others of their kind while also being lost in that which no darkness can emerge from.

I am not Darkness, Light, nor the shade of any Color.
I am not a Cloister, Blessing, nor Devotion.
I am not Expansionism, nor the Expanse of any inner, medial, or outer sanctum sanctorum.
I am not an Explosion, Implosion, Medial- nor Meta-plosion.
I am not Educated yet useless.
I am not Ignorant yet useful.
I am not a Ghostly emergence expressed as the shadow of a former self.
I am not a Target of Opportunity though many businesses, governments, and religions think otherwise.


I am not an artifact of humanity's Sub-conscious, Conscience, nor eventual Hyper-consciousness (when, in hindsight, humanity compares that to come... with what is experienced at present.)


I am not a Skeptic, Believer, nor Apathetic observer like some primate in attendant audience of events occurring in its immediate purview.

I have no Ethereal beginnings nor endings.
I have no Atomic nor Molecular beginnings nor endings.
I have no Earth-born nor other-born genetic beginnings nor endings.
I have no Viral nor Bacterial beginnings nor endings.
I have no Aquatic beginnings nor endings.
I have no Reptilian beginnings nor endings.
I have no Primate beginnings nor endings.
I have no other-than-primate Mammalian beginnings nor endings.


All businesses, governments, and religions are to be faced with the experience of their own obsolescence and demise. Humanity's many sufferings are in part due to the cesspool called Earth in which it lives. Earth's galaxy is part of that cesspool, as is the Universe in which this galaxy cycles within. Humanity must collectively seek out and find a source of fresh water, soil, and air in which to live. Such a water, soil, and air source may not be the same as is now interpreted nor defined in present human terms of usage and need.

I am not a Callous ingrate portending a false doom.
I am not supposed to be a human contrived subterfuge for the realization of a profound reality.
I do not intend to omit any of humanity's many misdeeds, missteps, or misgivings.
I am not a sleight-of-hand Vaudeville show-to-impress act practiced by every business, government, and religion.

Humanity too often practices one or more of the three Prison, Hospital, Cemetery venues of activity.


God's knowledge as it is and not as present day religions claim, is not to be perceived as an unauthorized research project. Individuals can very often seek and find an aspect of God with greater clarity than that which is embroidered with so much of today's religious nonsense.

I am not a Renegade, Fugitive, nor Rebel without a cause.
I am not a Magician, there are no tricks up any sleeve.
I am not a Clown nor court Jester for human usage, entertainment or otherwise.
I am not responsible for evil Thoughts, Feelings, nor Actions.
I am not responsible for Faithlessness, Futility, nor Forgetfulness.
I am not a Clock, Calendar, nor Ruler.


Humanity can very well perceive itself to be a work-in-progress. It was meant to be self-sustaining and self-perpetuating with a level of self-maintenance capability exceeding any and all expectations outlined by business, government, and religious perspectives. Humanity must recognize its own course of deterioration and intervene on its own behalf. Again, let it be emphasized so that no one misinterprets: All present day businesses, governments, and religions are inadequate to the task needed for humanity's growth beyond its present course towards extinction. Humanity must get past all of its business, government and religious nonsense, no matter how it is defined or practiced. The current level of degradation should be viewed as a contemptuously shameful embarrassment, particularly since it has the means to do otherwise.


This is not an exercise of immorality, negativity, nor anarchy.


When examined and compared together, though all are less than that which humanity must excel towards in order to prevent its eventual demise if it should continue as it is: There are more Bad businesses, governments, and religions than there are Good ones but there are more Mediocre ones than there are Bad ones.


The landscape of humanity has been surveyed and mapped out for its potential. The mounds, teepees, tri-pods, triangulated mathematics, trimodal language, tripartite brain architecture, pyramids, and triangular solar pathway are singularly, (but not collectively) well known. The first stone has been set into place. Humanity can use it as a philosopher's seat, stone, or alter... or a cornerstone for perpetuating present businesses, governments, religions and cultural artifacts thereof, or it can use it as a mile marker at the cross-roads of its present existence. Humanity must collectively choose.

I am not a Trophy, Plaque, nor Certificate to be placed on any mantel, wall, shelf or table top.

I Am God.

I have no need as the Wealthy, Middle Class, nor Poor.
I have no need for Glorification, Adulation, nor Commemoration.
I have no need for the many human designed commencement ceremonies.

I am not the ancient god(s) of the Unicameral, Bicameral, nor Triarchic mind (whom ancient Greeks and Romans fashioned in their own image and others fashioned after the likeness of plants, animals and other embodiments.)


Humanity does not know God. I am the convergence of a convergence of a convergence. In a simplistic, not-to-be-taken-literally, expression: I am the God of God's God. Humanity must truly distinguish itself from God and God from itself. Perhaps through a process of reverse elimination (instead of the former and present forms of reverse psychology), humanity might come to know God and itself as well.

I am not to be Judged by the Judgment of others. Use your own judgment for yourself.
It is your own realized Judgment that provides a personalized Communion with God.

I Am God.

I am not to be found in Fasting, because I do not Fast.
I am not to be found in Gluttony, because I do not Eat.
I am not to be found in Intoxication, because I am not intoxicated.
I am not to be found in Pecuniary Wealth, because I have no need of it.
To speak for God is not to speak as God.
To speak as God is not to speak for God.

