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Threes examples from the Little House on the Prairie television series (L.H.O.T.P.):

3 recurring characteristics of episodes:

  1. Buying (Someone is buying something, has bought something, or wants to buy something.)
  2. Crying (Someone is crying, has cried, or portrays a tearful remembrance.)
  3. Dying (Someone is dying, has died, or is about to die.)

3 recurring Merchants (and friends of Charles Ingalls):

  1. Lars Hansen (Wood Mill)
  2. Nels Oleson (Mercantile store)
  3. Dr. Hiram Baker (Doctor's Office)

(The minister was also considered a friend but his "office of religion" is not generally considered to be a business.)

  • 3 (early) Ingalls sisters: Carrie - Laura - Mary
  • 3 Sanderson children adopted by Isiah and Grace Edwards: John Jr. - Alicia - Carl.
  • In one episode, it was after the 3rd visit to the Ingalls' house that John Jr. asked Charles Ingalls for permission to marry his daughter Mary. This was the same episode in which John Jr. received a four year scholarship to a University due to a poetry writing submission.

    3 loves of Laura Ingalls before marrying Almonzo Wilder:

    1. Johnny Johnson (she liked him but he liked her sister Mary) (Episode: The love of Johnny Johnson)
    2. Jason (Episode: The Talking Machine)
    3. Jimmy Hill (Episode: The Rivals)

    3 loves of Mary Ingalls:

    1. Johnny Johnson (Episode: I'll ride the wind)
    2. Seth (Episode: I'll be waving as you drive away)
    3. Adam Kendell (They meet in the episode "I'll be waving as you drive away" and get married in the episode "The Wedding")

    3 "God Bless You"s were given to Caleb Hidgekiss played by Johnny Cash in the Episode "The Collection" (3rd season):

    1. Dr. Baker said God Bless You after he helped a sick woman to become happy.
    2. Mr. French said God Bless You after he helped his daughter Katy to understand the need to bury a dead puppy.
    3. Mattie (the old woman he previously helped) said God Bless You after further assistance.

    3 handicapped children Laura Ingalls befriended:

    1. Olga- (Had one leg shorter than the other. Episode: Town party, Country party)
    2. Anna- (Had a speech impediment. Episode: The Music Box)
    3. Deaf boy (Episode: Silent Promise)

    (She also befriended Nellie Olsen who faked paralysis in the Episode "Bunny," and in the episode "Blind Man's Bluff," she befriends a boy who is faking blindness.)

    3 blind individuals upon whom separate episodes were largely focused:

    1. Blind Boy (Episode: The Winoka Warriors)
    2. Jane Canfield- regains sight after an operation (Episode: Love)
    3. Blind female artist (Episode: Portrait of Love)

    3 infants die to 3 female members of the Ingalls' family:

    1. Caroline- Baby boy dies for unknown reason. (Episode: The Lord is my shepherd)
    2. Mary- Baby boy dies due to miscarriage. (Episode: The sound of children)
    3. Laura- Baby boy dies for unknown reason. (Episode: A child with no name)

    3 men in Hester-Sue's life who wanted to marry her:

    1. Her ex-husband Sam
    2. Joe Kagan- Episode: Make a joyful noise
    3. Hertzell Lundy (A funeral parlor director)- Episode: Make a joyful noise

    3 male characters that had short-term relationships with younger females but broke off the relationship by accepting the fact that they were too old for them:

    1. Nels Olsen (meets a boarding house owner while pursuing an on-the-road salesman trial as a means to get away from his wife and kids.)
    2. Dr. Hiram Baker (treats a cousin of Mrs. Oleson's for a dislocated thumb and sprained ankle.)
    3. Isiah Edwards (befriends a blind girl who regains her sight.)

    3 children run for class president: (Episode: The Election)

    1. Mary Ingalls
    2. Nellie Oleson
    3. Elmer

    3 "M" names offered by 3 separate people as a name for Walnut Grove's baseball team in the episode "In the Big Inning."

