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3-patterned phrase used on a road sign which may use 1, 2, or 3 accompanying flags: (A sign without any flags would make this 1-2-3 arrangement into a 3 to 1 ratio example.) A sign may alternatively display: Caution Road Work.

roadsign with one flag (3K) roadsign with two flags (4K) roadsign with three flags (3K)

  • 3 shots were fired as the Lewis and Clark Expedition team approached the first American settlement on their return trip, as recorded by John Ordway.
  • 300 dollars was the price paid to John Ordway by Lewis and Clark, for his journals.
  • 33 members (and 1 dog) were part of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

--- Lewis and Clark- Inside the Corps ---

3 early American historical figures of legendary proportions:

  1. Davy Crockett (frontiersman)
  2. Daniel Boone (frontiersman)
  3. James Bowie (frontiersman)

3-person identification some adult children express about a parent:

  • Father- Brother- Friend
  • Mother- Sister- Friend

  • 3% of Earth's water is fresh, the rest is salty.
  • 3 minutes is said to be the limit in which a person can survive in the arctic ocean.
  • 3 days to cancel a contract is a common law in may US States.
  • 3 cuts made when cutting a tree down: 2 notch cuts and 1 hinge cut.
  • Single, double, triple digit temperature ranges are customary in our day and age. (The temperature of any given day is not four digits long either hot nor cold.)
  • Three types of Nuptial: Prenuptial- Nuptial- Post-nuptial
  • 3:30 AM, 11 November 2004, is when the Palestinian leader Yassar Arafat is said to have died in a Paris hospital.
  • 3 typical alternative additions to naturally unsweetened foods: Sugar - Honey - Artificial Sweetener
  • 3-part slogan of a drug free program: Be healthy. Be happy. Be drug free.
  • 3 long "beeps" are used by the U.S. National weather service after it has made a public television announcement about a weather condition that the public should be aware of.
  • 3, 2, or 1 pipe(s) used for removing maple syrup from maple trees.
  • 3 ways a mailing advertisement might be addressed: Current Resident- Occupant- The person's/family's correct name.
  • Three common facial "marks": Freckles- Moles- Pimples
  • 3-corner, 3-sided, 3-grip: different references to the proper usage of a pipe wrench.
  • 3 step life journey of many people: Single - Engaged - Married
  • 3 (ancient Egyptian) books of the Dead are said to have existed.
  • 3, 2, or 1 clasping (lock) "buckles" can be found on tool boxes, fishing tackle boxes, sewing kits, etc...
  • 3 initial hits prior to setup (slam) after the ball is served in volleyball.

3 days after the 2004 Athens Olympic medals ceremony for the men's all-around gymnastics competition, Yang Tae Young of the South Korean team was declared the actual winner due to faulty scoring, and Paul Hamm (U.S.) was declared the silver medalist. 3 Judges were suspended for the faulty scoring of the all-around gymnastics competition.

3 categories of homemade/handmade advertising signs sometimes seen on telephone poles, light posts, fences, etc...:

  1. Lost pet wanted- typically cat or dog.
  2. Lost person wanted- child, handicapped person, elderly individual.
  3. New customers wanted- (for) insurance, handyman/computer repair, yard work, weight loss program, work-at-home, I purchase homes schemes, etc...

3 categories of air purifiers:

  1. Forced air filtration systems.
  2. Electrostatic filter systems.
  3. Electric spark ozone air purifiers.

3 commonly acknowledged different types of social "stroking":

  1. Pat on the back (Typically refers to an agreeable accomplishment [child or adult].)
  2. Slap in the face (Typically refers to a feminine form of [adult] expressed indignation.)
  3. Kick in the pants (Typically refers to a middle-aged adult male form of expressed discipline of a male child.)

3-part slogan seen on a T-shirt displaying a fish... (followed with: "It must be love")

  1. Pounding heart
  2. Weak knees
  3. Sweaty palms

3 common characteristics of middle age:

  1. Bit of a spread (waist area shows weight gain)
  2. Grey hair
  3. Feet of clay (variously described as less impulsive, slow to react, not aggressively courageous, cowardly, conservative, biting one's tongue, etc...)

