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I AM GOD... Introduction

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I am not a God of convenience.

Do not treat God as if I were a Convenience, Speciality, nor Department store.
Do not treat God as if I were a Fast-food restaurant serving various three-item combo meals that one can pick and choose according to one's mood, time of day, or other vagaries of personality.
Do not treat God as if I were a Water Well, Fishing Hole, nor Wading Pool.
Do not treat God as if I were a Bountiful Ocean, Stream, River, nor Lake.
Do not treat God as if I were an Unopened Trunk in a basement or attic.
Do not treat God as if I were a Billfold or purse of Money without an identification.
Do not treat God as if I were a Judge, Jury, and Executioner.
Do not treat God as if I were an Oasis in a desert of many mirages used to describe the behavior of leading religious figures.
I am not a God of reverence.

I am not a Closely Knit Society practicing ostracism defined as a form of social death as was done in biblical times. The death of Lazarus in the Christian bible was an ostracism practiced in a day and age where one's chances of mortal survival depended largely on their day to day existence within a given society. To not be attached to such a society very often resulted in a person's death because of the extent of their dependency on the group for long term if not day to day survival. Jesus' act of bringing Lazarus back from the dead was a metaphor of bringing him back from an imposed isolationism. Such an activity could very well be interpreted as a miracle to an ignorant people that saw the return of such a person as a highly unusual event.

I am not a Miracle and nor do any actions of God constitute a miracle. Humanity creates the notions of miracles for self-serving forms of manipulation of others.
Humanity is not a miracle. Humanity truly does not understand itself nor if the preeminent consideration of itself and God is viewed as that defined by a simplistic word such as miracle. Humanity should not limit its understanding of itself nor God by the limitations imposed by words derived from a vocabulary designed and used by those to express their own limitations.

A Humanity that needs the notion of a miracle to provide hope of God's inimitable presence as a reassurance of humanity's personal significance in the greater universal scheme of things that have been, are, and will come to pass; needs a far greater appreciation of itself and God. Humanity will never be more than it is so long as it is enslaved to the traditions of thought exhibited time and again by the practices mimicked generation after generation of businesses, governments, and religions.

All of Creation, whether known or unknown to the consciousness of humanity, is not a miracle.
I am not Emptiness, Nothingness, nor the All.

Belief in a particular business, government, religion or activity thereof does not define a person closer to God nor a goodness for which none better exists.

All present day businesses, governments, and religions have no significance beyond their own presently proscribed social utility... otherwise, they all represent triviality.

All of humanity will be forced to relinquish its claim to a right of stupidity advocated by present business, government, and religious practices.

Religion needs morality as a justification for expressions of a presumed righteousness. Morality needs not religion.
Business needs trust, such honesty needs not business.
Government needs patriotism, such Fidelity needs not government.

There are many types of life forms in humanity's heaven, but no one nor thing is with God. I am not in Humanity's heaven. I need no such limiting place. Humanity tries to persuade God by force, by enslavement, by way of various forms of manipulation; to a time, place and event for its own selfish ends.

I am not Hot, Warm, nor Cold.
I am not the Red, Blue, Green, nor colorized/uncolorized Mixtures thereof.
I am not Light, Color, nor Darkness.
I am not Right-OK-Wrong, Yes-Maybe-No, nor White-Grey-Black.
I am not Sanity, Logic, nor Intellect.
I have no interest in human logic no matter how sound the logic appears to humans. It is human arrogance to think otherwise. Human logic is irrelevant to God. All that humanity knows amounts to little more than nothing, no matter how relevant it is used for human considerations. It must free itself of this nothing's fetters in order to begin to learn something. I do not need human logic in order to exist.

I am not Amoral, Moral, nor Immoral.
I am not Insanity, Irrational/Illogical, nor Mentally retarded.
I am not Emotional, Unemotional, nor Intellectual.
I do not purposely confound humanity with information called religion or philosophy.
I do not provide humanity with any mysteries, riddles, nor conundrums.
I am not Animal, Vegetable, Fruit, nor Mineral.
I am not Amphibious, Reptilian, nor Fly.