    1. Mr. Hansen: M for Walnut Grove Millers
    2. Dr. Baker: M for Mulligan (related to his college team)
    3. Mrs. Oleson: M for Walnut Grove Merchants

    3 days of sleeping occurred by Adam Kendell when he got ill during the time he was taking a series of exams to become a lawyer.

    3 groups of Three-men who caused problems for people in Walnut Grove:

    1. 3 Gallinder brothers (Episode: The bully boys)
    2. 3 Younger brothers (Episode: The Older Brothers)
    3. 3 escaped convicts hold people hostage at the blind school (Episode: Darkness is my friend)

    3 math problems (#'s 3,7,11) were missed by Nancy Oleson on a homework assignment, and she was dunked twice (by two separate people) into a container of water by the third ball while she sat in a swing dressed as a mermaid, in the "Reincarnation of Nellie part 2" episode.

    For those readers who dabble in Numerology: (#'s 3,7,11) = {3 + 7 + 11} = (21) = {2 + 1} = (3)

    3 to 1 ratio of Ingalls family pets:

    1. 1 of 3. Jasper the raccoon (Laura's pet- seen in one episode.)
    2. 2 of 3. Bunny the horse (Laura's pet- seen in several episodes.)
    3. 3 of 3. Tom the turkey (Carrie's pet- seen in one episode.)
    4. 1 of 1. Bandit was viewed as Laura's dog but generally accepted as the Household pet.

    (The dog Bandit replaced another dog named Jack, who died of old age.- seen in several episodes.) Fred the friendly goat was not generally accepted as a pet until its antics assisted Charles Ingalls in making a profit off of a miser who had initially cheated him, but the goat was then set free by Laura to be with a herd of nanny goats.)

    • 3 puppies were rescued from drowning in the episode entitled "Remember Me."
    • 3 wolves (mother and two pups) were rescued in the episode "The wolves."
    • 3 bad dreams were experienced by Laura (after stealing a music box) in the episode entitled "The Music Box."
    • 3 stone soup story was told by Caroline Ingalls in the episode entitled "Stone Soup."
    • 3 days to carve a grave marker for Jack Prescott, and 3 month trial to start a furniture making business: Charles Ingalls in "The Legacy" episode.
    • 3 large pieces resulted from Laura Ingalls throwing down a heirloom glass plate in the 2nd episode of "Days of Sunshine, Days of shadow."
    • 3 pieces of glass (to be used for a picture window) were broken by Laura Ingalls in the episode "Divorce, Walnut Grove Style."
    • 3 (Stark) family members are shot in the episode "Rage."

    3 farmer friends of Charles Ingalls:

    1. Johnathan Garvey
    2. Isiah Edwards
    3. Joe Kagan

    3 miles from the mercantile is the approximate distance to the Ingalls' farm, given as a distance by Nels Olsen to the uncle of James and Casandra Cooper in the "Uncle Jed" episode of the L.H.O.T.P. TV show.

    3 miles distance from the mercantile to the Ingalls' farm is also mentioned in the episode "The Inheritance," by the Newspaper reporter from St. Louis. This episode also has Charles telling Carolyn that his birthday is only 3 weeks away while her's is 3 months away.

    3 families that moved to Winoka, Dakota from Walnut Grove:

    1. The Ingalls family.
    2. The Garvey family.
    3. The Oleson family.

    3 musical instruments played by recurring characters on the L.H.O.T.P. TV show who were farmers:

    1. Violin- played by Charles Ingalls (who also played the harmonica)
    2. Harmonica- played by Isiah Edwards
    3. Guitar- played by Almonzo Wilder

    (Dr. Hiram Baker played the Accordion on one occasion, and by adding him to the three farmers, would make the count a 3 to 1 ratio.)

    3 main places recurringly visited on the L.H.O.T.P. TV show: Mankato - Sleepy Eye - Minneapolis, Minnesota

    (Some viewers would prefer to list the train station in Springfield instead of Minneapolis, while other viewers might consider that these two places are interchangeable with regards to frequency of occurrence in different episodes.)

