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Unusual Threes Encounters 1

(The Study of Threes)

"Unusual" should be distinguished from "anomalous" in that what is unusual for a particular context (time and place) may not be so somewhere else, but that which occurs anomalous, may be viewed as a rare occurrence, or at least give the impression of such; because few, if any similar occurrences have not been conventionally noted by way of common discussion or even commonly written about.

A third variety of threes are those that occur commonly and may or may not be frequently/infrequently observed. (I don't mean to imply that there are only three types, though these might serve as group headings.) This third type might be described as an event (displayed by a person and or thing) such as a three-patterned expression (or sound) that is frequently or infrequently recognized as being specific to a person or thing. An example would be a repeated expression such as "Well, Ok Then" or "It's My Turn" or "You Never Know". Of course there are lot's of other expressions as well as behavioral characteristics that could be used as examples, but my intent is to convey the occurrence of a three-patterned expression/characteristic noted as being specific to a particular person (or thing), and is described by one or more others as being peculiar to them (whether in a positive or negative light), even though those making the claim may also exhibit one or more patterns-of-three that remain unrecognized because they may or may not be intentionally concealing them (such as having three million dollars hidden in a mattress, or having three notable lovers, or being involved with some illegal enterprise three times a week).

8:30 AM

This is rather a difficult page to the extent that what one person might interpret to be a coincidence with respect to witnessing an occurrence of a threes-related phenomena, another will interpret the experience as being highly unusual. For example, if you experience various types of threes phenomena on a regular basis, you are less likely to consider each and every phenomena as being particularly extra-ordinary nor as some type of symbolic suggestion related to an indication of some personal uniqueness you have not fully discovered, but are nonetheless desirous of finding out, whether or not you express such an interest to anyone. However, another person that just begins to become aware of one or more "threes" in their life may interpret the phenomena (and not consider to appreciate a change in perception is taking place due to a developing consciousness,) as a "sign" specifically intended for them alone... if only they could somehow learn what the "message" is.

For some of you, it might be quite the norm for you to encounter the sounds of three knocks on different occasions. Such an occurrence might take place so frequently in fact, that you joke about it to yourself and playfully tell the "ghost" to come on in. However, you might then find yourself encountering a sequence of three knocks that sound as if someone is knocking on a pane of glass. And if you should joke about this, you may then encounter 3 knocks on different doors, the ceilings, the floor, a wall, etc... In effect, each new one might at first be viewed as an unusual occurrence, but they soon become so frequent that you simply dismiss them without an explanation since you have never been able to find anyone knocking, nor any type of "old house noise" to explain the occurrences, and you don't permit yourself to dwell on supernatural or superstitious views, and you are level-headed enough to consider the possibility that such occurrences may indeed be a part of a change in consciousness, whether it is labeled a third consciousness, a higher truth, a higher plane of existence, or whatever.

Here are just a handful of examples of what some witnesses of the threes phenomena label as being weird, unusual, other-worldly, from the twilight zone, in the outer limits, strange, bizarre, freaky, crazy, (uncommon) truth, superstition, communication from beyond, a sign, a message, etc.:

  • Deaths occur in threes.
  • I keep hearing three knocks.
  • Things "always" happen to me in threes! (It freaks me out!)
  • Things "always" happen to me in threes! (The trinity is nearby!)
  • I see threes "everywhere."
  • I was involved in three accidents.
  • All together, there were three accidents.
  • All three of us are pregnant!
  • I tell you, there were three ghosts!
  • This is my third pregnancy from three different guys!
  • Three is the sign of the Trinity I see everywhere!
  • Three is the sign of Satan when I or others are bad!
  • A recurring three means something good is going to happen.
  • A recurring three means something bad is going to happen.
  • Three good things happened to me today, this week, this month, this year.
  • Three bad things happened to me today, this week, this month, this year.
  • I was abducted by three aliens!
  • I saw three UFO's in a V-formation!
  • While at a checkstand, I notice three different people buying three items.
  • Why does he always want to have sex three times a day? It's weird!
  • He always wants to have sex at around 3:00 in the morning. It's not normal.
  • She's very restless at around three o'clock AM when there's a full moon.
  • The Crop Circle has three concentric circles.
  • The Crop Circle has three triangles.
  • I keep seeing the letters E, W, and M! (alphabetical variations of the number 3)
  • 3! 3! 3! Why me and no one else I know?
  • I saw three aliens go into a nearby sewer! When I passed this same way again, the driver's window in my car fell off it's track, and then the 3rd time I passed the same way, I felt a strange sensation that was followed the day afterward with an electric pole transformer blowing out!

