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3 additive colors: Red - Blue - Green
3 subtractive colors: Yellow - Magenta - Cyan
3 patterned scissor-"snips"-succession used by many barbers
3 part slogans of Jomo Kenyatta: Uhuru no main (Freedom and Unity); Harambe (Let's Get Going)

*** H.G. Wells (and others) display a "reaching for the 3" in their writings, paintings, songs, dance routines, acting roles, experiments etc., as indicated by the recurrence of patterns-of-three.

Noah Webster died May 28, 1843, his last words were: Zymosis, Zymurgy and Zyzzyva.

3 ratios of specific heat capacities:

(A) Monoatomic gases (1.67)
(B) Diatomic gases (1.4
(C) Polyatomic gases (approaches unity)

3 laws concerning black body radiation formulated by Wilhelm Wien were a foundation for Max Planck's (Planck's Constant).

3 principles of Nature by Adolfo Best Maugard (1949):

(l) Principle of the creative process
(2) Principle of the procedure of conversion
(3) Principle of the formation and gradual transformation of realization of fulfillment.

*** Galton, who inaugurated the systematic study of genius, formulated the theory that genius is a very extreme degree of these three combined traits:

(1) Intellect
(2) Zeal
(3) Power of working

3 stage evolution of man's conceptions of the Universe by Freud: Animistic - Religious - Scientific

3 planes of consciousness:

Subconsciousness (instinctive & affective thought) -
Consciousness (Ideological & effective thought -
(Super Consciousness (Intuitive) thought and the higher truths).

*** The three-fold principle of the outer and inner world is:

(1) The common source of both
(2) Influence of psyche upon the physical
(3) Influence of the physical world upon the spiritual: (Tabula Smargdina)

*** Marius Schneider: If we take three fundamental planes:

(1) Vegetable and meteorological life
(2) Natural human life
(3) Spiritual growth,

then the concepts of death and rebirth - respectively symbolized by the moon in its waning and waxing phases - signify on three levels:

(1) Drought and rain
(2) Illness and cure
(3) Fossilization and flux.

3-group piano strings: About 58 tones (unisons) have 3 strings - Some tones have 2 strings - The rest, 1 string
*** In testing a microphone connection, we often hear: Testing 1-2-3
3 basic guitar groupings: Bass - Rhythm - Lead
Three-body problem describes classic attempt to understand the behavior of three bodies which mutually attract each other.
Triple point: The temperature at which all three phases of matter (solid - liquid - gas) for a given substance can coexist.

*** Primatologists call the most dominant monkey in the group the:

(1) Alpha male,
the second most dominant is the
(2) Beta male, and thereafter,
(3) They assign numbers to all other monkeys.

3 football/basketball options: Drop kick - Place kick - Punt/Dribble - Pass - Shoot
3 combustion engine timing marks: Before B-TDC, (Top Dead Center), A-TDC After TDC
*** In 1863, after the first U.S. oil well, J. Rockefeller, S. Andrews, and M. B. Clark, started an oil refining business.
3 years of age is when Mozart showed signs of remarkable musical talent
3rd opera of Richard Strauss was his first success
3 groupings of W-2's for income tax filling: Federal - State - Filer's copy
3 typical facing ways for drawing: Profile - Three-quarter view - Frontal

*** The cubist painter, Francis Picabia, declared "The dadaists are nothing, nothing, nothing, assuredly they will amount to nothing, nothing, nothing, signed Francis Picabia who knows nothing, nothing, nothing."

3 places where great ideas are said to be generated by geniuses: Bed - Bathtub - Breakfast
3 rotary blades (electric shaver) - 2 bladed razor - 1 blade straight razor
3-part football hiking command: Hut 1 - Hut 2 - Hut 3

*** The common knife can be viewed as representing the 1 -
the Fork, entomologically, represents the 2 -
The Spoon, because of its usage to gather a quantity (much, "many") thus represents the 3.

