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(The Study of Threes)

An abbreviated version of an Icelandic saga explaining why the sea (ocean) remains salty:

A Danish king named Frodi possessed a mill that could grind out anything. The king ordered his slaves to grind out Gold ~ Peace ~ Prosperity. The king would not let them rest so they ground out an army against him. The king was overthrown and the mill was pirated off to sea. The thief ordered the slaves to grind salt, without resting. They ground so much salt that the ship, thief and mill sank to the bottom of the sea.

3 researchers who have worked on the idea of a connection existing between the phenomenon of global flooding and the super-continent cycle: Tom Worsley ~ Damian Nance ~ Judith Moody.

3 events said to occur at 32 million year intervals: Large asteroid impacts ~ Bouts of flood/volcanism ~ Mass extinctions.

In tectonic plate theory, the pacific plate's site can be said to be due to the "fusion" (engulfing) of 3 other plates: Izanagi plate ~ Phoenix plate ~ Kula plate.

when super continents break apart, they have an enormous impact on the volume of water the global oceans can hold. The effect on sea level is on the scale of hundreds of yards, about 3 times larger then the changes wrought by gravity.

3 time periods whose combined numbers exhibit a progression:

3 numbers missing from numerical progression
365 (days in a Year) 2,3,4,5,6,7
24 (hours in a Day)
7 (days of a week)
In some instances you might hear someone say the three numbers 24-7, referring to 7 days a week 24 hours per day.

In the above table, the "365" is 3 numbers, the "24" is 2 numbers, the "7" is 1 number, presenting another order of (reversed) progression: 3~ 2~ 1.

3's in the natural number series:

(Take a look at the 1st letter of the English names of the first ten natural numbers:)

  1. Single occurrence 1st letter: One- Eight- Nine (O-E-N)
  2. Double occurrence 1st letter: Four-Five (F-F)
  3. Triple occurrence 1st letter: Two- Three- Ten (T-T-T)

[5:35 AM 01-15-07, recalled from yesterday when it "flashed, popped, lit up" in my brain as if from out of nowhere. A similar experience occurred so I wrote it down this morning.]

With respect to the 1-2-Many counting sequence of early humans, we can see a repeat of this three-word distinction when we reach the counting limit of ten:

11 (eleven)- 12 (twelve)- 13,14,15,16,17,18,19 ("Many" teens)...this is another item that "popped" into my mind as I took an afternoon walk yesterday [Friday, 01- 19-07].

Various 3's examples:

  • 3 lambs were born to Dolly, the first mammal (sheep) successively cloned from an adult cell.

  • 3 frequently used alternative ornaments for the top of a Christmas tree: Angel ~ Spire ~ Star
  • 3 areas of a Professor's University Mission to acquire Tenure: Teaching ~ Research ~ Service
  • 3 United States Coasts: Gulf coast ~ East coast ~ West coast
  • 3-to-1 common view regarding public buses: You wait ages for one to come along, then three arrive at once.
  • 3 assumptions, underlying the coefficient of correlation: Linearity ~ Normality ~ Homoscedascity
    (These assumptions, or their subset, are shared by most methods of the general linear model of statistics.)

  • 3 piece ~ 2 piece ~ 1 piece bathing suits
  • Game - Set - Match: Tennis

3 small wooden jewelry-size boxes were made by Dr. Mudd. He was one of those indicted for the co-conspiracy to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln, and he is the Dr. who set the broken leg of Booth after he had fled the Theater where Lincoln was shot. (However, the investigation, trial, and subsequent sentencing should be viewed as highly suspect because we have learned, in present day contexts, how innocent people [for example: Oliver North] can be accused and how government involvement [for example: the twin tower murders] is swept under the table.)

3 aspects in the fighting of modern wars: Military~ Politics~ Public perception

3 frequent experiences of those who have arthritis: Inflammation ~ Pain ~ Swelling

At 70 years of age, General Douglas MacArthur was involved in a 3rd major military conflict.
(He testified for 3 days in Congressional hearings after he was dismissed from his command by President Harry S. Truman.)

3-patterned phrase referring to the giving of clothes, etc, to one's younger siblings: Hand- Me- Down.

