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3 ship masts: Fore - Main - Mizzen
3 (ocean trip) sail-boats: Yawl - Ketch - Schooner

*** Medieval vessels usually had only one sail. Later, three: Course - Topsail - Topgallant (More elaborate rigs might have three additional sails: Royals - Skysails - Moonsails); (Sails are typically triangular-shaped)

3 main types of fishing nets: Seines - Trawls - Gill
3 common commercial fishing methods: Bait - Trolling - Long lining
3 layer net for catching birds or fish: Trammel
3 general types of reefs: Fringing - Barrier - Atolls
Triplet and Singlet fishing hooks are most frequently purchased
"Spinners" typically have 1 - 2 - or 3 sets of 3-hook hooks

*** There are "Triple Teaser" designated fishing lures but no similarly designated "Single Teaser," "Double Teaser," "Quadruple Teaser," etc...

3-point landing: "Perfect" landing of an aircraft
3 airplane movements: Pitch - Roll - Yaw
3 bowling "delivery" types: Straight ball - Hook ball - Curve ball
Three-hundred is "perfect" score in bowling
Triangle Pin setup is used in bowling

3 strikes (in bowling) are called a Turkey, 2 strikes a Double, 1 strike a Strike. Thereafter, the word "Bagger" (4 bagger, 5 bagger, etc ....) is sometimes used. Hence, we have three different words used to describe a particular type of strike: Double - Turkey - Bagger.

3 finger bowling balls (most frequently) - 2 finger bowling balls (occasionally) - 1 finger bowling ball (rarely, or when 2-finger holes are drilled together)

3 basic bowling "approaches": 3 step - 4 step - 5 step
3 commonly played pool games: 14.1 continuous - 8-ball - Rotation
Triangular Ball rack used
Three-day events: Most major horse Eventing Competitions
3 linguistic divisions to 4 "sides": Front - Back - (Right & Left sides)
3 trys: If at first you don't succeed, Try - Try - Try again
3 basic chain types: Twisted links - Straight links - Stud links

3 angle (30-45-60) valve job, 3 piston rings, 3rd member, 3 mirrors, 'third' stop light: Automobiles

3 patterned policy of many stores: Replace it - Repair it - Return it
3 typical ways of purchasing items: Cash - Checks - Credit Card
3 types of rainfall: Convective - Orographic - Cyclonic
3 (Luke Howard) cloud types: Cumulus - Cirrus - Stratus
3 divisions in 4-sectioned (actually two-by-two) games: 1st half - Half time - 2nd half
3 part George Wallace phrase: Segregation Now! Segregation Tomorrow! Segregation Forever!
3 way payment: Gas, Grass, or Ass, no one rides for free (vehicle pumper sticker)

3 part phrase change:

A loaf of bread, A jug of wine and thou -
Wine, women and song -
A pizza, the old lady and TV.

3 inches is the standard length of a bandaid
3 common fuels of steam locomotives: Cool - Wood - 0il
3 commonly ordered breakfast dishes served with syrup: Waffles - Pancakes - French Toast
3 "true rhymes" of purists: Masculine - Feminine - Trisyllabic (Feminine is called double)
3 Greek Columns: Doric - Ionic - Corinthian

3 Alexander Von Humbolt invention stages:

Doubt its existence -
Denying its importance -
Credit for its discovery going to another

3 patterned "Riddle of the Sphinx": What walks with 4 legs in the morning - 2 legs at noon - and 3 legs in the evening? (answer: Man)

3 strikes you're out; Baseball, and policy regarding "three-time criminals"
3rd World - 2nd World - 1st World nations: Political divisions
3rd reading: Last reading of a proposed legislation
3 measures of statistical measurement: Mean - Median - Mode
3 person management hierarchy in some retail businesses: Manager - Assistant Manager - Third Man
3 in 1 Shakespearean view: The Lunatic - Lover - Poet, are of imagination all compact
3 social class divisions: Lower class - Middle class - Upper class
3 traditional race classifications: Mongoloid - Negroid - Caucasian
3 letter "arbitrarily" chosen suffix in many Dupont products: Teflon, Orlon, Nylon (Lon)
3 geological system divisions by Charles Lyell: Eocene - Miocene - Pliocene
3 sights: Foresight - Sight - Hindsight
*** Tripartite rhythm defined by Aristoxemus: Speech - Melody - Movement

