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The Christian Trinity is a reflection of ancient solar worship. The controversy amongst those discussing the doctrine of the Trinity concerning what the three items actually represent, is a reflection of an attempt by humanity to adjust its thinking in accordance with changes taking place with the Sun. It does not matter how you want to represent the relationship of the three (Father - Son - Holy Spirit), these three represent the Sun's three "moments" (Dawn - Noon - Dusk). All the arguments dealing with the values of the three of the Trinity are reflections of changes taking place amongst the "relationship" of the Sun's three moments. These three moments, in effect, because the Sun is expanding towards its ultimate decay; are in essence, fusing together. Whether you say the Trinity represent three persons or three aspects in one, is just another way of referencing the three moments of the one Sun.

As the "relationship" of the Sun's three moments come closer together because the Sun continues to encroach more and more on the horizon, the effects of the three-moment "fusion" will continue to effect the mentality of humanity. Not only in religion, but where-ever three-to-one ratios have cropped up such as philosophy, biology and physics, to name but three. Three-to-one ratios take a variety of forms. For example, we have three colored lights (Red - Yellow - Green) in one street light. However, the three-to-one ratio may be exhibited as a presumed "four" pattern with the division between the three and the one taking place in a subtle way. For example, we have a 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, and then we have a home plate or home base. The subtlety in this particular case is that the first three are enumerated while the presumed "4th" has no numerical distinction. In other words, we do not say "4th" base.

Religion = Rhythm

The word "Religion" can be viewed as representing the word "Rhythm". Early humans, as well as all life forms, attempt to live in accordance with the rhythms of the environment. "Religion" is a philosophical point of view reflecting different attempts by humanity to understand the world in which it lives and and adopt some similitude of harmony with the patterns of the environment it is subjected to. All present day religions are inaccurate. They do not account for the fact that these rhythms are aligned with an overall existing singular - dual - plural patterning, with patterns-of-three the most dominant, but not the only plural pattern.

Singularity - Duality - Plurality...
With the dominant plurality being a pattern -of- three.

Here are anatomical examples of "threes":
Threes in human anatomy

Yes, humanity can think higher than a "three". There are examples of larger number related patterns. But "threes" are the most prominant plural pattern. The rhythms of the larger environment to which all life forms must contend with, constrains the usage of larger patterns. Again: The environment constrains, it does not totally eliminate. It restrains, it does not totally deny. However, the most muliple occurring plural pattern is a pattern-of-three.

Unfortunately, humanity very often confuses artificially made (human) patterns derived from culture as if they represented an actual rhythm of nature. And humanity compounds this with more confusion by confusing emotionally-laden interpretations with many of these rhythms as if they represent the handi-work of some deity that explicitly watches over each and every person, which makes the person feel better about themselves... like a child sucking on a pacifier. In many instances, such ideas represent a person's ego of wanting to impress upon themselves and/or others that they harbor some especial quality. Such ideas are illusions distorted by personal circumstances that are sometimes manifested into a collective and adopted as part of a specific culture's consciousness.

And if one does not succumb to personalized distortions, they have to put up with the personalized distortions of reality of those whom they must abide with in order to find some modicum of subsistence, be it an income, a place to live, a community, a state, and a country... not to mention the changes of the larger environment wrought by the greed of business, territorial claims of governments, and the absurdities professed by the separate idiocies of regional religions and enculterated philosophies.

In an attempt at acquiring some measure of survival, people throughout the world are forced into desperate situations to become immoral, commit crimes, commit suicide, turn to various forms of self punishment such as taking drugs and/or alcohol; and endure forms of slavery no Sociologist has yet had the ability to comprehend the total spectrum thereof— and simply resorts to generalities because the specificities are so intricately personalized as to boggle the collective minds of all types of social workers, psychologists and lay persons with a sincere interest there-in. It's no wonder this is an Age of Irrationality .