3 women who received warrants to be tried for witchcraft in early Salem, Mass.: Sarah good~ Sarah Osborne~ Slave Tippita

3-patterned rule-of-thumb placed on a label attached to residential garbage cans in the U.S.: "To move cart":

  1. Grasp handle
  2. Tilt
  3. Push or Pull

3 possible work position categories through temporary services: Temporary ~ Temporary to Permanent ~ Permanent

The Salt Lake City Public Library system offers computers to be used by the general public. In those instances (use the restroom, research, etc.,) that someone must leave the computer terminal, they can "lock" it from being used by anyone else. The "lock" is a password provided by the person. The password must then be verified by way of being re-typed. When the person returns they can unlock the computer by re-typing the password a third time. (year: 2012)

3-to-1 proposal by the U.S. government given to Palestinians and Israelis' (2001):

1 of 3. Cease fire
2 of 3. Cooling-off period
3 of 3. Confidence building measures
1 of 1. The above 3 steps must occur prior to peace negotiations.

3 techniques used by Geophysicists in understanding the Earth:

  1. GPS (Global Positioning System)
  2. Laser Ranging
  3. VLBI (Very Long Baseline Interferometry)

3-to-1 reverse magnetic field theory development: Fred Vine ~ Drummond Matthews ~ Lawrence Morely, had independently discovered the idea of reversed polarization of the Earth's magnetic field... and combined it with Harry Hess' theory.

3 items regularly asked for by the Red Cross during natural weather disasters: Food ~ Clothing ~ Blood.

Note: The Red Cross is continuing to get public and media attention due to false and, some would say, illegal advertizement claims used by different chapter presidents as a means to boost their own personal wealth by acquiring monetary donations. During the 9- 11- 2001 saga, the Red Cross had initially refused to give the money they collected to the survivors as they said they would do... as a pretense for collecting funds in the first place. The Red Cross later said (after a public outcry) that it would give all collected funds to the victims, but there was no unbiased public monitoring of such a transaction to make sure they kept their word. They also threw away lots of donated blood that they knew they could not process and store, because they use the tactic of "giving," as a social mood that persuades others to give money... and this is what the Red Cross is really after. The Red Cross is just another type of Corporate American Criminal that uses suffering to sink its money thirsty fangs into.

3 items frequently said of an army doing without during a prolonged attack: Food ~ Water ~ Ammunition.

3 triangular-shaped natural events: Volcanos ~ Tornadoes ~ Whirlpools (land~ air~ sea)

Assembly instructions and/or contents of a package may come in 1 language ~ 2 languages ~ Many languages

3-patterned military colloquialism: If you can't out talk em' ~ You out guess em' (If you can't out guess em) ~ You out rank em'

3-patterned colloquialism referring to having the right to do as one chooses: Over 21 ~ Foot-loose ~ (and) Fancy free

A similar three-patterned reference is: Free, White, and 21 (years of age)

3 "temperature" variations used as colloquialisms suggesting a person's personality: Hot head~ Warm hands (cold heart)~ Cold feet. ("Warm hands" is frequently combined with "cold feet.")

3-patterned "package deal" sometimes offered by portrait photographers in America:

  1. 8" X 10" portrait size
  2. 5" X 7" portrait size
  3. Wallet size (frequently offered in the following quantities: 1 ~ 2 ~ Many.)

3 categories of trees: Fruit trees ~ Shade trees ~ Decorative trees
...Metaphorically speaking, we can say that some "threes" bear fruit, others provide a comforting "shade" for some perspectives, and still others are decorative.

  • 3-character WMI (World Manufacturer's Identification) is included with those vehicles having a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

  • VIN sequences repeat every 30 years in an attempt to insure two (or more) vehicles won't have the same number.

  • 3 characters that are seldom (or never) used in the VIN are the letters 1 ~ Q~ O, because of their similarity to the numbers 1 (one), 2, and 0 (zero), where confusion can arise. (The "Q" has been used by some vehicles manufactured by Oskosh.)

3 color references to small books of specific information: Blue book (vehicle pricing guide) ~ Black book (addresses) ~ Red book (diary)

3 forward gears and 1 reverse gear was in common usage on automobiles in 1894

3 types of cars have been built and considered for commercial usage: Steam cars ~ Gasoline cars ~ Electric cars

The first commercially successful automobile in the world, built in 1885 by Karl Benz, was a motorized tricycle that traveled at 10 miles per hour.

In 1865, the British Parliament passed the Locomotives (Red Flag) Act. Steam engines were to have a crew of three, one of whom was to walk in front of the carriage waving a red flag to warn on-coming travelers of the "dangerous" vehicle that was approaching.

3 placements of vehicle engines: Front engine ~ Mid engine ~ Rear engine

***In 1899, Henry Ford set up his own Detroit Automobile Company, saying: "I will build a car for the great multitude:

  1. It will be constructed of the best materials...
  2. After the simplest designs...
  3. But it will be so low in price that no man making a good salary will be unable to own one and enjoy with his family the blessing of hours of pleasure in God's great open spaces."

