Threesology Research Journal
Unusual Threes Experiences 2

(The Study of Threes)

As stated on page 1 of this section, "Unusual" should be distinguished from "anomalous" in that what is unusual for a particular context (time and place) may not be so somewhere else, but that which occurs anomalous, may be viewed as a rare occurrence, or at least give the impression of such; because few, if any similar occurrences have not been conventionally noted by way of common discussion or even commonly written about.

Again, (since some readers may have skipped the first page), a third variety of threes are those that occur commonly and may or may not be frequently/infrequently observed. (I don't mean to imply that there are only three types, though these might serve as group headings.) This third type might be described as an event (displayed by a person and or thing) such as a three-patterned expression (or sound) that is frequently or infrequently recognized as being specific to a person or thing. An example would be a repeated expression such as "Well, Ok Then" or "It's My Turn" or "You Never Know". Of course there are lot's of other expressions as well as behavioral characteristics that could be used as examples, but my intent is to convey the occurrence of a three-patterned expression/characteristic noted as being specific to a particular person (or thing), and is described by one or more others as being peculiar to them (whether in a positive or negative light), even though those making the claim may also exhibit one or more patterns-of-three that remain unrecognized because they may or may not be intentionally concealing them (such as having three million dollars hidden in a mattress, or having three notable lovers, or being involved with some illegal enterprise three times a week).

The following table is a simplified example of a six day (extremely abbreviated) "threes" occurrences I experienced. To the novice threes experiencer, such a list might very well be considered unusual, while the skeptic might say that such occurrences are easily explained. However, it's not the explanation of individual occurrences which is of particular interest, but is it a pattern that is reflective of a dynamic change taking place with human consciousness whether or not someone is aware of their own experiences with this and other patterns? In other words, even if you say you prefer patterns-of-two, patterns-of-seven, or whatever, does the occurrence and/or recognition of such indicate a tell-tale sign of cognitive change, or is it merely a reflection of an unchanging human characteristic within a given culture during a particular era by a particular gender of a particular race?

I am not talking about change in a linguistic sense of simple definition with respect to cultural differences whether or not denoted as tradition, but a change in humanity's evolutionary design that one person may describe as mutation while another describe as adaptation. Does the type of pattern and the increased awareness of pattern recognition in oneself and others indicate a developmental change in human consciousness, or is it merely an activity of "label altering" by a customary form of brain structure that is unchanging and has existed as a general characteristic of the human brain for centuries? In other words, does our present interest in the "threes phenomena" (no matter how it is labeled) represent an actual change in human cognition or is merely a fad that crops up now and again, applied to different types of interest?

For example, in one century a "threes" focus may be aligned with an interest in religion, whereas in another century a threes focus may be aligned with discussions in such things as:

  • Physiological triads (3 divisioned ear/brain/bone structure, etc.)

  • Psychological triads (Id- Ego- Superego, Child- Parent- Adult, Father- Mother- Child complex, etc...)

  • Triplet codon genetics

  • Romantic Triangles

  • Triple pattern memorization techniques

  • Triple pattern jokes

  • Fringe Phenomena Three alien appearance, 3-stone Stone Henge, 3-chromosome crop circles, etc.)

  • Triple-partitioned biological constituents/substrates (AMP, ADP, ATP, triplet microtubules, etc.)

  • Three family particle physics:

    1. Normal matter particles (Normal particles Family ...1)
    2. Unstable particles decay to Family 1 particles (Unstable particles Family ...2)
    3. Very unstable particles decay to Family 2 particles (Very unstable particles Family ...3)

  • Tri-modal language structure Subject - Object - Verb ...not necessarily in this order

  • Philosophical triads: Major Premise - Minor Premise - Conclusion, etc...

  • Psychology triads: Id - Ego - Superego; Child - Parent -Adult, etc...

  • Board game strategizing moves: Horizontal - Diagonal - Vertical

  • Religion triads: Father - Son - Holy Ghost/Spirit; Brahma - Vishnu - Siva; Virgin - Mother - Crone, etc...

