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The Pyramid Shape
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Note: Initially, I had presented some of the ideas below under the heading of "V-3-shaped", but have chosen the present title since there are far more people who have an interest in the pyramid shape, but do not necessarily think of it as a basic inverted "V"-shaped object. As will be repeated again, later on in this page, we of today generally look at the whole of the structure, but if we look at how ancient Egyptians portrayed the human form, you will notice that they did not portray, in their human images, a depth perception. There was a distinct child-like means of illustrating the human form. While they will show the profile of a human face, they do not in turn show an accompanying profile of the body. The shoulders are facing forward, as many a child will draw a human figure. This may or may not express that there was a prevalent brain activity (at least amongst artists of the time), to see and portray everything in a "flat" way. As such, the sides of a pyramid where seen as flat, triangular objects, connected in a circular, back-to-back fashion. And yes, I mean circular... even though the "circle" formation is not readily acknowledged.

If one were to take four squares and try to put them, equally, back-to-back, or rectangles in a similar fashion, one might come up with "holes" that would need to be plugged up. And though one might want to suggest the usage of multiple little circles to be placed "back-to-back", even the usage of infinitesimally small circles (I am thinking of "circular" atoms), would still require some method of plugging up "holes" because the objects are not easily meshed together. While one might want to argue for the usage of different sizes of "circular" objects, such a philosophical exercise gets away for the initial general point being made about the presence of individual "V-shaped" objects. Hence, the different sides of a pyramid can be viewed as separate, but inter-connected triangles... or "V"-shaped examples.

Egyptian styled pyramid (31K)

In discussing "The Pyramid Shape", the reader should acknowledge that this phrase can have different meanings to different people. One person might be thinking in terms of an Egyptian-styled stone structure, another a geometrically formed triangle, while still another be thinking in terms of a flat-faced cone (as in an "ice-cream cone" with flat sides). Others may be visualizing a truncated pyramid (a pyramid with its top portion missing), and still others see "exploded" versions such as would be seen in a map projection where the globe (Earth) is seen flat and all its "sides" laid out end to end. Of course variations of this "flat projection" style of viewing can be entertained such as if one were looking at the pyramid top down, from the bottom side up, and mixtures thereof. The pyramid image to the right came from "The Pyramid Experience" site. The images below are just a few alternative ways of viewing the pyramidal structure:

Looking at a Pyramid from the top side downward:

pyramida (2K)
The sides of a Pyramid folded downward:

pyramidb (3K)
The sides of a pyramid folded upward with an imaginary pole in the middle and the outline of the pyramid's shape still in view. (Like a triangular hat with a propeller.)

pyramidc (3K)
The sides of the pyramid tilted toward the top of one side of the pyramid showing rotation. (An electric or battery fan, boat propeller, etc.)

pyramidd (2K)
The Pyramid windmill.

pyramide (9K)
pyramidscaffold (51K)

The "Pyramid Experience" page also provides the image of a triangle-shaped pyramidal structure in the form of a scaffolding under which one is supposed to acquire "Tachyon"-related energy within an embedded electro-magnetic vortex insinuatingly based on "sacred geometry as found in the Great Pyramid of Giza". The information on this page which is being related to the "energy" of the pyramid is in-line with other solar myths. It is not wrong, just misinterpreted, and therefore misunderstood, and portrayed in an allegorical representation that needs to be subjected to the analysis of that being referred to as a "higher consciousness". So let me offer my perspective on the origin of the basic Pyramid design even though it has already been discussed on my Solar Myth pages:

--- Solar Mythology page 1

Let us first look at a short list of alternative theories concerning why the Egyptians chose the pyramidal design:

Why did the ancient Egyptians use the pyramid shape?

Egyptologists have developed many theories about why the tombs of the early pharaohs were built in the pyramid shape. Here are three different ideas:

  1. The pyramid represented the first land to appear at the beginning of time- a hill called 'Ben-Ben'.***
  2. The pyramid had sloping sides so that the dead pharaoh could "symbolically" climb to the sky and live forever.
  3. The pyramid represented the rays of the sun.