    • #3 Train was used in the L.H.O.T.P. show.
    • The Train listed three place names on its cars: Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Manitoba

    3 main schoolhouse teachers:

    1. Miss. Beadle
    2. Eliza Jane Wilder
    3. Laura Ingalls

    (Etta Plum became the final teacher due to Laura Ingalls staying home to raise her infant, and also as the television series neared its last episodes.)

    3 auxiliary Teachers:

    1. Mrs. Garvey (A Miss Elliot substituted for Mrs. Garvey in one episode.)
    2. Hannibal Applewood
    3. Mrs. Oleson/Mrs. Ingalls (Typically substituted during illness, injury, or well- intentioned but idiotic school "reform" policies introduced by Mrs. Oleson.)

    3 teacher certification exams had been taken by Eliza Jane Wilder, according to her brother Alonzo (as told to Laura Ingalls after she failed her first attempt).

    3 main older adult couples on the L.H.O.T.P. TV show:

    1. Charles and Caroline Ingalls
    2. Nels and Harriet Olsen
    3. Johnathan and Alice Garvey/Isiah and Grace Edwards (separate episodes)

    3 main younger adult couples on the L.H.O.T.P. TV show:

    1. Adam and Mary Kendell
    2. Almonzo and Laura Wilder
    3. Percival and Nellie Dalton

    3 children adopted by Charles Ingalls:

    1. Albert Quinn
    2. James Cooper
    3. Cassandra Cooper

    3 TV shows that portrayed Michael Landon (alias Charles Ingalls) that ran consecutively for 5 years or more each (and he is the only actor to have experienced this):

    1. Bonanza (1959-1973)
    2. Little House on the Prairie (1974-1983)
    3. Highway to Heaven (1984-1989)

    Three episodes in the 8th season were the last ones played in by Melissa Sue Anderson (Mary Ingalls) due to the limitations on her acting by playing the part of a blind person.

    --- Melissa Sue Anderson ---

    Michael Landon's daughter (Leslie Landon) appeared in the last 3 Little House on the Prairie TV Specials as Etta Plum. She also appeared in some regular episodes.

    The T.V. show was nominated for 11 Emmys and won 3. It was also nominated for 3 Golden Globes but didn't win any.

    3 two-hour specials brought a formal close to The Little House on the Prairie story:

    1. Little House on the Prairie: Look Back To Yesterday (1983).
    2. Little House: The Last Farewell (1984).
    3. Little House: Bless All The Dear Children (1984).
    --- Little House on the Prairie TV show ---

    3 items sometimes surrendered by English Gentleman upon entering a residence (seen in some movies):

    1. Hat
    2. Cane
    3. Gloves


    1. Hat/Cap
    2. Coat/Gloves
    3. Carrying case/Package

    3 gunshots can be heard in the opening of Alfred Hitchcock's movie "The Trouble With Harry."

    3 distinct hallucinations of John Nash from the movie "A beautiful mind.":

    1. Charles Herman (imaginary room-mate while in college)
    2. Marcie (imaginary young niece of Charles Herman)
    3. William Parcher (imaginary government contact man)

    • 3rd lowering of elevator caused the final large destructive explosion in the movie "The Guns of Navorone."
    • 3rd officer rank: Ripley Nostromo in the movie "Alien"
    • 3 pillows were customarily used by radio host Alistair Cooke to prop himself up.
    • Three weekly broadcasts were missed by him (out of 2,869 shows) during Cooke's "The Letter from America" program.

    The 1963 movie "The Great Escape" which starred Steve McQueen and Richard Attenborough, was fashioned after a real-life event occurring On March 24-25, 1944 in which seventy-six Allied airmen escaped from the prisoner-of-war camp Stalag Luft III, in Sagan, Germany. (Stalag is short for Stammlager Luft or Permanent Camps for Airmen.)

    • Three tunnels were dug in the movie The Great Escape: Named Tom, Dick, and Harry.
    • The tunnel shafts were said to have been about 30 feet down and over 300 feet long.

