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Herb's Pyramid Scheme

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Today is Friday, December 13, 2013 2:19:19 AM. I am in the Tucson, Arizona area during the time of a meteor event. I had premonitory images of the coming event in the form of dreams in which exploding atomic bombs occurred over Florida, Washington and Arizona. The manner in which the premonition occurred was a metaphor which occurred in a fashion consistent with mental activities occurring at the time. No doubt there were others who experienced their own forms of premonitory content with respect to the intellectual/mental tasks they were involved with at the time, and may or may not have made any psychic link between themselves and the event. I only did so by way of a happenstance chance of encountering news articles highlighting the presence of a meteoric event.

As can be seen by the enclosed time denotation, I am quite restless, having been tossing and turning since retiring before 5:00 PM due to feeling fatigued. I have been feeling this way since the beginning of the weekend, though days prior to this have been taxing by trying to wrestle with attempts to get a lap top replaced through an active warranty.

All personal accounts aside, I am nonetheless in need of describing a series of thoughts that, in reflection, I have affectionately referred to as "Herb's Pyramid Scheme"; not only as a means of thwarting would-be detractors wanting to make a joke out of the information, but it is an apt description when placed into a modern context and coherently applied.

I have been unable to shake the feeling of some impending doom for humanity that does not need to result in a total demise of the species. While some readers may prefer to put this into a religious context, I do not. Yet neither am I prepared to dismiss it as being little more than the product of an active imagination. Then again, perhaps it signals an awareness of my own mortality, similar to the early deaths of the male line in my family. With a father dead at 47, an older brother at 59, an uncle at 59 and a grandfather at 67, I may be having an imaginatively designed premonition of that which is meant for me alone. Such things must be considered by one and all. Nonetheless, here is a landscape portrait of the surfaced images:

The Storm Approaches
  • There is a storm coming. A storm for which humanity is ill prepared to deal with. We can not expect compassionate exceptions to our differences which will permit us to co-exist without prejudice. There will be no conciliatory behavior on the part of the storm. Like a raging fire it will have no conscience. Therefore, submission on our part, in any manner, is not tenable.

  • There is a storm coming. A storm for which humanity is ill prepared to deal with. We can not expect to be victorious in any form of confrontation. All the combined forces of humanity will be laid to waste by a foe which harbors a perception of utter disregard for any and all that it encounters. The destruction of humanity is not its objective; if it has the capacity for conscious reflection, we may very be viewed as being little more that insignificant collateral damage. Therefore, any form of confrontational plans on our part will ultimately prove to be poorly conceived, promoted and put into play. Military tacticians who may want to argue otherwise, very often leave themselves out of the equation they want to apply to the lives of others.

  • There is a storm coming. A storm for which humanity is ill prepared to deal with. Since we can not submit, we can not fight, we have but the only option left and that is to flee. All that we wish to preserve we must take with us. However, our resources will be limited. It is a limit that may well be lowered as time progresses while in our flight. A "species survival triage" will have to be initiated and re-fashioned as resources improve or get lessened.

In ages past when the construction of a pyramid required a large part of a society's resources, we of the present, metaphorically speaking, must do the same. Not only must all of our raw resources be similarly focused, but so must the talent, giftedness and genius of every man, woman and child. This focus must be towards getting humanity off this planet, out of this solar system and away from this galaxy.

We can not put NASA or any of its counter-parts in charge of this country-wide (or world-wide) Manhattan-like project. The people of NASA are little more than an expensive troop of ore-fevered prospectors seeking remnants of bio-gold dust or possible future placements thereof. If we leave the development of a true space exploration with them, we will remain in the present space flight stone-ages... It's as if they are unable to remove themselves entirely from past efforts which relied on the usage of our ancestral primate kin, namely, chimpanzees. Another analogy is to say they're like some ancient hominid with an australopithecine-sized brain rumaging in prospective places for certain pieces of obsidian to be used as a cutting tool to carve off a sliver of meat; or as a slightly later occurring hominid using some stone implement to assist in the making of a pelt to worn in the manner of a robe or a feather being stuck in one's hat. In short, they are far too small-minded and short-sighted for the stewardship of the undertaking I am proposing. Let them play in the dirt on their own time, and not what little time is left for humanity if it remains on this planet, in this solar system, in this galaxy.