--- Ancient Egypt ---

***(Note: the "Ben-Ben" expression brings to mind infant babbling structures: Ba-Ba, Na-Na, Da-Da, etc..., which might give a hint as to the mind-set/ brain maturation of early Egyptians. See information about language development and infant babbling beginning here. However, I did not expressly discuss the Egyptian mindset on these pages. I make mention of the information solely based on the present correlation:)

--- 3's in Language Development page 1---

Back in the 19th Century an Engineer by the name of James Nasmyth discussed the question about the "origin of the pyramid design" during which time he too offered the perspective that it may have been due to the Sun's rays, which included his speculation about the origin of the linear Obelisk design:

sunrays (15K)

"On many occasions, while beholding the sublime effects of the Sun's Rays streaming down on the earth through openings in the clouds near the horizon, I have been forcibly impressed with the analogy they appear to suggest as to the form of the Pyramid, while the single vertical ray suggests that of the Obelisk."

--- Sun Rays page 1 ---

While this perspective may not be incorrect, and can be transplanted back in time to the day and age of the Ancient Egyptians, there is an alternative source which appears to be more fundamental... and which might well have influenced other pyramidal, or triangular representations such as the pyramidal structures in the human body, V-shaped flight formation of birds, pyramidal termite mounds, ant-lion burrows, spear and arrow-heads, boomerangs, triangularly spaced spokes in a round wheel, (as well as 3-part ideas in a "well-rounded" education), etc... Surely, the ancestor of birds, termites or ant-lions didn't get the idea for a pyramidal (triangular) structure from an image of the Sun's rays streaming through a cloud. Despite claims of how intelligent and perhaps organized some birds and termite societies appear to be, there are cases in which we humans can over-value behavior. (And for the skeptic: Yes I know we can under-value it as well.)

Interestingly, not much has been written concerning the origin of the Native American Tee-Pee design, though this is an obvious version of the same pyramidal/triangular theme we can see in the pyramid structures found in different places for different cultures. And yet, though many Native Americans spent time beneath these structures, I don't recall ever reading or hearing about references to "energy", though there may be allusions to such in unacknowledged sources such as pictographs that ancient Indians did not provide via a linguistic tradition, and present day Indians have not had the mind-set to recognize and interpret as such. Surely the Native Americans who were closer to the Earth, would have felt, discussed and left some sort of reference to such that would have been transferred onto future generations. We must also ask that if the "energy" of the Tee-Pee is as prominent as some might want to suggest, then why isn't there a mass exodus to acquire such a structure, and why do those asserting claims for "Pyramid Power" of one kind or another build some sort of pyramidal scaffolding within a square-box housing unit?

However, chanting medicine men over a sick individual within a Tee-Pee is well depicted in American Westerns, just as some non-Indians give or receive spiritual blessings in structures containing some form of triangular roof. Yet, many Native Americans didn't use a Tee-Pee form of housing and most Native Americans alive today live in square-box shaped houses, even though many of these houses have triangular-shaped pitched roofs. Some might want to suggest this is why the American Indian has many health problems, but the complexity of issues (alcoholism, dietary regime, etc.) is not presently a topic I want to address here.

It should also be mentioned that homeless people, gypsies, nomads and the like do not customarily build triangle structures to improve their well-being, though many are "dirt close" to the Earth. And I'm not talking about those with mental health issues, I'm talking about normal people in their respective cultures. Those that are using some triangular/pyramidal structure to spend time beneath or in, are those doing so who have non-triangular/pyramidal structures that they can and do spend most of their time in. We don't see people wanting to design pyramidal-like structures when they go to an architect for developing plans for a new home or office building. If there is so much benefit to be garnered, however personally or socially defined, then why isn't this lawfully mandated as "THE" standard upon which all structures should be Built. There should be no excuses. If the Ancient Egyptians could solve the engineering problems so should we of today be able to. And we should quibble about costs, especially if their is so much to be gained.

