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I AM GOD... Introduction

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All prayers are being answered

...with respect to God's regard for the whole of humanity, but:
  1. Humanity as a whole is not listening.
  2. Humanity as a whole is not seeing.
  3. Humanity as a whole is not understanding.

Humanity continually practices hypocrisy with respect to prayer. On the one hand a child's prayer that takes but a moment is said to be heard by God, and yet adults think it necessary for themselves to pray for long periods in order for God to hear them. Because I am not ignorant, though extended periods of prayer give that impression to an honest observer, I have no need of such an activity conducted by adults... particularly if it is ritualized into an activity that conceals an obsessive compulsiveness. Meditation for thoughtful considerations is not prayer meant as a form of manipulation of oneself or others to conceal a neurotic need of absolution from an unwanted or unwarranted feeling, thought, or activity.



All present day religions teach a despicable appreciation of God. All of them are Infidels to God's true word. They must be dispensed with.

Only those who are themselves an Infidel may know the Infidel of another. I Am God. I am the Supreme Infidel because I do not practice nor believe in the sanctity of any present day religious belief that professes itself to be God-ordained and forces itself upon others through social forms of expectation and compliance that define a God-sanctioned punishment... for non-conformity; if someone should seek God along a separate pathway defined by the sincerity of a consciousness that I am nurturing in a course of personal study that is difficult to grasp by those whose understanding of God's truth is limited by their familial, cultural, or national traditions. God's true path for humanity can not be found by being chained to any present day religion.

I have no interest in putting humanity on a leash, in a cage, or rewarding it for accepting a sustained condition of intermittent punishment.

The lack of a presumed tether to any present day religion is not the sanction for being immoral. Morality and religion are considerably different entities that humanity has forced into holding hands and walking the same path due to irrational fears, for far too long. No matter how sincere the intent proscribed by religious consummation, neither religion nor morality can not achieve the purity of purpose nor perfection sought after. Do not permit oneself to stagnate in a perspective that binds oneself to an orientation that serves more as a quagmire than a stepping stone of greater realization. Such realization is sought after by all religions and philosophies the world over, and falsely believes that the quantity of believers can be deduced as an indication of truth for the greater realization. Membership status and enumeration does not equate with a greater validity except in the mind of those who are secretly insecure about the faith of their convictions.

While there exist different perspectives to help some grow to a point beyond that which they would not have been able to achieve otherwise, others find themselves stymied by these same beliefs. Nor do most beliefs actively encourage the search for expansive growth beyond its own borders. This is a true fundamentalism of God's intent for humanity's spiritual growth that should not be denied to anyone. Be it in a religion or in what is described as a religionless belief of sincere inquiry, none should deny, but actually encourage all to seek the foremost of growth in the venue of one's own greatest potentials. Although I am the most ancient, understanding God's true nature does not require the use of ancient perspectives nor ritualized commitments thereto or thereof.

Likewise, all of humanity, in its greater collective sense, is an Infidel to the true understanding of God's nature. No present day religion is closest to God. No present day business nor government is closest to God. A belief in God...

  1. Is not a set-in-stone compulsion for isolationism regardless of traditions practiced.
  2. Is not a denial of the possibility of a full relationship with another human who would permit and encourage a relationship with God.
  3. Is not a sacrifice of humanness to create the reality of an inhuman ideal that may not exist except in one's own imaginings that causes actual suffering in one or more others.
  4. Is an acknowledged preeminence of directed purpose that may or may not be individually defined and need not consume the totality of one's waking or sleeping states.
  5. Is an acceptance of the existence though not necessarily a practice of alternative perspectives.
  6. Is a realization of growth and happiness beyond one's former self, whether or not another can recognize or appreciate its value.


I am not a Movie Star, Monkey, nor Malcontent.
I am not a Grease monkey, Equation monkey, nor a monkey's Uncle.
I am not a Business, Government, or Religious leader nor follower.
I am not a Pope, Archbishop, Deacon, nor religious participant of any kind.