3 seconds were placed on clock by Olympic official making U.S. lose basketball game (1972) (1 second was placed first)

3 month designations on some calendars: Last month - Present month - Next month
3 common job payment distributions: Weekly paycheck - Bi-weekly paycheck - Monthly paycheck
3 day weekends is typical strategy of many workers when choosing vacation days
3 days before & after: Fireworks lighting days in many States (after/before 4th of July)
3 trailers - 2 trailers - 1 trailer semi-truck carrier trucks
3 grouped-together auxiliary vehicle gauges: Oil - Amp - Temperature
3 types of tire construction: Bias-ply - Radial - Bias-ply belted
3 jaw chuck used for drills, lathes, etc...
3 possible samplings for drug or alcohol testing: Breath - Blood - Urine
*** Warning Label: Don't use aspirin during the last 3 months of pregnancy
*** The tricyclics are a group of drugs (among others) used for depression

3-part law for selling to a Pawn-broker:

Written certification that item belongs to seller -
Give right thumb print -
Provide I.D.

3-tiered Health System: One for the Rich/Politicians - One for the Middle Class - One for the Poor
3 rebarb poles are frequently used in parking lot concrete tire stops
3 sets or multiples of 3 are often used in weight lifting exercises
3 days a week: Common exercise routine
3 part exercise: 1 - 2 - 3 One, 1 - 2- 3 Two, 1 - 2 - 3 Three
Threes Listed by Alan Dundes (The number 3 in American Culture, in "Every Man His Way" pg. 401)
3 placements of automatic transmission selectors: Column-Floor-Dash (push button)
3 12's rule: FCC restriction on station ownership limiting it to 12 AM, 12 FM, and 12 TV stations by an individual or corporation.
3 uses of tobacco: Smoke it - Chew it - Use it as snuff
3 Americas: South - Meso - North

3 times the rent, is the necessary wage some apartment managers require a tenant to earn
3 tenants complaining about another tenant's noise, etc., can get the one evicted
3 directions to move game pieces (checkers or chess): Horizontal - Vertical - Diagonal
Triple colored business forms
3 main engines are used in the Space Shuttle
3 lenses to some compound microscopes
Triple - Double - Single decker sandwiches, ice cream scoops, somersaults, typewriter spaces
3 great Tenors: Luciano Pavarotti - Jose Carreras - Placido Domingo (Publicity-wise "Great")
3 female/male singing voice types: Alto - Mezzo Soprano - Soprano/Bass - Baritone - Tenor
3 patterned slogan of Julius Caesar: I came - I saw - I conquered (Veni - Vidi - Vici)
3 part "Barry Goldwater for President" opposition: Goldwater 64 - Hot water 65 - Bread & Water 66
3 multiple choice "options": Individual selection - None of the above - All of the above
3 rhyme system (terza rima) was used by Dante Alighieri in his famous Divine Comedy
3 Kachina doll forms: Spirits - Men impersonating these spirits - Dolls in the image of the men
3 human evolution phases by August Schleicher: Basic physical aspects - Language - History
3rd finger (middle finger) used to express a vulgarism; for horses, it's the hoof
3 lines were/are customarily drawn on a blackboard with a wire-holding-chalk line maker (that has 5 chalk slots)
3 colloquial references to a "person": Straight - Square - Well Rounded
3 basic demographic variables: Fertility - Mortality - Migration
3 great Monotheistic religions: Islamic - Judaic - Christian
Trigrams used in Chinese and Japanese divination and symbolism

*** The work of Christ Jesus, "The Way - The Truth - And the life," has three main divisions;

(1) The preaching of the Word
(2) The revelation through Signs and Wonders
(3) And the realization through by means of the Passion.

