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I AM GOD... Introduction

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God is not a source of Religion.

Religion is an antiquated source of a human concept of God. Religions adulterate their perceptions of God by attempting to smuggle various God concepts into the consciousness of naive believers in a religious faith that illegitimately contorts their own acknowledgment of God into a personal resource. Humanity does not need to use Religion of any kind to find a source of God. The word "Source" in the context of discussing the beginning of God in human awareness does not mean beginning, starting point, a way station such as might be viewed as a point of departure along a personal journey for the purpose of discovering God's greater identity; when it more closely resembles (means) alternative consideration.

I am an Atheist to the many human concepts of God because I do not believe in the gods of your forefathers, nor the gods of their gods. I am an Atheist to the present human concepts of God because I do not believe in the gods of your religions. I am an Atheist to the many human concepts of God which forces, through various forms of manipulation, to believe in other than God as a concept unto itself. However, I am not a concept.

I am an Adhomininist (disbeliever in a human) to those who claim to be an Atheist (disbeliever in a God).
I have no need of any belief, religious or otherwise, to help establish, sustain, and promote a belief in God.
I have no need to believe in that which I already am.

I AM God.

God may use any number or kind of different languages such as Religion, Science, Mathematics, Music, Arts and Crafts, Hobbies, animal vocalizations, Geological patterns, Meteorological events, Sunrise, Sunset, Lunar phases, Astronomical events, Chores, Education Home Work, or anything and everything to communicate with, but those various languages are not the language of God.

God is not a language. I do not speak in tongues.
Speaking in tongues is gibberish. It is a misconstrued behavioral activity of hearing various unknown languages in a market place or other commercial activity that simple minds with or without experience, do not comprehend.

I AM God.

The Earth is not a Mother, the sky is not a Father, and You are not children.
I have no need of doting children that constantly seek forgiveness for soiled pants, consolement for scraped knees, and comforting reassurances against shadows, noises, and presumed monsters hiding in closets, under one's bed, or any fear-evoking circumstance, though adults use other labels in describing such with respect to their own lives.

Snow is not the sperm of God impregnating a presumed Mother Earth. Rain showers are not the vaginal and placental fluids secreted like an animal experiencing an absorbing moment of estrus.

Some of humanity believes that Jesus once asked that those in his time who carried out violence against him be forgiven because they did not know what they were doing. Whether or not he said this, with respect to belief or non-belief, he was/would be wrong. (This is a statement that is not conjecture but a fact that is important for those who are ready to exceed their present grasp of truth). There were many who knew exactly what they were doing in their efforts to get rid of someone who was interfering in their own efforts to control others through various delusions, in order to ensure the preservation and growth of their own beliefs. —Only the naive are ignorant enough to interpret less than this simplistic observation of human behavior prevalent at the time in which a person named Jesus is said to have lived. There should be no forgiveness for those who know exactly what they are doing in harming another or humanity the whole. But past deeds of one's ancestors, whether defined by blood, belief, or acts of bestiality, can not be repaid by those who live at a time distant from that which was the occurrence thereof... and nor should a repayment be requested or required... Thus the concept of an original sin is ludicrous. Those who believe in such are truly ignorant and should be without any authoritative power whatsoever.

Humanity practices many self-defeating forms of forgiveness for acts and activities that persist because humanity has developed laws which ensure the perpetuation of such; which offer a standard of forgiveness that does not address the root causes of anti-social and anti-human recidivism in the broader definition. Debts to society and humanity the whole cannot be repaid by procedures of laws producing consequential abatement of a singular exercise yet leaves society and humanity the whole vulnerable to the possibility of yet another violation, similarly designed or otherwise. Too many of humanity's laws are, in actuality, unrecognized and unrealized antagonisms towards those they are meant to preserve, in order that the institution from which the laws are developed can produce resources to sustain its own viability, however harmful the larger definition of its role is to those it governs and its place within the needed growth sphere of all humanity.

Humanity must awaken from the slumber of its ignorance or I must ensure humanity shall have no need of any kind of slumber... permanently.

I am not Forgiveness, this is a human quality that needs to be practiced by humanity.

I have no patience for those who commit sin for Religion, Science, Politics, War, Peace, Fun, or teaching purposes, and then ask for soulful repentance with acts of Compassion, Kindness, Humility, Mercy, Charity, and Reward. Good acts do not absolve if the bad acts are cyclically repeated.

I am not a Resurrection nor Insurrection. These ideas have underlying connotations to ancient phallic worship when humanity, collectively, felt assurances through self-absorption.

I am not a Gold, Silver or other denoted chain around one's neck, wrist, or ankle. Such activities are related to leashed forms of ancient enslavement and may infer that the wearer thereof is experiencing a physical, mental, social, cultural, or emotional confinement.

