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Triple hemisphere human brain

A simple biological- based representation of the 3 Brain Brane Cyclic Big Bang model (two hemispheres separated by a corpus Callosum-membrane) with respect to the idea of generating a New Universe by the "bumping, colliding, banging, rubbing," etc., of two Universes that "interact," is to simply refer to one Universe as the male and another universe as the female. This is the same type of conceptualized analogy we can find in the jargon of plumbers, electricians, etc., and is readily understood by large numbers of people.

Present Models of the Universe appear to be abbreviated, condensed, and abstracted elementary forms of biological processes involved in the domains of:

  1. Conception - Universes "collide" (mate).
  2. Birth- The Big Bang emergence (with after-birth?).
  3. Maturation (which includes death)- The Big Crunch (cremation or burial in a "Universe Graveyard," much in the manner of an elephant's graveyard?)

If we view present cosmological models from a anthropomorphized biological perspective:

When Mamma Universe "collides" (mates) with Papa Universe, the friction results in getting things heated up to the extent there eventually comes the birth of a baby Universe, and with maturity, the baby Universe one day "collides" with another ("anti"?)- Universe which perpetuates the activity into what we humans refer to as a cyclic process. And just like human life cycles occurring over large expanses of time that some family members attempt to keep a record of, it seems that there is also an attempt to describe the genealogy of the Universe-occurring phenomena.

And just like in the world of humans, it has not yet been determined (nor much less even thought of in terms of Universes,) which of the sexes is the "anti"- Universe. Some women claim men as the "anti-matter" (due to most men being criminals, starting fights, engaging in wars, etc.,) while some men claim that women are not only from another planet, they are from another Universe... in this case, an anti-Universe. Which brings us to the question of asking whether our Universe is male or female. Furthermore, because the idea of colliding Universes to create another universe rules out self-generation, we can more easily think of the Universe in terms of heterosexuality and not hermaphroditic, homo (or lesbo)-sexuality.

However, if we continue our analogy of the present day Models of the Universe being mere abstracted expressions of biological processes involving the conception, birth, and maturation of a life form, our imagination may muse upon other developmental circumstances in the close-at-hand "real world" of developmental biology. Many of the considerations appear to harken back to days of long ago when people use to think in terms of many Gods, and these Gods had the same characteristics of humans:

  • Not all "collisions" result in births.
  • Some births are still-born.
  • Not all sperm ("strings") are viable. (There are many kinds of "differently" formed sperm.)
  • Male sperm count is said to be decreasing.
  • Some births are aborted very early, some very late by natural processes.
  • Are some births (of Universes) caused by artificial insemination, incest, rape?

--- Intrauterine Insemination ---

Let's look at some anthropomorphic cosmological modeling, whether or not some consider the idea to be too far-fetched to provide any realistic application or assist in advantaging us with our attempts to produce a greater understanding of the Universe:

  • Are there self-"fertilizing" birth processes?
  • Malformed births can be caused by many factors, just as are naturally aborted babies.
  • Many malformed babies are the result of trisomic genetic occurrences. It is necessary to consider whether our 3-dimensional universe (life form) is due to some sort of malformed development, or is an expression of a 3-layered "primordial germination" process.
  • Is our universe nothing more than the after-birth of an actual birth, and much of what we see in our (after-birth) Universe is nothing more than cellular debris?
  • There may be competition amongst Universes to "collide" with particularly desirable Universes. (Jealousy and "mating" rivalries amongst Universes?)
  • Some births may result in Universes that exhibit "criminal" behavior. (criminal Universes?)
  • Some births may result in Universes that exhibit "rebellious" behavior. (rebellious Universes?)
  • Some births may result in Universes that exhibit "saintly/heavenly" behavior. (a saintly/heavenly Universe called Heaven?)
  • Some births may result in retardation. (retarded Universes?)
  • Some births may result in geniuses. (A Universe of Geniuses? or Some Universes are more intelligent than others?)
  • Some births may result in those with the feeling of having lived one or more previous lives. (In a former Universe? Dimension?)
  • Some births may result in gifted behavior. (A "Gifted" Universe?)
  • Do Universes use different forms of contraceptives?
  • Are some Universes promiscuous?
  • Do Universes murder other Universes? (Like some weeds smothering other plant forms.)
  • Are there predatory Universes?
  • etc...

