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A Threes Disclaimer

(The Study of Threes)

You can find various collection of "threes" ideas on the internet and in books. Most authors of such collections do not give you an insight into what they think about the "threes" in terms of an origin and overall meaning. Some may simply resort to giving a personal elaboration of a past theme such as in religious or in some presumed new metaphysics. Some of these authors may or may not provide you with personal information as to how they came to start their collection or why they persist in their efforts (that I am grateful for and indebted to). Their efforts have been and remain a valuable inspiration to my own aspirations.

But, an accumulation of different "threes" examples is not enough... for me. I must probe into the possible origin of which there may be more than one to account for the variety. Yet, it would appear there must be a single source since all of life appears to have a single source... if we go back far enough into geological and biological time.

I have, and will continue to look into various presumptions of why others think there is a recurrence of the "threes phenomena". For example, while some may claim that a certain "threes" idea has its roots in the idea of the Christian Trinity, I would agree that some ideas did and do have their impetus from such. But, it is necessary to note such things as the Pythagorean three-part theorem (A2 + B2 = C2) which predates the concept of the Christian Trinity by more than 500 years. Hence, I must ask what originated the concept of the Trinity, if not some earlier form there-of, even if it wasn't called a Trinity? Also, what three-pattern may have influenced the three-part theorem of Pythagoras? Did it come by way of an original idea that occurred by way of a flash bulb going off in his head or was there some sort of three-patterned idea floating about in the heads of others that he simply gave practical form to out of their vaguely described metaphysic(imagination)?

See Trinity discussion here: The Christian Trinity

If we say that all the "threes" have their pristine origin in the three-patterned formulas of DNA or/and RNA or/and Proteins, we must ask why they developed such a pattern. And we must also ask whether such a pattern is consistent with other life forms arising elsewhere in the Universe, many of which may not have been born on a planet that is in the third position from a source of solar energy.

Could all of my assumptions be incorrect? Of course they could. Could I be approaching the "threes phenomena" from a vantage point that makes me "attack" the issue like Don Quixote attacking windmills? Of course I could be. All my guesstimations could be wrong, partially wrong, partially right, or a dead-on bulls eye... as I am accustomed to do with a firearm. Are there others looking at the "threes" issue? Yes, and many of them are not putting their thoughts on the internet because they are using the information to assist them in a dissertation, discussion for class, or even a book.

Some, like the History Channel(*), don't research the Topic of Threes and thus produce a documentary filled with nonsense; because it prefers to attract and perpetuate an audience with the mindset who maintain a superstitious approach towards analyzing information since they are not given updated views. No wonder so many people are suspicious about history. History is not only written by the victors, but also idiots who are maliciously pandering false information in order to make a buck, just like so many snake oil salesman of the past. And yet the History Channel feels no shame from perpetrating so much nonsense.

(*)I am referring to the History channel's episode "The Power of Three", sixth season, #55 in the series, #601 in the season, September 30, 2013.

It is incredible how many so-called "professionals" and professors have no idea about the "threes phenomena" beyond some past superstitious notion they learned many years ago.

I recall years ago giving a copy of my "threes" poster to a philosophy professor (whose name I forget), to which he replied having not encountered such an idea since the time when such was discussed in terms related to antiquated ideas revolving around religion. He initially discounted the whole notion of "threes" as being mediaevalistic thinking and looked at me as if I were someone from the middle ages who had been teleported into his time. He thought it was amusing until he started reading examples from many more subject areas that had not been considered in his previous study.

Surely, the "threes" we find in language, geology, infant babbling, physics, art, music, mathematics, exercize routines, etc., are not representations of the trinitarian idea or manifestations of a triple god-head. We must indeed re-think the phenomena of "threes" if it is more pronounced in one culture and is less so in other cultures. Likewise, when we find a concentration of patterns-of-three in the New Testament and a sporadic array in the Old Testament; we must consider that a developmental change in the human psyche if not a maturational change in the human brain has and is taking place.

