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(The Study of Threes)

3 Australian soldiers were used as scapegoats by both the Australian and British governments in the movie entitled "Breaker Morant". (Two of the soldiers were executed, and the third from whose book the movie was made, was sentenced to life in prison, even though he got out earlier.)

3 relationship types between a man and his children as described in the movie entitled "The Astronaut Farmer":

  1. When the children are young they want to be just like dad.
  2. When the children become a teenager they don't want to be anything like him.
  3. When the children grow up they find they are just like their dad.

(For many readers, this is a bunch of malarky. Since so many kids wanted to be like a superhero [Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Wonderwoman, etc., or a secret agent, or a scientist. While they may have liked their dad/mom, they envisioned themselves as something better.])

In the A & E biography series depicting "Chesty" Puller, The Marines' Marine, it provided the information that he had written to his sweetheart Virginia Evans: "Marry me and I'll buy you 3 dozen Orchids everyday of your life." He had to wait eleven years before they were married. He would buy her a dozen roses on a frequent basis. He also had three children, two girls and a boy.

3 months of formal schooling: Thomas Alva Edison. He had 1,093 patents.

3-minute speech: The Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln. (Believe it or not, there exist different variations of the speech he gave because different journalists heard differently depending on where they were during the speech that was made without microphones.)

In the 1971 movie entitled "Murphy's War" starring Peter O'Toole, he tells the female doctor: No Whiskey in the house, No light in the window, No welcome at the door, (There is an additional 'call me ...', but I couldn't understand what he said. I was watching an old VHS tape, so perhaps the sound quality was not good enough, but I honestly don't understand many British english speaking people who seem to garble their usage of words.)

In the 1988 DVD movie entitled "The Beast," one Russian soldier tells another soldier (Koverchenko played by Jason Patric) three (Code of Honor) obligations practiced amongst Afghan rebels: Hospitality - Revenge - Sanctuary

In the same "The Beast" movie, the Tank commander Daskal played by George Dzundza, tells his two remaining soldiers the three standing orders for a tank:

  1. Out of commission: become a pillbox.
  2. Out of ammo: become a bunker.
  3. Out of time: become heroes.

In the 2005 DVD episode of Rebus entitled "The Falls," a young woman tells Rebus the three things that make a good general, after he asks her:

  1. Be prepared to take the big risks.
  2. Always confuse the enemy.
  3. Always have a plan B.

In the DVD two-disc set of "The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes," in the episode entitled "The patients eyes," Dr. Doyle says to Dr. Joseph Bell: "I followed your precepts to the letter: Investigation, Observation, and Conclusion."

Three rules posted on a sign prior to entering a roller coaster ride in the movie entitled "Roller coaster":

  1. No pregnant women
  2. No hats or wigs
  3. No one under age 6

(The wording may not be exact, but the overall content is.)

3 stages of a predatory stalker that Ducky tells Gibbs in the NCIS television series episode "cover story", 4th season, DVD disc 5: Attraction - Obsession - Destruction.

At the beginning of the NCIS television series episode "skeletons", 4th season, DVD disc 5, we hear: In pain we may find comfort, In sorrow we may find hope, In death we may find resurrection.

3 R's mentioned by Rooster Cogburn (John Wayne) in the movie entitled "Rooster Cogburn and the lady": Retired, Relieved, Rejoicing.

In the movie Rooster (J.) Cogburn played by John Wayne, he tells the Judge who is trying to get him to do a Marshalling job (after he fired him) that he is Retired, Relieved, and Rejoicing.

Note: John Wayne was the stage name of (...insert name) who played character roles. Thus, he had three names: His real name, his stage name, and the name of a character.

3 things push men to war (in the movie "The Company" about the CIA): Honor, Fear, Self Interest.

Ron Marchini in the movie entitled "Omega Cop" tells his (three) men:

Remember Our priorities:

  1. Don't get put down.
  2. Release the hostages.
  3. If you can, capture the leaders.

What I have observed is that in those movies in which a search is to be conducted for someone, it is either a daughter, son, or father. The search for a wife, husband, or other relation is the next group of frequently sought for individuals. Co-workers, friends, and neighbors follows this grouping and all others can be categorized into yet another grouping. A list of movies could be developed with these categories.

On the television series "Shark," he lives by 3 simple rules:

  1. Rule #1. Trial is war, second is death.
  2. Rule #2. Truth is relative, pick one that works.
  3. Rule #3. In a jury trial there are only 12 opinions that matter.

Movie: "Live Free or Die Hard with Bruce Willis":

Fire Sale (Everything Must Go) is a three-step hypothetical situation in which the infrastructure of a modern economy is put out of commission via computer hacking).

  1. Step one- Stop or hinder all forms of transportation.
  2. Step two- Stop or Cripple the financial base and telecommunications.
  3. Step three- Stop or interfere with all forms of utilities such as gas, water, electricity, nuclear power plants.