  • Tri-plistic mathematics formulas: Sine - Cosine - Tangent, A2 + B2 = C2, etc.

  • Horse Racing

    • Breeding: Three great stallion ancestry... Goldophin Barb - Byerly Turk - Darley Arabian

    • Betting: Win - Place- Show

    • Triple Crown: Kentucky Derby - Preakness - Belmont Stakes

  • Olympic games Medals: Gold - Silver - Bronze

  • Three-part cultural anthropology comparisons: Dumezilian Tripartite Ideology

  • Political "Ideo-logisms": Liberty - Equality - Fraternity; Of - By - For the People; Executive - Legislative - Judicial; "We The People", etc...

  • Three-divisioned daily meals/utensils: Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner; Breakfast - Dinner - Supper; Knife - Fork- Spoon

  • Triple standard law observance: To tell the Truth - The Whole Truth - Nothing but the Truth

  • Triple type/kind of supplementation: Minerals - B Vitamins - others... (Protein, herbs, spices, etc...)

  • Triple medication procedures: Three-shots, Three vials (of blood), Three vital sign recordings (Blood pressure, Pulse, Respiration), etc.

  • Three day exercising rituals: For example, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or three sets routine (weight-based), etc.

  • Triadic music structure

  • Three-part grammar/writing instruction: Period - Question mark - Exclamation Point, Heading - Body - Conclusion, etc...

Whereas the threes focus shifts amongst topics, the underlying basic pattern does not. Again and again and again a pattern-of-three is used. Upon acknowledging this, we must ask why it doesn't change, without attempting to apply definitive explanations from rationales based on biased inclinations such as "that's the way God wants", or "it's a long-enduring fad", or "the human mind is in a rut".

Why is the same underlying, numerically identifiable pattern being used for various topics? Is there an increase in usage, or does it merely appear as such because there are more topics being discussed as a result of an increased human population? For example, there is not an increased abundance of the three in DNA structure due to the presence of more people and other life forms, since a single instance of a triplet structure represents the totality of all occurrences. Whereas the quantity of conversations about the presence of a triplet codon system may increase, there is no variation in the quantity of its originated presence. If there were occasions of an other-than triplet codon system making its appearance, (an unusual or anomalous event), then frequency of occurrence in comparison to one or more other patterns would be an additional point of commentary.

Within some conversations there is an air of out-of-doors adventurism to ask whether it is the topics which matter, or merely the same underlying pattern? If the pattern is occurring with or without human recognition thereof, do we want to further embrace a backpack sojourn into a virgin wilderness by saying that the recognition of the recurring pattern is an indication of a developmental change in the consciousness of humans? Furthermore, does a change in the recognition of pattern recognition by anyone, much less the average person with little interest in the topic of pattern recognition, indicate an additional developmental change? Needless to say, such a change, in recognition and/or activity thereof, has wide ramifications for industry, education, laws, etc...

Some threes appear to be stubbornly persistent with respect to reoccurrence that might be easily understood if I make an analogy to the instances in which a person experiences a song phrase, or piece of music being recalled over and over again. No matter what they attempt to do in getting rid of the repetition, nothing appears to work. On a personal level, I had a portion of a song that remained with me over a several day period, appearing again and again all day and evening long. It didn't wake me up, but it did shortly occur before and after I got up. I didn't know where I picked it up from, but there it was.

I didn't ascribe any personal meaning to it, other than it being an unwelcomed nuisance. No matter what I tried, such as singing other songs, self-distractions, or listening to portions of other piped-in intercom songs while shopping, I couldn't get rid of it until it made an appearance while engaged in trying to remove a heating duct from an old vehicle to replace the heater core. When conventional methods (removing what screws I could) didn't work, I was left with no choice but to cut a portion of the heating duct off which separated it from the air conditioning portion. Be it the close proximity of the noise from the saw coupled with intensified concentration, the song disappeared. I amusedly thought of the unwelcomed lines which appear on a television screen when a magnet is placed too near it and the remedy of using some electrical device with a motor to remove them. (Like taking an electrical drill and running it in close proximity to the face of the television screen.) I had to laugh and shake my head at the notion that the nuisance I experienced was some sort of anomalous electrical field that could only be removed by placing another electrical field nearby... whether or not one wants to argue the point about electrical brain wave activity or that the abrupt end of the song was about to be behaviorally extinguished anyway and the circumstances of its end is merely an insignificant correlation.

