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-An Alien Mind-

(The Study of Threes)

I have sub-titled this page "An Alien Mind" as a means of indicating a precursive requirement needed in order for some to appreciate the information. Although I am writing in the English language, and much of the information is known in different contexts, the particular arrangement of the information for the present discussion requires some readers to think outside their customary patterns of so-called "normal human thinking". Indeed, they may claim that we do not speak the same English language. While some may view the overall content as a theme of science fiction, it is not intended in this manner.

I think that the reason we can find not only a wide-spread variety of three-patterned examples but also an increase, is because there is an environmentally influenced genetic predisposition proceeding along a 1- 2- 3 maturational development sequence.

Let me make some generalized remarks:

  • Our thoughts are processes of our physiology.
  • Our physiology is due to our genetics.
  • Our genetics (DNA/RNA/Proteins) displays structures defined as triplet codon systems and primary-secondary-tertiary + a (3 from 1) quaternary composite, respectively.
  • The development of our genetics/proteins is said to have possibly occurred in what is sometimes referred to as a "primordial soup or broth."
  • The primordial soup/broth/stew (s/b/s) is said to have been "under full head of steam" some 3 1/2 to 4 (or 5) billion years ago.
  • The Primordial s/b/s occurred in an environment considered to have had little or nor atmospheric oxygen (like stale water), little ozone protection from the Sun's rays, and on an Earth that was spinning faster.
  • How hot it was, how often lightning struck, how frequent were volcanic eruptions/ earthquakes, etc., is up for anyone's guess.
  • The Moon, due to having a closer proximity to the Earth, loomed large in the sky and had more effect on the tides than does the Moon of today.
  • The size of the Sun was smaller (hence the notion of a "faint young Sun"), but it is increasing. One day it will envelope Mercury, Venus and Earth as it expands towards its eventual burnout.

In a sense, the presence of so many threes examples has been a sort of "Three Languages" Rosetta Stone enabling me to decipher what some might loosely refer to as a "Message."

I would like the reader to fully understand that the following idea is my own interpretation of why patterns-of-three are occurring in so many aspects of our lives. Others interested in the "threes phenomena" have their own respective ideas. Place credit or blame on me as you will. Such an interpretation places me in the position of being a translator... of sorts, no different than those who "translate" evidence into a workable hypothesis, be it in criminology, bacteriology, philosophy, psychology, anthropology, medical treatment, automotive diagnostics, crossword puzzle-ology or whatever. And before any of you try to jump to the last chapter, or fast forward to the final scenes, let me spell it out "The Threes Message" for you: The Earth is dying through a process of attrition brought on by a slowing Earth rotation and an expanding Sun. If humanity, as a species wants to survive, it must pool all of its resources to build arks of spaceships to move on.

The logic I have applied in my "Threesological" research is one in which I have looked for a source of influence to explain the existence of what we might call naturally occurring patterns-of-three such as the triplet codon in DNA/RNA and the assortment of three-patterned structures in our physiology. These particular types of patterns-of-three preclude any cultural bias such as one encounters when exposed to three-patterned advertisements, three-patterned clothing sizes, three grades of vehicle gasoline, a three-divisioned government, a three-day exercise routine, 3-patterned geometrics (Bermuda triangle, triangulated communications), etc..., just as does the 1- 2- 3 babbling and word development stages in infants and young children.

After I became aware of what is believed to be a universally used triplet coding system amongst all life forms, namely DNA, I began to wonder what on Earth could have influenced such a pattern? I wasn't satisfied with accepting the notion that "God" or some other form of alien being planted it on Earth. While such notions are at the limits of imaginative thinking for thousands of people, such explanations are most suited to the rationale of a mentality still plagued by medievalistic horrors of assumed fire and brimstone, if not a schizophrenic's (ambivalent) emotionalized-intellectual traipsing through Dante's Inferno.

By underlining, for emphasis, the phrase "What On Earth?", could have influenced a pattern-of-three influence in the design of a (DNA) triplet codon system, at least retrospectively, I did just that... Well, on the Earth and its planetary neighborhood anyway. But long before I got to this point, I had to sift through hundreds and hundreds of "threes" that in some ways might be labeled as referred indicators, similar to the manner in which we might describe referred pain. (An effect caused by something that appears not to show an effect, like a ripple in a pond that undulates outward yet the point of origin has no lingering indication. Such is the overall case for religious concepts, philosophy, mathematics, music, and multiple other areas of human interest. In short, they all led either to dead ends or were self-starting ripples that looped back on themselves creating more and more ripples, some of which ultimately cancel each other out.) Though we may not know the exact pond(s) or rock(s) used in the origin of life, we might nonetheless unravel by what process the original events took place.

