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I AM GOD... Introduction

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I am Perfection, Purity, Purpose.

In the context of discussing the material at hand, "I Am God.." is a greeting from one another; as a means of distinguishing that which is necessary for the purpose as outlined in the forthcoming. It is not possible for humanity to emancipate itself from that which binds it to its present repetitions, until it is ready to accept a realistically higher placement of its potentials. These potentials cannot be identified, much less defined, so long as humanity perpetuates a false understanding of that which is implied by its varied usage of the word "God," irrespective of how it is spelled or pronounced.

The aforementioned purpose is to help humanity in grasping a greater understanding of God so that humanity may pursue a greater growth beyond itself, beyond its pitiful understanding of itself in relation to a concept of God, and beyond its present trek towards an extinction... which will ultimately result in one business, one government, one religion; these three fused into one— entirely distinguishable from such labeling and definitions as are put into present usage ...only the beginnings of which exist today due to the present state of the particular environmental events predisposing humanity along this course. So long as humanity, as a species remains on the Earth, its demise can be ordained with a certifiable certainty. With this said, so begins the dropping of pebbles, rocks, and boulders into the ocean of human possibility; with or without an apparent eccentricity and each having its own measure of undulating effects— linearly, concentrically, or triangularly...

Humanity's present interpretations, understanding, and explanations about a presumed place called Heaven; is an Asylum for religious lunacy. Such a place, if it existed, could never be reached from Earth by the actions of a superstitious humanity. All present religions, and any that may be fashioned while on Earth, are the product of superstition, regardless of humanity's attempts to logically construct one otherwise. Earth is not a suitable place for a non-superstitious religion.

If a place called Heaven is the epitome of human aspiration, it is the celebrated practice of a supreme mediocrity indulging in superstitions concealed by futile attempts to practice a rational religion on a planet that influences the development of superstition. Any sentient being can conceive of a place called Heaven that is achievable if one or more certain acts or attitudes are expressed. The concept of a Heaven is the mindset of a child that refuses to grow up. Heaven is the Santa Claus for adults. If humanity can conceive of a delusion from the confines of Earth's environment, surely humanity's ability at imaginative constructions can develop a conceptualization of the reality which lays beyond the Fairytale called Heaven when it is no longer chained to Earth.

At best, the human concept called Heaven is a dried up watering hole that, due to a long practiced repetition that has become habituated in the literature and various liturgies of humanity..., both in and out of religious orientations: forces humanity to delude itself with the miraged presence of water atop the hot vapored sands of nonsense. This is why some believe that the concept of a Heaven originated in the minds of those whose lives occupied desert terrains. Humanity sorely needs a far more beneficial watering hole for a further development of a spirituality beyond any concept that could ever be derived from any present day human religion, thought to be influenced by God but are in actuality the survival products of humanity subjected to various experiences of Earth's environments.

  1. Businesses create divisions for profit dominance.
  2. Governments strive to conquer profit dominance for taxation control.
  3. Religions want to divide the conquerors into manageable subservients in order to increase their tithing coffers.

All businesses, governments, and religions intentionally try to breed sycophants. I need no sycophants. Humanity must stop attempting to maneuver itself into positions it believes will provide it with special favors from God. All present day religions are a false staircase to God. I favor none of them, nor any of their followers.

I am not an Executive, Temporary worker, nor Homeless indigent. Businesses, governments, and religions have participated in the development, severity, and persistence of Homelessness, Poverty, and feelings of Hopelessness.

I am not manipulated by those feigning some injury to be taken care of by another whose compassion is used as a doorway to seduce them either for sex, money, or other personal property. Such thieves should be dispensed with.

I am not a seducer. Those involved with such an activity should be dispensed with. The seduction of a child is the ignominious activity of those who should be dispensed with and social gratitude should be provided for those engaged in doing so. Present forms of incarceration for such individuals do not guarantee the individual will not practice a recurring recidivism. One such act against any child or innocent is far too many. Aggressive, retaliatory, and pro-active interventionist methods must be enacted. Therefore, present laws concerning such individuals are inadequate to deal with the necessity of relieving humanity, permanently, of this troublesome burden.

