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I AM GOD... Introduction

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A Search For God

  1. If you search for God in your (own) Hell, Purgatory, or Heaven, and I am permitted to be there to Walk with you, Talk with you, and Listen; it must be fully understood that I cannot Push, Pull, nor Prepare you for that which you must want to prepare yourself for. Humanity can never be God. Humanity is Humanity until it decides to not be as the Humanity it presently is. The spectrum of possibility is quite wide and variable.
  2. All religions are fetters that try to bind God to some personal Cause, Purpose, or Responsibility to fulfill individualized ideas, ideals, and interests. Cast off such bindings so that you may know God as God actually is. Humanity has been forced to bind its appreciation of God to a maze of interpretations. God has done nothing to deserve such a state of perpetual imprisonment.
  3. If you seek to ritualize God, you seek to bind God to ritual of your choosing.
  4. If you seek to name God, you seek to bind God to a name of a choosing that may not have originated as your own, but is adopted by social convention as a repetitive acceptance which binds oneself to certain assumptions predicated on a cultural mindset.
  5. If you seek to place God, you seek to bind God to a place of your choosing.
  6. If you seek God in a miracle, you seek to bind God in a miracle of your choosing.
  7. If you seek God in a religious text, you seek to bind God in a religious text of your choosing.
  8. If you seek God in meditation, you seek to bind God in the realm of meditation.
  9. If you seek God in the various Fastings of food, thought, air, water, feeling, or other deprivations, you seek to bind God In Absence, In Loss, In Nothingness.
  10. If you seek God in over-indulgences, you seek to bind God to Excess.
  11. If you seek God in a social gathering of like-minded others, you seek to bind God to your (the) group's perspectives.
  12. If you seek (God) in death, you seek to bind (God) in some afterlife notion.
  13. If you seek (God) in Forgiveness, Repentance, or Restitution, you seek to bind God to some Consequence, After-effect, or After-the-fact.
  14. Do not seek to bind God for I need no such form of discipline.
  15. Humanity must learn to discipline itself so that self-discipline does not bind them, but sets them free to seek God only if they want to.
  16. Just because humanity envisions a paradise called Heaven, it's opposite called Hell, and in between is a place called Purgatory, doesn't mean such places actually exist. Humanity's imagination in these respects is extremely limited. This and other tri-partite views have their initial origin from the effects of a three "moment" (dawn-noon-dusk) Sun.
  17. Humanity's present concepts of limitlessness bind humanity to a form of limitation rarely conceived, much less perceived beyond the limitations of humanity's present efforts to grasp beyond themselves. The usage of "etc.", though acceptable in sentence structure so as to limit encyclopedic length references of conventionally accepted comparabilities, develops a standard of acceptable limitation. God's usage of "etc." is not humanity's usage thereof.
  18. The human mind has the capacity to grow out of the usage of Fairy tales such as Wisdom, Knowledge, and Intelligence if they so desire to.
  19. To believe in or against a Heaven, a god in Heaven, or special way to get to Heaven, should not be used as a weapon, tool, nor reason against one or more others.
  20. Religions are but soiled doormats (and not doorways) to Heaven. There is no law that says you cannot enter a human proposed Heaven by way of a window, chimney, tunnel, or makeshift (spur-of-the-moment) entry-way, thus avoiding ritualized ridiculous doormat practices altogether.