  • 1st my computer crashes, then half the electricity in my house goes out, and then the kitchen sink gets stopped-up!
  • 1st the starter, then the alternator, and now the waterpump!
  • You're three hours late getting home! You are grounded for three weeks!
  • I can't stop thinking about threes! It's driving me crazy!
  • I Keep hearing the same three patterned Greeting: (It's so weird!)

  • 1st person asks "How are You? (3 words are used)
  • 2nd person says "I'm fine. (2 words are used)
  • 2nd person may also ask "How are You?"

  • 1st person may also say "I'm fine."
  • 1st person says "Good! (1 word is used)
  • 2nd person may also say "Good!"

  • 3 different Hispanic retail sales clerks on different occasions within the same week returned my money:

    1. I gave a dollar for a 79 cents purchase and was given back a dollar along with the purchased item!
    2. I gave a dollar for a 79 cents purchase and was given back a dollar along with the purchased item!
    3. I gave two dollars for a two dollar item and was given back 3 dollars along with the purchased item!

    A pair of dice showing three dots

    My parents once told me it was unlucky to ask for a birthday present more than three times - or else, by some magical means, the whole world would forget it was my birthday. They kept that one going right up until I was 30! -Dave, UK

    Above example and image taken from a BBC news report which asks: "Are the British becoming more superstitious?" (03-07-03)... Dr Richard Wiseman, a psychologist from the University of Hertfordshire is carrying out an online survey with the British Association for the Advancement of Science to find out how superstitious Britain is.

    --- BBC News- Have Your Say ---

    utah highway 666

    The image to the right is another example of a superstition involving a pattern- of-three. It brings to mind another similar example which involved the "666" badge number of a sheriff's deputy working for one of the surrounding municipalities. The badge number was 'retired' because the officer got so much ribbing from fellow officers and was generally perceived in the light of negative connotations.

    Shiprock, N.M. (New Mexico)-- The devil got his kicks on Route 666. That is past tense because today, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson will officially designate the gnarly two-lane highway that heaves and dips its way from Gallup, N.M., to Monticello, Utah, (via Colorado) as U.S. 491. Nonetheless, few along this 194-mile road are eager to part with the triple-six designation. They like it. And some fear that officials have angered Satan with the new numerology. Others say it always will be the devil's road.

    To ward off any remaining evil spirits, a Navajo medicine man will bless the "new" road after today's ribbon-cutting, cleansing it and bequeathing good fortune in times hence. A traditional Navajo feast of mutton and fry bread will cement the deal...

    --- Salt Lake Tribune: Sixes nixed on 'devil's road' ---
    Christopher Smart/The Salt Lake Tribune- 7/30/2003

    In most cases, the person who feels/thinks they are experiencing an unusual event involving a threes phenomena, never stops to consider that there are alternative ways of explaining what they witness. It could be due to:

    1. A misperception because of environmental conditions such as light, smoke, shadows, irregular diet, depression, grief, sorrow, euphoria, influence from one or more superstitious people nearby or to whom you tell of your "threes" experience, etc...

    2. An act of wishful thinking to attribute some significance to a circumstance someone is personally involved with, whereby the culturally-influenced notions of the "three" being related to some special out-of-the-ordinary significance are falsely applied.

    3. A factual (reality testable) indicator related to you specifically or to another or many others such as a group, organization, culture, race, species (which may or may not include all of humanity,) etc...

