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(The Study of Threes)

3-patterned arrangement of furniture:

sofa and couch plans
--- Sofa and Couch plans ---
3 types of futon frames
--- 3 types of Futon frames ---

Top left: Loveseat
Top right: Bifold
Bottom: Trifold

Sofa and Couch plans URL:
3 types of Futon frames URL:

3-patterned arrangement of Mattresses:

There are some who will look at the size-type of Mattresses most often sold in North America and become bewildered as to why I am saying there are three overall sizes instead of four. I am trying to point out that underlying the words used to describe the different sizes of mattresses is a numerical representation that is similar to very primitive counting systems which used a three-patterned One- Two- Many formula.

The three number references are as follows:

Single (also called twin) = 1
Double (sometimes called twin or full) = 2
Queen/King = Much, Many, Most, etc...

Additionally, in earlier counting systems prior to the development of three number words, there was a point of departure in early human cognitive processes in which there was a point of stoppage at the "2" placement (amongst others) which is brought to mind when the word "full" (meaning complete) is used to describe the double or twin size.

For a discussion on the "1 - 2 -Many" perspective:

--- One "Two" Many ---
One, Two, Many bed types
--- The Foam Shop ---

In other words, while there are a variety of dimensions used in the construction of mattresses, there exists an underlying notion of a 3-part differentiation equal to a small - medium - large formula.

--- The Foam Shop ---

3 types of bed pains

3 group-types of body pains are typically discussed regarding sleeping on poorly designed mattresses:

  • Neck/shoulder pains
  • Back pains
  • Hip/leg pains

--- Mattresses and Box springs ---

3 types of mattresses:

  1. Firm- A firm combination of padding that gives the mattress a firmer feel to the surface.
  2. Plush- A softer combination of padding that gives the mattress a softer, more comforting feel to the surface.
  3. Pillowtop- A softer combination padding of which the top portion is sewn to a separate pillow, then attached to the spring system giving it a "pillow" effect.

3 to 1 ratio of basic sleeping bag shapes:

  1. 1 of 3.

    Rectangular bags – Roomy, square-cut bags more suitable for car camping, not as warm because of excess space.

  2. 2 of 3.

    Mummy bags – Follow the shape of the body, reduces bulk, increases warmth, preferred by backpackers.

  3. 3 of 3.

    Barrel bags – Variation on mummy bag, with rounded portion in middle to permit movement more freely.

  4. 1 of 1.

    Semi-mummy bag – A cross between mummy and rectangular bag.

3 types of outdoor mattresses are in current use:

  1. Air mattresses.
  2. Open cell foam pads.
  3. Closed cell foam pads.

--- Sleeping Out of Doors ---

3 key elements to the padprinting process:

  1. The cliche' step - the image on the cliche' is inked via doktor blade system or ink-cup while the pad travels to the image.

  2. The transfer step - the pad picks up the inked image from the cliche' and travels to the substrate.

  3. The print step - the pad makes contact with the substrate using just the right amount of pressure to deliver the image.

--- The Padprinting Process ---

3 Nations/1 People: Modern day Native American Cherokees.

Triple cocktail treatment used to treat AIDS, also known as highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), consists of 3 drugs:

  1. FDA approved the first drug specifically to combat HIV and AIDS in 1987. Commonly known as AZT (zidovudine), it is in the family of reverse transcriptase inhibitors called nucleoside analogs. Others in this class include (3-lettered abbreviations such as) ddi (didanosine), ddc (zalcitabine), D4T (stavudine), 3TC (lamivudine), and most recently Ziagen (abacavir). In 1997, FDA approved Combivir, a mixture of AZT and 3TC that allows patients to reduce the number of pills needed, which can be upwards of 20 a day for certain drug combinations.

  2. Viramune (nevirapine), the first reverse transcriptase inhibitor in a class called non-nucleoside analogs, was approved in 1996. The following year, FDA approved a related drug, Rescriptor (delavirdine). In 1998, a third drug in this class, Sustiva (efavirenz) was approved.

  3. Protease inhibitors, the last part of the triple cocktail, have only been on the market about three years. FDA approved the first one, Invirase (saquinavir), in late 1995.

--- Attacking AIDS with a Cocktail Therapy ---

3 "types" or "formulations" of gasoline used in the Arizona CBG (Cleaner Burning Gas) program:

  1. Federal Phase 2 RFG, or Federal Phase 2 Reformulated Gasoline - is a basic formulation that is produced in such a way (as regulated by the federal EPA) as to limit the quantity or levels of those compounds and characteristics of gasoline that lead to poor emissions. All Federal Phase 2 RFG must pass the Federal Complex Model for use within a controlled area.