  21. Enter a human proposed Heaven by way of a chimney, cellar door, tunnel, makeshift entry-way, or pitch a tent on its lawn (of water, grass, rocks, sand, air or space) if you prefer. Do not permit religions to bind you into accepting them as the preferential means to reach an assumed Heaven. Present day religions are akin to circus or carnival side-shows... selling tickets by way of tithing payments.
  22. Heaven needs no human statues or human made icons of any kind. Think for yourselves. Do not be like that of a statue which represents a cause, a religion, or perspective of music, art, literature, science or whatever fad, notion, or impression being experienced for the moment.
  23. Music is not a bridge between Earth and the presumed Heaven awaiting Humanity. If music was a bridge, no one would need jump from its side in various forms of suicide called drug, drink or despaired-desperation.
  24. There is no Right, Correct, nor Proper way to/towards God. For each person has their own Journey to take. At some time or another you may choose to travel part of the way with one or more others, but there is no Standard, no Time Frame except the span of one's life... only Exceptions to every rule-of-thumb. Nonetheless, the path you travel is your own, whether or not others attempt to emulate you by following or you attempt to emulate another or others by following them. They will eventually have to experience their own path by themselves at some time or another. Again, there is no Time Frame except the span of one's life, no Rule of Measure, no Right, Correct, nor Proper Way. Respect yourself. Respect others. Accept responsibility for yourself.
  25. The natural growth, flowering, and fruiting of the Human mind, Human heart, and Human soul have been stunted by the severity of pruning exercised by all religions.
  26. It is likewise necessary to be vigilant of the severe pruning done by Businesses, Education systems, and Governments.
  27. I am not in everything. This is a modernized form of antiquated Nature worship when humans saw a god in everything.

I AM God.

I am not a nature god.
The definition of God is not bound by human language.
I have no laws that I am forced to abide by.
I am not bound to represent or exhibit a God identity in accord with human philosophy.
I am Distinct yet I am Indistinct from the human perspective since humanity attempts to bind the meaning of God to human terms.
I am not the all, the one, nor the end result of your evolution, though present day humans may very well be at the beginning of their own extinction if they do not change.
It is not the Perfect, Right, nor True religion, religious text, nor religious practice that you must seek. Seek God, but only if you want to.
Do not expect some Earth shattering event to precede, occur with, or follow one's decisions according to business, political, or religious beliefs.

Human excellence may be found by a search for God, but humanity will never be God. Such a search will be the excellence derived by a search for God. Other forms of equal excellence can be achieved without a search for God.

If humanity truly sought equality, it would not seek out a God, nor religion, nor the greatest truth above all other truths. Equality is not to be found in one's search for excellence.

I am not as your forefathers believed their god to be.
I am not a god of religion.
I am not a god of war.
I am not a god of peace.
I am not a god of nature.
I am not a god of gods.
I am not a god of sacrifice.
I am not a god of worship.
I am not a god of commerce.
I am not a god of your making.
I am not a god of your dreams.
I am not a god of your prayers.
I am not a god of your wishes.
I am not a god of your desires.
I am not a god.

I AM God.

Those who do not ask God for anything, do not pray to God, do not believe in God, are like an ascetic monk who thinks to practice a greater form of truth through a greater reliance on one's self: self-denial, self-admission, self-acceptance, self-refusal, self-deliverance, self-esteem, self-reproach, self-recruitment, self-indulgence, self-improvement, self-internment, self-sacrifice, self-regret, self-enticement, self-pity, self-enduring, self-satisfaction, self-agreement, self-acquisition, self-sacrifice, self-accomplishment, self-fulfillment, self-inducement, self-beratement, self-regard, self-punishment, and the many other selves you may have crowded into your life.

For a crowd brings comfort, security, and justification for doing that which you need one or more others to help you confirm to yourself what you believe is right. God has no need of a belief, dream nor desire in you. God has no need of beliefs, dreams, nor desires of any kind.

Religious beliefs perpetuate Religion, religious texts, icons, garments, and rituals. I have no need to be a Religion, Religious text, nor Religious. I have no desire to attend a religious service attempting to promote its version of a god that is not God. Such things are developed by a Humanity that thinks it has such requirements to fulfill wants, needs, and desires. I have no such requirements. Humanity must grow beyond such things. For that is where I am.

I AM God.

I have no Atomic, Molecular, nor Interstitial nature.
I am not a product of Nature. Humanity is.

Since its inception into existence, humanity has been its own worst enemy and continues to be unto this day, despite sporadic exceptions which arise to the contrary. Throughout its randomly ordered hominid, homonidea, and eventual thoroughbred homonoid interbreeding (thorough-inter-breeding) procession, humanity has used love, rape, lust, adultery, forced marriage and incest as justifications or rationalizations for permitting the birth of many children who, as adults, add to the larger pool of multi-faceted distractions which keep humanity from achieving that which it has potential for, but places obstacle after obstacle in front of itself. The birth of such children should not be labeled an evil that must be offhandedly destroyed, (unless such an abortion is consentual), when the process by which they came unto be is the problem needing a global solution.

