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(The Study of Threes)

In this field of research we shall also study geometric forms which appear to follow a three-patterned Linear- Circular- Triangular expression. By doing so, we hope to give credence to the existence of other three-patterned expressions that do not follow an easily identifiable numerical or word-related exposė configuration and to encourage beginning Threesologists in their trek for assisting us in our efforts to unravel the many mysteries we have at present encountered and those that have not as yet been recognized with any great observational diligence. We want to expose other minds to our perspectives but not stodgily expect them to follow on our heels like a shadow fearful of seeing its own personality come to light.

Here are a few examples of Linear, Circular, Triangular expressions:

"3" Basics Formula Linear Circular Triangular
3 galaxy/universe items Our galaxy through space Motion of galaxy Expansion/Contraction  {<>,X}
3 basic Earth motions Earth+Moon+Sun Rotation of Earth Precession of Earth's axis
3 forms of matter Liquid Solid Gas
3 fundamental forces (N)electro-magnetism(S) Gravity Nuclear (+)(-)(+/-)
3 conceptual models:

A dual form of singularity
A circular form of duality
A plurality of threeness
Primitive (Singularity)

Psingdual (1K)
Native American (Duality)

NIcir (1K)
Indo-European (Trianguality)

IEtri (1K)
3 (hair) cross-sections African: ribbon-like Asian: circular Caucasian: ellipsoid
3 Earth shapes Earth is flat Earth is round Earth is a triaxial ellipsoid
3 Universe theories Universe is flat Spherical Saddle (triangular)-shaped
3 physics ideas String theory Particle theory Multi-dimensional theory
3 stone tool shapes Mono-facial Bi-facial Tri-facial (arrow heads)
3 counting objects Lines (on bones, rocks, etc.) Pebbles, stones, (clay,etc.) Cones (wedges)
3 engineering tools Lever Pulley/Wheel Fulcrum
3 engine shapes In-line, Slanted, etc... Radial, Rotary V-shaped
3 shapes game Paper (flat-linear) Rock (round-circular) Scissors (X-shaped/triangular)
3 human face items Eyebrows Eyes Nose
When we look at the faces carved on pumpkins during the Halloween season, we see a repeated and interchangeable usage of linear, circular and triangular eyes, mouth, and nose. Not to mention that most pumpkins have a circular shape, most knives have a linear shape, and that some readers may use an argument suggesting a "triangular" opposition to explain this example way. (Thinking in terms of a triangular relationship that always results in conflict.)
3 playground items Monkey bars/See-saw Merry-go-round Slide/Swing-set support
3 in-vehicle views Road, Stick shift, etc... Steering wheel Perceptual view of distance
3 early industry tools Staff, Poker Pottery wheel, Kiln Fire (flame), Bellows
3 pre-industry tools Stick Rock Fire (flame)
3 cyanobacteria shapes Filamentous (string-like) Coccoidal (ball-like) Ellipsoidal (egg-shaped)
3 stromatolite shapes Flat-layered Domical/Columnar Conical
3 building structures Skyscrapers Coliseums
3 foot descriptions Heal to Toe line Balls of feet Arch of foot
3-in-1 necktie forms Fronts-piece covers buttons Encircles the neck Triangle slip knot
3-in-1 washing machine
cycle status symbols
Speed Queen Commercial washer Model # SWT91QN
vertical line

In Use
(vertical line)
circular curlique

(circular "curlicue")
triangular water symbol

(triangular water shape)
3 bird-flight formations Diagonal, Horiz., Vertical "Bunched up" V-shaped (also J/L/7 variations)

Note: I used the symbols {><} and {X} to portray expansion and contraction. Did the Universe expand like a bursting ball in all directions or a selected direction? It is not certain if the "Big Bang" occurred at a single point and then expanded in all directions. Unless we care to consider that our Universe is the result of an implosion, which is 1 idea, then there are 3 other theories we can consider, which brings our overall formula to a 3:1 ratio. The other three being a Linear- Circular- Triangular expansion after the Big Bang. Also, if the expansion is slowing down, is there to be an eventual "Big Crunch?"