[The comment "making a good salary" meant that the automobile was initially ear-marked for an elitist clientele. Some readers might argue that the word "salary" in Henry Ford's day referred to everyone's wage and not merely managerial staff as is often cited in todays' comments about different earnings scales.]

3 companies by Henry Ford:

  1. After building 20 cars, Henry Ford's first company collapsed.
  2. In 1901, his second company, named the Henry Ford Company, was taken over by his partner Henry Leland, and was re-named Cadillac.
  3. In 1903, financed by businessmen, Henry Ford set up his third company, which is still in business to this day.

3-numbered "999", built by Henry Ford, was the most successful American racing car of its age (early 20th century).

3 steps in the thinking of those attempting to determine what influences Talent ~ Giftedness ~ Genius:

  1. 1st- Inborn traits only
  2. 2nd- {Inborn traits} or Environment
  3. 3rd- Combinations

3 types of collisions occur at every crash:

  1. The vehicle against another object.
  2. The person against the inside of the vehicle.
  3. The organs inside the person's body.

3 main types of air-conditioning systems: All air ~ All water/liquid ~ Combination)

3 main types of acid manufactured and used in Industry: Sulfuric ~ Nitric ~ Hydrochloric

3 main types of tractors in common use today (2004):

  1. Row crop (30-45 hp)
  2. General purpose (50-100 hp)
  3. Four-wheel drive (70-200 hp)

3 types of plow: Fixed plow ~ Reversible plow ~ Disc plow

3 basic categories of aircraft:

  1. Aerostats (lighter-than-air craft such as balloons or blimps)
  2. Gliders
  3. Rotorcraft (helicopters & autogiros) {these may have 1~ 2~ or 3 engines)

3 main controls of helicopters: Collective pitch lever ~ Cyclic pitch lever ~ Tail rotor pedals

3 main controls of airplanes: Ailerons (roll) ~ Elevators (pitch) ~ Rudder (yaw)

3 basic types of ammeter: Moving coil ~ Moving iron (or moving magnet) ~ Digital

3 types of ammunition load: Fixed ~ Semi-fixed ~ Kept & loaded separately

3 part joke: Who are the easiest people to treat medically?

  1. Some say Electricians, because everything is color-coded
  2. Others say Engineers, because everything is number-coded
  3. But the consensus is that Politicians are, because their rectum and mouth are inter-changeable

3 performance characteristics of swimming: Speed~ Acceleration~ Endurance

3-patterned characteristic found on many U.S. license plates:

Vehicle license plate

It is common for a U.S. vehicle license plate to have 3 numbers and 3 letters that may or may not be separated by an empty space or emblem that is characteristic of a particular state such as the Sun, depicted on New Mexico plates. However, there are variations as to the quantity and placement of numbers with letters. There also is a common occurrence of using three decals to indicate that a vehicle is currently registered, which means it has passed 3 tests: 1. Emissions inspection ~ 2. Safety inspection ~ 3. Taxes. However, this usage of 3 stickers has been superceded by a single sticker indicating the vehicle is registered to be driven for another year.

3 IN 1 rear vehicle light set-up:

  1. Running lights for night and inclement weather driving.
  2. Stop lights.
  3. Backup lights.

3 TO l ratio of rear vehicle light set-up:

  1. 1 of 3. Running lights for night and inclement weather driving.
  2. 2 of 3. Stop lights.
  3. 3 of 3. Backup lights.
  4. 1 of 1. Turn signals.

  • 3-to-1 ratio of motorcycle shifting: 1 down 3 up
  • 3-carbon (radioactive) chemical called phosphoglyceric acid (PGA) appears in the alga.
  • 3 main food crops for humans and domestic livestock: Wheat ~ Oats ~ Barley
  • Triangular-shaped seed cones are developed by gymnosperm plants

3 types of hardware are required for a basic home computer network:

  1. Network interface cards (NICs)
  2. Unshielded twisted pair Category 5 cabling (Cat 5)
  3. Network hub

  • 3 specialized animal water "gear": Flippers (seals) ~ Wingflaps (penguins) ~ Webbed feet (ducks)
  • 3 commonly referenced "long" animal body parts: Long-necked Giraffe ~ Long-trunked Elephant ~ Long-tailed Monkey (There are other animals with long appendages such as an anteater's tongue)
  • 3 common automotive seat coverings: Vinyl ~ Cloth ~ Leather

3 accessory coverings sometimes used on top of seat covers used in vehicles:

  1. Blanket/towel, etc...
  2. After-market seat cover promoted as being just as good or better than the original
  3. Various types of cushions (with beads, springs, special mesh, etc...) promoted as enhancing comfort

3 lettered Acronyms:

FDA suggests an RDA for those in the USA

(Federal Drug Administration) suggests a ( Recommended Daily Allowance) of particular vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, for those living in the (United States of America).