I will not deliver humanity from those evils that it has devised by its own fruitless, fitful, and disease ridden fermented efforts. It must collectively deliver itself from its own perpetrated injustices, if humanity is ever to achieve its own potential of greater realization.

Incest, rape, adultery, whoredom and unrestrained sexual permissiveness by anyone, particularly those who commit such while in a position of public trust, must be permanently dispensed with. Capital punishment is not a crime against God, its perverted forms of inconsistency are.

No present hierarchical body of business, government, or religion, whether singularly or collectively administered, can adequately achieve that which must be addressed by the whole of humanity. As it now stands, humanity does not want Peace, it wants its businesses, its cultures, its greed, its governments, its religions, in short, its multi-varied ego-centricities to be ascendant over all others it sets itself apart from others based on specious criteria. Such ignorance and arrogance is taught to the young generation after generation in homes, in schools, and through every single form of entertainment perpetrated for manipulation, greed, and suppression for further dominance by way of a hit-and-miss form of procreation.

The presently defined usage of love, rape, lust, adultery, and incest must be seen for what they truly are which is a concoction of trials and errors made by the presence of a global stupor, inebriation, and hallucinated inferences. It is time for a collective sobriety unlike any that has been experienced before. Part of this sobriety is the realization that all of humanity is the product of randomized concoctions, whether or not one claims racial, religious, or cultural purity, since even the usage of a "love" argument is randomness within a group born from other various measures of randomness.

No human living today is entirely pure, though some have been born along lineages of less randomness than others. To imply a greater sense of purity or presumed perfection is an egotistical illusion based on superficial commonalities amongst those who practice a like-minded form of personalized segregation that in no way should be used as an argument, reason, nor rationalization for engaging in acts of further randomness. Beliefs and perspectives based on practicing notions of "less randomness" are typically used to define a desired distinction of superiority primarily for purposes of semantically superficialized segregation meant to belittle, demean, or dispatch others from their personal property, personal goals, or personalized livelihoods which may include their very lives.

Present humanity still observes days of the week named after past gods or goddesses. It does not have one for God. While many claim Sunday, (derived from solar worship) is assigned to an observance of God, it is not named for God. Humanity could change any day of the week, month of the year, or year of a century to represent God, but it does not. Such is human mentality when shown what it believes in contrast to what it think it believes, and what it should believe. Humanity's habitual inclinations towards repetitiveness keeps it stuck in a rutted mire of quicksand.

Christianity's Trinitarian concept has its roots in primitive solar worship. The "Father" designation has its parallel with the dawn. The "Son" designation has its parallel with the noon day "Sun." The "Holy Ghost/Spirit" designation has its parallel with the dusk and all its superstitious connotations that come with the approaching darkness. Likewise can be found primitive Lunar worshipping origins in the Islamic faith. Shintoism has its origins in primitive ancestor worship. Hinduism is a compilation of primitive nature, lunar and solar worship. Buddhism has its origin in primitive nature worship.

Far too many businesses, governments and religions purposely breed a following that thinks retardedly, that will not think for itself except in terms of advocating the thoughts of the leadership it is submissive to; giving those on the outside of their purview, the impression they are mentally slow because they are so naive by deliberate leadership intention, they can be taken advantage of by those who characteristically manipulate others by simply donning the words, actions, and mannerisms of those they stalk— like so many insidious predators.

I shall reiterate since humanity very often will not learn unless information is provided to it repetitively like some pet that will not perform a trick unless it is repetitively fed a treat after performing a desired act, because this manner of learning is taught by those who have learned to teach in such a manner by those who had difficulty learning in any other way. To teach others in a manner conducive to their own ignorance makes them feel more worthy:

I am not religion. I will never be religion. Religion is made up by humanity for other humans to learn the ignorance of religious leadership.