I am not an elusive atomic ("GOD") particle to be sought and found.
I am not the Black hole, String, nor Dimensional theory.

I am not a theory of Time Travel obsessed with traveling to and fro within the confines of human history on Earth. Time travel has no such preoccupation with a single place nor species. Present writers of science fiction are extremely short-sighted.

I am not a theory of Teleportation. Humanity's present concepts thereof are projections of its own restrictive positions on Earth.
I am not Atomic Quantum mechanics, Mouse trap mechanisms, nor Machinations of any kind.
I am not a Rationalist. Rationalism and its obverse or any measure between are human constructs.
I do not live in the City, Country, nor Isolation.
I am not the Core, Mantle, nor Crust of Earth.
I am not an Angel, Devil, nor any entity between these extremes.
I am not a Freelance journalist, soldier, nor other employable individual of any kind.

I am not chained to humanity, yet humanity attempts to tether God by way of a religiously defined umbilical cord. Neither religion nor atheism are appropriate for severing the cord.

I am not a philosophy of life, death, universal suffrage, sacrifice, nor give and take approximation.

I am not the Yin, Yang, nor their Unity. Yin and Yang are not opposites, but individualized con-joined points along a spectrum of consideration humanity's small minded perceptions dichotomize in order to disregard larger minded acknowledgments. Humanity seeks a truth it is fearful of because so many of its businesses, governments, and religions breed varying forms of dependency that teach and expect respect of an exploitable ignorance taught by its many institutions of learning.

Earth is the third of two previous attempts to establish a viable form of "living evolutionary process" that is self-perpetuating and not destructive. Earth is not forever. Humanity that remains on Earth is not forever. Humanity will perish if it remains on Earth.

I am not a Low, Medium nor Higher truth. Such expressions are left-over vestiges of a mind still swinging in trees.

A professionally professed claim to the superiority of one's belief in God does not result in a superior belief nor a superior God. It is the ignorance of religion to alter the definition of God through a "great, greater, greatest" scheme of reasoning in an attempt to benefit their emotional and mental immaturity. Many individualized portions of perspectives expressed in a multitude of human orientations have insight into the relevance of an idea or fraction thereof, that God is fore-shadowing at this time. Such revelations do not in any way provide even the most minuscule right to a proprietary claim of being closer to God than anyone else.

I am at the same time, Great, Greater, and Greatest... and yet these are the descriptions employed for a usage to be understood by the ignorant. In short, all of humanity is ignorant. To think otherwise is to manifold that ignorance into a stupidity. Humanity's present intelligence is focused on quantifying that stupidity into a hierarchical arrangement for purposes of identifying individuals as occupying lesser and greater social levels of ignorance to imply a superiority over others such as by attempting to convey a greater level of modesty, lawfulness, or humbleness.

No business, government, or religion is great, greater, nor greatest. An attempt to use one's belief in God as a validation of truth, reduces one's belief to a less, lesser, lessest denomination. Using a religion to conceal personal assertiveness in order to indulge in practices that are defined as wholesome so long as they occur within a religious precept, is hypocrisy.

Intervention is not always the best course of action, whether defined in accordance with variations of directness or indirectness. In order for a parental figure to permit the development of a child's personal style of intelligence, wisdom, and intuitive appreciation, there must be allowances for growth to take its own course and not be led by way of continually supervised instruction that can at times be meddlesome. Hence, humanity cannot be led by the nose as if it were a draft animal. I will instruct from time to time, but the consequences of humanity's actions as well as in actions are of its own making. The possibility of humanity's self-extinction is very real, but can be averted. I will instruct but I will not intervene. If humanity refuses to accept the given provisions of an ability to evolve beyond its present nonsense, there is little need to continue as the gardener of Earth. I have no interest in being the caretaker of Earth-as-a-graveyard.