  2. CARB (California Air Resources Board) Phase 2- is a formulation that is currently being used throughout California. It is formulated in such a way as to further limit various parameters of a gasoline blend which leads to a greater emissions reduction from motor vehicles. CARB Phase 2 gasoline is viewed as superior to other types of reformulated gasolines, including Federal Phase 2, and is considered the "cleanest burning" gasoline formulation available to date.

  3. Predictive Model Formulations, or PM gasoline- are very similar to CARB Phase 2 gasoline, but differ in that the refiner is given leeway to deviate from the limits imposed on each compound or characteristic of CARB Phase 2, while the resultant emissions reduction meets the required emission expectations of the California Predictive Model.

--- Arizona Cleaner Burning Gas ---

3 types of spectacles in animals:

  1. A primary spectacle is a modification of the corneal skin to create an unattached covering over the eye. It is found in lampreys.

  2. The secondary spectacle is similar to the primary one, but with a different evolutionary origin. It is formed from skin that had at some point been fused to the cornea and has since separated. It is found in fish that feed in waters where sandy or muddy debris is present and in fish whose bulging eyes would otherwise be an impediment to streamlining.

  3. The tertiary spectacle is an all together separate layer of tissue over a complete eye, formed by the fusion of the eyelids which subsequently become transparent. This most advanced spectacle is found in the snakes and other reptiles as an adaptation to the constantly blowing dust and sand of their desert environment.

The three different types of spectacle are examples of analogies/adaptations that perform the same function, but evolved independently through different evolutionary pathways.

--- How do animals protect their eyes?---

3 general categories of golf-club head bore types:

  1. Blind-Bore- is a deeper penetration that goes to a point about ½" above the sole.

  2. Through-Bore- Through-bore (as in Callaway woods) allows for the shaft to penetrate all of the way through the head.

  3. Standard Bore- Standard bore allows for the shaft to penetrate to a point inside the head just below the base of the hosel.

--- Bore Types in Golfclubs ---

3 types of pollution: Air~ Waste dump~ Surface pollution.

--- Clean Water/Pollution ---

3 basic types of project offices:

  1. The Weather Station- Just like your friendly TV weather person, this project office reports on what is going on overhead, but does not try to influence it.

  2. The Control Tower- Here the folks in the project office give direction to project managers.

  3. The Squadron Commander- In this project office, the SC tells all the PM/pilots when to enter their cockpits and when to take-off.

--- Corporate Project Office Types ---

3 types of energy sources: Fossil fuels ~ Nuclear power ~ "Alternative" energy

--- Energy Generation ---

3 types of hazardous locations according to the National Electrical Code (NEC):

  1. Class I Locations- The first type of hazard is one which is created by the presence of flammable gases or vapors in the air, such as natural gas or gasoline vapor.

  2. Class II Locations- The second type of hazard are those areas made hazardous by the presence of combustible dust.

  3. Class III Locations- The third type is where there are easily-ignitable fibers or flyings present, due to the types of materials being handled, stored, or processed.

--- Hazardous (Classified Locations) ---

Three types of tears:

  1. Basal- This is the everyday type which keep your eye surface clean and moist.
  2. Reflex- This type occurs when your eye is exposed to irritants such as dust or when you cut onions.
  3. Psychogeno- This type occurs in emotional situations, like when you're sad or really happy.

--- Galaxy Kids ---

3 to 1 ratio of fire extinguisher quantities carried on boats:

  1. 1 of 3. All power boats, except outboards, under 26 feet and of open construction must carry one B-I, U. S. Coast Guard approved fire extinguisher.

  2. 2 of 3. All power boats 26 feet to less than 40 feet must carry two B-I (or one B-II) U. S. Coast Guard approved fire extinguishers.

  3. 3 of 3. 40 feet to less than 65 feet must carry three B-I (or one B-II and 1 B-I) U.S. Coast Guard approved fire extinguishers.

  4. 1 of 1. Vessels over 65 feet must comply with Federal Standards.

--- Boating Basics- Fire Extinguishers ---

3 major kinds of off-flavors are associated with dairy ingredients.

  1. The first comes from the environment. An off-flavor can originate from the cow’s feed or plant materials grazed on, such as onion or garlic bulbs. Milk is exposed to the barn’s ambient temperature and odors, and if not cooled quickly and stored properly, putrid off-flavors can result.

  2. The second type of off-flavor results from fat hydrolysis, which occurs when the enzyme lipase activates in raw milk during milking or shipment. Lipase can tear apart the milkfat, releasing butyric acid and other short-chain fatty acids that cause undesirable, rancid flavors.

  3. Finally, off-flavors occur by oxidation, an age- or storage-related problem. Translucent plastic jugs can allow a stale, cardboard-like taste to develop that is sometimes referred to as oxidized or "light-struck." Although oxidized flavors are a form of rancidity, they have a different character than the strong, harsh flavors of lipolytic rancidity. Other factors that can cause off-flavors include microbial growth, the animal’s medications, processing conditions and contamination by substances such as chemical sanitizers. Proper handling, treatment and storage will prevent milk from losing its clean taste. Dairy ingredients and products should be kept in tightly sealed containers and should never be stored near strong-smelling foods.