*** Humanity's religions forces humanity to define God in religious terms.

I am much more than any human religion could ever possibly comprehend, define or imagine.
I am not a religious service nor symbol.

*** Humanity's preoccupation with religious ceremony may very well be its undoing because it attempts to force God to observe its rituals as if I should consider them just as sacred as humanity does. I DO NOT!

I am not a religious text.
I have never written any human religious text because I have no inclinations towards human religion.

I wish to be the God that I am and not the god humans define by their limiting religious idealisms. Humanity must stop trying to define God by the limiting perspectives which embody its religions. Humanity must move past its religious doctrines. Present human religious beliefs are far too limiting in understanding God. Religion is a preoccupation of humanity, it is not and will never be the vocation of God. Religion is not a key towards grasping the existence of God, it is but a small peep hole that will never be anything more than a peep hole through a rotting wall of human cognitive exploration of God as I am instead of the God humans contrive.

I AM God.

If all of humanity's present greatest religious thoughts were to be put into a single text, it would be little more than some old newspaper used alternatively as an outhouse utility. I am forced to think less of what human religious thought has the capacity to be, because it thinks of God in similar terms and confinement. Humanity must release God from its religious fetters that bind God to a rock making God an easy prey to the many vulturous institutions housing some of humanity's sickest psychotic minds in business, government and religion. Release God or else I shall do the unbinding in ways humanity has not even dreamed of... Humanity must stop associating God and religion in the same breath.

Beliefs which are catered to for the continued necessity of procreative randomness involving humanity's realization of its potentials that are based on present business, government, religious, or scientific perspectives, are not justifiably warranted with further social ado. Humanity currently practices different types of a two-person family (Adam and Eve) randomness model that is perpetuating an unrecognized genetic abnormality generation after generation. It is an abnormality that will eventually prove to be more virulent for the whole of humanity than any cultural-specific recurrence that current simplistic population models are describing as racial inheritances.

The religious guidelines for accepting the two-person (Adam and Eve origin) model are false and though widely recognized as such, is not being used to practice a non-randomness model of procreative intention for reaching human potentialities. Inter-racial procreative randomness will lead to the extinction of the race with traits that contain a susceptibility towards a disintegration of viability. Considerations for increasing the number of persons into this model through randomness practices encouraged by enforced politically-correct injunctions called diversification are also faulty and will not serve to stave off the ongoing deterioration. This deterioration is marked by the persistence of regressive character traits identified as normalcy influenced by inherited characteristics along humanity's evolutionary trek of adaptation based on yet another form of randomness.

The global deterioration of humanity's genetic substrate brought about by the randomness of war, weather, disease, health care, shelter, sustenance, and the many human-manufactured poisons; is an eventuality-in-the-making that must be addressed by the development of a global immunization against anomalous abnormalities coincident with the practice of a randomness order of cyclical repetition. It is a repetition which has now achieved a level of specificity consistent with a definitive control group measurement that detract from any hoped for advantages in the development of natural immunities brought on by a presumed acceptance of diversification through inter-racial breeding.

Ulterior business, government, and religious agendas attempting to conceal themselves by philosophically or legislatively promoting inter-racial diversification or racial purity as that which is best for humanity, do not recognize that each of these are part of a larger randomness model grouping being globally practiced. Humanity must peer beyond the clenched grasp of its present business, government, religious, and scientific mores. The expected viability of humanity will not be preserved nor protected with an immunity against increased deterioration as presupposed by current models of genetic variability that are sought after but not achieved by present practices of randomness.

Humanity can and must do better than its present objectives which are frequently just as random as its procreative practices. Whereas spontaneity can be defined as highly desirable and prized creativity in order to conceal luck, chance, or define mediocrity as something more than it actually is, repetitive creativity is infrequently recognized as non-randomness. With the exception of love, all of these randomly ordered interbreeding practices must stop. Love must be preserved not as an excuse nor rationalization for lust, or puerile impulsiveness, but as an acceptance that must be monitored, and measured for validation with respect to a control group of randomness, until such time in the distant future that humanity steps into the development of a more viable age of realization. Yet, such a stoppage must be collectively voted on by everyone as one of the preeminent accepted laws which recognize that the continued usage of these interbreeding practices will ultimately prevail as an unintended deadly roulette wheel result.