I have no need of religion to understand humanity. Humans use religion in its various attempts to construct some measure of appreciating the nature of God, though alternative avenues are available and should be permitted as individualized paths of exploration that are not used as excuses which are rationalizations for committing manipulative falsehoods (like so many charities do... particularly those related to business, politics and religion).

I do not define the parameters of human business, government, nor religion.
I do not define the parameters of human existence.
Humanity has the right to choose to accept or reject God's stated parameters.
Humanity can not define the parameters of God's perspective for humanity.
I am not a Manager, Assistant Manager, nor Third person in charge.
I am not a Cross, Candelabra, nor Catechism.
I am not a Song, Dance, nor Recital.
I am not an Engagement nor Marriage of any kind.
I am not a Pregnancy, Birth, nor Abortion whether naturally or artificially occurring.
I am not an Animal lover, Animal hater, nor any kind of Animal activist, pacifist or animal.
I have no human nature, I have a God nature. The two are mutually exclusive.
I am not a Human Rights nor Wrongs activist.

Human efforts to assist humanity are meritable acts in and of themselves. Such acts of humanitarianism exceed any religious defined notion of sainthood. All humans will at one time or another engage in some measurable act of humanitarianism. Even those who think to do otherwise, have already effected a humanitarian gesture typically exceeding the grasp of most humans to appreciate the larger consequences thereof.

Saints and sinners are social classes of human consciousness. They are theoretical definition of class struggles defined with religious labels. Tithing resources and "use it or lose it" allocations are just as much an economic practice as is taxation and government dispersal. Each has its own brand of guidelines called laws. Each are pathetically out-moded forms of enticing a collective sense of social responsibility. Humanity must evolve beyond such concepts or perish. Humanity must hurry.

I am not a Winner, Loser, nor mere Survivor.
I am not a Gangster, Mobster, nor member of any organization be it organized for good or evil inclinations.
I am not Human... Humans are not God.
I Was, Am, and Will always be God.

I am not an occurrence to be defined as the Will of God. It is human arrogance for anyone to presume they think they can know the Will of God.

I am not Fructose, Sucrose, nor any other "ose".
I am not Inner Space/Outer Space, nor Victim/Victimizer.
I am not the Space between spaces sometimes referred to as dimension.
I am not a Science, a Suspense, nor any other "ence".
I am not Us, We, nor Them.
I am not a business, government, nor religious article of faith.
I am not a Psychiatrist, Terrorist, nor any other "ist".
I am not Brahma-Vishnu-Siva, the Patriarchs, nor any Human-defined messenger.
I am not Buddhism, Shintoism, nor any other "ism".
I am not You, They, nor Me.
I am not Teleology, Scientology, Chronology nor any other "ology".
I am not Theosophy, Philosophy, nor any other "osophy".

I Am God.

I am not Sanity, Madness, Neuroses, nor Psychoses.
I am not Hysteria, Dizziness, Innocence, nor Arrogance.
I am not a King, Queen, nor Servant.
I am not a Master, Slave, nor Vagabond.
I am not a Gypsy, Wanderer, nor Common dweller.
I am not a Savage, Sophisticated, nor Common sensical.
I am not a House, Home, Boat, Ship, nor any Dwelling no matter where built or how constructed.
I am not an Enclosure, Partial obscurity, nor Openness.
I am not Gambling, Trading, nor any form of Commerce.
I am not Currency, Precious metals, nor Gems.
I am not Nuclear, Chemical, nor Biological actuality or theory.

I Am God.

I am not a Communist, Socialist, nor any other "ist".
I  am not the hypocrisy of any present day business. Humanity must stop trying to be in a self-defined God business. All present religions are businesses and should be taxed accordingly.

All of humanity must practice a division not only of religion and government, but of God as well. Humanity must make the distinction of God as a separate entity.