Again, let me emphasize that I don't think the idea of "Pyramid Energy" is wrong-headed, it just needs to achieve a "higher consciousness" planning through an enhanced understanding of the Sun (and Moon's) characteristics which supply an influence in separate, complementary, and even conflicting ways (which may have at one time canceled each other out, but are now showing greater (or lesser) assertiveness due to changes in activity, alignment, and inter-relationships). Of course "Pyramid Energy" exists just like other forms, many of which are not even labeled as yet. It really goes without saying that there are those who have sensibilities which enable them to detect internal/external environmental subtleties acting on the various human channels of perception and acknowledgment.

Yet, those professing the benefits of "Pyramid Energy", regardless of the simplistic or sophistication of language employed to convince oneself and others; need to re-think their entire philosophical and materials-structure approach. There shouldn't be any tap-dancing around questions involving testability and verifiability if someone wants to measure the purported "energy". If it's not measurable by conventional instrumentation such as an electrician would use, then what needs to be developed to measure it besides some form of socialized hypnotic-like suggestions to those who are susceptible to manipulation as can be seen in groups of religious adherents (and may have been the mind-set of the pyramid workers and builders). Additionally, "pyramid energy" should not be used as a motivating tool which influences an unsuspecting public to buy dubious products which are claimed as being able to further enhance their well-being. Testimonials do not always equate with validity. Believers and skeptics both should be allowed to take their own measurements of "Pyramid Energy" based on their experiences and knowledge. "Drugging" someone through various forms of "preparation" (socialization, employment, dietary regime, narcotics, liquor, deprivation, etc.) is very often tantamount to deceit.

First of all, I think that the origin of the Pyramid design is due to the triangular path of the Sun (and its milder reflective "twin" the Moon), which occurred more frequently in the distant past due to an accelerated rotation rate of the Earth; which is on a path for decreasing in speed, and the Moon is receding... but the intensity of the Sun will continue to increase and the influential triangular paths will continue to diminish into a non-existence. If our biology, and hence, our "energy auras" are, as I think they are, closely aligned; we need to dramatically alter our understanding of the Solar/Lunar - Energy/Rhythm - Pyramidal/Circular triangularly-interactive complex.

Here is an animated image of the Sun and Moon's triangular passage that can be seen via time-lapsed photography, but might well be "felt" more directly and intensely by impressionable biological processes that may have additional design-laden scenarios relative to a particular life form... resulting in various types of triangular/pyramidal representations such as triangular fins on fishes, triangular arms on starfish, the coccyx (tail bone) in humans, v-shaped flight formations in migrating birds, triangular-shaped pine trees, etc.

Triangular path of Sun and Moon (18K)

Above image source:

--- Developing a 3's Hypothesis page 3 ---

With respect to the last example (triangle-shaped pine trees), it should be noted that the abundance of which are "higher" up in elevations... towards mountains... despite wide-spread plantings by humans in lower elevations. And as for lower elevations, when we proceed towards sea level, the predominant shape of trees is of a roundish nature, with those nearer to the sea tend to take on a linear expression such as coconut and banana trees. The following is an image thereof:

trees (4K)

And need it be mentioned that the triangle shape is widely used during Christmas under which "gifts" are placed? Look at the close parallel the Christmas tree ensemble is to the "pyramid energy formula": A triangle shape affixed with energy (lights), beneath which is the promise of a renewal (new year). While some prefer to hold to the tradition of a "real" (cut) tree, others have chosen to use a reusable artificial one... typically designed with bendable wire branches affixed with non-flammable green (and artificial) "needles" attached to a wooden trunk. The reason I bring up this latter point is to suggest that perhaps, since pyramids are not made of wood, that a greater degree (and type) of energy might be fashioned by way of the materials employed in the construction. This would also be additionally helpful for those whose particularly individualized energy (level, etc.), needs a particular type of pyramidal format.

