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Various types of fanciful notions of perfection (related to what we might describe as varying states of consciousness) can be found in such things as the mythological themes of:

  • Searching for the Holy Grail
  • The Golden Fleece
  • The Fountain of Youth
  • A City of Gold, etc.,

as well as more modern day themes:

  • Made in the image of (a Perfect) God
  • Believing in the Perfect Religion
  • Perfection called "By the Grace of God"
  • The Perfect Man, or
  • The Perfect Woman, (both of which are commonly referred to as "One's Soul Mate")
  • The Perfect Christmas tree
  • The Perfect House (one's dream house)
  • The Perfect Room (interior decorating)
  • The Perfect Job, career, position, etc...
  • The Perfect Poem, novel, short story, play, movie script, etc...
  • The Perfect Math Formula
  • The Perfect Experiment
  • The Perfect Test
  • The Perfect Contest
  • Citius, Altius, Fortius: (Faster, Higher, Stronger- Olympic motto)
  • The Perfect Sport
  • The Perfect Body
  • The Perfect Lover
  • The Perfect Wife, Husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, son, daughter, child, etc...
  • The Perfect Grandparents, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, etc...
  • The Perfect Good Samaritan
  • Natural Great Perfection (Tibetan Buddhism)
  • The Perfect Song, speech, lecture, etc...
  • A Perfect Credit Rating (AAA)
  • First Class Seating, First class stamps, First class dining, etc...
  • The Perfect God (Supreme Being)
  • The Perfect Goal (Achievement)
  • The Perfect Canoe, boat, shed, cabin, etc...
  • The Perfect Car, truck, motorcycle, skates, skis, snowboard, skateboard, rollerblades, etc...
  • The Perfect Dress
  • The Perfect Party with all the Right people
  • The Perfect Answer
  • The perfect Question (frequently described in everyday settings as 'asking the right questions,' and in a University setting we often encounter: "asking relevant questions")

  • The Perfect Day
  • The Perfect Thought
  • The Perfect Weekend
  • The Perfect Figure/Physique
  • The Perfect Answer
  • The Perfect Response/Retort
  • The Perfect sandwich, pizza, salad, dinner, pie, cake, breakfast, lunch, soup, etc...
  • The Perfect Date
  • The Perfect Dance
  • The Perfect Wedding
  • The Perfect Honeymoon
  • The Perfect Gift
  • The Perfect Night Out
  • "Ultra" prevention (health)
  • The Right Words
  • The Right Way of being proposed to
  • The Right Way of responding to a proposal
  • The Right Education
  • The Right School
  • The Right Friends
  • The Right Connections
  • The Right Idea
  • The Right Move
  • The Pursuit of the Right Truth
  • The Perfect Test
  • The Perfect Crime
  • The Perfect Investigation
  • A Perfect Examination
  • Perfect Teeth, eyes, mouth, legs, etc...
  • The Perfect Friend, neighbor, co-worker, etc...
  • The Correct Procedure (frequently called Standard Operating Procedure- SOP)
  • A Perfect Score Card
  • A Perfect Grade Card
  • Picture Perfect
  • A Perfect Practice run, session, workout, etc...
  • The Correct Posture, manners, etiquette, etc...
  • Faithful, Honorable, Courageous, etc...
  • To be one with God ('One With The Creator'/ to be one with perfection)
  • To be one with Jesus, Mary, Mohammed, Buddha, etc...
  • To reach Nirvana
  • To obtain Enlightenment, transcendence, etc...
  • To be the "chosen one" (to bring a "special message" or give birth to a "special child")

...To which we could further add such notions as:

  • 'Super' men/women
  • Superhighway
  • Awesome; Great; Magnificent; Fantastic; Marvelous; Miraculous; Genius; Intelligent, etc.,
  • Superior Knowledge
  • Super-ior Ability, strength, endurance, cunning, etc...
  • Gifted; Talented; Extraordinary; Precocious; 'Ahead of One's Time,' etc...
  • One's DREAM home/house, car, bike, date, husband, wife, job, career, etc...

and let us not forget the recurring "NEW" phenomena that is frequently used as a substitute for the label "Perfect" such as a woman buying (or at least wanting) a:

  • New House
  • New Clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc...
  • New Car
  • New Job, career, position, responsibilities, etc...
  • New Boyfriend
  • New Husband
  • New Hairdo
  • New Manicure
  • New Boss, Manager, kid on the block, employee, business partner, etc...
  • New Look (The "new you" expression is used by some to exploit others.)
  • New Dishes, furniture, appliances, etc...
  • New Place to eat
  • New Problem
  • (Happy) New Year
  • (Chinese) New Year
  • New Book, etc.,
...and let us not forget the colloquial expressions heard during some greetings, conversations, etc...:

What's NEW With You?
Anything NEW?
Have you met the NEW neighbors?

to which we might also include: Have you heard the NEW...S?

