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~ The Study of Threes ~

Note: Stonehenge and similar items of history can be interpreted as "alien," and may even be viewed by some as the product of an ancient alien group or larger civilization, though not necessary of an extra-terrestrial origin. Then again, some people think "higher" mathematics is the language of alien peoples used in strange enclaves called Universities.

The outer doorways of Stonehenge are called "Trilithons" (Three Stones) by present day perceptions

Stonehenge with 3-stone structures

--- PBS: Secrets of the Dead ---

Photo of Lock Ness Monster by Stuart Lachlan 3-humped Loch Ness "Monster" was shown in a photograph by Forestry Commission employee Lachlan Stuart on July 14, 1951. Over twenty years later researchers visited the spot where he had taken the picture and realized the humps would have been in extremely shallow water close to the shore, meaning that Stuart's monster must have been awfully flat. Confirming their suspicions, author Richard Frere later revealed that Stuart had confessed to him the humps were nothing more than bales of hay covered with tarpaulins.

Photo Resource: The Lachlan Stuart photograph examined

3 parts typically shown in "Nessie" pictures: Head/neck- Back/fin-Tail.

3 musical notes (E-F-G) are said to comprise the variations of sounds emitted by (approximately 30) particular types of sand dunes.

--- NOVA Transcripts: 01-25-05 ---

3 (said to be genuine) photographs of a UFO were taken by Rex Heflin in 1965 on August 3rd. (Actually, he took four photos but there has been some skepticism about the forth one since it shows what appears to be a trail of smoke. Maybe it needs a tune-up?) I looked for a clearer picture but have not found one as yet.

heflin photo number 1 (6K) heflin photo number 2 (5K)
heflin photo number 3 (5K) Heflin photo number 4

Reanalysis of the 1965 Heflin UFO Photos

3 to 9 minutes in duration is said to be the typical UFO sighting.

3 minute video footage of (UFO- 3) lights in the 1997 Phoenix, Arizona sky was taken by Mike Krzyston.

--- The Shadowlands UFO Pics ---

El Chupacabra 3 feet tall is the common reference to the approximate height of the creature called El Chupacabra (goat sucker) by hispanics. It is also said to have 3 horns on its head.
Image source: --- Cosmic Conspiracies ---

goatsucker 3 animals frequently cited as being "attacked" by the goat sucker:

1. Goats
2. Chickens
3. Household pets

Image source: --- Mystery Creature Causes Havoc in Puerto Rico ---

3 species of vampire bats in Latin America are thought to have possibly contributed to the story of El Chupacabra:

Three bat species feed solely on blood: the common vampire bat (Desmodus rotundus), the hairy-legged vampire bat (Diphylla ecaudata), and the white-winged vampire bat (Diaemus youngi). All three species are native to the Americas, ranging from Mexico to Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina. (Vampire Bat)

3 times seen with a height of less than 3 feet is the report by Marco Preciado to Diario Extra online about a creature being labeled as a gnome in the town of Quininde, Ecuador.

--- Ananova online: Police investigate gnome reports (04-04-03)---

3 different types of Yeti according to the Sherpas:

1. Drema or Telma, a stout man -like ape with grey or reddish fur which is considered as ominous.
2. Chhutti, that appears as a huge bear and preys on goats, sheep and even yaks which it allegedly kills by catching hold of their horns and twisting their heads until they fall down dead.
3. Mite Or Midre, which has reddish or golden fur and whose forehead is covered with long hair. It walks on its hind legs and attacks animals and sometimes even men...

--- Mysterious Yeti ---

Bigfoot and Giganto theory

3 most common arguments against the Bigfoot-Giganto theory:

  1. We should have found their bones in North America by now.
  2. Why haven't hunters shot one in North America yet?
  3. Why aren't there more photos of these modern gigantos?

--- Bigfoot-Giganto theory ---

3 footprint types of Big Foot In the world:

  1. 3 toes have been indicated in some footprints of Big Foot.
  2. The giant sized, five-toed prints resembling a Homo sapiens foot pattern.
  3. Some in Asia demonstrate a five toed pattern wherein the:
    1. Big toe is enormously broad
    2. The middle toe is excessively long and...
    3. The other three are tiny on a foot resembling a baseball Catcher's mitt.

(Some people can look at pictures of the human brain under different stages of development and see what appears to be a boxing glove shape.)

Left and Right boxing gloves look like a human brain human brain development

bigfoot penis A 3-jointed penis has been attributed to Bigfoot:

The Triple Jointed Penis is nature's perfect birth control device.
Human males have a single penile bone; whereas Bigfoot has a triple-jointed bone that can make a "U" turn, and deposit its sperm outside the female. This handy and efficient form of birth control explains the rarity of Bigfoot today. The triple jointed penis also suggests that Bigfoot was able to engage in athletic mating practices without damaging the bone, and this inspired the creature's scientific name, "Giganticus Erectus Robustus."

