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I AM GOD... Introduction

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I am not a Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Cathedral, nor Temple. All human structures of religion or mere philosophical pursuit of some defined excellence; are far too confining for God.


I am not a house, home, retreat, sanctuary of God, Prayer, Worship, Representatives, Fugitives, Employment, Refuge, Study, Retreat, Immorality, Morality, gods, Medical treatment, Food, Toileting, Life, nor Death.


The Human belief that God is all things, is like saying a chemist is all that transpires in their laboratory. A chemist may be directly or indirectly responsible, as well as conscious or unconscious thereof, but to claim the end result is an image of the chemist is a metaphor that can be abused into developing a false interpretation of who and what the chemist is.


I am not a "Home Base" (sanctuary) of any kind. Such denotations are symbolic of the games played by children. Humanity must grow up.


I do not construct gauntlets (ordeals/rites of passage) for humanity. Humanity imposes such trials and tribulations presumed by narcotic-like neurotic notions that correctly negotiated obstacles validate self-defined assurances that one's belief is based on a universally applied fundamental truth.

Most have a childish perception of God in that they want a childish relationship with God. And they want all others to have the same perception in order to justify a continuance of their own immaturity. God does not want the same.


It is laughably incoherent for humanity to presume definitions of what God will, should, can or can not do, based on an irrationally developed system of inferences related to personal experiences, or hypothesized laws of science developed in a closed system of constraints repeated by the same biologically based forms of encephalized functioning called rationality.


Those who think in simple terms want a simple language to perpetuate their simplicity of thought. Those who think in intellectualized terms require a different language. The language of a computer is merely ordered simplicity based on the sub-atomic particle called the electron. The dichotomy of the on/off circuit is superimposed, by way of intellectualization, with a trichotomy of considerations just as when the left hemispheric brain attributes of syllogistic logic, language, and mathematics are superimposed on the dichotomous patterning of right hemispheric brain attributes.

  1. Those who commit acts of terrorism, acts of violence, or acts of manipulation in the name of God, a business, government or religious entity, are instruments of the very evil they recognize in others. Do not use one's business, government, religion, designated family, or presumptions about God as authoritative sanctioning to carry out personal vendettas, hate, retaliation, ambush, kidnapping, theft, rape, or other hostility with or without fiscal gain. Humanity is much better and capable than this. Let it practice the higher ideal that all present day business, government, and religious philosophies fall short of.

  3. Those who commit or cause others to commit acts of unseemly excesses that are contrary to the better teaching do so in violation thereof. One does not need to drink alcohol in order to see someone who does. One does not need to engage in sexual activity to see those who do. One does not need to commit an act of immorality, inhumanity, or insensitivity in order to see those who actually do. Do not use one's business, government, religion, designated family, or presumptions about God as authoritative sanctioning to carry out personal vendettas, hate, retaliation, ambush, kidnapping, theft, rape, or other blindness.

  5. Those, who for personal justification commit acts in the name of God and receive payment in any way, shape, or form from a business, government, religious entity or intermediary thereof, are sacrificial pawns in a senseless game that will ultimately be lost to them for their part in the commission of activities contrary to the betterment of human potential. Those who think they win by engaging in such untoward criminal acts must eventually lose much more than they could ever predict.


I am not the purported guidance and direction as many humans describe.


Humanity is so obsessed with itself as portraying a superior being with superior beliefs, that anyone directed by God to provide information, is tested as if they themselves were God. Typically, they are asked to perform some prescribed event defined as a potential miracle, execute some activity defined as a potential super-human feat, or complete a questionnaire defined as a potential God given genius as to whether or not they have knowledge or ability of particular human interests, enterprises, or expressions; as if this were a true means of measuring the presence of God's influence. They engage in such not for the foremost purpose of trying to identify the permeated aura of God in a selected context with a specific intent, but to attempt a reaffirmation of their own false beliefs by discrediting someone whose genuine innocence could not possibly surmount ridiculous obstacles meant to belittle anyone advocating a different perspective than that which they practice.

I am not the Moon, Stars, nor Sun.
I am not a worshipper of the Moon, Stars, nor Sun.


The phases of human development with respect to biological and physiological expressions goes far deeper than present appreciation of what humanity has termed bio-rhythms. The knowledge of bio-rhythms is a superficial account of a more influential pattern exerting itself on humanity. Humanity must become more expansive in its pattern recognition proclivities or it will continue to overlook the now subtle changes that will become more overt with the passage of time and deterioration of Earth's viable state in its present planetary configuration.

