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Note: I use the word "Consciousness" because it is commonly defined as a superior form of mental state and it is a familiar concept with respect to an appreciation of an aptitude that humans share and other life are believed not to possess, though some animal lovers and researchers would argue this point. However, I do not believe humanity has achieved consciousness. It has only achieved some semblance of acknowledged awareness. Hence, the "Third Consciousness" ("Tricameral Consciousness") actually refers to a state of mentality we have not yet achieved, but is a third stage of awareness:

Awareness Acknowledged Awareness Consciously Acknowledged Awareness
Basic responses to light, heat, cold, geomagnetism, etc... (mistakenly referred to as basic consciousness) Development of Me- Myself- I (mistakenly referred to as common consciousness) Sometimes labeled God, Genius, etc... (mistakenly referred to as Super-consciousness)
Viruses, bacteria, microbes, plants, insects, amphibians, reptiles, mammals... Humans (and some claim primates, horses, porpoises, dogs, etc...) Future humans? Hybrids? Aliens?

In speculation, it may be the case with a developing (3rd) consciousness that humans will have the ability to more readily project "impression-created phenomena" of a 3rd consciousness into more manifest "holographic" forms which appear external to the body and may subsequently be "innocently" (elementarily) labeled shadows, movement, glimmering light, etc... Such perceptions may be fleetingly gasped by one's peripheral vision or other senses that may be heightened by an expectation of an occurrence through an acknowledgment of a possible occurrence of an appearance. While some observers might want to refer to such manifestations as being due to a type of auto-suggestive state influenced by an internalized form of belief that is induced by some form of endorphin-related narcotic trance, it is necessary to consider that while beliefs do in fact influence what a person thinks they see, hear, feel, etc., such beliefs may be vague representations of an ongoing process of brain development, and do not represent that which is claimed by any cultural observance, whether such is described by the then current religious, scientific, or metaphysical views.

Such an ability in humanity's present state of evolution, may be an immature form of a developing feature that, at present, uses vague extensions of itself with symbolic character traits. In other words, those who participate in such activities as seances, conjuring spells, praying to a god, seeing aliens, claiming they were abducted by aliens, hear ghosts, have a vision, go to the limit in a sports event, etc., may be those who are experiencing different levels of a developing 3rd consciousness which manifests itself in a variety of forms depending on language, social context, individual knowledge, physical condition, etc... Such phenomena may be nothing more than symbolic extensions of an underlying brain development process much in the same manner that a person experiences variations of a phantom limb phenomena after an arm or leg has been amputated.

Whose to say that a developing consciousness does not work in a reverse course of expression to the extent that it is not the loss of a part of the brain which influences the perception of "phantom-like" impressions that have a variety of names, but that the gain of a brain part, if even on a microscopic level, influences the impressions of what may be metaphorically referred to as caricatures of a new development in perceptual reality? This seems to be the case when we site such instances of an ancient primitive-brained humanity seeing/explaining natural phenomena as representing the activities of gods. Not only were separate gods once assigned to explain the occurrence of weather events, but also individual emotions and larger socio-religious processes. Such "explanations" as (good, bad, or indifferent) gods, ghosts, demons, angels, aliens, dragons, witches, etc., may be context-driven symbolic representations of a developing consciousness in its very early stages.

Yet we must wonder whether such "supernatural" (other than normally occurring) mental impressions do in fact represent a 3rd-consciousness, or are merely the murmurings of the human brain developing its 1st level of consciousness. Just because we humans like to pride ourselves on the consideration that we are the superior species on the planet Earth and that our level of awareness is interpreted as being of a superior form of brain activity that we label consciousness, does not necessarily mean we have achieved the very consciousness we so readily claim we have. It may be that all our technological achievements are nothing more than symbolic extensions of an ongoing mental development that loses the recognition of such because humans permit their technologies to determine a faulty level of mental development having been achieved.

In other words, by labeling our weapons, communications, and transportation devices as superior, we have in fact transferred this label from the ancient views that the various gods were superior. While it is true that our technologies are items that can be touched, as opposed to the ethereal forms of made-up gods, we are still resorting to the usage of ancient labels in describing these mental manifestations no matter if we of today think that our technologies are "real" and the views of gods, dragons, witches, etc., are not real. If we had a means to venture to the past and ask a person in ancient Roman Times what is more real to them, their gods or our "flying machines," no doubt they would think we were crazy. Or how about telling them about "pictures flying over the air" called television, or for that matter, describe to them that the world is round and it is not the center of the Universe? All our present-day technologies may be nothing more than different forms of expressed mythologies....Yet, why is this so? Why does humanity perpetuate similar mythological themes in a variety of guises?

