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I AM GOD... Introduction

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I am not a Blood-spilling Martyr

...nor do I sanction such an act by anyone, whether or not they are used by another as an act of retribution defined as an Absolver of past misdeeds.

I am not a Worthless Expendable.
I am not a Poem, Book, nor Play.
I am not an Extremist, Fundamentalist, nor Practical or Concrete Idea.
I am not a Television program, Motion Picture, nor Orchestra.
I am not a Stage, Concert Hall, nor Operatic recital.
I am not a Metaphor, Simile, nor Analogy.
I am not a Sect, Cult, nor practiced Gathering.
I am not a Cremation, Eulogy, nor Reflection thereafter.
I am not a Mirror, Reflection, nor Abstraction.
I am not Silence, Sound, nor White Noise.
I am not Black Noise, Colored Noise, nor any Noise, be it Clear, Opaque or Soundless.
I am not, and yet...

I Am God.

No current Religion nor promoter thereof is a God-selected Realtor of a Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory... none of which exist except in the imagination of humanity, no matter what belief has been established to the contrary as a means of manipulating others who are secretly viewed as worthless expendables. Therefore, they are not sanctioned by God to present, promise, nor provide anyone with a guaranteed piece of realty therein. Those who perpetrate the lie of being able to assist someone with absolving a past deed by committing another atrocity under the guise of claiming the person will succeed in obtaining a preeminent place meant only for martyrs, are an abomination to any and all religious doctrines that practice a true belief in attempts to establish world peace.

No belief in Humanity is Perfection.
No belief in Humanity is Purity.
But a belief in Humanity can have Purpose.
I am not one of the many gods of Humanity.

I Am God.

I am not the Biblical Old Testament, New Testament, nor Book of Revelation.
I am not a Commandment, Suggestion, nor assumed God given Law of any sort.
I am not The Torah, The Bible, nor the Tao Te Ching.
I am not the Qur'an, Vedas, nor ancient/modern variations of the Purvas.
I am not the Adi Granth, Avesta, nor Janist texts.
I am not the Dead sea scrolls or texts yet undiscovered.
All the business, government and religious texts ever to be written by humanity amount to a minuscule consideration of God's appreciations from a human perspective.
  1. I am not the Holy Grail (Jesus' drinking chalice presumed by some humans to have been made of gold or silver).
  2. I am not the Golden Fleece (blonde colored wool attached to the skin of an animal typically known for having white colored wool, similar to the notion found amongst those (such as Native Americans) who claim an especial significance to the uncommon appearance of a white coated animal (such as the American Bison) amongst those whose coat is typically dark).
  3. I am not the Sword-in-the-Stone (mythologized renderings of having metallurgical knowledge that would enable ore to be cast into metal tools or weapons).

I am not a Mythology, Biography, nor Bibliography.
I am not a Dungeon, Labyrinth, nor Dragon... fire breathing or otherwise.
I am not a Preface, Table of Contents, nor Authorship Credits or Accreditation.
I am not the Word or Indication of God.
I am not an Illusion, Mirage, nor Trance.
I am not the god of your Forefathers. Such a god was an Illusion.

I do not walk on water as Jesus is said to have done. Such an idea was due to the commonly known effects of a desert Mirage that was subsequently used by conjurers/magicians (magi), during a time of widespread innocence and ignorance; to manipulate the populace out of goods, services, money or freedom. To perpetuate the belief that Jesus walked on water is an attempt to perpetuate the ignorance of old. Those who do so are guilty of a great injustice towards humanity and must be judged accordingly.

Humanity must stop perpetuating the views of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, and all other past religious figures. To perpetuate their views requires a perpetuation of conditions necessary for their views to be honored as an ongoing viable truth and those that preserve such a truth are to be honored with attendance, especial tributes, concessions and gifts of various denominations. Humanity needs and deserves a far better truth than any present day religious perspective can possibly provide. Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and all past religious figures lived in moments of time relative to existing conditions. Their perspectives were a result of the situations in which they lived. In order for their views to remain a viable truth, present humanity must perpetuate, knowingly or unknowingly, conditions which can be interpreted as similar situations. Humanity must stop being as ignorant as the people of past ages. Humanity must let all past religious figures Rest In true Peace by knowing that humanity has grown to exceed their expectations and personal philosophies espoused during their time. Humanity must create an existence in which no present day business, government, nor religion is needed ever again.