3 patterned famous statement of Rene Descartes: "Cogito, Ergo Sum" (I think, Therefore I am, or, I am thinking, Therefore I exist)
3 gummed sealing strips - 2 gummed strips - 1 gummed strip (envelope flaps)
*** The classical musical style of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven is sometimes referred to as Viennese.
3 characteristics of any melody: Range - Shape - The way it moves
3 form categories: Monomorphism - Dimorphism - Polymorphism

*** In 1957 the composer Gunther Schuller, in a lecture delivered at Brandeis University coined the term "Third Stream," holding that classical music was the First Stream, Jazz the Second and the Third combined the other two.

3 o'clock PM. is school let out time
Bells are rung 3 times (in some schools) to call children to class after a fire drill
3 day suspension from school is common punishment for various irresponsible acts
3 days or more absenteeism from work requires a doctor's excuse (various employers)
3 different eye protectors for manufacturing jobs: Goggles - Face shield - Safety glasses
3 common additive toothpaste ingredients: Fluoride - Baking soda - Peroxide
3 dots arranged in a triangle stand for "crazy for life" or "my crazy life" (mi vida loco)
3 basic teaching methods of art schools: Model - Still Life - Landscape

3 dozens:

"11" was Devil's Dozen in Central Europe -
"12" is Standard Dozen -
"13" is Baker's Dozen

3 hand drying methods in commercial restrooms: Paper towels - Cloth towel - Air blown
*** The Statue of Liberty has rest seats at every third turn of the spiral.
A third ("not paired") person is called upon to decide arguments between two others
A man uses 1 hand, 2 hands, or no hands when urinating.
3 Lipoprotein densities: Very low (VLDL) - Intermediate (IDL) - Low (LDL)
3 forms of vaginal "bloodletting": Menstruation - First Intercourse - Childbirth

3 (Sociological) sex characteristic categories:

(1) Primary sex characteristics (related to the gonads - primary sex glands)
(2) Secondary sex characteristics (body form produced by large-scale secretion of sex hormones)
(3) Tertiary sex characteristics (body language- learned communication, verbal and otherwise).

3-part expression: Uptight - Outasight - In the groove (Colloquial reference to a person's disposition of doing well, and also used as a humorous adjunct to describe the position of a female's tampon)

3-part phrase by women who say men are like parking spaces:

(1) The good ones are always taken
(2) The rest are handicapped or
(3) "way out there."

3 way ink drying: Oxidation - Absorption - Evaporation
3 R's rule-of-thumb for ink usage: Reduce - Reuse - Reclaim (Printing)
3 family network after marriage: Your birth family - You and your spouse's family - The In-Law family

3-part crusade slogan against Western Civilization (Stanford University course): Hey, Hey - Ho, Ho - Western culture's gotta' go.

3rd party health payment: By Government - By Insurance Company - By an Employer
3 typical questionnaire response categories: Yes - No - Not Sure (unsure)
3 customary "flaps" to household roof asphalt shingles
"Under" wear - "Over" coat - "Middle" (daily) clothes
3 flags, 2 flags, or 1 flag (flag football)
Triple - Double - Single scoring in Darts
Under Par - Par - Over Par (Golf)
3 school divisions: Elementary - Middle(Jr. High) - High(Senior High)
3 University Degrees/Awards: Bachelors - Masters - Ph.D
3 University Awards: Cum laude - Magna cum laude - Summa cum laude
3 female "tail" hair-styles: (1) Pony tail - (2) Pig tails - (3) Many tailed (Medusa)
3 poker chip colors: Red - White - Blue
3 ring notebook binders
3 number combination locks (turn right, turn left, turn right)
3 way - 2 way - 1 way (light bulbs)
3 restaurant sinks: 1 for washing - 1 for rinsing - 1 for sanitizing
3 in 1 restaurant door sign warnings: No Shirt - No Shoes - No Service

3 part grade divisions:

(A plus) - (A) - (A minus)...etc...