While one observer of a developing 3rd consciousness-created series of phenomena may interpret their experiences from a religious perspective and apply their specific religion's language idioms to such, another person from a scientific perspective may do so with language labels consistent with their interest, and still another person from a metaphysically religious scientific "New Age" open-mindedness may likewise find the usage of their own language labels most relevant. All individuals from these 3 groups may agree that such phenomena can only be perceived by those with a particularly unique sensitivity. Yet, all 3 of these broad perspectives may employ language labels that are wholly inadequate for correctly identifying the phenomena to the extent of being able to make better use of their developing 3rd consciousness for the purpose of promoting further developmental growth of its appearance. In short, the language labels employed and the accompanying responses are inadequate tools for enhancing appreciation and cultivation of their individualized 3rd consciousness growth. It requires a new form of language that may not yet exist on Earth, or may exist in a very immature state within each of us.

However, if a person does manage to cultivate an enhanced expression of a 3rd consciousness, will it and they be readily accepted into their social environment or become ostracized as some sort of alien? Will their mannerisms, responses, likes, dislikes, etc., become viewed as too unusual, too weird, too strange for normal tastes, even for those who claim themselves to have a very open mind? Will everything about them change at once or will there be incremental changes that may or may not be fully manifested to the same degree in every case? If they are not welcomed in the larger society, where do they go? Do they create their own sub-culture and thereby be looked upon as a possible threat to established norms that those in power react violently against?

In a primitive fashion of 3rd consciousness development, individuals may be unconsciously cultivating it by engaging in a routine practice of doing unroutine things in a repetitive way, such as by enhancing their ability to distinguish detailed phenomena that escapes the awareness of the usual observer; as does a football coach who watches and re-watches film clips of his players in action in an attempt to identify flaws, hesitancies, or highly desirable features. We not only find this in football, but also when police look at surveillance films, or musicians listening over and over again to some musical piece, or a person who re-reads the same book several times. There are various examples that could be offered.

A repetition of activities often called "practice," permits an individual with the awareness of a certain degree of competency. Another person who repeats a repetition of a form of repetition acquires still another form of competency that includes an acknowledged awareness of the competency and that there is a conscious difference in acquisition between mere awareness and acknowledging their own awareness. And yet another person who repeats a form of repetition that repeats itself not as a consequence of the acknowledged awareness but as a conscious element of acknowledging the awareness that repetition can induce an illusion of competency in being aware of a certainty due to its recurrence, has achieved some measure of a consciously acknowledged awareness. Such activities, while they may appear to be semantic conundrums to some readers, are used in this context to illustrate the possibility that our socially-accepted variations of practicing (repetition) in sports, production lines, life cycle, etc., may be symbolically parallel to other types of expressing representations of a 3rd consciousness state of "development in progress," along evolutionary lines of growth. This developmental process may in fact be individually determined along genetic lines consistent with race, gender, nutrition, etc., as well as cultural forces in particular environmental contexts. With this in mind, it should be noted that a political environment, by its very design, can inhibit or encourage the developmental expression of a growing consciousness.

Note: Our present form of Democracy is still tethered to an ancient two-patterned world-view of polarization which inevitably breeds recurring social "mood swings" such as:

Economic prosperity ~ versus ~ Economic recession,...
War ~ versus ~ Peace,...
Civil strife ~ versus ~ Civil complacency,...

etc...hence, our children, our grandchildren, and our great grandchildren have nothing new to look forward to as long as the present form of Bipolar Democracy exists.

A bipolar form of social self-governance such as our present form of Democracy, creates a social environment which fosters the growth of companies whose executive officers are particularly two-patterned oriented in the sense that they view themselves as winners and all others as losing competitors. In fact, what can be found in many corporate offices is an atmosphere of "us versus them" which in many cases is outlined by a poster containing Company Values that highlights such ideas as "Winners vs Losers," and may give other examples as well. However, from this two-patterned perspective frequently arises a one-patterned self- serviance for which we are well aware of and have adopted Anti-trust laws for. In short, what must be considered is that a "mood swing" in the social environment is a response to an underlying social metamorphosis attempting some measure of growth towards an expression of a "Third Consciousness." Necessarily so, many Company Executive Officers, Politicians, Court Justices, various government- sponsored law enforcement agencies, and others, will fight against the growth of a socially dominant "Third Consciousness" because they react in a bi-polar fashion of feeling threatened to circumstances they are unfamiliar with.