Children have the ability to simplistically grasp the nature of God but are prevented from doing so by the complexity of adult misunderstandings thereof. No business, no government, no religion is the nature of God. They will never truly begin to grasp the nature of God so long as they remain as they are. Immorality is not the nature of God. Greed and promiscuous sexuality are not the nature of God. Intoxication is not the nature of God.

I am not Bovine, Ovine, nor Porcine.
I do not have Scales, Feathers, Fur, nor Hair.
I do not have a brain with dendritic interminglings metaphorically viewed as the intertwined roots or branchings of a bush, tree, or returning weed.
I am not For, With, nor In.
I am not Against, Without, nor Out.

I Am God.

I am not a god, a goddess, nor god-head/middle/bottom.
I am not a personal nor collective god.
I am not the god of any business, government, nor religion.
I am not a David, a Goliath, nor Observer or Audience thereof.
I am not a Devil, Demon, nor Angel.
I am not a Charm, Talisman, Fairytale, Idol, or Icon.

Humanity's concept of God is thought by some to be a representative linguistic model of transmutated energy, as if the word "God" is a/the first step of a toddler in grasping a truer nature of God's believed-in larger presence and reality.

Humanity has forced God to be a public figure even if I should prefer privacy. Projected human attributes of salient desire to be more than what is described as human can not be protected as a certainty of eventual acquisition by being protected from extinction simply because humanity shields such personal desires in a garment entitled "God".

I am not human, I have no human attributes. Humans will never be God. To be God is to be God. I alone am God. Be all that you can achieve, achieve all that you can be, but you will never be God. Do not let any present business, government, nor religion define God for you.

The human pedigrees established and noted by businesses, governments, and religions do not constitute Assurance, Believability, nor Commendation of a registered-with-God righteousness.

I am not a Baptismal for young, middle aged, or the old. No one can baptize in the name of God. The cleansing of one's spirit can not be validated by belief in any present day religion or commensurate philosophy that may not be described as a religion in an attempt to intentionally convey a professed superiority, or conceal one's inclinations to assume a superiority through behavior defined as a superior humility. Manipulating oneself or others like some elaborate form of memorization game called Chess which originated from suppressed ideals expressed in contexts formalized into presenting the notion of intellectual superiority; is little more than another human form of unrecognized mental whittling that is emotionalized.

I am not an undiscovered species.
I am not a species of god-like creatures harboring some time, place, or event in history.
I am not a Ghost, Spirit, nor Apparition.
I am not a Banshee, Ogre, nor Clandestined Beast waiting to bushwhack.

The idea of a god-place, a god-time, a god-personage, to be reached by way of an ascendency, is the metaphorized view of a primate brain looking up at some supposed fruit attached to a branch higher up in a tree socially thought to contain advantaged positions of necessary regard.

I am not a Changeling nor shape-shifter. I have no need to change into a form which I am not. Variations of this idea can be found throughout human history. Not infrequently, humans have desired and practiced alternative forms of changing a base metal into a precious one (such as present coinage), or a base substance into something more valued (such as by describing something as ancient, an antique, having class, is a classic, or classical). It is the same mental behavior being clothed in jargon, vernacular-styled language expressed in different contexts. Humanity has not actually changed that much from days of old, it has merely developed more elaborate means of concealing the comparisons. However, humanity frequently views itself individually, and collectively, less than what it actually is and presents falsified representations of its own greater potentials that can not be achieved so long as its collective societies absorb fruitless exercises towards a realization thereof.

God's H.M.S.
(H.M.S. God)

There are things for you,
which I must do,
and that no one else has the ability to pursue.

It was written long ago,
before Earth's first snow,
but a few nonetheless have learned to know.

It's the coming of an age,
spelled out on a page,
written on the H.(eart) M.(ind) S.(oul) of every chosen sage.

Never before have I've showed,
as a signpost on a road,
such a footprintless ocean that must now be rowed.

I can not rewind,
the emptying hourglass of this time,
nor can I for you choose: the darkness or divine.

From the past— be departed,
let the ignorance of history be discarded,
before Earth and its worlds are splintered... then sharded.

I am not a Holy nor Unholy Order of any kind.
I do not practice Religion nor Witch Craft. the presumed need for religion is practiced and perpetuated by those who claim such is necessary.
I am not a Leprechaun, Fairy, nor Monster.
I am not a Genie, Fortune teller, nor Mystic.

