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(The Study of Threes)

3 easy steps to better healing by Band-aid Brand® Adhesive strips made by JOHNSON & JOHNSON:

3 steps to better healing with bandaid

--- Welcome to Band-aid ---

3 to 1 ratio of Ultrabrite® toothpaste qualities:

  1. 1 of 3. Whitens teeth
  2. 2 of 3. Fights tartar
  3. 3 of 3. Fights cavities
  4. 1 of 1. Tastes great

3 age divisions indicated in directions on Ultrabrite® toothpaste box:

  1. Adults and children 2 years of age and older- Brush teeth thoroughly, preferably after each meal or at least twice a day, or as directed by a dentist or physician.

  2. Children 2 to 6 years- Use only a pea sized amount and supervise child's brushing and rinsing (to minimize swallowing).

  3. Children under 2 years- Ask a dentist or physician.

It's as easy as 1-2-3
Find your dial-up access number

Make sure Wal-Mart Connect ISP is available in your region.
Local access numbers
Get the software

•At a Wal-Mart store
•Call 1-888-855-0942
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Get connected!

Receive 700 hours of Internet access FREE for the first month, then pay just $9.94 a month.

--- WalMart Connect Internet Service ---

3 basic, founding beliefs of Wal-Mart that it has always remained true to:

       2. SERVICE TO

These 3 beliefs are the cornerstone of Wal-Mart's way of doing business. Without them, it wouldn't be Wal-Mart.

--- Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.- Company Benefits ---

3 business activities said to be the reason(s) Wal-mart is out-selling its customers:

  1. Get products at the lowest price (by demanding a low price and therefore making a profit by under-selling competitors.)
  2. Get products at the highest quality (by demanding a high quality product at a low price.)
  3. Get the products faster from the manufacturer and to its outlets (by demanding that manufacturers increase production and employees increase productivity whenever they request it.)

3-patterned expression on Wal-Mart shopping bags: Always Low Prices.

3 types of Walmart credit card accounts:

  1. Walmart Premier Account
  2. Walmart Preferred Account
  3. Walmart Choice Account

The DEX Salt Lake City telephone directory has been delivered in a plastic bag and is typically left on the doorstep. On the bag is:


3 types of directories are delivered:

  1. The white pages which contains business and residential numbers (8 ¾" X 10 ¾").
  2. The Yellow pages which is strictly business advertizing (8 ¾" X 10 ¾").
  3. And a small 7" X 9" directory which is another yellow pages book meant to be kept in one's vehicle or next to an additional phone.

Three 3's logo Three Threes Condiments Pty. Limited is an Australian Family Company
--- Three Threes Packaging Covenant ---

Paying your Geico Direct bill is as easy as 1- 2- or 3 (pamphlet):

  1. Direct-Pay (Electronic funds transfer.)
  2. Web-Pay (Pay your bill online: point- click- done.)
  3. Phone-Pay (Make a payment from your checking account.)

Misc. collection of products with "3":

  • Three-dimensional chess
    Tribond board game: --- Tribond ---
    Triominoes (board game)
  • Mach 3 Turbo shaver
  • Shick Extreme 3 shaver
  • "3" in the Venus shaver logo
  • 3 Pep boys (Manny- Moe- Jack: automotive supply store in the U.S.)
  • 3-step Nicoderm (anti-smoking product for heavy smokers)
  • 3-step Habitrol (anti-smoking product for heavy smokers)
  • Mazda 3 (2004 television commercial)
  • Series 3 BMW (2005 television commercial)
  • Be There Now (2007 Timex Watches store display)
  • Big Life. Big Stage. Big Ten. (2008 American Budweiser Ale TV commercial during football season.)
  • Nitro® BMWX-109 Digital Booster Antenna
  • I live. I ride. I am. Jeep (2009 Jeep television commercial)

    • Front of a package: Use it Anywhere! Anytime! Outside (circled picture of laptop shown)
    • In the car (circled picture of an automobile shown)
    • At home (circled picture of a one door, one chimney, on window house shown)

    • Back of package: Installation...
    • Remove tape cover from antenna
    • Stick on the front wind-shield. Please avoid heat proof paper, it may affect the quality of reception.
    • Type (A) - Connect cable to unit.
    • Type (B) - Connect the power cord to the power source. The RED one is the anode and the BLACK one is gounding. Please connect them accurately, otherwise the amplifier will burn out.