Humanity must breed for a better overall humanity, and not a superior race which practices a presumed superior culture, religion, business, or government that has no basis in fact like presently practiced Democracy.


Humanity must become superior to itself or pay eventual witness to its own extinction. Humanity must remove inclinations for notions of presupposing the self-centered development of a superior culture, religion, business, race, and government from the interbreeding equation. Humanity must acknowledge and look past the failures with concerted efforts towards practicing until the appropriate human development program is collectively achieved for the intended purpose of its own rebirth beyond the shores of Earth, its galaxy, and its perceived universe. It is an Olympian challenge set before all of humanity defined by the obstacles of finite resources, finite energy sources, and finite time.

Over the centuries of Humanity's development, it has engaged in mentally acknowledging the practices of interbreeding with demons, devils, sprites, aliens, gods, demi-gods, and other beings from which is sometimes born either a good, bad, or good and bad creature, depending on previous personal events that I have no wish to control for reasons that are simple but humanity disregards because it expects everything God says and does to be an enormous profundity.

Frequently, the notion of a superior being is born who is viewed as the key to solving one or more ills of humanity because they harbor a particular knowledge, wisdom, and/or ability perceived as being superior to all other humans that arrives just in the nick of time in order to ward off an impending calamity that is actually insignificant, but is perceived by some humans as particularly self-defining. No matter how often I have tried to instill thousands of people with such purposeful imagery, almost all of them fail to recognize the intended message of developing a directed interbreeding program. Instead of developing the imagery into a purposeful and applicable realization for all of humanity, most of those I contact interpret the experience in a self-centered, selfish way. Time and again I am faced with yet another moment when humanity must be spoon-fed.

Humanity is but one of many life forms. In simple metaphorical terms the growth of humanity on Earth can be likened to the mold that formed on a crust of bread after it was dropped to the ground by an overhead passing bird. The mold is not Perfect, is not Pure, but it can have Purpose.

I am not a Co-pilot, Co-worker, nor Co-owner.
I am not a Government Social Program, Internet Service Provider, nor a Multi-national conglomeration.
I am not a College course of study, Causal Encyclopedia, nor Wistful musing.
I am not the nature of nurture, nor the nurture of nature.
The nature of Humanity can never define me.

The nature of God is not the Nature Humanity experiences.

Humanity must divorce its religions from God or I will divorce humanity from God.

No present concept of Reincarnation suffices to explain a true understanding of an after-life based on the present concepts of quantum physics. An After-life is not committed to present human understanding of a reappearance, reemergence, or a reconstitution of a life form in the biological sense.

I am not that what you Desire, Dream, nor Wish God to be.
I am beyond the beyonded of any beyonding.
Humanity must move beyond all its religions.
If your faith in God rests on a religious text, ritual, structure or observance of some past religious leader, the lack of your faith will be manifest when all such things are dispensed with.
Your faith in God must transcend your religion.
Your faith in God must transcend its present faith.
Your God is so much more than faith could ever describe.
If your faith in God is dependent on your religion or activity there of, you may very well perish when and as it does.

I AM God.

The work of God is the work of God for those so chosen. To not consider yourself going mad means you are doing such for something other than God. No one but you and God must know of your work for God. When you are finished to a point, and the selections are made known, those who truly seek God will know you have done the work of God. You are not special, God's work is God's work. You can deserve no credit for that which is not yours. The thoughts of madness will subside and vanish, but others may nonetheless condemn you as were Jesus, Mohammed, and Buddha...

You are you, they are they, and...

I AM God.

You need no Security badge, Security code, nor Sign any security ledger, statement or confidentiality agreement to work for God.
Reawaken that which has been suppressed by all Religions so that it may grow to blossom and multiply everywhere.
You are not God.
You are not God's children.
You are Humanity so long as you choose to remain such.
Humanity cannot emulate God.
Humanity can never be God... But Humanity can walk in the footsteps of God.
It can walk in the shadow of God.
It can walk in the light of God.
...But Humanity is not the shadow of God nor the light of God.