Is a threes consciousness a particular type of electrical brain wave activity brought to the surface by as yet unidentifiable influences?... It's just one of the by-the-way thoughts I wanted to mention.

Here's a short list of unusual threes occurrences which took place over a 7-day period several years ago:

Date Place Time Type Activity Form Schedule
living room 1:00 pm 3 rings reading telephone research day
community 10:00 am 3 stores shopping specific product buying chores & research day
bedroom 3:33 am 3 knocks sleeping door knocks? 6 hr work day
10 hours research
bedroom 3:00 am 3 knocks sleeping door knocks? 16 hr work day
bedroom 3:30 am 3 knocks sleeping door knocks? 17.5 hr work day
work 8:00 pm 3 employees work day 3 employees leave early 16 hr work day
work 6:00 am 3 employees task completion specific assignment 9 hr work day

Note: On those nights which I distinctly heard three knocks (as if from a distance), I dreamed I would awaken at the specific times listed, even though upon awakening to look at the clock, my rational mind said I was merely dreaming, and yet the time was correctly displayed just as I "thought"/saw in my dreams which had occurred the moment prior to awakening but after hearing the 3-knock occurrences. However, it must be noted that I had turned off the gas to my house as an experiment in cooling and heating efficiency which produced the circumstance that I have not heard 3 knocks after doing this. Yet, I must also state that I changed my dietary regime to a simplified bread, water, and noodles consumption during this time as well.

While the above table is a very simplified chart of singular events of threes I experienced over a single seven day period, it should not give you the impression that these are the only experiences of threes which I acknowledged. To give a complete listing would take an entire web page by itself... if not more. Nonetheless, it provides an illustration of pattern recognition as a process of human cognition that takes place in a variety of ways with a variety of labels. The following list is a small example of words which describe different uses of pattern recognition:

  • Modus Operandi -Latin label meaning "mode of operation" used by law enforcement to track down criminals by way of repeating patterns.
  • Talent -A person's level and type of talent is recognized by a pattern of behavior.
  • Creativity -How else would you label someone as creative unless you recognized and acknowledged behavior patterns.
  • Studious
  • Lovable
  • Friendly
  • Compassionate
  • Wealthy
  • Promiscuous
  • Intoxicated
  • Genius
  • Mentally handicapped
  • Relationship
  • etc...

While the above labels are generally accepted, they are also very unsophisticated forms of detailing pattern recognition in terms of identifying changes in human cognition related to an evolutionary level of developmental change in human consciousness. Additionally, needless to say, single words hardly convey a pattern to a reader. The reader is left with imposing their own ideas on each word. In order to be more specific and quantifiable of observations with numerous variables, we could think of requiring the need of some form of dewy decimal system, even though the dewy decimal system is itself plagued with the fault of being too rigid a formula that does not take into account itself as being a variable. In other words, it is a system that is not conscious of itself, just as are present day computers, principally because it uses a binary code and not a trinary code like evolving human mental processes. Such a system of flexibility (and not necessarily a system of other-than human consciousness)does not now exist though there are and have been various types of attempts to devise one in psychology manuals, statistical manuals, etc.