Some people might consider the possibility that they not only lived a previous life, but from another planet, universe, and/or dimension. How they were born into this world, is very much up for discussion. My interest in threes makes me (humorously) consider the possibility that I come from a third dimension of a third universe from an alternative third planet. Then again, maybe that's where (and when) we all are in the present but most people are out-of-touch with their distant threes roots. It's something to think about while trying to cut the skin off an apple in one long peel. However, don't try to upstage me by thinking the single peel is a string and the apple is the Cosmos or I will be saying apple core-Baltimore in your direction.

In the human sphere of development, where the birth of a baby does in fact become the parents primary Universe they revolve around, at least for awhile, it is possible to make further parallels between the conception, birth, and maturation of a baby and the larger Cosmological Universe:

Human baby development
Cosmos "baby" development
Mating of "mature" male/female (parents) Collision of two "mature" Universes (parents)
[each brane as a separate Universe?]
Fertilized egg implanted in uterus "Fertilized" Big Bang (implanted in 1-dimension "uterus"?)
Embryo develops along 1-2-3-germ layer trek Embryo develops along 1?-2?-3-dimension trek
Expansion/contraction of womb... Birth Expansion/contraction of Universe... Birth
Infant human expelled into larger reality Infant Big Bang expelled into larger reality
Maturational stages continue Cosmo-rational stages continue
Is part of a family/society/ (world?) order Is part of a galactic/planetary/ (universe?) order
Expansion and increase in activities Expansion and increase in activities
Reaches procreative ability Reaches procreative (primordial soup) ability
Mating with another may/will produce a baby "Mating" with another will/may(?) produce a Big Bang
Female procreation limited to early years "Male" procreation can and must(?) occur near death
Lives primarily in/on a flat surface world-view World-view of Universe is said to be flat
Death- burial, cremation, organ/body donor Death- ?
Lives on in children, deeds, work, etc... Lives on in a cyclic/repetitive process?
Species-specific mating Universe-specific colliding?
Multiple mating partners possible Single colliding partner?
Multiple births possible Only single birth possible?

On occasion, we can encounter a triangle-like illustration of the Big Bang process, that looks like a slice of pie or pizza, though it also looks like an ultrasound image of a developing baby, as is shown on the previous page:

triangle slice of the Big Bang event

However, we can also see a type of funnel or hourglass image if we were to turn the picture 90 degrees and then invert a copy of it. By thinking about the idea of a Big Bang picture exhibiting the similarity of an hourglass with streaming sand from an "upper Universe," may help some to visualize the ideas of deflation and expansion, thus making the idea of the Big Bang and Big Crunch somewhat easier to comprehend:

Big Bang Collapse
Big Bang Expansion

The idea of labeling the images with an indication of a 1-dimensional membrane is my own, as an initial introduction to using the concept of a type of 3-layer membrane system that is analogous to the occurrence of 3 primordial Germ layers found in the early developmental stages of a human embryo. I will add more references as I go along.

Here is a view of the "triangular"-shaped universe cast in a four-bladed windmill illustration. I am using the image in a discussion concerning Time Travel: Time Travel Considerations

The Big Bang viewed in a larger (exploded) configuration

A smaller image with a series of expanding and collapsing Universes may serve some readers with a sort of bird's eye view towards understanding the cyclic (repeating) Big Bang model of the Universe:

Series of Big Bangs and Big Crunches

Cyclic Big Bang Bubble model

With respect to the emergence of a Big Bang event that accelerates into space, I get the impression of a bubble slowly emerging from deep in a body of water or carbonated soft drink, and then speeding up as it continues in its travel. I call it the Cyclic Big Bang Bubble model. The three different colors represent three different layers of dimension development.

Here is another image of a series of Big Bang/Big Crunch events, with a few more ideas added on:

3 mem-Brane Universe

The idea of Universes colliding (bumping, smashing, etc.,) as a means of non-verbally communicating, reminds me of teenage boys who will hit, wrestle, or use some other body language as a sign of affection, as opposed to teenage girls who will frequently hug one another. Hitting, colliding, or bumping into another can lead to various forms of reactive expression, including an all-out fist fight. By using such a comparison, we must wonder whether the behavior of developing Universes is on an immature male-like level of maturity, and will change in a few (trillion- trillion- trillion) years into a more mature form of "self-expression," with respect to how it goes about developing new Universes. Such a basic form of communication reminds me of the many non-verbal expressions of animals in the wild.