Movie: "The Naked Jungle" with Charlton Heston... Ezra Fontaine says each man is three men:

  1. What he thinks he is.
  2. What others thinks is his.
  3. What he really is.

3 anti-christs of Nostrodamos from the documentary about Nostrodamos: Napoleon, Hitler, and the 3rd has yet to appear.

From the television series CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) (I forget which episode):

3 slot machine notes said to keep customers happy: E, C, G.

Personal note: the date of April 15th came up twice in two separate movies and once when I attended a Veterans Hospital Primary Care appointment on the 15th of April. I make mention of it because there are so many "threes" events which occur to many people within the scope of their own life's drama and make-believe dramatizations.

On another episode of CSI the word Abracadabra is said to be 3 Hebrew words standing for Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

On yet another episode, it was expressed by a bartender that there is a standard protocol for ordering drinks that waitresses must abide by: Sodas 1st, Mixers 2nd, Beer last.

On another episode of CSI, it was mentioned that it takes three hours for a body to burn (at 600-7000 degrees): Cremation

CSI episode 104 "losing face": In order for a bomb to do its job it needs 3 components:

  1. Power source
  2. Action switch
  3. Explosive load.

CSI episode 422 "No More Bets": In the old days when a person was caught cheating in a casino, they would first get hit in the hand twice with a ballpean hammer. The second time they were caught they would lose a limb. The third time they would take a long walk in the desert with a shovel.

CSI episode 321 "Breathless": A horse is dangerous at both ends and uncomfortable in the middle. (Quoting Ian Fleming, the author of James Bond.)

CSI episode 107 "breathless": 3 most common poisons: Strychnine - Arsenic - Cyanide

CSI episode 322 "Play With Fire": Holy Trinity: Killer - Victim - Location.

CSI rule-of-thumb: If a skull smells bad the body has been dead less than three years.

3 most common ways to expiate: Strangulation - Suffocation - Choking. (From season 4 disc 5)

CSI episode 421 season 4 disc 6: 3 things in human life that are important:

  1. To be kind.
  2. To be kind.
  3. To be kind. (quoting Henry James "the screw".)

CSI episode 105 "friends and lovers"... 3 things he has a problem with:

  1. Guys who hit their wives.
  2. Sexual assault on children.
  3. The scum that deal death to kids.

3-patterned expressions (and some added corollaries) heard in various CSI episodes:

  • TOD (time of death)
  • GSW (gun shot wound)
  • GSR (gun shot residue)
  • IOD (injured on duty)
  • PDT (potentially dangerous taxpayer)
  • MBL (married but looking)
  • Through and Through (gunshot) (T-N'-T)
  • CBC (complete blood count)
  • In due time
  • Trust But Verify
  • I'm just saying
  • I stand corrected
  • They/you Never Listen
  • Right on cue/time/target
  • TRO (temporary restraining order)
  • That'll be fine
  • Off the record
  • Slow and Steady
  • COE (chain of evidence)
  • COD (cause of death)
  • Ain't love grand
  • Tough as Nails

From another CSI episode (I forget the episode title and number)... 3 ingredients to make a (Science Fair) volcano flow:

  1. Aluminum powder
  2. Polyvynal Butadyne
  3. Ammonium Perchlorate.

From CSI (New York) episode #321 "Past Imperfect": Rizen (poison extracted from Castor Bean oil) affects the liver, kidneys, and spleen.

From CSI (New York) episode #319 "A Daze of Wine and Roaches": 3 types of tears: Basal, Reflective, and Psychic (emotional); the last of which is high in Manganese.

The following was Heard on an episode of JAG concerning the military's attitude about homosexuality: Don't ask, Don't tell, Don't harass.

From another JAG episode (Cowboys and Cossacks) we hear from a Russian Captain: Fight with passion, honor, conviction.

From another JAG episode (Force Recon): Seen on a sign: Swift, Silent, Deadly (1st Recon Marines Motto)

From the movie "The Chronicles of Riddick"... 3 mistakes made:

  1. 1st. You took the job.
  2. 2nd. You came light. A 4-man team for me? F-n' insulting.
  3. 3rd. But the worst mistake you made... that's right,... empty gun rack.

From an old movie in which people become the prey of a hunter's game when they become ship-wrecked onto his island: "Mmm- Mmm, Here comes that bad luck lady again, third time tonight. (The character is referring to the Queen of spades.

Three-patterned expressions from the movie: "Die Hard 2"

  • Stack 'em, Pack 'em and Rack 'em (airline controller chief).
  • By the numbers.
  • Screwed the pooch.
  • You're the wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time. (Major Grant)

Movie: The "Flame and the Arrow" with Burt Langcaster (Dardo)... His son Rudy is told to tell another about people:

  1. People get you into things.
  2. Things get you into trouble.
  3. Trouble gets you mixed up with people... (Then it starts all over again.)

From the movie "Crime Story" with Jackie Chan... A female psychiatrist? psychologist? says to him: A policeman who fires his weapon faces certain dangers:

  1. one, hurting an innocent citizen.
  2. two, being shot in the exchange of gunfire.
  3. and finally, killing the suspect.