There is so much nonsense, that if your mind can not adapt to a given social environment's nonsense, by way of adapting a similarity of consciousness, you might well be looked upon as weird, strange, or "out of touch" with the prevailing "reality" of a given (social) environment. If you are a person who sees through all the "nonsense", with respect to how you are perceiving the world and the reality to which you are presently inhabiting; and yet can not (metaphorically speaking) steer a course through the many different (socially encountered) creeks, streams, rivers and other social meanderings, you might well have a very difficult time interacting with others and making your way onto some supportive social landing. Some people resort to varying forms of bullyism (intimidation, coercion, ambushing, etc...) in an attempt to establish some social footing. Others choose direct forms of criminal activity or turn their aggression inward thereby creating a different world of rationalizations by which they convince themselves of the propriety for drinking, taking drugs, attempting suicide, being promiscuous, dating or marrying inter-racially, disfiguring their bodies with tattoos, jewelry or scars, engaging in various risky behaviors, etc., etc., etc...

Yet, there also is so much nonsense that is exhibited and practiced not only by a parent organization such as a government, religion or business, but sometimes more so by a department within, such as, for example: the CIA, NSA, Military, business propaganda called advertizing, religious taxation called tithing, etc., or some other off-shoot factional activity thereof. Small cultures of irrationality can be participated in by those in a given department. Sometimes the irrationality is so insidious, it is difficult to recognize until it takes the form of a larger impropriety... if it becomes public. Many such irrational activities are never made public and some that are, are rationalized away by journalists, and/or the public and/or the institution involved.

People are being driven, and some might say deliberately, into socially-sanctioned, sanitized rationalizations in order to cope with a wide-spread irrationality...

...that is promiscuously produced, perfected, practiced, pretensed, professed, perpetuated, promoted, preserved, provisioned, preached, precipitated, procured, predatory, preeminentized, Christianized, Judaicized, Islamicized, Buddhacized, Shintoized, Bahaiized, Democratized, Animized, politicised, businessized, sportized, Journalized, Televised, Radioized, publicized, mechanized, polarized, functionalized, advertized, secularised, religionized, educationized, legalized, factionalized, etc., in various ways (means, medium, mode), but only a few have consciously come to realize it has become a "civilized" form of insanity.

And yes, the concept of the Christian Trinity is an example of this craziness... not its underlying three -to- one pattern, but the labels and overall attached philosophy. An irrational person will outright reject my comments while a rational person will give my argument the benefit of the doubt for serious consideration because it is testable over a long period of time in order to establish either greater falsification or credibility.

The idea of a God overlooking someone was born in a culture whose people suffered with and because of a low self-esteem. Their low self-esteem made them easy prey for those wanting to subjugate others to do their bidding. Hence, an entire culture can be put into destitute slavery resulting in subsequent generations being born into a sustained slavery. Such low self-esteem persists today but is given esteemed qualification of uniqueness by being called humility. Yet, the culture which breeds this mentality refuses to alter its behavior in other that its people will once and for all free itself from the bonds of its own self-imposed slavery. God speaks to them but they refuse to listen. They prefer to listen to the fears perpetuate by their elders and ancient teachings from which they must be freed in order to break the chains of thought which continue to enslave them. God is trying to help them save themselves from pursuing a path leading to an obsolescence. The God of the Universe is not the artificial god of their culture. They have a choice, now is the time to choose.

You will not encounter anyone discussing the topic of the Trinity as I am about to do so. Most writers are either positive or negative in intent, to provide support for or pick out discrepancy. However, some attempt to be comprehensive though they may or may not write with a personal bias in favor of or against. I am going to do both and also propose a third, middle ground.

However before doing so, let me provide an excerpt about the Trinity which clearly shows how the debates about its meaning represent a controversy quite reminiscent of the Lilliputian egg opening perspective that was the basis for continued contention. And even with the suggestion of a compromise, as Gulliver attempted, the dispute raged on because it was the basis for a social order's interactive mentality. In other words, how does one stop wrong-headed thinking engaged in by cultures that are based on it and have been engaged thusly for hundreds of years? Alternatively, how does one get those interested in the doctrine to notice changes occurring according to an environmental event?

The traditional Christian doctrine of the Trinity is commonly expressed as the statement that the one God exists as or in three equally divine “persons,”, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Every significant concept in this statement (God, exists, as or in, equally divine, person) has been variously understood. The guiding principle has been the creedal declaration that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit of the New Testament are consubstantial (i.e. the same in substance or essence, Greek: homoousios). Because this shared substance or essence is a divine one, this is understood to imply that all three named individuals are divine, and equally so. Yet the three in some sense “are” the one God of the Bible.