Yet long before this consideration, I realized that the Sun followed a triangular path from dawn through noon to dusk, and not a linear "across the sky" nor circular "over the sky" route as depicted in old texts with illustrations; as well as being used by modern peoples to describe the movement of the Sun from dawn to dusk. It wasn't until after the triangular pattern of the Sun stuck out like a sore thumb after accidentally looking directly into the sun, that the one-two-three stroboscopic irradiation event came to mind as I thought about how it may have affected biological life on a fast spinning Earth. However, it was a while before I made any correlation ("connection") between it and the pattern-of-three in DNA. Putting aside the notions that some alien or god-like presence influenced the kind and form of life existing on Earth, explaining the origin of DNA in human terms led me to perspectives involving the origin of life.

The following image is of the Moon in eclipse, though the picture could just as easily be a picture of the Sun. I inverted the picture in order to show the complete pathway of ascent and descent. This is an actual picture taken from page 80 of the 10/97 issue of Natural History magazine.

inverted moon in eclipse moon in eclipse

The usage of time-lapsed photography gives us some indication of the environmental conditions early biological life processes were subjected to many billions of years ago when the Earth was spinning faster. Early biological processes would have been subjected to a repeating triangular image for long periods of time. It should be no wonder that we find this image being expressed in a variety of ways by different organisms, within the limitations of their physical/brain ("mental") ability to do so. If we humans of today can get sun-burned, it's not too difficult to appreciate how such a triangular image could have been "branded" on the sensitive, impressionable, (highly "suggestive") "hide" of our early biological beginnings. I recall that As a child, I would get the image of standing on a fast spinning Earth and watching the Sun, Moon, and Stars whisk by in a flickering (blinking) motion.

The engineer James Nasmyth (1808 - 1890) had a few words to say about the influential rays of the Sun.

"Before I take my leave of the public, I wish to put on record my speculations as to the origin of two subjects of remote antiquity, viz.: The Sun-ray origin of the Pyramids, and the Origin of the Arrow-head or Cuneiform Character:

First, with respect to the Sun-ray origin of the Egyptian Pyramids: In pursuing a very favorite subject of inquiry, namely the origin of forms, no portion of it appears to me to be invested with so deep an interest as that of the Worship of the Sun, one of the most primitive and sacred foundations of adorative religion, -- affecting as it has done, architectural structures and numerous habits and customs which have come down to us from remote antiquity, and which owe their origin to its influence. On many occasions, while beholding the sublime effects of the Sun's Rays streaming down on the earth through openings in the clouds near the horizon, I have been forcibly impressed with the analogy they appear to suggest as to the form of the Pyramid, while the single vertical ray suggests that of the Obelisk.

While others quite possibly have made the same connection and interpretation, the influence for the pyramid's (four separate but connected) triangular design formula may very well have been born by Egyptian leaders looking directly into the "eye of god." When I had done so by accident, I reacted as one might when standing in a showered and being plummeted with an unexpected dowsing of cold water that no towel drying effectively removes from memory... no matter how many times we repeat the event by accident. I make mention of four separate triangular sides because their paintings of people with their shoulders facing towards the viewer indicates they (at least the painters anyway) had a different type of workable perspective. Likewise, although we of today can see the "depth" of another side to a pyramid, they may have had to make four separate but interconnected assemblages. While our modern mind may find this a bit odd, they no doubt would think it a bit odd that we can't decipher how the pyramids were constructed with such precision using such crude tools and no heavy equipment to move the large stones. The architecture of their brain/mind was constructed with a different perspective than ours, in more ways than just aligning their social efforts to certain stars they were focused on.

Sun and Moon along triangular pathways This animated image clearly shows that there is a triangular pathway but does not provide an easily identifiable indication of the three stroboscopic "moments" (dawn-noon-dusk) that would have affected biological life in a three-patterned stroboscopic fashion that was preceded by a two-patterned night/day sequencing which was preceded by a singular sequencing consistent with a distant "faint young sun," when it was smaller, thus further from the Earth and the presence of the Moon loomed large in the sky. The usage of time-lapsed photography to capture the slanted (triangular) path gives a good indication of how a fast spinning Earth during life's pristine biological development helped to create different environmental conditions that were not openly contemplated as such, when Stanley Miller's experiment was being undertaken.