    Yet, unusual experiences with the "threes phenomena" can also be articulated in other than a "threes" way, even though there is a commonality of focus. For example:

    1. While you may say that the planet Earth is the 3rd planet from the Sun, another might prefer to say it is the 7th planet from Pluto.

    2. Someone might express a colloquial notion that there are seven layers of skin, while you say there are three layers of skin which correspond to the 1st - 2nd - 3rd degree of burns.

    3. You might also refer to the three basic additive and (three) subtractive colors, while someone else prefers to recognize a seven color pattern in terms of white light being refracted through a prism.

    In each of the three above examples the same points of reference are being made in terms of the Earth, skin, and color. In some instances you will find those who are not aware of this similarity in perception, and may even renounce that the number three has any value...particularly if much of their personal life philosophy clings to the number 7 (or some other number pattern) with a tenacity as a child does to a favorite toy, blanket, or piece of candy.

    On the other hand, you may encounter those who incorporate both number patterns (with or without other particular patterns,) into a philosophy of perception that tends to cause them to focus more so on the abstract constructions they devise with respect to the number patterns, within which they entangle the growth of their consciousness to a rigorous set of parameters that become an all-consuming life paradigm. The life paradigm may create moments of "unusual" perception that they believe to be a "higher truth," and will frequently adopt a custom of dress, or language, or social interest that seems to most closely resemble basic attributes of this recurring "unusual perception" that eventually involves more distinct patterns of the threes phenomena in different forms such as words, deeds, numbers, letters, sounds, feelings, intimations, etc... Which also may include indistinct variations that are given labels which define the more unusual perceptions in terms that tend to keep a level of apprehensive curiosity readily available (that is sometimes used as a tool to dismiss everyday reality testing models of common-sense logic that the average person utilizes).

    Because the word "unusual" is a label representing different interpretations, I felt it to be appropriate when dealing with a phenomena that can have different definitions and meanings based upon age, gender, socio-economic status, culture, religious practices, private and public education experiences, diet, health, emotional state, interests, superstitions, etc... However, in striving to attain some semblance of methodology with respect to a system of measuring in order to weed through all the many person-specific variables, I am going to present the idea that unusual experiences with the threes phenomena in all its many forms, is related to variations involving transitional events in an expanding consciousness that is confined to a limiting skeletal structure. (Note: an "expanding consciousness" may be little more than an adaptation due to certain conditions experienced by a particular individual. The "expansion" may only be temporary and more appropriately labeled a heightened awareness under given circumstances.)

    Imagine if you will, your consciousness as an inflatable balloon that is constrained within a non-expanding space called the human skull. As it tries to expand outward it meets resistance which may create disturbing "conflicts of interest," which result in some people experiencing different levels of frustration, anxiety, and perhaps even fear. Because it can not expand outward, it necessarily folds in on itself similar to that infolding which occurs in the Germ layers, but is likewise analogously similar to various types of "folding" events which may be, in someway, external metaphors for one or more events occurring internally. Some examples of folding can be found in napkins, blankets, playing cards, letters, towels, wrapping paper, paper money, cardboard boxes, proteins, etc., and one might stretch the imagination a bit and see folding in cyclical events such as the pumping of blood in the heart.

    Mesodermal infolding
    --- Lab of H.-Arno J. Müller---

    (I refrain from saying that the "balloon" will burst in a conventional sense, because this would entail taking the analogy into metaphysical considerations involving an exploding (Big Bang) universe, as well as related topics covering sanity, insanity, creativity, genius, etc., when it is better for the present topic to make a reference to a metaphorical usage of the term implosion, which seems more suited for the task at hand without going too far afield in this brief outline.)