If infants throughout the world exhibit a 1- 2- 3 developmental babbling sequence and yet the adult society does not exhibit a predominant "three" usage, whether or not it is aware of it; we must wonder what is taking place. Is there something in a particular culture which restricts the developmental usage of "threes" and yet the restriction does not, or is less prevalent in those cultures where different "strengths" of the threes occurrence is used? For example, there is less usage of the "threes phenomena" in the African cultures (whose population has less exposure to Indo-European education), a bit more usage in Asia cultures, and the predominant usage is in Indo-European cultures. And yet, those Indo-European cultures which were established earlier in history show less usage than those that are born later... with America one of the latest born and its usage of the "threes" is wide-spread, but most of the citizenry are oblivious to their usage there of.

Africans came first in hominid history, followed by Asians and then Indo-Europeans. Though these three cultures are used in a general sense of categorization, it nonetheless is frequently used. Are these three representative of the same three categorization mind-set we find exhibited in the concept of three life domains?

3domains (8K)

Patterns-of-three (sometimes fore-shortened to the single word "Threes"), occur in different settings under different guises. For example, on some mornings I have heard a dog bark three times in succession. On other mornings I have heard a crow caw three times in succession. On another day I might encounter three coins on the ground. On other occasions I have encountered students walking home from school in single, double or triple groupings. At other times I have seen single, double and multiple student groupings. The latter example reminding me of the 1- 2- Many words-for-numbers development used by humanity in multiple cultures.

I think the "three" is also part of a 1 - 2- 3 sequencing such as occurs in the one, two, three germ layer configuration (Endoderm- Mesoderm- Ectoderm) found in life forms from the simple to the complex. (Complex life forms such as we humans have three germ layers while less complex life forms have fewer than three.) I also think there are "three -to- one" (3:1, 3/1) variations which are a part of this complex of "three-part" entities. I refer to it as a complex because the phenomena of three cannot be explained by a simple reference to the "three" in terms of singular patterns-of-three. But patterns-of-three can occur as geometric forms such as the line- circle- triangle formula; and I will assume occur in other ways not easily perceptible to the human senses as well as occur in ways distinctly perceptible by one or more senses in the respective "language" of a given sensory modality or combination thereof.

3 -to- 1 ratios page a

What I am striving for is an understanding that transcends the metaphysical and makes the "threes phenomena" a practicality that we may put into everyday usage. I don't want interpretations of religion, philosophy or superstition if all they do is lead us to more speculation without anything concrete developing. If the threes phenomena is used nothing more than to provide some spurious evidence for a philosophical conjecture which has no intent of being directed towards a course for experimentation to establish a greater validity... then the collecting of all sorts of "threes" examples is a hobby for those engaging in such. This is the extent of their artistic and scientific endeavors. It is up to others to make usage of the information, but giving due credit there to their sources.

Collecting various "threes" examples without making an effort to share or record where they were collected from reminds me of a woman who spent years collecting different examples of miniature glass figurines which she displayed in her home for the infrequent visitor. Though she remembered where she got each one, she never took the time to record the information. She had hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of different figurines. With respect to her collecting, she was not a normal person.

The typical person does not make such a (large) collection... of anything. She had an eye for locating and a mind for collecting miniature glass figurines... though some where given to her. I know of another person who, in his own words, "had an eye for collecting the odd thing". And I was one of those "odd" things he "collected" one day while out in my motor home with solar panels up to charge batteries in order to use a desktop computer while parked alongside a road in Tucson, Arizona in the Saguaro National Forest. He had need of someone to stay on his property until such time as he and his sons could secure it after a recent purchase.