Some three and a half to four/five billion years ago, the Earth's rate of daily rotation was considerably faster than our present 24-hour rate. {This is more fully elaborated on in the Earth's Rotation Rate pages at this site.} Different mathematical models based on varying criteria generally provide a rate between two to eight hours in duration. For perspective, whereas the Earth at the equator in our present day revolves around at a rate of approximately 1,000 miles per hour, an eight hour day would have tripled this rate. This accelerated rate would have caused the triangular and triple-patterned dawn-noon-dusk images to occur more frequently during life's biologically sensitive and impressionable development, as well as for thousands upon thousands of years thereafter... up to the present day with varying effects due to differences in biological complexity, length of exposure, placement on the Earth, etc... If we humans of today can get sun-burned, it's not too difficult to appreciate how such a triangular (and 1-2-3 strobe-light- like) images could have been "branded" on the "hide" of our early biological beginnings.


Was due to an
accelerated rotation rate:

Night/Day-sequence was due to
Earth's slowing rotation:

of Dawn~ Noon~ Dusk
was due to further slowing:
fast spinning Earth slow spinning Earth
noon day sun

rising Sun
slower spinning Earth

setting Sun
These "patterns" are related to the intensity and duration of ultra-violet (etc.) rays, as well as darkness, which are key influences of biological processes. Ultraviolet effects may have been that much more pronounced in an environment with a reduced ozone layer, along with the dominance of one or more gases, oxygen not necessarily being one of them. Night/day as well as seasonal variations determine many a species' viability and re-emergence when conditions are more suitable. However, we cannot dismiss such things as planetary (magnetic field) polarity reversals and gravity as having no influence. With respect to gravity, it is speculated that one of the influences in the evolutionary development of the heart is due to changes in gravity, with more gravity requiring a stronger heart, and a change in gravity thus affecting the types of species inhabiting the land at that time of increased or diminished gravity.

elliptical path of Sun triangular path of Sun
Impressionable organisms of the past were influenced by basic images/impressions.
3in1 (15K)

Though we of today can mentally envision a circular-like path of the Sun as if we were in a spaceship looking back at our Sun and Earth from a distance, our physiology is still quite rudimentary in that it is affected by the Sun, while we live and evolve on the Earth, with a three-patterned stroboscopic and triangular solar irradiation effects. The individualized (and/or) combined effects will change as the Earth's rotation slows and the Sun increases in size towards its burnout end-time. The Sun is expanding and the "three moments" (dawn- noon- dusk) are "fusing" into a 3 to 1, one from three ratio. These effects are nonetheless occurring right now.

The two celestial sphere images were adapted from:

--- Celestial Sphere ---

3 (gases) to 1 (water) ratio for Stanley Miller's Chemical Evolution experiment:

Methane~ Hydrogen~ Ammonia + water

Stanley Miller's Experiment
Stanley Miller's Experiment
---EXOBIOLOGY: Stanley Miller---
Three-electrode example
3 electrode system (4K)

Perhaps a type of three-electrode system should have been tried, along with magnetic filed polarization, juggling ingredients, centrifugal effects, temperature alterations, night/day sequencing, etc... Never mind that it sounds like were making a cake. Hmmm, it also sounds like a reference to an unborn baby when we say it's still being "cooked" in the oven (womb).

Stanley Miller may or may not have been the first person to experimentally attempt to recreate the conditions that are thought to have existed on Earth billions of years ago prior to, during, and after the building blocks of life emerged in what is sometimes referred to as a primordial soup. In his experiment, just like Dr. Frankenstein, he used lightning as the primary agent for giving life the impetus to get up and walk, talk (or grunt) and do some wasteful activity such as listen to a radio, watch TV or surf the internet... so to speak. Very few who watch a version of Frankenstein, or who read about Stanley Miller's experiment are given a socially acceptable incentive to question the validity for the use of lightning in one or both cases. While we can leave the story of Frankenstein to horror movie aficionados since altering the script too much might well raise their ire, unless of course such a re-write or experimentation is taking place in some secret study or laboratory, the story about Stanley Miller's experimental procedure invites further "(body) part by (body) part" dissective investigation, so to speak.

Whereas it is logically plausible that lightning flashes occurred billions of years ago when the building blocks of life were being mixed and matched into the beginnings of a coherency that will later take on the structure of a recognizable (reasonable) life form, it is only a conjecture as to whether or not such flashes may or may not have had a foremost effect on "telling" these early component parts what to do (or teach them how to "communicate" symbiotically with one another).