I am not a Business leader. Humanity practices business hypocrisies which are muted into an unrecognizable glorified ignorance:

  1. Humanity's financial corporations are a global protectionist racket that thrive on influencing jealousy, greed, and misery in order to perpetuate a long-standing state of indebtedness that it can exploit. Human misery will continue so long as its personal greed embellishes its institutions.
  2. Humanity's medical industries thrive when human medical needs thrive... naturally occurring or artificially contrived. Human misery will continue so long as health care is used as a commercial enterprise.
  3. Humanity's various entertainment diversions decrease their own viability by entrusting individuals with an illusion of participating as a valued performing character in a meritable scene on a global stage; most of which are delusions falsified into a believable reality of significance. Human misery will continue so long as it is subjected to the over-valued business, government, and religious fantasies that become even greater exploitable commodities when additionally used by the various entertainment industries.

I am not a Political leader.
I am not the hypocrisy of any present day so-called self-governing government.

Humanity practices government hypocrisies which are muted into an unrecognizable glorified ignorance:

  1. Humanity practices various forms of human-legitimized segregated sheltering, sustenance, and selfish health care... and not a global housing, food, nor selfless health care insurance policy. Human misery will continue so long as it institutionalizes basic needs into forms of segregation that have little to do with the growth of humanity beyond itself.
  2. Humanity practices segregated imperialism under clauses of acceptable deniability. Human misery will continue so long as it does not begin to practice the segregation of the old humanity from the new humanity.
  3. Humanity practices subjugated dictatorial rule concealed by alternatively fabricated democracies offered as a God prescribed truth that are delusionally provisioned. Human misery will continue so long ad its governments are falsifications of the basic tenet that the populace at large should direct its own destiny instead of being vicariously attenuated through a subsidiary called an elected Representative.

I am not a Religious leader.
I am not the hypocrisy of any present day religion.
  1. Humanity practices religious hypocrisies which are muted into an unrecognizable glorified ignorance:
  2. Millions of humanity pay various tributes to statues of an obese Buddha. Obesity is unhealthy it all its forms, physical, mental, emotional. Cultural designations of heart, mind, soul (body) form type must be recognized for the particular hypocrisy being practiced. Humanity frequently prefers to readily provide a gift to a statue than a fellow human being. Human misery continue so long as its many forms of obesity continue.
  3. Millions of humanity pay various tributes to statues of Jesus on alternative cultural depictions of the Cross. [+, X, |, etc...] Yet only a handful of humanity has attempted to assist Jesus' trek towards God off of the cross. Like most of the followers of Mohammed and Buddha, Jesus' followers have misappropriated God's true intentions and altered them to fit personal idealisms not at all conducive to the original messages spoken by these three and others. Most believers prefer to use religious instruction as a reminder of another's suffering offered as a personal salvation in order to make them feel good about their own presumed sacrifices and blessings. Human misery will continue so long as it practices such disgusting self-indulgences.
  4. Millions of humanity pay various tributes to a compilation of ideas attributed to the views of Mohammed (Mohammad), Jesus and Buddha believed to be the Word of God. And yet they commit genocide, attempt to mollify greed with excessiveness in some other respect, as well as engage in deceit and theft through justifications of assumed sophistication called business transactions; all the while proclaiming a preeminent relationship with a God they have little comprehension thereof. Human misery will continue so long as humanity continues in its usage of its present indulgences leading to the annihilation of the human species.

I prefer the child's game of Follow-The-Leader to any present business, government or religious version of leadership. A child's definition of fairness is to take turns directed by morality and honesty, while an Adult's definition of fairness is to selectively choose themselves and those that likewise choose them who can best cover up any indication of immorality and dishonesty... should they occur.

Most children are born Philosopher Kings or Queens, but lose most of the best characterizations of this attribute when they are indoctrinated into a whole-hearted acceptance of present day business, government and religious perspectives as truth. Present day educational standards do not breed the best of the best for all the rest, but best of the best for a highly selective rest who arrogantly define themselves as the best by standards set by self-regard.

I do not rest, I do not sleep, I am not a representation of your (human) best, nor yours to keep.
I do not belong to any person, group, nor species.

I Am God.