  • Eat. Spit. Be happy.: David sunflower seeds (formerly David and Sons)- Distributed by Conagra foods. (2005)
  • Clearer skin in 3 days, guaranteed: Oct. 2005 Clearasil TV commercial.
  • Its The Network: Oct. 2005 Verizon TV commercial.
  • The Fun Ships: Oct. 2005 Carnival (cruises) TV commercial.
  • Fast Easy Reliable (Scottrade TV commercial 2009)
  • Think. Feel. Drive. (Suburu: 2005 television commercial)
  • See it. Feel it. Experience it. (USA Track and Field billboard display)
  • Spirit of Service®: Qwest telephone service trademark expression in the western United States, as seen in a television commercial.
  • Billboard ad for a college: Get In. Get Out. Make $.
  • For work. For Play. For Life: 2005-2006 Internet ad for Dell Computers (seen on the NetZero home startup page.)
  • Shocks Struts Springs, (3-part advertizement for an automotive repair shop).
  • No money down. Bad credit. No credit., (Advertizement for a used car dealership).
  • Customers People Products (3-patterned circular emblem on Dawn® food products).

  • 3- patterned expressions: Always an adventure. Always one dollar. (Honks: low budget variety store in the U.S.)

  • The old Kit Kat candy bar television commercials (1990's) used a two-patterned audible "snap" to its candy bar. In a more recent commercial (2009) it uses a three-patterned audible sound combination.

  • I'm thinking Arby's,: (Arby's roast beef fastfood chain; September, 2005 U.S. TV advertisement.)
  • Fresh Smooth Real/ It's all here. (Bud light beer)
  • T-Gell shampoo-3
  • More choice. More freedom. More control. [more for you] (Slogan used on a mailing advertisement for USbank- June 2005.)
  • Bank Solid. Bank Safe. Bank USBank. (2009 Advertisement for USBank seen inside one of the branches in West Valley City, Utah)
  • Sit down. Eat. Enjoy.,: Sept. 2005 TV commercial for Marie Callendar Pot Pies.
  • Clearasil 1- 2- 3 (acne medicine)
  • The Next Stage®: Wells Fargo Bank motto
  • Make it easy. Make it right. Make it Macco. (Vehicle painting company TV advertisement)
  • 3 cheeses pepperoni trio: (Pizza Hut pizza chain)
  • Hope. Progress. Answers.: American Cancer Society television commercial. (2005)
  • Just do it. (Nike shoe company slogan)
  • Give. Advocate. Volunteer. (Seen on the back of a Coca Cola delivery truck. It is an advertisement for the United Way.)
  • Papa John's. Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. (2004, 2005 Papa John's pizza slogan.)
  • Stop- Think- Tylenol (Tylenol brand pain reliever; 2005 TV commercial)
  • Great Trucks. Great Service. Great Value! (2006, Penske advertisement on a deoderizer card to be hung in one's vehicle.)
  • Faster- Better- Cheaper: NASA (North American Space Administration) motto
  • An American Revolution:, Trade mark phrase of Chevrolet television commercials.
  • "Three words that engine deposits fear": Texaco with Techron (seen on a sign outside a Texaco gas station/convenience store 2008)
  • Starburst candy: Isn't life Juicy? (2005 TV commercial)
  • Bad Credit- No Credit- No Problem: (Seen frequently being offered by Used Car lots.)
  • Money Back Guarantee: Recurring sales-pitch to induce customers to buy a particular product they are unfamiliar with.
  • One Happy Island: Aruba tourist industry motto. (Heard on a newscast involving the disappearance of Natalee Holloway...)
  • It's fast. It's easy. It's confidential.: Cash America advertising motto sent on a brochure via the U.S. mail. Cash America is a company of pawn shops whose corporate offices are based in Texas. It is trying to break into the "pay in advance" scheme of making money whereas other companies will give an advance by taking your vehicle title as collateral.

Albertsons (grocery store) "3's a crowd": newspaper advertisement:

3s a crowd More than 3 in line?...
...we'll OPEN the next available checkstand!
Get in. Get out. Get on with it.

"we know your time is valuable. And we value you as a customer. That's why, if we ever
don't deliver on our promise, we'll give you a $1 off coupon. Just let us know.

