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The "N" (Nigger) Word

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The phrase "The N-Word" is a pattern-of-three. While I could have just placed it alongside other three-patterned phrases, I think I'll take a moment and venture onto this social landscape and share some of my observations. For those of you who may not be familiar with this phrase when it is out of context from your typical considerations, I am referring to the word "Nigger". And no, I am not going to venture into an encyclopedic monologue of its suspected origin as referring to blacks laboring on the Niger river, or the language being spoken, or the whole of the people from the West African republic named Niger.

However, as I mentioned, I could have placed it alongside other three-patterned phrases such as:

  • "The L-Word" (Lesbian)
  • "The M-Word" (Marriage or Money)
  • "The H-Word" (Homosexual or Ho... referring to whore)

But the reader might want to include other topics consistent with their particular circumstances. For now, I will focus on the N-word. I grew up with the word in my neighborhood. And along with it were spic (for Spanish) and wap (for Italian). When I was seven years old I lived next door to a black family. One of the boys was my age. When I would see him I would say: "Hey there Nigger!" He would then look at me and say:

"I'm not a nigger, I'm a NEGRO, when I turn a nigger, I'll let you know."

And then he would say: "Hey there White Trash!" And then I would say:

"I'm not trash don't you know what I mean, if I was trash I wouldn't be so clean." And then we would go off playing together. We were chums. But our parents hated us saying either Nigger or White Trash. We never knew why. In fact, at this ripe age of seven, I asked him what Nigger and White Trash meant. He shrugged his shoulders and said he didn't know other than to point to the color of our skin. We both thought it was stupid. We had learned the expressions from older kids who had learned it from (stupid) adults. Hence, I grew up using the word "nigger", affectionately and not as a verbal weapon of criticism or derision. The word nigger reminds me of my childhood chum whose parents decided to move to an all black neighborhood, where the word nigger was very often used along with other cuss words. When we were together I was never called a nigger lover and he was never referred to as an Oreo cookie (white on the inside but black on the outside). We were just kids having fun.

In fact, I still don't know what the word means, and since I don't associate it specifically with a person with dark skin, I sometimes use it to describe an affection, or I use it to describe anyone or anything I don't like. It's like the singular name "apple" being used to describe different kinds of apple. Some you like and some you don't. For example, I think Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld are niggers for all the criminal acts they perpetrated on Americans and the rest of the world. This is a current form of psychoses being used in the world. And the public goes along with it! They literally got away with murder and are now receiving pensions for their abuses. In my mind, they knew all too well the twin towers were going to get hit and had explosives already in place to help bring the towers down on their own footprint. They're not just niggers, but disgusting, filthy, criminal niggers. On the other hand, I don't think Obama is a nigger except when he wants to centralize an issue with only the black people in mind. Such a segregationist perspective is a luxury only for us commoners to indulge in, not when you are representing a nation of multiple ethnicities.

Interestingly, while someone might call an American black person a nigger, they might not readily do so for a black Australian Aboriginal, a black from India, a black Pacific Islander or a black from Africa. One difference being that some American blacks claim ownership of the word nigger. They think the word "nigger" refers to them alone, and thus take offense anytime the word is used. Like some adolescent claiming a particular music is theirs. They say, it's "my" music. The word "my" is analogous to an egocentric usage of the words "I" and "me". They'll wield the word "nigger" as a chip on the shoulder as a means of getting attention, because they have little else by which to claim an identity. And just like an adolescent, they want to knock down any usage of the word nigger in order to build themselves up. If they don't beat someone up, they want to destroy their reputation or their careers. Such people, to me, are niggers. It's because they wouldn't react the same way if another black, particularly not someone in their own family, were to use the word nigger or whitey, or Mexican, or Italian, or whatever, in the same way. They're hypocrites. But being a hypocrite does not necessarily make you a nigger in the same breath. It's like bread. There are many kinds of bread but you may not like all of them. The ones you don't like you may want to label as nigger, but then again you may not want to. The word "Nigger", like love, beauty, justice and truth, is in the eye of the beholder.

Far too many people react to the word "nigger" as if they were in the middle ages and someone was being called a witch. And this reaction is not only by blacks, but by other races as well. Well, to all of you, I say you are a bunch of niggers. And I am using the word in the most vile and contemptible way you can imagine. So, upon reading this condemnation of your stupidity, how many of you were burned at the stake? How many of you were thrown into a prison to eat cockroaches and rats? How many of you were hanged, be-headed or dismembered in other ways? What!? You're not dead? You weren't tarred and feathered? You weren't impaled on a cross to become a martyr? But not only am I calling all of you who are trying to redefine freedom of speech to coincide with your self-centered niggerness, I'm also calling the Crop circle makers, and corporations who use too much salt and fat in their food products; niggers. The Crop circle makers are niggers because they continue to play this stupid cat and mouse game with us. Of all the nerve! We're being inundated by a bunch of niggers! To the ramparts! Pull in the drawbridge! Man your posts!