There are hundreds of people with the behavioral trait of "collecting"... most of which have nothing whatsoever to do with commercial enterprising for making a buck. Some can't even explain why they do what they do, they just do it as if it were a calling... like a primitive on a hunting and gathering expedition. And they might not even care if anyone ever sees their collection. For some, they can turn on and off their "collecting" behavior, while others seem to have difficulty and might thus be looked upon as being weird, strange, odd, or a compulsive, if not obsessive-compulsive. But, all in all, such collecting gives meaning, purpose and direction to their lives, because businesses, governments, and religions don't know how to without taking a person's money, life or soul in exchange... as part of entrenched forms of manipulation and exploitation. Such is the manner of their collecting behavior.

Individual "collectors" may collect ball caps, baseball cards, quilts, books, tools, fishing lures, old vehicles, model planes, license plates, pencils, pens, newspapers, magazines, coins, autographs, rocks, reptiles, stuffed birds, birds calls, wooden ducks, souvenirs, whistles, whiskey glasses, fish, military goods, weapons, movie posters, indian arrow heads, information on a particular subject, black history, thimbles, jars, bottles, leather goods, stocks, bonds, money, jewelry, etc... While there might be others engaged in similar collections, many of them do not work together. My experience in communicating with others interested in the "threes phenomena" is that they are extremely helpful.

Unfortunately, society does not know how to make usage of this "collecting" resource to be directed more usefully. Society brushes such people off as being little more than eccentrics that Corporations want to exploit if they can find a means to. However, we must ask whether such people showed such an inclination in the early grades of public schooling whereby their "collecting ability" could have been directed towards collecting more knowledge, greater critical thinking skills, etc...? Is it an unrecognized talent, giftedness or genius that finds expression in an outlet which permits it to blossom in some respect along its own trail in its own meadow?

Just because I see a pattern-of-three in a given context doesn't mean you have to. Nor does it necessarily mean you have a less of an ability to see "threes" just because you don't see a "three" where I see one. I can make mistakes. I can make errors in judgement. Sometimes I have an over-active imagination. And sometimes, I quite often speak out-loud about a given three representation that is akin to the boy who commented that the king had no clothes on. I can be opinionated, biased and even prejudicial. I am not a saint, nor a god. I have come across examples that I once thought were a three, only to wonder how in the world could I see a three in that? Over-involvement can sometimes lead to a lessening in judgment. It's like over exercising that produces aching muscles. Sometimes you've got to relax your "brain muscle" in order to catch a second (and third) wind. (I used to love walking, running, and riding a bicycle long distances and would be doing so today if my old body would cooperate... but it doesn't. One life-time isn't enough when there is so much left to do. Youth is wasted on the young... and I too was guilty of wasting much of my youth, even though I started on my "threes" adventure in grade-school.)

I make such statements because there are people making the observation about the recurrence of "threes" but say nothing about their observation(s) since there is no typical social context in which such a topic comes up. In fact, I've never met any of my threes colleagues scattered across the U.S. and the rest of the world. If I had the funds to do so, I would surely go meet and speak with all of them. I would like to make a recording of our discussions about threes to leave for future "threes" generations. Future generations would like to know who we are, what we looked like and the sound of our voices coupled with facial expressions and accompanying body postures; just like many of us would like to have seen and heard any number of people in the past, both famous or simply some ancestor. The present character of genealogy is just not enough... just like the present character of Threes Research.

I consider there to be lots of people who have thought about the "threes phenomena" but have never had an occasion to delve into it with any extended moment of interest because it is presently an uncommon topic. Their examination may be limited by the context in which it appears, and its appearance may be superficial with examples meant to support a given topic.

For example, one young woman whom I spoke about "threes" with said she had recognized and wondered about the "threes" while attending a class discussion on Catholicism. While the instructor was providing information containing numerous "threes", the instructor did not give any indication of acknowledging their usage of numerous "threes", nor provide any representative reason for the recurrence of such a pattern. In other words, although the instructor was using numerous "threes examples", they were not even aware that they were doing so. They did so as a matter of course material as they had learned; but no one had pointed out the recurring presence thereof or if it had any meaning other than the given topic.