3 common household fasteners:

  1. Screws
  2. Nails
  3. Bolts/nuts

3 types of household/garage/backyard multi-use fasteners:

  1. Rope
  2. String
  3. Wire (sometimes referred to as a Mexican weld when [hay] baling wire is used)

3 groups of (alternatively used) auxiliary household fasteners:

  1. Paper- staples, glue, tape, paper clips
  2. Light cloth- pins, needles/thread
  3. Heavy cloth- rivets, grommets

3 characteristic pictographic pigment sources used by the ancient Crow tribe (Native American) of Montana [as interpreted by present day non-Native American investigators]:

  1. Cactus Juice
  2. Red ochre
  3. Animal blood

3 advisories on a Policosanol (nutritional supplement) bottle:

  1. Do not use if seal is broken.
  2. Store in a cool, dry place.
  3. Keep out of reach of children.

3-way catalysts are used on modern vehicles to reduce tailpipe emissions of:

  1. CO (carbon monoxide)
  2. NOx (nitrogen oxides)
  3. Hydrocarbons

3 typical metals used in modern exhaust systems to help reduce vehicle emissions:

  1. Platinum (Pt)
  2. Palladium (Pd)
  3. Rhodium (Rd)

3 typical fire-rating types: (ABC)

  1. Those materials which leave an ash.
  2. Those materials which boil.
  3. Those materials which are conductive.

3 basic materials for making glass:

  1. Sand
  2. Lime
  3. Soda Ash

3 types of Nigger: White- Black- Nigger

  1. White nigger- refers to those blacks who attempt to act like (non-criminal) whites or whites who attempt to act like (non-criminal) blacks.
  2. Black nigger- refers to those blacks who act like (good and/or bad) whites or whites who act like (good and/or bad) blacks.
  3. Nigger nigger- primarily refers to those blacks who are detested by their own and all other races but may also refer to whites who exhibit similar characteristics.

Note: other races have similar category definition types though the labels of white and black are not necessarily used due to the presence of other than (perceived) black or white skin coloring.

3 types of voting procedures in the U.S.:

  1. Absentee voting (for those living outside the U.S. due to military service, work, or school.)
  2. Early voting (practiced in a few areas with large populations.)
  3. Regular voting (for those who vote on the traditionally recognized voting days.)

3rd day of the week (Tuesday) is when voting typically takes place in America.

Three variations of pallet size sometimes used in American Warehouses:

  1. One Single oversize.
  2. Two Double "midsize."
  3. Three typical conventional size.

3 common uses of the decimal point in the U.S.:

  1. Library- (Dewey decimal system)
  2. Radio stations- (99.2, 108.6, 96.5...)
  3. Purchasable items- (gasoline typically uses a "9 tenths," and other items to be sold frequently use a "99" derivation such as $1.99, $2.99, $99.99...)

Three-part 1-2-3 packaging amongst 'snack cakes':

  1. Single- fruit pies, moon pies, half-moon pies, etc...
  2. Double- twinkies, cup cakes, suzy Q's...
  3. Triple- zingers...

3 different child-size (reduced from life-size) "Play" constructions that were once offered in the 1960's for purchase through magazine or bubble gum wrapper advertising:

  1. World War II tank.
  2. Abraham Lincoln- style cabin.
  3. Flying saucer.

3 typical ways papers might be passed out in a classroom:

  1. The teacher (or teachers) will pass out the papers individually.
  2. The teacher(s) will select one or more students to pass out the papers.
  3. The teacher(s) will pass papers out to one or more seated students who are instructed to take one copy and either pass the papers forward, backward, or sideways.

3 credit cards are said to be necessary for a relationship in order to avoid any future courtroom appearances (if the relationship should sour) to determine who spent what and if they should have done so:

  1. The man has his own personal credit card.
  2. The woman has her own personal credit card.
  3. They have a joint credit card.

3 common uses of the word "score":

  1. Achieving a goal (point/s) in a sports event.
  2. Obtaining a sexual encounter.
  3. Acquiring a certain amount of money.

3 G (3rd generation) cellphones refers to (present day-2005) leading edge cellphones developed by the Japanese. They are multi-function units encompassing a wide range of attributes such as video display, internet access, large memory capacity, etc...

3 year cycle for the harvesting pearls has been the standard rule-of-thumb until competition and commercialization began to reduce this to a two-year harvesting routine. (Criminals tend to adopt a pattern-of-two...polarized activity.)