...which is related to:

He, she, it's, That's, their, etc., different, special, unique, creative, etc.
(and the counterpart that is sometimes used maliciously to manipulate someone by saying that know one would understand...- which implies a uniqueness, a difference, a "specialness," etc.)

I've never seen, heard, felt, touched, tasted, etc., anything like it.
I've changed/you've changed/we've changed/they've changed, and are not the same anymore, etc...

or the counterpart found in Men such as buying (or at least wanting) a:

  • New Engine, transmission, bucket seats, etc...
  • New Truck, boat, motorcycle, bicycle, etc...
  • New Girl friend
  • New Wife
  • New Gun, bow, knife, hunting gear, etc...
  • New Tool, tool box, etc...
  • New Stereo, TV, video, etc...
  • New Weight set, baseball equipment, etc...
  • New Tires/Rims
  • New Fishing Pole, fishing tackle, etc...
  • New Task, Job, responsibilities, etc...

which brings to mind the old adage commonly cited by women:

"the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys."

To which I must add:

"the only difference between women and girls is the price of their curls."

And we can further add as a composite summary of both:

"the only difference between children and adults is the price of their faults."

We should also include the "new" reality Television shows which are focused on achieving some form of perfection under the Rubric of "makeover," whether the makeover involves redecorating a house, "tricking" out a vehicle, or changing the appearance of someone to fit some "ideal" representation of "improvement" through the usage of makeup, clothes, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, dental/eye correctiveness, etc...

Let us also elaborate on the common view of someone having a "brand new baby," that is frequently given the expression of having a "perfect" baby. In attempts to have a "perfect" baby, those couples undergoing IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) often-times want to determine the gender, race, and absence of deformities of the baby, which is but a stepping stone towards wanting a child with greater intelligence, to be more (or less) social, to have a particular color of eyes, etc... We also see a type of selection process occurring in China where they will abort female fetuses, or kill the infant after it is born. However, the killing of infants, as a type of undefined eugenics program, has been going on for centuries in many forms such as aboriginal mothers killing infants by slamming their child's head into a tree, or through abandonment, or through the practice of rolling over on the infant at night to suffocate it and provide an excuse as the act being an accident, and no doubt under extreme circumstances, used as food.

An example of how politicians on one hand attempt to downplay any destructive impact on the environment that a policy might have and then on the other hand embellish the same policy involving the "new" label used as a item of political juggling, we find a clear representation of this with respect to the 11-21-02 decision of the government to drill gas wells on an environmentally sensitive area of the Padre Island National Seashore where a species of endangered turtles live:

"there is nothing new here," said Eric Ruff, a spokesman for Interior Secretary Gale A. Norton, "and what is new is better."

3 rules of eating by Dr. Christane Northrup: Eat the Right food~ at the Right time~ with the Right people

In Gina Maranto's book "quest for perfection" (The Drive to Breed Better Human Beings), page 277:

"upon the unborn, and then upon the born, we impose images of perfection— whatever those may be for us, whether physical, moral, intellectual, or social. we want our children to be what we cannot: above the mundane world, immortal, ourselves incarnate. just like nuclear power, they should provide us with clean energy for pennies."

However, on page 278, she espouses her views about eugenics by saying:

"where love, compassion, altruism, and justice have failed, genetic manipulation will not succeed."

Clearly, one could argue that such desirable qualities as love, compassion, altruism, and justice are themselves the (arbitrarily?) selected choices of a eugenics program being carried out by evolution, society, culture, etc., in response to the selection pressures ("choices") made indiscriminately(?) by disease, war, famine, laws, weather, etc... Should we choose how "perfect" humans should be by way of religion, politics, war, science, art, philosophy, etc., or let nature take its course by way of disease, drought, and the occasional doomsday meteor? Thus, humanity must take the responsibility of choosing a path of perfection, instead of permitting perfection to be defined by haphazard occurrences.

In short, such expressions as "perfection," "higher," "ultimate," etc., are symbolic representations of Humanity's AWARENESS that there exists something 'more' than average, than everyday, than status quo. And it is in the ACKNOWLEDGED AWARENESS of the recognition of this "other" that various descriptions (with varying definitions) arise according to one's prevailing circumstances. Whereby, someone in India develops the notion of "enlightenment," while someone living elsewhere may use words such as Peace, Love, Happiness, Perfection, Greatness, Humility, Fortune, Extremely Lucky, Wealth, Nobel Prize, Oscar, etc... However, when a philosophy, religion, or style of social self-governance can not provide an adequate semblance of desired perfection, a culture will often-times fabricate an imaginary form of hierarchy that symbolizes a sought-for level of perfection by identifying one or more others as being inferior, such that in many parts of India there once existed a widely practiced notion of certain people being "untouchables." By creating a circumstance in which one or more others can be viewed as "less-than" perfect, less-than normal, less-than desirable, a person creates the illusion of being closer to perfection, better than someone else, someone who is desirable.

