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I AM GOD... Introduction

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Every Thing, every Place, and Every Person has its own purpose, its own purity, its own perfection. It is not God's purpose, purity, nor perfection.

Humanity has its own available path but it must choose to travel along its journey. It has thus far been a journey fraught with intermittent periods of religious falsification of God. I am not religion. I never was nor will I ever will be religion. Religion attempts to congratulate itself for periods of personal gain or excuse itself from the many abuses which arise from its actions or in actions. I can not and I will not hold humanity's hand as if it were a naive, feeble, or mentally regressed child. Humanity must grow up or perish in the void of its own stupidity being played out day after day by its many businesses, governments and religions. Humanity must get past its corrosively perverted sexual indulgences. It must be decisive in ridding itself of those who engage in such practices.

You are not now, you never were and you will never be God. To be God is to be God. I am what I am and what I am is God. You want God to listen intently, without distraction, when you are speaking. Yet when I ask the same of you, you do not respect God's wishes.

  1. All human thoughts, feelings, and actions are imperfect, impure, and impurposeful.
  2. Do not confuse "im" with "in".
  3. Humility, Knowledge, and Wisdom do not distinguish a Lesser or Greater than quantity.
  4. Humility, Knowledge, and Wisdom do distinguish qualities of Intelligence, Ignorance, and Innocence.

I can not be bought off with Prayers or any religious activity meant to do so as if in so doing, I am obligated to surrender myself to forms human bidding that attempt to gain favor through larger bodies of membership used as a suggested qualification for righteous thought, action and purpose.

I can not be persuaded to join any person or group by attributing God's name to it.
I can not be convinced to join any person or group by attributing God's name to it.
I can not be forced to join any person or group by attributing God's name to it.
I am not Race, Prejudice or Bigotry.
I am not a Race course or fixed horse, Track Meet or doctored feat, nor an Olympics staged for human participation and viewing with its many gimmicks.
I am not the politics of Sports, News reports, or Social escorts.
Humanity must let God be God with respect to terms and definitions humanity has no present ability to comprehend the subject matter thereof.
The word "God" is not the word of God.
I am not a word.

I AM God.

To claim one's views as being religious thought based on a presumption that to use one's own language-appropriated vernacular denoted as worship, or is otherwise described as religious, does not in any way guarantee one's belief is valid.

Usage of the words "God, Almighty God, Supreme being, Lord" and many others, does not automatically transform one's views into a religion nor gain some inviolable measure of righteous used as a shield, weapon or talent for escaping.

I am not religion nor religious thought or feeling.

  • Evolution is evolution, mutation is mutation, manipulative genetics is manipulative genetics. I do not, by intention, control every event thereof. Diseases, malformations, or other events in nature do not need God's presence nor absence in order to occur.
  • Humanity must strive to live past its own existence in order to realize that it is not the end result of intention... by design in order for humanity to claim its presence is a manifest destiny, thereby gaining an immutability.
  • Evolution is adaptation... by design.
  • Adaptation is a natural event of randomness... by design.
  • Humanity adapts to nature over time through a process it designates as evolution... by design.
  • I have designed the design, but not the design of each random effect... by design.
  • I have no need nor desire to design every calculable random event in order to explain, in present human terms, the reasons for limiting events of nature within the sphere of present human events that have a calculable randomness suggesting a design by deliberation with a watched-over-by-God specificity with a Universal meaning beyond the present scope of human considerations.
  • Do not project your own human desires for power-through-control, onto what you think or feel a god should do. Humanity does not at present have the capacity to comprehend the subject matter in content nor context.

Much of humanity's present existence is like that of a cartoon. A violently romanticized control of greed.

I am not Mathematics, Politics, nor Archaeology.
I am not Genetics, Go-Cart designs, nor Oceanography.
I am not Game Cards, Dice, Checkers, Mah-Jongg, Darts, Billiards, nor Pachisi (Parcheesi).
I am not a Repertory Company, Card-carrying club member, nor fanatic Aficionado.
I am not a Gambler, Bet-ter, nor Chance taker of any kind.

Humanity gambles, humanity bets, humanity takes chances. Humanity must decide which gambling, which betting, which chances are favorable or unfavorable. Humanity must collectively make better usage of its gambling, betting, and chance taking abilities. Present usages are directing humanity along a course of personalized extinction. Humanity must collectively decide a better course of direction. Humanity must move beyond its individualized avarice, coveting, and false witness bearing.