    Three (Great Escape) Prisoners made it to freedom:

    1. Norwegian- Flight Lt. Peter Bergsland (aka "Rocky Rockland") reached England via Sweden, in March.
      1. His initial train trip was three hours late and arrived at 3:30 AM.
      2. He was housed by an underground resistance worker for three days in Utrecht.
      3. His escape journey took him three and a half months.
      1. Norwegian- Flight Lt. Jens Muller reached England via Sweden, in March.
        1. It took him 3 minutes to get through the tunnel.
        2. He traveled in a third-class carriage to Frankfurt.
        1. Dutch- Flight Lt. Bob van der Stok (914 Sqdn) reached England via Spain, in July.
          1. He traveled in a third-class carriage to Frankfurt.
          The Great Escape memorial (6K)

          Three-stone memorial marker made by POW's for the fifty escapees who had been murdered by the German Gestapo.

          Image source:

          --- The Great Escape Monument ---

          Information sources:

          --- The Great Escape ---
          --- PBS Nova: The Great Escape ---

          Gilligan's Island: The party of soon-to-be castaways had originally left for a 3-hour tour before getting caught in a storm.

          Middle C on a piano is "pinged" by the main mail character in the BBC television show "Oliver's Travels." He, a suspended police woman named Diane Priest, and her son, travel together in search of answers to a riddle concerning the originator of a series of Crossword puzzles.

          3 rookies (11K)

          The Rookies (1970's U.S. television show) played by:

          1. Sam Melville
          2. Georg Stanford Brown
          3. Michael Ontkean.

          Rawhide Television Series: Wishbone, the cook, was proud of 3 things:

          1. His sourdough cake.
          2. His beer.
          3. His poker playing.

          A Knight's Tale (motion picture): The "Black Knight" says:

          1. You have been weighed-
          2. You have been measured-
          3. and you have been found wanting.
          3 coneheads family (21K)

          Coneheads is the title of a U.S. 1993 movie based on the Saturday Night Live sketches about the Coneheads starring:

          1. Dan Aykroyd
          2. Jane Curtin
          3. Michelle Burke

          Albert Campions introduction/business Card: (He's a British Detective Television character)

          Coups neatly executed.
          Nothing sordid, vulgar or plebian.
          Police no object!

          "Group 3" produced the old science fiction television show entitled Space 1999.

          Three corpses were used in the Edward D. Wood Jr.'s movie "Plan 9 from Outer Space":

          1. Vampira
          2. Bela Lugosi (doing his swan song performance)
          3. Police Inspector

          1. 1st image below: Three headed alien Britney Spears: Britney Spears is a Three-Headed Alien (Paperback) by Mel Gilden.
          2. 2nd image below: 3 Charlie's Angels (1970s USA television series) played by (left to right), Farah Fawcett Majors, Kate Jackson.
          3. 3rd image below: 3 Witches (Cher, Susan Saradon, and Michelle Pfeiffer) of EastWick and 1 Devil (Jack Nicholson) [A movie made from a novel by John Updike].

          Britney Spears is a 3 headedalien (6K) 3 Charlie's angels (8K) 3 witches of Eastwick (10K)

          From the movie: Charlie Chan in the Secret Service (1944)

          1. Charlie chan's son says: but there's been two murders already.
          2. His daughter says: And they always happen in threes.
          3. The Black chauffeur says: Threes!

          In the 1939 movie of Hopalong Cassidy entitled "Law of the Pampas," the ("Charlie Chan") Argentine foreman says: Things always happen in three times, both good and bad.

          In the series 3 volume 1 addition of the mystery television series Rosemary and Thyme, episode: "In a Monastery Garden," the gift shop owner tells Rosemary and Mrs. Thyme: Things always happen in threes. (There is another reference to threes involving Mrs. Thyme and a police inspector as well denoted to Mrs. Thyme by Rosemary.)

          A Black guy says (n the remake of the old movie "The Italian Job": Never mess with...

          1. Mother nature
          2. Mother-in-laws
          3. Mother Frickin' Ukranians

          In the movie, three armored trucks were used. Three souped up "mini" cars were used. (One car was painted red, another painted white, the 3rd was painted blue.)