Three seemingly superhuman feats must be performed in order for someone to attain the rank of grand master of memory:

  1. Memorize 1,000 digits in under an hour.
  2. Memorize the precise order of 10 shuffled decks of playing cards in the same amount of time.
  3. Memorize one shuffled deck in less than two minutes.

Though every competitor has his own unique method of memorization for each event, all mnemonic techniques are essentially based on the concept of elaborative encoding, which holds that the more meaningful something is, the easier it is to remember. The brain isn't built to remember abstract symbols like numbers and playing cards, but if one can translate those symbols into vivid visual images, even the dullest series of binary digits can be made as memorable as your own address. The key is to develop a system that allows quick encoding and easy recall.

Some memorizers arbitrarily associate each playing card with a familiar person or object, so that the king of clubs is represented by, say, Tony Danza. The grand masters associate each card with a person, an action, or an object so that every group of three cards can be converted into a sentence. The first card of the triplet is encoded as a person, the second as a verb, and the third as an object. For example, when Cooke sees a three of clubs, a nine of hearts, and a nine of spades, he immediately conjures up an image of Brazilian lingerie model Adriana Lima in a Biggles biplane shooting at his old public-school headmaster in a suit of armor. The more vivid the image, the more likely it is not to be forgotten.

--- Forget Me Not: How to win the U.S. memory championship ---
By Joshua Foer

3 transmission facing directions in motor vehicles:

  1. Side to Side- as in front wheel drive vehicles.
  2. Rear to Front- as in the typical rear wheel driven vehicle.
  3. Front to Rear- as in the rear wheel driven Volkswagen bug or Porche.

3-way (calculated) split of funds "collected" by corporations involved in criminal activity:

  1. Funds needed for court costs in the event that they are caught.
  2. Funds needed for "restitution" (The Government's cut of ill-gotten gains.)
  3. Profit above all possible payouts.

No one goes to jail or prison and the corporation does not need to admit to nor deny any wrong doing... yet they still profit.

3 personalized requirements on some documents:

  1. You must initial receipt of an item or that something has been read/acknowledged by you.
  2. You must print your name.
  3. You must sign your name (cursive your name).

3 humorous circumstances of some jokes:

  1. When a joke is told to you by another.
  2. When the same joke is told by you to one or more others. (The joke may or may not have been slightly varied.)
  3. When the joke told by you to another is not immediately understood but is comprehended sometime later. (For example, a characteristic present-day reference would be the telling of a joke to a "dumb blonde" who doesn't "get" the joke when it is being told, but will then remark some unrelated time later (perhaps when circumstances are more serious or occupied in a context that may be minutes, hours, or even days in the future.)

3-part joke: Papa tomato, Mama tomato, and baby tomato went out walking. When baby tomato began to fall behind, Papa tomato went back and stepped on baby tomato while saying "ketchup!"

3 main self services as of June 2005:

  1. Bank (automated teller)
  2. Gas/petrol pump
  3. Stores (grocery, hardware, variety)

3 "G" mystiques:

  1. "g" spot of females for enhancing orgasm
  2. "g" factor of human I.Q.
  3. "g" capital G-od influence of humanity/existence.

  • 3 into 1 conversion: the suffix "ing" is commonly expressed as a singular "n" such as comin' goin' talkin' etc...
  • 3 outcomes in a battle: Dead- Wounded survivors- Unwounded survivors
  • 3 months: April- May- June is when most human deaths by tornados occur. This year, 2005, is the first time no deaths have occurred according to records that have been kept since 1950.
  • U.S. Navy graduates (at Annapolis) toss up their hats after the ending commencement's third cheer.

3 generations of Monarch butterflies make the migratory trek from Mexico to Canada. By adding the generation which is born in Canada and will make the trek to Mexico, we have a 3 to 1 ratio.

3 "tube" bombs were exploded on London, England's underground trains on July 7, 2005:

  1. Between Aldgate and Liverpool Street tube stations
  2. Between King's Cross and Russell Square tube stations
  3. At Edgware Road tube station

By adding the explosion which took place on a bus at Tavistock Square, we have a 3 to 1 ratio.