It should be understood by the reader that others have conducted their own brand of experimentation, as have I, but at the time of my own adventuresome efforts, I was using a fully formed living creature (with respect to its present evolutionary structure), namely some goldfish. Every time I subjected them to a three-patterned stroboscopic irradiation, they died on me. Talk about being a mad scientist... but I honestly had no idea they would expire so quickly. While my experiments at the time were focused on altering behavior, they were not a complete failure. After-which I saw the necessity of having a triple-patterned stroboscopic apparatus. I did have one built for me several years later, but have not as yet been able to put it to use. Such experimentation takes uninterrupted time, place, and a parcel of food, water, the occasional shower and a cot set up in a nearby corner. As Spartan as this might sound, the potential discovery for pushing the envelope of knowledge to the brink of genius (or madness), is well worth the effort. I'm an ideal candidate for some eccentric zillionare lavishing me with a no-expenses barred bank account. Watch out world, I may create the next walking, grunting Franken-goldfish! HA!

Experiments in chemical evolution are focused on a variety of interpretations related to an early Earth environment. One of my own interpretations has been from the perspective of speculating on the possibility that the triplet (codon) pattern and the helical structure of DNA might be representations of patterns which were present so many billions of years ago, if in fact they do not now exist in some fashion. Whether or not Stanley Miller's experiment tabled the discussion of solar irradiation effects while the Earth was spinning faster; it does not seem to have brought a discussion of what early environmental event(s) may have influenced the double-stranded helical of DNA. Put another way in order to get to the point, the DNA strand may exhibit an environmentally influenced biological rhythm of its own that may be reproducible in the laboratory. However, the initial environmental influence may not now exist at all or in the form which originally influenced the "coiled" formation in DNA. Nonetheless, it provides material for some interesting speculation.

While most images of the double helix DNA are presented to viewers in a vertical (up/down) position, on occasion you might come across one that is placed horizontally. The horizontally placed image reminds me of ocean waves. While some chemical evolution experiments have relied on static environments, it is of value for experimenters to adopt more dynamical environmental scenarios other than the simple application of "movement" in the sense of irradiation from sunlight, electrical impulses, or volcanic-like heat sources. If we strip away the labeling associated with one of the above portrayals of the DNA strand and then compare it to waves (whether of typical day-to-day oceanic patterns or patterns found in earthquakes such as the images below indicate, there are some striking similarities. Such similarities also influences us to consider whether or not they are suggestive of the depth(s) that the early life processes may have begun at. However, I am also reminded of sound wave patterns.

Perhaps one could offer the amusing scenario that life on Earth began by being seeded by an alien(s) who irradiated a portion of the ocean with a particular (3-patterned?) sound wave(s) pattern. Maybe some alien rock, rap, or jazz group used to practice "their music" on Earth because their parents didn't like the kind and level of noise enjoyed by a younger generation, so they told them to go practice some place else where no one would get disturbed. HA! Who says humanity isn't "disturbed?" I know at least three people who are as crazy as a 3-dollar bill.

DNA wave pattern (3K)

Rayleigh waves (3K) Love waves (2K)
Secondary waves (3K) Primary waves (2K)

Earthquake images adapted from:
--- Types of Earthquake waves ---

DNAscale (3K)

timem (4K) Playing the part of an instructor for a class of alien-minded students: In order to better appreciate what might have occurred so many billions of years ago, you will need to take out your time machines so that we may go on a journey to the past. What!? You forgot to bring your time machine to class? I don't want to hear any excuses about it being in the shop for repair or that your dog chewed the seat. You know quite well that the syllabus requires you to bring yours to class each and every day. You should know this is a class that does multiple field trips. We are not off to a good start. Just this once I'll permit you to double-up with those who have come prepared. Set your time-placement modulator into the search mode selector so that any land mass that existed some 3.5 to 4, 5 or 6 billion years ago will not be bypassed since it is not certain whether the super continent "Columbia" was present during this time; though it is thought to have existed around 1.5 billion years ago. You must also engage the automatic survival sphere enclosure around your time machine so that you will have the appropriate environmental protectives in place. The environmental conditions which were ripe for the pristine beginnings of life would no doubt be extremely harsh on life that has undergone several measurable evolutionary transitions.

Since humanity is a biological organism affected by environmental circumstances, humanity as we presently know it, will eventually become extinct unless we take steps to "upgrade" the genetic software to make it less susceptible to viruses, memory loss, and deterioration through the standard multiple copy program that it presently uses. The deterioration of the genetic code is the result of its close connection with the changes in the environment that are decaying as a result of the Earth's rate of rotation slowing and the Sun's expansion. For example, if you take a single cell and slowly deplete its environment of nutrients in a petri dish, it will adapt to its circumstances. Eventually however, it dies. Earth is humanity's petri dish.