Had I been in the class, I would have asked why there are so many threes, hoping that the instructor would provide some interpretation beyond the limits of their interest in Catholicism. Had they made a reference to the Trinity, I would then have asked how the concept of the Trinity had imposed itself on the three-patterned babbling of infants. The so-called "sacredness" in so much theological nonsense needs to be debunked. Religion, God and Morality are not a trinity. Religion tries to own the words "God" and "Morality" when they are all separate entities.

Patterns-of-three can be seen, heard, felt, imprecisely sensed, imagined, remembered, tasted, and smelled. When reduced to some semblance of a basic structure, we might say all such examples have their own particular Threes-aligned vibration pattern. One might follow-up such a statement with the question of whether or not such vibrations are occurring more so than they did in the past, and if so, why? Others may describe the "vibrations" as reverberations or align the vagueness of these inferences with a more commonly used reference such as music. Hence, the "threes" become part of a larger conceptual frame-work which might well involve multiplicities such as overlapping triangles which produce a five-pointed pentagram; a symbol steeped with an occult tradition linked with magic, mysticism and devil worship. In other words, those who are disposed towards interpreting something they are not familiar or comfortable with— as being evil, can take the innocence of an idea and conceptually alter it to represent that which one or more want to view as bad, evil or wrong.

One of the foregoing mentioned multiplicities is the word "resonance" which has some parity with the words vibrations and reverberation. Whereas no distinct numerical value need be offered, an attempt to add clarity by way of illustration is by inserting the knowledge concerning a fundamental organic element such as carbon-12. The "12" being a multiple of three and its bonding with water (which has three molecules: H2O) is said to be an indication of resonance. Thus, another word ("bonding") is careened into the same larger conceptual framework which is weaved into an intellectual tapestry assigned with some applicably Universal appellation... Whereby Carbon-12s {6 protons + 6 neutrons in the nucleus and 6 electrons orbiting in two shells} is overlooked as another previously accepted symbol of the Devil (666).

While the two preceding paragraphs are used in the context of discussing the "Threes Phenomena", and are not meant to insinuate the adoption of a philosophically modernized version of satanic worship using the tools of organic chemistry and biological referencing as cloaked forms of using manipulating hypnotic suggestion by an allusion to a wide-spread "fragrance" of melodic interaction occurring amongst basic elements in an evolutionary context; I do so because such an excursion into a realm akin to the ancient "music of the spheres" notion that has been updated with an individualized methodological assemblage of present-day analytical techniques may be of interest to some readers. Such a trek will be found by an examination of Richard Merrick's "The Third Choice: Harmonic Evolution".

Harmonic E (46K)

It was because of Richard Merrick's information that I tried my hand at tackling the "five" pattern with respect to five fingers and five toes, though I didn't really get into a discussion about the "three" triangle design with respect to the spaces between fingers as seen when the fingers are outspread: How come we have five fingers and not just three?

Threes can be dichotomously interpreted to be good or bad, saintly or evil, right or wrong... or some characterized "middle ground" of otherwise perceived diametrically opposed book-ends. Where one person sees a "Three" another person might see some other pattern. Whereas one person may be more inclined to hear threes, and another see numerical threes, still another might more readily recognize geometric forms thereof. Others may be able to collate disparate properties to formulate the presence of a "three". Still others can organize information culled from long distances or large intervals of time. Some may unconsciously remember an example only to recall it with a conscious acknowledgment when one or more other examples of threes are superimposed there on.

With the foregoing statements rendered, we must wonder how many of our "threes" concepts are actually three, and are not some imaginatively concocted rationalization that we try to qualify as being special with such labels as sacred, universal or logical. As such, we must ask whether there really are three families of fundamental particles, a triplet coding system in DNA or a religious (Holy) Trinity. Did we just make them up to fit some underlying environmentally influenced mental framework?