It is interesting to note that though such systems are developed with the intent of making an attempt to assign numerical patterns to behavioral patterns, their usage of number is not labeled as being numerology. Perhaps those of us studying the threes phenomena need to wear white smocks, develop a specialized jargon, and work out of a single building called "The Threes Institute" in order that our usage of the number three in our research achieve an acceptable level of social acceptance so as not to be viewed as dabbling in numerology. In other words, the usage of number patterns achieves a non-numerology status when we exhibit other socially acceptable (non-numerically quantified) behavior patterns! And if they are labeled with numerical patterns, they have to be expressed in a certain way. Which brings to mind an old joke:

A new prisoner arrived for the first time in the prison mess hall to have lunch. While eating, he heard another prisoner call out the number 72. Everybody started laughing. Then another prisoner called out the number 16. Again everybody laughed. Upon inquiring what was going on, it was explained to him that because there were so many jokes, numbers had to be assigned to them and everybody knew the jokes which corresponded to the different numbers. He then asked if he could try it, to which another prisoner said sure, go ahead. He then stood up and said the number 87, but no one laughed. He cowered back into his seat and silently asked why no one had laughed. Another prisoner replied that some people can tell a good joke while others can't.

Most people don't use numbers assigned to patterns. They instead use word labels because word labels allow them to be more general and alter definitions based upon one or more changes in behavior. For example, a woman might think a male worker is interested in having a relationship if he asks her out to lunch on frequent occasions, yet her definition of "relationship" differs from his definition of "relationship" which might be as innocent as nothing more than a relationship within the boundaries of the work environment. While we might conclude that some people have a large repertoire of understanding human behavior, we can also say that their "understanding" is a recognition of patterns that may or may not be fully articulated to others (or themselves) and are thus labeled as (woman's) intuition, instincts, insight, wisdom, sensitivity to subtleties, etc... And if a person becomes aware of a behavior pattern that they had not acknowledged before, it may or may not become disturbing depending on the word label(s) used in an attempt to describe such a recognition.

When many people read books, listen to others, ask questions, etc., they are sometimes looking for a confirmation of one or more patterns which they recognize but may not be discussed, mentioned, or acknowledged in some way by others in their immediate social environment, even though others in their social domain may be aware of such a pattern and keep it to themselves as a tool to secretly manipulate others or to move themselves into more favorable social positions even though they had instigated disrupting circumstances. The point to be made with respect to my momentary excursion into discussing the usage of recognition of patterns that are labeled with words, is to help in the distinction that pattern recognition is a common activity, but that it occurs on a very general level, with the usage of numerical labels as an attempt to achieve a less biased form of recognition, even though the usage of numbers to identify and list patterns is frequently used as a means to impose a biased intellectual pattern. Yet, all forms of labeling have an inherent bias by the very fact of being used, which can either assist or deter acceptability for communication.

Without some form of acceptability, we could not readily communicate with one another because we would not share a similarity of language usage. This would even be made more difficult if each of us used the same tool in a different way. To give but one example, let us say we instructed someone to go get a computer monitor in the next room. While we agree upon the usage of a monitor as a necessary supplement to a computer, the other person labels and identifies it as a pull toy, whereby they bring the monitor by way of pulling it along the floor by the electrical cord. In our world view they are wrong, but in their world their behavior is not only acceptable, it is expected. Our usage of the monitor for a computer is the usual, but to the other person it is unusual. It would be made more unusual for them if they began to recognize a new type of label for the monitor, such as the label number 3. When such a label is recognized in different contexts and applied to different items, they may become slightly disoriented and "freaked out".

Such a difference in perception suggests that there is a change taking place in their brain (called a cognitive change), and that this change relates to a change in consciousness. This same type of interpretation was used by the Psychologist John Mack to describe those whom he saw in regards to alien abductions. It is not that alien abductions actually occurred, but that the similarity of tales told by so-called abductees suggests a similarity of developmental change in human cognitive processes for certain types of people with a similarity of cognitive processing. It doesn't matter whether you think:

  1. They made up the story for attention....

  2. They re-lived a birth trauma...or

  3. They are using the topic of alien abduction as a socially acceptable means of covering-up sexual, emotional, or whatever personal issues that they are too sensitive to discuss in an honest and realistic manner...