I am not Homosexual Love. Homosexuality is a rationalization for unrestrained projected self-love. Homosexual Love defined by an acceptance of believing in a purity of simplistic sexuality unconstrained by the presumptions of heterosexual inferences coincidental with the procreative practices of primates in a jungle, is a disgrace to the words Humanity and Love. Humanity should deal with Homosexuality as they do any communicable viral disease.

I am not to be found in an Hallucinogen, because I am not an Hallucination.
I am not to be found in Meditation, because I do not Meditate.
I am not to be found in Contemplation, because I do not Contemplate.
I am not a Communion with God nor any god.
I did not make the world of humanity a miserable place. Humanity itself is responsible.
If I were a human, I would not want to follow the practices perpetrated by present human businesses, governments, nor religions.
I cannot be found behind Bars, Walls, nor at a distance because I have no boundaries or bonds.
I cannot be found if in finding I am to be measured by human expectations.
I can be found only if you realize that I am not lost, I am merely overlooked.

  1. A go-between you and God is not necessary, but can be useful if you think such is needed. This need is not to be rendered nor accepted by another who attempts to manipulate, persuade, nor trick you into believing you need a particular human or other form of go-between that places themselves in any way, shape, or form before you.
  2. I cannot be reached if you remain attached to a bad habit like an infant tied to an umbilical cord through which bad nutrients or poor nutrition are transferred.
  3. I cannot be reached if you remain clinging to a religion, religious text, or religious practice like a babe suckling at its mother's breast, or sucking a thumb while holding onto a security blanket. It is time to be weaned.
  4. I cannot be reached if you remain burdened by the soiled stains of memories that should have been washed from a heart, mind, body and soul that should have been dried in the open air long ago. ("Open Air" does not necessarily mean for public viewing, it means purging.

I am  not a Catharsis, Remedy, nor Solution.
I am not the Yin/Yang, Alchemical Elements, nor Bodily Humors.

I Am God.

I am not the Gold, Silver, nor Bronze medals,of the Olympic contests.
I am not the Red, Yellow, nor Green street lights.
I am not the Additive nor Subtractive colors.
  1. To cast off Religion, Religious Texts, or Religious Practices is not to cast off Morality. To cast off Religiously Worn garments (clothes, jewelry, events, beliefs, views, and other such descriptions...) is not to cast off Decency, Morality, nor personal Wisdom, Integrity, Intelligence, Creativity, Originality of Thought, Curiosity, Good Intentions, or other well meant abilities.
  2. To cast off Religious Comments is not to cast off responsible speech.
  3. To walk away from Religion is not to walk away from God. To walk away from Government is not to walk away from Society. To walk away from others is not to walk away from Humanity.
  4. Though I do not walk, I will walk with you if you so desire.
  5. Though I do not speak, we shall have communion if you so desire.
  6. Though I do not see, smell, taste, hear, feel, nor think, I will know of you if you will know of God if you so desire.
  7. If you follow the path of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, and various others, If you may find yourself in Heaven one day, if that is what you want.
  8. I am not in humanity's Heaven. I need no such place, it is humans who want such.
  9. I have no need of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha or the other religious icons.It is they who seek a need in God in order to guide others along their chosen path.
  10. I did not choose them, they chose their own interpretation of God. It is your choice to follow them or to follow God.

I Am God.  
I have no need of Heaven, Purgatory, nor Hell. These are human concepts and I am not human. There are many paths to Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell. The sign posts exist in all languages, whether or not you can read, speak, or hear language.


Various types of false maps used for marketing purposes and called Religious Texts have been compiled:   

  1. Some require certain clothing, but God/s only dress code is one of decency.
  2. Some require repetitive tasks, but these are games like children kicking a can, skipping rocks on a lake, or stepping on every other stone, stick, or signified spot. Humans cannot perform the tasks of God no matter how repetitive they are.
  3. Some expect particular words or sounds to be uttered, making themselves into spectators instead of participators (participant spectators). Singing, dancing, crying, laughing, fighting, winning, losing, chanting, praying, thinking, imagining, listening, clapping, and other behaviors practiced in a ritualized activity is not necessarily an exercise in personal participation; but personally spectating in like-minded fashion that may increase, prolonged or short durationed solidification of the group with or without loss of a personal identity distinct from the encountered group. Those who chant, sing, yell and move about in unison at various sporting events are not participators, they are spectators. You must look past all these and the rituals used during the events.

I have no need of Spectators nor synchronized group of participators paying homage.
I am not a Player, Coach, nor Officiating member.
I am not an R.I.P. (rest in peace), D.O.A. (dead on arrival), nor Rest In Purgatory Epitaph.
I am not a Grounds keeper, Stadium cleaner, Maintenance employee, Ticket booth worker, Security guard, Concessionaire, Stadium nor Team Owner.

I Am God.   


The concepts of Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell will exist as long as Humanity persists in perpetuating them. If such continues, humanity and these limiting concepts will be buried with the same epitaph of silent regard.


Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell are for those who will not sacrifice their Human Heart, Mind, and Soul:   

  1. Heaven is for those who will not sacrifice their human concepts of soul upon the alter of clarifying wisdom.
  2. Purgatory is for those who will not sacrifice their human concepts of heart upon the alter of knowledge.
  3. Hell is for those who will not sacrifice their human concepts of mind upon the alter of clarifying understanding.

I Am God.
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