I am God for that species of humanity in the making. It's business, it's government, its religion is in the making. No present business, government, nor religion will ever be complete enough. All of them refuse to grow beyond their own self-centeredness to adopt a global practice of accepting each person's choice as a sacred vote that must be cast or they must be dispensed with. Reclusiveness due to infirmity or innocence of childhood not withstanding until such time as children in the near future will have the mental capacity of decision as those now permitted to choose based on voting age maturity guidelines. All present businesses, governments, and religions deny the existence of the sacred vote as outlined herein. Humanity has no debt to God, but to itself. I will not choose for humanity. The lack of a vote towards the human potential of ascendancy over each generation of its own arrogance, ignorance, and greed, is no different than a vote against itself. The end result of such a vote is the demise of human existence.

The growth of an unchecked human population will result in the reduction and resiliency of resources. Human incarceration as it is now practiced will need to be abolished. Those humans requiring extended periods of incarceration because of recidivist inclinations will need to be dispensed with. Humanity will not have the time nor resources to supervise those judiciously caught and tried for engaging in criminal activities considered as abhorrences to an enlightened species. Such criminals must be dispensed with. To not do so will result in the absence of humanity as a species in the present environment called Earth.

I am not Numerology, Voodooism, Eschatology.
I am not a Voodoo doll, Voodoo spell, nor Voodooism mixed with another religion.
I am neither a conventional, unconventional nor mixtured point of view.
I am not a recipe, menu, nor footnote.
I am not Quixotic.
I am no a Spy, Double Agent, nor Agent for higher to the highest bidder.
I am not a Crevice, Crack, nor Pot hole.
I am not a Turn of Events.
I am not a Nursery Rhyme, Sports event chant, nor Laughter in an Audience.
I am not a Vigilante, Robin Hood, nor a misused "Opiate of the Masses" reference.
I am not a Quid pro Quo in any way, shape, or form.
I am not Convivial alacrity that is congenial to the convergence of compliance.
I am not a sensory denoted form of Schizophrenic Clang Association.
I am not any form of Disassociative State.

I am not to be made into an Addiction to replace another addiction. Such obsessive compulsions must seek other than that which chains them to a conveyor belt form of mental and emotional estrangement from themselves and others.

I am not Pity. Humanity does not need to be pitied, it needs pitiless compassioned assistance to help it grow up to obtain its foremost potentials. Don't feel sorry for humanity, assist it so that it may return the favor to others when it grows up... without expectation of return or assurance of competition in one's lifetime.

I do not involve myself with the guesswork obligingly necessary for humanity's fulfillment of its utmost potentials.

Humanity's self-degrading sexuality has no where to go but eventual obsolescence because it has become diseased by its promiscuous forms of interbreeding falsely defined and accepted by misguided social notions of diversity further perverted by despicable public indulgences of voyeurism.

I am not a Martyr, Sinner, nor Saint. These are religious labels. All religious labels are too confining for God. I must emphasize that I am not religious. Human religious observances have a history in superstition that they are inclined to claim an ownership thereof by their ability to manipulate.

I am not superstitious. That which is denoted as superstition, when applied to a larger-than-the-prevailing-largest appreciation, is but a small, mislabeled example of an understanding not commonly grasped by most because their interpretations are typically selective and short-sighted.

Light energy is Linear, Circular, and Triangular in form. Humanity has recognized only two of the three. Its experimental methods in this area of discovery are based on a dichotomous presumption which perpetuates its conclusions through supportive validations that are valuable for an dichotomously antiquated mindset functioning.

I have no need of Martyrs nor those seeking a Martyrdom based on any present day religious views. Those seeking to be a Martyr or obtain Martyrdom by way of shedding blood, taking captives, or causing destruction, have been infected by a degree of evil prejudice that can not be condoned. Those who persist in such activities have a personal death wish for themselves that will be effected by their own hand.

Any observation can be made into a pattern. The usage of number patterns to infer a greater quality where none in fact exist, may appear to others as an exercise in futile stupidity if used for a mere practice in the enumeration of pattern developing skills and nothing more useful. Shoulder shrugging clarification often evinces little more than what it implies.

