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Philosophical discussions concerning criminals necessarily, at one juncture or another, invariably reach a point of making comparisons between what is viewed as normal for one's time and place in history, and what is viewed as non-normal, though such labels as abnormal, sub-normal, criminal, insane, psychotic, socio-pathic and the like may be used. With this said, let us venture a little further into the realm of Homo-Reptilicus Criminalensis:

Within the parameters of a threesological discussions of criminals, let us define three extremely general kinds of criminal distinctions though these typed models may overlap given particular contexts, conditions, and circumstances which act as a triggering mechanism; frequently involving some response that may or may not be a concealed emotion heightened to a point of impulsiveness "articulated" in the form of a criminal act whether defined as a mere social impropriety or felonious behavior. The following three categories are presented in a hierarchical fashion just as are criminal types organized by criminals themselves within a prison setting, and so does so-called normal society with respect to individuals within a given organization and organizations amongst themselves and other institutions; with, believe it or not, people letting collections of politicians organize and direct social matters requiring a far greater knowledge base than many of them exhibit, much less comprehend... even when suitable information is provided from one or more sources:

Full Time criminal (7K)

  1. Full Time (career) criminals typically involving crimes against one or more specific individuals (with respect to the context of a particular crime). The "I'll be back" monogram could just as well read "I'm Always Nearby". In business terms, it is a product-specific UPC code.

  2. PTcriminal (5K) Part-Time criminals typically involving occurrences at a particular (or type of) company, store, organization, institution, etc., setting, but no specific person may be targeted for a crime. The "See You Later" inscription could also read "Maybe Next Time". In business terms, it is a quality control expiration date.

  3. OTcriminal (4K) "One"-Time criminals (or indistinctly occurring criminal act intervals) related to intermittently recurring events brought on by perceived loss, perceived deprivation, or other negatively defined perceptions of personal worth wether measured by property, position, or pecuniary gain. The "An Innocent Mistake" is quite often a forgivable minor footnote in a person's life representing a "I'll Never Again" personal directive. In business terms, it is a salvageable, worthwhile and beneficial product not to be discarded or devalued simply because of a slightly mussed label.

And of course, the reader might very well want to refine the above list, but it nonetheless serves as a point of marking this particular mile where we can stop for a moment to remove any pebbles that may have crept into one of our shoes in our sojourn thus far. Once you've caught your breath, it's time to clench your walking stick and put one foot in front of the other... cause here we go again.

The accompanying images of hominid-like reptiles are playful representations of the three "model" criminal types when all its disguises are removed and placed into the light of day. (Whereas many are familiar with the usage of the prison phrase to call someone "A model Prisoner", or the social phrase in which a person may be described as "A model citizen"; from a threesological perspective it is not inappropriate that we also use it to distinguish "A model Criminal".) While it is not difficult for most to recognize the "criminal" aspect of someone committing a misdemeanor such as running a stop sign or red traffic light, it is difficult for some to imagine such a person as a "true" criminal with any "typical" criminal tendencies. Though we may call such acts stupid, irresponsible or social blunders, most of us would not typically define the person (such as ourselves), as a reptilian-like hominid... though all of us have a genetically linked heritage to the distant reptilian- creature called Homo-Reptilicus Criminalensis. Hence in my attempt to describe a "One" time criminal, the word "one" might very well be an acronym for "Ordinary Nonsense Expected".

The "one" might also be viewed as an abbreviated derivative of different words such as lonely, baloney, or only, to give but three examples; with each representing a different state of "mind" (or heart or soul) of a person at a particular moment. For example, the misdemeanor was committed:

  • By a person experiencing some degree of self-absorbed devaluation that causes them to act as a lone wolf or recluse to some nook of loneliness. Many a police officer has encountered people who are emotionally, mentally and/or physically distraught.

  • By a person irritated, angry, or outright mad as a disrupted hornets nest, because they interpret a situation or person as treating them (their views, way of life, etc.) with disdainfully contemptuous nonsense (baloney), though their means of expression may involve that which no keyboard has a symbol for.

  • By a person that, for whatever reason, responds to the context of a singular (only) occurrence like an imitating, curious, or hungry child sitting in a grocery cart next to a reachable produce display (just like the authority-parental figures are doing), toy shelf (like other kids are doing, they also want to see), or check-out stand candy display (mommy took a magazine).