  4. ...the similarity of expressions (form, intensity, reluctance, etc.), without indications of what we of today recognize as mental illness, still suggests a change taking place not only in the consciousness of the so-called alien abductees, but with the public's general attitude towards different forms of labeling perceptions. In a manner of speaking, the views of so-called alien abductees is a form of the brain's body language.

    While some people may be taken aback by the suggestion of our brain exhibiting its own form of body language in a variety of ways such as religion, science, poetry, art, dance, etc., I think it is an apt metaphor that describes patterns of thinking that are sometimes taken too seriously and should realistically be viewed as nothing more than characteristic babbling patterns of a developing consciousness. When one has a mind set in its way too rigidly, anything that occurs outside this frame work for which there is no readily available label except for weird, strange, different, etc., they can become confused, disoriented, afraid, bewildered, enchanted, overwhelmed, etc., by that which does not correspond to the frame work of thinking one is accustomed to.

    There are many number pattern re-occurrences we might describe as unusual, though under different circumstances we would call them unfamiliar, undetermined, unreal, etc., yet there are many non-number related re-occurrences we also describe in terms that heighten our awareness of curiosity, suspicion, intrigue, fear, likability, etc... For example, while we don't necessarily consider the number patterns used for golf clubs, shoe sizes, dress sizes, food preparation measurements, telephone connections, etc., as indications of numerology when looked upon individually, this is not to say that the overall behavior of using numbers in a variety of contexts in this manner is not a form of numerology being practiced by the whole human species as part of a developmental trend in human cognition in general, and the specifically labeled phenomena we call consciousness that is attributed to be an emergent quality of the human brain.

    Each usage of numbers in a pattern within the context of a specialized knowledge (called familiarity), is a specific form of language. For example, to a person who is unfamiliar with the language used by cooks in preparing a meal, the non-numerically identified labels of "pinch," "smidgeon," "dab," "little bit," etc., can be quite unusual if you only read or heard about such without being able to observe a cook adding the quantity of a pinch of this or a pinch of that. Likewise, it could very well be disconcerting to end up with a meal that is better off in the garbage even though you followed the written directions of a cook exactly as they were written down by them. In wondering what you may have done wrong in the preparation, some people tend to overlook the fact that the cook themselves is not necessarily aware of subtle (or highly visible) behavior patterns they use in preparing a meal in a particular way to achieve a certain taste, and thus leave out these essential ingredients of the overall cooking process. Some cooks in fact conceal steps in food preparation to intentionally interfere with another person's ability to duplicate their meals, whereby they achieve and maintain a distinctiveness through deceit and concealment of information that is known to them but remains a closely guarded secret.

    Such secrecy is widespread in the baking industry, perfume industry, cosmetic industry, etc., because secrecy is sometimes used to enhance mystique and thus desirability of a product to those who do not customarily use more specialized forms of identifying patterns. This not only includes commercial product secrecy, but also the behavior of the media, politicians and law enforcement when discussing news events, social policies, and law enforcement tactics. Such behavior patterns are not customarily enumerated with respect to recurring behavior patterns of people in these organizations and are thus not termed numerology, but if they were given number labels, you would see recurring patterns that are quiet reminiscent of the thinking patterns used by adolescents in their experimentation with Ouija boards, tarot cards, crystal balls, black magic, Satanism, etc... They conceal such recurring patterns of medieval- like thought by using word labels that help them to deny to the casual observer the opportunity to become suspicious. Yet, there is a drawback to weaving a web of deception that has more profound ramifications for the species than merely individuals or groups in specialized contexts. For example, as politicians seek to maintain a closed society within their so-called profession, they tend to maintain a mindset that does not develop at the same pace as the rest of society, which results in the society becoming aware of recurring patterns that can be identified quantifiably, and require more elaborate forms of disguises such as labeling items as secret, top secret, unavailable, lost, etc... The beginnings of such quantification by the public and media are expressed in such notions as dates, hours, quantity of deaths, dollar amounts, etc..., and will eventually cause a disastrous upheaval between those inside the closed group and those outside the group.

