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This page is a Continuation from the three initial Hypothesis pages, but it steps to the beat of that which accompanies the drummer, such as a Pied Piper. Nonetheless, here is another perspective of the rate at which the Earth's rotation is slowing which is supplemental to the "Threes Origin Hypothesis" pages:

elliptical path of Sun
We of today see an elliptical (circular-like) rotation.
triangular path of Sun
Impressionable organisms of the past would have been influenced by a triangular-like image.

The illustration on the upper left shows the circular-like (elliptical) path that we humans see today with our present level of perception. The illustration on the upper right shows the triangular path of the Sun (and Moon) that early biological life forms would have "perceived" in the sense of being influenced by for millions of years during biological evolution. It is this image of the triangle that was "branded" on the hide of early impressionable organisms. Further development in perceptual abilities would have made the organisms impressionable to alternative images accompanying the triangle such as the figure "X," figure "8," and the half of an "8" which is an "S," (or "Z") but can also be the number "3."

No less, as the perceptual abilities of humanity are changed, so will its level of impressionability to other biologically influencing geophysical-related impressions that may not be widely recognized as yet by a general audiences, but nonetheless might presently be recognized on various levels in numerous variations by individuals whose consciousness/physiology is subtly "more" (differently) evolved than most people, to which we might assign such labels as sensitivity, perspicacious, intuitive, paranormal, etc... Some people may venture towards seeing a square or diamond figure in the image to the upper right, and have difficulty seeing the individual triangles...a sort of geometric figure blindness that is analogous to certain types of color blindness.

The two celestial sphere images were adapted from:

--- Celestial Sphere ---

Earth body with appendages

It is of some interest to note that what the image on the right displays is a "body" in the middle and the "appendages" (triangular "humps" of the solar and lunar pathways) protruding outwards, just like the arms of a starfish, fingers and toes, etc... If we were to imaginatively place a series of triangles around the Earth as an indication of the overlapping and interconnected triangular images of the solar (and lunar) paths as the Earth revolves, we might view something such as the small image to the immediate right displays. Recall that there is evidence to show that some animal forms did have 8, 7, or 6 fingers, legs, arms, etc... And for some observers, they might see a child's pinwheel that spins when being blown or moved about in the air. Others may see the blades of a fan, propeller, alternator or the teeth of a gear, flywheel, ratchet, clock, etc...

The "earth-body with appendages" image was adapted from the logo on this page:

--- Paleomagnetism ---

Here's some interesting Sun Starfish with multiple "rays":

sunstar1 (49K) sunstar3 (56K)
sunstar4 (37K)
sunstar2 (25K) sunstar5 (32K)


Here's another take on the "triangles" idea called Harmonic Evolution, which describes particular patterns but doesn't actually offer a "source code" hypothesis:

HarmonicE (22K)

Harmonic Evolution is the missing link in Darwin’s Origin of the Species. Recent studies on the mesoscopic structures of water and carbon, together with the latest geometric DNA mapping theories, suggest that life emerges and grows according to predictable harmonic patterns found in organic chemistry, preserving and propagating specific atomic geometries into living organisms.

Based on this and the latest neurophysiological research, a harmonic Gaussian interference model for cellular entrainment is presented to explain the origin of common organic geometries, including cardioid, ellipsoid and spiral primitives, as well as 3-fold exo- and 5-fold endo-skeleton structures. From this, a recursive harmonic Hilbert space is defined for use in evolutionary classification, physiological analysis and organic simulations. Examples are provided, including a step-wise analysis of the human body.

HarmonicE2 (68K)

--- Harmonic Interference Theory ---
by Richard S. Merrick

Precession of the Earth (4K)

Another planetary-effect source of a triangular-like influence can be viewed by placing the precession of the Earth in an accelerated mode which produces an image like that seen to the right:

3 body plans of Earth?:

  1. Radial symmetry- as found in starfish, the octopus, (snowflakes?) and early model airplane radial engines...(For the purpose at hand, let's also view this as mono-symmetry.)

  2. Bilateral symmetry- such as is found in our own human body, with fingers and toes representing a type of vestigial developmental overlap of a radial form?

