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3 largest health-care providers in the U.S. are Jail settings:
  • Riker's Island
  • Cook county jail system
  • Los Angeles jail system

(According to Jan Terpstra, assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Utah school of medicine.)
Vol. 27 No. 52, May 10th, 2012, Pg. 8 Salt Lake City Weekly magazine.

3 Orders of antiquity cloaked in mystery: Free Masons - Knights Templars - Rosicrucians

3 major Tropical Rain-forests:
  1. American: Mexico into South America
  2. Indo-Malayan: Australia, Burma- Ceylon, India, Indonesia
  3. African: Congo (Zaire) basin to Ethiopia

  • 3 major forms to the geological process of weathering: Biological~ Chemical~ Mechanical
  • 3 types of reflective scanning: Retroflective ~ Specular ~ Diffuse
  • 3 layers to thermos (vacuum) bottles: Inner bottle~ Outer (middle) bottle~ Support shell
  • 3 human migration processes: Immigration, Emigration, Naturalization
  • 3 common names for a similar type of footwear: Flip flops, Thongs, Shower shoes
  • 3 to 1 time references:{Physical time~ Biological time~ Geological time} to {Psychological time}

3 major physiographic subdivisions to Canada:
  1. Canadian shield- from Labrador to Lake Winnipeg (Precambrian rocks)
  2. Down folds- West Central Canada (young folded mountains)
  3. Cordillera- West, (Canadian Rockies)

While mechanical valves have various names such as check valves, relief valves, manual vales, automatic control valves, etc., there are 3 principal types:

  1. Gate valve
  2. Glove valve
  3. Check valve

Following the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, large land-holdings were expropriated by the State and the land was distributed among the peasants. In 1928 collectivization of Soviet agriculture was initiated on a large scale; a Three-part structure composed of:

  1. State farms (sovkhoz)
  2. Collective farms (kolkhoz)
  3. Private plots emerged.

In meteorological and astronomical applications, actinometers may be classified according to the type of radiation they measure:

  1. Pyrheliometer
  2. Pyranometer
  3. Pyrgeometer

3 minutes is the time interval used at Walmart stores to shake a new container of paint in order to mix the contents for a customer.

3 types of zeolites used in adsorption operations: (Zeolites are crystalline microporous solids that contain cavities and channels measured in terms of molecular dimensions.)

  • A type
  • Sodalite
  • Faujasite (type x, y)

  • 3-engined McDonnel Douglas DC-10 aircraft ushered in the design era of the 1970's.
  • 3 classifications of Military aircraft: Offensive ~ Defensive ~ Reconnaissance/Command operations
  • 3 typical types of ways to secure one's trousers:
  1. Belt.
  2. Suspenders.
  3. Elastic waistband.

  • 3 times the pressure rating of soldered copper pipe joints is achieved by the new type of crimped joints.
  • 3 common names for lighter-than-air craft: Blimps ~ Dirigibles ~ Zeppelins
  • 3 basic parts of a turbojet engine: Air compressor ~ Combustion chambers ~ Turbine wheels

Jet engine fuel efficiency has increased by approximately a factor of 3 as compared with earlier piston engines.

3 categories of radiation fallout:

  1. Local (close-in)
  2. Tropospheric (or intermediate)
  3. Stratospheric (or worldwide)

3 principal types of sedimentary rocks: Limestone 5% ~ Shale 80% ~ Sandstone 15%

3 common forms of medical supports: Crutches ~ Canes ~ Walkers

3 categories of nutrients required by plants:

  1. Primary nutrients or elements (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium)
  2. Secondary nutrients or elements (Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur)
  3. Micronutrient elements

3 means available for making (or separating) amino acids in large quantity lots:

  1. Extraction from natural protein
  2. Fermentation
  3. Chemical synthesis

3 fundamental laws of thermocouples:

  1. Law of the homogeneous circuit
  2. Law of intermediate metals
  3. Law of successive or intermediate temperatures

3 origins for volcanoes from the perspective of plate tectonics:

  1. Plate collisions
  2. Divergence of plates (rift volcano)
  3. Island volcanoes (hot-spot volcano)

It is considered a "given" (commonplace acceptable understanding) amongst many website designers that if the average person can not get to the information they want in 3 clicks or less of a computer mouse, they give up.