But, the word nigger can be used affectionately, when one black tells another black: "Hey my nigger." If I have a pet that is black and I want to call my pet "nigger", I will do so. If I want to call everyone with black hair a nigger, (which includes myself), I will do so. If I see you driving a black car and I want to refer to it as a nigger car, I will do so. But if you have a white or red or whatever color of vehicle and I want to label it a nigger vehicle, I will do so... Whether you like it or not. I will not alter my vocabulary just to suit some stupid politically correct nonsense because a bunch of nigger idiots are trying to impose their interpretation of free speech on me and others. This is a two-way street. If you think you have the right to impose your views on me then I can do the same for you. I can be just as stubborn and stupid as you. It's easy for people to be stubborn and stupid. Yes, while the word nigger, just like any other word, can be used in a negative way, it can be used affectionately, or in a positive way. So instead of trying to beat people over the head as if this were synonymous with washing out their mouths with soap for saying a bad word, start using reverse psychology. Duh! What a bunch of stupid niggers.

Far too many people are hung up on the word nigger, or lesbian, or homosexual, or, etc., etc., etc. With the latter group resorting to its own form of twisted logic by referring to a person who dislikes homosexuals a person who is homophobic. The homosexual "community" is rife with hypocrisy. On the one hand they speak of love and yet they attack with the viciousness of a rabid animal. On the one hand the males and female homosexuals want separate identities and thus use the words "Homosexual" for males and "Lesbian" for females, the singular word "Homophobic" is used to describe all who disagree with their lifestyle. While it may be true that some people express anger and hatred as a concealment for their own underlying inclinations towards having affections for someone of their own gender, many people do not. Hence, the word "Homophobic" is being used just as myopically as those who use the word "Nigger" to describe their dislike of blacks, if not all dark skinned peoples. While the so-called "community" of homosexuals and lesbians want to view themselves as enlightened and want everyone else to adopt their perspective as a world-view, they haven't even the intelligence to establish a singular word to describe themselves in accord with their presentiments of superiority, as in the case of all peoples of Earth being singularly described as humanity. Surely the intellectual elite of their ilk can come up with a word to coherently describe their single-mindedness. We could call them Lesbo-sexuals, or Hom(o)les-sexuals, or, get them to look past the childish preoccupation with their sexuality as if they are children playing "house", "mommy and daddy", or "Doctor". But until such time as they grow up, I am going to refer to them, unaffectionately, as niggers. Vile, stinking, niggers because of all their obvious stupidity.

See the article:

--- Homosexuality is the New Nazism ---
(or the New Inquisition)

Clearly, the whole of the nigger community is in a dictionary rut. You're like some primitive experiencing a cognitive limitation. You like being a part of a lynch mob because you're a nigger. You want the world to be at the noose end of a rope to fulfill some self-defined purpose of destiny leading to some chartered kingdom. You don't like to think for yourself because you're a nigger. You like the gang mentality. You want your views to dominate and be the over-riding standard.

The word nigger is neither bad nor good. It is your interpretation and usage of the word which is being the determining factor of how it is defined. You're like the Christian church in the middle ages that viewed the Earth as center of the universe and those that didn't hold this view were blasphemous and needed to be censored, imprisoned or vilified. Instead of the Earth at the center, you have placed yourselves at the center. You want everybody to pay homage to you and those that don't are vile creatures. You and your interpretation are all that matters. Yours is a Crusade that seeks out and destroys all those felt to be infidels. Like those of old who wanted to create a personalized Kingdom in which they reigned supreme, you create a personalized Niggerdom (or "community") in which you feel majestic because everyone has to kowtow to your self-centered views. This not only makes you a nigger, but a dumb nigger (misspelled as "dom"). Hence, your Nigger-dom (or your homosexual "Community-dom").

Thank God that most black people are not niggers nor homosexuals nor criminals. They see how stupid, silly and down-right unconstitutional it is for any minority group, such as homosexuals, to have the right to impose their views on what is or is not socially acceptable. Whereas in the case of the minority criminal group a prison system has been established, something will have to be done about homosexuals demanding that they have the right to censor any and all comments by those who disagree with their lifestyle. But homosexuals need to be forewarned. If they keep pushing their orientation to be the dominant view, the dominant view will start to push back. Their orientation is a dead end for all of humanity if it becomes the dominant lifestyle. And once the pushing back has begun, it will be a tidal wave that may well sweep all of them under. Heaven forbid if all life forms adopt the homosexual orientation as "THE" lifestyle. Even viruses and bacteria will become extinct.