It is a supreme arrogance for anyone living today to claim they can know the mind of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, or anyone who has passed away. No human knows the working of its own mind much less that of another.

Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed belong to no one, no religion, no nation. To make such a claim is limiting the intended universality of their messages. Their message belongs to a time and place not meant to be perpetuated forever. Humanity must grow beyond the messages of all past religious figures.

I did not write the Ten Commandments, the morality of Moses did. All religious stories are inaccuracies interpreted as factually correct for a particular time, place and people.

Moses spent a duration of time away from others in order to contemplate what he thought was needed to bring a meaningful level of justice and civility to a population that refused to grow up during a specific day and age. Humanity must stop creating conditions which perpetuate various portions of past ages wherein specific religious and other philosophies prospered.

Children are children, they are not adults.
Adults that are childish are not child-like.
Children can be very serious or laugh during their intelligent play.
Adults can be very serious or laugh during their intelligent work.
I am not an Infant, Child, Teenager, nor an Adult of any age.
I am not Seriousness, Laughter, nor any Emotion or type of Intelligence.
I cannot be found where I am not to be found. To think otherwise is a Trance.
It is arrogance for humanity to believe I should be where and when humanity says so.
I can come and go as I please.
I need not be anywhere I don't want to be.
I need not be in all places at all times simply because humanity thinks I should be as a qualification of being God.
Humanity does not define what is or is not that which is God.

I have no Family and therefore no Family members from which to create or decipher a lineage felt to be important to establish a generation-successive dominant role over others. Deformity of mind, body and spirit can likewise be successive in lineages. A lineage of presumed superiority of a socially essential character trait is one thing, a familial lineage may be that of another type.

I am not the god of any present day religion, business, nor government.
I cannot be Owned, Bought, nor Sold.
I am not Vengeful, Spiteful, nor Complacent.

What must come to pass will come to pass, by direct or indirect intervention. No human can define God's will nor moment of intervention.

I am not yours to Command, Persuade, nor Manipulate for yourself or others.
I am not His Grace, Her Highness, nor Master.
I am in need of no Citizens, Slaves nor Advisory Counsels.
I am not Your Grace, Your Highness, nor Your Master.
I am not President, Monarch, nor Dictator.
I am not a form of Incarceration or Punishment though many humans attempt to use perverted views of God in such a manner.
I am not Unity, Diversity, nor Segregation.
I am not Platinum, Uranium, Gold, Silver, Bronze, nor any Metallic substance.
I am not a Periodic Table of Elements. Those known, unknown, and those yet to be discovered.
I am not an Arrow, Stone, nor any Explosive.
I am not the Darkness, Shadows, Fog, nor Mist.
I am not Separation, Division, nor a Forked path.
I am not Magic, Mayhem, nor Mysticism.
I am not an Emperor, Empire, nor Empress.
I am not Forgiveness, Charity, nor Faith.

I Am God.

Charitable organizations exist with the persistence of a dire social disease because humanity fails to solve the simplest of social problems called hunger, health, and habitation. Such failure is an abomination that must be dealt with. Providing food processed by present modern methods involving too much salt, fat and other additives only perpetuates the condition of an unhealthy heart, mind and soul. This situation exacerbates problematic habitation requirements.

I am not so that I may be unknown for what I am not.
I am not Humility, Solemnity, nor Gratification.
I am not a Festival, Carnival, nor Fair.
I am not the Father, Son, Nor Holy Ghost/Spirit.
I am not a Vacation, Holiday, nor Day off.
I am not a Punishment, Reward, nor Gratuity.
Do not ascribe to God that which is to be described by human invention, intention, or intervention. Do not expect from God that which can be derived from human invention, intention, and intervention. Do not deny to yourselves that which is best humbly honored to human invention, intention, and intervention. I am not human, humanity is not God. No Business, Government, nor Religion expresses the Will of God. Do not ascribe to God that which is manufactured in the presently evolved convolutions of the human brain. To know the Will of God requires humanity to know the Mind of God.