  • 3 drug (pill) proportions: Whole ~ Half ~ Thirds (Pills can be dispensed whole, broken in half, or broken into thirds.)
  • 3 common household cleaners: Bleach~ Ammonia~ Pine scented
  • 3 is the estimated number of per capita electronic circuits in the United States in 1965.
  • 3 common scents found in cleaning solutions: Orange~ Lemon~ Pine
  • 3 common medicinal liquids: Rubbing alcohol~ Witch Hazel~ Hydrogen peroxide
  • 3-patterned reference to local delivery semi-truck/trailer driving: Drop ~ Hook ~ Local
  • 3 means to fix the U.S. Social Security System: Increase taxes ~ Reduce benefits ~ Increase Investment Returns.

3-martini lunch is a popularly expressed image (amongst the upper middle class) for the misuse of expense accounts suggesting an expensive fancy meal.

3 items about the Federal budget that politicians try to persuade journalists from believing that such actions do not occur when politicians want more money for programs after they have unwisely spent most of the money in the Federal budget:

  1. They do not DIP into the funds of other programs.
  2. They do not RAID the funds of other programs.
  3. They do not DRAIN the funds of other programs.

Politicians don't have to resort to such methods which would require enormous efforts to justify their actions, because it is easier to instigate a military conflict and achieve the same effect, with no one questioning their actions.

  • 3 item references to bare minimum feet protection: Sandals ~ Flip Flops (shower shoes) ~ Thongs
  • 3 most popular types of tweeters (speakers): Cones ~ Domes ~ Horns
  • 3 types of horns used for ancient military signaling: Buccina ~ Cornu ~ Tuba
  • 3 colloquial references to ignorant Southern whites in America: Redneck ~ Hillbilly ~ Hic (sometimes spelled "Hick")
  • 3 colloquial references to ignorant Southern blacks in America: Nigger~ Tar baby~ Jungle bunny
  • 3 common (pre-1960's) references to U.S. Blacks: Nigger ~ Blackie/colored/Tar baby ~ Jigaboo
  • 3 common (post-1960's) references to U.S. Blacks: Negro ~ Afro-American ~ Soul brother/sister

(Different parts of the U.S. had/have their favorite expressions, just as we can find various references to white people by blacks, such as Honkie ~ Soda Cracka ~ Whitie, (pepper versus) salt, etc... Other names were used more menacingly such as black trash, white trash, etc., though context of usage would permit any label to be used perjoratively instead of as a commonly accepted reference of description to one's skin color.)

3 situations in which firefighters find themselves operating at bomb incidents and each one requires us to react differently:

  1. In response to an explosion, fire and (structural) collapse, we discover it is the result of a bomb (and not due to some accidental explosion).

  2. A circumstance in which we discover an unexploded bomb, grenade or storage of explosives after a fire has been extinguished.

  3. A situation in which the fire service is called by police to prepare for a possible fire or collapse caused by an explosion.

3 types of explosives are used in bombs: Dynamite ~ Black powder ~ Blasting agents.

Information on firefighters and explosives was adapted from:

--- Collapse Search and Rescue Plan ---

The U.S. Army primarily uses three types of incineration devices in disposing of explosive- related materials: Rotary kiln incinerator~ Deactivation furnace~ Contaminated waste processor.

Most conveyor sortation systems have order selection modules. A conventional three-level-high module can have one, two or three exit conveyors, depending on (a) throughput requirements, (b) product separation requirements and (c) cost. Less than three exit conveyors results in a serpentine conveyor that links multiple levels.

3 primary types of accumulation conveyors to convey product from selection to merge:

  1. Wheel accumulation
  2. Indexing belt
  3. Roller accumulation

3 types of high-speed induction:

  1. Single-line induct
  2. Multiple-line induct
  3. Combination of servo-meter belts with single-line induction.

Information on conveyor systems was adapted from:

--- Conveyor Basics ---

3 types of Mechanical slaughter of chickens by Muslims:

  1. Chickens are transported to the place of slaughter through a conveyer belt and are manually slaughtered.

  2. Chickens are transported by means of the conveyer belt to the mechanical slaughter blade.

  3. The chickens are transported by means of the conveyer belt to many slaughter blades and every blade is controlled separately by a Muslim who recites the name of Allah upon effecting the mechanical slaughter.