Even though not all homo-lesbos are engaged in the pushing, they will be deemed accomplices to the overall "homosexual cause" in trying to write itself in as "THE" greatest constitutional amendment in which they are granted:

  • Clemency for any and all wrong doing against those that don't agree with their views.
  • Are given the keys to all cities.
  • Provided with a monthly government pension because of their presumed uniqueness that they feel should be preserved, nurtured, and accepted no matter what it costs in rationality.

They want their rationality to be "THE" inter-nationality so they can strut about a society which not only gives them deference, but pays them a servile homage just like the Nazis expected in their cries for Nationalism. All of them doing the pushing are like the neurotics who came out of the woodwork, from beneath rocks and sewers to push everyone into accepting the Nazi point of view. Many people think the homosexual view is little more than a different flavor of Nazism that wants to impose its view as the righteous perspective and all other points of view are to be suppressed, no matter the cost to a person's reputation, livelihood, or personal safety. And since the present government is filled with too many meek and timid cowards to assist the real majority in their calls for asserting the right to freedom of speech, or permit the public to have a referendum to settle the "homosexual" problem of presumed supremacy; then an underground will have to be established just as one was very effectively established to deal with the Nazi problem and all their collaborators.

It is disgusting to see so many politicians eschewing their responsibility of upholding the Constitution, to let its interpretation be redefined by a bunch of niggers called homosexuals. This is why we need the referendum. Let's put it to a national vote to shut up all varieties of filthy niggers. All of them. Every stinking white, black, young, old, yellow, red, brown, educated, ignorant, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4ths and extra-terrestrial, inter-dimensional, time-traveling, or teleporting nigger. I don't care what profession their in... legal or illegal. I don't care if they're religious, an atheist, a billionaire or a homeless person. Being a nigger has no boundaries just like a communicable disease. It knows no race, no gender, no age and no nationality. Being a nigger exists in all walks of life. Black people do not own the word nigger. Homosexuals do not own the word nigger. Nor do they control how it is to be defined or used. No race, occupation, age, gender or orientation has the right to own any word. If you want to own a word, own the word idiot.

But let's face it. We don't have to be rude. We can be sensitive and gracious and use other words to describe someone or thing. Instead of nigger, we could use some other n-word such as n-incompoop, n-erd, n-asty, n-ut, n-o-acoount, n-utter, n-inny, n-arc, n-umbskull, n-otorious, ne'er-do-well, a johnny come never, a never- never lander, n-ap happy (instead of couch potato), N-AFTA, n-uclear, Neanderthal, etc... There are a lot of other n-words we could use with negative definitions applied if someone doesn't believe as you believe. You don't have to focus on the color of their skin in order to search for faults. You can judge them by their religion, their music interests, whether or not they wear a certain color of pajamas, how much their house costs, what position they hold in a company, if they are unemployed, if they drink, if they eat fattening foods, and so on and so forth.

But you may want to stay with the color black as the primary ingredient of your particular association with the word nigger. But it has to be black people... and not just any black people. It can't be black dogs, horses, sheep, motorcycles, leather coats, boots, asphalt, tires, crisp bacon, charred cookout meat, colas, or the night sky. Oh no. All the so many other black entities in the world can not be labeled as a nigger. It has to be certain people by a certain people in a certain situation that they aren't really certain of. And though you may claim black people as being close to apes or gorillas, you wouldn't claim apes or gorillas as niggers, even if they sprout black hair.

We cannot expect our freedom of speech to be solely supported by our elected representatives or the Supreme Court. We The People must take it upon ourselves and practice it much more often than we are now doing. Journalists, talk-show hosts, and movie script writers can not speak loud nor long enough to assert or preserve our right to Freedom of Speech if we aren't courageous enough to practice it. Don't let a bunch of homosexuals, niggers or any minority take it away simply because they are the dominant voice doing all the practicing. It's time for the majority to grow up and start speaking for itself. Stop expecting some politician or judge to hold your hand. It's time to show your children you're not afraid to stand up for your rights. It's time to start protesting. The three-part drum-beat has begun.

And those of you wishing to label me as a nigger for asserting my right to exercise Freedom of Speech: Here's looking at all you niggers. It is December 24, 2013 at 9:00 in the morning. May the coming year be what it needs to be.

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