*** The Eleusian mysteries imply three levels of meaning according to Pail Diel: (1) Agrarian (2) Psychological (3) Metaphysical

*** It has been indicated that the neophyte of the Ephesian mysteries had to grasp the meaning of the logos (word), that this world- creating Word revealed itself concretely through its 3-fold intonation of the vowels: I-O-A, vowels which were the subject of meditation.

Om symbol

Om, in Hinduism and other religions chiefly of India, a sacred syllable that is considered to be the greatest of all the mantras, or sacred formulas. The symbol Om is composed of the three sounds a-u-m (in Sanskrit, the vowels a and u coalesce to become o), which represent several important triads: the three worlds of earth, atmosphere, and heaven; the three major Hindu gods, Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva; and the three sacred Vedic scriptures, Rg, Yajur, and Soma. Thus Om mystically embodies the essence of the entire universe. It is uttered at the beginning and end of Hindu prayers, chants, and meditations and is freely used in Buddhist and Jaina ritual also. From the 6th century, the written symbol designating the sound is used to mark the beginning of a text in a manuscript or an inscription. The syllable is discussed in a number of the Upanishads, which are the texts of philosophical speculation, and it forms the entire subject matter of one, the Mandukya. It is used in the practice of Yoga and is related to techniques of auditory meditation. In the Puranas the syllable is put to sectarian use; thus the Saiva mark the lingam, or sign of Siva, with the symbol for Om, whereas the Vaishnava identify the three sounds as referring to a trinity composed of Vishnu, his wife Sri, and the worshipper.

This number ("3") also is an expression of the social order in its fullness and particularly the threefold structure of Indo-European society. According to Georges Dumezil, if all social structures are analyzed, it will be found that this threefold division only evolved into an all embracing world-view and value structure among particular peoples. Although its origins are unknown, this threefold division of duties or orders is perfectly clear. It is given expression in various triads which easily embrace religion, warfare and work; kingship, martial strength and fecundity; the priesthood, power and productivity; priests, warriors and producers (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva); Brahmans, Kshatriyas (warriors) and Vaishyas (farmers and merchants), Shudras or slaves being as it were outcasts; Jupiter, Mars and Quirinus; Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches; the senatorial, equestrian and plebeian orders. Interaction takes place between the socio-political and the mythological organizations, each structure being reflected in the other, but they do not always develop at the same pace. Myth changes more slowly than reality, although sometimes it may anticipate it.

3 Buddhist existences: Parikalpita-svabhava - Paratantra-svabhava - Parinispanno-svabhava
Triad in Occult Philosophy: The Vital Soul - The Animal Soul - The Rationalized Soul

*** Salem Witchcraft Trials: Fear of witches reached panic proportions after:

(1) a teenaged girl had an argument with a washer-woman. The next day, the girl had convulsions and complained of pains all over her body.
When her (2) younger brother and
(3) sister also complained of pains, the washer-woman was brought to trial on the suspicion of being a witch. She was convicted and hanged.

*** Myvyrian Archaeology cites King Arthur as saying: I have three heroes in battle, Mael the tall - Llyr, with his army - Caradoc, pillar of Wales. He also names 3 Bards of Britain: Merlin Ambrose - Merlin the son of Morfyn, called also Merlin the Wild - Taliesin, chief of the bards; 3 golden-tongued knights: Gawain, son of Gwyar - Drydvas, son of Tryphin - Eliwlod, son of Madag, and Uther; 3 honorable feasts of Britain: Feast of Caswallaun, after repelling Julius Caesar from the isle - Feast of Aurelius Ambrosius, after he conquered the Saxons - Feast of King Arthur, at Carleon upon Usk.

3 parts to each Astrological sign called a detonate or decan
*** Homer & other Greek poets wrote of a legendary ship called a Trireme. The 120 foot long wooden vessels were powered by 170 oarsman on three levels, whose main task was to ram enemy ships at high speed.