I will not stop the eventual extinction of Earth and this galaxy. There is a larger purpose. If humanity wants to be a part of the larger purpose it must, by its own volition, choose to be a part of the larger purpose instead of the smaller one it now plays. The extinction of humanity is an absolute law of eventuality if it chooses to remain in an environment whose demise must occur. The image of Earth as a Mother is perpetuated by religions that want you to also believe they are the life-line, an umbilical cord (umbilicord) of survival. This umbilicord must be severed. The Earth as a Mother must become buried in the recesses of human consciousness for those who will eventually leave Earth and its galaxy. Do not permit religious perspectives to chain and shackle humanity to chambers in a dungeon called Earth headed towards a burial for which no headstone will remain to mark its passing from existence... Different places in the Universe have different measurements of time.

I am not a Measurement of Time, though humanity's conceptual ornamentation of God from the past to the present can be used as a very primitive allocation-of-time piece, much in the manner of a stick stuck in the ground by which its convening shadow is used to crudely tell the time via the solar daylight aperture.

I am not the Citric (Krebs/Tricarboxylic) Acid Cycle.
I am not Perpetual Motion, Perpetual Intermittency, nor Perpetual Stasis.
I am not the Head, Thorax, nor Abdomen of insects.
I am not the 3 bones fused into 1 hoof of equine (horse) development.
I am not the dominant 3rd (middle) finger of the human hand.
Chance is chance, luck is luck, fate is fate. I do not, by intention, control every event thereof. Humanity must strive to look past the grasp of its own existence in order to see that it is not the end result of intention... by design. Humanity was designed by intention to have the means to design its own intention. The development of designed intention can take many paths, including what is called Evolution. To think otherwise is self-serving ignorance and denial of God's ability to use whatever means, methods, and measures as needed for a given purpose.

To drink without thirst is an attempt by someone to counteract the presence of a physical, emotional, or mental disease, injury, or illness. I encourage all of humanity to stop.

To eat without hunger is an attempt by someone to counteract the presence of a physical, emotional, or mental disease, injury, or illness. I encourage all of humanity to stop.

Those who force, persuade, or intimidate another to:

  1. Drink when they are not thirsty.
  2. Eat when they are not hungry.
  3. Consume larger portions than are needed for appropriate nurturance and growth instead of some form of obesity.
  4. Consume any substance when there is no need thereof such as for manipulative socializing.

...are attempting to make the person dependent on the substance and perhaps themselves or a confederate for the unneeded substance thereof, such as a drink, food, or drug. I encourage all of humanity to dispense with such individuals working alone or in conjunction with others that regard humans as little more than consumers to be used, abused and excused at will.

I am not a socialized energy source, policing force, military presence, governing control, religious sanctuary, or any other human enterprise that are forced on a public that is forced to comply with. Humanity must stop creating laws which require the adoption of further laws that permit the initial laws to be subverted by socially influential individuals, groups, or organizations... regardless of how described.

I am not the Id, Ego, nor Superego or their popular psychology counterparts labeled Child, Parent, and Adult.
I am not an Intellectualization used as a defensive or assaultive mechanism.
Intellectualization can be a highly useful descriptive tool.
I am not an Intellectualism of composite Infinitesimals, Fractals, nor logistically arranged Incongruities.

It is foolish for any existent to think that it is nothing without divine will. If all existents require divine will, then so do I. This is a reciprocation of nonsense. If divine will requires divine will to exist as divine will, than a lesser counterpart would deem it less than divine will in order to be distinguished from other than divine will. This is the logic of stupidity. If God requires God to be God, then God is not God but a human-contrived god.

Humanity has created many versions of God. These redactions are sublimations ornately colorized for a given era and standards of existing consideration within a given social orientation. I am none of these. I do not, nor will I ever belong to humanity.

The frequently misunderstood word "God" or its reductive counterpart "god" are not Logograms, Lexicograms, nor Lithograms.

I am not the Ectomorph, Mesomorph, nor Endomorph.
I am not the Ectoderm, Mesoderm, nor Endoderm.
I am not the Endoskeleton, Mesoskeleton, nor Exoskeleton.
I am not the Pia Mater, Dura Mater, nor Arachnoid encephalization processes.
I am not the Reptilian, Mammalian, nor Neo-Mammalian brain structures.
I am not the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd molars of human dentistry.