We can not leave NASA at the helm of steering the ship, dictating what sort of ship should be designed, or choosing the direction from which it thinks the wind is blowing.

Neither can we permit present religious authority to take the reins of that vision which far exceeds anything yet conceived of in their musings of existence, purpose and God. All religious authority are far too limiting in their myopic depth perceptions which end at their own noses; because like in days of old, they feel if the human spirit ventures too far, it will fall off into a precipice that they would like you to believe is a place of ominous proportions, variously named as purgatory, insanity, or hell.

Nor can we allow any present day falsely practiced form of Communism, Democracy or Socialism to take charge, for they exhibit far too much self-centeredness. Whereas truer forms of these social self-governance programs could well serve the presently outlined directed purpose for humanity, a world-embodied social revolution in human consciousness will need to take place at a much faster rate than what is at hand.

Humanity must re-define itself in order to deal with the approaching storm. The old (present) businesses, the old (present) governments, and the old (present) religions will not suffice. They will need to be tossed into the dustbin of history.

V-formation (6K)

The "space-ship pyramids" image used in the heading is a fanciful notion meant as a bit of humor while also lending itself to more serious comparisons in-line with the present discussion of constructing vessels to get humanity off this planet. From my perspective, the pyramidal form is just a series of inter-connected triangles seen from relative-to-the-observer positions. But this shape is not solely represented by human efforts. Other biological life-forms exhibit a usage of this "formula" in giving themselves direction such as the wings of birds, bats and insects, termite mounds, and ant-lion burrows. But there are other forms of pyramidal (triangular) shapes such as the V (or VEE)-shaped flight formations of migrating birds, the flying (stealth) wing, etc.

A more imaginative reader might want to include other examples such as boomerangs, Native American Tepees, and the v-shaped engine block... not to mention the v-shaped bird wing design depicted by Leonardo Da Vinci in one of his sketches. While the last example was never constructed in terms of a large social undertaking, other v-shaped bird wind designs have been, such as in the case of airplanes and jets. In some cases, such as a boomerang or pre-industrial age arrow-tip production was conducted by a single individual, such examples have sometimes been placed onto production lines for mass production.

Biological examples clearly depict evidence for the suggestion that nature has used various "pyramidal-shape" designs, though some might want to argue that the words pyramid, pyramidal, and triangular, though they show a similarity, are not exact. Nonetheless, the point to be made is that a very broad definition of "pyramid schemes" leads us to conclude that such formulations have abounded in different places and times, sometimes with a positively defined connotation and at other times not so, such as in the case of those pyramid schemes meant as scams to profit one or a very select association of individuals. Hopefully, the present idea will not be promoted as a true pyramid scheme by political backers who would get a kick-back from those acquiring a government contract. Such contracts must have an associated "do or die" clause for any would-be business-tide-to-government scam artist.

Da-vinci-s-flying-pyramid (26K)
Leonardo DaVinci's Flying Pyramid
Northrop XB-49 Flying Wing (21K)
Northrop XB-49 Flying Wing
stingray (7K)
(Don't let my cute looks deceive you.)

Skulls Pyramid (42K)

We can either focus on the negative or positive aspects of a planet-wide pyramid scheme and look into history to provide support for one or the other perspective. As with any enterprise, we can either laugh at it, disregard it without a second thought, or take it seriously. One such negative representation would be a pyramid of skulls as depicted by Vereshagin. An historical Mongolian figure with the name of Timur the Lame (Timurlane- 1336-1405; variously named Timur, Timur Lenk, Tamburlaine, Tamerlane), is said to have been fond of making such structures. H.G. Wells describes this on page 575 of his Outline of history (second volume).

Below are a few more examples of pyramidal/triangular shapes that have been used to focus activities. There are others, but most readers will get at least the gist of what I am referring to in terms of a resources directed "Pyramid Scheme". I don't care about what rationale accompanied the adoption of such a structure, the recurrence of the same or similar form is a telling point about the effect of the Sun's triangular solar path... that can be seen with time elapsed photography.