Seen on the credit/debit/foodstamp card reader display at an Albertson's store:

Crazy About Food
This Lane Closed

The apostrophe s overlaps the right edge of the 3 and the left edge of the C which overlaps the r which overlaps the o which overlaps the w which is also overlapped by the d. The a is above the r. The large 3 is a color between dark blue and purple while the apostrophe s is a light blue. The "a crowd" are white overlaying a background that is the same color as the large 3. There is a thin white outline of the 3 that butts up against the colored background over which the letters sit. The background of the large 3 is white, the color of the advertizement sheet.

Fast. Easy. Done. a perfect gift for everyone. (Advertisement circular (Junkmail) displaying a small ad for Albertson's Gift Card Mall which is one of those revolving turret type of displays seen in a variety of stores.

3M company: The Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company.

Frequently used advertising commentary:

It's as easy as 1- 2- 3.
It's as easy as A- B- C.
Just three easy steps.

"Think 3 (and save big)" (refers to a Comcast mailing trying to sell a combination of TV, Internet, and Voice mail services.

What's it Worth?, (A slogan seen on a poster at a nearby Post Office which is a team effort approach at acquiring more business for Ebay and the US Post Office. (The US Post Office is a Monopoly that the U.S. government refuses to break up like it does other businesses.)

"Think Big, Think Huge, Think Large" are three of several types of business advertisement schemes trying to make the public overlook the small size, quantity, or portion that is actually being offered.

Two 3-patterned expressions used by the "Cracker Barrel": It's a Restaurant.
It's a Store. (They should add a third expression such as: It's for you. or, It's over-priced too!... because the items in the store are very costly.)

3G (3rd Generation) Internet service speed is being offered by NetZero: June 2005 via television and internet connection advertisements.

  • Triple action RESOLVE household cleaner. (2005 TV commercial)
  • Oral B- 3D excel (powered toothbrush; 2005 TV commercial))
  • Design- Copy- Print (seen on Alphagraphics TV commercials, June 2004; 2005)
  • Quote. Buy. Print. (TV advertisement slogan for Esurance)

3-part anatomy of a Cheez-it (Sunshine brand) snack food seen on the side panel of a product box:

  1. No-slip grip (Helps you grab more Cheez-it® in every handful... arrow points to serrated edge of a cracker.)
  2. Air intake (Improves aerodynamics during periods of rapid Cheez-it® consumption... arrow points to hole in the middle of a cracker.)
  3. Surface Dynamics (Bumpy, crispy, crunchy, utterly satisfying... arrow points to top of a cracker.)

3 stooges (6K) Three Stooges Talking Bottle Opener: (Hear Curly order a beer... and his reaction after he takes a drink.) --- 3 Stooges Bottle Opener ---

Triple Antibiotic Ointment (American Fare brand):

  1. Bacitracin Zinc
  2. Neomycin-Polymyxin B
  3. Pramoxine HCL

  • (It's) Finger Lickin' Good (attributed to Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants)
  • There's Fast Food, Then There's KFC. (Two 3-patterned Kentucky Fried Chicken slogan.)
  • You're The Boss: Burger King Restaurants
  • The Fire's Ready: Burger King Restaurants

  • 3 Pizzas (medium 1-topping) $5.00 each: Domino's pizza- 2005 (called the 555 deal)

    3 gas prices (13K)

    3 for $3.33 (Der Wienerschnitzel Restaurants- 2005):

    1. Original Chili Cheese Dog
    2. Chili Cheeseburger
    3. Chili Cheese Fries

    Note: Awhile back I had sent copies of the "Threes Poster" to the Der Wienerschnitzel Corporate offices as part of a reply concerning an unrelated complaint about the reduction in chili given on hot dogs that has taken place over several decades. The 3 items for $3.33 came some time after my letter was sent. (I had received a complimentary gift certificate in response to the complaint.)

    Note: At this writing, Der Wienerschnitzel recently (Oct./Nov. 2005) came out with a 2 for $2.22 offering. (you can view this as a three 2's, or as a three to one grouping of twos... unless you prefer something else.)

    This morning 2/4/2008, as I was taking a walk just after 3:30 AM, I noticed a poster in the window of a nearby Der Wienerschnitzel: 4 for 5 (with six items shown)... in other words, 4-5-6.