Humanity must stop bearing false witness about God.
Humanity must stop coveting God or presumed abilities thereof.
Humanity must stop using God for greed.
I am not the Last Alternative when all human efforts appear to fail.
I am not the Middle Moment of respite to thank, condemn, or reflect on.
I am not the First Consideration for any undertaking.
I am not Halloween, Christmas, nor New year's.
I am not a Holy-day in any way, shape, or form.

Immaculate Conception/Virgin Birth Fallacy

I am not an Immaculate Conception and have never ordained such an occasion to be experienced by any one or thing at any place or time. The belief in an Immaculate conception is for the truly ignorant.

I am not an Original Sin nor have I ever created the conditions for such a condition to be experienced by any one or thing. This is a human perspective supported by the antiquated superstitious mental wizardry of a bygone era that humanity should have grown out of by now. It is a belief, like so much of the nonsense found in business, government, and religion, that is developed and promoted by those who practice manipulation of the naive, down trodden, and ignorant.

I am not of Virgin Birth in any way, shape, or form that can be conceptualized at this point in the development of humanity's brain toward a mind.

The Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus, nor any one or thing were born to a God Ordained Virgin birth to be used as a tool of manipulation, denigration, or specialized veneration. So-called Virgin births are not an impossibility due to physiological and genetic variability.

It is a stretched acceptance of imaginatively convoluted logic to believe that the mothers of the (so-called) Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, or anyone/thing could be married to someone and yet be a virgin at the same time. This then describes a marriage that is not consummated with a commonly practiced wedding night initiation. If the marriage was not consummated in this manner, than no marriage took place in a conventional human sense of a couple having sex. Any impregnation that takes place will thus be outside the realm of wedlock that was publicly presented and accepted as a marriage. In this sense, the birth of a child from such an impregnation is sometimes referred to as a love child or bastardized creation, whether it is from a lover or due to a rape. If a child is claimed to be of virgin birth than the act of impregnation took place by unconventional means, be it described as scientific or through an act of God (or a god-like entity whether deemed good, evil, mischievous or earthly or extra-terrestrial origin).

If I am the father of the (so called) Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, or anyone/thing, who is said to also have an Earthly father and mother, than I and the mother have committed adultery. If the notion of adultery is dismissed by a further exercise of convoluted imagination based on the proposition that because I AM God (Purity, Perfection, Purpose), no such act of impregnation of Impurity, Imperfection, or without Purpose can take place; then the needs of God should be seen to supersede the needs of the human father who, by divine selection, chooses the time and place for the expression thereof. Such one-sided logic is used to defend, in some human cultures, the practice of men dominating women in all aspects of their sexuality and life. Such practices are not only wrong, but are vile abominations to the reality that each person is an individual and must be respected as such. To deny this is to practice a deliberate distortion of God's hope for the further development of humanity beyond all its presently hoarded nonsense.

It is foolish not to recognize that a particular woman can claim to have been chosen to give birth to a special child or select a particular man to get or pretend to get impregnated by them; as well as a particular man can claim to have been chosen to select a particular woman (for an actual or pretended) impregnation. If a woman claims that her child is due to the willful act of an angel or God, then the act of having sexual relations with a human counterpart could very well, in this same vein of illogical deductive reasoning, be seen as a betrayal. They have then committed adultery against the angel or God. If I were indeed a jealous God, such infidelity would not go unaddressed. But I am not a jealous God and I have no need to engage in procreative acts with humans to produce a god-child. Such is the birth place for the human notion of "god-child": Instead of claiming the emergence of a child is due to a virgin birth in order to conceal a pregnancy not due to the act of a married couple communion with one another, but that of another, which would bring with it widespread disbelief and accusations that might be damaging to the couple's relationship; a lesser, nonetheless religious (god-child) defined conception helps to conceal a pregnancy due to a communion without one of the married person's efforts.

Humanity has the capacity to test everyone in order to establish true genetically defined parameters of past and present origin, as well as for future delineations for a purpose presently exceeding humanity's grasp of its own reality.

Claiming that a child is the product of a Divinely intervened virgin birth is an easy way, amongst believers harboring a like-minded naiveté or ignorance, for someone (both father, mother, relatives and supportive others) to conceal a pre or post-marital rape, as well as a pre or extra-marital affair with the to-be husband or someone else.