Here is the Food Pyramid used by the United States Department of Agriculture in attempting to focus the nation on eating right.

Food pyramid 1 (344K)

Here's another one that some in Paris thought (during its construction) it was a waste of money to build, but has become an international landmark.

Eiffel Tower (7K)

And as a third example, one that might be overlooked because it is no longer being used, is the way in which some measure of order can be implemented in an encampment of men who might well prefer to sleep with their rifles, but becomes a dangerous proposition if one or more soldiers have an itchy trigger finger and would fire at any shadow or sound.

Rifles stacked into a triangular or pyramid formation

If this vision of mine becomes to be accepted as valid, based on mounting evidence, within or after my life-time, then it might likewise become understood that our human and other resources will be extremely limited. The possible eventually of such a scenario must be thought out ahead of time. While it may be impossible to prepare for every contingency, we should at least begin with some sort of sketch pad, where different ideas are thrust into consideration... and not necessarily because they will take effect. This is an exercise in thinking out different strategies due to extreme circumstances, like the processes involved when one is shooting pool, balancing a budget, playing chess, cards, etc. Instead of an intellectualized form of conducting a war game, this is a survival of the species game.

Clearly, under such a framework, a society-as-usual approach will have to be dramatically altered in order to take greater advantage of resources presently allocated elsewhere. We will have to think differently, As such, for example, the warehousing of individuals for long-term incarceration will have to be discontinued, or at least significantly curtailed. Laws governing certain crimes will have to be re-written with the New focus of society in mind. For example, those individuals given life sentences might well have to be executed. However, along with this, our definition of justifiable murder would have to be re-examined in circumstances such as:

  • The killing of a loved one suffering a terminal or debilitating injury or illness (called mercy killing).

  • The killing of someone who caused the death, dismemberment or incapacity of a loved one, friend, neighbor or someone too innocent, frail, meek or scared to effect justifiable retribution.

  • The killing of a spouse and their adulterous partner(s). Yet such a killing does not necessarily excuse someone from willful destruction of their property. For example, while killing an adulterous individual would be legal, destruction of the person's personal property such as a vehicle, boat, watch, bank account, house, etc., would be punishable by a fine.

  • The death and/or destruction of a person, persons or entity which caused the death and/or destruction of another or their property by way of deliberate or accidental acts from which they or someone they are... or will be involved with personally or through an agent; acquire profit, prestige or personally definable reward.

We will not have time nor resources to engage in protracted (long term) programs to deal with social problems such as those involving a preoccupation with sexual activity. Hence, rapists, molesters, whores, sluts, prostitutes, pimps, madams, promiscuity, polygamy, and the like; as well as those engaged in an activity therewith, may well have to be executed (euthanized).

We will not have time nor resources to expend on racial prejudices or same-sex orientations because they might well be interpreted as anti-species. Such preoccupations must be, one way or another, put to an end.

We will not have time nor resources to expend on protracted programs to deal with social problems involving alcoholism or drug abuse. Such individuals would be provided an ultimatum of stopping, relocating to a country that would accept them (if there are any that are not participating with a world-wide effort at saving the species), or being executed (euthanized).

We will not have time nor resources to expend on protracted programs to deal with social problems involving long-term medical care such as for those with communicable diseases. Energies expended for educating the public in taking precautions against infection from sources of illnesses or diseases which are identified as exhibiting a danger to the public, will have to be nullified.

In short, here are some expressions underlying the philosophy of action:

  • Extreme circumstances call for Extreme measures.
  • Drastic times call for Drastic measures.
  • Dire situations call for Serious sacrifices.
  • Bread and water rationing.
  • Only the strong survive.
  • Only the most vital necessities will be permitted.

However, in choosing who will be first and foremost selected, that is, not by-way of a lottery process, the determinations may be based on outdated models based on former or present needs such as particular types of artists, doctors, scientists, academics, business people, workers, etc... Those selecting themselves or their ilk to do the choosing may be basing their choices on ideals no longer suitable for an extended life in outerspace. This is one of the reasons to begin considering who and why such are being chosen. We need to create mental programs of thinking in terms of different scenarios. For example, while someone may be a genius at playing chess, will such a person have other skills or will the same genius be transferable to other activities? Will those with the capacity of having or being able to acquire a jack-of-many-trades personal accountability be the necessary criteria for selecting who should or shouldn't be first to be accepted as a passanger? Not only is this true for humans, but what about foodstuffs? Or animals? Or plant-life?