For a brief excursion into the line - circle - triangle idea, take a look at the design of the pelvis bone by comparing its development from our primate antiquity to the present:

pelvis (6K)

But let's get back to the pyramid shape, and refresh some of the comments stated earlier. This entails, at least the consideration that ancient Egyptians did not see the world in the same way we of the present did. Now I'm not talking about morals or cultural values, or wishing to debate whether or not you think the ancient Egyptians possessed some fantastically advanced super- knowledge which enabled them to build structures that we of today would find difficult even with our so-called advanced construction equipment; what I mean is that they may not have had the same physiological ability to perceive, much less represent the world in the same way. This doesn't mean they couldn't be accomplished in some other way, I am simply talking about what they saw, geometrically speaking, when they looked at a pyramid. In other words and to the point, their perspective may have been quite child-like which meant it would take a leap in brain development for them to comprehend some of the things we of today take for granted, even if some readers think we of the present are actually regressing in our mental development and that the Ancient Egyptians had some form of superior Atlantean-like perspicacity.

For example, take a look at the following first image of a male figure that is faced in a 3-dimensional direction but is being portrayed in a two-dimensional way as is indicated by the shoulders. While they may have had the same depth perception, they (at least the artists) were unable to convey this perspective in the chosen art form. The second image illustrates the rays of the Sun with hands. Perhaps two hands held in a triangular fashion for praying has its origin here.

solar rays and the ankh (8K) solar rays and hands (15K)

It should be noted that the above image to the left depicts the origin of the ankh, which preceded the Christian cross (and perhaps the hangman's noose, hand held mirror, ladle, magnifying glass, tennis racket, etc.), and was used as the leather (reed?) routing means by which a sandal was attached to a foot, which may or may not have been a social requirement/expectation that reinforced the sacred standing of the ankh (and not simply used as a convention simply involving utility or practicality... though such notions can be used to label something as "natural" and therefore 'heaven sent').

A bit of history may be of some interest at this point: (Akhenaten was an early ruler of Egypt who rejected the old gods and replaced them with solar worship.) Notice also the similarity of spelling of Akhenaten, Ankh, and our own "ankle, anklet", etc... Also compare this form of foot tethering with that of the everyday common flip flop, shower shoe or thongs which quite often use a "V" pattern attachment method.

ankh (11K) sandal (8K)

Other interpretations are of course possible. For example, by wondering how in the world was an ankh ever seen in a solar ray? By way of creative overlapping of disparate images? A distorted vision from drinking too much divinitized Scarab juice (or whatever) or falling into the Nile river and hitting one's head against a rock? In the mind of an adult with the perception of a child, we shouldn't wonder, though we of today think this is amusing, those in the past quite likely thought it serious and perhaps inviolably sacred.

In the perception of a child, perhaps the Sun's rays coming through a cloud, tree branch, flock of birds or perhaps the refracted image of light from beneath the surface of water gave the impression of a triangle that was interpreted as a "sign" from God (or several gods). On the other hand, as said before, such visual perceptions were unlikely the cause of a fish's triangular fins, an ant-lion's inverted triangle, or the impetus for which a termite species might "decide" to fashion their mound after. Unless of course such a termite society has its own type of "culture"-linked god(s). I can't say for sure since I can't speak "termitese", "fishese" whether or not some readers profess to be close to nature and understand it with some self-proclaimed "ease".

All joking aside, we still need to grapple with the possibility that there may exist another avenue (one or more), by which the Sun can impress the triangle shape in/on different ways amongst different life forms. As noted above, I think it was the triangular solar and lunar paths that would have occurred more frequently in the distant past due to the accelerated rate at which the Earth turned. However, and this points should not be overlooked as representative solar/lunar influences that have been going on for billions of years:

  • The Sun is expanding as it proceeds towards its eventual burnout. It is said that it will one day engulf the innermost three planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth).
  • The Earth's rotation is slowing which is altering the geo-magnetic field/strength, thereby causing "fluctuations" in energy-related cycles... and perhaps being referred to as "vibrations", "reverberations", "rhythms" subtle "inter-mittancies", etc. (We can speculate that humans are and have been attempting to compensate by various unacknowledged-as-such methods which might involve: dietary changes, [large and/or small] location changes, changes in routines, job bouncing, alternative life-style experimentation, taking "decelerators" [depressants], taking "accelerators" [stimulants... caffeine, amphetamines] etc...)
  • The Moon is receding (moving away) from the Earth, thus affecting tidal behavior and any "attached" cycle such as menstruation, though men engage in periodic forms of "bleeding" by way of their job, chores, sports, fighting, "accidents-on-purpose", etc., and most are not even conscious of their own bleeding "cycle".
  • The Sun's three "moments" (dawn - noon - dusk) will "fuse" together as the Sun expands, which is, in effect, the representation of a three "to" one (3,2,1... countdown) ratio: (3 moments are fusing into 1 event).
  • The Moon's three "phases" (quarter, half, full) are dissipating as the Moon recedes from its effect(s) on the Earth.

The first image relates to the three - to - one ratio as a basic tenet of biology:

Mendelian inheritance is usually described as the process by which one of two alternate alleles of a gene is inherited from each parent so that the offspring has one of the following combinations: two dominant alleles, two recessive alleles, or one of each. If both parents are heterozygous, that is, have one of each allele, the three genotypes will occur among the offspring with the following probabilities: one homozygous dominant, two heterozygotes, and one homozygous recessive. Phenotypically the two heterozygotes will be indistinguishable from the homozygous dominant.This results in the famous 3:1 ratio

(James C. King, The Biology of Race, 1981, page 28)

ratio (7K)
In plants we find:

The female gametophyte of angiosperms (flowering plants) never acquires copious food reserves, although starch is frequently present in the central cell and sometimes in the egg itself. The unique feature, here, is that the embryo is nutritionally dependent upon the endosperm, a tissue that, in the genetical sense, constitutes a third organism ... neither gametophyte nor sporophyte. Further more, as a tissue, the endosperm manifests several other special characteristics. The nuclei have three chromosome sets and, therefore, three times the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) of haploid cells. As nuclear division ends, the amount of DNA per nucleus increases still further, a condition comparable with that in various plant and animal gland nuclei, presumably connected with the nutritional function of the endosperm. (Please keep in mind that plants are much older than animal life forms.)

In primates we find:

Nuclear organizers (NORs) contain many copies of the genes for ribosome structure (the ribosome is the cell organelle on which protein assembly occurs). Baboons and macaques, and most of the gibbons also, have only one pair of metacentric chromosomes bearing NORs (metacentric chromosomes have their centromeres halfway along so that they appear "two-armed" when segregating during cell division). All the great apes---the two chimpanzees, gorillas and orang-utans, have several pairs of acrocentric chromosomes with NORs (acrocentric chromosomes appear "one-armed" because their centromeres are located near one end). It thus appears that the radiation of the great apes during the Miocene epoch was accompanied by a "colonization" of various chromosomes by NORs. This was accompanied by a fission of three pairs of chromosomes that raised the diploid number from the ancestral 2n = 42 to 2n = 48.

The second image depicts the three solar "moments" fusing and a concomitant enlargement of the Sun as it "swallows" up the Earth in its cremation:

3in1 (15K)

By now, some readers may be wondering what has biology got to do with the pyramid form? Simply put, both are related to the influential characteristics of the Sun. It is important for us to identify what actually is the originating influence of the pyramid shape as opposed to what we might interpret from an assumed representation through oral and/or artistic traditions. Whereas on the one hand some will claim that ancient Egyptians were in possession of advanced knowledge and wisdom, or that some advanced alien race presented them with such advantages over ourselves, and then on the other hand we supposition that these so-called intellectual advancements took the design from a simple illustration of the Sun's rays coming through clouds? Now, surely some of you can see that this picture presents us with a dilemma, unless you want to defend such a circumstance by adopting some imaginatively stretched rationale, even though I am aware of the "soul" concept as in the case of "Old Soul".