In the case of young humans who are sometimes viewed as wild animals playing on monkey bars, climbing trees, jumping up and down in rain water puddles, etc., you can sometimes see them practicing different methods of verbal self-expression, such as talking to friends or family on the telephone, using walkie-talkies, as well as developing tin-can telephones that use string. With this in mind, let us imagine that the string used between two cans represents string theory, the cans represent the different Universes, and the bottom of the can to which the string is attached, is a [vibrating?] membrane (dimension). In terms of a three-way (dimension) communications tin can model of the Universe, the image to the right is particularly representative.

3-way tin can communication

--- Droodle Archive ---

While I did try to use tin cans in my early youthful attempts at designing a communications system, I found that paper cups worked much better because the bottoms provided a better vibrating membrane, thus enabling sound waves to be heard more clearly. (Do the 3 membranes of the Universe vibrate, or work interactively as do the three bones of our ears?) I also found out that there was a limitation to the length of the string that could be used to successfully carry audible (voice) sound waves, when I tried to link a neighbor's house to the one I lived in. And though he only lived one house away, the string could not be held tight enough, and would break when we attempted to tighten it. We didn't have any wire nor fishing line to try, so we simply kept the string at a short working distance.

If this limitation-of-distance is similar to the problems of strings being used in-between mem-Branes of the Universe, then there must be a limitation and some rules regarding how loose, how tight, and what type of string (rubberband, wire, fishing line, etc.,) is best in order for proper "communication" amongst Universes. I also tried experimenting with transferring voice sounds between the big end (mouth pieces) of two cups, but found that I had to find some way of securing them together, because I could never find a neighbor that would persist in an experiment for as long as I wanted to. Since they were customarily making excuses to leave, I tried many different types of fastening devices such as staples, pins, smashing one inside another, etc., but found that the two large ends of the cups could be adequately secured by using tape, which withstood many obstacles such as weather, accidentally tripping over a string, nobody taking it to use somewhere else, etc... Thus, in the following image of a 3-brane Cyclic Big Bang Model using triangular (expanding/contracting) -shaped paper cups with strings, you will notice that I refer to gravity as "tape." It is an excellent fastening device which is supposed to weather the ravages of time and space (with the continuation of space and time [space-time continuum] as only an assumption):

Paper Cup String model of 3 Brane cyclic Big Bang

With respect to my interest in experimenting with using paper-cup telephones, I once (at about twelve years of age) attempted to connect all the trees in my yard to a central "operations" "call center" in my garage, though at that time I simply referred to it as where the operator was. I actually used a variety of connections arrays in an attempt to design the best communication system, but I couldn't keep it up for more than a few hours because no one could get into the driveway, and the system became too complicated for some of the neighborhood kids to use, and most of them just did not grasp the simplicity of the design. In hindsight, the development of the telephone array was more an artistic expression of interconnectedness amongst many different kinds of trees in different areas of the yard, as well as being a lot of fun working out the many "technical obstacles" of interconnections that I had encountered earlier due to limitations of string length. While some of the lines are redundant and overlap, it is the same sort of arrangement I find in doing research on threes. Little did I realize at that time that my rather small and innocent collection of "threes" kept in a spiral notebook, would become such a large effort in later years.

Paper cup call center

Let's now take a look at some views from others concerning gravity, extra dimensions, and data related to our present understanding of living in (on?) a flat Universe:

We may indeed live in a world with more than three spatially infinite dimensions, yet the extra dimensions might be essentially imperceptible. For years researchers have discussed extra dimensions that might be "compactified"-- curled up to a very small size--but no one thought that non-compact dimensions could exist without obvious effects on experiments.

Many physicists hope that string theory will ultimately unify quantum mechanics, the theory of small-scale interactions, with general relativity, the theory of gravity. String theory requires at least nine spatial dimensions, so proponents normally claim that all but three of them are compactified and only accessible in extremely high-energy particle collisions. As an alternative to compactified dimensions, Lisa Randall of Princeton University and Raman Sundrum, now of Stanford University, describe a scenario in which an extra, infinite dimension could have remained undetected so far.