After its formulation and imperial enforcement towards the end of the fourth century, this sort of Christian theology reigned more or less unchallenged. But before this, and again in post-Reformation modernity, the origin, meaning, and justification of trinitarian doctrine has been repeatedly disputed. These debates are discussed in supplementary documents to this entry. One aspect of these debates concerns the self-consistency of trinitarian theology. If there are three who are equally divine, isn't that to say there are at least three gods? Yet the tradition asserts exactly one God. Is the tradition, then, self-inconsistent, and so self-refuting? Since the revival of analytic philosophy of religion in the 1960s, many Christian philosophers have pursued what is now called analytic theology, in which central religious doctrines are given formulations which are precise, and it is hoped self-consistent and otherwise defensible. The article surveys these recent “rational reconstructions” of the Trinity doctrine, which centrally employ concepts from contemporary analytic metaphysics, logic, and epistemology.

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The doctrine of the Trinity from a supportive religious perspective says that its origins are a mystery beyond reason and yet are not unreasonable. From such a perspective, the doctrine will always remain a mystery because such mysteries are assigned to the providential work of a god who works in mysterious ways. Generally speaking, the doctrine states there are three distinct persons labeled the Father, Son and Holy Spirity, with the label "Holy Ghost" sometimes being used as a substitute for the Holy Spirit, depending on one's religious persuasion. While this is sometimes used as a point of argument, all of us can see that the same underlying basic pattern-of-three remains.

Along with denoting these three is the concept that they are separate, yet are one. Like three different colors being associated in one street light. Protaganists claim that the notion of being "separate" means there are three gods, which is sometimes linked with an old notion of plurality, like a pantheon of gods portrayed in ancient Greece and Rome. Those defending the doctrine retort that the "separateness" is more inline with distinctions of aspects related to a single entity such as the Freudian Id - Ego - Superego claimed to exist in each of us. Nonetheless, the underlying "three" pattern remains. In other words, arguments about the three gods or three aspects still retain the underlying "three" pattern. No one is arguing for a lesser or greater quantity.

If the only book you read is the same religious manuscript, or that it is interpreted to be the foremost authoritative perspective, you will orient yourself in the world from your coinciding interpretation of this information. For example, even if you go to college or simply go to a public library to read additional books, you nonetheless interpret the information from the perspective of the ideas fostered by the religious text. Nothing but perhaps some extreme drama or traumatic experience might change your mind, which includes an alteration in thinking due to a change in brain chemistry, brain injury, or brain growth. But experiences born out of maturity and personal experiences while one is physiologically maturing can also play a role.

For most of you, I am not saying anything new. You know well that people can be influenced by both internal and external events. Even the development of concepts can be triggered by such events. And the events may not be recognized nor even remembered, though the concepts can well be a metaphorical representation of the event, acting as a sort of after-image like a phantom limb though to be real even though it was amputated. But even though you know about such things, you don't apply this knowledge to the concept of the Trinity. Whereas you might believe it to be either a message from God or an impression of an as yet greater realization yet to be bestowed upon humanity by way of some future revelation, you would not think of it in terms of a sun burn.

For example, most people realize that a person can get a sunburn if they remain in the Sun too long. Such people don't need to have graduated from high-school, much less earn one or more university degrees to understand this. But someone with a high-school diploma may also cite the need for some Sun in order to supply the body with a natural source of Vitamin D and that the reference about getting a sunburn is rather a simple idea that "everyone" knows. A person with a University degree might also cite the possibility of getting cancer from an over-exposure to the Sun and view the other two items of information as rather obvious. So the person without a high-school diploma and the person with the high-school diploma now include the information from the person with a University degree. With "everyone" now citing all three references, the high-school graduate and the University graduate seek out information that the other may not have, and may even make something up... though the idea may be speculative. With each successive turn of a one-upmanship, in that each tries to out-do the other, the basic observation of the Sun's effects become further removed. References about references about other references become the main topic of concern and expression while the basic truth about Sun effecting human behavior is lost in the shuffle.