3 results supplied by internet search engines is the limit by 80% of users and more than half of users checked out only one result, are the findings by researchers from the Penn. State School of Information Sciences and Technology (IST), 06-27-03. Typically, surfers visit only the first three results from a query, with one in five spending one minute or less on a linked web document. (Dr. Jansen and his co-author Professor Amanda Spink analysed more than 450,000 web queries submitted to the search engine in a 24-hour period. The research is said to provide sober reading for businesses using search engines to market themselves.

--- Surfer impatient with search engines ---
Original source:

--- Real life, Real users, and Real needs: a study and analysis of user queries on the web ---

3 to 1 ratio of MG Taylor Corporation's Scan - Focus - Act concept:

1 of 3 small scan image Scan means just what you’d imagine; looking about for different options, or to gather information in a broad sort of way. Scan also implies a vantage point of some sort from which to view. The original meaning of the word means to climb or mount. In the Scan phase we build conceptual, mental models.
2 of 3 small focus symbol Focus implies choice. The majority of the opportunities presented by the scan are discarded in favor of only one or several, which are scrutinized and evaluated more rigorously. The models we build in Focus are more tangible expressions of the conceptual models we built in Scan. At length a decision is made and it's time to...
3 of 3 small act symbol Act! This is the opportunity to see whether the models will pan out as they become viable systems in their own right. If discipline and imagination have been brought to the two preceding stages, this stage should be successful.
1 of 1 small feed back symbol Feedback. The result of an experience is fed back as learning to the next iteration of the process. Feedback is termed positive if the desire is to grow the system, and called negative if homeostatic control, or goal-seeking is the object.

Scan Focus Act emblem
--- Scan Focus Act ---

Tripartite model sets out a hierarchical structure of three commonly occurring lies:

  1. Fabrication (outright lie.
  2. Falsehoods (out right denial).
  3. Equivocal negations.

Tripartite model of lies
--- How rational is deception? --- by Magda Osman

3 categories of Northern Alaska Permafrost:

Nothern Alaska permafrost

3 major types of Conserver Sociopolitical divisions/social views: Exchange ~ Authoritative ~ Coercive. Each label describes the dominant social power that would organize each society in the New World--exchange power, based on promises and bargaining; authoritative power based on (traditional) legitimacy; and coercion based on threats, (or the threat of threats). These types are shown as overlapping circles in the following illustration. Correlatively, the Conservers would rind three types of political proposals, which are represented by a triangle overlying the types of societies. Also shown are some mixed political types (policies)--fascist, conservative, welfare liberal, classical liberal, democratic socialist.

The political triangle defines a political space within which there is much ideological variation, with the extremes at the points of the triangle. For societies there would likewise be much variation from the pure types, with the mixtures of pure types given by the overlapping parts of the circles. These mixtures raise the possibility of some middle or compromise type of Sociopolitical system that might provide a consensual solution to the bargaining.

--- Social Justice: Social Contract Model --- By R.J. Rummel

3 components typical of scientific arguments:

  1. Empirical data.
  2. Interpretation of these data.
  3. Conceptualizations of the issues.

Tripling in the average glacial melt rate - from 100 cubic kilometres in 1989 to 320 cubic kilometres in 1998 - is suggested to be the reason behind the squishing of the planet Earth and the subsequent changes in the gravity field.

--- BBC News: Earth's equatorial 'obesity' (11 December, 2002) ---

Three new moons orbiting the distant gas-giant planet Neptune have been found by researchers led by JJ Kavelaars of the National Research Council of Canada and Matthew Holman of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. This discovery boosts the number of known satellites of the gas giant to 11. They are the first moons to be discovered orbiting Neptune since the Voyager II fly-by in 1989, and the first discovered from a ground-based telescope since 1949.