Indeed, with all the many patterns available, why use three? Why don't we make usage of a 17 or 1,000 quantity? Why do we place a comma after three numbers before getting to the placement of a thousand? Are we hinting at a future 3 to 1 behavioral thinking trait? Is not more in quantity, to be supposed as better? If the Christian Trinity came from the adoption of the same pattern used by a more ancient civilization that applied different labels to the same pattern, where did the most ancient usage of this pattern come from? Does it represent the three-patterned cognitive limit frequently encountered by historians reciting the development of human number-concept formation? see: one-two-may page a Is it a cognitive limitation imposed upon humanity because nature is like-wise limited due to being subjected to an environment forcing such a constraint?

One person may use a single pattern-of-three as a type of star they navigate their entire life with, and perhaps not even be aware they do so. Others may use a handful of threes as a game of tic-tac-toe, hop scotch, checkers or chess, yet never recognize that other threes examples exist beyond their willingness or capacity to entertain correlative enterprises. Some may never define "Threes" other than numerology, while another prefers an open-minded approach at interpretation. Still others may contend that a threes interpretation is dependent on context, content, and collaboration with a given time. Where one sees superstition another might well see a Universal Law.

A few readers may find some "Three-patterned" examples out of date with contemporary views. It must be understood that "Threes" examples are taken from all periods of time and subject areas, whether or not those periods and examples are later found to be inaccurate. The Threesology Research Journal is a collection of threes from different time periods. It is not an encyclopedia of contemporary views that discard ideas which do not conform to a particular "politically correct" standard. Yes, sometimes I may make a mistake in interpretation or representation. At other times I see a "three" while others can not. Some three-patterned interpretations require training such as in developing an ability to decipher triadic structures in the cultures of Indo-European peoples consistent with Georges Dumezil's Tripartite Ideology. While the recognition of other "threes" is obvious (or overlooked) by most people... whether or not they privately or publicly acknowledge one or more particular three-patterned instances.

It is easy to say that all (or many) threes examples are just reflections of the Christian Trinity, three life domains, DNA's triplet coding system, three families of fundamental particles, etc. By thus saying so, you permit yourself an excuse for not having to think in any other way or exercising any further need for developing thinking skills that do not necessarily conform to established trends. You don't want to think for yourself if it doesn't mimic what everyone else is thinking. Like someone living in an ancient culture, you fear you might be ostracised and left to die in some wilderness or live out your life in some fringe community like those afflicted with leprosy did. You run with the herd, even when you think differently. Your different thoughts are the same as the different thoughts shared by thousands of others and you're not aware of it because they too conceal the same differences in thinking by sharing the same fears. It might well bother you to consider that your assumed "different" thoughts are not actually original, not creative, but are more common-place than what you think.

You think of yourself as human and want to be accepted as a common normal except in those instances you want to appear as something more than normal in order to gain some advantage. That's what makes you and I very different. I don't view myself as human. I see myself as an alien from a threes planet in a threes Universe having crash-landed on this third planet in which I find "threes" thinking in a primitive stage of development. By permitting myself to think I am not human, I allow myself to think "strange" threes thoughts. And yes, I find it quite disturbing that I have to wash clothes, eat, buy gas, and talk like so-called normal people since no one has developed a brain capable of telepathic communication. And yes, insects bug me too. However, I've come to realize that by thinking I'm something other than everyone else, I've become more like everyone else because everybody imagines themselves to be either smarter, cooler, neater, richer, more creative, more sophisticated, prettier, stronger, etc., than others. And to think I was immune from such nonsense.

Even if you don't believe in a particular example's "threeness", the examples nonetheless are "threes" examples in an of themselves such as including the information that the Earth is the third planet from a source of solar energy (as opposed to saying "The" Sun, as if it were the only one). Likewise, for example, it doesn't matter whether you believe in the Christian Trinity, Hindu Trinity, or Ancient Egyptian Trinity. Each of these examples are "threes" examples and may in some instances be interpreted as 3 to 1 ratios. (Whether ancient peoples actively/consciously thought in triadic formulaic terms or not, or that such three-patterned thinking [organizational methodology] was of a later construction.) For example, the use of the word "Trinity" in describing a collection of figures thought to be associated with religious activities was a later mental construction and was not used by earlier peoples. Conversely, later peoples might well use triadic formulations that we of today are not even cognizant of.— (For example, the people of the future might refer to our three-patterned fast-food restaurant Combo-meal as a Trinity... though all of which may be seen as representing the "Holy Ghost" since they disappear so quickly, especially when eating by teenagers.)