Most of us come to acknowledge that kids take "stuff" off shelves, unknowingly place items in a grocery cart or may even unwrap packages when a parent is otherwise distracted, though we don't characteristically define the child as a criminal, reptilian-like or otherwise... and we don't ask them to "explain their actions". Adults however, are expected to be devoid of such "childish" behavior, even though several of us are aware that our behavior in some situations is "child-like" brought on because of a learned absent-mindedness, creatively induced eccentricity, or the mental layers of activity corresponding to an above average I.Q. predisposed to working on esoteric problem-solving techniques... each having its own "zone"-related digressions... like a person's mind having a mind having a mind. As a matter-of-fact, we might say we have three minds in one when we consider our brain with its three developmental layers (reptilian- limbic- cortex) surrounded by three membranes (pia mater- dura mater- arachnoid process.)

On a personal note, I chuckle to myself while reviewing those teenage moments in which people wondered what drug I was on because my "other-worldly" gaze was so very often misinterpreted as a "High", though I do recall one person commenting that I was high on life. One such instance in particular is when I was approached by an adult male near a neighborhood park and asked if I was all right, having been observed slumped over on the seat of a park table bench. No doubt his intention was to sincerely offer some assistance, but I was quite aware that he was just another person who was misinterpreting my "deep in thought"— distracted behavior.

I calmly explained to him that I was thinking about an equation to explain the mathematical relationship between electro-magneticism and gravity, and openly wondered if he thought there was a connection (since he wanted to help me in my time of perceived need). He was visibly taken aback and fumbled out a (three-part) expression to the effect that "there must be" (a connection). I then returned to my "the thinker" pose and he left. I was thirteen or fourteen at the time. And although I did write down some equation (in word form), for the life of me I can't remember where it is in of the many old journals I have. I wrote something down (which may be nothing more than adolescent gibberish in a mental note form), and then went on thinking about some bio-electric experiment I was playing around with. If only I had had access to a good laboratory at the time. Oh what an idiot society we have.

There are so many young people whose natural inclinations are directed towards sustained discovery for the sake of enhanced knowledge and understanding, yet there are no legislated laws exhibiting an acknowledged appreciation nor wisdom to this effect. So many are lost to the stupid vagaries of business, political and religious interests that produce conflict after conflict after conflict on varying exercised levels. What a disgusting testament to our present level of intelligent ignorance that is perpetuated century after century after century. Though such nonsense ends for those who pass away, it continues for the living.

Using a further "in business terms" analogy, although laws make it more difficult for some criminals to effect their interests byway of mandated laws requiring product labeling, criminals as individuals, like many companies, (including educational institutions, religious congregations and political organizations), engage in deceptive forms of packaging and advertising. However, the above reptilian-looking creatures are human criminals seen without their suits, without uniforms, without everyday clothes, without wigs, mustaches, sunglasses, without tattoos, without good ole- boy or good ole- girl expressions, without social position, without pro or anti-government protest signs or journalistic commentary, without big business, or religion focused ideology, without makeup, cologne/perfume, masks, language accents, work-place jargon, education certificates, curriculum vitae, war medals, work history resume, jokes, vehicles, awards, pictures taken with celebrities, houses, sports records or trophies, business associations, employment position, knowledge of slang, acting prowess, knowledge of or activity in a sport, religious garments, medallions, jewelry, hair style, etc... in short, by removing all the items of camouflage and adaptation to the environment in which it preys.

Put any person in a situation where survival calls for the removal of one's humanity and you may very well witness their level of undisclosed criminal- nature. But,... each person's reptilian nature is context dependent. Those they are or are not with, under this or that circumstance, all have a determinant factor in one's level of expressed survival instinct, whether or not it is defined as a crime.

  1. For example, under extreme circumstances of starvation, adults may engage in the killing of their own child in order to live, as was practiced in some areas of Europe during World War II.

  2. In early France for example, it was widely known that some mothers would intentionally "roll over" onto an infant causing it to suffocate, because they did not have the means to keep the child alive. In their own way, they felt they were being magnanimous to the child.

  3. For a third example, it is known that some cultures have engaged in the practice of killing female infants because a male child was preferable to assisting the family in acquiring its daily needs, if not social standing.

Such situations as expressed in these examples were not defined as acts of murder, if only because they were widely practiced. Whereas those that are well fed may express the opinion they would never engage in such an activity, they might very well sing a different tune if their hunger persisted for long periods of time with little or nor relief in sight.

The killing of countless numbers of individuals practicing a Judaic belief in WW II was not viewed as a crime by many people, but as an accepted means of dealing with a resource problem. No doubt some politicians of today are mulling over their own brand of "economic problem" options in terms that would also be interpreted as socially acceptable solutions no matter who, how many, or what was dispensed with. The public should not delude itself into thinking otherwise. The "Make Peace, not War" rationale of the 1960's America has now become an invertedly convoluted philosophy of "Making War to forcefully create Peace" by the very same generation who now hold many dominant social positions.