  1. The first thing now is for the intelligence section to install bugs at Mrs. Wong's home and all her usual haunts... around-the-clock bugging to monitor the suspect's movements.

  2. Second, operations teams one and two will make a thorough search of any possible hideout in Hong Kong, Kowloon, the New Territories, and all out-lying islands.

  3. Third, we keep an eye on the top clandestine racers. We hit the girlie boars, gambling dens, joints and hotels. We make thorough searches and bring in any suspects for questioning.

From the movie "The Hunting Party": The C.I.A. has a dark side, The C.I.A. has a bright side, then there's the grey side.

From the movie "EL Mariachi" (with an English subtitles provision) by Robert Rodriguez: No love, No luck, No ride.

From the movie "Darkman" with Liam Neeson... I got 3 things to say to you...:

  1. One, I ain't selling my property.
  2. Two, Nobody! muscles Eddie Black. Especially a bunch of dinks.
  3. And three, if you alls don't like that which I can already see you don't, we can cut your balls off. Maybe that'll be more satisfactory to you.

...Now, let's consider my points, one by one:

  1. One, I try not to let my anger get the better of me.
  2. Two, I don't always succeed.
  3. Three, I've got seven more points.

From the Stargate Atlantis television series episode "Common Ground": It is mentioned that it takes three hours for the body of a person to recover from the trauma of a temporary Wraith feeding.

From the Stargate Atlantis episode "No Man's Land":

  1. Success is not final.
  2. Failure is not fatal.
  3. It is the courage to continue that counts. (attributed to Winston Churchill)

In the Television series Star Trek the Next Generation episode "The Best of Both Worlds (episode 2)": Upon gaining the third level of the neural net of Captain Picard when he was altered into Lucretis the Borg, Data had a means of greater communication with the Captain.

It is generally known that Vampires, Ghouls, and Werewolves feed on humans. Later cinematic depictions of zombie-like human creatures (sometimes referred to as the walking dead) are also flesh eaters though earlier portrayals merely show them as carrying out the commands of their masters to kill someone.

(The general mentality of the public has now accepted the reality of possibility that some humans will indulge in the eating of other humans under certian "extreme" conditions. Such has no doubt been the actual case of humanity's growth from its most distant primate past.)


In the Horatio Hornblower series volume IV entitled "The Wrong War," he speaks of the war as having caused nothing but Death, Destruction, and Defeat.

From the movie "True Crime" by Clint Eastwood, (A store clerk tells him):

  1. 1st of all, everybody says you have a big fat book contract.
  2. 2nd of all, everybody says you're going to win the Pulitzer prize.
  3. 3rd of all, I have a boyfriend.

From the old television series Star Trek Voyager episode "Drone": The class II shuttle is Fast, Manueverable, but not made for comfort.

From one of the JAG television series episodes in which Harmon Rabb discusses his future as a naval aviator with his commanding officer before returning to his lawyer profession: Too old, Not enough hours, Not enough traps.

Fool hardiness is not courage, it's not good soldiering, and it's not good sport. (I forget where I heard this.)

In the movie National Treasure II, it is mentioned that there are 3 Statue of Liberties, one each in the following locations:

  1. New York
  2. Luxemburg Gardens
  3. Paris, France

Hear Me! Believe me and Fear Me! (From the 2008 Rambo movie.)

From the Stargate SG1 episode "Watergate": The Gate has the ability to use density, molecular structure, and the force being exerted on the event horizon to determine whether something's actually trying to pass through.

From the SG1 episode "Night Walkers": Samantha Carter tells Jonas three things to teach him: Wormhole theory, Motorcycle riding, Lock picking.

From the movie "Monster Squad": The young kid says "I want to say three words": Scary German Guy.

Front the DVD cover of the MI-5 Volume 7 front piece:

Trust Only Yourself
There is no Black and White
One Enemy, One Man, One Decision

The expressions can very easily be interpreted to portray the psychological profile of a self-absorbed (more than just color blind) adolescent that falsely assumes that a self-centered lone-wolf collectivity can conceal emotionalized insecurity with a level and type of seriousness that swings to and fro between contexts that are presumed to be controlled and become uncontrolled from the perspective of a petulant/peevish child. (Entry: Friday, May 27, 2011 5:21:50 AM)

From the 1998 movie "The Jackal" with Richard Gere, Bruce Willis, and Sidney Poitier, Gere (while in prison as an Irish Terrorist) says to Poitier (who is an assistant FBI director) he wants 3 things in order for him to help in catching the Jackal (played by Willis): Get him out, He wants to see Isabella, A decent razor.


Characters in movies show us hypothetical scenarios of real-life circumstances involving 3 attributes:

  1. A character is Moral. (Exhibits and is consciously attentive to moral standards.)
  2. A character is Amoral.(Lacking one or more moral standards: They were never taught or never learned any.)
  3. A character is Immoral.(Deliberately violating or disrespecting moral standards.)

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