Humanity's grasp of the influence must be altered into a viable solution exercised by the whole of humanity's efforts and resources so that the present trickling stream of influence does not catch freshwater-breeding humanity off guard to the extent of finding itself in an non-fordable river current that washes it away into the salty ocean of an abyss where it can not possibly survive. Humanity has the means to avert the inclinations of its own apocalyptic-like premonitions that are misconstrued by imaginatively misleading religious dogma fancifully described by the phrase "As it is written, so shall it be done" and falsely given supreme authoritative weight by being entitled a revelation, with respect to the influences perpetrated by Earth's direction towards an eventual demise.

I am not Chaos/Harmony, Balance/Imbalance, nor Symmetrical/Unsymmetrical.
I am not Rhythm/Bass, Minor/Major, nor Yielding/Unyielding.
I am not the Mountains, Oceans, nor Deserts.
I am not repetitive nor un-repetitive.
Words (sounds), Numbers (symbols), and Gestures (movement) are repetitive.

I AM God.

I am not a Commandment, Law, nor Rule-of-Thumb.
I am not under your Control, for your Bidding, nor for your Convenience.
I am not a Higher, Medium, nor Lower power.
I am not an Exorcist, Exorcism, nor any form of Excommunication or Excommunicator.
I am not a false humility nor honesty like all of humanity's businesses, governments, and religions.
I am not a Prophet, Saviour, nor Messenger.
I am not a Final wisdom to be achieved.

  1. The House of Islam is much too small for God. It reeks with the stench of false Martyrs.

  3. The House of Christianity is much too small for God. It reeks with the stench of false Saints.

  5. The House of Buddhism is much too small for God. It reeks with the stench of false Meditators.

  7. The House of Hinduism is much too small for God. It reeks with the stench of false gods.

  9. The House of Judaism is much too small for God. It reeks with the stench of false Interpreters.

  11. The House of Shintoist inclinations, however so named in one's culture, is much too small for God. It reeks with the stench of false Spirits.



The Houses of all religions and philosophies thereof, if combined as one, would yet be too small for God because they reek of false mediation. They are not, as they teach, the path to God. All of them are filled with the stench of those who refuse to truly bathe themselves in the light of God's showering immersion. All of humanity must recognize its religions for what they actually are:


Humanity's religions are different adaptations of survival mechanisms developed into cultures whose embodied beliefs are mistakenly claimed as definitively superior to all other beliefs, but that such adaptations are ill-prepared to embrace a larger appreciation of God's direction with an alternative grasp necessary for the upcoming changes in internal and external environments.


No religion practiced today is superior to that of another within the guidelines supported with belief enabled by social conduct manipulated into a given practice. Humanity must stop worshipping its religions as if they were a specialized pass-word enabling them to travel a toll road that reaches unto God. I will never be found at the end of any such road, path, highway, freeway, or point of arrival from any proscribed point of departure.


Humanity must make the greater journey or it will surely perish. All present beliefs in God are short-sighted adventurism. I am not to be viewed as the primary stepping stone to be reached in order that some grand achievement is believed to be nearby to grasp. All present concepts of God are non-sensical graffiti. All religious texts are nothing more than over-valued scribblings. Humanity must free itself from all its religious umbilical cords. This is not anarchy. This is not immorality. This is a rescue from the madness humanity has endured for far too long. Humanity has spawned religion into a cross-cultural virulent epidemic that breeds an accepted ignorance of self-destruction that it painstakingly goes out of its way to ensure in order to claim confirmation of its perspective.

No business, government, nor religion can claim God as theirs.
I am not the Word God, therefore in this respect I am not God.
I am not a Contradiction, Figure of speech, nor Semantics.
I am not a Con artist practicing one or more forms of Misdirection.

Present businesses, governments, and religions engage in such a practice... frequently without realizing that they are.

I am not the Word of God...

I AM God.

I am not a Self made, a Collective made, nor a Socially made god serving Humanity's foibles.

I am not a Warlord, Landlord, Peacelord, Crimelord, Justicelord, Punishmentlord, Overlord, Underlord, nor the Lord Almighty. Derivatives meant to suggest a link to dominance can not chain God to alterations to serve alternative individualized human purposes.