BBC News: Tube bombs almost simultaneous ---

Three Parasites' genetic code cracked (their genomes have been sequenced,) by a team of International scientists. (July 2005) The three parasites are responsible for diseases that kill more than 150,000 people a year:

  1. Trypanosoma brucei- (Sleeping sickness is spread by the tsetse fly.)

    Sleeping sickness disturbs a person's Circadian rhythm so they stay awake at night and sleep during the day. It leaves them unable to perform simple mental tasks, such as folding a piece of paper. Fever can progress to heart, kidney and neurological problems and death.
  2. Trypanosoma cruzi- (Chagas disease is spread by bites from beetle-like bugs.)

    The parasite that causes Chagas disease can lie dormant in the individual for up to 20 years before causing severe internal damage, normally to the heart.
  3. Leishmania major- (Leishmaniasis is spread through bites from sand flies.)

Three sorts of Leishmania which vary in severity:

  1. The most dangerous, known as visceral leishmaniasis or black fever, is nearly always fatal if it is left untreated.
  2. Mucocutaneous leishmaniasis, produces disfiguring lesions which destroy the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and throat.
  3. Cutaneous leishmaniasis tends to cause multiple sores on the skin.

--- BBC News: Parasites' Genetic Code Cracked, July 2005 ---

Three to One ratio of sound suppressor types:

  1. 1 of 3. The Wipe and Mesh (WM) system is an inexpensive design. It uses a series of expansion chambers filled with a wire mesh, designed to disrupt the motion of gases. Wipes work like baffles and are made of a flexible material such as polyurethane or neoprene through which the bullet passes. These elements degrade as the suppressor is used (-1 every 20 shots) and need to be replaced after about 50 rounds. Because the bullet comes in physical contact with the wipes, this type of suppressor cannot be used in conjunction with expanding ammunition. Reduce range 35% (x0.65).
  2. 2 of 3. A Wet Technology (Wet) suppressor is mechanically similar to a dry suppressor, the difference being that it is also designed to house a few CCs of water. Water helps absorb heat energy from the propellant gases, making the suppressor quieter. However, a wet suppressor will cause a visual signature when water is vaporized and pushed through the muzzle. Performance degrades as water is forced from the suppressor (-1 every 30 shots, max -1). Water may be added on the fly, through the suppressor's muzzle.
  3. 3 of 3. An Artificial Environment (AE) suppressor includes a chamber near the barrel's muzzle filled with a light lubricating grease. The grease functions in a manner similar to the water in a wet suppressor, absorbing the heat of propellant gases. No visual signature occurs. Performance degrades slightly as the grease evaporates (-1 every 50 shots, max -2). The suppressor must be detached before grease can be added.
  4. 1 of 1. A Dry suppressor uses a series of expansion chambers and permanent metal baffles that reduce gas volume, expansion and forward motion. Simply attach the can to the weapon's muzzle and you're good to go.

Three basic ways to mount a suppressor to a weapon:

All require an extended barrel that has mounting surfaces machined directly into it. Most pistols will require a new barrel that includes a mount.

  1. A Thread mount is used to screw the suppressor onto the weapon's barrel. If the threads twist in the same direction as the barrel's rifling, the suppressor will eventually come loose as the mount absorbs heat and expands while the barrel torques as a bullet moves through its rifling. Counter-threading cures this problem. Most pistols will use this type of mount because it does not interfere with their disassembly procedures. MAC and UZI mounts are particular types of thread mounts that are only found on those weapons. A thread mount requires one Complex Action to attach or detach the suppressor from the weapon.
  2. A Snap mount is a quick detach (QD) mount that includes two vertical divets cut into the extended barrel, to which the suppressor locks. The suppressor simply slides over the barrel and is locked on by a lever. This type of mount is one of the sturdiest. It also allows a suppressor to be attached or detached very quickly. A snap mount requires one Simple Action to attach or detach the suppressor from the weapon.
  3. The 3-Lug mount is another QD mount, developed by Heckler & Koch for the MP5 submachine gun. The suppressor is pushed, under spring pressure, over three sequential lugs and rotated 60 degrees. The spring then pushes the suppressor forward, locking it onto the lugs. This is another very quick, sturdy mount. A 3-lug mount requires one Simple Action to attach or detach the suppressor from the weapon.

Other types of Quick Detach mounts exist. They usually mount to a specially designed flash suppressor or other element attached to a barrel's muzzle, in a way somewhat similar to the 3-Lug mount. All QD mounts require one Simple Action to attach or detach the suppressor from the weapon.