For example, people no longer can see that the concept of the "three persons in one god" idea is related to the pristine influence of the three "moments" (Dawn - Noon - Dusk) in one Sun. Humanity complicates simplicity and obscures truth in the process.

You might find such a suggestion ridiculous since so much of your time and energy and those of others over thousands of years have believed about something in a particular way. You might react to such a suggestion as if it were ludicrous by citing that because so many people believe in a concept as it is taught, everyone can't possibly be wrong. But they are not completely wrong. The underlying pattern of a 3 to 1 ratio is correct, but the labels attached to the pattern are wrong. Not to mention that the Christian religion has not cornered the market on this particular pattern. We also find it being expressed elsewhere. The following link provides some examples:

Three "to" One ratios page a

The labels which should be used instead of Father - Son - Holy Spirit, are Dawn - Noon - Dusk. These three solar "moments" are three different aspects of the one Sun. Here are some ancient -to- modern solar worship correlations that may be of some appreciation (misspellings and mispronunciations sometimes causes mis-inferences):

  • Sun = Son (A person considered as a source of warmth, energy or glory etc.)
  • Sun = Sol ((Ancient Roman god; personification of the sun; counterpart of Greek Helios.)
  • Sun = Solar (Relating to or derived from the sun or utilizing the energies of the sun.)
  • Sol = Soul (The immaterial part of a person; the actuating cause of an individual life.)
  • Solar = Soular
  • Soul = Ghost (or spirit)...The word "ghost" originally referred to a man's spirit that was immortal: the phrase "giving up one's ghost" is derived from this meaning.
  • 1

Reference note for the word "ghost".

If it is true that the concept of the Trinity is an obscured ancient observation of solar worship, then it constitutes a type of enduring sun burn on the psyche of many humans perpetuated generation after generation. This is not meant as a disparagement, but as a compliment because these same people are more apt to also recognize that a change in the Sun's three moments will ultimately have an affect on the Trinitarian concept. In other words, as the Sun enlarges towards its ultimate decay, the three "moments" are likewise enlarging and are "fusing" together on the horizon. In other words, the closer the Sun gets to the Earth, the closer the three "moments" will get to one another.

It is far easier to contrive a new belief by utilizing same sounding words inter-changeably. And it is far easier to do this in an era where people are illiterate, or those that are literate primarily read a similarly given topic or give authoritative precedence to that which they don't read but assign it foremost value. Such are the different types of literate illiteracy.

3in1 (15K)

The idea of three persons in one entity or three aspects in one entity, will become a stark reality, thus having moved from a metaphysical representation into an actual physical one. The concept of the Trinity does come from God, but it is the God of ancient solar worship that was repackaged according to the views of those who wanted to sell their own personal religious ideas alongside accepted concepts of old. The clergy of religion simply concealed honest so-called pagan worship of the Sun and its three "moments" with jargon that could be used to manipulate, mislead, and multiply membership who didn't want to be associated with any idea which suggested they were worshiping ideas directly related to natural phenomena. Their egos wanted to presume a status of excellence by believing it was worshiping a super-natural phenomena.

Like politicians force-feeding their own bills into prominent legislation, theologians of old (as well as today), wanted to please their own "religious campaign" contributors, so they produce ideology according to those who provide the most tithing. And like politicians who will other-wise withhold their vote, clergy have frequently withheld their blessing. Religious people are no different than politicians or bushiness people, and they know it, despite assertions to the contrary. They aren't any more honest and no less devious than politicians, or business entrepreneurs. The trinitarian concept may thus gradually change to align itself with this cosmological event because many people believing in the doctrine are sensitive to environmental changes, perhaps even more so than many of those who do not share their beliefs. This does not mean they will necessarily be conscious of the influence on the idea, but their theology will alter in order to accommodate the change.

If you want to believe that the Trinity concept is a message from God, then you should consider that the interpretation of the message has been distorted by those in a religion where pedophilia has been practiced and concealed, even in modern times. Such a culture of mentality should be questioned. To deny the present information simply as a means to comfort oneself in a self-imposed denial of a questionable mentality is inexcusable. While religious authority might well be telling the truth about its perspective of the Trinity, you should be intelligent enough to consider other alternatives with respect to its interpretation.