    If we use the analogy of an expanding consciousness as being represented by the number 3 that is seen by the eyes and subsequently viewed on the back of the brain in a limiting skull which forces the expanding consciousness to fold back in on itself within the constraints of the brain, the following image is more easily understood:

    The developing brain The human brain

    Note: This image does not portray the offset placement of the right hemisphere slightly forward and the left hemisphere slightly rearward as an indication of developmental sequence not only of the overall brain itself, but individual structures and attributes. And nor does the above image adequately portray some semblance of how much "infolding" takes place, yet the following images of a DNA strand exiting a T4 bacteriophage does give some indication of how much information can be "infolded" (overlapped, condensed, abbreviated, categorized, etc.) into a small space if it were to be let out into a larger space:

    DNA being injected into a bacterium
    dna strand from a Bacteriophage
    DNA & DNA-Protein Complexes (image: #0020a)

    The idea of expansion and folding back (contraction) in on the expansion within a given space is also similarly expressed in the notion of the Big Bang theory for the development of the Universe as we presently know it:

    Expanding and contracting Universe

    --- The Expanding Universe ---

    The assumed "recurring" expansion/contraction (infolding/spreading) of the Universe may not only represent a limitation factor of expansion that suggests a type of mathematically quantifiable size to the overall capacity of the Universe, (the walls of the Universe's "skull") but may also occur with a three-patterned cycle giving us the word equation of:


    ...which may or may not include some form of intermediary. Such an idea not only incorporates the Big Bang model theory, but also the cyclic model of the Universe developed by Princeton University’s Paul Steinhardt and Cambridge University’s Neil Turok:

    Cyclic model of universe

    In the cyclic model, our three-dimensional universe is one of two surfaces, or "branes," separated by an extra dimension. The two branes bounce off each other to give rise to matter and radiation, and then expand and dissipate due to dark energy. Instead of one Big Bang, a succession of bangs could be sparked when rippling waves of space-time crash into each other in extra dimensions. This scenario — dubbed the "ekpyrotic model," which plays off the Greek word for "conflagration" — was put forward as the best rival to the mainstream model.

    --- Questioning The Big Bang ---

    This cyclic or "ekpyrotic" model is highly reminiscent of a 3-layered cell mem-brane model found in biology. Perhaps what is taking place on a cellular/molecular level is a microscopic reflection of events taking place on a macroscopic level in the Universe. Or maybe the Universe we know is not but minuscule atomic events occurring within the brain of some giant (god?) walking around the countryside in a happy-go-lucky state of carefree roaming. Putting such fanciful musing aside, it appears that the notion of multiple dimensions being associated with the cyclic model is a misinterpretation of recurring dimensions as somehow representing more dimensions instead of merely a repeated appearance of a former dimension. In other words, if a dimension of a 3-dimension set is dissipated and then another dimension occurs to repeat a pattern-of-three sequence, observers are counting the recurrences as 4, 5, 6, etc., dimensions, and are not recognizing them as merely repetitive occurrences of a three-patterned set. Such a case as this occurs when someone counts 6 cells on a car battery instead of referring to them as 3 sets for each electrode.

    In developing a new model of the Universe, it is of particular interest in the present topic of Unusual Threes Encounters to given mention of how recurring patterns-of-three influence an interest in attempts to develop such a model:

    For all its spectacular experimental successes, the Standard Model (SM) fails to give us solutions to such basic problems as:

    1. Why there are three copies (generations) of quarks and leptons,
    2. Why there are three different gauge forces (the strong, weak and electromagnetic, with differing strengths),
    3. And how gravity should be included in a consistent quantum theory along with the gauge forces.

    The Standard Model of particle physics refers to the more commonly known 3-word description of The Big Bang.

    ---Cern Courier- Supersymmetry ---

    For more on the 3-Brane Cyclic Big Bang Model:

    --- 3 mem-Brane Cyclic Big Bang Universe? ---

    As the brain enlarges in a person's body that is developing along customary maturational stages, their experiences, genetic makeup, and diet all have varying influences on subsequent foldings of the "3" perception. In other words, if a person's state of health or environmental circumstances is less than nutritious, their perception of a threes event will be a different process of infolding than a person who is healthy, and yet both may claim their perception is the truth. This is why some people tend to be focused (preoccupied) on a single instance of "3" for extended periods of time, while others will overlap these with other "threes" experiences and still others will experience a less than actual perception, which can create distortions that produce ill effects or even generate creative variations that are used productively and not used as a personalized form of restraint that hinder the further development of one's consciousness.