The newest theory on continental drift and the development of the world's land masses is offered by Professor John J.W. Rogers (of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) and Dr. M. Santosh (of Kochi University in Japan):

  1. A primeval supercontinent dubbed "Columbia" began to break up about 1.5 billion years ago, and its fragments moved around the Earth independently for several hundred million years.

  2. About a billion years ago, the fragments came together again to form a new supercontinent, called Rodinia. Rodinia lasted until about 700 million years ago before it too broke into several fragments.

  3. These fragments moved independently until 250 million years ago, when the supercontinent Pangea formed. Pangea then began to break up almost immediately to form the world's present continents.

Now contrast this new three-patterned theory with the older three-patterned theory. You may notice that the two combined theories offer us a before and after description of continental drift and land mass development:

3 worlds (7K)

It is thought that at one time in the distant past that there existed a single grouping of all the continental masses that we of today label as Pangea. After so many millions of years, this singular land mass broke into two continental groupings called Laurasia and Gondwana Land. After many more millions of years, we of today acknowledge a third formation of Many continents, even though the word "Many" could be substituted with other labels such as 'a Few,' 'Some,' 'Several,' etc., or be given a specific numerical designation indicating a larger quantity than two. In any case, whether we use words, numbers, or some other symbols to designate another grouping formation, the fact still remains that the human mind has again used an overall three-patterned representation of an idea. And if we look to the future break of the continents due to continued continental drift, the designation does not change into what might be referred to as a fourth representation.

Well, this ends the discussion for today. I must get back to my time so as not to be late for my supper date. Hmmm, if only if I could remember if it was the 33rd or 333rd century. Oh well, I'll try both, unless I have dates for both dates! Yipes!

As an epilogue, here's a encapsulated scenario I used years ago in referencing the above information:

The following is a roadside signpost
with an arrow pointing you in the right direction:

Once, twice, thrice upon a time...

(I will try to keep this short and on an elementary level):

3 1/2 to 4 billion years ago, the building blocks of life were subjected to an Earth that was spinning much faster than it is today. Instead of our present 24 hour day - (depending on what mathematical model you use), the early Earth had a daily rate somewhere in the range of from a few seconds to about an hour or so.

  1. Quite obviously the young elements of life couldn't get it together at first because they were holding on for dear life (and getting dizzy) on this fast spinning merry-go-round. The Earth was spinning so fast, these elements saw/felt nothing but the Sun day in and day out for years and years and years.

  2. It was not until sometime later that these elements began getting a chance to get out of the Sun (and relax their white-knuckle grip) when the Earth had slowed down enough whereby a period of nighttime was created. No doubt some of the elements and those that hung out with them, began to prefer the night life on the town in the primordial soup and elsewhere, while others continued to wake up with the birds (so to speak), as they had always done merely out of habit.

  3. Further slowing of the Earth made the Sun's three "moments", Dawn~ Noon~ Dusk, produce a disco-like 3-patterned strobe light effect.

You should have been there. Some elements, metaphorically speaking, were dressed to kill, others were dressed to the "nines" and still others were streaking about the place. To watch them, one might think they had a blind date with destiny or something.

The building blocks of life had endured a 1-patterned total irradiation of the Sun that changed to a 2-patterned night/day sequence, which was followed by a 3-patterned Circadian-rhythm-producing strobe light effect. And along with this, because of the fast spinning Earth, as well as the very naive perception of the world that these young elements had, the ascent and descent of the Sun displayed a triangular pattern and not a circular one as we (with our current level/type of consciousness) perceive today. No less, as the Earth continues to slow down and the Sun continues to enlarge as it decays, the Sun's 3 "moments" are slowly "fusing" together thereby creating a 3 to 1 scenario.

We humans, as an Earth-borne complex biological organism, symbolically express the impressions created by the 1~ 2~ 3 sequence, triangular pattern and fusion images that were and are repeated to us like a non-stop record whose lyrics, melody and/or rhythm may be, metaphorically speaking, sung, hummed, whistled, tapped, danced, or stay perpetually on one's mind because they were absorbed by our basic biological development which affects our physiological development which in turn affects us psychologically. In short, all life forms, in their own way, will exhibit these images with respect to how, when, and where such images became impressed upon them within the constraints of their physical form.