In addition to the idea of "Bi-polar," there is also the idea of Schizophrenia which is defined as "contradictory" manifestations of impulse, idea, or effect. (Two-patterned ideas are frequently found to have three examples.) In short, many Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Counselors of the world, as well as intelligent lay people, are analyzing themselves and others based on a two-patterned ideology in an attempt to find some third position frequently labeled "happy medium." They are overlooking the overall "Three" pattern even though they themselves practice an underlying three-patterned preference. They don't recognize the brain as an organ that can progress along evolutionary lines in their life time which can affect them as an individual and not necessarily affect anyone else that is a part of their immediate social sphere. They think that all of evolution takes place very subtly over long expanses of time and does not affect any one person or group of people in any blatantly manifest way during a short period of time. So any overwhelming evolutionary change that they may experience on an individual basis is interpreted to be an Emotional problem, a Mental problem, an Education problem, a Social problem, a Gender problem, a Racial problem, etc... They may even say "Why Me"?" Why is this happening to me"?" Why can't I be like everyone else"?" Why can't I be normal"?

Such people may seek out confirmation that they are not "crazy" by sometimes going to professionals who may themselves be going to other professionals who may also be going to other professionals to address the same question!!! And not a single one of them is considering that they may be experiencing an evolutionary change in consciousness. No doubt, along with this developmental change in consciousness comes misinterpretations in describing the new perceptions.

For example, we could very well interpret early Man's (so-called) acts of brain surgery called trephination, performed by the village (male or female) shaman, witch-doctor, etc., in an attempt to remove some perceived non-normal (untypical) thought (vision) that was felt by an individual and/or significant others to be an indication of something being wrong with them; as a misguided act of intervention to assuage mythologically-fashioned fears... When in fact the individual may have been experiencing an evolutionary development in consciousness, for which there was no socialized level of acceptance, knowledge, and understanding thereof. No less, while in a modern circumstance we don't see people walking around with holes in their head from some archaic form of brain surgery (nose, tongue, and ear piercing notwithstanding); even though it wasn't too many years ago that electrical shock treatments to the brain were frequently used in an attempt to remove some perceived non-normal thought, behavior, or whatever, we nonetheless do see another form of "expert" (village elder) approach through the (over)-use of psycho-tropic (and other forms of) drugs. Hence, in both the old and newer versions of treating insanity, craziness, "losing one's mind," etc., the individual is deemed to be not crazy, not evil, not in league with the devil, (or, in the modern sense, "not on drugs") when they (and their families) have succumbed to the subservient (paying) role of being under the "guidance" (manipulative control) of someone claiming to know better, to have better insight, to be more conscious of the "facts," etc., ...(So much for the advancement of medicine in some areas.)

It stands to reason that if we can find a 1- 2- 3 developmental sequence in genetics, physiology, and language, then consciousness may very well proceed along a similar developmental route. And along with this comes a greater philosophy of mind.

The full realization of this "third" consciousness which seems to act like a dormant seedling awaiting appropriate environmental circumstances in which to blossom, can not be achieved in a social environment which fosters a two-patterned perspective such as the present two-party Democracy.

All the so-called "Objective," "Respected," "For Public Good" Institutions might as well lose government funding for all the good they are going to do when presented with "problems" that arise due to an evolving consciousness. This is true for Religious-based social programs as well, that many people feel should not be sponsored by government funds and should instead be allowed to fade away just like other ideas based largely on superstitious and antiquated notions. If religions do not evolve, and instead perpetuate their antiquated views by being assisted in their continuance by being sponsored by government funds, they will be another element forcing individuals to comply to an as yet unrecognized silent "don't let your consciousness evolve" way of life. Many religious leaders and intellectuals prefer that you maintain the old two-patterned views of Heaven/Hell, Good/Evil, Jesus/Satan, etc, basically because they have mastered such ideas to the extent of being able to provide themselves a living by harboring such views; particularly if they can get you to believe in them even if in private, they no longer do.