3-part P. Allen Smith's rule-of-thumb for dressing a pot with plants:

  1. Top of pot- Use tall and spikey plants (linear)
  2. Center of pot- Use round and full plants (circular)
  3. Bottom of pot- Use plants that spill over the edge (triangular)...

[You will have to visualize a triangular-shaped clay pot in order to appreciate that plants "spilling over the edge" produce a triangular visual image as they contour a triangular pot.]

It is of some interest to note that early counting/writing systems have taken a 3 to 2 to 1 development in the sense that 3-dimensional objects such as stones, cones, etc., were once used prior to the so-called more sophisticated 2-dimensional writing on a clay tablet development, that may have to be superseded by a 1-dimensional form of communication?

V-shaped formation V-shaped J, L, or 7 formation J, L, or 7 line Diagonal flight formation Diagonal line

Image adapted from:

--- Anchorage Daily News ---

Obviously there are other non-migration types of bird flight {and non- flight} formations... which brings to mind that as a child, one such formation was the arrangement of birds on power lines. I frequently thought of the power lines as lines on a sheet of music and the birds as particular notes which, if played, would provide a very interesting song of nature. I used to also consider that birds flying from tree to tree, etc., were symbolic of a type of electro-magnetic phenomenon that arises in electrical circuit boards as I sat on a hill overlooking a city and imagined the city structures as circuit board components. I considered that our so-called social progress was merely a representation of some overall design taking place that was being directed by some unseen natural force that was using humans as mere vehicles (pack mules) to accomplish some task, just as some scientists consider all of life as different forms of vehicles transporting DNA towards some destination. It doesn't matter whether humans survive or not, just so long as DNA does, and to ensure DNA's chances, it uses a variety of biological vehicle types.

It may be of some interest if I note that with respect to dominant monumental structures as opposed to everyday dwellings, in the past we had triangular pyramids, in the present day we have linear skyscrapers (as well as circular coliseums), to which may suggest that the future will show an increase in the usage of a circular formula. In as much as some people consider that skyscrapers such as the World Trade Center towers were subconsciously identified as phallic symbols, and this is why so many people paid an especial reference/reverence to them; pyramidal structures may subconsciously be identified with the head of a penis. Thus in the past we had societies fashioning the head of a penis, modern peoples fashioning the shaft of the penis, which leads us to consider that future peoples will develop circular structures that are reminiscent of testicles. Unless of course the future of humanity develops a matriarchal orientation which influences the development of vaginal-shaped structures.

Stromatolites are the result of mat-building communities of mucilage-secreting micro-organisms that have been on the Earth for billions of years. The key micro-organisms in modern Stromatolites are cyanobacteria. The most common forms of cyanobacteria are string-like (filamentous), ball-shaped (coccoidal), and egg-shaped (ellipsoidal). Hence, we have Linear, Circular, and Triangular forms:

Types of Stromatolites

The Domical and Columnar forms are said to grade into one another. The overlapping of these two would thus provide us with 3 types of Stromatolites:

  1. Flat~
  2. Domical/Columnar~
  3. Conical.

If we consider that all forms tend to overlap developmentally, in terms of overall evolutionary processes, then we have a single origin probability.

On a level of life with a more complex biological structure and yet still very much in the realm of simplicity, take a look at the following sequence of pictures illustrating a spider at work designing a web. We can recognize the usage of (single) linear, circular, and triangular forms that overlap which display vertical, horizontal and diagonal linkages. While some readers might argue that these are merely basic designs in nature and that there are numerous other examples we could provide, they overlook that this is the very point I'm trying to make with respect to the Linear~ Circular~ Triangular forms These basic forms, in overlapping succession, may well be the forms characteristic of how consciousness develops. However, instead of these geometric patterns being used, they may be substituted with other configurations such as numbers, letters, sounds, sights, sensations, etc... An organism, such as humans, that is capable of complex mental activity, will no doubt express such basic forms particularly suited for the human species. However, not all human individuals share the same capacity for complexity of thinking. Likewise, different spiders use different "symbols" such as web construction.  Some spiders have not developed the ability to construct and utilize such elaborate structures:


Additionally, let us recall the usage of such basic forms on playgrounds in the form of linear monkey bars/see- saws, circular merry-go-rounds, and triangular- shaped slides. A tethered-to-a-pole ball (tether ball) could be viewed as representing a composite of linear, circular, and triangular forms, with the triangle being seen as the angle between tether line and pole when the ball is held out at a distance in preparation for a serve to an opponent player. No less, we can see the linear~ circular~ triangular configuration in a lawn sprinkler system to the extent that the connecting pipes are linear, the sprinkler head (in some set-ups) is circular, and the triangle image is seen when the water comes out of the sprinkler head.