    On the purchased item paper order bags of Wienerschnitzel (Hot Dog) corporation in the U.S. (2005)
    [In other words, that which is printed on the outside of the paper bag you receive with the items you buy]:

    • No Guilt
    • No Cravings
    • No costly foods to buy
    "You crave it.
    You eat it.
    It's that simple."

    • On You Go: 3-patterned phrase of AAA (American Automobile Association) television commercials. (March 2005)
    • It's The ColaTM: 3-patterned phrase of Pepsi television commercials. (2003)
    • Give. Live. Love. (3-part phrase seen on a Nov. 2005 Coca Cola television commercial featuring White bears, Penquins, and a bottle of Coke.)
    • My life. My style. My store. Three-patterned expression seen on an August 2007 mailed advertisement for Shopko. (It's like a K-mart variety store for those who aren't familiar with it.)
    • Where's The Beef?TM: 3-patterned phrase of Wendy's television commercials. (1984-1985)
    • It's Better HereTM: 3-patterned phrase of Wendy's television commercials. (2003)
    • We're Cookin' NowTM: 3-patterned phrase seen on Denny's Restaurants television commercials. (2004)
    • On Your SideTM: 3-patterned phrase of United (A NationWide Insurance Company) television commercials. (2004)
    • It's all inside: 3-patterned phrase seen on a June 2004 television commercial for JC Penny.
    • Fast Fresh Friendly: (December 2004 television commercial slogan for Fazoli's Italian Restaurants.)
    • Come be our guest and enjoy the fast, fresh, friendly, experience of Fazoli's® (This can be found at the Fazoli's [Italian food] website.),/P>
    • Fresher. Faster. Better. (Fazoli's fast food Italian restaurants. June 2005 Television commercial.)

    2008 Ritz cracker boxes:

    • On the side panel of a regular flavor (traditional) Ritz cracker box can be seen: Try these other delicious Ritz varieties:
      • Whole Wheat
      • Reduced Fat
      • Roasted Vegetable

      (Three front facing boxes of these varieties are displayed.)

      On the side panel of a regular flavor Ritz cracker box displaying a Daytona 500 50 years (The great American race) 2008 logo, there is a Daytona Trivia section with three sections.

      3-patterned slogan seen on a 2004 TV commercial for Metamucil (powdered fiber):

      1. Get Regular.
      2. Stay Regular.
      3. The Metamucil way.

      I'm Lovin' ItTM: McDonald's Restaurants slogan. (2003)

      Step With ItTM: McDonald's Restaurants today announced the expansion of a successful program designed to encourage families to incorporate physical fitness into their daily lives, one step at a time. The program, "Step With It!"?, developed by The Coca-Cola Company, features "stepometers" - small pedometers that track the number of steps taken in a typical day and encourages participants to increase their daily walking to maintain good health. "Step With It!"? also includes educational guidelines and suggestions on how to increase physical activity.

      --- McDonald's Corporation- 06/25/03 ---

      All Rights Reserved: Common 3-patterned phrase used by individuals and businesses to indicate their work or products are provided with legal representation with respect to ownership and commercial usage.

      Please Try Again: Common 3-patterned contest phrase seen on the inside of many individually- bought drink containers, wrappers, or packages. (Most items display this or provide some small token such as a coupon and do not provide the consumer with a prize. Many companies hold the viewpoint that the purchase of their product is enough of a prize and the consumer should be honored.)

      Use as directed: Common 3-patterned phrase found on over-the-counter medicine labels.

      3-patterned 7-11 store front banner: This banner is over 10 feet long. It features Homer's face on one end and the Simpsons Movie logo on the other. In between it reads: Mmmm Squishee, Mmmm donut, Mmmm movie.

      Shick came out with a four-bladed (QuattroTM) razor in September of 2003 and was quickly sued by Gillette which said that Shick (Energizer) violated their patent for "progressive blade geometry" technology used in Gillette’s three-bladed Mach 3. Gillette asserts that the Quattro uses the same technique to stack the blades in the cartridge as Gillette’s top-selling Mach 3 three-bladed razor. In commercials aired in December of 2003, there is a representation of a 3 + 1 distinction along with two anti-nick strips instead of the usual single strip being used on 3-bladed razors.

      Twix it up 3-patterned phrase used for the Twix candy-bar.