Interestingly, the three -in- 1 concept, regardless if you say persons or aspects or whatever; is not a 2 -in- 1, nor a 7 -in- 1, nor a 4 -in- 1, nor a 5 -in- 1, etc. Whereas some might want to claim that the number seven is "special" with great spiritual significance for which they provide several examples of seven to support their contention; they are not distinguishing between consciously and unconsciously determined uses. For example, the seven days in the week is a conscious usage of the number seven based on the facility brought about by a numerical divisioning of the overall days of planetary motion. Yet, the concept of the trinity, because it has been cited as having a mysterious origin, does not have a conscious functionality based on some observed conscious event. The Trinity is based on an underlying physiological response to an environmental event. I say this because, otherwise, those believing in the Trinity concept as it is now presented, would have to admit it has arisen due to an observable environmental event.

Theologians don't want to say that a belief of their's is due to some environmental event, even though Genesis is an elementary form of science in describing the formation of existence in primitive Geological, Astronomical and Biological terms. They shouldn't run away from the descriptive origin of the Trinity that I have proposed, they should embrace it and place it up for wide-spread theological discussion. Because, the concept of the Trinity was revealed to Christianity. Whereas Islam has also been provided a similar message in terms of directing prayers towards the rising Sun, it has yet to extend this into a larger, more comprehensive realization, unless of course such a "message" already exists in the Koran and those who have seen it are keeping quiet about it for fear of suggesting something a dominant religious leader has decided not to tell anyone about because they want the revelation to be a secret meant only for a few initiates.

Sacred numbers arising from a conscious orientation to observable events must be distinguished from those which our physiology "sees" and adapts in response to short term exposure or that which occurs over extended periods of time. We can not be certain if all stimuli result in some measurable influence of one or more thoughts or that whatever impressions are made, they do not transfer to another generation via one's offspring. Indeed, in such speculation we might also consider that a subtle expression has greater expression on a genetic level to alter its "mind", or that subtle genetic expressions retained by two individuals does not become manifest into some form in one's offspring. Then again, that which is in a parent's genetics may have more to do with someone in a past generation, then the parents themselves. In other words, the parents are just carriers of information that was planted into the genetics of someone in their past who was truly receptive to subtle environmental stimuli, but the present parents are not.

The idea of the existence of "subtle energies" being perceived by some who are particularly receptive to them due to specialized sensibilities, does not necessarily mean that subtleties develop into or influence specific thoughts other than a notion of the possible existence of subtle energies. Using such a notion to impart the notion of being special, in terms of better than others, may be more an expression of ego-centricism than that which one might think has some other practical application beyond conversation as an esoteric topic.

But the body does perceive information and attempts to translate this to our brains even when we are unconscious... which seems to be more frequent than many of us would care to admit on a day to day basis.

  • For example, upon driving the same route going to work every morning we arrive some days and acknowledge we were oblivious to the scenery along the way. In other words, we humorously tell ourselves or others, we drove all the way still asleep. And they too chuckle because they have had similar experiences of what appears to be an unconscious or semi-conscious drive to work.

  • Another example is when someone experiences a dream in which they are in a fire that forces them to consciousness where they discover their electric blanket has shorted and started a fire.

  • A third example is to describe the "feeling" some people claim to have had prior to the death or injury of someone they know, be it a child, spouse, or siblings. And to this we might add the "coincidences" of likes, dislikes or patterns of ideas or activities which seem to mimic someone else in the family, not to mention those cited by twins who have been reared apart. But this not only happens to twins, it can occur to mother and daughter separated early, or relatives being born in different generations.

It is not too difficult for many readers to appreciate the circumstances of being influenced into action or thought by subtleties or that which can be consciously acknowledged if we were not preoccupied, distracted or such was pointed out to us. While we may sometimes describe the influential subtleties as occurring on a sub- conscious state, we generally agree that they can occur. As such, it is not too difficult to consider the doctrine of the Trinity as an attempt by the conscious mind to convert unconscious, sub-conscious, and semi-conscious impressions into a facsimile thereof. It is a doctrine based on what may be described as dream material. This dream material also contains actual conscious material that was inaccurately interpreted because it occurred during a time when the original material was not appreciable understood. Like a primitive mind looking at someone falling from the sky in a parachute and not knowing how to accurately interpret the event.