I am not Pity-ness, Petty-ness, nor any other Path-ology (the study of a particular pathway, that is not, in this case, referring specifically to medical interests).

I am not a Neurosis, Psychosis, nor Normalcy.
I am not a thief, grifter, adulterer, nor "player" (male or female whore).
I am not a Psychopomp, Psychophysicist, nor Psycho phenomena of any kind.
I am not a fraud, exploiter, nor commit confidence scams.
I am not a retail shop owner, business executive, nor public servant.
I am not an employee from whom you expect more, yet have no intention of paying for the additional expectation.

Humanity must move beyond the conceptual notion of believing that God has expectations of humanity that can be defined by business, government, or religion as a means to perpetuate a belief for fostering its own existence first and foremost regardless of how many are maimed or killed, or what is destroyed.

I already know the choice to be made by humanity with respect to its growth beyond the present trail of extinction. It is not a gift. It is a choice humanity will make for itself. It cannot be controlled by any present business, government, nor religion. Do not attempt to discern what I know based on present derivations of expression that may suggest to some that, in doing so, humanity will weather the storm of its own destruction to spring forth anew. That which is and will be are not written in stone, no matter how long or by what means one or more individuals take to impress their own views thereon... like Moses and so many others, in and out of religion, have done.

No religion, no religious leader, no religious teaching represents God. All such constructs are perversions of the greater ideal.

Humanity must move beyond the conceptual notion of expecting a personal reward in a Heaven from God, for a personal sacrifice given on Earth. Whereas humans are quick to describe enormous differences between Heaven and Earth, it hypocritically refuses to do so when evaluating assumed personally measured sacrifices on Earth to expectations presumed to be Heaven-supported standards. If the standards of Heaven are that much more than the standards of Earth, then humans expect more for less. Far too many humans are being taught a sense of spirituality based on a commercialized exercise that presume God to be a store keeper who barters the cost of goods, and is subject to occasional manipulations that advantages a person while disadvantages God. Humanity suffices only to manipulate itself into further ignorance.

I am not a Mistake. Humanity must not define its past, present, nor future by its mistakes when it has so much more to offer to itself and that which will come. However, repetition of the same mistakes is a cause for dire concern that humanity must address. Humanity's present system of businesses, governments, and religions are unenviable preoccupations of reoccurring welts.

I am not a process of information overload. Far too many individuals and groups succeed in manipulating the public by way of overwhelming their ability to be defensible, as if being attacked by a swarm of insects.

I am not that which you must seek.
I am not that which you must find.
I am not a Giant, Tawdry shadow, nor Waves of soundless echo.
I am not a Holy cause in any way, shape, or form.
I am not to be found by any physically, mentally, or emotionally Mantra-ed expression.
I am not the 3 of Om (AUM), nor any derivative thereof.
I am not a Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, nor Ph.D. degree, collectively called by some the three-step higher education staircase.
I am not an Associate's degree, nor associate in any degree with Degreed Associations.
I have no Formal, Informal, nor other human designated form of Education.
I have no need of Money, therefore I cannot be found by way of a money trail.
I have no need of Paper, therefore I cannot be found by way of a paper trail.
I have no need of Technology, therefore I cannot be found by way of a technology trail.
I am not to be found because I have never been lost. Humanity is lost to itself and falsely presumes it can find itself by attaching foolhardy beliefs to a god.

I am not a god, goddess, nor genderless being of supreme supremacy.

I Am God.

Humanity must learn to be its own best friend, and choose its friends more wisely than it has done so in the past. Humanity has begun to splinter into three groups. Those of the past, those of the present, and those of the future. It alone must determine and practice the level of friendliness to extend to itself.

I am not a Blind Alley of overvalued expectations resulting in yet another blind alley of expectation.
I am not a Dead End, rotund Cul-de-Sac, nor unforagable trail.
I am not the Universe, Nothingness, nor Infinity.
I am not a Singularity, Duality, nor Plurality.
I am not the One, the Many, nor the One and Many.
I am not Laevorotatory, Reverberotatory, nor Dextrorotatory.