Because the 3rd born Caucasian/Indo-European hair as seen in cross-section is not exactly what many might refer to as a "true" triangle, this suggests more is needed in terms of evolutionary development for the human species. In other words, we are evolving towards the "three" whatever this may mean in the final analysis.

For those of your interested in a triangle placed beneath the balls of one's feet on the sole of a (linear-shaped) shoe, take a look at the this image which shows a triangle-shaped cleat taped to the bottom of a Skylab 4 astronaut's shoe as seen in the image to the left. The image to the right shows the triangle on the bottom of a horse's hoof called the frog:

Triangular Astronaut Cleat horsefoot (3K)

Astronaut shoe image: --- JSC Digital Image Collection ---

But it must be clear that not only do Threesologists look for the many types of patterns-of-three in various areas of consideration, but the absence of such as well. In such a case, many questions come to mind:

  • If such a pattern is absent, why is it absent?

  • If there is another pattern that is predominant, of what kind/type or manner is it?

  • Do we perceive the other-than-three pattern -foremost- through a visual perception or some other sense such as tactile or auditory?

  • Is the pattern a distinct absence of typical perception requiring more sensitive instrumentation?

  • Is the pattern simple, complex, intermediate or mixed?

  • Singular, multiple or intermittently compiled?

  • Coherently or otherwise compiled (without any personal or academically trained biased need to do so.)?

  • Are commonly used words sufficient to describe the phenomena or must we create something we think (at least at the moment), is more usefully appropriate for the particular time and place of attempting to discern what may in fact be something recognized by another field of inquiry or completely new to human perception?

(Aside from social traditions of labeling someone a genius, odd, eccentric, or colloquially call them crazy, weird or out-of-touch with "normal reality," it is thought, because evolution may act sporadically (for whatever reasons you care to interjectionally consider), that certain individuals can experience "moments of evolutionary gain/change" (or regressively experience evolutionary loss) that affect their ability to perceive... creating intermittent instances of non- drug induced hyper-perception and/or consciousness, thus producing the need for a similarly heightened vocabulary or other means of interpreting, as well as expressing (verbally, musically, mathematically, artistically, or otherwise) what "commonly occurring everyday sense" has no capacity to comprehend, or provide some portrayable measure thereof, ...much-less recognize.)

Before closing this introduction to Threesological research, let me attempt to impress upon academians the need to teach a three-patterned perspective to those students who have, are, or appear to be directed towards dropping out of school. What I have found, aside from various sociological and emotional factors, is that students are being bombarded with so much information that they don't have a tool with which to make at least some small attempt to correlate and assimilate the divergency into a workable coherency for some measure of pattern recognition interpretation... If not a threes correlation, then some other means of helping them to intellectually associate the differing materials into some form of holistic compilation should be taught that is not centered on some superficial business, government or religious dogma whose primary underlying theme is to manipulate impressionable minds along a given trek of assimilating individuals into a particular fold or following that is little more than a form of institutional indoctrination.

Let me offer the consideration that the brain (i.e. mind) of humanity is evolving... but not in a fashion suggested by notions that generally comport to assumptions based on expectations generated by religious underpinnings concerning comparisons between what is thought to be the domain of a god in stark contrast to the provenance of human consciousness with all its present misgivings. And yet in a sense, we are very much like early hominids fashioning stone and stick tools with which to forage their external environment that is changing.. including due to internal changes taking place with their evolving brain, a pattern-of-three orientation is the crude beginning of a new tool being fashioned to help them explore a wondrously never-before-seen world. You owe it to yourself, if not others, to take a closer look at Threesology. Perhaps the offered information, if not the explored ideas themselves, will have some applicable value to your own interests, whatever they may be.

Your Questions, Comments or Additional Information are welcomed:
Herb O. Buckland