--- BBC News: New Moons For Neptune 01-14-03 ---

3 types of Hair grafts used by Atlantis 2000 International:

Micro Micro Graft - Approximately 1 to 2 Hairs
Micro grafts are used mainly for recreating the front hairline. Going approximately ½ inch back from the new natural looking hairline. They are also used to imitate mother natures own creation.
Mini Mini Graft - Approximately 3 to 5 Hairs
A few mini grafts are placed throughout the new front hairline to give a natural appearance. Mini-grafts are then used to give more density, starting behind the new hairline and finishing at the back crown area
maxi Maxi Graft - Approximately 6 to 8 Hairs
Maxi grafts are used mainly for density in the back crown area along with a combination of mini grafts.

--- $3 grafts from Atlantis Hair ---

3 types of dating services to provide members with possible matches for a potential relationship:

  1. The first type service to consider is the one that allows you to select potential single female matches yourself.
  2. The second type of service to consider is the type where some human or computer chooses potential matches from a database of profiles of their single female members.
  3. The third type of services are those where members are matched by "intuition."

--- Types of Dating Services ---

3 most common types of boats used for water skiing and/or fishing:

  1. Inboard
  2. Inboard/Outboard
  3. Outboard

3 types of guitar practice offered by karlos, from lincoln, u.k:

  1. TRAINING THE HANDS: training the hands is easy with enough practice. Get to know as many techniques as you can find (i.e. sweeping ,tapping , legato and so on) once you've learned enough and know the theory behind what's been learned, riffs you once thought were impossible and incredible will just make you think "oh he's sweeping that or that's tapped "Music sound totally different when you know how it's done and it works.
  2. TRAINING THE MEMORY: this includes stuff like learning chord positions, scale positions chord shapes and such-like, if your stuck playing from a pentatonic box it may be because your playing from memory.
  3. TRAINING THE IMAGINATION: this is the part some people forget (including me until recently)... think of a note and then play it, if you keep doing this and getting more adventurous at it, you will soon be able to play anything you can imagine. If you just sound like a bunch of scales joined together then you also are playing from memory. A quick exercise for the tab is to play a note and imagine the next note down or up (making sure you get the correct note and pitch).

--- Guitar Tricks ---

An alternative approach to deducing the presence of "threes" in guitar playing (as a specific music instrument reference) is identifying the usage as an exercise, though other models of exercise are to be noted as well. Here is one source some readers may find of value: How to Increase Speed on the Guitar: 15 Speed Building Exercises to Practise Everyday

Three Rivers References:

  • Three rivers, Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) [reference submitted by P. Thomson via E-mail on 12-25-02].- {Pennsylvania is home of the three-mile Island Nuclear accident.}
  • Three Rivers, Alamogordo (New Mexico) [Home of Trinity nuclear bomb site.]-

    also home to three rivers petroglyph site that is said to have foundations of three types of prehistoric buildings. (The name does not refer to actual waterways.
  • Three Rivers, California
  • Three Rivers, Michigan (The St. Joseph, Portage and Rocky River.)
  • Three Rivers, Texas [confluence of the Atascosa, Frio and Nueces Rivers.]
  • Three Rivers Winery is named after 3 rivers: [Walla Walla River, Snake River, Columbia Rivers.]

Threes references to some of the Fiji class of Royal Navy cruisers:

  • Twelve 6 inch guns in threes.
  • Eight 4 inch anti-aircraft guns in pairs
  • Nine 2pdr anti-aircraft guns in pairs (one single)
  • Eight 0.5 inch machine guns in pairs.
  • Six 21 inch torpedo tubes in threes.
  • 3 aircraft.
  • Displacement: 8,000 tons.
  • Speed: 33kts.
  • Complement: 730

--- Fiji ---

Three child's games/activities that I have found not to be known by people I have asked in Salt Lake City:

  1. Mushball- Similar to softball but the ball is larger, "mushier" and gloves are frequently not needed.
  2. Beggar's night- Night before Halloween that some children go trick or treating.
  3. Four square- A game played largely by grade-school kids in the Eastern United States.