TRIPLICATE: If you happen to be a tour guide, it's very easy to memorize the facts about the Church of the Trinity in Waldassen, Germany. Since it has 3 towers & 3 turrets, each turret with 3 dormer windows; 3 rook with 3 openings in each; 3 windows & 3 doors in each part of the structure; 3 large & 3 small crosses; 3 altars & 3 staircases; 3 doorways & 3 columns; 3 lights & 3 niches; 3 bays & 3 windows in each bay; 3 statues of the Virgin Mary; The designer was George Dientzhofer, the 3rd architect in his family; The church took exactly 33 months, 333 weeks, & 33 days to build; It cost 33,333 florins & 33 kreuzer.

3 days, May 9, 11, 13, are when expiatory rites were held to expel the lemurs (ghosts), Evil spirits of the dead who often appeared as skeletons and were known to strike the living with madness. The temples were closed and marriages were prohibited. (Roman Myth)

3-fold law of Karma believed by religious witches: "Magic returns to the sender magnified 3 times."
3 senseless creatures of Buddhist mythology: Tiger (anger) - Monkey (greed) - Deer (love-sickness)
3-patterned phrase on Nazi belt buckle: "Gott Mit Uns" (God With Us)
3 patterned philosophy in Moonie religion: One Heart - One World - One God
3 sixes (666) or 616 have been used to represent the Anti-Christ, Devil, Satan, Evil one, etc.
3 eights (888), in antiquity, was the sacred number of Jesus

3 z's (ZZZ), in antiquity, symbolized the Christian Holy one - Triple Rays - and the exclamation Sanctus! Sanctus! Sanctus! (Holy! Holy! Holy!)

3 S's (SSS): 3 knots or 3 Solomans. With a line (SSS), it meant The Holy One, (zigzag of effulgence)

The dollar sign of today (one S with two vertical lines), is believed to be the modern-day usage of the triple Z's or triple S's. (Does All Mighty Dollar come from this?)

3 S's (SSS) of modern military men refer to morning routine: Shit - Shower - Shave
Triad in Mesopotamian religion: Anu (An) - Bel (Enilil) - Ea (Sumerian Enki)
3 Taoist gods: Yu Ch'ing, Pearly Azure - Shang Ch'ing, Upper Azure - T'ai Ch'ing, Supreme Azure
3 intoxifications of Buddhism: Hate - Ignorance - Lust
3-lettered names to denote Buddha: Foh, Fuh, Pot, Put, But
3 patterned motto of ancient Persian religion: Good thoughts - Good words - Good deeds
3 ancient Egyptian gods for solar "phases": Horus (morning) - Ra (noon) - Atum (dusk)
3 Christian evangelical counsels: Holy obedience - Perpetual chastity - Voluntary poverty
3 Christian virtues: Faith, symbolized by a cross - Hope, symbolized by an anchor - Charity, symbolized by a chalice or light.

Trinity of the Celtic Brigantian Empire: Virgin - Mother - Crone
3 gates: The New Jerusalem
3 mockings of Christ: Struck by Malchus - Before Herod - Pilate's order to be scourged

Three Wise Men came to me
with three gifts, on Christmas morn
they had followed a star to see
the saviour-king who was newly born
And when I was a young child
exploring the world as a child plays
I got lost for three days
but within a home of God, I smiled
A spirit led me into the wilderness
to be three times tempted by the Devil
Satan wanted to make me one of his
but I gave visiting angels my soul
I taught so that all might remember-
"to Ask, to Seek and to Knock"
for with these keys, all things surrender
and Heaven's doors unlock
I was 3 times ten plus 3 years old
speaking out for Faith, Hope & Charity
some thought me evil, others called me bold
but what I did, I did for thee
"I am not," was all that Peter would say
when asked if he is one of my disciples
his third denial came after I was led away,
before the moment a cock crows
Many think I dropped the cross three times
on the way to my crucifixion
and with two others found guilty of crimes,
that 3 of us had embarked towards Heaven
It is believed that three nails were used
to bind each hand and both feet
- my executioners expected to be abused
but with words like these I chose to speak:
"And though my flesh deeply pangs for water
while blood also trickles from each hand,
please forgive them oh Father
for they do not understand"