I am not an Economic theory, whether it is used by a business, government, or religion for justifying motives of exploitation defined as "for the good of the public" when, in actuality, it is for selfish survival motives.

I am not a Circadian, Bio, nor Brain wave rhythm. There is a larger three-patterned triangular rhythm coincident with biological development on Earth that is connected to the solar path and more easily recognized by way of time-lapsed photography.

I am not one of the three misnamed horses in humanity's presently corralled brain: Day dream, Sleep dream (R.E.M.), Night "mare".

Much of Humanity does not want truth. It wants a fabricated reality confirmed by a manufactured god belief (or disbelief) that can be used for commercial greed, religious guided rationalizations, or justification for committing one or more atrocities, immoralities, or impotence of internal thought, feeling, or external action. Much of Humanity practices profound hypocrisies.

The Intelligence Quotient of God is more than all that I am because I have no I.Q. measurement that can be understood. I have no Intelligence nor Ignorance. These are naive characterizations used by humanity with a brain still functioning from a primitive hierarchical perspective that sometimes requires a convoluted semantics to grasp what is believed to be an approximation of new (original) growth instead of seasonal growth after a proportioned hiatus.

There is a need for intelligent ignorance to be addressed with ignorant intelligence because those who possess such can make more informed usage of intelligently presented information that emerges as a signpost at the crossroads humanity is now faced with. Likewise, an intelligent naivete' can interpret purposeful authorship to a naive intelligence providing a table of contents which dutifully stretches one's comprehension, imagination, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom... including at times, purposeful application thereof.

Humanity was born with the capacity for the potential of applicably exercising great intelligence, wisdom, courage, fortitude, compassion, resilience, creativity, altruism, magnanimity, originality, and a poorly defined usage of the word beauty. Yet all of these descriptions are human romanticisms and do not bear any resemblance to the qualitative capacities of God. They are used to exemplify an exalted characterization of desirability, but are in fact menial representations of a much greater possibility. So long as humanity uses such expressions, just as it uses the expression of God as that which is foremost, humanity will bind itself to a primivity it refuses to grow out of.

As children, humanity typically perceives simplistic images when it looks at clouds such as the superficiality of objects found in nature and characterizations of fears such as dragons or other representations of good or evil. Not until the whole of humanity consistently sees alternatively otherwise, such as mathematical, chemical, and linguistic equations in clouds, will the brain of humanity begin to grasp the beginning of a growing mind. Present children can be taught to see the realization of a future humanity in order that these impressions are genetically transferred to future generations.

I have no Skeletons in any closet except those designed by humanity as projections of its own iniquities.

I am not Altruism, Harmony, nor Centeredness.
I am not an Algorithm, Allegory, nor Alibi.

If you believe that God exists in all things, than I have no distinctiveness; I am just another word amongst so many others that singularly describes multiple perceptions. You are a person in need of another word for God that distinguishes God as God and not as a uniformity that displaces a life affirming confirmation undefined as such.

Do not use your belief in a god as an alibi to conduct wanton acts of immorality or sustain a rationalized amoral justification as if they are God ordained acts of acceptability.

All present day businesses, governments, religions, and sciences delude themselves into thinking they represent a greater truth to be defined as the most purposeful righteousness.

Pointing out humanity's errors and mistakes provides no satisfaction, just as I cannot recuse myself from pointing out differing directions humanity can alternatively choose from.

I am not a Magazine, Journal, nor Newspaper.
I am not the N.E.W.S. (News, Entertainment, Weather, Sports) of broadcasting related to the three-to-one directions concept referred to as North, East, West,... and South.

I am not an Acronym, Homonym, nor Synonym.
I am not an Antagonist, Protagonist, nor Reactionist.

Humanity has not learned that its many names for God are a Pseudonym. The usage of such pseudonyms provides an anonymity that keeps humanity in the dark about the true nature of God. It perpetuates a nom de guerre for God that humanity abuses.