      Cardiac arrest, Coma, or Death: Results of abuse, misuse, or poorly manufactured product.

      3-patterned Audi phrase: "Vorsprung durch Technik" is more than simply an engaging slogan; it encapsulates Audi's ambitions in developing cars. The perpetual challenge is to question existing concepts and adopt innovative approaches.

      --- Audi World Site: New Cars ---

      Bublicious bubble gum (3K)

      Look at the exaggerated "3" (B) on a package of Bubblicious® bubble gum.
      Extra chewing gum (3K)
      Look at the 3 (arrow) marks on a package of Extra® chewing gum (not to mention its 30 (three zero) cent cost.
      Look at the 3-symbol (repeat) on a Monster brand energy drink can. MonsterCan (7K)

      Bubblicious® image source: --- Bubblicious ---
      Extra® image source: --- Extra (Wrigley) ---
      3-patterned trademark slogan(s) for Extra: Long Lasting Flavor. Extra's Got It.
      Monster can image source:
      --- Monster Energy- The Monster Experience ---

      Note: While the repetition of "3" can clearly be seen in the Monster Energy drink example, the repetition of other products can not be easily seen unless you appreciate the repetition with respect to the placement of multiple items in a single location such as a box of gum displaying several packages on a shelf.

      3-patterned Comcast internet display: --- Comcast Home ---

      Get smart about Digital Cable with ON DEMAND,
      High-Speed Internet, or Comcast Digital
      Voice®! Dive right in.

      Find the right Digital Cable with ON DEMAND,
      High-Speed Internet, and Comcast Digital Voice®®
      package for you. Or save with Comcast Bundles.

      See demos & tutorials. Ask Comcast.
      Create an account to view and pay your bill online.
      Already enrolled? Jump right in.
      Comcast triple play  (4K)

      3 "instructions for Use" supplied on a box of AOSafety® Disposable E-A-R® Plugs:

      1. With clean hands, slowly roll and compress plug into a very thin, crease-free cylinder.
      2. Insert. Fitting is easier if outer ear is pulled outwards and upwards during insertion.
      3. Hold.

      (There is also a three-part attenuation data chart as well as 3 examples of NRR [Noise Reduction Rating] supplied on another flap of the 50 item box.)

      3 female celebrities used by "Big" K-Mart to sell products:

      1. Kathy Ireland
      2. Jaclyn Smith
      3. Martha Stewart

      BEST YET® brand macaroni and cheese stovetop instructions:

      1. Stir macaroni into 6 cups boiling water (addition of 1 tsp. salt is optional).
      2. Boil rapidly 7 to 10 minutes or until macaroni is tender. Drain.
      3. Add ¼ cup margarine (or butter), ¼ cup 2% milk and contents of sauce packet. Mix well.

      3-patterned trademark phrase of Stanely Tools: Make Something Great

      3zonechart (12K)

      Activated carbon is the most effective odor-eliminating substance known to man. The American College Dictionary uses charcoal in their definition of the word adsorb: to gather on a surface in a condensed layer, as when charcoal adsorbs gases (suck in)”. Militaries around the world use carbon in chemical warfare suits to protect soldiers. While these military suits are designed very different from a Scent-Lok hunting suit, their basic applications are the same. Carbon is also used in multitudes of filtration systems for filtering not only air but liquids as well. It should also be noted that Scent-Lok branded clothing use 100% coconut carbon, which is more porous and therefore more adsorbtive than charcoal.

      The bonding process in the Scent-Lok products: The odor adsorbing linings are designed so that the human odors, gases, and moisture pass through the fabrics, make contact with the activated carbon, and are then expelled as "filtered" air. Once through the suit the air no longer contains human odor. The scientific name for this molecular attraction to carbon is called the Van der Waal’s bond.

      How much carbon is enough? A very thin layer of activated carbon is all that is needed to adsorb the odors released on several hunts. Too much carbon is overkill and cuts down on the permeability and overall comfort of the garment. The ideal scenario is to have enough carbon for the suit to function as designed, but not so much that the suit is uncomfortable to wear during warm weather due to lack of airflow through the suit.

      Scent-Lok Technologies spends a lot of time and money on research and development to assure that their odor adsorbing technology, along with comfort in the field, is the best in the industry.