Usage of the word "three", in whatever language you care to examine, was at one time a very novel concept. But so were all words. Infants do not come out of the womb saying "three" or "Trinity". They are learned concepts. However, we can identify patterns of 1, 2, and 3 in the babbled utterances of infants. Whereas the "three" may exist "naturally", labeling the pattern is a cultural construct. But just because we might claim it as natural, it may only be as such under our particular Earth environment. Hence, humans could be recognized as a "threes" species by an alien race having been born under conditions which did not impose a "threes" pattern on it biology. (My own extra-terrestrial origins being the exception. HA!)

Additionally, for example, it doesn't matter if you believe in the Freudian Id - Ego - Super-ego or the alternate Child - Parent - Adult concepts. And, it doesn't matter whether we of the present believe in the 3 Fates, 3 Furies, 3 Gorgons or a 3-headed dog named Cerebus that guards a presumed Underworld. All of these, and many, many, many others still represent the human mind in its evolutionary development... (from past to the present and beyond) even if the concepts are delusions, misinterpretations or outright lies.

And, importantly, it doesn't mean the human species is capable of transcending the "three" formula if there is an environmentally influenced biological imperative for preserving the "three" as an adaptive- survivalist mechanism. Transcendence of this pattern may well require humanity to go elsewhere in the Universe. No less, it doesn't matter whether you or anyone you know hasn't seen a trio of flying saucers with three lights flying in a 3-point V-shaped flight formation. Whether fact or fancy, all these "threes" are constructs of the human brain under one or more influences, superimposed by the larger planetary (solar) three-patterned (dawn - noon - dusk) influence.

On some occasions I have been in conversations with those who "tell stories" (in other words make things up or lie), all the while engage in the usage of one or more threes examples. I have observed a multiple usage of various threes by all the members of a family who were not aware of such, and yet observed a threes usage in another family by only a single member. I have observed a threes usage by a father and son in one family yet the mother and daughter did not. I have observed an emphatic usage of one or more "threes" by a person who was not aware of such and yet another person who was aware that they were using multiple instances of "threes" but had only superstitious "reasons" (guesses) as to why they did.

It doesn't matter whether you or anyone you know hasn't heard (participated in) the "three knocks phenomena", or had a dream with some form of three. And even if you were to make-up a list of imaginatively-constructed three-part constructions, this list would also be included in a "threes" examples listing. No doubt there are many day-to-day examples of threes occurring in the world that will never be recorded. Some occur so frequently as to be taken for granted such as the customary usage of three fingers to hold a pen or pencil, not to mention the Minimize - Maximize - Close out options in the upper right hand corner of screens/monitors available to computer users.

With respect to dreams and night-mares in particular, for all the "interpretations of dreams" one might encounter or entertain for whatever personal motivation, it should also be considered that such behavior is an adaptive mechanism for the sole purpose of stirring a person to some level of "biological alertness" as a safeguard against death which could occur if the body's biological rhythms (pulse and respiration) slow to life-threatening levels. While the notion of "working through" conflicting emotions and ideas on an unconscious or semi-conscious level gives some the appearance of being logical, it may be a rationale that is accepted because it is culturally in vogue at a given time and place; but being provided with a quality of merit not deserving a full three-course meal.

Some people don't or I should say won't believe in the existence of a "Threes phenomena" in-spite of evidence suggesting otherwise. Such people don't want to believe in anything that is contrary to a presumed established truth. Their truth is what they think is being commonly discussed. They are followers.