I will not come just Before, just After, nor during what humanity would define as an Apocalypse. This is an antiquated and false Religion- sponsored idea.

You will Judge yourselves, your laws will then Judge this Judgment, and I will Judge the Judgment of your Judgment. You must learn to Judge accordingly. All present laws are based on poor Judgment.

There is no End Time, no End Middle, no End Beginning. They are all one and the same with respect to humanity's potential for extinction or possibility for much more than this present pathway experienced by most life forms.

There is no right righteousness, only wrong wrongness of human defined righteousness.
I have no need of bartering nor wish to be perceived as a barterer in a marketplace or flea market.
Humanity must stop its present usage of God associated to religions that are little more than variations of flea markets, fairs, carnivals, and side shows of anomalies.
  1. Religions are like musty gift shops in museums of antiqued superstitions encouraging the propriety of an entrance fee called God-ordained tithing. I ordain no form of tithing whether described as an assent of God cleared through personal prayer or described as wisdom derived from a council of elders (religious leadership). This is a human designed and defined conscription.
  2. Governments are like gift shops in museums of war implemented artifacts enforcing an entrance fee called legislated taxation. I ordain no form of taxation whether legislated or not. This is a human designed and defined conscription.
  3. Businesses are like gift shops in museums of largely useless goods and services cajoling a usurious entrance fee called interest. ("Interest" is the wrongly defined correct word because it describes a business's interest in getting every penny they can out of an unsuspecting public.) I ordain no form of interest whether given credit-ability by being an S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedure) or Good Business Sense. These are human designed and defined conscription.

I AM God.

I help you to be, become, and be welcomed in the beyond.
The beyond is not Heaven, Purgatory, nor Hell. Humanity has the potential to go much further than these concepts could ever describe.

Some prefer to ask for help from Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Mary, a Saint, or other named entity. It is your choice. They can only help you in as much as you think they can.

Emotional nor Intellectual faith, whether privately or publicly expressed, is to be confused with the truer faith. Considerations of enhanced faith brought about by intentional or unintentional sacrifice, pain, suffering, humility, generosity, kindness, compassion, study, meditation, religious observance, practice and the like, is a faith produced by such examples. Enhanced faith is not to be confused with the truer faith. Having faith should not be confused with God.

I am not Faith.

If I want to intercede, I will.
If I don't want to intercede, I won't.
My reasons are not human reasons, since I do not reason with human reasoning.

I can be of help, but only if you want to be helped by God.
What you want may not be as important as you thing for achieving your goal.
Humanity is fully capable of helping itself. But in helping itself humanity will never be God no matter what definition is used.
I am not a vehicle for DNA, RNA, nor Proteins. You are a vehicle for such.
I am not a vehicle for Viruses, Bacteria, Cancer, nor accidents, injuries, or illnesses. You are a potential vehicle for such.

I Am God.

All the world's gods were created by the capacities of Humanity's imagination to have a god. And that god has a god. I am not that god. I belong to no hierarchy of gods.

I Am God.

All the world's organizations have suppressed the awakening of God in the capacities of Humanity to have a true realization of God. They do not want a God that cannot be used for selfish, personal reasons and activities to sponsor their belief as the one and only true Word, Way, and Wisdom of God.

I am not a selfish God.
I am not a Higher Purpose to be used as a tool, teaching method, nor torture.

If I am a perceived path you wish to follow, then follow it. Do not force others to do so if they would choose otherwise. In attempting to teach others what you have learned by the means you have learned such, their inability to grasp the same in a similar manner may lead you astray from the path which is best for you. Because I am available to all, I do not reside in a hermitage, internalized cell, nor monastery. I am not limited by human biological, physiological, emotional, intellectual or self-imposed limitations.

Humanity uses many metaphors, allusions, correlations, analogies, as well as linguistic and non-linguistic symbolism to describe, point to, and question God's role in human events or the nature of God as a separate reality from itself. Imaginative considerations are not wrong, so long as humanity does not forget such things are related to the present exercises constructed by humanity. Just because humanity calls a book the Word of God does not make it so. Just because humanity claims a particular ritual is divinely inspired does not make it so. Just because humanity calls water Holy, does not make it so. Just because humanity calls a day a Holy day, does not make it so.

Just because humanity builds one or more structures defined as a place belonging to God does not make it so. Humanity, time after time after time imagines itself to labor for or because of God. Such beliefs, reinforced by expenditure of resources, time, and energy, do not constitute a bona fide rendering-of-payment for assuring a Divine presence that qualifies the construction, the effort, nor the belief as being factual. Too many religions are worshiping their own Earthly presence by placing numerous temples under the mistaken assumption these are a glorification for God. This is supreme ego-centralized foolishness and disregard for an enhanced understanding of God.