      Information source:
      --- Scent-Lok Technologies ---

      3 in 1 fastfood marketing (Tricon Restaurants) once used by Pepsico until it sold its interests to Yum! Brands: Kentucky Fried Chicken- Taco Bell- Pizza hut

      3 course combos (combonation meals) offered by Appleby's Restaurants (01-12-04)

      There will be no corrections, additions, or cancellations until after first publication. (Seen in a neighborhood [Magic Nickel Ads] flea-market type of "newspaper" publication that provides a source of goods being sold, sought, serviced.)

      ABC's about whole grain (found on the back of an Albertson's bite size frosted shreaded wheat cereal box):

      1. -

        Just what does "whole grain" mean? It means the whole grain, including all of its good parts.

        What are the good parts? The bran layer which is fiber-rich, the germ and the endosperm. These parts contain nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and complex carbohydrates.

      2. -

        Why is whole grain important? Diets rich in whole grain foods and other plant foods and low in total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol may help reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers.

      3. -

        How can I take advantage of the benefits of Whole Grain products? There are many ways to obtain the benefits of whole grains. We suggest that in addition to eating whole grain cereal for breakfast or a snack, use great tasting whole grain cereal as an ingredient in your recipes. USDA's (United States Department of Agriculture) "The Food Guide Pyramid" recommends 6-11 servings per day of "breads, cereals, rice and pasta- all foods from grains." As part of your 6-11 servings per day, the USDA suggests "several servings a day of foods made from whole grains, such as whole wheat bread and whole grain cereals."

      Note: Notice in "A" that it states the whole grain AND all of its good parts. This suggests that some bad parts are also included.

      3-part directions format on the back of a Quality Choice brand toothpaste box:

      Adults and children 2 years and older Brush teeth thoroughly, preferably after each meal, or at least twice a day, or as directed by your dentist. Do not swallow.
      Children under 6 years of age To minimize swallowing, use a pea-sized amount and supervise brushing until good habits are established.
      Children under 2 years Ask a dentist or physician.

      Sears department stores 2005 television advertisement phrase: Cooler Every Day It shows a woman's fashion change through the seasons (from summer to winter). The "coolness" associated with a drop in temperature as the season's change is used as a metaphor to describe a cultural word usage of "cool" that is defined simply as being desirable.

      3-patterned examples on the back of an Equate brand of ultra strength muscle rub:

      Active ingredients-
      • Camphor, 4% (analgesic)
      • Menthol- 10% (analgesic)
      • Methyl salicylate- 30% (analgesic)

      When using this product-
      • Avoid contact with the eyes
      • Do not apply to wounds or damaged skin
      • Do not bandage tightly

      (Yes, there is other information that is not arranged in a pattern-of-three format.)

      3 dodos of 2003 music awards

      3 entertainers of 2003 MTV awards have been referred to separate "philosophical" categories of viewers due to various self-promotion (advertising) antics:

      1. The 3 dodo birds.
      2. The 3 monkeys/chimps.
      3. The 3 DLC's (desperately lost creatures).

      (Note: I used the more euphemistic kinds of labels in describing them.)

      1. Britney Spears (aka, Bimbo Spears) ~ A recent example cited by many is her unthinking impulsive act of marrying an old friend (Jason Allen Alexander) in a Las Vegas Chapel on 01-03-04 and then having the marriage annulled a few days later. In a television interview, he gave the impression of having the common sense and IQ of a prepubescent youth having snuck out of his parents house to get drunk with friends.
      2. Madonna (aka, MaDUH!na) ~
      3. Christina Aguilera (aka, Cookoo Aquilera) ~

      Photo by:
      --- Kevin Mazur, ---
      Image source: --- Yahoo Movies ---

      3 wedding Dramas of Britney Spears in 2004:

      1. January- she married friend Jason Alexander in Las Vegas. That marriage - described as a "joke" - was annulled 55 hours later.
      2. September- She and Kevin Federline were reported to have faked their wedding on the 18th, (seen by some observers as a means to thwart media coverage that had been advertising the wedding for October 16.) She said they were married in a "spiritual" sense.
      3. September- She and Federline agreed on a pre-nuptial agreement and signed a marriage license but filed the marriage license and signed the pre-nuptial the following week (after the 18th).

      Your Questions, Comments or Additional Information are welcomed:
      Herb O. Buckland