It was Pilate who inscribed above my head,
in Greek, Latin and Hebrew,
on a wooden plaque that could be read:
'Jesus the Nazarene the King of every Jew'
When at 3 o'clock, I was to take my leave
so that future generations might believe,
some say I said this simple phrase of three:

"I am thirsty"

One nearby, rushed up to me
with a sponge soaked in sour wine
but others around said "Let him be!",
to see if God would save me in time
It was on the third day that I rose
after having been crucified
and every kind-hearted person knows,
it was for each of you that I died
Three women with spices sweet,
came to soothe their hearts by anointing me
but I had gone before them, to Galilee
for it is there we were to meet
To my disciples behind shut doors,
I came twice to be heard
then near the sea of the Tiberieas shores,
meant this visit was my third
I asked Simon Peter three questions
knowing he would answer the same
my undying love was given in these lessons,
so that all the future might gain
All authority in Heaven and on Earth
had been given to me on the day,
that I had known since my birth
I would be ascending with yet much to say
but, so that all nations might realize
hoping all peoples would come to hear it
my disciples were sent out to baptize,
"in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit"
Like a thief in the night,
I am to come unto you
though some believe this untrue,
I pray your heart shines my light
Tis not a mystical coincidence
that my life's story has patterns-of-three
you must come to know of its significance
as my love for you has not forsaken thee.
(Note: this is a condensed version of a poem with 333 lines:Three Wise Men poem English Version )

3 Indian deities for solar "phases": Apollo (rising) - Hari/Vishnu (midday) - Indra (setting)

*** In Chinese belief, if the souls of the just were not sent back immediately to a new life on Earth they might go to the dwelling place of the Immortals. The Palace of Immortality contained three gods who were originally human beings but were deified as a result of merit or good fortune: Shou-Lao is the god of long life, Fu-Hsing is the god of happiness, Lu-Hsing is the god of salaries.

3 humans who went to Heaven to perform service, according to Tannaitic sources: Enoch - Elijah - Moses

*** In Irish Folk Tales, the first three days of May were when great powers were given to demons, witches, and fairies by the Evil One. (Origin of our May-day! May-day! May-day! call for help?)

3 Greek/Roman gods; (Heaven - Earth - Underworld): Zeus - Poseidon - Hades/Jupiter - Neptune - Apollo
3 sons of Zeus & Europa: Minos - Rhadamanthus - Sarpedon
3 sacred Hindu fires: Ahavaniya - Daksinagni - Garhapatya
*** Jainism: Right Knowledge - Right Faith - Right Conduct
Eschatology: Second Coming - Resurrection - Last Judgement
3 forms of Odin in Eddic Mythology: Har - Jafnhar - Thridi
3 mysterious figures amongst Norse gods: Hoenir - Lodurr - Mimir
*** Ancient Egypt Theban Triad: Amun - Mut - and their son Khans
3 ancient Egypt central religious figures: Horus - Isis - Osiris
3 Greek mythological snake-haired sisters: Stheno - Euryale - Medusa
3-pronged trident: Poseidon
3-forked lightning: Jupiter
3 monstrous offspring by Loki and Angroboda: Fenrir - Hel - Jormungund
3 hags possessing immense power in Norse Myth: Urdr - Verdandi - Skuld
3 Fates: Clotho - Lachesis - Atropos
3 Furies: Tisiphone - Megaera - Alecto
3 Graces: Aglaia - Euphrosyne - Thalia

*** The Maya believed 3 stars in the Orion Constellation (Alnitak - Saiph - Rigel) were arranged by the gods as a triangular hearth, enclosing the smoke of the fire creation - the nebula.

3-faced goddess in Greek Mythology: Hecate
3-headed creature: Cerberus
Triple headed god in Gallic Mythology: Cernunnos
3 precious possessions of Thor: Girdle of strength - Iron gloves - Magic hammer

*** The Gnostic savior Hermes Trismegistus, or "Thrice-great Hermes" was the legendary founder of alchemy in the West.

*** Observed by the fiery river, the Tartaruchian angels have iron rods with 3 hooks with which they pierce the bowels of sinners.