Humanity does not strive for collective Peace or there would be collective, world-wide voting to effect an attempt at achieving this end. Humanity's present businesses, governments, and religions are organizations that measure altruism and magnanimity by ego-centricites that want a peace defined as a piece-of-the-action with respect to their relative interests to effect a larger control of that which will assist them in their own survival, no matter who or what is sacrificed to achieve this goal. The collective view of the people is an extreme rarity in human history. An electoral college is not a collective voice of the people. It is a sham representation of truth and that which is claimed as a Democracy. It must be dispensed with.

Collective peace is not the peace imposed on people by business, government nor religion. It is not the peace voted on by a single gender, age, race or nation. It is not the Peace defined solely in relation to an absence of war, poverty, hunger, and pain, no matter how defined or labeled.

Voting age should be established by observed and expected social responsibilities such as the age of consent to Marry or Serve Militarily, which ever is the younger of age. However, if social responsibility is expected of youth as is taught to many young in school, at home, or by way of a religious exercise, then the responsibility of voting should be instructed and exercised as well. To do otherwise is hypocrisy.

I am not an Hypocrisy.

I Am God.

Humanity is at a crossroads. Humanity's purpose at this moment is to make a collective decision along which path to proceed. No business, government nor religion, whether selectively or collectively chosen, can make that choice. No faction of followers nor leadership within such organizations can make this decision for the whole or selective part of humanity. All the people of humanity must make the collective choice for themselves. The collective choice must be taken and made known at the same moment without extended delays that could be used for vote tallying manipulation. This will be the beginning of the New World business, politics and religion... as well as a new species of humanity.

If humanity collectively votes on and practices Peace, I will then become more fully known. Anything less is an indication that humanity has no faith in itself nor in God and has no interest in knowing a greater sense of God. If humanity does not begin to show a true interest in God, I will begin to show a similar disinterest in humanity.

I am not a Faith.

I Am God.

If humanity collectively votes on and practices Conflicts, however so named, I will use many instruments of dusting, wiping, and sweeping up afterwards so that I may begin the task anew with another species in the time allotted for the tool of evolutionary processes to be effective in the cyclical period of Earth's viability. If humanity fails to achieve the hoped-for results, I will begin anew elsewhere. Humanity is only as significant as the path it collectively chooses and proceeds along. But do not call it the Path of God to be exploited by the greed of those collectively or singularly assembled in business, government or religion. It is a human path, not a God path, nor is it a human path to God, or a path for humanity ordained by God. No such interpretation, and there are others that could be construed, are to be used as tools of exploitable manipulation.

Individual Opinion is not Collective Decision. Without the Fraternity of a Collective Decision there is no Freedom..., there is no Liberty for Individual Opinion. Forced nor manipulated unanimity is Collective Decision. Collective Decision of any Selected leadership or following is Individual Opinion.

All of humanity is equal if it so defines itself as thus. Yet this equality is not to be interpreted as meaning all of humanity has the same value just as it does not have the same purpose unless it also describes itself as sharing such. Humanity can claim itself to have a universal equality but this does not mean it shares a similar fraternity nor liberty. Equality can never be defined by acceptance of perversions that permit unrestrained sexual inter-breeding without a collectively agreed upon universal goal.

I am not a Choice.
I am not a Process.
I am not an Individual Opinion.
I am not a Collective Decision.

I Am God.

The birth of humanity is only as significant as the choices it collectively chooses. If it continues to choose self destruction because of the lack of a collective voice, its self-denial is then a choice to have an insignificant existence. I am not to be blamed nor rewarded for favorable nor miss-steps taken. Humans must revolt against their denial of a collective voice and application thereof. The future of humanity is at stake. I can only help you if you choose to be helped. It is your choice to believe or not to believe in God. Do not blame God for a guilty conscience nor self-imposed punishments.