3 requirements generally asked of a person receiving a letter, package, etc.:

  1. Date.
  2. Time.
  3. Signature.

3 commonly known Fairytale lands:

  1. Land of Oz--- Wizard of Oz story.
  2. Never-never land--- Peter Pan story.
  3. Alice in Wonderland--- Through the Looking Glass story.

3-part (Abbreviated) workplace reference to (A s Soon As Possible) expediency:

  1. A-S We vocally combine the first letter of the first two words.
  2. A We singularly vocalize the first letter of the third word.
  3. P We singularly vocalize the first letter of the fourth word.

3 dial slot machine

3 dial slot machine colloquially referred to as a one arm bandit because the odds of matching all 3 dials with the same object are considered to be extremely high, and therefore benefit the gambling establishment. One must wonder why people sometimes spend hours looking at three items revolving around. Is this due to some sort of cognitive symbolic link with the three moments of the Sun (dawn- noon- dusk) "revolving"? And this is also reflected in watching a little ball revolving in a roulette wheel, or individual bets "revolving" around a group of players?

Image source:

--- Nevada Magazine Bandit Bank ---

Three "core" subjects of the American Education system: English, Mathematics and Science.

Three minority group applicants to the undergraduate program at the University of Michigan, earn 20 points on the basis of race out of a 150-point system:

  1. African-American.
  2. Hispanic.
  3. Native American.

--- Bush to urge high court to stop university's "quota system" ---

Three companies on Tuesday (01-14-03) announced plans to collaborate on devices and supporting software and hardware that can roam between cell phone networks and wireless LANs without interruption:

  1. Motorola Inc.
  2. Avaya Inc.
  3. Proxim Corp.

--- Trio Tackles Wireless Roaming ---

Three airlines were approved of by the U.S. to adopt a marketing partnership (01-17-03):

  1. Delta
  2. Northwest
  3. Continental...

...but only on strict conditions intended to limit anticompetitive behavior. The partnership, which is known as a code-sharing alliance and was approved by the Transportation and Justice Departments, would permit the carriers to sell seats on one another's flights and allow passengers to choose which frequent-flier program would be credited with miles flown. Passengers would also be able to use the other airlines' airport lounges. Advertisement In a sharply worded statement, the Transportation Department said the partnership, which was proposed in August, raised "serious competitive issues" that could open the door for potential price and scheduling collusion. To prevent that, the department set several restrictions, including what the airlines' executives could discuss with one another, how the carriers could market themselves to corporate clients, the number of gates they could keep at airports and the types of routes the alliance could serve. The three airlines said they were studying the Transportation Department's conditions and had no further comment. Some industry experts said they would be surprised if the carriers agreed to such strict conditions, though others pointed out that the airlines did not have much to lose. Opponents of the partnership, including several low-cost airlines, praised the decision and said it was a good first step to maintaining competition. In its decision, the Transportation Department noted that the three airlines accounted for 35 percent of revenue per passenger mile in the industry and that 3,214 of their routes overlapped.

--- N.Y. Times: U.S. Approves Code Sharing by Three Airlines, With Limits --- By Edward Wong

3 types of Brides described on the 01-27-03 (ABC) television show "Bridezillas":

  1. Neurotic Bride
  2. Obsessive Bride
  3. Princess Bride

$3.00 to the Presidential campaign fund (from taxes) is a query on U.S. Federal Income Tax Forms. In the State in which I live, there is a query of whether or not a citizen would like to have $2.00 go to a political party (one of those listed on the form), or would they like to make a contribution to a particular organization (one of those listed on the form). A contribution to a political party does not reduce one's tax refund, but contributing to one of the other organizations will do so. In other words, you can give freely to political parties but you can not do so to other non-political organizations without an ensuing loss of money.