Some social philosophers realize that the "Flower Power Children" of old have in some instances become so immersed in a work ethic of perceived business functionality that became exchanged for the poorly modeled emotional and intellectual aspirations of an earlier idea for obtaining the goal of reaching a higher ideal. In a sort of projected aura of unclaimed realization, they think they can willfully manufacture peace by way of enforcing the world to accede to a "Standard Cultural Perspective" if it adopts some over-valued political philosophy (like present forms of false Communism, Democracy and Socialism), to be equated with an efficient (selectively designed) work-place "Standard Operating Procedure".

No matter how sincere the underlying intent, the fact of the matter remains, it truly is a personally designed delusion of grandeur if they are trying to impose on others the possibility of achieving en mass, what they could not do so individually, because they inherently conjecture that peace for all can only be acquired if all feel and think the same at the same time, day after day, generation after generation, century after century, like the design of a practical commodity created by a form of administrated production line which may very well provide an unrealized witness to a type of modern day, neurotically derived obsessive compulsiveness. It is just as ridiculous to equate peace with an absence of war, with no thought given to an absence of hunger, medical treatment, or lack of adequate housing.

Criminals and criminal acts take many forms. Criminals can be compared to the activities witnessed in reptiles. In our efforts to make distinctions between what we of the present age view as being a criminal and a criminal act, analogies can serve to assist in our understanding, however broad or narrow are blinders are placed. It is not without some contemplatable value that the present considerations being made are in large part derived from the sense that the attributes of the reptilian portion of the human brain plays a role in the behavior of criminals. With the analogy made, it will be easily understood by some readers when I say the criminal mind is from a territorial reptilian survivalist brain. Yet this is not meant to imply that those who can tap into their survivalist brain are necessarily ciminally oriented. There are many who can take advantage of vestigial reptilian instincts and reflexes to assist themselves and others during moments when conditions require such behavior to play a dominant role. Additionally, this does not mean a loss or lack of morality, sensitivity, nor compassion for such individuals, but an exercise in reflexive characteristics that might otherwise be inhibited by contemplative logic or creative reflection, sometimes viewed as the gestation process of creative exploration.

True to their reptilian form, They are cold blooded.

They desire a top down hierarchy. They want to be on top so they can think/feel that they are in control. (They have one foot on the throat of perceived adversaries, or a knife at their back, or some form of gun to their head or the head of a loved one.) One must consider the possibility that the present state of humanity still remains entrenched in a reptilian world since business, government and religion all use a top down hierarchy. There is no true Of-By-For the people structure being practiced. Otherwise, there would be wide-spread referendum voting on all issues in all institutions. As it stands, those few who control the top rungs, want to remain in control, no matter the cost. And each of these institutions has their own brand of threats:

  • Religions use various forms of hell-fire and damnation, Judgement day, as well as enticing apocalyptic beliefs, no matter from what source they are derived. Religions have notoriously been wrong. Their track record of truth-telling is, at best, less than ten percent. Religions prefer non-testable ideas over those that have some means of testability, even if it is only time.

  • Businesses use various "small print" concealments, backroom deals of monopolization, lobbying for political policies favoring their interests which is not always of valuable to the public, and use many other devices so long as they can get away with it.

  • Governments like to use scapegoating tactics to deflect finger-pointing from its role in causing public harm in order to force the people to do its bidding. It will direct others, most often through a monetary incentive, to carry out some event against the public... be it chemical, biological, or some other life-threatening means of destruction. Altering economic policies that will eventually cause public harm is a typical way in which control of a government can be shifted away from one political party to another, whether or not it takes several years to accomplish the task.

Criminals are generally ritualistic, which is a characteristic designed by the territory in which they learn to acquire desired resources. Some are obsessively so, which can help law enforcement in establishing a criminal's characteristic "M.O's," (Modus Operandi- mode of operating).

They express anger, love, sorrow, hunger, thirst, etc., with non-verbal impulsive physical actions to satisfy these needs on an immediate basis, regardless of who may get hurt or what may get damaged, because they are unable to express such on an adequate verbal or written level that they feel satisfied with. Specifically stated, the reptilian brain is non-verbal:

--- Center For Non-verbal Studies ---

We must wonder if the "non-verbal" is in the form of pictures, as has been also described as that by which autistic individuals attempt to make sense of the world. Is this the reason why there are numerous self-expressions of criminals through the medium of gang "signs", drawing such things as tattoos, vehicles ("heavy metal" references), and sketches of medieval themes?... all of which lead many observers to consider that such individuals (both criminals and non-criminals) have a mindset more applicable to an earlier stage of human development. That if given a time machine, they would do well in a past era because their frame of mind is closely linked with the dominant perspective of that time... and place.