The primitive mind in the past did not know how to accurately interpret the Sun or other Astronomical events. With respect to the stars, they often took on animal or human form. The Moon was a goddess and the Sun was a god. Even today the Earth is referred to as "Mother" Earth. The Sun was a god that provided warmth and light to chase away all the presumed evil things of the darkness. It is not too difficult to realize early primitive minds huddling together anxiously awaiting the rise of the Sun (hoping it will return after being swallowed up by the night monster)... which is continued today in the behavior of those who want to pray in the direction of the rising Sun. Such an exercise is the perpetuation of a very primitive thought process, but it nonetheless retained an important link with what might be metaphorically described as a message from God.

In terms of a message, if you are familiar with Morse code, you will see the three "moments" of the Sun as three dots and the intervals between as dashes. This renders a dot dash dot dash dot message, meaning "End of Message". In other words, God may be trying to tell us to take heed and notice at what is being said.

End Of Message (3K)

But you may not believe this and simply describe it as artistic thinking. You might in fact hold the view that not just anyone can be given a message. Whereas you might believe that Joan of Arc and others of history were quite possibly messengers from God, but if these same perspectives were rendered in public today, the people might well be looked up as deranged, a religious fanatic, or some neurotic carrying a placard saying the world is coming to an end. They're neurotic because we all recognise the world is coming to an end... we just don't know exactly when. And some don't believe that women can be close enough to God to receive any type of revelatory message. Some think this is the sole province of men, because they think God is a man. Whereas in some cases they might agree that words and ideas are metaphorical, this same perspective is denied that which they want to believe in such as a "Father" in heaven. They take such a word to be the literal truth and not some label used by those in an ancient time who had a very primitive vocabulary and appreciation of how to interpret impressions they thought were divulged by a god or even goddess.

Not only do men very often solely interpret the message of their presumed "god father" in their respective religion, women do the same when interpreting presumed messages from their "god mother" in terms of their goddess worshipping activities. Some goddess worshippers don't think that men can accurately know the "mind" of a goddess just as some men don't think that women can know the "mind" of a (male) god. They're both like young kids who apply their own form of a physics-like exclusionary rule to the presence of the opposite sex. It's a "no girls allowed" sign placed on a tree house or a "no boys allowed" sign on the door to a den, garage, front porch, etc. Decade after decade after decade generations of people are subjected to the same nonsense. If only we could rid humanity of this stupid childish mentality. Yet, this same idiocy occurs in science, business, politics and sports. Will humanity never truly become an enlightened species? Oh why can't there be some widespread mutagen transformation of the human mind and body so that future generations do not have to endure the same pathetic games recurring century after century?

As it presently stands, humanity has been a sorrowful mistake of evolution. It ruins or destroys more than it creates anew, it distorts rather than seeking greater clarity, and when it isn't causing deep injury for a single generation it creates levels of prolonged suffering minimized by lies, faulty policies and false promises.

The doctrine of the Trinity as is presently viewed by millions, is an unintentional distortion of the facts. Unless you want to contend that religious adherents in the past, upon becoming conscious of the Sun's three "aspects" or persons, since the "moments" were at times identified as separate gods. Here are two examples with a third as a similar "scientific" usage thereof:

  • 3 ancient Egyptian gods for solar "phases": Horus (morning) ~ Ra (noon) ~ Atum (dusk)
  • 3 Indian deities for solar "phases": Apollo (rising) ~ Hari/Vishnu (midday) ~ Indra (setting)
  • 3 distinct life phases: Birth ~ Maturity ~ Death

But such an idea that the Origin of the Trinity is the Sun and its three "moments" is not new. Here is another description of the same idea:

The origin of the Trinity is obvious to anyone who will observe the daily manifestations of the sun. This orb, being the symbol of all Light, has three distinct phases: rising, midday, and setting. The philosophers therefore divided the life of all things into three distinct parts: growth, maturity, and decay. Between the twilight of dawn and the twilight of evening is the high noon of resplendent glory. God the Father, the Creator of the world, is symbolized by the dawn. His color is blue, because the sun rising in the morning is veiled in blue mist. God the Son he Illuminating One sent to bear witness of His Father before all the worlds, is the celestial globe at noonday, radiant and magnificent, the maned Lion of Judah, the Golden-haired Savior of the World. Yellow is His color and His power is without end. God the Holy Ghost is the sunset phase, when the orb of day, robed in flaming red, rests for a moment upon the horizon line and then vanishes into the darkness of the night to wandering the lower worlds and later rise again triumphant from the embrace of darkness.