Fortunately for humanity, there are many individuals who won't comply to the peer pressure of the status quo. They may be labeled rebels, misfits, outsiders, "different," "weird," "out of touch," etc., because their ideas are so "unusual" (i.e. original, creative, intuitive) from everyone else in their immediate social surroundings... The others may collectively agree (in the customary unspoken fashion of politically correct acceptance amongst the dominant hierarchy) that they (and thus their traditional ideas) are normal, whereby, since the "Rebel's" ideas are not like their own (and particularly if the Rebel does not agree with them in an out- spoken fashion), there must be something wrong with this rebellious individual; like a brain tumor, chemical imbalance, bad genetics, etc... all of which are frequent misinterpretations resulting in adults (and children) being given various types of drugs they don't need, or isolated away from "normal" people into some (falsely labeled) "Corrections" institution so that they may "come to their senses." {Such methods of incarceration are little more than variations of an old Religious idea that "greater understanding" can be achieved through isolation from the world when placed amongst those with like-minded ideals.}

Most "Rebels" do not express themselves in anti-social, unlawful, or unproductive ways, since they have accepted the recognition that they do not/can not go the way of the crowd because their consciousness is more suited for a future age. They are not out of place, they merely step to the beat of a different drummer whose rhythm is a pattern-of-three. Sometimes they hear the beat as three knocks, or in a lecture by a speaker who makes a passing reference to "threes," or as three rings of a bell, or even their name being spoken three times... At other times they may not hear anything but see recurring patterns-of-three, or feel them, or perceive them in a variety of ways intermixed with sights, sounds, feelings, etc... There are numerous variations encountered. We might want to even consider whether the "knocks" on the chamber door mentioned in Edgar Allan Poe's poem "The Raven," is a symbolic re-creation of his own personal experience of having heard three knocks:

"Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered,
weak and weary
Over many a quaint and curious volume of
forgotten lore,
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there
came a tapping,
As of someone gently rapping, rapping at my
chamber door."

Though some might want to suggest the foregoing as representing two knocks, the usage of the rhyme "tapping" can infer a "first consideration" of interpretation as an attempt to describe an event that was then outlined with a conventional representation more familiar to speech of the day and age as a definitive sort of summary. For example, in one age the usage of the words "swim wear" might later be expressed as swim suit or bathing suit, or swimming trunks... or other wise.

One such example is my (in much younger years) personal experience of "seeing" three successive flashes of light in my brain when there is lightning nearby (but at no other time), even though I was in a room with obscured windows and my eyes were closed, with bed covers overhead. (I placed the covers overhead to test the hypothesis of whether or not the groupings of three successive flashes of light were somehow entering my eyes, though light through available windows was considerably dimmed... apart from the darkness.)

Those that heed the "call of three" often-times seek out others who have acknowledged the "three," and have accepted it as an important part of their lives. We find such an acceptance in many religions as well as Celtic practices. The only trouble with this is that many of these types of communities practice such an acknowledgment wrapped in musty garments of antiquated rituals that suffocate the full realization of a society with a "Third Consciousness."

Even more Unfortunate with respect to individuals, is that many of them disregard the "message" and instead take paths in their life which provide them with less meaning then they rightly deserve. Such paths are sometimes felt to be due to particular circumstances experienced during their formative years. Other paths are labeled as fate, chance, or varying degrees of luck. Nonetheless, many of them suffer innumerable experiences of social ostracism, feelings of alienation, disenchantment, or disfranchisement, among other things, from several segments of humanity. On some occasions, some of them may go to extremes to appear to others (as well as themselves) as being "normal" and still retain a measure of individuality, defined by such activities as getting drunk (by the drink of their choosing), being promiscuous, dating inter-racially (due to intimidation, ridicule, or spite), taking drugs, absorbing themselves in some "respectable" religion while having no real faith, or even by joining a gang, etc... No less, they may even attempt more socially acceptable behaviors by joining the FBI "gang," or some other law (self identity) enforcement "gang" that is respectfully labeled an "organization."

However, since the word "gang" is associated with anti-social activity, it receives the status of a four-letter vulgar word and is deemed inappropriate when assigned to those groups who are perceived by others and themselves as public servants upholding laws developed by a legislative process elected by the people. We also do not hear such expressions as "religious gangs," "education gangs," "charity gangs," etc... In order to use such a word in this day and age, one must provide an explanation and validation by giving some example to past groups whose concerted work efforts were called "gangs," such as the gangs of builders during pyramid construction in Ancient Egypt. Or we might want to use an old nautical phrase of "walking the gang plank" which, in its own way, is attributed to the seedy element known as pirates, though it may not have meant, nor been spelled the same at that time as it is today. But more on gangs a little later.

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