You might want to think of the Sun as a rancher's branding iron whose design(s) and subsequent mark/label/brand on the "hide" of a biological organism during different stages of its development, changed over time due to the sensitivity, impressionability and level of susceptibility of various life forms that were/are developing under various Earth terrains over millions of years. Another analogy is to recall the after-image of a television screen that is seen after watching TV for awhile and then turn it off in a dark room. A "flash bulb memory" with respect to the "Now Print" theory might help some to appreciate the above idea if they will visualize the Sun as a flash-bulb which would be the case with an accelerated spinning Earth. A final example is to review the studies of imprinting and the associated idea of critical periods, but also to expand upon the idea of critical periods to include biological development as a whole, an entire species/race, as well as the customary notion of critical periods assigned to a single person/life form.

The present 2-part theory of biological development, "Ontogeny ("Embryologeny") recapitulates (Embryogenetic) - Phylogeny," is made more complete by evolving into a 3-part theory, "Embryologeny recapitulates Embryogenetic-Phylogeny recapitulates Geoheliogeny" (Earth/[Moon]/Sun Development).

1, 2, 3-patterned earth sequence (1K)
  1. A three-sequencing event:

    1. Total illumination is a pattern-of-one
    2. Night/Day sequence is a pattern-of-two
    3. 3 "moment" strobe is a pattern-of-three

  2. Accelerated solar trek from Dawn to Noon to Dusk is triangular.
  3. 3 "moments" are fusing, creating a 3 to/with/from 1 relation.

*** Examples of the triangular image:

  • Pyramids
  • Native American Tepees
  • V-shaped engine blocks
  • V-shaped formations of (day and nighttime?) migrating birds
  • Mounds of "higher" termites
  • Fins of various aquatic life forms
  • Ideas such as the Bermuda Triangle
  • Polynesian Triangle
  • Triangular Trade Routes
  • Pyramid business schemes
  • (American USDA) Food pyramid
  • Inverted Ant-lion burrows
  • etc.,
  • as well as various triangular-related words such as cone, tripod, Christmas tree, steeple pointed arch, spear/arrow/axe head, bill/beak, conical, wedge, leaf, crystal, pen tip, the x-chromosome as two triangles attached at the apex of each, Cuneiform characters, clothes hangers, V-tapered torso, lamp shades, V-shaped foot stance of soldiers at "attention", paratrooper with open parachute, chevron insignia, flying stealth "wing", triangular after-image of overhead street lights (shut off by the photo-electric cell due to the approach of dawn,) etc...

*** Examples of the 3/1 relation:

  • Unified field theory of 3 fundamental forces as being 1 force.
  • Three persons in 1 god (Christianity).
  • Triple wedding ring on I finger.
  • King Tut's coffin is 3 coffins in 1 with innermost as the largest solid gold object in existence.
  • Three synoptic gospels and 1 idiosyncratic.
  • Three (Red blood cells - White blood cells - Platelets) to 1 (Plasma).
  • Musketeers: All (3) for 1 and 1 for all (3).
  • etc...

Figure 8 DNA strands

*** Examples of the figure "8"or "X" are:

  • Our concept of infinity is a figure "8" laid on its side.
  • Dance of honey bees.
  • Dogs (and other animals) will perform a figure "8" with their head while holding an actual or symbolic prey (shoe, sock, glove, etc.,) in their mouth.
  • Tips of bird and bat wings are said to display an oval or figure "8" path while in flight.
  • Dmitri Mendeleev and John Newland's repetition of chemical properties in a cycle of 8 (lighter) elements.
  • Hour-glasses exhibit a figure-of-eight.
  • "Double-dutch" rope turning used by children exhibits a figure eight.
  • Double helix of DNA.
  • etc...

*** Note: Let us not overlookthe periodic reversals of the Earth's magnetic field polarity; precession of the Earth's axis; as well as the accelerated passage of the Sun from Solstice through Equinox to Solstice, three "moments" of TIC TOC theory which I elaborate as Tropic of Cancer (TOC)~ Tropic Internal Center (TIC)~ Tropic of Capricorn (TOC).

This TOC-TlC-TOC is quite readily viewed as a child's onomatopoeic expression of a pendulum-styled clock when the Sun-to-Earth relationship is visualized at an accelerated rate, with the Sun as the pendulum weight. (A large brass one always comes to mind.) Thus, I refer to this idea as the Tic-Toc theory. It entails the visualization of the Sun inscribing an X, or figure 8 on the surface/air/water and anything affected by solar irradiation effects.

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