Image and information from:

--- BigFoot Skeleton ---

Three basic types (sizes) of mysterious primate-like creatures with different names from different regions.

Dwarf or Pygmy
(3 to 5 ft. tall)
(5 to 8 ft. tall)
(8 to 15 ft. tall)

Agogwe - (Tanzania)
Alux- (South and Central America)
Apamandi - (Zaire)
Batutut - (Borneo)
Chimanimani - (South Africa)
Duende or Tarma - (Peru)
Fating'ho - (Senegal)
Guayazi - (South America)
Higabon - (Japan)
Jungli Admi - (India)
Kapre -(Philippines)
Koolookamba - (Gabon)
Maero or Macro - (New Zealand)
Mau - (East Africa)
Menehune - (Hawaii)
Mono Grande or Didi - (Guyana)
Nittaewo - (Sri Lanka)
Orang-Pendek - (Sumatra)
SehitC3A9 - (Ivory Coast)
Shiru - (Colombia)
Teh-lma - (Himalayas)
Tokoloshe - (Southern Rhodesia)
Ufiti - (Malawi)
Vedi - (Croatia)
VC3A9le - (Fiji Islands)
Xipe - (Nicaragua)

Aigypan - (Venezuela)
Almas - (Caucasus)
Arulataq - (Alaska)
Barmanou- (Pakistan Afghanistan)
Chemosit - (Kenya)
Chuchunaa - (Siberia)
Ferla Mohr or Brenin Llwyd -
(also known as Scotland's Big Grey Man)

Gul-Biavan - (Russia, Mongolia)
Grendel - (Denmark)
Kaptar - (Russia, Mongolia)
Khi-Trau - (Laos, Vietnam)
Kikomba - (Zaire)
Ksy-Giik - (Kazakhstan, Kirghizistan)
Mapinguary - (Brazil)
Mawas - (Malaysia)
Meh-the - (Himalayas)
Muhalu - (West Africa)
Nasnas- (Iran)
Nguoi Rung - (Vietnam)
Sisemite - (Guatemala, Belize)
Tano Giant - (West Africa)
Ukumarzupai - (Argentina, Chile)
Ucumar or Ucu - (Chile
Vasitri - (Venezuela)
Wa'ab - (Sudan)
Windigo - (Quebec)
Wudewasa or Tree Eater - (Finland, Croatia)
Yowie - (Australia)

Curinquean - (South America)
Dzu-Teh - (Himalayas)
Gin-Sung - (China)
Kung-Lu - (China)
Orang Gadang - (Sumatra)
Tok - (China)

*The third (giant) type is believed by some to be surviving --- Gigantopithecus ---, the largest primate that ever walked the Earth, which, according to established science, went extinct 500,000 years ago.

As is shown in the above list, the creatures are known by many different names, depending on the continent, country, region, and particular area they are supposedly from. All of these (size) types also present some variation as for length and color of hair and some other characteristics, such as feet shape, facial features, limb length, posture, behavior and diet. All of these characteristics further split those (size) types into men-like (Hominids), ape-like (Pongids), bear-like (Ursidaes) and monkey-like (Simioids) creatures. Most of the reports are of creatures described as Hominoids (Hominids and Pongids), with very few Simioids and Ursidaes descriptions.

For additional information, see also:

Abominable Snowman
Wildman of China
--- Mysterious Primates ---

3 large geographical areas (Asia, Australia, North America) for members of the "Bigfoot" family and the hypothetical counterparts. Imagine if you will a similar lineage of development using an Out-of-Africa hypothesis:

Hominid Family Tree (16K)

For additional information, see also:

--- Abominable Snowman ---
--- Sasquatch ---
--- Bigfoot ---
--- Maricoxi ---
--- Yeti ---
--- 'X' ---
--- Wildman of China ---
--- Mysterious Primates ---

3 to 1 ratio of commonly known long enduring Lake "Monster" legends:

1. Indo-European- "Nessie," The Loch Ness Monster in Scotland.
2. Indo-European- "Champ," The monster of Lake Champlain in Canada.
3. Indo-European- "Ogopogo," Another North American lake monster.
4. Asian- "Ishi" of a Japanese lake.