*** Themis (Right/Divine Justice) and Dike (Human Justice) sat next to Zeus in Olympus.
*** Amma is a supreme god of the Dogon tribe of Mali who mated with the Earth 3 times.

*** Nzame is the name of the Fan people of the Congo who lived on Earth with 3 sons. White man - Black man - Gorilla. Nzame is a shadowy god, impossible to represent in Clay - Wood - or Stone.

*** In the Caribbean region of the Americas, the great strength of pre-Columbian art from this region is in stone. Small, Tri-pointed carvings that were often human or Zoomorphic in form, represented the spirits Recoil of the land. The Taino culture is famous for these Zemi carvings, which are found in many of the islands, notably Puerto Rico and Hispaniola.

3 gods of Northern Europe at Upsala in Sweden had 3 images: Odin (or Wodan) as a warrior in mail - Thor with his scepter holding, as greatest god, the middle place - and Freyr with his customary phallic symbols of fecundity and peace.

*** Chian-Lan is a tutelary of Chinese mythological gods or protectors with 3 eyes, the third being in the middle of the forehead.

*** A Criosphinx is one of the three varieties of the Egyptian sphinx, having the head of a ram, as distinguished from the Androsphinx, with the head of a human, and Hieracosphinx or hawk-headed sphinx.

*** In statuary, Minerva (Roman goddess of wisdom) is commonly represented with a Spindle - Spool - and Needle
The only three divinities worshiped in the Roman Capital were Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva.

*** Teiresias's testimony: If the parts of love-pleasure be counted as ten, thrice three go to women, one only to men.

*** Manfred Barthel, describes Martin Luther's theology as "By grace alone, By faith alone, by Holy writ alone."

*** John Calvin prescribed three necessary things for salvation:

(1) Loyalty to his church
(2) Observance of the sacraments of the Lord's supper and baptism
(3) Obedience to the rule of the civil government.

*** St. Bernadette Soubirous was said to have been entrusted with 3 secrets given to her by the Immaculate Conception between February 11 and March 25, 1858.

*** The outer doorways of Stonehenge are called "Trilithons" (Three stones)
*** In 1951 Lachlan Stuart showed a photograph of a 3-humped Loch Ness "Monster"

*** On August 3,1965, Rex Heflin took 3 photographs (said to be genuine) of a UFO

*** It has been quite common during the "UFO era" for 1 "to" 3 people to be abducted by 1 "to" 3 aliens or they saw 1 "to" 3 UFO's (sometimes referred to as 3 lights in a triangle formation). (The right hemisphere imaginatively attempts to construct a representational image of an individual's transitional psycho-maturational development from a 2 to a 3-patterned (conscious) focus. The right hemisphere is attempting (with the "tools"/attributes that are specific to its processing ability,) to "understand" the-individualized 3-patterned left hemispheric metamorphoses that for some, can be quite painful, distressing, or lead them to falsely consider-they are going insane. All the pain, distress, and (false) claims of feeling oneself going insane (from divulging or keeping to oneself the variety of images made available to consciousness through the use of metaphor, imagery, and "mirage"- like allusions,) are because humanity does not yet appreciate the processes of evolutionary development with respect to a 1-2-3 maturation-developing consciousness. Instead, their unwarranted fears attempt to suppress their individualized psycho-maturational evolution by way of drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, religion, etc . . .) (Karl Marx said Religion is the opiate of the Masses.)

*** Probably the oldest recorded dreams and their interpretations are found in the ancient tale-Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh, which originated some 2000 years B.C. The Epic of Gilgamesh (Gilgamesh was a Sumerian king), was originally part of the cultural heritage of all the oriental nations and was translated into many different languages. The story tells of Gilgamesh's ancestor, Utnapishtim, the only immortal being on Earth, and of Gilgamesh's long adventure-filled journey with Enkidu, his friend from the Steppes, in search of eternal life and the way to overcome death. Some lines from the poem are: 'Shall we find the trail of Humbaba (an enemy warrior) thus? Let us look at some dreams, one after the other. May the dreams be threefold'...

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