Perhaps, maybe, possibly, Ancient Egyptians had a child-like innocence but were endowed with what we of today might refer to as an "Old Soul". In such a capacity they would be able to see the world in a child-like way and yet exhibit a knowledge and understanding well beyond their years, even if they were unable to apply such an "advanced consciousness" to its full extent for whatever reason(s). Yet, for those understanding what I just presented, they should be aware that the concept of "Old Soul" needs to be placed into its representative context. In other words, it is beyond a person with a "New or Recent Soul", but not yet having reached the tertiary status of "Ancient Soul". In fact, there are people I have encountered who exhibit qualities that can only be described as someone harboring an "Ancient Soul" but they're restrained from a fuller expression because they are stuck in the quick sand of perceptions surrounded by the conceptualized traditions involved with the "Old Soul" label. They're consciousness can not expand until they cut this umbilical cord. The ideas being offered on this page might well assist them in making the transition from who they are to who they can become when inherent potentials are first-of-all realized as existing.

There is a need to re-evaluate the origin of the pyramid design and to appreciate how wide-spread it actually occurs. For example, knowing now that the Sun and Moon might well traverse along biologically affecting triangular pathways creates the circumstance in which we want to know what effects might prevail if the influences of the Sun and Moon are changing. However, for some readers, they may remain unconvinced and require additional examples. But first, it will be helpful if I highlight some characteristics that can be accepted either as generalities or specific:

  • The triangular paths of the Sun and Moon create symmetrical lines "around/over/on" the Earth as it revolves and nearby planets rotate in unison.

  • The starfish illustrates triangular arms extending from a central disk. Other creatures are sometimes in the vicinity and move about it in the same environment.
  • The V-shaped engine involves a triangular-toothed flywheel (started in motion by way of a high torque "toothed" starter); connected to a counter-balanced (symmetrical) crankshaft attached to circular pistons having rotating circular rings. Valves are actuated by a rotating camshaft which incorporates symmetrically placed triangular lobes. The camshaft may either be turned via a "cogged" pulley and belt or "toothed" gear and chain. Additional smaller objects (pulleys) are revolving in unison (but at different rates) with either a V-shaped or "cogged" (fan) belt: [water pump/fan pulley, air conditioning pulley, power steering pump pulley, air pump pulley, alternator/generator pulley].
  • For an image of a camshaft see: --- Hypothesis Supplement page 1 ---
  • In terms of vehicle transmissions, internal gears are sometimes referred to as Sun and planetary.
  • While Octopuses (Octopi) are not typically referred to in the same manner as a starfish, nonetheless its tentacles are triangular which emit from a central mass.

  • The Sun's three "moments" (dawn - noon - dusk) coupled with a fast spinning Earth would have produced a stroboscopic irradiation effect over hundreds of millions of years. In line with this is the circumstance of the Sun increasing in size and the Earth slowing down. Hence, the three "moments" are "fusing together" thereby creating the situation where the three are becoming one.

  • The concept of "Father - Son - Holy Ghost" are sometimes referred to as three persons in one God.
  • Street traffic lights are three colors in one unit. Different lights have different intervals of time related to traffic flow.
  • DNA and RNA have three amino acids the same while one is different.
  • Proteins have a Primary, Secondary or Tertiary conformation, with a Quaternary as a composite.
  • The concept of Yin and Yang have a third "Unity" position. Hence, these three are one.
  • Cartesian coordinates use three points in space as a means of identifying a particular (singular) position.
  • "Space-time" refers to The four-dimensional coordinate system (3 dimensions of space and 1 of time) in which physical events are located.
  • The Fore-brain, Midbrain, Hindbrain constitute our 1 brain. (Paul McClane came up with the idea of a Triune brain complex which is a 3 in 1 arrangement.)