(above average - average - below average)/

(Grade - Pass/Fail - Audit)


3 colors: (Black - Red - White): Pimples, Unicorn's horn, Nazi flag, Typewriter ribbons, Middle Ages, etc., (to include White shirt - Red tie - Dark suit)

3 stages of original sin: White for innocence - Black or purple for sin - Porphyry for atonement
*** Sociologists called early American non-racist groups, Triracial enclaves, where an individual's heritage was white, black and red.

3 motorcycle drive mechanisms: Belt - Chain - Drive shaft
3 spout fire hydrants
Triple crown of horse racing: Kentucky Derby - Preakness - Belmont Stakes

Triple crown of baseball is one who at a single season's end, leads his league in:

1. Batting average -
2. Home runs -
3. Runs batted in.

Triple threat in football is a player adept at (1) Running (2) Kicking (3) Passing.
33 feet 3 inches longer: Boeing's new jetliner 717-300 compared to its old 777-200
3 devices in 1 (starter, alternator, damper) is being designed by Continental AG
3 toast variations: Light - Medium - Burnt
3 main appliances: Stove - Washer - Fridge
3 main bathroom fixtures: Bathtub/Shower - Toilet - Sink
3 fridge compartments: Freezer - Main cooler - Vegetable/Fruit storage
3 main stove sections: Top burners - Oven - Broiler
3 main washer cycles: Wash - Rinse - Spin
3 part auction call: Going Once - Twice - Sold; Once - Twice - Gone
3 fastening sequences on disposable diapers: 1 - 2 - 3 or A - B - C
3 gasoline types: Premium - Regular - Unleaded (3 number octane differences: 91 - 88 - 85)

3 workday divisions: Morning shift - Swing shift - Night (or Graveyard) shift/Day - Night - Weekend Shifts

*** Pythagorean letter: The letter Y, so called because Pythagoras employed it to signify the bifurcation of the good and evil ways of men; also taken as symbolic of the triad formed by the monad giving rise to the duad.

*** Ancient Chinese proverb attributed to Confucius:

(1) I hear, and I forget
(2) I see, and I remember
(3) I do, and I understand

*** During the highest development of Druidism, the Bards were the seers and prophets with a spiritual knowledge greater than that of the Druid priests. The later Bards expressed all truth through the operations of Triads. In every sphere of experience, they traced the 3 and regarded it as the way to the understanding of the creation of the physical Earth.

3 reasoning processes (K.J.W. Caik): Translation - Reasoning - Retranslation

*** Whereas the school of Archytas apparently sank into inactivity after the death of its founder, the Academics of the next generation continued "Pythagorizing" Platonic doctrines:

(1) Supreme One
(2) Indefinite Dyad
(3) Tripartite Soul

3 in(of)1 (person) idea by Aristotle: Mind - Self-knowledge - Self-love
3 Aristotle government categories: Rule by one person - Rule by a few people - Rule by many people

Three People's Principles by Soon Yaht-sen, 1866-1925: Nationalism - Democracy - Socialism ("livelihood")

*** Yin - Unity - Yang: Unity is at the apex of a triangle and Yin/Yang at separate base corners
3 systems of thought attracted most Hellenistic intellectuals: Cynicism - Epicuranism - Stoicism
3 Great Philosophers: 1) Socrates taught 2) Plato who taught 3) Aristotle (who taught Alexander the Great)
3 orders of philosophy by Hjalmar Wennerberg: Phenomenology - Normative Science - Metaphysics
3 essential vows of a monk by St. Benedict of Nursia: Obedience - Chastity - Poverty

3 dimensions/principles of Alchemy: Practical - Scientific (philosophical) - Spiritual/Salt - Sulfur - Mercury

*** In Plato's ideal state all three classes (Guardians - Auxiliaries - Common People) were to be persuaded to believe a myth: That their creator had fashioned them of three different substances (Gold - Silver - Baser Metals, respectively) and that failure of any individual to adhere to his station would be contrary to the nature of things.

Carl Jung: Everyone has in him something of the Criminal - The Genius - and The Saint.
*** Frances Bacon: Discourse maketh a ready man - Writing maketh an exact man - Reading maketh a full man.