Take for example the documented (filmed) proof of multiple small explosions occurring along the side the Twin Tower buildings in New York (of the 911 saga), which caused the buildings to collapse on their own footprint. No Terrorist would care about saving other buildings nearby. They would want to destroy as much property and as many people as they could. Only a government, business or religion would permit the destruction of a few (hundred, thousand or million) lives and buildings in order to substantiate some personalized agenda... but leave, for the most part, a larger portion of the population to accept, participate in, and righteously pronounce the need for pursuing a particular perspective (In other words, you must leave enough of the population to pay taxes in order for a war to be conducted).

Some people whole-heartedly believe the Bush administration played a role in the collapse of the buildings. Collapsing the buildings and killing innocent people was of a tertiary concern when the primary and secondary issues at hand were to provide a justification to conduct a war and make money for those who assisted in Bush's election as well as destroy records in a government office which was housed in the Twin Towers. Forensic evidence was trampled on, stolen, buried and otherwise dismissed because "everyone" knew who the "real" perpetrators were. And charities like the Red Cross could care less who committed the crime, since it was another opportunity for them to collect money and other goods; some of which like blood donations were thrown away because they didn't have the facilities to keep all the blood in the first place (and they knew it) but they didn't want anyone to know because the public would have stopped their acts of giving— money... which is what the filthy Red Cross was actually after despite the fact they threw away an amount of blood equivalent to 10,000 people while just under 3,000 people were said to have been killed due to the crash of the buildings! The Red Cross is just another scheming charity protected by the government and allowed to get away with not having to pay taxes.

Other People adamantly deny any thoughts that U.S. government officials could have been involved with the "911" (nine-eleven, and not nine-one-one) tragedy.

Likewise, others do not believe government officials could have been involved with the assassination of John F. Kennedy which led up to a greater involvement in the Vietnam war (called a "police action"); a conflict created by the French (who are thought by some to have participated in the assassination of J.F.K.), which helped organizations reap millions of dollars from their involvement in supplying goods and/or services for the "police action". (Defining the Vietnam conflict a police action instead of a war enabled the government to participate without the consent of the U.S. Congress. It is a loop-hole that needs to be filled.)

A third example is the behind-the-scenes complicit activities involved with the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the sinking of the Lusitania. Simply stated, these same people might well have difficulty in seeing various forms of "Threes" because they would view it as a "fringe" belief... out of context with the "reality" fed to them by a reading of false history taught to them in school and propagated by those in Journalism that hold the same beliefs and write or speak from this perspective.

I recall that as a young teenager doing yard-work for two elderly women (who were born and lived as kids before the era of the television), that they thought the idea of television (described as "pictures traveling over the air") was a bunch of malarky. They didn't believe in the idea of television or that it could ever occur. No doubt the same might be said for the advent of electricity, Germ theory, Atomic theory, Evolution, the telegraph, telephone, light-bulb, horseless carriage, traveling to the Moon, etc... Some even today will even argue that the Earth is flat! Suffice it to say:

  • Some people will deny the truth even when evidence is presented to them. (Granted, evidence can be manufactured/falsified or interpreted to provide alternative perspectives.)

  • Others believe in the existence of something or someone even when there is no evidence to support their view. (Granted that we may not at present have the means, methods nor motivation to find or understand the evidence.)

  • A few will believe or disbelieve simply because they do or don't want to. They may not even be able to provide a rational or logically coherent reason(s) for their belief. (Granted, a lack of verifiable evidence does not necessarily rule out the truth of a belief; nor does seemingly overwhelming evidence presuppose a Universal truth standard.

Far too many innocent people are convicted for crimes they didn't commit. And Far too many guilty people are set free for crimes they did commit. Evidence presented (or suppressed) in an adopted procedural "common sense" manner called a court of law, is no guarantee that the truth will be discovered or ruled judiciously on. The judge, jury, lawyers, journalists and public all participate in passing judgement. Sometimes the judgement is dead-on correct, while at other times many of us shake our heads in astonishment at how ludicrous the justice system (in this instance) is.