3 dimensions by which neuronal circuits can be characterized for each (1) cell:

  1. The spatial domain (Those areas of the brain or peripheral receptive fields that feed onto a given cell and those areas into which that cell sends its efferent signals.)
  2. The temporal domain (The time spans over which the spatial signals are active.)
  3. The functional domain (The mechanism by which the secreted transmitter substance operates on the receptive cell.)

Reality's 3-(into 1) step Lineage?

Reality's three-process lineage

The above image is a very generalized portrayal of a handful of 3-patterned ideas related to the development of reality, as is understood from the human perspective.   But not only is it generalized, it is also metaphorical in the sense that what I mean when I make a reference to "GOD," I am making a reference to a supposed entity that may be a long term process or an instantaneous event for which no humanistic anthropomorphic analogies can be applied, regardless of how far we stretch our imaginations.   Additionally, the arrows do not refer to exact sequential steps of occurrence in time nor place, because there are hundreds of other 3-patterned items that could be inserted between many of the above examples, such as the consideration that there may be three types of (overlapping) physics:

  1. One type of physics for that which exists outside our Universe.
  2. One type of physics for that which exists for our Universe.
  3. One type of physics for that which governs chemistry...

While there is overlap, it is necessary to distinguish a difference, or we could otherwise determine the physics of the Universe by simply observing chemical bonding behavior. It should also be mentioned that if we were to use a tree diagram, we could also portray a rather intricate branching pattern of several of the examples if we were to explore individualized areas such as anatomy, psychology, sociology, paranormal events, etc...

Some ideas to be considered:

  • The three families of fundamental particles (Stable - Unstable - Highly unstable) are a microcosmic representation of a macrocosmic reality in which exists or had existed, three families of creator-gods, and the idea of a single creator-god as viewed by present day humans is merely a symbolic extension of a larger cosmological event involving a 3 to 1 fusion process, similar to the "fusion" of the Sun's three "moments" dawn- noon- dusk.
  • The three families of fundamental particles may one day fuse into a single family. (The idea that all known particles came from an initial "Big Bang" suggests that through a process of a "Big Crunch" the recurring 3-part configurations in particle physics will return to a state of singularity.)
  • Triplet codon system of DNA may one day fuse into a single "family," whereby future geneticists will have scholarly arguments about the "3 in 1" nature of DNA.

Trinity symbols for the 21st century:

nuclear symbol
biohazard symbol
3 chemical flasks

3 tau symbol

Triple Tau is one of the most important symbols of Royal Arch Masonry. It has been said that three Taus come together to form the Triple Tau. Others say the Triple Tau is originally the coming together of a T and an H, meaning Templum Hierosolyma, or the Temple of Jerusalem. Christians interpreted the symbol as "Holiness supporting Trinity". Royal Arch records dating from 1767 show this symbol. In addition to meaning Templum Hierosolyma (The Temple of Jerusalem), it is also said to mean Clavis ad Thesaurum - "A key to the treasure" - and Theca ubi res pretiosa - "A place where the precious thing is concealed."

The following "Yggdrasil" tree image is a representation of ancient Norse peoples who thought such a tree held the Universe together. In their own way, within the limits of knowledge in their day and age, their 3 (-in-1) patterned views fore-shadowed many of our own present-day three (-in-one) patterned ideas found in a variety of areas.

yggtree (4K)

While some readers may want to reduce the foregoing examples as analogies in an attempt to be argumentatively dismissive, they nonetheless point to reflections of a solar influence.

The initial information was recreated from sources in my working library on February 2, 2014. Though some of the earlier correlations go back into the 1960's, if not the 1950s. Additionally, I am inclined to include correlations that were noticed, though not necessarily consciously acknowledged that many of us take for granted such as the "V" in the arrangement of bowling pins, V-shaped noses, V-shaped spinning tops, V-shaped arrow tips, V-shaped Native American Tepees (tepees, tipis), V-tapered tips of pens and pencils, "pyramidal" hairdos of females, V-shaped wheelbarrows, etc...

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