I have no centralized cogitation that can be referenced with the word "mind".
I do not have a mind in the human sense.
I do not think in human terms. My thoughts are not thoughts nor computations that can be enumerated or alphabetized, in human terms, sequentialed (serial-ated) or otherwise.

I am not an Offering, Alm, nor Penance.
I am not Tithing, Taxes, nor any other social method of intimidation, manipulation, nor persuasion to take money, goods, one's livelihood or very life.

I am not an Ancient Language, Ancient Scroll, nor Ancient People. Attempting to use an ancient relic to support one's religious convictions is the act of someone out of touch with God. They care more for their religious views than they do God. I am not a religious perspective, despite those who claim otherwise.

I am not a Selective Place, Chosen People, nor Cherished Memory. Those who select themselves as being Chosen indulge in arrogance. Arrogance is a human trait, do not project it onto God.
I am not Arrogance. I have no need for such a Frailty.
I am not Music, a Flag, nor Social Greeting of any kind. I do not need socially demonstrative mnemonic labels such as these.

Music is not a bridge between Earth and the presumed place called Heaven that is falsely claimed as a guaranteed expectation after fulfilling certain acts of religiously defined righteousness.

I am not illness, defined as mental, emotional or physical, though those with such have sometimes sought for a greater clarity of God.
I am not a Handshake, Hand sign, Head nod, Hug, nor Kiss on the cheek.
I am not Melody, Melancholy, nor a Menace.
I am not a Misfit, Misogynist, nor Miscreant.
I am not a Musical Triad, that, like so many, have not been coalesced into a Unity. (Om is a coalescence of only two of the three: [AU]-M; it expresses the on-going environmental event affecting humanity.)
I am not a Superstition, contrived for a specific convenience nor otherwise.
I am not a Republic, Rebuttal, nor Retirement.

I Am God.

I am not guilty of and therefore should not be accused of nor blamed for wanton acts carried out by any fallower or leader of any present day business, government, nor religion. Stop blaming God for your own mistakes. I do not force anyone to do that which they are not inclined to do. Businesses, governments, and religions practice various forms of hypnotic persuasion such as financial success, patriotism, and faith to get you to do their bidding.

They who have been selected to be the voice of God will claim otherwise, though others who feel their position of authority possibly threatened because others do believe that someone is viewed as an actual voice of God; may want to test them... but they cannot be tested since those compiling the test do not understand God.

I am not Magic, Mischief, nor Morality.
I am not a Conviction, religious or otherwise.

It is indeed the sampling of a closed mind to think that I cannot do anything I want to just because a human thinks I should not or would not do so... Including the use of an experimental primordial broth subjected to dynamic conditions of change. One of humanity's faults is to view itself as an expression of supremacy, despite all the evidence concerning a fragile nature; instead of as an ongoing development still in progress. Humanity has a brain that has barely begun to develop into the beginnings of a mind. Take all the best qualities of humanity and they are less than a grain of sand when compared to the Universe of human potential. Humanity must let go of its present humanity in order to grasp a greater expression thereof. This is not anarchy, this is not immorality, this is not a Godless inhumanity towards itself, but the beginnings of a realization beyond the jungles of its brain that it still forages in for irrelevant morsels that grow, at times, seasonably abundant.

Human definitions of God are frequently linked to views and practices of morality in accordance with acknowledged or unacknowledged preoccupations with sexuality, society, and superstitions. I am not Human. I am not a Definition. Therefore, I cannot be a human definition. Humanity knows OF God, not God.

I am not Immorality, Immodesty, nor Impertinence. Immorality, Immodesty, and Impertinence are burdensome chains making it difficult for growth.

I am not Alcohol/Tobacco, Drugs/Weapons, nor Physical Intimacy.

I am not an Opiate nor drug of any kind, whether or not it is called Art, Business, Charity, Divination, Emotion, Fatalism, Government, Histrionics, Insanity, Intellectualization, Jocularity, Karma, Love, Madness, Mission, Music, Naturalness, Opulence, Poverty, Power, Prophesy, Quixotical, Resource, Science, Speed, Temptation, Utility, Voluptuousness, Wealth, Worship, Xenophobic, Youthfulness, Zig-Zag.