--- Cryptozoology by William McDonald ---

3 recurring characteristics of those claiming to experience other-than normal/usual/common phenomena:

  1. Someone/something is, has, or will be after them or someone they know who may or may not be related or know on a personal basis.
  2. The Government or some agency is concealing information regarding the phenomena.
  3. There is some characteristic about themselves that enables them to be able to perceive circumstances that one or more others may overlook, even though some may initially claim they don't know why they are experiencing such, and only later on conclude it is the result of some quality that they possess and others do not.

click here for image source Alien/UFO Phenomena

3 basic spacecraft shapes:
  1. Linear(cigar-shaped)
  2. Circular (balloon, hubcap, dish-shaped, etc.,)
  3. Triangular

3 types of (beyond human) flight capabilities attributed to highly sophisticated UFO craft:
  1. Interstellar travel.
  2. Interdimensional travel.
  3. Time travel.

Triangular flight formations of spacecraft have been seen.

3 lights are seen on some spacecraft.
3 landing gear are seen on some spacecraft.
3 windows or groupings of 3 windows have been seen on some spacecraft.
3 spacecraft have been seen to have landed in one place.
3 people together have been reported to have witnessed an abduction.
3 aliens have sometimes been involved with an abduction.
3 hour "window" of Alien abduction is 1 A.M. to 4 A.M.,
(with many abductions occurring specifically around 3 A.M..)
Triangular marks have been found on some abductees.
3mm disc-like metal object is said to be implanted through the nose into the brains of some abductees.
3 general references to the shape of the "B-B"-like object used in some implantations according to David E. Jacobs:

1. It is usually smooth.
2. Or has small spikes sticking out of it.
3. Or has holes in it.

3 most common implantation sites according to David E. Jacobs:

Sinuses~ Tear ducts~ Ears

3 alternate implantation sites according to David E. Jacobs: Legs~ Arms~ Genitals

3, 33, etc., is the number of the (road) route that Abductions are sometimes said to occur along.
3 "assistant" aliens with 1 "leader" alien are sometimes "remembered" in recalling experiments conducted on abductees. (This is another 3:1 ratio example.)
3rd brain: (sometimes said of particular Aliens)
3rd eye: (sometimes said of particular Aliens)
3rd ear: (sometimes said of particular Aliens)
3 fingers: (sometimes said of particular Aliens...or there is a 3 to 1 variation when a thumb is also mentioned.)
3 feet tall: (average height of aliens between 2 and 4 feet tall, though some references record a 3C2BD to 4C2BD feet tall variation).
3rd Alien: (This can be a reference to Hybrid aliens as the result of mixing separate alien and human genetic material.)
3 to 1 ratio perspective of Alien types: {Greys~ Reptilian~ Insect}...{Nordic type}

3 basic types of aliens (that have also been frequently displayed with triangular- shaped heads:

1. Greys- Alien "Greys" are frequently characterized with A- B- C sub-types.
2. Reptilian- (Many reptiles have triangular-shaped heads.)
3. Insect- (The insect form is sometimes portrayed as looking like a praying mantis.)

Nordic [hybrid?] type of aliens could be characterized as being related to the 3rd born group of hominids as well as the 3rd racial classification called Caucasian/Indo-European.

As an aside note to the "threes" phenomena occurring in UFO/Alien abduction reports, you may sometimes encounter the circumstance where more than three people were involved. While some would consider this as a refutation to the presence of a pattern-of-three, others can recognize that there frequently is some underlying pattern-of-three that can be recognized such as 5 different people sleeping in 3 different rooms, or 3 different age levels were involved, or 3 separate hobbies were a "trade-mark" activity, etc... Of course there are other patterns to be derived from an examination of reports. And these various interpretations are being interpreted from a variety of angles. However, we must realize that many interpretations revolve around the three criteria of:

Crop Circles

...all three of which are related to some type of biological life form.

These three criteria may be a type of New Rosetta Stone with three "languages" roughly characterized as:

  1. Linear- Circular- Triangular forms
  2. Human-related, Non-human related, Enigmatic-related
    • Specific patterns-of-3
    • Non-specific (or other-than) patterns-of-3
    • 3:1 ratios

3- patterned frequency difference for the occurrence of UFO/Alien phenomena and Crop circles:

  1. Most frequent amongst Indo-European/Caucasian(?)-related communities (or such communities are more active in documenting such occurrences)
  2. Less frequent amongst Asian-related communities
  3. Least frequent amongst African-related communities

If we take a different approach at interpreting these types of aliens from the perspective of psychology, anthropology, and the biological form of evolution (since most readers are only aware of one type of evolutionary process), the Insect- Reptilian- Greys... Nordic forms could very well speak of impressions of a past age that are being expressed with variant images consistent with the time period of the person relaying their level of memory retention. Certain individual experiences, be they related to one's family, job, church, relationships, environmental, nutritional, etc., may very well trigger prolonged, short, intermittent, recurring, episodic, sustained, etc., recall of memories that were witnessed in a past age, that may or may not be mixed with premonitions (or wishful thinking) of the future. Thus, the examples of alien types represents a sort of timeline chronology:

Insects, Reptilian, Greys (mammalian- general?). Nordic (hominid-specific?)