    But this "preoccupation" with a particular perception not only occurs with individuals, it can occur with entire cultures as is hinted at by the notion of:

    "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

    George Santayana (1863 - 1952)
    The Life of Reason, Volume 1, 1905.

    With this in mind, it may be helpful for some to consider whether or not they become focused on a particularly unusual encounter with one or more threes because the threes event is actually occurring, or that they become "stuck" on the idea that a repeated perception of one or more threes events is an indication of an unusual occurrence that provides some measure of personal uniqueness that they don't want to let go of. While this may be difficult for some who don't have anyone nearby to support them in their attempts to transition away from a particularly recurring focus involving the threes phenomena, it may be helpful for them to realize that a person who is actually undergoing a developmental change towards a third consciousness will undoubtedly encounter varying types and intensities of threes, as well as moments in which the brain seems to be idling, without paying any particular attention to some threes related perception. Nonetheless, even if unusual events of the threes event seem to disappear, this does not necessarily mean your consciousness has stopped continuing to develop, it is just developing along a different path from which you can still recognize the previous threes events, but are now also able to witness other events which incline you towards a reconsideration of previous encounters with the threes phenomena making them less unusual, and may even be seen as commonplace for you at your particular level of development, though others may still view such encounters as unusual, weird, strange, freaky, etc...

    Yes, there are some who might consider that a sustained focus on any aspect of development is a variation of an obsessive/compulsive trait, but from such a hard nosed clinical view we could also say that all of life is a process of recurring intermittent (obsessive/compulsive) preoccupations with death, since all processes appear to be "obsessively and compulsively" focused towards this direction. If we can claim the recurrence of life and death as being "unusual" to the extent many call it God's will, then it is easy to see why many view an interest in and experience with unusual threes phenomena as being just as natural as are all the unusual (emergent) forms of life that have and do exist in this confined environment called Earth.

    Some people have considered that humanity could possibly get smarter if only the braincase (skull) would enlarge. However, many researchers argue against such a notion by claiming, for example, that although Neanderthals had a bigger skull/brain, their extinction suggests that they were not really smarter than other contemporary hominids who survived with a smaller skull/brain. In fact, researchers say that it is not necessarily the size, but the overall complexity which matters in "smartness."

    Our presumed modern day "intelligence" is sometimes attributed to the amount of convolutions (crevices and bumps) the human brain has in comparison to other life forms that may have larger brains but fewer convolutions. Yet, in our present musings, it is necessary to consider that the present day average braincase does in fact not only limit the overall brain size for the present day human species, but may also limit the amount of total area in which the development of convolutions takes place in terms of what may be possible to achieve with respect to a third consciousness. In other words, skull and brain size does matter in terms of how many convolutions could be cramped into a single space.

    If we compare a Neanderthal skull with that of a modern human, we find that the average braincase volume of the Neanderthal is said to be 1500cc and the modern human's average braincase has a capacity of about 1375cc, though there are individuals with slightly smaller or slightly larger capacities.

    Neanderthal and modern human skulls Neanderthal Features

    To such an end in regards to limitations imposed upon the development of human consciousness by the size of the human braincase, it might be useful to further consider what might happen if we were to place our modern day brain into an enlarged braincase. Let's assume that there would be an initial overall growth to fill the larger brain case, but in so doing, this would cause the human brain, (over several generations) to "momentarily" sacrifice the development of more brain "infoldings" (convolutions). This might thereby produce a rather primitive thinking human at the outset, but as the brain attempted to expand more (over several generations,) there would come a time when this large braincase would also be a limiting factor. This limitation would thus force the brain to begin a series of convolutions which might subsequently take humans along a developmental path of being "civilized," yet it would be a type of civility that would eventually come to surpass the civilizations known to present humans.