3 principles of Mohandes K. Gandhi:

(1) That the good of the individual is contained in the good of all.
(2) That a Lawyer's work has the same value as the Barber's inasmuch as all have the same right of earning their livelihoods from their work.
(3) That a life of labor the life of the Tiller of the soil and the handi-craftsman, is the life worth living.

*** With respect to patterns-of-two, Gandhi made a comment quite applicable: One has to became absolutely passion-free, to rise above the opposing currents of Love and Hatred, Attachment and Repulsion.

Tripartite soul conception of Plato: Rational - Libidinous - Spirited(various animal qualities)
3 laws of Comte's thought progression: Religious - Abstract(or Metaphysical) - Scientific

3 false beliefs by Plato that are fatal to moral character: Atheism - Denial of the moral government of the world - Believing that divine judgment can be bought off by offerings

3 patterned philosophical distinctions:

St. Augustine's Philosophy: Memory ~ Understanding ~ Will
Comte's Philosophy: Great Being ~ Great Medium ~ Great Fetish
Hegel's 3 Spirits: Subjective Spirit ~ 0bjective Spirit ~ Absolute Spirit
Plotinu's Philosophy: One ~ One Many ~ One and Many
Aristotle's 3 Unities: Unity of Action ~ Unity of Time ~ Unity of Place
Sir F. Bacon's 3 Tables: Presence ~ Absence ~ Degree
Thomas Hobbes's 3 Fields: Physics ~ Moral Philosophy ~ Civil Philosophy
Immanuel Kant's 3 Critiques: Pure Reason ~ Practical Reason ~ Judgment
Averroes's 3 Commentaries: Little ~ Middle ~ Great
Karl Marx's 3 isms: Communism ~ Socialism ~ Capitalism
Woodrow Wilson's 3 isms: Colonialism ~ Racism ~ Anti-Communism
Hippocrates's Mind Disorders: Mania ~ Melancholia ~ Phrenitis
Emile Durkeim's 3 Suicides: Egoistic ~ Altruistic ~ Anomic
D. Liesman's 3 Social Characters: Tradition-directed ~ Inner-directed ~ Other-directed
Erich Fromm's 3 Symbols: The Conventional ~ The Accidental ~ The Universal
Pythagoras's "fusion" idea: Monarchy ~ Oligarchy ~ Democracy (into harmonic whole)
M.L. King Jr.'s "Middle Road": Acquiescence ~ Nonviolence ~ Violence
Kierkegaard's 3 Stages: Aesthetic ~ Ethical ~ Religious
Husserl's 3 Reductions: Phenomenological ~ Eidetic ~ Religious
St. Augustine's 3 Laws: Divine Law ~ Natural Law ~ Temporal, or positive Law
Witness Stand "Laws": Tell the Truth ~ The whole Truth ~ Nothing but the Truth
Titus Carus's 3 Ages: Stone Age ~ Bronze Age ~ Iron Age
Feuerbach's 3 Thoughts: God, 1st Thought ~ Reason, 2nd ~ Man, 3rd
Magnus's 3 Universals: Ante Rem ~ In Rem ~ Post Rem
Max Weber's 3 Authorities: Traditional ~ Charismatic ~ Legal-rational
F.  de Sausure's 3 "Signs": Sign ~ Signified ~ Signifier
Charles Pierces 3 "Signs": Qualisign ~ Sinsign (token) ~ Legisign
John Keynes's 3 Eras: Scarcity ~ Abundance ~ Stabilization
George Mead's 3 Distinctions: Self ~ I ~ Me
Thrasher's 3-group Gangs: Inner Circle ~ Rank & File ~ Fringers
Abe Lincoln's 3-For-All: Of the People ~ By the People ~ For the People
Jesus Christ's 3 Praises: In the name of the Father ~ Son ~ Holy Spirit
Samuel Clemmons' 3 lies:
(Mark Twain)
Lies ~ Damned Lies ~ Statistics