A "Threesological" perspective is not a conventional one. It is atypical to hear someone discuss "Threes" with an intent away from superstition towards an attempt to establish a logical framework for investigating the "Threes Phenomena". It is difficult task at present when so many people are steeped in superstition, religion, and occult-directed inferences with respect to the number three. The following link is a good representation of the "three" being correlated with a bunch of non-sense. (It was a History Channel's episode on the number 3)

The problem begins when they interpret a discussion of three-patterned references as representing the number three. Their minds flip-flop as if in some magnetic field turmoil to make a discussion about three-patterned examples being inversely proportional to a discussion about the number three. So let me herein state that the two are separate issues. The number three and a "Threesological" perspective are not necessarily diametrically opposed, but are at the very least, divergent appendages like we humans are from earlier hominids.

Note: what "popped" into mind while writing the above is the idea that the human mind might be closely aligned to the processes of the Earth, to the extent that it's forth-coming magnetic field polarity reversal could affect human thinking patterns since the brain's waves are electro/magnetically-chemical in activity. This suggests that some people might be more sensitive to "subtle energies" and become affected by them before others are, even though they may not be aware of such.

In other words, the minds of people are changing in accordance with changes occurring with the Earth. Such changes may or may not be recognized by others in their social sphere. However, if the changes are dramatic, the person's mental state may come into question because they are thinking (and thus acting) in an unusual (non-typical) manner. Some people may in fact be highly impressionable to such changes in the Earth's polarity (etc.,), that they "seem different" from others at an early age. For reasons not understood by those who can readily observe them, they act and think differently than the purported "normal" others... including those in their family. Quite often, such individuals are misunderstood and they themselves may have only a small, imprecise appreciation of their "abilities" which makes them different.

I make no claim as to knowing all there is about the "Threes Phenomena". In years hence, it might well be called something else, or even having become buried beneath some other interests or activities... only to be re-discovered sometime later... much like Gregor (Johann) Mendal's pioneering genetic's research was and the genetic's pattern he discovered, and may have only related the pattern to the "trinity" because this orientation was foremost on his mind living as a monk. It might even turn out to be viewed as worthless by some. However, others might view it as inspiring. In my own eclectic research efforts, I have made a lot of correlations between disparate forms of information. Some readers no doubt have made their own and conceal such either as a mental note or in some journal cached away in some secretive enclave. I should hope that someday they will make their views known to me or those that come after in future generations... if there are any to follow suit.

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"The Threes Phenomena" is fun and entertaining for me. I find adventure and secrecy, along with so very many other forms of reward. It is an exploration upon virgin soil in all venues of interest. While some areas are quite fruitful like a meadow, ocean or forest teeming with life, others are more sparse like a desert landscape that requires more patience in observation and record keeping. When someone questions some idea or comparison, I want to question it right along with them. If an alternative idea seems more promising, I follow it ravenously hoping to secure a deeper understanding. If at some time in the future I should find the "threes phenomena" too much of a specialized tool even though at present I use it like a type of swiss knife with many attachments, I'll put it in some mental tool box drawer and use another more suitable for a given task. The "three" is not a sacred religion to me. It is not an addiction, despite all that which I have collected and considered.

I don't think the "Three" is all-encompassing. It might well be found to be some minutiae, marginalia or stained-over indecipherable footnote in the larger context of Everything. Nonetheless, for now, it remains a viable acknowledgement and research effort... even though I think we are following in the wake of Entropy and the word "Harmony" represents a type of nature-born camouflaging technique akin to the notion of "denial". The "Threes Phenomena" research from my perspective not only recognizes this, but provides the insight into understanding that we must leave the confines of Earth and even this galaxy, in order to pursue a greater purpose, however it may be defined and redefined and defined again in the centuries to come. Hopefully it will not be within the ego-centrically myopic purview of any present day business, government, science or religious ideology.

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