I am not a Priest, Warrior, nor Artisan, regardless of context or definition.
I am not a Witch, Warlock, nor Vampire.
I am not a Werewolf, Frankenstein, nor Slayer of the innocent.
I am not a Ghoul, Goblin, nor other Malevolent entity.
I am not a Sense, Sensation, nor Senseless manifestation.
I am not a Natural, Unnatural, nor Supernatural being.
I am not an Abstraction, Contortion, nor Convolution.
I am not a Follower, Bystander, nor Leader.

On Leaders and Leadership:

1) The average leaders follow tradition.
2) The great leaders forge a trail.
3) The greatest leaders have placed transition and mile markers that the great leaders know by instinct, intuition, or personalized interpretation to follow, and the average leader becomes traditioned to.

Most followers are those who fall into an abyss of a specialized belief and knowledge which presume their belief and knowledge is made more real, more certain and thus closer to truth, if it is accompanied by repetitive practices of superstition defined as superior knowledge. Hence they are a fall-ower. Some remain within the abyss, others leave and never return, while others freely come and go. Some abysses are total darkness, others are dimly lit, while there are those with full light... all of which can be applied to some human perspective that may have little value beyond its immediate sphere of influence. Only a short-sighted abyss perspective can look back upon you reflectively.

I am not a Light, Candle, Lantern, nor Incense.
I am not a Tradition of Prayer nor Habit of Thought or Feeling.
I am not a Cross, Hand, Ring, nor Anything Else to be kissed as a religious observance of a prescribed social demeanor, whether perfunctorily or sincerely exercised.
I am not multi-Organed, multi-Limbed, nor multi-Past, Present, or future in any way, shape, or form.
I am not a Cult, Club, nor Gang to be joined.
I am not a member of any Cult, Club, nor Gang.
I am not a Circle, Square, Triangle, nor any Geometric form.
I am not a False, True, nor any other form of Prophet.
I am not a Prophesy to be used as an alternative form of inebriation or altered state of what humanity presumes to be consciousness.

Polygamy, Promiscuity, and Prostitution are necessarily defined immoralities with respect to humanity's present population status. Whereas once used as viable forms of procreative incentive to increase population types and numbers, they are no longer needed. Those who practice, defend, or encourage such as a way of life, regardless of their social standing, should be dispensed with. Verification of such violations must be objectively forthright.

Homicide, Homosexuality, and Hedonistic hedonism are immoralities. Those who commit such should be dispensed with or that which causes someone to commit such should be dispensed with.

Homicide is justifiable with respect to all those involved with the perpetration of spousal infidelity. Destruction of property in such cases is not justifiable, unless necessary for personal defense.

Divorce is justifiable with respect to all those involved with the perpetration of irreconcilable differences such as abuse of person or property. Neglect is abusiveness.

Both male and female Whores, Welchers, and Wanglers practice immoralities. All should be dispensed with, including those involved with perpetuating these practices.

All of humanity is obliged to intervene in its own behalf.
Do not expect God to do that which humanity itself must do.

Present human laws regarding those who commit, those who cause them to commit, and that which causes them to commit immoralities and other crimes, are inadequate for appropriately addressing the occurrences and recidivism of immorality and other crimes.

Because you do not understand something as I do, does not make you wrong. You do not need to know all that I do in order to be right in your circumstances with regard to your humanity in a particular context. However, an acknowledgment of being honorable and just in one respect does not imply truth or righteousness in all perspectives.

No religion, business, nor government is completely wrong nor right. Yet they are all wrong if they claim God to be theirs for others to pay foremost tribute to.

I would not hesitate to sacrifice the One to save the Many, or the Many to save the All... yet this is never to be interpreted to represent a human inclination to do so for human reasons. God's reasoning is not human reasoning.
I am forever, humanity as it is, is not.
My time is eternal, present humanity's is not.

God's Eternity can not be described by humanity. Eternity beyond human definition can only be intimated, but never accurately described by humanity as to what it actually means. The measurement of human time is not the measure of God's time.

Humanity is much too old to be playing in the rain puddles of present business enterprises.
Humanity is much too old to be clinging to the apron strings of present government structures.
Humanity is much too old to be suckling the breast of mainstream and alternative religion.