Humanity's singular effort must be towards its survival as a species off this planet, out of this solar system, and away from this galaxy. Humanity has a long way to go and can not afford to waste its energies, efforts, and expenses on dealing with petty social problems. If you kill all the homosexuals, there will not longer be a problem with homosexuality... if not merely for the task at hand, then for the future as well. The same goes for rapists, molestors and pornographers.

Selections will have to be made, despite all the arguments and riots which may ensue. Such riots would thus have to be quelled.

Whereas in ancient Egypt different work groups identified themselves in a particular way to distinguish themselves from others much in the manner that different sports clubs do today; then peculiarities of specificity such as race, culture and even gender orientation can be used within the context of competitiveness to foster greater overall unity and productivity in terms of completing the unified task. But end-of-task completions may well require the destruction of those who were manipulated into assisting the construction of the Earth-human armada. The task of construction might well require making concessions that will not result in assisting many in a prospect of personal survival, though a family member might be included in future plans.

Even if no readily apparent change in current laws takes place while construction is taking place in order to minimize any possible riots, steps will have to be in place in order to effect the same result as the Armada leaves. Mercy killing in the form of a plague may well have to be introduced into the population from the air as the last ship leaves.

Otherwise, the "storm" might well use those left behind as a means of infiltrating the Armada while in space. However, different scenarios are contemplatively possible.

While some nations will easily join in a concerted effort, there might well be the leadership of one or more nations that refuse to cooperate and will attempt to use the "singular task focus" as a distraction to their advantage. For example, in order to conserve resources, it might well be necessary for the United States to recall all military personnel from posts outside the United States. The bases in Germany and South Korea will have to be turned over to the respective countries. North Korea may then want to exert some counter-measure aggression against South Korea if its leadership does not have the wisdom to effect an acceptance of a unified focus in joining with other nations in getting off this planet. Then again, South Korean individuals may want to try to incite a confrontation through repeated antagonisms. Such aggression, on either the North or South's part, will have to be dealt with in terms of a prejudice unequaled in history. The leadership of North or/and South Korea would then have to be decimated from existence. Diplomacy must be swift and a like-minded swiftness in response must be expected. It is not the whole population of any country that needs to necessarily be attacked, only those who wish to carry out plans for subjugating others to their will or intentionally instigate conflicts. Life it much too short to engage in a perpetuated cold war. There are far more important things a country can do with its resources than to expend them on absurd military activity.

Any and all countries that wish to remain unattached to the effort of another nation or nations that are directed towards removing its population off the planet, have the right to refuse to join in. They do not have a right to claim ownership of the land-to-be-vacated so long as it is inhabited by its sovereign people. But nor can this same sovereignty dictate who will be the next to dominate its domain.

flying pyramids 2 (22K)

Any and all citizens who wish not participate have the right to refuse, but the prevailing government also has the right to evict them from the country. If they are not here to help, their presence will get in the way... the geriatric and youthful (infants, young children) populations notwithstanding.

As a follow-up for those in the future who will be pursuing an historical over-view of personal activities involving "threes phenomena" researchers, let me note that there may have been some extended meteoric occurrence since I had a considerably difficult time trying to sleep on Thursday, more so than on Tuesday and Wednesday. In fact, I started working on other "threes" pages, specifically, those in the "I AM GOD" section at about 1:00 AM. I had a small "burst" of related information that formed in an image which I included, primarily (but not exclusively) in the 10th (step) page. Whether or not you consider the ideas as flights of fancy, you can at least place them into the context of a flying pyramid... just for the sake of conversation. My vision may be little more than nonsense, or much like the person who invented the wheel, first made use of fire, or threw a rock and knocked a piece of fruit out of a tree. Then again, aside from motion picture excursions into a similar topic, it might well be a discussion that has or is already being discussed very seriously about. My small foray into this area might well be viewed as amateurish.

Your Questions, Comments or Additional Information are welcomed:
Herb O. Buckland