However, one must not only speak of the many non-verbal expressions occurring in various professional fields of "normal" society, but once again point out that those in the dominant society also engage in larger verbal/vocabulary interests. Whereas a non-criminal mute person does not use articulated language emitted from their mouths, most offset this with a large functionally used reading vocabulary. There are other compensations that can be derived from the lack of one typical body function, as noted by enhanced hearing skills by blind persons, or sensitivity to others feelings by those who may have frequently had their feelings hurt, but criminals are different in that they will use their abilities to commit crimes.

  • The day to day goal is recurringly focused on refining their predatory skills as a defensive mechanism against real, imagined, or potential threats. They want to hurt as they believe themselves to have already or might be hurt.

  • They remain in a state of hyper-vigilance, always monitoring their surroundings for possible threats, potential prey, and places that they may use as cover in case they may need to hide. (Some are extremely paranoid.)... However, some are vigilant about their hyper state of vigilance and attempt to learn ways to conceal their hyper-vigilance because such behavior, when identified through an acknowledgment of its existence, is easily recognized. Such hyper-vigilant individuals frequently try to escape from the observations of those who recognize hyper-vigilance being used for efforts that might fall under scrutiny. The paranoia of criminals make them hate anyone who analyzes them, because they feel any analysis will provide an insight into some self-defined short-coming that may or may not realistically exist. Extended periods of hyper-vigilance prevents an individual from getting the necessary individualized amount of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep that is needed to remain intellectually, emotionally, and physically stable/healthy.

  • They will impulsively fight, flee, or freeze and will only pretend to be submissive in order to bide their time in order to "set-up" favorable conditions to attack those that they seek to over-power through physical force, intimidation, brow-beating, coercion, trickery, lies (called distortions or exaggerations), "I will protect you" scams, etc... Many will have had some former interaction/relationship with those they come to victimize.

  • They like exhibiting a false "halo" (good person, normal person, good Samaritan) image to conceal their true horns of evil intentions which may not surface until at a later time. It is but one of many different forms of con-game "to gain your confidence" scams that they may attempt to use if the opportunity presents itself, because if they can manipulate you through a con-game, they feel superior to you...particularly if they think that your ego is measured by your own thoughts of thinking yourself to be intelligent. The false "halo" behavior is a predatory ploy to get potential victims to let down their guards and be more amiable to future control.; Many are extremely aggressive in their attempts to convince others to see them in a favorable halo-like light, in order to heighten the power of potential control over one or more others by exhibiting just the opposite at sometime in the future. Such "dual identity" reversals of behavior are sometimes effective at getting control through fear that is sometimes evoked through the circumstances of uncertainty called unpredictability.

  • They are particularly territorial. They may even kill those that are close to them in order to protect their "turf," which may be a single item, a phrase, a gesture, a person, a car, a house, a "rep" (reputation), etc...

  • They like to "ornament" (conceal) themselves in various kinds of "foliage". "Ornamentation" may take many forms such as with clothes "that make a statement," jewelry, extravagant houses, associations with public figures (they like to hide in plain view), reputation, wealth, fancy vehicles, etc... They like to be seen with those whom they feel are important and will contribute to enhancing a lofted image of themselves that they want to project to others.

Hiding in plain sightHiding in Plain Sight

For a man now described as being at the center of one of the most intense missing-person cases in years, Brian D. Mitchell did not exactly try to blend into the scenery. Dan Gorder, a freelance photographer, took a picture of an odd-looking group, dressed in white robes that looked like hospital gowns, at a big outdoor party in downtown Salt Lake City last September (2002), just three months after 14-year old Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped from her home near Salt Lake City. With a veiled Elizabeth and his wife in tow, Mr. Mitchell showed up at a downtown block party, a grocery store, a restaurant, even living for about a week just one block from the Salt Lake City police headquarters, numerous witnesses say.

...And one question being asked is: did the type of "Mormon indoctrination" Elizabeth was subjected to in her family by her father and community, make her more susceptible and malleable towards being psychologically manipulated by (an ex-Mormon's) strange religious views (which had Mormon influences), and this is why it only took a short time for her to identify with the criminals and to deny her own identity... a sort of survival adaptation in the presence of a dominating male figure? Some people wonder if she simply traded one form of religious cult narcotic for another type as a kind of survival mechanism that some social workers would label as resiliency? Other observers consider that Brian Mitchell "persuaded" (brow beat) Elizabeth into substituting her family's and community's Mormanized world view with his version of a Mormanized fantasy world. It is thought that it was due to the close resemblance of his views with those she was taught which hindered her ability to distinguish right from wrong, and thus not try to run away and even deny her own true identity.