  3. Trilateral symmetry- such as will be found in the future but has been cropping up in various ideas such as someone with three eyes, brains, having a third leg, etc...?

Note: The image of the "Earth with appendages" has been alternatively described from a geological perspective as a pinwheel, though the points of the pinwheel are viewed as the mountains of Earth, and not the paths of the Sun (or Moon).


If we were to imaginatively view the above Earth image with multiple points as an elongated stick being viewed straight on instead of from another angle as is displayed in the image to the right, some readers may be reminded of an internal combustion engine camshaft. The lobes of a camshaft determine the height, duration and overlap of valve openings which result in different performance "expressions" for different engines. Whether or not we should consider that the design of a camshaft is just an artistic way of indicating how the "lobes" of the sun and moon pathways have influence this image on the psyche of humanity, perhaps other factors should just as well be considered such as overlapping tidal "lobes," overlapping season "lobes," overlapping day and nighttime "lobes," overlapping "lobes" of mating, overlapping maturational development "lobes," etc...

Image source:

--- ---

From another perspective, each position of an individual cam on the shaft could be viewed as a representation of the triaxial-shaped Earth at different points of its elliptical rotation. By displaying an (exaggerated and simplified) view of the Earth's triaxial shape in different directions around an imaginary shaft, the analogy between a revolving triaxial-shaped Earth and camshaft will be more readily understood for those who have difficulty in visualizing a mere printed (word) representation. Not only can we see a similarity, but for me, images of the old aircraft radial engine design come to mind as well as the more "recent" rotary (car) engine design. Perhaps a more Earth/Cosmological- friendly engine design needs to incorporate the triaxial (triangular), elliptical, and linear rotation patterns in a new formula.

Note that in one of my early morning musings, I ventured to see a rather anthropomorphic characterization of the continents. The figure of the human (robot?)-like image that came to mind is included in the image below:

earthcam (2K) rotary engine (8K)
--- Wankel Rotary Compustion Engine ---

Examples of the triangular image:

  • Pyramids
  • Native American Teepees
  • V-shaped engine blocks
  • V-shaped formations of migrating birds
  • Mounds of "higher" termites
  • Fins of various aquatic life forms
  • Bermuda Triangle
  • Polynesian Triangle
  • Triangular Trade Routes
  • Pyramid business schemes
  • Food pyramid (U.S.)
  • Inverted Ant-lion burrows
  • Triangular-related words such as cone, wedge, funnel, 3-legged, etc.,
  • Tripods
  • Christmas tree
  • Steeple pointed arch
  • Spears/arrow/axe heads
  • Bird bill/beak
  • Triangular plant leaves
  • Crystals
  • Pen and Pencil tips
  • X-chromosomes as two triangles attached at the apex of each
  • Cuneiform characters
  • Clothes hangers
  • V-tapered torso
  • Pyramid hairstyles (includes beards and mustaches)
  • Hands positioned for prayer
  • Lamp shades
  • V-shaped foot stance of soldiers at "attention"
  • Paratrooper with open parachute (WWII style)
  • Chevron insignia
  • Flying stealth "wing"
  • Flight formations (planes, jets, birds, UFO's... and some aquatic forms?)
  • Triangular after-image (shadow) of overhead street lights (shut off by the photo-electric cell due to the approach of dawn,) etc...

3/1 relation examples:

  • Unified field theory of 3 fundamental forces as being 1 force.
  • Three persons in 1 god (Christianity).
  • Triple wedding ring on 1 finger.
  • King Tut's coffin is 3 coffins in 1 with innermost as the largest solid gold object in existence.
  • Three synoptic gospels and 1 idiosyncratic gospel.
  • Three (Red blood cells - White blood cells - Platelets) to 1 (Plasma).
  • Musketeers: All (3) for 1 and 1 for all (3).
  • 3 spatial dimensions to 1 purported time dimension.
  • 3 fingers supporting 1 pencil/pen

For other examples of the 3:1 ratio:

--- Three "to" One ratio examples ---

DNA image on top of Earth

Examples of the figure "8"or "X" are:

  • Our concept of infinity is a figure "8" laid on its side.
  • Figure "8" waggle dance of honey bees.
  • Llamas are said to chew in a figure -of- eight pattern
  • Dogs (and other animals) will perform a figure "8" with their head while holding an actual or symbolic prey (shoe, sock, glove, etc.,) in their mouth.
  • Tips of bird and bat wings are said to display an oval or figure "8" path while in flight.
  • Dmitri Mendeleev and John Newland's repetition of chemical properties in a cycle of 8 (lighter) elements.
  • Typical hourglass has a figure 8 design.
  • Figure 8 can be seen when a rope is being turned during a child's "Double-dutch" rope jumping game.
  • The Double helix of the DNA strands give the impression of a figure 8.
  • The Sun makes a figure-8 path during the course of a year.
  • There are 88 official constellations.
  • Our part of the Universe is said to contain at least 1088 particles.
  • (There are references, in ancient traditions, to 888 being the number signifying Jesus).

Tic Toc Theory

Note: Let us not overlook the periodic reversals of the Earth's magnetic field polarity; precession of the Earth's axis; as well as the accelerated passage of the Sun from Solstice through Equinox to Solstice, three "moments" of which I elaborate as Tropic of Cancer (TOC) ~ Tropic Internal Center (TIC) ~ Tropic of Capricorn (TOC).

This TOC - TlC - TOC is quite readily viewed as a child's onomatopoeic expression of a pendulum-styled clock when the Sun-to-Earth relationship is visualized at an accelerated rate, with the Sun as the pendulum weight. (A large brass one always comes to mind.) Thus, I refer to this idea as the Tic-Toc theory. It entails the visualization of the Sun inscribing an X, or figure 8 on the surface/air/water and anything affected by solar irradiation effects.

While we of today know that Solar flares and sunspots cause various changes on Earth, the other characteristics of the Sun as highlighted above, are not particularly well known. As discussed on the solar mythology pages at this site; if in fact that the triangle, patterns-of-three, and the 3 to 1 ratio are symbolic representations of the solar/lunar/earth triad, than it is necessary to monitor changes in this triadic complex, for the intent of understanding when, where, and possibly how biological life may be affected, not only with respect to consciousness, but physiologically and on more fundamental biological avenues such as photosynthesis.


3 general characteristics of Photosynthesis:

  1. Is the conversion of light-energy to chemical-energy via the chloroplasts of eukaryotic cells.
  2. Generates 100 billion metric tons of sugar annually.
  3. Is the process via which energy enters our biosphere.

3 basic steps in photosynthesis:

  1. Light Reactions - energy capture... Chemiosmosis generation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) from harvested sunlight.

  2. Dark Reactions - fixation of carbon... Enzyme catalyzed reactions using the energy formed (ATP) in the light reactions to fix atmospherically derived carbon (CO2) into sugars (CH2O).

  3. Pigment Regeneration - electron replacement... From the splitting of H2O in oxygenic photosynthesis.

--- Photosynthesis ---

3 factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis:

  1. Light intensity- Except for shaded plants, light intensity is not normally a limiting factor for photosynthesis. Very high light intensities may bleach chlorophyll and so retard photosynthesis, but plants that naturally grow in these conditions have evolved protection devices such as thick cuticles and hairy leaves.

  2. Light duration- Photosynthesis is only affected by light duration in that it only occurs during periods of light.

  3. Light wavelength- Not all wavelengths of light are equally effective at powering photosynthesis. The wavelengths that can be used are dependent on the absorption spectrum of the particular pigments used, but a generalized action spectrum for photosynthesis is shown below:

action spectrum for photosynthesis

--- Factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis ---

(Recall that the sunset and sunrise are sometimes (colloquially) described as red, and the daytime is blue.)

3 types of photosynthesis frequently discussed:

  1. C3 photosynthesis used by most "higher" plants.
  2. C4 photosynthesis used by some plants that are adapted to hot and dry environments.
  3. CAM (crassulacean acid metabolism) photosynthesis used by less than 5% of plants (such as cactus).

--- Photosynthesis in C3, C4, and CAM plants ---

C3-photosynthesis is found in all major plant families or in about 300,000 species. Typical C3 plants include: barley, sunflower, rice, tomatoes, wheat, peanuts, cotton, sugar beet, oats, and most trees.