It does not matter if millions of people believe in a single belief if the belief itself is construed as an endowment of God when it is not so. Humanity all too often fabricates, though not necessarily with bad intentions, an over valuation of a presumed God-ordained enterprise. Humanity must redefine itself with God by dismissing itself from all present day Religions and activities connected there with. This in no way sanctions acts of immorality. Nor does it emphasized disgusting explorations of present human sensory capacity with other things or biological entities, including itself. Humanity must teach itself to pursue its greater potentialities. The means of life and death does not make humanity God.

The means to create or destroy all life does not make humanity God. The means to remove the concept of God from the human psyche does not make humanity a God. Humanity will never be God. Just because humanity has the will and means to explore all that which awaits it does not define God nor humanity's presumed one-on-one distinctive relationship with God. Just because humanity progresses with a technology and knowledge exceeding one or more other life forms, does not mean it is God, though humanity may describe itself as a god. Such a stage of personalized definition also typically describes a lack of wisdom if such an image is taken to heart and used as self-aggrandizement.

I am not a Craft, Guild, nor Unionized Laborer of any kind.
I am not an Adventurer, Adventuress, nor Adventure.
I am not Life, I am not Death, nor any other state of being definable by present human cognition.
I am not Nothing, I am not Something, nor any consideration intermixed or between.
Human creativity, intelligence and wisdom is not God creativity, intelligence and wisdom.
Human strengths and weaknesses are not God strengths and weaknesses.
Human capacities are not God capacities.
Humanity is not in the image of God, but a human defined god.
God is not in the image of humanity, but a human defined humanity.

With or without God, humanity is still humanity. How it defines its own humanity is a human definition. I have no need nor intention of defining humanity's definition of itself. Humanity has the means to define itself with greater purpose and potential, if it would only exercise its ability to do so instead of wallowing in its present business, government, and religious nonsense.

If and when humanity exceeds its own grasp, it will no longer be its present self. Many of whom may try to conceal its past of primivity as do so many in the present who attempt to disregard all of humanity's evolutionary trek from more simple life forms. Humanity wastes so much time in believing in false considerations. Alternative considerations are not bad or wrong, so long as they are not foolishly believed in to the extent humanity's potential for growth are not stagnated by types of repetition that serve to be nothing more than obstacles.

To claim that I am not Human, have never been Human and will never be Human, sets into motion parameters of human definition and subsequent activity quite different from the expression: I am Human, I was Human, I will always be Human.

I AM God.

Do not look to God to undo or fix everything and anything as a means of testing God. I have no need to test you. You have no need to test God. Test yourself if you must, but don't use such a test as a measurement of God's measurement of you nor as a measurement for God or that of another with respect to God.

I will not lead you as a shepherd does his flock, and nor will I cry wolf as do so many of you.
I will not encourage, persuade, nor force you as a parent does with their child, and nor will I falsely punish you as do so many of you do to others.
I will not intimidate, deceive, nor threaten you as all governments do the people they are meant to serve openly, honestly, and without hypocrisy.
I will not warn you of dire consequences if you fail to accept assistance, as businesses, governments, and religions do of their members.

Humanity is not an insect colony of any Kind, no matter how intelligent analogous comparisons appear to be rendered. In using such an analogy, it is easy to recognize that the Queen of an insect's hive or colony is revered as a god like ancient human civilizations used to believe their leaders were god's... and what many businesses, governments, and religious would like their citizens to equate with their leadership. No such ignorant god nor leadership standard is God.

God's Law

No Buddhistic law is God's law.
No Business law is God's law.
No Christianistic law is God's law.
No Government law is God's law.
No Hinduist law is God's law.
No Islamic law is God's law.
No Judaist law is God's law.
No Mathematical law is God's law.
No Natural law is God's law.
No Philosophical law is God's law.
No Religious law is God's law.
No Scientific law is God's law.
No Shinoistic law is God's law.
No law of Humanity is God's law.

Human described laws of Atomic nuclei, Biology, and Cosmological considerations are presumptive generalities with at-present static recurrences of patterned correlations. Turmoil in emotional stability and/or intellectual continuity could very well result if and when humanity is confronted with alternatives contrary to established cognitive reservations around which personal aspirations revolve and a society's integrity aligns itself with.

No Word or Symbol in any Religious text is the Word of God nor God's law. Those who recognize this and use such an acknowledgment to practice acts of immorality should be dispensed with, because they have created a vile sin towards humanity's achievable potentials.