I am not Socialism, Communism, nor Democracy. All present day businesses, governments and religions exploit their respective publics for good, for ill, and for nothing (just because they can). All such organizations are based on the practice of hypocrisy and try to instigate respective forms of super-featation based on individualized rationalizations of greed and egotism frequently concealed by words such as humility, public service, diplomacy and other similarly fashioned social garments.

I am not a Patsy, Dupe, nor Duplicitous confidant or confidante.
I am not Ecstasy, Exhilaration, nor Expiration.
I do not engage in any form of graft, whether or not it is socially legitimized by such words as tithing, taxation, or time payment.
I am not a bank, financial lending institution, nor any other form of public trust or funding measure.
I am not a Civil servant, Commercial servant, nor Communion servant.
I am not a projected expression of Humanity's hysterics.
I am not a projected mime of Humanity's histrionics.
I am not a Robber baron, Merchant, nor Scavenger-in-waiting like so many people who play the part of a vulture or maggot.
I am not one who waits for the death of another in expectation of acquiring something they have, be it money, property, person, or otherwise labeled desirability.
I am not a pimp, walk the halls of ecclesiastical provenances, nor indulge in magic.

Religious assurances offered as insurance against the fires of hell are part of an elaborate protectionist and confidence scam.


Religious coffers without social taxation requirements is political collusion to force and bind the public into observing emotionally instructive nonsense at the expense of achieving lasting peace, potentials, purity, and honest purpose. It is not that religion is wrong, but many present day religiously practiced observances are in dire need of a new perspective with respect to the true nature of themselves and God.

I am not Money, Real Estate, nor Power... political or otherwise.
I am not a Soldier, a Sailor, nor Gang member.

I hold no human occupation whatsoever. Though those chosen to recite for God may or may not hold a social position recognizable as an occupation. Those chosen to recite for God, do not speak for God, do not speak the Word of God, do not speak God's law. Those chosen to recite for God and are overheard by one or more other humans, must acknowledge that they are reciting..., for God and for themselves, collectively, alone. Humanity must learn to distinguish between those claiming to speak for God, and those truly chosen to recite for God. It must be emphasized that no current religion, religious leader nor follower thereof speaks the Word of God. No religious text, whether described as a philosophy or not, is the will, word, nor law of God. It is human ignorance to think that I could satisfactorily be housed in any present day religious preoccupations of hypocritical nonsense that all of them practice. God's usage of human recitals is not intended for human usage in the conventional sense of present day religious or philosophical practice. When a person is ready for hearing the recital as intended, the recital will thus be instructive as it is intended to be for them to participate with as an individual, and as a collective humanity.


Those who come to hear the present Word of God as intended, must come to accept the realization that the presumed wisdom of businesses, governments, religions and sciences are/is no longer valid... leaving them with the only option which is to accede to the directions outlined herein.


I am not a Patriot, Anarchist, nor Conscientious Objector.
All present day businesses, governments, and religions are detours from humanity achieving its potential and from acquiring a greater appreciation of God's nature.


All present day businesses, governments, and religions encourage belief in self-serving possibilities wrought by fantasies and not realty as it can be.

I am not a Fighter, Lover, nor Bystander.
I am not a Prison, Prisoner, nor Prison Guard.
I am not Small, Medium, nor Large.
I am not X-large, XX-large, nor XXX-large.
I am not Clout for any business, government, nor religion.
I am not Size, Weight, Height, Depth, Breadth, Width, nor measurement of any kind.
I am not a Caliber, Scale, nor Model-Means-Method of comparison.
I am not on the Winner/Loser's, Professional/Amateur's, nor Finishers/Beginners side.
I do not favor Winners, Losers, nor the Underdogs.
I have no favorites.
There are those I choose for a Singular Life Long Purpose.
There are those I choose for One or More Purposes in their life.
There are those I choose for a Singular Life Long Leadership.
There are those I choose for One or More Leadership Purposes in their life.
There are those I choose for a Singular Life Long Supportive Follower Purpose.
There are those I choose for One or More Supportive Follower Purposes in their life.
Each person chosen must Acknowledge, Define, and Accept or reject the offer as they see fit.
I am not an impersonator.
I am not Part way, in the Middle, nor any Segment thereof.
I am not Avarice, Vengeful, nor Contradictory.