          From an episode of "Dead Zone" which depicts the main politician as a boy selling bibles door to door: His adult companion asks him what the Big 3 of door-to-door sales are and he says:

          1. Eye contact
          2. Confidence
          3. Smile

          I forget what movie this came from:

          1. Never eat anything bigger than your hand.
          2. Never shoot pool at a place called Pops.
          3. Never eat anything at a place called Moms.

          3 larger than life characters: Wilt Chamberlain, Arnold Swartznegger, Andre the Giant:

          3 larger than life characters

          The BBC Hercule Poirot television series:

          1. Hercule Poirot (Detective)
          2. Captain Hastings (His assistant)
          3. Ms. Lemmon (His secretary)

          (If we include the Chief Inspector ... the lineup would be a 3 to 1 ratio.)

          Hercule Poirot says he keeps (in his bank account):

          1. 444 pounds
          2. 44 shillings
          3. 4 pence

          In the episode "The Mystery of the Spanish Chest," Hercule Poirot tells Captain Hastings that he takes no more than 3 spoons of sugar. (Ms. Lemmon is on a Holiday so Captain Hastings made the tea drink for him.)

          However, in the episode entitled "Sad Cypress," he tells the would-be murderess: "I hate, and always have hated tea." (She tried to poison him with Morphine-laced tea.)

          3 main characters of the Sherlock Holmes stories: (By including the criminal(s), we have a 3 to 1 ratio.

          1. Sherlock Holmes
          2. Dr. Watson
          3. The Scotland Yard Inspector

          In the Night Stalker U.S. television series, there are two primary Journalists and 1 photographer. Including the Editor would make the selection into a 3 to 1 ratio.

          On Disc One of the Complete Series, there is an episode that focuses on a "3 Society." What the "3" has to do with the group is not clear except for a three-patterned "circularly aligned horns".

          In the Superman television show, there is Clark Kent (reporter), Lois Lane (reporter), and Jimmy Olsen (photographer/cub reporter). If we include the Editor Perry White, we have a 3 to 1 ratio.

          Triplettes of belville3 (59K)

          The Triplettes of Belville:

          Following a 1930s-style cartoon parody featuring the singing Triplettes of the title (Violette, Blanche, and Rose, named after the colours of the French flag) in their heyday, as well as caricatures of Django Reinhardt, Josephine Baker, and Fred Astaire; the story focuses on Madame Souza, an elderly woman raising her orphaned grandson Champion. Les Triplettes de Belleville is a 2003 animated feature film written and directed by Sylvain Chomet. It was released as The Triplets of Belleville in North America, and as Belleville Rendez-vous in the UK. The film features the voices of Michéle Caucheteux, Jean-Claude Donda, Michel Robin, and Monica Viegas; although there is some dialogue, the majority of the film story is told through song and pantomime. The film was highly praised by audiences and critics for its unique (and somewhat retro-elder singers, the Belleville Sisters.

          3-part "reason" list expressed by Daniel Boone's Indian Friend Mingo from the DVD Disk 1, Season 1, Episode 15 (Not in our Stars):

          1. A man who won't reason is a fool.
          2. A man who can't reason is an object of pity.
          3. A man afraid to reason is a titled Englishman.

          3-part syllogism about one or more others when one or more others is in need: (04-08-07)

          1. They won't be there for you whether you need them or not.
          2. They will be there for you though you don't need them.
          3. They will be there for you when you need them.

          From the Paladin (an old Western) television series, Episode "The Bride"... Paladin tells the female character that she says three sensible things:

          1. 1st sensible thing. My name is Christy.
          2. 2nd sensible thing. I'm a mail order bride. There, I've said it.
          3. 3rd sensible thing. I'm afraid here. There's something to be afraid of.

          From the Paladin television series episode "Winchester Quarantine": We'll burn you out House, Hide, and Hair.

          From the Pain Killer Jane series, episode "Thanks for the memories": They say that bad things come in threes.