    But let us say that the human brain within the present average braincase has not yet reached its maximum amount of convolution development, and will continue to fold in on itself in a fashion that is greatly simplified as is shown by the above animated image. As the brain continues to develop, the development comes by way of an expansion in consciousness that is quite unfamiliar to any present-day views offered by religion, mysticism, philosophy, poetry, art, music, mathematics, physics, etc... And this expansion is related to the recognition of familiar patterns in a different way. However, the development of the brain in its confined space is not necessarily smooth and occurring in one extended moment, it occurs sporadically, episodically, and during moments a person is unprepared for such an emergence.

    It is this lack of preparation from which a person can not only encounter perceptions that can cause varying amounts of discomfort in one's life, but also cause the person to experience unusual threes encounters that are supplied with definitions which seem to contradict any attempt to make some sense of them in a constructive way.

    But making sense of the threes phenomena in one's life, is what many are trying to do. Different people have looked at the phenomena of threes from a variety of perspectives in an attempt to find some means of helping them to better appreciate why they specifically are experiencing such a recurrence of recognized encounters. Here are a few sources people have looked into:

    • Religion, both ancient and modern (trinity, triads, triune).

    • Mythology (African, Asian, Greek, Roman, etc..., with Africans having fewest, Asians having more, and Indo-Europeans having most "threes" examples... according to those researchers with an Indo-European heritage.)

    • Cultural Anthropology (Such as Allen Dundez' "The Number Three in the American Culture" in the 1967/1968 book "Every man his way".)

    • Modern views about ancient Celtic views.

    • Modern views about ancient Egyptian views (such as the word "Trinity" is applied to three god-head figures but the ancient Egyptians did not use the word to collectively identify them.)

    • Psychology, Psychiatry, counseling (Id - Ego - Superego, family triads, etc.)

    • Mysticism aligned with such ideas expressed with tarot cards, numerology, Astrology, etc.

    • Biology/Genetics such as DNA, triplet microtubules, energy processes (AMP, ADP, ATP), etc...

    • History with respect to medicine, warfare, plagues, disasters, architecture, etc...

    • Engineering (mechanization in toto)

    • Chemistry (drugs, product design, etc.)

    • Physics/mathematics

    • Music (triadic structure, middle C, etc...)

    • Irish beliefs and uses of triads

    • Crop circle formations

    • Botanical representations of the three (Leaves of three, let them be: Poison Ivy, Oak, Sumac)

    • Poetry/art.
      Medicine, physiology, neurology, pathology, etc...

    • Eastern philosophy such as the I-Ching, Yin - Unity - Yang, AUM (Om), etc...

    • Western philosophy such as Herbert Spencer's triadic formulas, etc...

    When you encounter what you believe to be an unusual threes encounter, keep some record of it for future reference. This is because if you encounter it again at some later date, it may have greater meaning in that it is but a small piece of a larger puzzle you are working on at different levels of your developing consciousness. For example, take a look at the simple "experimental" test I conducted to verify (or refute) what I thought was the presence of an unusual amount of three- patterned knocks being heard:

    I was once working (8 hours per day 5 days per week) in a high security room where I had the opportunity to count the number of knocks used by different people to gain access to the room (in order to get information about a client) because it was off limits to everyone except for those with clearance. I started making scratch marks on loose pieces of paper which gave everyone the impression I was merely keeping track of the work I was assigned to and thus did not have to give an explanation that would contaminate the "experimental process." I kept track over a two week period and found that most people do in fact use a three-patterned knock, though there were variations from 1 to 8 knocks. I conducted the "experiment" because I kept hearing a larger proportion of three-knock patterns and wanted to verify this perception with actual data so as to verify whether or not I was actually hearing this pattern or simply imposing an intellectual pattern on external events in an attempt to (unconsciously) "re-fashion" information to confirm ideas regarding the recurrence of "three." While the following table provides the information I compiled, it does not include any knocks which occurred while I was at lunch or went to the restroom. It also does not indicate those very few circumstances in which an individual would knock in dual or triple patterns where 1 pattern of knock would be followed by the same or a different quantity of knocks:

    DATE 1 knock 2 knocks 3 knocks 4 knocks 5 knocks 6 knocks 7 knocks 8 knocks
    11-30-00 0 8 30 7 6 7 6 6
    12-01-00 0 8 10 3 5 6 6 6
    12-03-00 1 5 31 6 3 7 3 1
    12-04-00 0 12 10 7 2 4 0 3
    12-05-00 0 5 14 11 4 4 0 0
    12-06-00 0 9 24 7 8 2 1 0
    12-07-00 0 7 17 7 2 3 0 1
    12-10-00 0 8 16 6 3 5 0 1
    12-11-00 0 5 11 4 3 6 4 0
    12-12-00 0 5 13 7 3 5 1 1
    12-13-00 0 2 7 8 4 3 1 1
    12-14-00 0 4 11 4 8 6 0 0
    TOTALS 1 78 194 77 51 58 22 20

    In this instance, my perception of what I thought was an "unusual threes encounter," is verified by the data, but it is now no longer viewed as being an "unusual threes encounter" from which my mind strays into those realms of pseudo-consideration without testing the reality of such.

    This is an interesting experiment but should be followed up with data that correlates knocking patterns to time, day of week, gender/race of knocker, type of atmosphere (professional, blue collar, etc.), culture, what department/area of the business the person works in, position, etc...

    Note: The work was extremely boring and while compiling the information, I later found out that fellow employees were developing different reasons for my "scratch marks" on a piece of paper. Some thought I was keeping track of how much work I was doing in relation to fellow workers while the department head thought I was detailing information about him! When I explained to enquirers what I was doing, they thought it was enormously weird.

    Another experience with threes that some readers might find as unusual (if not the events themselves then the repeated observation and correlation thereof), is the recurrence of three number references seen on register terminals during checkout at a store, on receipts, or other items where numbers are customarily present such as checks, movie tickets, clocks, etc... While not verified as to the authenticity of being more frequent than other number patterns, the frequency of acknowledging such a recurrence appears to be (at least) more pronounced. From personal experience, I have recognized a recurrence of the numbers 333, 666, and 888 on numerous occasions, not only occurring to actions involving me, but another customer who appears to be oblivious of the number pattern just as I might be with other number patterns that may occur with a frequency larger than I am aware of.

    09-30-04, Thursday:

    1. I was awakened from a deep sleep at midnight by three knocks (sounded like at the side door).
    2. I then heard the distinct "forceful/fast" strumming of a (non-electric) guitar three times at 3:30 AM.
    3. I then heard three faint barks of a dog at 5:30 AM.

    Note: Three knocks frequently awaken me from a deep sleep and will dose off into a light sleep in which my thoughts churn from then on till I get up. I Have never heard the three-patterned guitar strumming before and I typically get up between five and six o'clock.

    10-19-04, 1:18 AM

    I was awakened early this morning by the impression/feeling of a "presence." I distinctly heard three knocks shortly after becoming aware of the "entity," and thought that the knocks occurred at the side door, but perhaps they occurred at the front door. Here is a poem I wrote alluding to the experience:

    Night-time Knocking Presence

    Deep beneath the threshold of wakefulness
    ¾ one of those dreamless slumbers of restfulness
    where no ache or pain nor sojourn reminds,
    and all of one's senses closes their blinds.

    From there, that place, that moment surreal
    a shadow approached from somewhere unknown
    an awareness of type called feeling or hint
    much darker than night's quiet still;
    into my mind's eye came its glint:
    like a beacon at a distance shown.

    ...Yet, I, like so many others nodding away
    having rolled about to another side
    to return to that infant's deep repose
    could not find where or how to lay;
    for reasons now I can only suppose:
    as the spectre crept ever nearer my tide.

    Standing aloft a cliff beneath a starless night
    beckoning me to heed the moment more
    this night-time Presence only then gave fright,
    while knocking 3 times on my door.

    Your Questions, Comments or Additional Information are welcomed:
    Herb O. Buckland