3D view of Great Prismosaurus 4D solid

This 3D view of the Great Prismosaurus, a four-dimensional geometrical solid, suggests the difficulty of visualizing extra dimensions. But a fourth spatial dimension might exist while being invisible to most experiments.

Other researchers have pointed out that if extra dimensions exist, the strong, weak, and electromagnetic forces and their associated particles might operate within a three-dimensional "subspace" of the higher dimensional world. Like beads on a wire that lies on a table, the particles would be restricted to their own set of dimensions, unable to move beyond them. But gravity is different: It consists of the motions of space-time, which includes all dimensions simultaneously. So Randall and Sundrum imagine a world with four spatial dimensions, where gravity exists in all four, but the other forces--and all of our direct experience--exist in 3D. They say we live in a "3-brane" located at some specific position along the fourth spatial dimension.

Solving Einstein's general relativity equations for this arrangement, the team found that gravity would not have the same strength everywhere in the Universe. The carriers of the gravitational force known as gravitons would be restricted in the extra dimension, and could only rarely stray from the neighborhood near our 3-brane, making gravity weaker far away. But the more important result is that--according to Randall and Sundrum's derivations--experiments in our 3-brane would agree very closely with Newton's law of gravity because the gravitons we observe would have little experience of the extra dimension. Observing the effects of such an extra dimension would be difficult, Randall explains, but she and her colleagues are still hoping to come up with a way to look for it. "The surprising thing is how well this theory evades experimental detection," she says.

--- An Invisible Dimension ---

The reason for the foregoing, thought other examples could be presented, is that I wanted to give a small sampling of some of the ideas that have been tossed around with respect to extra dimensions and gravity, in order to show how guess work entails the use of developing various analogies in an attempt to gain a better grasp of problems for which answers are sought. In an attempt to understand particular event/particle behaviors in our Universe not explained by the prevailing Cosmological models, there is an attempt to use a type of mathematics rule- er-um-oh (rule-of-thumb guess work) that creates more and more dimensions.

The usage of applying more dimensions to theoretical work has a slight similarity to the activity of a 19th century phrenologist counting/studying bumps on a person's head in order to explain particular behavior, such as criminal, intelligent, eccentric, weird, etc... This mathematicians rule-of- er-um-oh -thumb is like a (3 foot) yard stick that is symbolic of a tree branch that is used by physicists and mathematicians who take turns hitting each other over the head in order to produce another "bump" (another dimension) for the purpose of explaining particular behavior.

3 models of the Universe

Fluctuations in the temperature of the cosmic microwave background plotted as a function of angle for three experiments: MAT/TOCO (triangles), BOOMERANG (squares) and MAXIMA (circles). The position of the peak in this spectrum depends on the geometry of the universe. (The height of the peaks in the three data-sets are different due to instrument-calibration effects). Recent observations confirm that the peak occurs at the position predicted for a flat universe (blue). In an open universe the peak would be to the left (red), and in a closed universe it would be on the right (green).

--- Physics Web- The Flat Universe ---

A somewhat humorous analogy to the idea of an expanding Universe occurring at an accelerated rate is to imagine three races of ants living on a chunk of dirt near other chunks of dirt at far off distances. The physicists of the ant colony have theorized about:

  1. The origin of their Universe. (The Big Bang)
  2. The possibility of an end to their Universe. (The Big Crunch)
  3. The role of the Dark Matter.

They have also recently surmised that their Universe is expanding at an increased velocity.

In an earnest attempt to acquire a greater understanding of their Universe, a spaceship is developed and launched for an extended stay away from the home planet. As things turned out, the spaceship and crew started to drift further away due to some unforeseen events, and were thus able to gain a larger view of their planetary system. However, because of their training, cultural beliefs, and views imposed upon them by those who had funded the space program, they were unable to appreciate the simplicity of what they were viewing:

  1. The origin of their Universe was caused by mud slides which dropped large chunks of dirt into a stream that floated down into a river. (Hence, the Big Bang was actually a Big Ka-plunk.)
  2. The river is heading towards a waterfall. (Hence, the Big Crunch will actually be a Big Splash.)
  3. The Dark Matter is polluted water caused by greedy Corporations who care more about profits than they do the environment where they don't have to live anyway.

They also overlook that the increasing velocity of their Universe's expansion is due to an increase in the width of the river as it speeds up nearer the waterfall.

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