          From the movie "Rough Riders" with Tom Berenger:

          • Good day, Good luck, Good hunting.
          • God takes care of drunks, madman and the American Army.
          • 3-patterned expression: "One never knows". (Pershing)

          From the movie "The Odessa File" with John Voyt: One People, One Germany, One Leader.

          From the movie "Flight of the Phoenix" with Dennis Quaid: "I think a man only needs one thing in life:

          1. He needs someone to love.
          2. If you can't give him that then give him something to hope for.
          3. And if you can't give hime that, then give him something to do.

          From the movie "The Quiet Man" with John Wayne and Maureen O'hara- (A toast given to them at their wedding.):

          1. May their days be long and full of happy.
          2. May their children be many and full of heaven.
          3. And may they live in peace and freedom.

          From the movie "MAX" with John Cusak: In the summer of 1917 the German Imperial Army lost the disastrous offensive known as the third battle of the Ypres. (The character in the movie who portrays Hilter writes:) Art + Politics = Power.

          From the movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth" with James Mason: (There are 3 men and 1 woman in this group of explorers... I do not count the duck.)

          • 3 scratches are found on a plumb bob.
          • 3 notches are seen etched on a cave floor after the (3 to 1) group is chased by a boulder.
          • 3 marks found on a cave floor at a forked junction. (They were made by a competing explorer who had covered up the actual ones being sought for.)
          For other 3 to 1 ratio examples:

          --- Three "to" One ratios page A ---

          3 film production companies merged (April 24, 1924) to form the MGM Studios Group:

          1. Metro Pictures Corporation (formed in 1916).
          2. Goldwyn Pictures Corporation (1917).
          3. Louis B. Mayer Pictures (1918).

          3 items from Goldwyn Pictures Corporation survived the merger:

          1. The production facility at their Culver City studio.
          2. The mascot Leo the Lion (Metro's symbol was a parrot.)
          3. The corporate motto "Ars Gratia Artis" (Art for Art's Sake).

          3 MGM lion logos used (and the lion roars 3 times in the old motion pictures):

          MGM lion logo 1938 to 1956  (12K)
          1938 to 1956
          MGM lion logo 1968 (5K)
          MGM lion logo 2001 (9K)

          Actually, the right side faced lion (the viewer's right side) roars three times, while the left side faced lion roars twice. However, I have also seen versions of the lion roaring only a single time, thus creating the circumstance of a 1-2-3 series. In the old movie "Mogambo" starring Clark Gable, the lion roars once to the left and once to the right. (Animated images are needed for this example. Preferably those taken directly from films, with the names of the films listed for accredidation.)

          Entry: 7/31-2019, Wednesday, 10:01 AM: I tried to find the film in which I heard the lion roar only once but have been unable to in my rather abbreviated search attempts. However, in the film He who gets slapped (1920's), the lion doesn't roar at all. Reflectively, I should have recorded themovie in which I (thought) I heard the lion roar only once, but failed to do so.

          The 1968 MGM logo was short-lived (only 2 films: Space Odyssey), but was retained by the MGM Records division.

          Images and information:

          --- Metro Goldwyn Mayer ---

          In the Old Movie "Mogabo" starring Clark Gable, he says there are 3 andidotes for everything:

          1. Quinine
          2. Iodine
          3. Castor oil

          In the American Television series NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigation Service), Changing scenes in some episodes is frequently accomplished by using a 1, 2, or 3 "slurped" tonal occurrence.

          In one episode, it is said (not recounted verbatim):

          1. E-5 (shares a bathroom with four others but has their own space.)
          2. E-6 (shares a bathroom with another but has their own space.)
          3. E-7 (shares with no one.)

          In another NCIS episode: 3 most frequent causes of death in National Parks:

          1. Heart attacks.
          2. Hiking accidents.
          3. Prolonged exposure to the elements.

          (I forget which movie or television show the following came from):

          • 3 things in life where you don't go cheap: Sushi, Surgery, Submarines. (Something about ships going missing in the Bermuda triangle and those selected to find out why will get 5 million dollars each if they solve the mystery.)