--- Candies' Shocking Flavor Sensation---

3 different types of Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs):

  1. Bi-Fuel: Bi-Fuel AFVs have two separate gas tanks; e.g, Natural Gas/Gasoline.
  2. Flex-Fuel: Flex-fuel AFVs can fill up with either alternative fuel or gasoline without any modifications to the single fuel tank. Most vehicles that use ethanol are flex-fuel.
  3. Dedicated: Dedicated AFVs use an alternative fuel exclusively.

--- Energy Environment ---

  • 3 ways of dispensing with lawn clippings: Bag it~ Mulch it~ Spread it over a lawn.
  • 3 types of Emissions produced by gasoline engines: Hydrocarbons (HC)~ Nitric oxides (NOx)~ Carbon monoxide (CO).
  • 3 general kinds of lawn mowers: Those you push~ Self-propelled~ Those you ride.
  • 3 types of lawn-mower power: Gasoline ~ Electric ~ Human (push mower)

"One-Third Rule"- A grass-cutting "rule of thumb" that says to cut no more than one-third of the grass blade at each mowing, usually before the grass reaches three inches tall, to help ensure the best possible health of the lawn.

--- Garden Information ---

3 types of taxes on energy when the structure of the Energy Tax System is fully implemented in Denmark:

  1. An energy tax
  2. A CO2 tax
  3. A sulphur tax.

--- Energy Taxes & Subsidies in Denmark ---

3 basic types of chocolates used in candy making: Bitter sweet~ Dark chocolate~ Milk chocolate.

--- Chocolate Types ---

3 types of gasoline instead of 45, has Nevada politicians, air-quality regulators and petroleum trade groups wondering about its potential impacts.

--- "Boutique Blends" of gasoline in Nevada ---

3 unconscious desires according to Harlequin romance Writer Mica Kelch:

  1. To possess something or someone.
  2. To obtain relief from something or someone.
  3. To seek revenge.

3 types of conflict:
  1. To eliminate an opponent (man Vs man).
  2. To overcome an obstacle (man Vs self).
  3. To avert disaster (man Vs nature).

--- Insights from Editors, Agents, Authors ---

3 States--Texas, New York, and Pennsylvania ---where major oil companies have their headquarters, would be credited with over half of the gasoline tax receipts, if Trust Fund contributions were determined using the information on the tax returns.

--- Highway Information Update ---

3 types of vaginal diaphragm: Flat ~ Coil ~ Arcing spring. All three types come in different sizes.

3 types of cervical cap: Vault ~ Cervical ~ Vimule. These also come in different sizes.

--- FPA Diaphragms & Caps ---

3 options in responding to whining kids:

  1. Removal (if in public)
  2. Ignoring (if at home)
  3. Teach that whining will result in an automatic "No."

--- Working Moms Refuge ---

3-patterned colloquial response to a whining child: Cry me a river ~ Build me a bridge ~ And get over it.

3 to 1 ratio of rules seen on some (U.S.) grocery carts accompanied by small illustrations (not shown):

  1. 1 of 3. Don't let child stand up in cart/basket/carrier.
  2. 2 of 3. Don't let child ride on the front of the cart/basket/carrier.
  3. 3 of 3. Don't leave child unattended in the cart/basket/carrier.
  4. 1 of 1. Do place child into the appropriate seat intended for child riders.

3 words used as weapons, tools, (and in some cases, even barter), most often by minorities: Prejudice! ~ Racist! ~ Harassment!

3 items recognized as articles that lead one into or out of a particular path taken: Ball of string ~ Bread crumbs ~ Hankerchief, glove, etc.

  • 3-part commentator sequence of some sporting events in the U.S.: Pre game ~ During game ~ Post game.
  • 3-part physical activity sequence: Warm up ~ Actual physical event ~ Cool down.
  • 3-patterned expression of baseball players: "Being a Gamer."

3 (repeated) label imprint on toy packages found in Cracker Jack boxes:

Due to the small size, Cracker Jack toys not intended for children under 3 years.

3 proposed future alternative fuel examples cited frequently: Hydrogen ~ Methanol ~ Ethanol

3 types of fuel cells that appear to be the most promising:

  1. The Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC)- is the most likely contender for both large and small electric powerplants in the 1 kw and above size.

  2. The Direct Alcohol Fuel Cell (DAFC)- appears to be the most promising as a battery replacement for portable applications such cellular phones and laptop computers.

  3. The Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell (PEFC)- is the most practical if we have a developed hydrogen economy.

    (All of these fuel cells are not in commercial production yet, but several companies worldwide are working on their development.)

Fuel cell types author: Ben I. Wiens

--- Fuel Cells ---

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