3-part residence rental fee ensemble requested by many U.S. landlords:

  1. 1st month's rent.
  2. Last month's rent.
  3. Security Deposit.

3 typical forms of segregated parking provided at businesses:

  1. General public.
  2. Handicapped.
  3. Employee are some other 3-part parking lot space division variations:

  1. Handicapped.
  2. Pregnant woman.
  3. General public.

  1. Corporate officers.
  2. Employee of the year, month, week, day.
  3. All other employees.

  1. Corporate officers.
  2. Visitors.
  3. All other employees.

  1. Emergency personnel, maintenance workers, etc.
  2. Handicapped.
  3. All others.

3-part expression sometimes used as a means to (substitute for the word "et cetera") as an alternative way of abbreviating a long list of items that are frequently listed by many others commonly found in similar circumstances as part of day to day living in a particular social context: DA- DA- DA

3 recurring circumstances creating problems in relationships:

  1. Financial.
  2. Infidelity.
  3. Incompatibility.

3 initial origins of American cowboys has been suggested:

  1. Influences from Spain.
  2. Influences from the Scottish Highlands.
  3. Influences from the West of Africa.

3 types of Catsup prevalent in the "Best" restaurants during the U.S. Civil war era:

  1. Mushroom
  2. Walnut
  3. Tomato

3 recurring arguments against using the death penalty in the U.S.:

  1. It's unfair to blacks. (The highest percentage of inmates are Blacks.)
  2. It doesn't really deter crime.
  3. Innocent people could be executed.

3 recurring rebuttals to the above 3 arguments:

  1. Most inmates are black individuals because many blacks have a primitive mindset with respect to abiding by laws. They use laws to assist them in doing whatever they want through con-games, manipulations, intimidations, playing roles of victimization, getting access to that and those which can be made to do their bidding by way of drugs, alcohol, music, sports, etc...
  2. The death penalty can not be realistically seen as a deterrent to crime unless it is used consistently, frequently, and decisively. Lack of crime deterrence is not the fault of the death penalty, it is a fault of the woefully inadequate American Justice System.
  3. Innocent people are executed because the American Justice System failed to keep the innocent from being convicted in the first place.

Three pounds of gasoline are needed to deliver one pound of bombs on an enemy objective; every Flying Fortress sets out on a bombing mission with at least two tons of gasoline. (World War II)

--- Fuels and Lubricants for Johnny Doughboy ---


  • OK3 is a grade received by a Navy aircraft carrier pilot for his or her landing. "OK" is an excellent landing; the "3" refers to the arresting wire.
  • Usually the pilot is shooting for the 3 wire, the third of the four arresting wires on the aircraft carrier deck. --- You can see the wires by clicking here. ---
  • Catching the 3 wire means the aircraft’s tailhook landed right in the middle of the 4 wires, a very precise accomplishment. Thus, OK3 represents utmost skill and precision in one of the most demanding environments that man places himself.

--- OK3 ---

3 flying board shapes:

  1. Two winged, much like a boomerang.
  2. Four winged in an "X" shape.
  3. Six winged.

--- The Flying Boards ---

The parent asks the child: Do you have to do Number 1 (pee/urinate) or Number 2 (poop/defecate)? (As a child I always said Number 3, which is, in reality, a combination of both. Believe it or not some adults would ask what Number 3 was!!!)

3 philosophical cultural references to influence others:

  1. Act your age - (remark made to influence someone to exhibit mannerisms/behavior/ideas that are perceived to be consistent with a given age group/range.)
  2. Act your wage - (remark made to influence someone to live within the means that they can adequately and realistically afford by developing a sales-resistance to advertising, sales people, and impulse buying.)
  3. Act your stage - (remark made to influence someone to be themselves and not pretend to be someone they are not which could lead to undesirable consequences.)

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