          From yet another unrecalled movie or television show: 3 organizational strategies: Ritual, Pattern, Repetition.

          1. Shirley Temple was the third child of her parents' three children: Jack, George Jr., and Shirley Jane.
          2. Shirley began dancing at Mrs. Meglin’s Dance Studio in Los Angeles when she was 3 years old.
          3. Shirley has had three children from two marriages: Linda Susan (1st marriage), Charlie Jr., and Lori (2nd marrige).
          Shirley Temple Biography

          • Three-rhymed expression heard in an old movie: Hey Joe, what'd you know? (I) Just got back from a Vaudeville show.
          • 3rd quarter used in a slot machine by Monty Stratton hit the jackpot (in the Monty Stratton story played by Jimmy Stewart, 1949).

          3-part expression of Hamilton Burgher the District Attorney (and Perry Mason the Defense Attorney) in the Perry Mason television series: It's: Incompetent, Irreleveant, and Immaterial.

          On the back DVD cover of the movie entitled "Rings (The circle of fear is growing)," We find: This exclusive short film uncovers the terrifying and secret connection between "The Ring" and "The Ring Two."

          The three deadly7 cursed videotapes featured in "The Ring," "The Ring Two," and the international cult hit, "Ringu"!

          3 rules for robbing a bank from the movie entitled "Bandidas":

          1. 1st rule of robbing a bank: No one gets killed.
          2. 2nd rule of robbing a bank: Don't take more than you can carry with/in one hand.
          3. Getting away is the 3rd rule.

          3 choices to take when your plane catches fire from the movie entitled "Flyboys":

          1. Stay with it and burn with it all the way to the ground.
          2. Jump from several thousand feet.
          3. Or you can take the quick and painless way out (shoot yourself with the revolver that has been given to you.)

          Three characteristics of an undesirable female from the movie entitled "My Super Ex-girlfriend" (referred to as the Trifecta):

          1. Needy
          2. Jealous
          3. Controlling

          In the Inspector Morse British Television series the episode entitled "Last Seen Wearing," Inspector Morse tells his assistant that there are three files to a case:

          1. One file is for anybody.
          2. Two file is for (he mentions to other inspectors whose names sounded like Aimly and Macy, or something to that effect. I have a difficult time understanding some of the English expressions.)
          3. I'm the three file man, she's dead.

          In the movie entitled "Wolfen" ©1981 by Warner Bros. Pictures, the main character has a small sign in his office:

          God, Guns, & Guts
          Made America
          Let's Keep
          All Three

          It would read better as:

          God, Guns, & Guts
          Made America Free
          So Let's Keep
          All Three

          In the episode "Sherlock Holmes Faces Death" there is a three-part rhyme:

          1. Who first shall find it will better dead.
          2. Who next will find it perils his head.
          3. Who last shall find it defies dark powers and brings good fortune to (Hurlston?) Towers.

          In the old movie entitled something to the effect of "The Woman In The Window" with Edgar G. Robinson, he tells the main female character that there are only 3 ways to deal with a blackmailer:

          1. You can Pay 'em, Pay 'em, and Pay 'em until you're penniless.
          2. Or you can call the police yourself and let your secret be known to the world.
          3. Or you can kill him ('em).

          In the Movie entitled "Five Card Stud" starring Dean Martin, Robert Mitchum, Inger Stevens and others, it is said that you can Raise, Call, Pass (in a Card Game.)

          In the Hawaii Five-O episode "All the King's Horses" (Season 2 Disc. 3), Steve McGarrett tells a Senator and the Governor: "My old man used to tell me the way to avoid criticism is to:

          1. Say nothing
          2. Do nothing
          3. Be nothing.

          3 K's with the ends joined together represent a symbol for the KKK (Ku Klux Klan). This is a "real life" group depicted in various films, books, etc...

          From the 3rd season Disc. 4 of the television series "Jag" episode entitled "Father's Day": Commander Harm says that every branch of the service is concerned with the same 3 principles: Disciple, Discipline, and Discipline.

          3 French soldiers were falsely accused and executed in the movie entitled "Paths of Glory".

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