    On the morning of 10-07-02, 5:10 am, I heard 6 rapid knocks in succession, which woke me up. They sounded as if someone (something?) was knocking on a wooden door, but did not repeat, as would be the usual case with someone actually knocking at the door. This is the first time I have ever heard such a series, and the first time I have ever heard such a rapid and loud expression. It is interesting to consider whether such a recurrence of 3-patterned knocks represents:

    1. An individually developed means (instead of using one of the many forms of nightmares available to the human psyche) to stir oneself to a waking stage of consciousness from a deep sleep because biological processes have slowed to life threatening rhythms?

    2. A mental means of attempting to gain entrance to another realm only(?) accessible during particular forms of sleep, or someone/something is knocking on a type of doorway in an attempt to gain access to one's psyche?

    3. An occurrence made possible due to a particular diet?

    As many people are clearly aware of the effects of different foods on how they feel, it is necessary for us to consider that a particular occurrence may be related to something we ate, drank, smelled, or in some fashion came into contact with. In other words, though we may follow a government sponsored regime of nutrition to achieve or maintain some optimal level of health, many of us realize that such a regime may not be best to achieve a "higher" form of consciousness, and that in actuality from a skeptics point of view, such a government regime is merely a form of propaganda to promote the sell of certain food products. While we may be healthy according to present day medical standards if we were to follow a government- recommended dietary regime, such a diet may not be optimal for invigorating the development of a next stage in consciousness.

    As a follow up to the previously mentioned occurrence of 6 rapidly occurring knocks, this event was followed by receiving 6 (spider?) bites, each 3 times the size of a mosquito bite, on the far left (11 inches below the shoulder) portion of my back. Since there was no itching, I did not notice the bites until I felt swelling and severe pain in the adjacent front/side of my left chest and looked into a mirror to get a better view. It felt like someone had punched me in the ribs beneath the left arm, but there were no visible bruise marks. And after this, occurring last night at 6:00 p.m., a drop of fluid (that looked and felt like baby oil), had dropped on the left nose piece of the glasses I was wearing and splashed into the left eye. Search as I might, there was absolutely nothing above me that could account for the drop. If I had been outside I could have said it was caused by the wind.

    Note: 2nd encounter with the mysterious oil drop occurred on 11-12-02, 2:30 PM. This time I was outside walking and the drop hit the right nose piece which splashed into the right eye.

    The two, last of the three "6" events occurred every other week after the 6 knocks occurrence. I mention this three-patterned occurrence of the "6," to give some indication of how a three-patterned event can occur over an extended period of time. While most people would have dismissed the events as being separate, and may not have even been psychically correlated together (in some fashion) by most people, I have not as yet come across a rule-of-thumb that states patterns-of-three must occur at such and such an interval, or else not be a pattern-of-three. In other words, patterns-of-three can occur over long periods of time, even though most people do not make the necessary connections amongst the events. If I had lived several hundred years ago and told a cleric about these three "6" events, (not to mention that three of the bite marks took the shape of a triangle,) it might have been claimed that I had received the infamous mark of the Devil: 666!

    Unusual Threes encounter: 11-01-02, 8:23 am...& I heard 3 sets of 3 heavy footsteps overhead in the loft. It is more like a crawl space for insulation, but it is large enough for a small midget to stand upright, or an alien! And no, it wasn't an overhead plane, passing vehicle, or wind. And no, I wasn't half asleep, on drugs, or imagining the footsteps/stomps. And no, I didn't attempt to crawl up in the crawl space to see what (if anything) was there. I simply attribute it to the "ghost" that seems to have gotten tired of knocking three times and has decided to try a new tactic. I have no idea what is trying to be "communicated" to me. Perhaps it is some sort of Morse code: 3 knocks/stomps -pause- 3 knocks/ stomps -pause- 3 knocks/stomps.