About 3000 species of C4 plants have been recorded from some 18 families of flowering plants. Some C4-plants of economical importance are sugar cane, maize, and sorghum. In general, C4-plants are thought to have evolved under conditions of high temperatures and lower CO2 concentrations (review in Black, 1994) and thus many C4-species are from the tropics. Characteristically, C4-plants have higher rates of photosynthesis than C3-plants. Photosynthesis in C4 plants does not saturate but increases at high light intensities and can continue at very low CO2 concentrations. Subsequently, these plants have rapid growth rates and higher biomass and economic yields than C3-plants.

--- Theory ---

planets in our solar system
  • 3rd planet from the Sun: Earth
  • 3 basic layers to Earth: Crust ~ Mantle ~ Core
  • Triaxial ellipsoid (Egg-shaped): Shape of the Earth.
  • 333,000 times that of the Earth: The Sun's "approximate" Mass

3 to 1 ratio of Earth's basic layers:

  1. 1 of 3: Core
  2. 2 of 3: Mantle
  3. 3 of 3: Crust
  4. 1 of 1: Fluid core (between core and mantle)

3 variations to Earth's rotation:

  1. Secular- Friction from Earth's tidal bulge.
  2. Periodic- Seasonal changes & regular events.
  3. Irregular- Turbulent core/mantle interactions.

3 to 1 ratio view of the Earth's "3rd" position:

  • Mercury ~ Venus ~ Earth: Sun

And if we count from Pluto towards the Earth, we have a 6 to 1 ratio:

  • Pluto ~ Neptune ~ Uranus ~ Saturn ~ Jupiter ~ Mars: Earth

Image of planets adapted from:

--- Skywatching ---

3 (23.5°) measurements of Earth:

  1. The Earth's axis sweeps out a cone of 23.5° half angle in 26,000 years.
  2. Summer solstice from equator.
  3. Winter solstice from equator.

Because so much of life appears to have occurred in the 21 "to" 23 hour rotation rate, let us correlate some other interesting (relevant but divergent) circumstances involving this same numerical spread:

[For those readers who have a difficult time in understanding the relevance, the solstice and equinox are related to the length of day with respect to the Sun/Earth interaction, and it goes without saying that chromosomic "behavior" is part of life. Both of which are relevant to the discussion on this page.]

Another 3-to-1 example can be seen in the dates ascribed to the two solstices and the two equinoxes which, when the Big Dipper's seven stars are viewed and drawn on paper during these times of the year, not only provides us with a celestial origin for the swastika, which can be viewed as four 7's (sevens) attached at their bases, but also gives an indication of how the left (levorotatory) and right-handed (dextrorotatory) turns of the swastika are numerologically correct:

Left turning swastika Right turning swastika

The "Equinox" refers to the position of the Sun when it is closest to the equator and makes the length of day and night the same. The "Solstice" refers to the position of the Sun when it is furthest from the equator. If you look at the dates that the two solstices and the two equinoxes occur, and arrange them in a circular or square-formed four-point type of directions concept as did ancient peoples, you will see that the calendar dates we of today ascribe to these solar occurrences, reveals:

·Twenty ONE
·Twenty TWO
·Twenty THREE

...But instead of a Twenty FOUR, we have another: Twenty TWO. Hence, we have a 3-to-1 ratio whether you count to the right (clockwise) or to the left (counter-clockwise). And for those of you who would argue that the solstices can occur on the day before or the day after the customary 22nd, we still end up with a Three-day possible occurrence consisting of the 21st~ 22nd~ 23rd! However, you may on some occasion find a reference to the Summer Solstice as occurring on June 20th or the Spring Equinox occurring on March 20th. No doubt that by making calculations based on different time zones and calendars, we can come up with different dates to the Solstices and equinoxes. Yet it may be of some value to some readers that I make mention of such an occurrence and acknowledge the presence of these dates as presenting us with a circumstance of a 3 to 1 ratio...that can also be viewed in terms of overlap (as well as interference and/or separation).