In other instances we can find such references as 'Heavy Weight Champion of the World,' or World Football Champions, The World's Greatest Martial Artist, etc... The usage of "world" in these and other references clearly describes an egocentric view of the World since many of these contests from which arise a Champion, are very localized events. The usage of the word "world" in such expressions reflect a very small environmental context, and indicates that we humans reflect a similar level of faulty thinking as did those who lived in the middle ages when they thought their kingdom was the most superior in "all the world," even when they had very little understanding of how large the planet was. Hence, their limited knowledge and experiences interpreted a very small region as a representation of "the whole world," but in doing so, they afford themselves a greater opportunity of reaching some measure of perfection called great, superior, tough, etc... Such is the case in many cultures where they artificially attempt to reach some level of perfection by excluding those or that which would devalue their delusions of grandeur.

Yes, we can find fault with many of our descriptions used to portray some ideal state. But this does not belie the fact that Humanity has an inherent striving for what may be described as 'Perfection,' some higher realm, position, place, etc., even though such words as perfection, higher, ultimate, etc., are rough facsimiles... of this so-called 'drive,' 'striving,' 'evolutionary trend,'...that can be summed up under a heading such as "exploration." However, it is clear that we have not reached "the" state of perfection to which all descriptions and definitions thereof allude to. I call it the "third consciousness." It can not be achieved so long as a two-party system Democracy persists. It is only through a CONSCIOUSLY ACKNOWLEDGED AWARENESS that such an ideal state can be achieved through the implementation of a practiced recognition that there does in fact exist a developmental sequence which can be described numerically as 1~ 2~ 3...(or a reference in language may be considered as Good~ Better~ Best.)

The development of a 3rd consciousness along an overlapping 1~ 2~ 3 maturational sequence may present itself in varying ways with respect to individual levels of self-awareness. Phenomena of a developing 3rd consciousness may be alluded to by some in a metaphorical sense as an apparition similar to a strand of gossamer that is infrequently seen due to a blowing breeze, intermittent clouds shrouding the sunlight, as well as various interruptions such as memories, physical states, or social distractions from outside the self. This "apparition of appearance" may at times be interpreted with a variety of culturally-influenced labels that are linguistically relevant in a social context of a given time period. Hence, whereas one person in one culture in one time period may label these indistinct "impressions" of a developing (3rd) consciousness as an apparition of the devil, or angel, ghost, creature, witch, etc., another person in a different time period and different culture may refer to such "glimpses of another reality" as being spectral phenomena, time/space displacements of inter-dimensional interconnectedness, auras, aliens, etc...

And yet, why does the human mind create the views of gods, aliens, ghosts, spirits, devils, werewolves, vampires, angels, etc...? Why are such apparitions viewed as SUPER-natural and not SUB-natural without some sort of super strength, super intelligence, super "power," superior technology, superior wisdom, super size, superior cunning, etc... in contrast to our own feeble form of natural though much ado is being made by manufacturers of foodstuffs who want to imply a super-ior product due solely to its naturalness?

Why are such phenomena, even if they are called sub-human, always viewed as having some characteristic that is considered to be More Than what ordinary humans have in one respect or another, and that the "super" attribute is frequently interpreted and responded to as being something to be feared, that needs to be destroyed, and that only an evil person wants to possess? (And even in the case of some sub-human references the quality of some superior-to-human state is identified.) Does this simply reflect a person's own internal wish to have or be something more than they are, but that on another level the desire of such is primitively misinterpreted to suggest something evil, bad, or wrong?... That somewhere in humanity's past is an unspoken (but wrongly accepted) rule-of-thumb to interpret the desire of some quality which is more than themselves or others is an attribute which always accompanies a source of evil to be feared by one or more others due to lack of education acquired by personal life experiences, (publicly learned or self taught)?

Are the qualities of above normal strength, wisdom, wealth, beauty, intelligence, "powers," etc., that we often-times attribute to super-natural beings, nothing more than manifestations of unspoken desires of a personal nature more consistent with the experiences of one's current social pressures, or do they possibly represent some sort of infant-like "babbling" of an on-going developing brain process that is "growing up" via a 1~ 2~ 3 maturational development sequence, but is inhibited from maturing beyond a certain point due to the existing forms of religion, education, and government being practiced?