A lack of describable God laws by present humanity does not reserve humanity with the right to describe a lack of credibility to the presence of God. Humanity's standards of credibility in defining God are at the least... as reflexive as a muscle twitch, and at the most... wistful over-indulgences inflamed into a mesmerized state by one's basic sensory functions; such as watching the flames of a particular fire, smelling a particular fragrance, tasting a particular liquid, hearing a particular sound, touching a particular texture, or intuitively grasping an askewed, intermittent, or overwhelming occurrence.

The presumed "God Particle" defines the growth of a brain towards a mind developing within the context of particular environmental circumstances that are influencing a condensation that is symbolically referenced. This is the nature of the word "trinity" as well. Its appearance after the development of the three singularly referenced "Father - Son - Holy Spirit/Ghost" delineations is a mental construct of the same underlying 3 -to/into- 1 "Unification" taking place in other interests that are not, due to human ego-centricity, being aligned as constructed correlations arising from the same source of influence.

The similarity of Language-word constructs with respect to the parallel identification of this environmentally influenced genetic orientation towards the development of various unification ideas, will wrongly be defined by some as numerically rationalized superficial correlations. And yet, they will claim otherwise for the socially established usage of (Language-number) mathematics that engages in a similar vein of deductive enterprising, albeit with a centuries- established form of elaboration.

The idea of a single God developed along a largely unrecognized orientation of one or more triadic deities is another example of humanity's trek along a course of mentally constructed Unification. Examples of god panoplies that digress into an obsolescence and are replaced by a single God construct nonetheless arrive at the same point of orientation, whether the mind that upholds the view agrees with the orientation or not. A personal god, whether upheld by one, a few, or millions, is nonetheless a similar orientation of Unification.

All forms of media that exploit, encourage, and entertain immorality should be dispensed with. Its purveyors must also be dispensed with if they do not discontinue the usage there of.

At present, the closest humanity can get to the Word of God is a blank page because this is how all present day religious texts read. They are vacuous enterprises of emotional and intellectual nonsense used to manipulate one another away from truly knowing its own potential or God. There is no reason for present Humanity not to venture forth from Earth when it already exists in so many empty spaces that produce so many empty places in humanity's heart, mind, and soul.

The Word of God is not a command, Commandment, nor Law.
I am not a law.
Laws or rules of business, politics and religion are frequently contrived by those who have a malnourished physical, emotional, or intellectual diet.

I have no need of laws. The lack of laws for God does not mean that the current lawless practices by so many, changes a human into a god, much less God.

Humanity develops and uses social laws because it has not yet adopted a true collective consciousness which would forego the need for behavioral restraints that would otherwise lead to greater misery, deeper suffering, and widespread destruction if left unchecked.

I belong to no Pantheon of gods.
I belong to no Religion, Business, nor Government.
I belong to no People, Culture, nor Community.

I am not a World Champion God. The usage of the "World Champion" designation, typically amongst those engaging in a sport, frequently refers to a select group of participators that do not engage in a true World Competition.

I am not a Superstar, Super Athlete, nor Super being of any kind. This is a human interest.
I am not a Be-ing, because this suggests a before and after. There are no such time frames for God.

I do not engage in ambushing humanity with the name of God, as it does to itself. Humanity ambushes so many life forms and non-life forms with and without the name of God.

I belong to no One, nor selective Group, or Organization thereof.

Those who claim themselves to be in exile, thereby providing themselves with an excuse to commit one or more crimes against those and that they claim as an infidel; whereby granting themselves justification for immoralities unthinkable and unspeakable amongst their own, have violated the sincerity of trust in their belief. I do not condone anything they think, say, or do.

I belong to no Species.
I belong to no system of classification, religious or otherwise.
I belong to no Monastery.

Humanity has mistakenly fashioned its prisons, its penitentiaries with cells, after the idea of placing monks in rooms called cells within a larger space of confinement called a monastery so that they can reflect on presumed wrongs committed in contrast to particular religious expectations during a proscribed period of time called a penance. Any who cannot become penitent within one year or less of confinement in a penitentiary must be dispensed with. Those situations which continue to influence criminal behavior must be dispensed with.

I belong to no Caste.
I belong to no Sinner, Saint, nor Person in-between.
There are no Saint nor Angel babies.
There are no babies brought by Saints, Angels, Demons, Devils, nor Storks.
Deformity is deformity, Disease is disease, Death is death.
If I intervene at every request humanity would do nothing for itself.

Humanity has lost its sense of world-wide responsibility to its collective community.
Non-intervention is not a punishment.
Intervention is not a reward, it is an intervention for another purpose to be enacted.
This purpose cannot be defined adequately by any present business, government, nor religion.

I Am God.
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