I am not the LORD your God. Stop trying to change God into something I am not.
There are many gods but only one God, as is influenced by the Earth's environmental processes of Unification.


Mathematics is the use of numerically rationalized superficial correlations projectively defined otherwise. This is not bad nor wrong, but an explanation of abstractions used sometimes for constructive applications when other formulaic expressions would make the task too cumbersome and unwieldy in efforts to condense and simplify efforts involving different types and amounts of information that would otherwise remain as disunited disparities incongruous to human conceptualization.

Atheism is not wrong, it simply isn't right. Good or Bad has nothing to do with Atheism. Right and Wrong have nothing to do with correctness and propriety in this regard. Atheistic thinkers do not know how to think in pure atheistic terms. Their minds are still clouded by their antagonisms, animosities, and personal arrogance to their own ideas and ideals.

I am not the three-in-one of any religion. This designation is a recognition of an underlying evolutionary process affecting the organizational thought patterns of humanity. Its effects will become more manifest in future generations of humanity.


The recognition of patterns must not be attributed to claiming a significance to any business, government, nor religion.
Religious traditions claiming personal significance based on enumerated interpretations are an exercise in futility.


The 555 designation of Hitler, the 666 designation of Satan, and the 888 designation of Jesus are strewn with the human capacity to indulge in the simplistic nonsense of self-absorption and self-indulgence; while at the same time overlooking a similarity of pattern design related to a fundamental evolutionary function precipitated by the larger environmental influences that are changing and affecting the way humans perceive reality and their purpose in relation to God.


I am not Allah, YHWH (Yahweh), nor any other name.
If Allah is all merciful, than Allah is not God, but a human contrived god.
Being merciful to one's fellow humans, to nature, to any part of existence is not God.
Mercy, Forgiveness, Charitiy, Love, Kindness, Hate, Killing, Greed, and all other acts of humanity are not acts of God.
God is not an act.


I am not all merciful. The concept of mercy is a human characteristic falsely used by humans to effect contrite human behavior predisposed to a particular religious perspective. I condone no such activity and therefor am not all merciful when such an expression is used as a tool or weapon of manipulation. Again and again and again I must emphasize that I am not human. The word or any definition described to "Mercy" does not represent a facet of God. Do not attribute human actions, emotions, and thoughts to God. Stop using lofted opinions of yourselves as definitions for particular brands of personally defined god-like attributes. All present day religions are affectedly practiced exercises in traditionalized stupidity. Growing beyond present day religious concepts is not an excuse nor justification for acts of immorality nor assertions of personal prejudices exercising anger, biases, or greed. Humanity must stop trying to own God through presumed attributes that have nothing whatsoever to do with God.

The words God, Good, and Gold have similar origins to one another.


For the purposes of this communication, God is not a name, it is a Designation, Destination, and Disembarkation. (Journeyer/Traveler/Expedition)


Shame on Humanity

You have you put your Religions before God.
You have you put your religious leaders before God.
You have put your religious vestments, practices, and ideas before God.
You have put your churches, synagogues, and temples before God.
You have put your Governments before God.
You have placed the word "God" on bills of financial exchange to give the impression that such an act is closer to God and those who have more of these bills are that much closer to some presumed truth and greatness.
You have used your religions to acquire tithings used for purposes solely for business in order to perpetuate a business defined as doing the business of God.
You have put your political leaders before God.
You have put your Military organizations before God.
You have put your military leaders before God.
You have put your currency before God.
You have put your commerce before God.
You have you put your Businesses before God.
You have you put your business leaders before God.
You have put your Greed and Lust before God.
You have put your structures before God.
You have put your gods before God.
I am not a structure of any kind, do not put God before God.

You have attached the word God to that which is not God nor sanctioned by God.
You have put graven (god-like, larger-than-life-like, and daily routine) images, attitudes, habits, behaviors, as well as views before God.

All such acts, activities, and attitudes are not God.

I AM God.


Whether it be drugs, alcohol, theft, murder, lying, relationships, cheating, cussing, promiscuity, association, over eating, under eating, over working, shiftlessness, partnership, anger, pain, sorrow, or other undesired account of oneself,... bring the account, and not yourself, to an end... if it keeps you from your journey to God. A journey to God is not a journey through religion, philosophy of mysticism, nor patriotic fervor claimed as righteousness, though many have forced themselves or been forced by one or more others to take such a route.