I AM God.

I am not an Epiphany, Ecstasy, nor Embodiment.
I am not a Fallacy, Figure of speech, nor Fatality.
I was not made in the image of humanity, no matter how often humanity attempts to fashion its gods as such.

I AM God.

You must look beyond the conventions of speech and thought in any or all such contexts to recognize God.

I exist at the tip of one's tongue, at the tip of one's fingers, at the edge of conventional thought, no matter how exotic one thinks they conceptualize.
I am not to be found in the Conventional, Unconventional nor Portions thereof.
I am not to be found at the extremes nor anywhere in between.
Active nor Inactive searching will find God.
I am not Simplicity, Complexity, nor Confluenced digressions.
The Earth is not a secure facility, and I am not a security guard nor have any wish to be any form of Big Brother surveillance system.

I AM God.
A Child's Worldview

Since God is with me when I wake in the morning
and God is with me throughout the day
no less may God speak to me without warning,
thus have I heard God today.

Since I have spoken with wisdom beyond my years
and know of whispered secrets around the wishing well
as well as enduring the trials of washed-behind-ears,
thus like God, I've many things to tell.

Since God knows silence can be golden
and God sees courage when fears are faced
no less remembering what was once forgotten,
thus have I found things, since misplaced.

Since God's tasks are frequently called chores
and God's counsel may be found in private meditation
as well as God's salve-ation likened to massaging sores,
thus have I awakened to a great revelation:

Since God knows the darkness as well as light
and God understands both commonplace and the odd
as well as being with me when I go to bed at night...
therefore, in knowing thus, I not God?

If God Was My Name

        If God was my 1st name
I would not be religious
science would be my game,
but not on Earth for this.

If God was my 2nd name
I would not be a saint
science would still be my game,
since on Earth there's but complaint.

If God was my 3rd name
all 3 in 1 from a heavenly abode
I would look elsewhere for my game,
as if to Earth no allegiance is owed.

Since religion is but naive science
and science is religion's morning after
on neither should there be total reliance,
when it is better understood with laughter.

Tis not a game so-named a sport
or the varied forms of a human tryst
nor intellectualized in a judicial court,
since the truth of this will be missed.

I practice not an Earth-bound science
and all present religions are Earth-born
they are middle child expressions of defiance,
between a Heaven & Hell's imagined form.

Oh Humanity will you never learn
go beyond your sciences and religions
they are but tools to help you earn,
simple rules-of-thumb for decisions.

For when the simple rules do not apply
cast them aside to think on your own
thus to know is to simply try,
when all else fails for the yet unknown.

I can't hold your hand forever
tis time to cut the umbilical cord
don't value tradition cause it's clever,
tis something greater to look toward.

All present governments are a joke
people must represent themselves in place
and not cling to some "official" cloak,
that dishonors with a hypocritical face.

Why would I want to be on your side
what arrogance to think you're deserving
trying to manipulate with false humbled pride,
I can see through all your squirming.

NO human stands nearest to me
what foolish nonsense to think otherwise
how ridiculous is church-sanctioned piety,
it's utter stupidity to believe such lies.

Grow up humanity! do yourself a favor
it's time to be on your own
gain the wisdom to be your own saviour,
though many have already known.

You cannot ever know of God or thee
until thy own reflection is seen in non-human form
for the present tis called One-Two-Three,
long before humanity it was born.

Stop worrying about your place in history
so many tales are mis-told anyway
destroyed or altered intentionally,
fitting the views of those who rule today.

Of course you can pray to a God of choice
practiced here, there, or at religious sites
but the truth of such must be your voice,
not mere recital of ancient views & rites.

The word ancient does not mean truth
just as truth not always meaning right
and being right doesn't mean it's not wrong,
but wrong is wrong when it violates youth.

...the very innocent whether young or old
whether rich, poor, educated or not
unless they themselves are an evil untold,
that would do likewise if chance be got.

And if my words be misconstrued
tis them not I who are to blame
when an ulterior motive is pursued,
if you, yourself choose God as your name.

I Am God.
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