3-part Logic

Thesis ~ Antithesis ~ Synthesis
Indulgence  ~ "Middle Way" ~ Ascetism
Major Premise  ~ Minor Premise ~ Conclusion
Contradiction ~  Excluded  Middle ~ Identity Principal
What is real
How change comes
What is mind
Marxian "Dialectology":
Unity of opposites
Quantity & quality
Negation of negation
How we know
What is truth
What is mind
Nature of good
Nature of beautiful
Nature of religious
Quality (1st-ness)
Relation (2nd-ness)
Representation (3rd-ness)

3 times the fool: You can fool some people some of the time - Some people all the time - But not all people all the time.
3 traditional syllogism forms: Categorical - Hypothetical - Disjunctive
3-patterned basic adult syllogism: All ravens are black - Jack is a raven - Therefore, Jack is black.
3-patterned basic child syllogism: Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear - Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair - Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy was he?
3 human origin theories: Out of Africa - Multiregional - Out of Asia
3 founders of Judaism: Abraham - Isaac - Jacob
3 families humankind descended from in Biblical tradition: Ham - Shem - Japheth
3 tribes that founded Rome: Tities - Ramnes - Luceres
3 couples founded the old order Amish over 200 years ago

*** The Tasady is a group of isolated people found in the Philippines (1960's) near a forest named Dafal. Few tales describe their origins. In the beginning, they say, there were 3 people who created them. These are similar to tales told by their neighbors

*** The Konyak Nagas of Assam in India believe that when a man dies his being splits into 3 spiritual entities.

The 1st is the "soul" (yaha), to which most of the personality attaches, and which sets out on a complicated journey to the land of the Dead.
The 2nd part remains attached to the skull and is capable of helping his surviving kinsmen in many ways. This soul-matter is called mio.
The 3rd spiritual element, which emerges after a man meets a violent death, is called hiba, and can best be translated as "ghost."

3 aims of the great learning (attributed to Zengzi, 500 B.(.): Manifesting one's luminous virtue - Reviewing the people - Abiding in perfect goodness
3 levels of Xuanzang's reality (A.D. 600-664): The utterly false and erroneous - The nominally fictitious - The real existent

3 ages theory by Kong Youwei (1858-1927): Age of Disorder - Age of Small Peace - Age of Great Peace (Each age contains 3 rotations, that is, each age contains itself and elements of the other two.)

3 characteristics of being (Buddha): All constituents of being are transitory - All constituents of being are lacking in an ego - All constituents of "Being" are painful

3 gunas (strands): Sattva (goodness) - Rajos (passion) - Tamas (darkness); (In a dialogue between Krishna & Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita)
3-fold yoga: Austerity (tapas) - Study - Dedication to a meditative ideal (Patanjali)
*** Buddha spoke often of a "Middle Way" between Eternalism and Annihilationalism (continuity/discontinuity)

3 unconditioned dharmas (basic factors of experience & reality):

Spatiality -
Disjunction from impure dharmas by deliberate awareness -
Non-arousal of impure dharmas due to the absence of their productive conditions.

3 nature (cognitive realms) theory: Delusional realm - Causal dependency realm - Perfectional realm (Yogacara texts)
*** In (7th Century) Indian Philosophical circles, 3 ways of knowing (pramanas) were generally accepted: Perception - Inference - Testimony
3 manifestations of the self: Waking - Dreaming - Dreamless sleeping; beyond which is the real self (Turiya): Mandukya Upanishad
3 orders of existence: Absolute existence or reality - Empirical existence - Illusory existence (Shankara, A.D. 788-822)
3 step study of Vedantic texts with a guru: Listening to instructions - Understanding the teachings - Practicing constant meditation

3 steps in the quest for the knowledge of non-dual Brahman: Hearing - Reasoning - Meditating

3 most important (out of twenty) substances: Brahman (God) - Matter - Selves (Madhva & Ramanuja, 1017-1137)
3 kinds of souls: Those who are eternally free - Those who have attained freedom from this world - Those who are bound souls (Madhva, 1197-1276)
3 means of valid knowledge confirmed by the Inner Witness: Perception - Inference - Testimony (Jayatirtha, 1365-1388)