All businesses, governments, and religions practice a level of philosophized nonsense that is detrimental to human growth potential.


I am not an Opening, Middle, nor End Game, however labeled or defined whenever by whomever.
I am not a Hobby of any kind, Diversion of any kind, nor Doodle of any kind.
I am not Chess, Water Polo/Pool, nor Horseshoes.
I am not a Sport of any kind, Recreation of any kind, nor a Picnic for any purpose.
Do not define, describe, nor defend any day as sanctioned by God.
I am not a Masonic nor any other kind of ritual.
I am not a Chamber nor any other space for Rites-of-Passage, Atonement, or Ascension.
I am not a Chamber of Reflection, Contemplation, nor Sacrifice.
I am not a Witches coven, Criminals Den, nor Paranoiac's hideaway.
I am not a Covenant nor protective ark thereof.
I make no Covenants of any kind.
No one Speaks, Intercedes, nor has been assigned the task of Power-of-Attorney for God with respect to Covenants.

Any business, government, religion or single person that performs the deeds of manipulating one or more others with doctrines of Coven-tial assumptions are practicing a defamation of God's true character like many a cult and coven have ritualized to set themselves apart in order to pay themselves tribute. To practice Coven-tial assumptions become unwarranted Coven-tions revolving around especial powers of persuasion with the intent of ascribing especial qualities to a person, place, or thing such as a political party or leader, religion or religious leadership, or commercial activity which may or may not ascribe a focus on a particular person, place, or thing itself. Such activities presupposes that God is dead. I am not dead. I am here only as I so choose to be.

I have given no I.O.U., Promissory Note, nor Contractual agreement with any person, place, or thing.
Humanity need not heed anything I say. The consequences which follow are of humanity's own doing.
I may warn of impending woe, and I may provide directed assistance away from as well as towards a more enlightened path, but I make no demands on Humanity, just as I make no demands on any life form on Earth and elsewhere.
I am not human Compassion, Curiosity, nor Courage.

I have never nor will I ever force humanity to abide by any human interpretations of what they think is God's will. God's will is God's will. I am not an accommodating servant to be used to service the needs of humanity at is every petty whim.

God's will is for humanity to develop its own global good will in order for it to acquire the necessary consciousness, faith, and security to leave its deteriorating place of growth. If humanity does not, it will surely perish along its present course of extinction. Humanity has now been given the means, method, and measure for the necessary exodus from Earth, this Galaxy, and eventually this known-to-humanity Universe. There is so much more available to humanity than all the present day exercised business, government, and religious nonsense it falsely identifies as being important.

Those that practice blood-letting and destructively indiscriminate activities claimed to be sanctioned and justified by an ordinance of God, are those engaging in expressions of an immature adolescent emotionalized mentality. Such activities are very often connected to a personal sexuality they have not come to terms with.

Humanity suffers enough from its own misdeeds,... I need not punish an Humanity which produces its own multitudinous forms of virulent evil.

There is no Satan, only human-devised satanic practices that can become so ritualized as a standard of cultural observance that they are not seen for the negative aspects disguised by the interplay of more positive attributes derived from other perspectives.

I have made no contractual agreements (covenants) with any business, government, or religion... nor will I ever do so. Those that say I have, do, and will, are not telling you the truth. Humanity has the ability to reason or be unreasonable. What arrogance it is for those who claim to have a covenant with God and yet practice a life style of enslaving God to their will. Humanity must stop trying to bend me to its will that is enslaved by its own self-centered ignorant interests.

I do not abide in any human sanctioned heaven of any kind. Therefore, human claimed steps, ledges, series, levels, castes, acts, activities or other graded precipices of presumed increasing ascension to reach such a heaven, are without merit.

Lots of people have imagined many wonderful potentialities for humanity, but humanity does not collectively assert themselves towards a concerted effort of realizing such an actualization. Dreaming and doing are juxtaposed alternatives. The egocentricities of present businesses, governments, and religions are regressive stalemates to the exploration of human potentialities as a whole species.

Better laws voted on, supported with, and Cenocratically practiced by the whole of humanity are desperately needed.

I AM God.

Those who do harm to the innocence of a Collective Vote are without the innocence of a soul and must be dispensed with.