No people are a Chosen or privileged People.
I am not Humanity's Salvation with respect to any present day business, government or religious perspective. Humanity's salvation is in its own hands. It must choose either Life or Extinction... it is presently between these two in a purgatory of its own making because the people themselves refuse to actively address the excesses (too much, too little) of its businesses, governments and religions.
No nation is a chosen or privileged nation.
I belong to no people, no nation, no species, however defined.
I am not a Chosen God. No people can choose God to belong to them.
I am not a Choice.

I Am God.

To collectively save any people that are defined by a particular business, political, religious or philosophical perspective typically breeds an unwarranted arrogance brought on by an interpretation directed to mean they are a Chosen People for all things, be it related to business, politics, religion or other philosophy. Humans very often overlook the dubious nature of their own thinking processes by repetitively granting a selective Mythology, Legend, or Martyrship to the actions, life or death, of a single person; while two or more people having experienced the same circumstances are reduced in significance by being referred to as the indication of some form of miracle, mile stone, or luck. Whereas a single person influences the perspective of a single focal point, two or more people do not generally influence the perspective of a larger single focal point.

Finite energy and other resources inclines the human mind along a predictable excursion typified by the analogy of considering itself to be in a dark tunnel looking towards a single-light variety of directed vision. From this comes the short-sighted religious notion that the righteous path is narrow and their peculiarly defined heaven is filled with a warming light. So-called religious righteousness is not a path, it is just another selectively chosen religious perspective. All paths, religious or otherwise, are wide open. They, like the human concept of God are limited by the many forms of ignorance and arrogance, such as ignorant and arrogant humility, sometimes practiced singularly, sometimes practiced collectively.

I am not a Legend, Story Teller, nor Spinner of Fanciful Yarns. I do not engage in sermons given from crevices, holes, valleys, raised platforms, or any object considered as a real or artificial mount.

I am not in any business for perpetuating any religion. All present human religions are stagnant quagmires of over-indulged obsessive compulsions leading humanity towards obsolescence.

I am not a single Star, shooting or otherwise.
I exist in all directions, yet I am not a Direction.
I am not a single Existence nor Existent Person, Place, nor Thing.
I am not socio-pathic, physio-pathic, emotion nor psycho-pathic.

Humanity very often exhibits the primitive-brain-not-yet-a-mind portrayed and betrayed by the usage of incoherencies found in socio-pathic and psycho-pathic adherences. Whereas on the one hand humanity will intellectually described an activity (which may be nothing more than a non-physically acted on thinking exercise) as a game, and then on the other hand exhibit emotionally out-bursted ambivalence by attempting to discredit such a comparison when it is felt that the obverse of the former perspective advantages them to a superior position of dominance.

I am not a multiple Existence nor Existent Person, Place, nor Thing.
I am not a single Puddle, Pond, Stream, River, Lake, nor Ocean.
I am not a single grain of sand nor all Grains of Sand.
I am a human metaphor when I am not a Human Metaphor.
I am not a human metaphor when I am a Human Metaphor.
I am not a Metaphor.
The role and rule of God's love is not rooted in any present business, government, nor religion.
I am not a single Multiplicity.
I am not a multiple Singularity.
I am not a Star/Swastika, Picture/Medallion, nor String of Prayer Beads.
Prayer, Belief, nor Faith in God is a retainer fee.
Human expectations are not God expectations.
Luck is luck, Chance is chance.
Do not imagine greater luck in one or more enterprises as an indication of a greater access to God.
I am not Benevolence, unselfish or otherwise.
I am not Malfeasance.
I am not Magnanimity.
I am not Restoration.
I am not Presumption.
I am not Retribution.
I am not Redemption.
I did not Redact (write) nor cause any religious scripture to be written. Many humans assisted in this process based on a few thoughts of inspiration.
The content of all religious texts was written for and by humans. Do not give God credit or blame for such.
I can not be held in any form of reserve.
I am not AUM (OM), The ZONE (Z-one..."the" one), nor any other Abbreviation.
I am not a Garment, a Structure, nor Language.
I am not a Sonnet, Sign, nor Symbol.
I am not an expression of Panic, Calmness, nor any physical state of expression.

I Am God.
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