Present religions, businesses, and governments are tattered security blankets that are suffocating the growth of a collective humanity. These entities refuse to accept God as I am and not as they presently perceive God to be. They are all false witnesses.

Fornication is fornication, Procreation is procreation... I am neither of these.
Infatuation is infatuation, Love is love... I am neither of these.
Hunger is hunger, Thirst is thirst... I am neither of these.
I am not a Statue, Picture, nor Jewelry.
I am not a Stone figure, Terra cota figure, nor Figure of any kind.
I am not a Figure of Speech.
Human images of God are human images of God. They are not sinful.
I am not an image.
No human is born privileged in the eyes of God. No one is chosen unless I choose them for a specific purpose. This purpose can not be defined by humanity.
Human presumed Privilege disposed or imposed is privilege given... by humans and not by God. Don't attribute to God what is not.

I am not human. A humanity that needs a God with human attributes in order to grasp the nature of God has a primitive brain with an insignificantly developed mind.

Do not expect good fortune by providing gifts of any kind at an alter or ceremony of any kind for a perspective of God developed by a method of personal choice for a given assumption. I am not a personal god.

Do not expect good fortune by providing gifts of any kind to a statue which may be in a form that is not described as a statue. I am not a representation of a god.

I Am God.

A Statue of the Buddha represented as an obese person is an unhealthy perspective. Obesity is too often confused with strength, power, or wealth instead of the sadness of misunderstanding. The Buddha is represented in different places of humanity with three different body types. Each can be linked with a different from of misunderstanding. These three different Buddha portrayals are defined by body type: Thin, Medium, and Obese. It is obvious humanity has not yet grasped the significance of this reflection in terms of its own developmental brain processes.

Do not blame genetic malformations on God. Humanity is not in the image of God or there would be no malformations, no growth, and no genetically describable human.

Unintentional abortions occur everyday. Most go unnoticed or even recognized as a process of current states of human biological processing. Menstrual cycles as well as seminal expulsions, however actuated, are forms of abortion. Life began long before the process of human gestation was ever developed. Such life was often aborted due to prevailing circumstances consistent with environmental events many billions of years ago. Likewise, intentional abortions occur everyday. Most go unnoticed or even recognized as a process of current states of day to day human sociological intercourse. The extent to which both unintentional and intentional abortion should persist is a question to be answered by the whole of humanity. No selective group of business, government, nor religious individuals may decide this issue. All of humanity must collectively and openly vote on this and other issues considered to be fundamental to its existence as a species.

Humanity must get past its stupid academic, business, government, religious, and scientific nonsense.

Genetic malformations have a causal factor that humanity can control for its own benefit.

It is ridiculous for humanity to even consider that controlling genetic development puts humanity in line with the practice of playing God. Decisions concerning life and death do not in any way suggest humanity could ever play the role of a god or be God. It is human arrogance and ignorance to describe any human act as being synonymous with God. So much of human arrogance attempts to conceal its ignorance about God. No present business, government, or religion will ever be able to understand, much less describe God.

I am not Genetic development, it is a minuscule characteristic of life's processing.
  • Do not blame your acts of violence, however so defined and rationalized, on God. Acts of violence are very often a result of a misguided religious perspective.
  • Do not blame your fears and insecurities on God.
  • Do not credit your courage and faith to God.
  • Do not blame your misfortunes and recurring troubles on God.
  • Do not credit your blessings and happiness to God. I am not a blessing to be bought nor sold by any business, government, nor religion.
  • Do not blame your effortless attempts on God.
  • Do not credit your accomplishments and achievements to God.
  • Do not blame a lack of wish fulfillment on God.
  • Do not credit your acquisitions to God.

The death, disability, defense, or deterrent of a Loved One, Neighbor, Colleague, or of a Stranger despite earnest prayers for intervention in which one's own life or important aspect thereof may be offered in exchange, is not a punishment nor disregard of one's selfless pleas for assistance if and when the desired outcome is not achieved in an allotment of time defined by you. To try to barter one's self or aspect thereof for that of another is an expression of one's own egotistical self-regard. What arrogance to think of oneself as being so important that their life or aspect thereof is of such vital interest to God. Humanity has far too long defined God with human attributes and desires. Humanity continues having difficulty seeing past its own personalized reflection.

I Am God.
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