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Three Knocks Occurrence

(The Study of Threes)

Although I have written about the occurrence of three knocks on previous occasions, it is of some value to begin a new page, particularly when at this moment I could not readily find a whole page on the subject though I could have sworn I had written one. At this moment I will conclude that I had not written such a page and that the occasions in which I had made one or more comments about such, had become catalogued in my memory as representing a large single-source repository thereof.

I have had numerous experiences involving what I, at the time, perceived to be auditory representations of three knocks occurring on wooden doors, screen doors, sheet-rocked walls and ceilings, wooden floors (frequently covered with carpeting), windows, and wooden tables. The events have occurred in the morning, during the day, at the beginning of sleep, prior to waking and what I believed at the time were deep sleeping moments. The frequency of occurrence has enabled me to give a little more attention to the phenomena than would be the case for someone with fewer experiences who reactions might border on the superstition involving such labeling as "weird", "strange", "crazy" or even as a specific "message" meant for them alone sent by someone/something good or evil.

Whereas my initial interpretation has been, on occasion, to think that I heard three knocks external to myself, there are times when awakened from slumber, that I have considered the knocks originating in my own head. Speculating as to why has not brought forth any useful clues as to the origin or the "why" such knocks occur. I still do not know why or where or whom or what. I do not care, at this moment, to engage in entertaining suppositions to fulfill some fanciful notion the reader might harbor.

With respect to the "three", let me mention that on one occasion while living in a motor home, I heard what sounded like a metal ball bounce three times on a wooden shelf. Upon hearing it, I listened more intently as the three-part sound reoccurred. At that moment I smiled and musefully thought to myself that there was a ghost nearby. I then spoke out loud and said "Do it again." When the three-part sound repeated, I will admit that chills ran along my upper torso. When the sound did not appear again, it was a few moments thereafter that I got the courage to look in the closet shelves where the sounds appeared to come from. At this moment, my memory doesn't recall that I found anything at all. Whereas on previous occasions, since there were so many instances of hearing three knocks, and having found that no one, not even a prankster was at the door, I used to amusedly tell the "ghost" to knock again or stop knocking and come on in; the event of the metal ball noise was a different situation.

Night-time Knocking Presence

Deep beneath the threshold of wakefulness
¾ one of those dreamless slumbers of restfulness
where no ache or pain nor sojourn reminds,
and all of one's senses closes their blinds.

From there, that place, that moment surreal
a shadow approached from somewhere unknown
an awareness of type called feeling or hint
much darker than night's quiet still;
into my mind's eye came its glint:
like a beacon at a distance shown.

...Yet, I, like so many others nodding away
having rolled about to another side
to return to that infant's deep repose
could not find where or how to lay;
for reasons now I can only suppose:
as the spectre crept ever nearer my tide.

Standing aloft a cliff beneath a starless night
beckoning me to heed the moment more
this night-time Presence only then gave fright,
while knocking 3 times on my door.

On many occasions I sense a "presence" accompanying the three knocks. It is of the kind you do not turn your back on. I experience goose bumps and entertain a leeriness akin to someone in a state of hyper-vigilance that is ever wary of being attacked by an approaching poisionous snake, insect or growling dog in predatory mode. For some readers, such an experience seems too unnerving and without a present day "rational" reason, you would apply some negative definition ascribing some derogatory label to such experiences such that I am on drugs, am insane or at least a little neurotic. My counter argument would be that there isn't any reason for me not to be crazy since I am living in an insane world. HA!

On the other hand, if you are of the group who are aware of the "subtle energies" perspective, and even if I do not fit into such a definition; you may consider the possibility that I may be one who may have such experiences because I have a type of sensitivity which enables me to perceive "shadowy" environmental occurrences... even though I may be misdefining them because my physiology is reacting inappropriately to such. A more appropriate physiological response would thus enable me to more correctly identify and interpret not only "the meanining" of the three knocks, but what is meant by the indisdinct "presence". Because the society at large does not acknowledge my particular experiences as being (one of many different kinds?) of phenomena that can be "felt" (perceived) by different people, it has not established a means of analyzing the different reports in a way that assists the people and does not off-handedly describe the individual's has having some sort of problem requiring them to be pharmacologically treated in or outside some "make them normal, everyone else" facility.

Some people might want to label the experiences as an indication of hyper-sanity because reflectively, they want to describe their own "unususal" experiences in a pro-positive light to combat one or more negative interpretations that they themselves or some supposed significant other has suggested or intimated. But calling me hyper-sane, or a genius, or any other "above normal" descriptives, does not stroke my ego with a warm and fuzzy "everything is ok" feeling. I am not impressed. I don't want some intellectualized psychological defense weapon to be used as a shield. Such so-called "explanations" are typically wrought with dead ends. This is particularly true if such "3-knock" (and other similarly aligned) experiences are threshold appearing phenomena of a changing consciousness, like that which occurred when humanity began to enlarge its appreciation of the world beyond the confines of one's town or country as defined by modern perspectives about early peoples and their own history.

For those who missed the comment on a previous UTE page; I have been keeping a list of some 3s that occur. It does not in any way represent a total list of all the 3s which sometime occur throughout the day after day after day... Below are three examples (taken from the journalized 3s list):

  • Entry: Friday, 01 February, 2013, 03:47:54 AM

    I was awakened last night at 12:51 by a voice that said my name (Herb) 3 times, with increasing volume. I awoke and turned on the cell phone to note the time. In retrospect, I do not recall any specific gender or accent to the voice. However, It was not mechanical nor electronic. If I were to assign a gender to the voice, it would be male.

  • Entry: Monday, February 18, 2013, 04:33:49 AM

    For: 2-14-13, 4:54 PM: I could have sworn I heard someone knocking at the Motorhome door. At first I thought it was two knocks but then I thought I had heard three knocks. I made a note of it on a piece of paper which included a question mark beside a "2". I might have not included it in the present list if I had not heard a distinct series of three sounds that were emitted (last night) by what appeared to be something that fell on the floor just shortly after I laid down to sleep. I did not see nor look for the object but made a record of it: 5:51 PM, 2-17-13... I mistakenly put "15" as the day. (The 15th is my birthdate.)

  • Entry: Friday, February 22, 2013, 03:44:01 AM

    Last night I awoke from a deep slumber to hear three distinct knocks even though I remained sleepy and returned to the deep slumber after noting the time and making a mental note to record the event the next morning for the "3 knocks" webpage.. However, while thinking about the sounds as I lay in bed, I acknowledged to myself that the sounds which were emitted, gave the impression of occurring on a solid surface and not the outer metal hull on the Motor home in which I am sleeping. At this moment in attempting to describe the sounds, I come up with three analogies: it's as if I was in a different type of "sleeping chamber", there was a piece of knocked-on material external to the motor home, or the knocks occurred on some portion of the underlying wooden frame. I must also admit that as the 3 knocks occurred, I felt an unwelcoming "presence".

    Another series of 3 knocks occurred at 3:00 AM. These were heard as if coming from a distance and there was no "presence" nearby.

My "3s list" contains numerous kinds/types of threes examples. It does not specifically note the three knocks variety. There have been times when there have been so many occurrences of "three knocks" during the day that I got tired of recording them all. And these very often occur with other instances of threes. There have been times that I have to intentionally "shut down" my "threes perceiving equipment" in my brain or else have to spend hours recording them all. It is also important to note that there is a great deal of satisfaction felt when I have spent time on the "threes phenomena"... ever conscious of the fact that some might interpret my threes interest as a compulsion, obsession, or neurosis. Yet, I must admit that even though I identify lots of threes, I may overlook just as many... or more.

To be continued...

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