However, we should not be quick to interpret the label "growing up" to mean a "maturity" where peace, goodness, health, wisdom, altruism, compassion, etc., are the underlying attributes of foremost definition to be desired as qualities of the penultimate achievement. The stage acquired in this "growing up" event may be an expression of a reptilian nature that has been given a brain. In other words, humans will revert to more familiar primitive behaviors that achieve the expression of basic drives in more elaborate ways constructed by a more complex functioning brain? Does the human species evolve towards what we of today would call a superior form of human, through a periodic retracing of older brain pathways of perception that rely on an overlapping usage of more primitive characteristics, because the unfamiliarity with a new perception brought on by an evolving brain, creates a periodic need to find some degree of security with behavior that is more familiar?

An example of this is the often-cited event of a person returning to the familiarity of their roots in one way or another, as a sort of temporary regression to a symbolic form of womb in which they may find some measure of perceived security, nurturance, and acceptance as they that they may 'take a breather' from one or more circumstances that they were caught up in and had no control over to the point of feeling overwhelmed, scared, and lost, like a child returning to their parents house in which the son's or daughter's room has been kept in the same (familiar, safe, secure) way that they once knew before going off and trying to find their niche' in the world?

However, a few that do experience a retracing of earlier pathways can sometimes remain stuck in them because society has not yet learned how to teach and accept citizens who may at one time or another grow out of the periodic "retracings" of earlier pathways, whereby those individuals who get stuck in them invariably come into conflict with more modern thinking humans by committing crimes to satisfy primitive impulses? An example of someone who is "stuck" in a way of perception (way of life) that others of their own age have "grown out of," is the characteristic person who performs the same routines of "hanging out in the neighborhood" as they did when they were young, such as in Jr. high or high school... Like so many actors and actresses who are like high school kids with a lot of money but no real common sense of what to do with it beyond personal self-centered interests.

Is this "growing up" a point of evolutionary development in response to a decaying planet, that is being alluded to by all the various forms of super-natural beings that are manifested by drugs, lack of sleep, hormone irregularities, poor nutrition, good nutrition, pollution of food sources, water sources, and entertainment sources, etc.? Does the human brain have an internal design which is on auto-pilot to the extent that it creates impressions which encourage varying levels of hyper-vigilance (super-vigilance) as a defense mechanism against physiological processes that slow to life-threatening rhythms due to environmental conditions not only of a social nature, but global and cosmological? Is this the case for nightmares and "disturbing" dreams which cause the individual to awaken from a slumber that is so deep, their bodily functions slowed (or increased) to dangerous levels due to sleeping in a cold, hot, smokey, decaying, etc., environment? As well as those conditions arising from overeating, over drinking, over exercising, fears, worries, etc...?

Indeed, there is much for all of us to learn concerning a developing Third Consciousness.

For those of you who are not taken aback by suggestions of occurrences having distinct parallel developments, as is suggested by many biologists as in the case of similar body plans used by a variety of species, I want to make you aware of another internet site whose author appears to have formulated an independently-derived idea about a Third Consciousness. The author's name is Jim Stark and he discusses his ideas under the rubric of:

--- Human 3 Consciousness ---

It is abbreviated H3C. In some general sense, he appears to have been thinking along similar lines...Is it coincidental or suggestive of a developmental trend? There may also be others who are thinking along the same lines, but they don't have a computer or have not thought to place their views on the internet for one reason or another.

Some short references to ideas about perfection:

The Natural Great Perfection

That Perfection, wherein the world and knowledge thereof rise and set, and which shines without rising and setting, is alone the Reality.

Under whatever name and form one may worship the Absolute Reality, it would only be a means for realizing that Perfect Being without name and form. That alone is true realization, wherein one knows oneself in relation to that Reality, attains peace and realisms one's identity with It. -Ramana Maharshi-

The world is not imperfect or slowly evolving along a path toward perfection. No, it is perfect at every moment. -Herman Hesse-

We are not waiting, with hope or with fear, for some future evolution of humanity or progress of history, for we know without doubt that the essential completeness, or freedom, longed for by all conscious beings, always exists here and now. Regardless of perceived suffering, there is spiritual plentitude right before our eyes, not only for some elite, but for the people as a whole, for conscious life as a whole. -Lex Hixon-

In the depth of our heart,
we already know that
we are perfect as we are,
in the depth of our inner being,
we already know that
life is perfect as it is.

That is perfect. This is perfect.
Perfect comes from perfect.
Take perfect from perfect, the remainder is perfect.
May peace and peace and peace be everywhere.

To men, some things are good
and some are bad.
But to God, all things are
good and beautiful and just.

--- Timeless Wisdom ---

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