It is of interest for some observers that each of the alien types exhibit human-like characteristics such as bipedalism, intelligence, technology usage, etc., which is viewed as being similar to the attributes ancient peoples gave to gods, particularly described by ancient Greek and Roman mythology.

3 to 1 ratio of alien forms

It may be that the hominid brain retains memories (sometimes called archetypes) from its ancestral past as the brain evolves, matures, grows in size and complexity, and transfers these memories to certain heirs who, for some reason or another, experience something which triggers these very vivid memories of the distant past and must translate their images with the forms and labels that are characteristic of the time they live in. To see an insect as a conscious being, might very well have been the views of some distant hominid relative. Likewise, a reptile could have been viewed as a "special" being of some sort, much in the manner that some primitive peoples pay a great deal of homage to various animals. Instead of saying a reptile or insect has a "spirit," it is said to be an alien with a "consciousness". No doubt those early hominids who were sensitively aware of a change taking place with their own perceptions, from time to time interpreted their "illuminations" (an awakening "consciousness") as being alien, foreign, strange, or as a gift from some "higher" being, except that in many cases the "illumination" was called a demon or god which "invaded" their mind, their thoughts, their body, their soul, either because the person was very bad or very good ("special, unique, one-of-a-kind, etc...").

trephination (22K)

In some instances this new form of "consciousness" (awakening, illumination, spiritual encounter, voice, etc.) may have been interpreted that the beholder of such was unique, (son of god, god, spiritual guide, shaman, witch doctor, etc.,)and at other times the "strange ideas" may have been interpreted as an indication of demonic possession, insanity, etc., which required various attempts to remove the "invading alien" by way of exorcism, trephination (opening up the brain to let the "bad" out), burning, sacrifice, stoning, hanging, ostracism, locking them away, manipulating them into committing crimes, taking illegal drugs, becoming an alcoholic, acquiring a gambling addiction, or consuming socially acceptable "mind altering substances" such as prescription drugs, religion, alcohol, promiscuity, television advertisement and government policy nonsense etc...

Trephination image: --- Peru Human skull image collection ---

The alien types of insect- reptilian- greys ...Nordic, are much like an expression of a type of evolutionary timeline. The greys, as seen as a type of transitional form between alien and human, are much like an infant before it matures, which bodes well with the idea that greys are trying to "breed a hybrid" race. From the perspective of some humorous reports of social workers, teenagers are seen as hybrid states of transition between the immature and mature stages of development. And to the dismay of some social workers, they hope the hybrids developed between humans and aliens doesn't produce thousands of teenage-like aliens who think they know it all.

It's as if by taking all the alien reports together, whether they are made up in the imaginations of the speaker or not, and place them in a type of timeline just like we do geological formations, historical developments of agriculture, religion, etc., what we have is an overall evolutionary picture of the more primitive to more advanced aliens. In some reports of alien types the insect form is excluded, and we have only the Reptilian types~ Grey types~ Human types, with sub-categories under the headings of groups and class. In other words, we have three characterizations of Type ~ Group ~ Class; each of which may or may not have further sub-categories. So not only do we have an evolutionary type of timeline configuration, but also the usage of a type of classification system similar to that used in biology for the categorization of various species.

In other words, there is an inclination towards the usage of science and not religion, not magic, not superstition (in most cases), to evaluate and explain experiences which may occur to someone who may or may not be with others who did not share the same experience. Does the usage of pseudo-type of scientific classification systems provide non-ordinary experiences a type of authenticity that is not given by resorting to religious, superstitious, or folklore criteria? Does the mere usage of scientific-related symbols, jargon, and intimations give credibility to material that does not otherwise stand on its own merits through the eyes of those who have no or little background in science? And what if modern science is not but another form of religion, just as early religion was a type of science in its own way? Therefore, what may be needed is a truer form of science in order to better appreciate "unusual" information derived from individualized experiences.

3 Types of Telepathy:

  1. ---Instinctual Telepathy ---
    is based upon those impacts of energy which come from one etheric body and make an impression upon another.
  2. --- Mental Telepathy ---
    is becoming increasingly prevalent. What we have today is a mixture of instinctual telepathy and the beginning of mental telepathy. This manifests, however, very seldom, and then only in the educated classes. With the masses, instinctual telepathy is still the mode of contact.
  3. --- Intuitional Telepathy ---
    is one of the developments upon the Path of Discipleship. It is one of the fruits of true meditation.

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