1 of 1. Day 20
1 of 3. Day 21
2 of 3. Day 22
3 of 3. Day 23

(During cellular development, 23 chromosomes are supplied by each parent)

As a correlation to the numerically-referenced three-day spread of 21 ~ 22 ~ 23, take a look at the 23 chromosome line-up found in humans:

X and Y Chromosomes

Chromosome pairs 1 through 22 are always found in both males and females. Pair 23 are similar for a female (XX) but different for a male (XY). On occasion, three chromosomes occur in Pair 21 which results in a form of mental retardation generally called Down's syndrome or Mongolism. The thinking that revolved around having a "bad chromosome" had at one time influenced researchers to search for a "bad" gene in criminals. It was considered that a criminal had a "XYY" arrangement, but this view has been discarded with further research findings. However, the point to be made for our present discussion is that these frequent references to chromosomes involve:

  1. The 2l~ (22)~ 23 chromosome area.
  2. The "XYY" at one time proposed as a commonality of criminals is an obvious 3-pattern.
  3. The "X" and "Y" shapes look very much like the stance arrangements of perching birds. Some people might even want to consider this 3rd item as a prime example of cosmic inter-connectedness related to all life forms.

A 3rd "23" reference is the length of a day: 23 hours (56 minutes 4.09 seconds). Some readers may want to react to the presence of these "23" enumerated examples as an exercise in some form of numerically rationalized superficial correlation. However, if we recall that numbers are merely abstract symbols fashioned by humans to reference quantities, qualities, or some imagined quintessence, the occurrence of such a reference collected from different contexts suggests three possibilities:

  1. Due to cultural influences.
  2. Due to a wide-spread similarity of environmental events that are similarly identified.
  3. Due to biological/physiological influences

Separating such items into an ordered list does not preclude overlapping combinations. Nor does it infer that numerous examples of Quantities, Qualities, or some imagined Quintessence are a Quixotic act of Quarrying Quazi-like Queries placed into a Quiver without Quills producing a Queue to Quell the Qualm of a Quizzical Quotient that Quips a Quote (such as this) that is Quarantined to a Quadrant for those above- average intelligent souls who can Quaff without Quarrel, Queasiness, or Quibbling over an alternatively chosen Quest for truth...which is another "23" Que.

In other (non-play on) words, the reference of "23" should not necessarily be read as "Twenty Three," but as a "Two~ Three" symbol of abstraction giving reference to something other than the characteristically assigned numerical value.

The foregoing being said, if we use the math formula that the Earth's rotation slows at a rate of 1 to 3 ms (millionths of a second) every century with the possibility of lower and higher variations occurring from time to time, we identify that humanity was born during the period of time when the Earth's rotation rate entered into its 23rd hour. Humanity, in the sense of hominid development and not pristine biological matter, did not exist in the 22nd hour and it may not live long in the 24th hour if present humanity is a species whose life cycle is only relevant to a particular rate of rotation. It may well be that our present human species (and other species as well) are rotation-rate-specific and a new species will ascend to dominance during the 24 hour rate of rotation.

In an aside reference to the "23," is it coincidental that we find the 23rd Psalm of the Old Testament to be the best known?:

  1. - The Lord is my shepard; I shall not want.
  2. - He maketh me to lie down in green pastures;
  3. - He leadeth me beside the still waters,
  4. - He restoreth my soul;
  5. - He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
  6. - Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
  7. - I will fear no evil;
  8. - For thou art with me;
  9. - Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.
  10. - Thou preparest a table for me in the presence of mine enemies;
  11. - (1 and 1)- Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
  12. - (1 and 2)- Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life:
  13. - (1 and 3)- And I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

The many references to the number "13" as being bad, good, or neutral may lay in the presence of the 1 and 3 being associated together as a symbolic representation of a subtle impression on the human psyche related to the environmental 3 to 1 ratio "fusion" event previously mentioned on this page. Why the "13" has acquired such a wide-spread attention and not 31, 130, 310, etc., may be due to the antiquated age of initial appearance where basic number skills of the general public were at a very elementary level and the usage of numbers on a day to day basis by most people was negligible when compared to today.

3 planets spin backward (retrograde), east to west instead of west to east (the idea of a containment field comes to mind):

Venus ~ Mercury ~ Pluto

3 "M" planets: Mercury - Moon - Mars (The MilkyWay is a collection.)

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