I am not a Nuclear device, Super Nova, nor Big Bang.
I am not a Projectile Weapon of any kind.
I am not a Power; Super, nor Otherwise.
I am not an Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, nor Special Forces, no matter how labeled or named.
I do not engage in Espionage not counter-espionage.
I do not make War, Peace, nor any Social condition in between.
War, disease, or any calamitous event are not the province of an underlying Satanic force.
Belief in Satan is a human foible.
Satan does not exist. Evil exists because humanity lets it persist.
Though humanity may very well perish, I will not.
Human Purgatory, Hell, nor Heaven are forever.
I am forever: if such a concept is necessary for you to try to comprehend God.

I AM God.

  1. The God of God's God will not be found in Religion nor Meditation, but Contemplation that does not become an obsessive compulsion for the perpetuation of its own means.
  2. I AM God the seed. I seek the fertile soil of an open Mind, Heart, and Soul Spirit in which to grow.
  3. I am like that of a tree, for those who need such a concept to contemplate God. I have 1 root in Heaven, 1 root in Time, 1 root in Space... These three roots are Dimension. Heaven is not a place but an event that must not consume human contemplation like a child at a County, State, or National Fair, Market Place, Carnival, Beach, Sand box, Toy store, Pastry shop, Flea Market, Play ground, nor Museum. Humanity must grow up, past what it presently is. For the sake of continuing human existence beyond itself, humanity must mature beyond its present concepts and practices of all subject areas. All present day subject areas are little more than enlightened superstition.

I am no longer here to Feed you.
I have nothing to do with the human defined Manna from Heaven.
I am no longer here to Bathe you.
I have nothing to do with human defined Baptism.
I am no longer here to Clothe you.
I have nothing to do with human defined dress codes.
I am no longer here to Change your diaper.
I have nothing to do with human defined soiling in any way, shape, or form.
I am no longer here to Bandage scraped knees.
I have nothing to do with human defined stumblings.
I am no longer here to Soothe ruffled feathers.
I have nothing to do with human defined arrogance, impertinence, nor aggression.
I am no longer here to Nurse you back from illnesses and injuries.
I have nothing to do with unwanted human defined situations perpetrated by your own actions as well as mounting in-actions due to the cowardice of a species to do the right thing.

I am not a taunter.
I am not a tempter.
I am not a teaser... for ill will, action, or feeling.
I do not barter with, for or about life and death.

Humanity may very well seek to destroy God when it acknowledges the reality that God is not as humanity has wrongly presumed since perpetrating false beliefs concerning God. And when humanity finds that it can not realistically harm God, it may then seek to harm itself and/or others of its own kind, like a child throwing a tantrum when it doesn't get its way.

Humanity's business, government, and religious institutions do not want universal peace unless it is defined solely by the reigning members of each institution's echelon alone; without regard or respect for the opinion of the populace at large, because they are all false leaders whose primary objectives are ego-centric in nature... whether that egocentricity is aligned with blind-sighted personal or short-sighted administrative objectives. They fear conditions of peace because their ineptness to lead humanity towards a more purposeful direction will become known even by the most ignorant. They all lack the necessary vision of wisdom, fortitude of faith in human perseverance, and the courage of conviction when presented with conditions which appear from time to time to be insurmountable obstacles to goals that must be altered according to the appreciation of an expanding consciousness of direction. They prefer actions which give the outward impression of peace or stability yet conceal under and over-lying turmoil.

I am not the god nor god's of any human defined enterprise however entitled.
Humanity's presumed God is a god.
I am not a god.

I AM God.

  1. For those who do not need Nature, Nurture, or Nothingness metaphors to contemplate God, let God awaken in your capacity to understand as I am able to be comprehended at this moment of humanity's evolutionary development of a mind from primitive brain functions (encephalization processes).
  2. I am beyond the boundaries of human Purgatory, Hell, and Heaven.
  3. The various dimensions of human Thought, Feeling, and Perception do not bind me.
  4. Do not seek for God at a God's Home, Tavern, nor Market Place, for I am not there. I have no need of such human built shrines of stupidity.
  5. I am not the God whose image is portrayed by Religion, Science, nor Occult fascinations.
  6. I am not bound by the simplistic notions of God imagined by humanity.
  7. I am not bound by the simplistic notions of God individually fashioned and labeled with words such as Prophecy, Divination, nor Revelation.
  8. I am not a Revelation, Divination, nor Prophecy.

I Am God.
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