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Three Wise Men Poem Translations
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Front side of 3s poster
Fack side of 3s poster
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The first two images are front and back views of a 20" X 27¾" poster containing hundreds of patterns-of-three, that was printed in 1997. It is entitled "Buckland's Third Revolution".

The next image illustrates the condensed version of a (333 line) poem about recurring patterns-of-three in the New Testament, with respect to the life of Jesus, that has been translated into several different languages. (From left to right: English, German, Finnish, Czechoslovakian, Spanish, French, Italian, Hungarian, Filipino... They are listed on the below image in the present manner for illustrative purposes only.) I had acquired the Arabic, and Chinese translations but couldn't find anyone with the suitable fonts on their computer back in 1984/85. After the printing, I acquired the Danish and Portuguese translations. I have referred to it on occasion either as the Three Wise Men (TWM), or Three Wise Men translations poster. Prior to printing, it was suggested by someone at the printing office that I should entitle it the "Trinity", but I said no because it was not about the trinity. I left it untitled. It is 18" X 37 1/8".


Three Wise Men Translations poster
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(What appears to be a light streak across about the center of the poster caused by poor imaging is actually denoting the presence of a different font that is italicized for a particular example being given in the poem.)

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