All businesses, governments and religions attempt to train the populace to think and act in ways which help them to manipulate the public to keep themselves in power.


I am not a religion, religious text, nor religious practice. Such perspectives are frequently focused fore-most on perpetuating themselves as preeminent propositions.

I AM God.

The "End" (sometimes referred to as the Judgement day) does not necessarily mean death nor destruction for all that is, but a dissolution of that characteristic which prevents you from exceeding your present grasp of God. Be not like the person who does not swim because they fear to get their feet wet. Let your mind, heart, body and soul breech the shore of present day beliefs in God. For the ocean water of God is only as fearful, turbulent and shoreless as you make it to be. If you can not swim, then find a means to float. God awaits you if you so will it.


I need not subject humanity to a Judgement Day when all its businesses, governments, and religions persist in doing so based on beliefs misconstrued by superstitions.


There are no tests, no sacrifices, no narrow passages to God unless you create them yourself for one or more reasons that you may or may not be aware of. The path to God is wide open and will accommodate all of Humanity standing side by side if Humanity so chooses to take the steps together. The ideas of tests, sacrifices, and narrow passages are made by humans with Ulterior motives, not God.

I AM God.

I am like that of a dream. If I am the dream you strive for, then reach for that dream. To not reach out for that which you dream for is not to live the life you were fortunate to be born with. To not do so is not to have been born. Seek out that dream if I am that dream. Otherwise, pursue the dream you were born to pursue. God is like that of a dream, for those who need such to understand God.

I am not a straight and narrow path.
I am not a crooked and wide path.
I am not a labyrithine path strewn with obstacles meant to feed egos that wish to pat themselves on the back, put a feather or flower in one's hat, or sing a song of personal achievement.

Humanity must grown beyond its present religious convictions. They are extremely stifling. The preservation and growth of humanity can not afford to perpetuate the same business, political and religious nonsense it has done so for thousands of Earth years.

I AM God.

I am not the lineage of the Single, Dual, nor Triple (Tsung/San Chiao) teachings.
Your concepts of God are part of the 1-2-3 lineage.
I am not a Being/Non-being, Rational/Non-rational, nor Sane/Insane.
I am not Virtue/Vice, Vacuum/Exhaust, nor Slow/fast.
I am not a Poison/Antidote, Explosion/Implosion, nor External/Internal.
I am not a Father, Mother, nor Child.
I am not a Force, Energy, nor Manifestation.
I am not Pain, Suffering, nor Absolution.

Those who would do harm to the innocence of Virtue are without the innocence of a soul and must be dispensed with.

I am not Disease, Dishonesty, nor Disenchantment.
I am not Health, Honesty, nor Enchantment.
I am not to be Found because I am not Lost. You are Lost if you think otherwise.
I am not in need of Assistance, Assistants, nor Attendants.
I am not in need of Offerings, Officiating, nor Obsequiousness.

Do not project onto God that which you see in yourself or others. Humanity's knowledge of God, based on developed concepts must grow up. Humanity's understanding of God must exceed present infantile grasp.

I am not a maker of Miracles, Medicine, nor Mathematics.
I am not a Cornerstone, Millstone, nor Milestone.
I am not a Pillow, Blanket, nor Mattress.
I am not a form of Transportation, Communication, nor Mission.
I am not the Weather, a Rainbow, nor Falling Star.
I am not a Whisper (secret), Wonder (mystery), nor Wile (artifice/stealth).
I am not Honor, Justice, nor Liberty.
I am not Morning-Noon-Night, Dawn-Noon-Dusk, nor Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner.
I am not a Tunnel, Cave, nor Observatory.
I am in no need of Sacrifices, Suppositions, nor Summations.
I am not an Order, Command, nor Verdict.

I AM God.

I am not Emptiness/Fullness, Starvation/Gluttony, nor Satiated/Wanting.
I am not an Apparition, Ghost, nor Spirit.
I am not a Recital, Resume', nor Reclamation.
I am not a Contract, Treaty, nor Will.
I am not a Claim, Contestation, nor Caricature.
I am not Hunting, Fishing, nor Trapping.
I am not the Law of Heaven, Law of Humans, nor Law of Hell. All such laws are contrived by humans.

I AM God.

I am not Solar Plasma, Blood Plasma, nor Ethereal Plasma.
I am not the Before/After- Existence, Life, nor Death.
I am not a Death Penalty.
The lack of a Death Penalty does not bring humanity closer to God.

