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(The Study of Threes)

Crop Circle Predators

It may be advisable to proceed with caution in our efforts to "communicate" with the Crop Circle "Maker(s)" because they may be predators. A look about nature on Earth and we see a variety of tactics employed by different life forms to ensnare prey. From the Venus fly trap to spiders, ant-lions, and the direct stalking behavior of other life forms. While I know many interpretations revolve around the mystery with respect to positive images in mind such as that they represent some higher consciousness, humanity should err on the side of caution.

The "tactic" being used by the Crop Circle maker(s), that is if they do not represent some elaborate hoax, is to use images which attract a variety of different perspectives. But not all people are moved by the designs. I know some who shrug off the designs as something they need not be concerned about since no one or nothing is making any additional effort to make themselves known. And it is of interest to note that the so called "maker(s)" are not using some sort of structural component such as stone, to make the designs more enduring like pyramids, for example. Such a usage may be beyond the capabilities of the maker(s). The designs we see may be little more that instinctual behavior developed by way of some evolutionary process like the different designs used by birds, a beaver, or spider web.

Imagine ourselves to be the size of bees, yet know nothing of bees and having come across a beehive. Imagine further all the various types of interpretations that would be proffered to provide some explanation of the design and the maker(s). Yet, if the bees would return while we were occupying the hive, our presence may be unwanted and be met with an attack. In the case of a spider's web, imagine ourselves touching the web yet our presence is interpreted to be like that of the wind, which is ignored by the spider. Yet someone who somehow by chance or accident does succeed in "communicating" with the (spider) maker, may find themselves quickly dispatched into their lair... with no other human nearby to witness the event. In fact, some humans may have already communicated their presence to the Crop Circle maker(s), but are no where nearby to warn anyone.

While we humans ignore many poisonous plants, insects and animals saying that by leaving them alone we will be left alone, this may not be the case with the Crop Circle maker(s) when they (it) begin to interact with humans.

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