Secret Teachings of all Ages, the Sun, A Universal Deity, by Manly P. Hall

But even those who might agree with the present position are not necessarily responsive to it. It's like a person seeing a dinosaur walking down the street and then going into the house to fix themselves something to eat. In other words, they may acknowledge it yet think nothing of it. Others who do think something of it may well cause a stir amongst their family and friends, but authority figures will downplay the even unless they can use it as a means to further their control or get more funding by way of taxes, tithing, or increasing the price of some product. For example, the government might say it needs more money to better protect the public. Religions might say that they need people to be more generous so as to build up its stockpile of donations for the possibility of increased need. And businesses might make miniature dinosaurs to sell while people are watching others get trampled on or eaten.

With respect to the Trinity representing an environmental event that is changing and directing human along a similar course of decadence, far too many people will sit by until it may be too late to be responsive. Explicitly stated, if humanity is subjected to an environmental event which is directing it along a similar course of adapting to a decay, it needs to remove itself from such an environment.

To assert that God wants humanity to follow such a decadence is ridiculous. If the Trinity is a message given to humanity by God, then humanity is at fault for not listening.

Along with the present doctrine of the Trinity as a means of obscuring it actual pristine original influence before it became intellectualize with religious dogma, these same adherents fail to recognize that the Suns' daily path ("migration") is along a triangular course, though they hold on to the old notion of a linear, circular or arch-like passage. Hence, this is another subtle image of the Sun which has impressed itself on the minds of humans and interpreted according to the mentality of a given age. In the past this triangular image was transformed into a pyramidal design, of which "migratory" Native Americans transformed into a Tepee. And although I "saw" this while looking at the Sun when I was very young, my attempt to explain this "vision" was not understood by anyone. There was no common appreciation of such a pattern and I could not find anyone discussing such in any text. It was not until I found a time elapsed photo of the Moon that I understood why most people could not see what I was trying to describe. And even though the photo only showed one "side" of the image, I simply inverted the picture to produce the overall triangle image that I saw without the need of time elapsed photography:

Dawn to noon (8K) Noon to dusk (8K)

This is a picture of the Moon in eclipse, though the picture could just as easily be a that of the Sun. I inverted the picture in order to show the complete pathway of ascent and descent. This is an actual picture taken from page 80 of the 10/97 issue of Natural History magazine.

The usage of time-lapsed photography gives us some indication of the environmental conditions early biological life processes were subjected to many billions of years ago when the Earth was spinning faster. Early biological processes would have been subjected to a repeating triangular image for long periods of time. It should be no wonder that we find this image being expressed in a variety of ways by different organisms, within the limitations of their physical/mental ability to do so. If we humans of today can get sun-burned, it's not too difficult to appreciate how such a triangular image could have been "branded" on the sensitive, impressionable, (highly "suggestive") "hide" of our early biological beginnings.

Sun and Moon Triangular paths (18K)

As a child, I would get the image of standing on a fast spinning Earth and watching the Sun, Moon, and Stars whisk by in a flickering (blinking) motion. Needless to say, I was considered to be a "weirdo" kid. Some even thought I had a mental problem until I started sounding like an encyclopedia... then I became even weirder to them because I didn't think nor talk like a normal kid. It got worse when I was in 3rd grade and moved into a sixth grade class but was reading college books. But it didn't stop at this. When one of the teacher's was talking about Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, I called them idiots but couldn't well articulate all that my mind was computing; which was interpreted by the teacher to mean that I didn't know what I was talking about and was simply being oppositional. Of course I didn't know what I was talking about because I wasn't finding the right words to talk about it, or so I thought at the time because of the teacher imposing their authoritative stance over me at nine years of age. However, now I know how to articulate what I saw then: They had been built up by teachers to be some great people and all they did was talk about stuff I had thought about before the third grade while playing in the dirt, skipping stones, and tapping every third stave in neighborhood fences as I walked to and from school. Hence, my opinion of them hasn't changed. They're still idiots. HA!