In any respect, so many criminal acts are due to various religious types of views which are seen as different types of narcotic "highs"... Perhaps it is necessary to consider that the different religions of the world are different strains (mutations) of a single? triple? (mental?) disease contracted by humanity thousands of years ago, and is accepted/expected as normal and natural because of its widespread occurrence.

See short BBC news article: --- God on the Brain --- by Liz Tucker

Above video photo of trio (Elizabeth, Mitchell and Barzee,) shot by Nanda Sookhai, shows them in Salt Lake City Liberty Park in August 2002. (ABC 4 - KTVX Television). See a photo of the three at a party in Salt Lake City: --- ---

From another perspective of criminals trying to hide out in the open by associating with public figures which sends a clear message to those who want to conduct criminal behavior in Utah, make sure you have fellow reptilian friends in high places:

(A snapshot of Utah justice)

A gang of threeClay Harrison, right, convicted in a real estate scam, parties with Jesse Gallegos of the Board of Pardons and prosecutor Angela Micklos. (Rick Egan/Tribune file photo)

Harrison, who pleaded guilty to securities fraud, misappropriation of funds from trust accounts and breach of fiduciary duty, was sentenced June 13 to 12 years probation for his role in the case.

Gallegos, former deputy director of the Department of Corrections and a law school chum of Harrison's, wrote the court a letter vouching for Harrison's character. "I've known Mr. Harrison since we were in law school together and we remained very good friends," Gallegos said. "I was writing the letter, not as deputy director of the Department of Corrections, but as a personal friend." More than 100 victims, who have lost as much as $50 million in the scam, say Harrison, a former Attorneys Title agent, and people working for him cheated buyers and sellers of homes throughout Utah and the West.

In contrast to Harrison's lenient sentence, Dale McCallister, who worked for Harrison, was convicted of four second-degree felonies, each of which carries a prison term of one to 15 years.

--- Salt Lake Tribune- 07-16-2003 ---

  • They frequently adopt an "I am a victim" (I am innocent) role. They may use this role as an attitude that permits them to justify committing a criminal act, or to do whatever is necessary to get others to believe them whereby they can get one or more accomplices to unwittingly help them in committing some criminal act, whether through direct participation (or indirect participation) such as through providing an alibi for their whereabouts when a crime took place.

  • They are contradictory in their mindset. They think predominantly in patterns-of-two that is commonly referred to as "opposite" or dichotomous thinking such as black/white, rich/poor, strong/weak, my gang/your gang, smart/dumb, etc...

  • They are filled with the fear (anticipation- hope?) of being discovered "any minute now" (either/or for having done something wrong or having done something they consider to be an indication of superiority to others.)

  • One good example of this is the case in which a criminal was always wary of being caught to the extent they inserted a loaded derringer-size 22 caliber pistol up their rectum which became cocked, ready to fire. It had to be surgically removed. In his way of thinking, he would be able to retrieve the gun and use it for an escape upon being caught.

  • They are concerned with the "self":
    a. self-centered
    b. self-procreation
    c. self-preeminence

  • However, this "self," with respect to arms, legs, fingers, etc., will be sacrificed, if the occasion arises to do so, just like some lizards will sacrifice their tail, some snakes (and worms) will break in half, etc., in order to free themselves from capture. This is why law enforcement personnel are taught that criminals will sacrifice an arm, hand, leg, foot, (or a family member, fellow criminal,) etc., if it means they can get away during an officer's attempt to capture them, or they get a chance to escape from incarceration.

  • They "downshift" (a sort of sleepwalking or sleep "hibernation") when responding to life-threatening conditions, thus inhibiting their ability to learn. This "downshifting" can be understood by acknowledging that many physical/ mental/ emotional processes are put on hold when a person experiences uncertain, anxiety producing, or actual threats. They react impulsively to perceived threats which directs their energies to a fight, flight, or freeze mode that is characteristic of the instinctual responses of animals in the wild. It is like a soldier whose energies are so focused and localized that if they become injured in a fight, they may not notice an injury until after they feel safe or are subdued. No less, it is like a hurt or scared child that may not cry or scream until they feel more secure when a parent, older sibling, or perceived authority figure (providing safety) is nearby.

For those interested in reading an article about why a non-threatening environment is needed for learning:

--- Why a Non-Threatening Environment is Important ---

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