3 ways of apprehending God:

1. Brahman (Absolute Reality is understood non-dualistically as without qualities, powers, or sports)
2. Supreme Soul (Paramatman) that creates the world and is the inner controller of nature and of souls)
3. Lover of God (Bhakta) mystically - apprehends God (Bhagavan) in God's own sports, qualities, and powers. (Jiva Gosvamin,1511-1596)

3 Satyagraha (truth, nonviolence, self-suffering) movements of Gandhi:

1. Noncooperation movement (1920-22)
2. Salt march movement (1930-32)
3. Quit India movement (1940-42)

Gandhi was jailed 3 times.
3-part slogan of Gandhi "God is Truth" was changed to "Truth is God."

*** Aurobindo's worldview is non-dual (advaita): In its Essence, Absolute Reality, (Brahman) is Sat (being) - Chit(consciousness) - Ananda (bliss, written: Saccidananda)

3 State Violence manifestations: Physical - Ideological - Economic destitution & starvation (Jawaharlal Nehru, 1889-1966)

3 meditative techniques of Chinul (1158-1210):

(1) The dual cultivation of concentration & wisdom.
(2) The Faith & understanding according to the Hwaom School.
(3) The distinctively Son (Meditation) investigation of the critical phrase, hwadu or kongan.

3 essential teachings of Buddhism - Confucianism - Daoism (Taoism) are the same: (Hyujong 1520-1604)

3 interpretations of happiness: Purely theoretical activity - Exclusive practical activity - Harmonious combination of the first two: (AL-Farabi, A.D. 300-900?)

3 beings: Necessary - Contingent - Possible, classified by accidents & substances; Substance divided into 3 categories:

Intellect ('aql) - Soul (nafs) - Body (jism); (Avicenna A.D. 350-1000?)

*** AL-Ghazali (A.D.1058-1111) observed that philosophers argue that the eternity of the world follows by necessity from 3 fundamental axioms:
(1) Nothing comes out of nothing
(2) Given a particular cause, the effect necessarily & immediately follows
(3) A cause is different from & external to the effect.

He further argued that they make 3 claims as the basis for denying the belief in bodily resurrection:

(1) There is no logical necessity that bodies be resurrected in their physical forms
(2) If there are no bodies in the hereafter, there can be neither pain nor pleasure in the other world
(3) Hell & Heaven in their physical sense do not exist; they are of a purely spiritual nature.

3 groups according to degree of purity & illumination:

Those who remain in the darkness of ignorance ("Ashqiya") -
Those who purify themselves to some extent (Sudad) -
Those who purify themselves & reach illumination (muta allihun): (Suhrawardi, A.D. 550-1150?)

3 Unities: Of the Knower - The known - Knowledge: (Mullasadra, A.D. 1000-1600?)

*** Laozi (author of Tao Te China): Dao produces one. One produces two. Two produces three. Three produces the ten thousand things. (In classical Chinese, the "ten thousand things" means "everything." Commentators have long disagreed over what the "one, two, and three" refers to, usually plugging in their favorite cosmological, cosmogonic, or metaphysical model.) Laozi further writes: Something amorphous & consummate existed before Heaven & Earth. Solitude! Vast! Standing alone, unaltering. Going everywhere, yet unthreatened. It can be considered the Mother of the World. I don't know its name, so I designate it "Dao." Compelled to consider it, name it "Great." (Dao is considered indistinct & undefinable. It is not the vision of a visionary that helps others see more clearly, but that which they are able to articulate from memory of their visionary trek.)

3-mile limit is customary territorial waters limit used by English speaking countries while others vary between 2.42 to 4.6 miles.
Three-island ships (early 1900's); Forecastle - Bridge - Poop
3 sheets to the wind: Sailors reference to someone that's drunk
3 maneuvers sailors must know: Into the wind - Across the wind - With the wind
3 boat "stops": Wharf - Pier - Dock
3 basic European sailing vessels: Full-rigged (3 masts) - Brig (2 masts) - Slop (1 mast)

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