The picture above clearly shows that there is a triangular pathway. The usage of time-lapsed photography to capture the slanted (triangular) path gives a good indication of how a fast spinning Earth during life's pristine biological development helped to create different environmental conditions. Some three and a half to four billion years ago, the Earth's rate of daily revolution was considerably faster than our present 24-hour rate. This accelerated rate would have caused the triangular image to occur more frequently during life's sensitive and impressionable development. If we humans of today can get sun-burned, it's not too difficult to appreciate how such a triangular image could have been "branded" on the "hide" of our early biological beginnings. But let us now consider what other effects could have been produced by an accelerated spinning Earth.

Note: In episode 32 of season 2, in the episode entitled 'Visions' of the television series "Dead Zone," there are scenes where a portion of the accelerated pathway of the Sun can be seen.

Note: In NCIS Television series part I of the episode entitled "Hiatus," (Season Three, episode 23) Leroy Jethro Gibbs' memory of traveling to Mexico in search of the man who caused the death of his wife, daughter and the agent assigned to protect them, shows an accelerated view of the Sun going up and down in a triangular fashion. It is the first time I can recall seeing the event portrayed in this fashion.

(Yet, I have from time to time seen other televised examples but have forgotten where I recorded them.)

For those of you who won't believe that the Moon, Sun, or Earth were spinning faster than they are today unless you hear it from some NASA expert, I present you with such a confirmation in a reply to a question posed to a NASA scientist regarding whether or not the Moon ever rotated faster than it now does:

The Earth-Moon system has been constantly evolving since the time the moon was formed/captured over 4 billion years ago. Geological evidence from about 900 million years ago shows an Earth day of as little as 18 hours, and with the current lunar orbit increase of 3.8 centimeters per year, it would have been located at a distance of as little as 200,000 kilometers from the Earth. Tidal force varies as the third power of the distance, so at that time ocean tines (peaks) on Earth, and the tidal friction which works to evolve the system dynamically, would have been:

(230,000/200,000)^3 = 50% stronger than they are now.

The moon would have had a rotation period of 29.5 x (200/230)^3/2 = 23.9 days

so it was spinning faster then. Even farther back in time, up to the time the moon was near the so-called Roche Limit, near 50,000 kilometers, the moon would have had an even faster rotation rate of perhaps as little as 5 days soon after it was formed.

--- Archive of NASA Space Questions and Answers ---

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Some readers might think I have taken a detour from a discussion of the Trinity, but I have not since the doctrine of the Trinity is based on perception. The problem is that most perceptions have based their view simply on the information of and about the doctrine as it is discussed, and not about its possible origin to establish the validity of the doctrine in the first place. They are like mathematicians working on an equation with a given set of rules (axioms) without even asking if the equation is a viable formula in the first place. And this is so even though the mathematician Kurt Godel demonstrated the limitations of axiomatic systems.

Likewise, few are asking if religion is viable by way of analyzing its origins, since those who claim to be anti-religious or anti-god have simply replaced someone else's ideas with their own as a belief to be considered as supreme. While some think of themselves as intelligent for attempting some historical sojourn, the problem arises when they rely totally upon the information of others and do not attempt some personal evaluation thereof. Such is not an expression of valuing one's own interpretation instead of another or others, it's a means of organization to permit reorganization, if necessary, when new information is acquired... be it from one's self or external to one's one thoughts. If you can have confidence to believe in a given way, you can also afford yourself the ability to disbelieve if necessary. You must grant yourself the courage to be independent and to stand alone if necessary.

Far too many use their view as a means to be aggressive whereby they commit verbal assault and battery. Such aggressive behavior is seen being committed in various professions within the scope of the profession. They commit assault and battery and try to mitigate the offense by use of explanations for having or not having done something, with the vocabulary of their profession. Trying to assert one's belief over another simply because it is your belief based on denouncing another's, is about promoting one's ego, not about scholarship for seeking and espousing perceived truth.

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