    Entry: 11:18 AM, 09-22-04
    I would like to also make mention of those occurrences of being awakened at night (from a deep sleep) by two or four-patterned knocks. While to some readers this may seem to refute the notion of a "three" occurrence, to others who have experienced the three knocks (or their multiples such as nine knocks), such other-than-three knock occurrences nonetheless influence us to think about the three. It might be that we become somewhat desensitized to a frequent occurrence of three knocks (to an extent that we are not particularly aroused from a deep slumber because of), whereby an alternative pattern of knocking elicits a similar form of awareness concerning the "three."

    Upon mentioning that there are numerous patterns-of-three which occur to me beyond the minuscule amount that are noted here, let the reader be aware that I have been keeping a "3s list" of experiences which have not been included in any of the web pages. However, it too contains only a small portion of the very many threes occurrences which I have taken notice of from time to time. As far as I can tell I will one day expire, thus leaving the Threes research available to those that may make it available to future researchers.

    I am providing the following as a story connected with my activities as a care-giver for an elderly (78 year old) man who had been diagnosed (using the Global Deterioration Scale) as having Senile Dementia:

    23 days after he had passed away, 3 family members (had come from another State with his father and mother, all of whom have a first name beginning with a "B" and a last name beginning with an "H"... while my first name begins with an "H" and my last name begins with a "B"). His teenaged grandson said he had seen some tall person in the early morning hours in the yard of his grandfather's. He said he honked the horn of the pickup they had come in and the person left. Both his mother and I remarked we didn't hear the horn and I added that I did not hear anything, though I was sleeping in a small motor home in the front/side yard. This event occurred on a Sunday. (Please note that I have/had witnessed numerous "threes" involving not only the grandfather, but his son as well. One of which, on our first meeting, the son wore a baseball cap with the three lines indicating the Monster® beverage.) The three family members left for a hotel in a nearby city (where other family members were), since the wife had taken vacation time from her job and the son's birthday was just a few days away. The father said his wife wanted to leave and not return till Thursday. She had been particularly upset that the grandfather had not lived to accompany his son back to their home where they had prepared a place for him to live out his days.

    The following Monday morning I heard three faint knocks/taps inside what appeared to be (aroused from slumber), the left side of my head. The time was 1:11 AM. I made a record of it and then returned to sleep since I have frequently been awakened by "three knock occurrences" and thought nothing strange about it. At 2:22 AM I was awakened by three more knocks (which were more distinct), this time appearing to occur on the right side of my head. I recorded it too and returned to sleep. I then heard three louder knocks and noticed the time to be 3:33 AM. After which I shortly arose and got dressed. I then looked outside the Motor home door to witness the back porch light on. This was unusual because I never leave it on. I then went to turn it off and found various lights on it the house along with the living room and kitchen fans on. These are things that the grandfather would do, almost on a daily basis, and I would turn them off. Indeed, I found it perplexing, but considered that his ghost must have returned... for whatever reason.

    On Tuesday morning (the 3rd day of the week), I awoke to find someone in the yard. The grandfather's dog (which I have now inherited with the OK of the son), walked slowly to the figure whose features could not readily be made out. But the dog would not go to the figure who had somewhat knelt down (just as the grandfather used to do), and instead returned to my side. The figure then stood up, raised a hand/arm over their head (as one would do to either say hello or goodbye), and then walked out the gate to go down (or if you prefer, "up")the road in the direction he had said he had seen his deceased mother and wife had done prior to his own death. However, it must be understood that the figure walked through a locked gate.

    I am not giving out any family details because at this time, the family has not had a funeral and I would not want anyone to impose upon their privacy. Again, let me emphasize I am telling this as a reconstructed story, at 9:00 AM on the same 3rd day on which the setting takes place. It must also be noted, though you might want to claim that not only the grandfather but I too have dementia, the grandfather had claimed to see his wife and mother several times in the house. While I did not see anyone, I got the hint of some inexplicable "presence." I realize this "hint" isn't scientific proof, but it's all I have to offer. You can either believe my telling as fiction or fact.

    Your Questions, Comments or Additional Information are welcomed:
    Herb O. Buckland