I Am God.

Those who engage in debauchery must be dispensed with.

I am not Hope, Solace, nor Fortitude.
No belief in Hope, Solace, or Fortitude is Perfect.
No belief in Hope, Solace, nor Fortitude is Pure.
Yet, a belief in Hope, Solace, or Fortitude can have Purpose.

I Am God.

I am not Dark, Poor, nor Evil.
I am not Light, Wealthy, nor Good.
I am not the god you create for Yourself, Family, Friends, Community, or Nation.
I am not Destroyed, Unmade, nor Unmolded.
I am not Created, Made, nor Molded.
I am not For/Against-ever lasting but I am for Everlasting.
I am not Endlessness, Boundlessness, nor Finality.
I am not with or without Void, Completeness, nor Arrival/Departure.
I am not the Upper, Middle, nor lower Class.
I am not a Heart, Mind, nor Soul.
I am not a Secret. The thoughts of God are not secretive.
I am not a View, Perspective, nor Essence.
I am not Creativity, Talent, nor Aptitude.

Your creativity, talent, genius, aptitude, perseverance, hard work, diligence or belief in some especial reason, purpose, or need are not a gift from God as defined by those who wish to persuade you, through manipulation, to do their bidding. What is yours is yours, what belongs to God belongs to God. Each person has the choice of to take or to give, though many choices are rightly due to influenced circumstances. Humanity's choice to date has been to create a Heaven, Hell and Purgatory as a mixed bag of political, religious and commercialized tricks resulting in a civilization of stupidity.

I am not a Gift, Dispensation, nor Privilege.
I am not Definable/Undefinable, Pro/Con, nor Right/Wrong.
I am not Thesis ~ Synthesis ~ Antithesis.
I am not Indulgence ~ "Middle Way" ~ Asceticism.
I am not Major Premise ~ Minor Premise ~ Conclusion.
I am not Contradiction ~ Excluded Middle ~ Identity Principal.


I am not "God-ology": Omnipresent ~ Omnipotent ~ Omniscient. Such a reference overlooks the basic mentally-constructed tri-partite (three part) formula present in other biological structures that have a similarly ancient astronomically-linked geo-physical influence which continues to this day.


I am not "Metaphysics-ology": What is real ~ How change comes ~ What is mind.
I am not Marxian "Dialectology": Unity of opposites ~ Quantity & quality ~ Negation of negation.
I am not Epistemology: How we know ~ What is truth ~ What is mind.
I am not Axiology: Nature of good ~ Nature of beautiful ~ Nature of religious.
I am not Ontology: Quality (1st-ness) ~ Relation (2nd-ness) ~ Representation (3rd-ness).

I Am God.

The Judgement Day


Though alternative expressions exist, there has never been nor will there ever be a God Ordained Judgement Day. The notion of a God supervised Day Of Reckoning harkens back to ancient times when humanity began to rationalize the existence of gods with human attributes such as anger, jealousy and the means to provide timely desired personal wealth that they could bargain for a temporary measure of, such as wisdom, compassion, endurance, virility, knowledge, strength, insight, concealment, and other singularly named forms of wealth, generally described as power.

There has never been nor will there ever be such a God Ordained Day or God Ordained Destruction (G.O.D.), or Day Of Destruction (D.O.D.) instituted by God. It is clearly provocative to acknowledge that since there has never been nor will there ever be one, none are to be heralded by the blast of any trumpet, beat of any drum, or sound of any device, however alluring and enticing such a notion might be to emotions or intellectual parallels of divergent excursion that seem to present a pattern of viability. Humanity's destruction of itself cannot be blamed on God, nor be attributed with presumed prophesized righteousness by being claimed as an instrument or action directed by God. The usage of threats perpetrated by humanity's religions (that businesses and governments use variations thereof) that want to keep humanity in a childhood state of an enslaved retardation, should be discarded on the same rubbish heap as all present day businesses, governments, and religions.

I am not Up/Down, Here/There, nor In/Out.
I am not Time, Space, nor Dimension.
I am not a Definitive Explanation, Dramatic Elaboration, nor Exaggeration.
I am not a He, She, nor It.
I am not the I WAS, I AM, nor I WILL BE.
I Am God.
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