--- Silencers and Sound Suppressors ---

Three-patterned British sentiment about American soldiers stationed in Britain in WWII:

  1. Over paid.
  2. Over sexed.
  3. Over here.

3 sequences of toilet flushing used by some people:

  1. Prior to usage- This is perhaps more frequent when using public toilets.
  2. During usage- This is used commonly by those who have experienced an overflowing toilet by combining toilet paper with feces/urine. They will flush the feces down first... or several times in order to avoid having to use a toilet plunger or leave the toilet unflushed.
  3. After usage- Those that flushed their feces first will now flush down the used toilet paper. However, not everyone remembers to flush the toilet after usage. This is particularly evident with respect to young or old people and those that are preoccupied.

There are many toilet using rituals, some of which vary according to where one is using the toilet. For example, for those fearing exposure to germs while using a public toilet, they ritually use a paper seat cover, but sometimes do not remove it after usage, perhaps because it is now considered doubly dirty. Dirty from the previous user of the toilet, and now dirty with their own germs.

3 words used in sentences that are also military ranks:

  1. This is a PRIVATE conversation.
  2. Let me provide a few GENERAL examples.
  3. I get the MAJOR portion of pie.

3 radio-related confirmation questions regarding reception:

  1. Do you hear me?
  2. Do you read me?
  3. Do you check me?

3 Category 5 Hurricanes that hit the coast of the U.S. in the 20th century:

  1. 1935- unnamed storm
  2. 1969- Camille (34 years later than the first storm)
  3. 1992- Andrew (23 years later than the second storm)

{Notice 3-4 [34 years], 2-3 [23 years] numerical spread. As if, when placed in a columnar form, a single numerical digit was reduced by one: the 3 and 4 of 34 became a 2 and 3 of the 23.}

Perhaps if records had been kept earlier, there might have been a category five hurricane 45 years prior to the one which occurred in 1935. The year would have been 1890. In this case, the historical record would be thus:

  1. 1890- unnamed storm
  2. 1935- unnamed storm (45 years after the last CAT. 5 storm of the previous century)
  3. 1969- Camille (34 years after the first CAT. 5 storm of the 20th century)
  4. 1992- Andrew (23 years after the second CAT. 5 storm of the 20th century)

3 non-human test subject references that were at one time used for specific purposes, but have become general references for a variety of uses:

  1. Canary (once used in coal mines to test for gas.)
  2. Guinea pig (used for various research purposes.)
  3. Mice/Rats (used for various research purposes and generally accompanied with the words "in a maze" such that mice/rats in a maze is characteristically used.)

3 disparaging references to those practicing alternate forms of professional jobs:

  1. Rent-a-Cop (low paying security guard positions. Some of them have desires of doing the professional counterparts of being a Corrections officer, Police officer, FBI, CIA, etc...)
  2. Weekend Warrior (refers to those in the various National Guard units, who typically "play" soldier games for one weekend a month and also conduct a slightly longer training period once a year.)
  3. Wannabe (those who attempt to exhibit characteristics such as dress, language, life style of professional sports players, rock stars, movie stars, Corporate executives, teachers, Jesus, lawyers, millionaires, etc...)

3 "D" characteristics of the young generation:

  1. Deaf- due to high volume radios, stereos, TVs, sports stadiums, concerts, etc...
  2. Dumb- due to a dumbing down of the education system by those trying to equalize the disparity of dumbness found amongst non-white cultures.
  3. Distracted- 'blinded' by prolonged exposure to "flashing" advertisements such as in nightclubs, on television shows/commercials/previews, neon signs, double-standard laws, contrasting news reports, political jargon, etc...

3 problems that the Wright brothers had to solve in order to build a flyable plane, according to one commentator on the (2003) PBS documentary The Wright Stuff, The life of Orville and Wilbur Wright:

  1. Design of wings to lift the plane.
  2. Power plant to accelerate forward motion.
  3. Overall control of the plane in flight.

  • Orville died 3 days after he had a heart attack.
  • Wilbur died 3 weeks after contracting Typhoid.
  • The two Wright Brothers and their sister Kathyrn went to Europe to demonstrate the plane's abilities.

Microwaves have three characteristics that make them useful for cooking:

  1. They are reflected by metal.
  2. They pass through glass, paper, plastic, and similar materials.
  3. They are absorbed by foods.

--- Microwave Ovens ---

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