The Death Penalty is a tool by which humanity can police itself through a punishment that can be effective if it is used judiciously and frequently enough everywhere. Sporadic and Intermittent usage based on presumed enlightened perspectives with or without religious definitions and connotations is an insult and punishment of a populace that deserves swift justice tempered by an honesty to effect the greater good. Present Judicious procedures in many instances are being used more for the prospering of personal egos of court personnel (Judges/Lawyers) and not for a an actual search for a truth embraced with wisdom.

I am not Humanity's Police, Parole, nor Pardon officers.
I am not in charge of a Sainted workforce for the sake of Humanity's well-being.
I am not in charge of an Angelic workforce for the sake of Humanity's well-being.
The concept of Saints and Angels should not be confused with an imaginative intelligence.
Humanity must practice its own humanitarian roles.
I am not a Punishment, nor Punisher.
I am not as you Think, Feel, nor Imagine.
I am not the Ancients, the Contemporaries, nor that Which is to Come.
I am not a Judgment Day, Apocalypse, nor End Game.
I am not a Past, Contemporary, nor Future Descendant.

I AM God.

All Men, Women, Children can Know, Show, but never be Perfect.
All Men, Women, Children can Know, Show, but never be Pure.
Yet, all Men, Women, Children can Know, Show, and be Purposeful if they so desire.

I AM God.


The things you create, the words you speak, the actions you take in God's name are for your benefit, not God's. Life is not a Job. Humanity is not the boss of that job. It is vanity to think that what benefits' Humanity is a benefit to God. God does not work for a Humanity that thinks it can provide a tithing salary and sacrificial benefit package to God, as if God is an employee that can be threatened to be "fired at will" to serve the needs of the greedy. God does not need to work for Humanity, but Humanity may work for God if it so chooses. Working for God is not slavery of any kind. It is not manipulation derived by all present day religious beliefs and practices.

The work of God can be very exhausting, but exhausting oneself doing things that one merely thinks, feels, or prays is the work of God, is not doing God's work, but doing work that one thinks, feels, or prays is needed to be thought of as God's work. God's work is not limited to humanitarian aid. It is not Perfect, it is not Pure, but it can have Purpose. To let God's work be limited by the definitions employed by Humanity would be like placing a bleeding animal in a pond filled with starving piranha.

I am in no need of Life/Death, Love/Hate, Laughter/Sorrow.

I AM God.


Present humanity's perception of God is like the phenomena of a phantom limb. I am being perceived like that of a brain detached from a body with residual traces of intimate connections projected outwards; that echo back in the form of an image distorted by that which I am projected onto such as space, the oceans, biological life, or inanimate objects that play a prominence in a given location. The development of a mental existence without a physical form in the sense of a biologically-based body is not an ascension related to any present day religious consideration.


If the human concept of Heaven existed, it would have no place for human religion. All human religions distort a larger understanding and appreciation of God. They attempt to convince a naive following that it is a particular religious belief that enables a person to obtain a place at God's side. The philosophical positions of all present day religions, if placed into a concrete whole, would provide little more than a splintered fragment of the smallest portion of an atomic particle.


Like an ancient mythological creature whose severed limbs would grow into separate forms of the original creature; not unlike the presumed distortions that are thought to be an eventuality of repeatedly copying the copy of a copy of an inanimate form through some mirror imaged (photo-copy) processing mechanism, all present day religions are re-figured approximated representations of an ancient beast that must be slain. No presently established business, government, or alternatively described religious perspective must be permitted to fill the ensuing void. Humanity must make it out of the alleys without resorting to an amorality, immorality, or anarchy. Humanity must finally free itself from the ensnarling tentacles of present religions that suck humanity dry of its ability to progress beyond its present state of religious nonsense that all religions are presently engaged in.


Humanity's past is littered with attempts to understand the larger reality by defining it with a presumed state of anthropomorphizing considerations. Its poorly designed and sacredly defined present assumptions are but maudlin characteristics of a greater truth. This greater truth does not exist in acts of amorality, immorality, or anarchy. Humanity must divorce its concepts of God from its religions. The reality of a new humanity awakens when humanity does. All present day businesses, governments, and religions bind human thought, feeling, and perception to repeat an age of superstitious medievalism cloaked in modern garments.

I Am God.
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