Information was adapted from:

--- Fatwa Mechanical Slaughter ---

3 general types of bowling balls:

  1. Plastic balls- Typically used by beginners, they are usually used in a "straight shot".

  2. Urethane balls- are made from polyurethane, a form of plastic, which generates a varying amount of friction with the lane, depending on the ball. These balls are used by people who like to throw a hook, or curve ball.

  3. Reactive resin- is relatively new, with designs still evolving. Like urethane balls, reactive resin balls are typically used in curve & hook shots. However, these balls seemingly explode (the bowling pins) upon hitting the rack (triangularly aligned pins), which makes them favorites among more experienced bowlers, whose lively-hood may depend on the equipment they use.

Information on bowling ball types was adapted from:

--- Bowling Equipment ---

3 to 1 ratio of the so-called four general types of silicon photovoltaic cells:

  1. (1 of 3) Single-crystal silicon
  2. (2 of 3) Polycrystal silicon (also known as multicrystal silicon)
  3. (3 of 3) Ribbon silicon
  4. (1 of 1) Amorphous silicon (abbreviated as "aSi," also known as thin film silicon).

{The first three types of silicon used for photovoltaic cells have a distinct crystal structure. Amorphous silicon has no such structure.}

Information on photovoltaic systems was adapted from:

--- Photovolatic Systems ---

3 basic types of childcare:

  1. Childcare centers- A childcare center provides care for groups of children by a staff of caregivers. The staff have some type of early childhood education training. Centers are generally licensed by the State and more centers are earning accreditation through the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

  2. Childcare homes- A childcare home provides care for a small group of children in the caregiver's home. These homes are registered or licensed in most States. More and more homes are becoming accredited by the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC).

  3. Child care in your own home- This type of care takes place in your own home. The caregiver may be a baby-sitter, a professional "nanny" trained to care for young children, a student "au pair" who lives in your home, or another caregiver who has some experience with young children. Parents need to check references carefully.

For more information please go to:

--- Child Care Resources ---

3 major types of pathogens in plant diseases studied by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Molecular Plant Pathology Lab:

  1. Subcellular pathogens (viruses, viral satellites, and viroids).
  2. Prokaryotes (phytoplasmas, spiroplasmas, and walled bacteria).
  3. Eukaryotic pathogens (fungi).

Information adapted from:

--- USDA Molecular Plant Pathology Lab Mission Statement ---

3 types of yeast extract in NZ/Australia: Vegemite, Marmite and Promite. They're basically all the same in that they are all extremely salty tasting.

--- Vegemite Facts ---

3 types of animals colloquially referred to as "dogs": Wolves ~ Wolfdogs ~ Canines

3 major structures determine the shape of a dog: Head ~ Body ~ Legs

--- Information and Facts on the Dog ---

3 primary types of wet pet food:

  1. The "all meat" product- is defined by AAFCO as "When an ingredient or a combination of ingredients derived from animals, poultry, or fish constitute 95% or more of the total weight of all ingredients of a pet food.

  2. The "dinner" product- is defined as "When an ingredient or a combination of ingredients constitutes at least 25% but less than 95% of the total weight of all ingredients of a dog or cat food mixture.

  3. The "flavor" product is- formulated to have a specific flavor, and it is defined as "No flavor designation shall be used on a pet food label unless the flavor is detected by a recognized test method, or is one the presence of which provides a characteristic distinguishable by the pet.

3 examples of diseases that can occur in pet food:

  1. Salmonella bacteria- contaminate 25-50% of meat meals.
  2. Escherichia coli (E Coli)- is another bacteria that can be found in contaminated pet foods.
  3. Aflatoxin-- a toxin that comes from mold or fungi due to the improper drying and storage of crops.

3 problems with a chemical analysis of dog food as opposed to feeding trials:

  1. It does not address the palatability-...
  2. It does not address the digestibility-...
  3. It does not address the biological availability-... of nutrients in pet food. Thus it is unreliable for determining whether a food will provide an animal with sufficient nutrients.

3 items in cat bladders caused by commercial pet food formulas: Plugs ~ Crystals ~ Stones

Information on pet food was adapted from:

--- What Do You Really Know About Dog Food? ---

3 "crude" references on various packages of pet food:

  1. Crude Protein (minimum % listed).
  2. Crude Fat (minimum % listed).
  3. Crude Fiber (Maximum % listed).

3 broad categories of prepared dog foods: Soft/Moist Food ~ Canned Food ~ Dry Food

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