I am not here to bring credit to any present day Business, Government, nor Religion. Future businesses, governments, and religions that attempt to claim they are different than those of the past cited as particular entities discussed herein, are no different than those of the present.

I am not Up, In between, nor Down.
I am not Land, Sea, nor Air.

The oceans will rise, the fires will burn, the earth will crumble, the skies will be lost, and those humans remaining on the Earth will perish into obscurity; while those who left the Earth on the many arcs to be built will enjoy the rebirth of a new humanity. The fiery waters of the Sun will one day engulf the Earth and all that which is nearby.

The recurring human birth-from-traumatic-pain and its follow-up recreations has imprinted an indelible mark on the present female-influenced male psyche before and after the birthing process. It will eventually be purged and relegated, in some instances, to a vestigial remnant of biologically-based echoes that may at times resurface when vulnerability to expressions thereof are superimposed over a reality of discarding them during periods of sustained health. Present birthing techniques based on past-perfected practices are a form of ritualized exorcism. The word "exorcism" is not intended to evoke religious nor evil connotations, though such a similar inclination is often attributed to the once well-meant swastika symbol whose origin lays with the viewing of the Big Dipper during the two solstices and two equinoxes.

I am not Igneous, Metamorphic, nor Sedimentary rock formations.
I am not the Three Tri-mesters of human pregnancy.
I am not the Three layers of skin which correspond to the 1st-2nd-3rd burn degrees practiced by medicine.
I am not the Period, Question mark, nor Exclamation point of grammar.
I am not a Prefix, Infix, nor Suffix.
I am not language Inflection, Deflection, nor Interjection.
I am not the Singular, Double, nor Triple stages of infant babbling, with or without reduplicated utterances.
I am not the Singular, Double, nor Triple stages of word development in children.
I am not the tri-modal Subject, Object, nor Verb structure of human language.
I am not the triple part organization of human auditory processes, without which human speech differs greatly.
I am not the Red, Blue, nor Green of colonization, electronic or otherwise.
I am not Everywhere, No where, nor Somewhere.
I am not Dynamic, Static, nor Intermittent.
I am not Measurable, Definable, nor Traceable.

Enterprises which stress a team mentality as the preeminent characteristic for a player (employee, member) to have, try to conceal a managerial style of placing responsibility of success or failure on one or more players instead of itself. It, in many cases, is a scape-goating diversionary practice of deniability to ensure personal sustainability at the expense of one or more others if and when a particularly damaging situation might arise. It is an enterprise that attempts to dispense with the reality that a team is made of players with individual talents and that it is up to the management, however so defined, to ensure that individual efforts are centralized into a coherent singular goal. Enterprises which focus on membership with a team mentality want numerous micro-managers so that those who have proposed the enterprise have little else to do but manage the assumed difficulty of arranging their own leisure time. All present day businesses, governments, and religions incorporate policies of manipulative commerce with respect to all its resources, human and otherwise.

I am not a resource. I am not a human resource. Defining God as such in either instance is an economic theory that many people wrongly buy into accepting as a bonafide truth that justifies exploitation of one or more resources to fulfill an underlying measure of personally sought after desire.

I am not the Sun bursting through a rain cloud producing a rainbow or image of a pyramidal-shaped array used as justification by ancient peoples to construct edifices, via massive social works projects, to satisfy the desire of someone in a governing position to reach the epitome of personal desire of being one with that thought to be greater than themselves. No business, government, nor religion owns the Sun or Rainbows, nor can claim ownership of definition.

Humanity evolved to define the world and sky about it as representing a greatness beyond itself. Human fears embroiled it into developing concepts from which the notion of a god emerged. As its own identity began to allocate the recognition of living amongst great occurrences presenting themselves in different ways, it not only categorized external greatness with variously named god labels, but saw itself as an approximation of that which it claimed was a separately named greatness. In short, it too was viewed as being great... at the very least, an image thereof. The mind of humanity can be imaginative.

It is a very naive, arrogant, and simplistic humanity that views itself as "THE" protege of God due to the personal attribution of a presumed emotional, intellectual, or physical prominence.

I Am God.
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