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DNA's Circadian Code

(The Study of Threes)

DNA's (and RNA's) triplet code, are actually three -to- one ratio codes:

~ Item ~ ~ Three the same ~ ~ One is different ~
DNA = Adenosine- Cytosine- Guanine Thymine
RNA = Uracil

However, irrespective of the "three" and "three -to- one" distinctions, the universality of the code (occurring in various life forms), should not necessarily be alternatively defined as eternal nor like-wise occurring everywhere in the universe. Biology can not permit itself to fall into the same excessively ego-centric trap that has and continues to plague theological ideas.

And it should be noted that the usage of the word "Circadian" (denoting a 24-hour period) is an inaccuracy, but that there does not yet exist a widely familiar term to describe a "biological rhythm" developed as an adaptive response to one or more environmental events occurring over expanses of time such as one or several billion years. But we have come to commonly understand biological rhythms in terms of activities such as:

  • Flowers opening or closing at different hours of the day.
  • Roosters crowing at or near dawn each day.
  • Monthly Menstrual cycles amongst human females.
  • Variations amongst plant and animal behavior occurring "in rhythm" with the seasons.
  • Seasons as responses to yearly planetary events.

And those who follow Astrology, insist that planetary events during one's birth have an effect on one's entire life. While this is not difficult to appreciate, it is the interpretation that some attempt to apply that raises skepticism for the overall idea because generalities made into specificities in order to acquire an income is frequently laced with imaginative elaborations that are false because the value of truth is defined merely by belief and nothing concrete.

With respect to the present excursion as an elaboration of an idea touched upon in the comments concerning "Saving The Planet", I can not offer any A + B = C concrete evidence for the present supposition. In other words, I don't know if the "triplet" code of DNA/RNA is a biological rhythm, I am presenting the idea as an intellectual consideration. As such, the recurring "triple" pattern(s) in human anatomy, as outlined by Dr. McNulty in his A list of threes in human anatomy may also be an expression of the same environmental influence which sustains the pattern.

The triplet pattern in DNA/RNA may be relatively "recent" in terms of a galactic time scale, whether or not it is specific to the galaxy we are a part of. It may or may not be that which plays out again and again in different galactic settings over periods of time difficult for the human mind to appreciably grasp. But if it is a "biological rhythm" in the sense of having been established, fashioned and sustained by one or more environmental events, we might well propose that the environmental event(s) also are three-patterned.

It is otherwise difficult for us to think in terms of a non- three-patterned event(s) influencing the production of a three-pattern, unless it is a step towards a differently intended pattern in the making. As if the environment is "counting" our successive steps and has "momentarily" "stopped" at a three-pattern... like the development of words for quantities in which primitive peoples experienced periods of "fixation" (a cognitive limit) on a given mental strategy because it was unable to conceptualize a higher quantity. The next higher quantity wasn't realized until the human brain had matured a bit more.

Evolutionary development of a number concept (One "too" Many)

The following article is about the consideration that the triplet codon system may have "originated" from an earlier two or four-pattern code:

Codon Size Reduction as the Origin of the Triplet Genetic Code

A problem I see with such an idea is that we are inclined to view these patterns as a type of "parental figure", without then also discussing their parents... (i.e. THE grandparent of the triplet code). What may more likely be the case, in my opinion, is that the possibility of a non- three-pattern preceding a three-pattern is that a (presumed) three-patterned environmental event was either non-existent or in a very weak stage of being able to influence biological beginnings in terms of sustainability. At this juncture in the discussion, we can add some measure of proof related to other ideas:

  • The triplet codon is said to have been developed on this planet billions of years ago.
  • There is thought to have existed a young, faint source of solar energy.
  • The Earth's rotation (with a primitive environment) was considerably faster than it is today.

A readily observable pattern-of-three environmental event was (and still is) the Sun's three "moments" called dawn, noon, dusk. The intensity and duration of exposure on pristine biological materials would have been different. For example, the three "moments" would have displayed a strobe-like irradiation due to the accelerated rotation of the Earth, and they would have appeared smaller than they do today. Another example is to state that with the Sun's expansion towards a decay, the three solar "moments" are getting larger in the sky and will eventually "fuse" together, thereby implying a three -into- one ratio event affecting (transforming) our biology.

solar expansion with 3 in 1 effect (15K)

If it is an adopted adaptation to environmental events which have been sustained over billions of years, it is foolish to think that the present triplet coding in DNA/RNA will persist forever or even just as many years into the future. Biology is malleable. And we humans are biological. If the environment is headed for a decay, as many indications suggest it is, than all biological life-forms will adapt accordingly in an attempt to reach some measure of equilibrium. If we persist, it is a balancing act that we will lose. We must begin preparations, such as with the present thinking, to develop the necessary mindset which will give us the impetus to leave this planet of ongoing decay.

Businesses, governments and religions will either adopt new philosophies which emphasize a departure from this planet, this solar system and eventually this galaxy, or it will persist in a tradition of thought which helps them to rationalize the need and purpose to remain, such as by saying "it is the will of God" that humanity should perish or be saved according to some heavenly plan. No doubt many adherents to one or another religious perspective would rather die and take humanity with it in order to "prove" the validity of a religious belief by interpreting the demise as the "final judgement". They would prefer out-right death or death by isolation than adopt a new survival strategy. Such attitudes permit them to deny they were wrong in their belief because their belief takes into consideration that it might be wrong by offering a way out of the dilemma by incorporating the notion of some final judgement. It is an inherently developed form of "respectable" (ritualistic) suicide like the notion of harikari used by a traditional form of Japanese society. With the word "Ritualistic" being operatively important since so much of religion is ritualized.

While biological rhythms might well be claimed to be rituals, in a sense, the present view offers an insight into a "ritual" that need not be followed accordingly into some fatalistic "final judgement" scenario like that be practiced by religions. Humanity might well be able to save itself from itself, if it adopts a far more distant looking strategy of well-being beyond the current "mommy" (mother) Earth and "daddy" (father) God perspectives. It is time for humanity to begin preparations for leaving the nest and fly on its own. However, in the end, the only humanity we might ultimately be able to save is our own, because others are too afraid to leave the known apron strings of "home", and would prefer to die on "their land", and keep all those close to them, confined to various forms of cages so that they won't die alone. Fortunately, with this telling, some will begin the intellectual and emotional moves towards leaving.

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